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inhibition of brain sodium- and potassium-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase activity by chlorpromazine free radical. 19684235718
[study in rats of the development of the islands of langerhans under the effect of the chronic administration, separate or combined, of tolbutamide and diazoxide]. 19684236008
[comparative action of lynestrenol and progesterone on the formation of experimental deciduoma in golden hamsters]. 19684236051
[the mitochondrial-myofibril ratio in rat myocardial cells in hypertensive cardiac hypertrophy]. 19684235214
control of an acute klebsiella pneumoniae infection in a rhesus monkey colony. 19684231926
hospital strains of staphylococcus aureus, with particular reference to methicillin-resistant strains. 19684236529
[comparison of the inhibitory effects of methyloestrenolone and 6 alpha-methyllynestrenol, on the libido of normal man]. 19684236555
[measurement in vitro of the rheological properties of the blood at relatively slow speed]. 19684236639
studies on (na+-k+)-activated atpase. xx. properties of (na+-k+)-activated atpase in rat liver. 19684231299
studies on rubella in pregnancy. report of the public health laboratory service working party on a further survey of women of child-bearing age neutralizing antibody to rubella virus was found in 80 to 96% of those sampled from different parts of the country.when assessment was restricted to susceptible pregnant contacts and rubella in the index case was confirmed by virus isolation immunoglobulin in the dosage used did not appear to give any appreciable instance of a confirmed second attack after known exposure to rubella among more than 100 immune contacts is ...19684173960
immunological reagents for quantitative reference purposes: a preparation of human serum immunoglobulins. 19684183184
high contrast staining of individual nucleic acid molecules. 19684171672
do viruses cause cancer in man? 19684171855
[distribution of the tumor-specific antigen of virus-induced mouse leukemia (rauscher) after electrophoresis in agar gel]. 19684175873
[on the regulatory role of hexokinase in red blood cells]. 19684176840
serum measles antibody titers in patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, compared with parents and siblings. 19684177633
the diazosafranin method; control of nitrite concentration and refinements in specificity. 19684177648
[methods for subsequent staining with pas or feulgen of autoradiographical paraffin sections]. 19684177680
plasma prothrombin during treatment with dicumarol. ii. demonstration of an abnormal prothrombin fraction. 19684178913
[use of selenite broth in the bacteriological study of bile]. 19684184659
sympathetic inhibition of the urinary bladder. 19684169765
a pas reaction in erythrocytes of formalin-fixed tissue treated with holt's hypertonic gum sucrose. 19684192596
[further studies on the existence of 2 kinin-forming systems in human plasma]. 19684181899
[the effect of various gamma radiation doses on the growth of azotobacter chroococcum beij]. 19684098154
immunoglobulin e. a new class of human immunoglobulin. 19684103909
immunoglobulin e. a new class of human immunoglobulin. 19684103909
electrophoretic characterization of amebal glucose phosphate isomerases. 19684296128
electrophoretic characterization of amebal glucose phosphate isomerases. 19684296128
mycoplasma pharyngeal flora in civilians. 19684296228
cultivation of fused cells resulting from treatment of cells with hvj. ii. division of binucleated cells resulting from fusion of two kb cells by hvj. 19684296507
renal artery constriction: physiological determinants of pressure gradients. 19684295085
herpes simplex virus hepatitis in mice: an electron-microscopic study. 19684295307
measurement of human luteinizing hormone in plasma by radioimmunoassay.the recent isolation of highly purified human pituitary luteinizing hormone (lh) has permitted the development of a sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay for this hormone in plasma. results of this immunoassay system employing anti-lh serum agree closely with previous reports for the measurement of plasma lh in which immunoassays employing cross-reactive antisera to human chorionic gonadotropin were used. the immunoassay and bioassay of lh in several crude and partially purified pituitary and ...19684295312
chromatographic separation of plasmalogenic, alkyl-acyl, and diacyl forms of ethanolamine glycerophosphatides.the plasmalogenic, alkyl-acyl, and diacyl forms of ethanolamine glycerophosphatides were completely separated from each other as methylated dinitrophenyl derivatives by thin-layer chromatography on silica gel g. the relatively high resolving power needed was obtained by multiple unidimensional development with solvents that give very low mobility to the lipids. under these conditions the plasmalogens moved fastest, the alkyl-acyl lipids were intermediate, and the diacyl lipids were the slowest. ...19684295349
attempts to cultivate the equine infectious anemia virus in various types of cells. 19684307837
[cytomegaly in a patient with reticulosarcomatosis and diabetes mellitus]. 19684308940
[comparative localization of spontaneous rhythmic cortical activities of sleeping and waking in free cats]. 19684309569
pathogenesis of vesicular stomatitis virus infection in the infant hamster and mouse. 19684316894
pathogenesis of vesicular stomatitis virus infection in the infant hamster and mouse. 19684316894
the chronology of primary herpes simplex infection of the eye and adnexal glands. 19684298542
the chronology of primary herpes simplex infection of the eye and adnexal glands. 19684298542
studies on serum complement lvel in rabbits bearing tumours of shope papilloma-carcinoma complex. 19684298550
studies on serum complement lvel in rabbits bearing tumours of shope papilloma-carcinoma complex. 19684298550
detection of antigens of a new diethylnitrosamine-induced transplantable hepatoma by delayed hypersensitivity. 19684298551
detection of antigens of a new diethylnitrosamine-induced transplantable hepatoma by delayed hypersensitivity. 19684298551
comparison of the capsular polysaccharides isolated from klebsiella pneumoniae type 1, 2 and 3. 19684298816
[the role of the nervous system in the development and outcome of peptone and allergic shock]. 19684298859
[oxidase, phosphatase]. 19684299612
[diagnostic procedures in cytomegalic inclusion disease]. 19684299784
potentiation of the biologic activity of acth by human plasma. a preliminary study. 19684300720
potentiation of the biologic activity of acth by human plasma. a preliminary study. 19684300720
the inhibition of mevalonic kinase by geranyl and farnesyl pyrophosphates. 19684300840
[liver enzymes in acute carbon tetrachloride poisoning. a contribution to the mechanism of serum enzyme variations]. 19684302520
[study of pertussis using nerve tissue culture. 3. effect of pertussis toxoid and the action of immune serum on cultured nerve elements]. 19684305518
environmental carcinogens. 19684297450
[chemical study on inhibition of calcification]. 19684309624
three-week exposure of rodents to a neon enriched atmosphere. 19684386838
an investigation of the effects of angiotensin on the release of neurohumoral transmitters at motor, adrenergic and cholinergic nerve terminals. 19684385044
achalasia or cardiospasm in great dane puppies. 19684385116
the growth of arboviruses in mosquito cells in vitro. 19684385155
reproduction of tick-borne encephalitis virus and inhibition of formation and action of interferon in the presence of deuterium oxide. 19684385156
influence of deae-dextran on plaque production by semliki forest virus. 19684385161
[periodic motor and secretory activity of the duodenum during starvation and feeding]. 19684388980
the effects of physiological concentrations of noradrenaline on the coronary resistance of isolated perfused hearts of the cat, dog and monkey. 19684384143
[epidemiologic study of a hospital endemy due to pseudomonas aeruginosa]. 19684987636
effects of indomethacin on acute, subacute, and latent infections in mice and rats.the comparative effect of indomethacin and hydrocortisone on the resistance of mice or rats to various acute, subacute, and latent bacterial infections was investigated. large daily doses of indomethacin and hydrocortisone administered to mice challenged with bacterial pathogens, including klebsiella pneumoniae ad, salmonella schottmuelleri 3010, staphylococcus aureus (smith), streptococcus pyogenes c203, salmonella pullorum #2, proteus vulgaris 1810, and pseudomonas aeruginosa 2616, revealed th ...19685663575
[klebsiella pneumoniae infection in the eye]. 19685692440
[in-vitro effectiveness of gentamycin sulfate against klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus vulgaris, demonstrated in the dilution test]. 19685701069
[on the possibilities of evaluation of the pathogenic role of strains of klebsiella pneumoniae in intra-hospital infections]. 19685706440
[klebsiella pneumoniae. study of 25 cases collected in the pediatric clinic department of the centre hospitalier universitaire de dakar]. 19685713784
[pneumonia due to klebsiella pneumoniae]. 19685720576
differentiation of aerobacter-klebsiella isolated from sugarcane.three hundred and eighty-four isolates were obtained in the completed test portion of the most probable number determinations of coliforms in sugarcane sources. of these isolates, 88% were of the (- - + +) indole, methyl red, voges-proskauer, citrate (imvic) type and were identified as aerobacter aerogenes according to the protocol of the american public health association (1). employing 359 of these cultures, a comparative biochemical, serological, and pathogenicity study was carried out with k ...19685726159
klebsiella pneumoniae pneumonia in prematures and young infants. 19685728707
[on changes of amino acid composition with morphological variability of the fridlender bacillus (klebsiella pneumoniae)]. 19685733643
caprine mastitis due to klebsiella pneumoniae. 19685753396
resuscitation and preservation of canine cadaver hearts. 19684882943
[histologic aspects and radioisotope scanning of the liver in liver transplantation]. 19684904579
[technical problems in pulmonary transplantation]. 19684907082
[structure of the corneal epithelium under a light microscope]. 19684888885
the regulation of pyruvate kinase of escherichia coli by fructose diphosphate and adenylic acid. 19684865644
inhibition of proline synthesis by tetracycline in escherichia coli. 19684866100
fibrogenesis in the human myocardium: an electron microscopic study. 19684873012
the field trial: some thoughts on the indispensable ordeal. 19684875751
hemolysin and peroxide activity of mycoplasma species.various methods for the detection of hemolysin production by mycoplasma species were compared. inoculation of blood-agar by the push-block method and by use of concentrated mycoplasma cell suspensions was compared with the agar-overlay technique. the preferred method was direct surface inoculation of concentrated suspensions onto the blood-agar. among the conditions tested, refrigeration of 48-hr cultures gave the best results. a wide variety of mycoplasma species were tested for hemolytic activ ...19684876125
[studies on the diagnosis of syphilis using the fluorescent antibody technic (absorption method)-fta-abs]. 19684877837
[leucine-p-nitranilide splitting enzymes in the urine after kidney transplantation]. 19684880098
heterogeneity of antisera to human growth hormone, demonstrated by the immunofluorescence technique. 19684880317
the enhancement of the mutagenic effect of ultraviolet radiation in escherichia coli by caffeine and acriflavine. 19684880675
studies on the thionucleotides in transfer ribonucleic acid. addition of n-ethylmaleimide and formation of mixed disulfides with thiol compounds. 19684881059
glycine uptake in escherichia coli. i. glycine uptake by whole cells of escherichia coli w+ and a d-serine-resistant. 19684869558
[some strains of enterococci and coliform bacilli producing hyaluronidase]. 19684870384
[rubella virus infection of the central nervous system of rabbits and hamsters. i. virological investigations in vivo and in vitro]. 19684913834
immunochemical studies on the poly-gamma-d-glutamyl capsule of bacillus anthracis. 3. the activity with rabbit antisera of peptides derived from the homologous polypeptide. 19684966931
[infarction pattern in the human heart]. 19684970289
enhancing effect on alkalinization of the medium on the activity of erythromycin against gram-negative bacteria.the antibacterial activity of erythromycin was markedly enhanced by alkalinization of the culture medium or urine within the clinical range (ph 6.0 to 8.2). this effect was demonstrated against recent isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, enterobacter sp., and pseudomonas aeruginosa, as well as against staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus faecalis. the urine of normal volunteers was made alkaline by ingestion of sodium bicarbonate or acetazolamide (diamox) during administration ...19684970991
[inhibitory effects of an antidiabetic biguanide, nn'-dimethylbiguanide, on the lipid disturbances induced by the administration of cholesterol in rabbits]. 19684971298
[bacteriological and clinical survey of diarrhea. 1. bacteriological study on outpatients with diarrhea in a rural district]. 19684971767
biosynthesis and release of neurophysin. 19684972566
the reduction of cytochrome c by milk xanthine oxidase. 19684972775
the essentiality of histidine in the catalytic action of subtilisin. covalent modification by a specific reagent. 19684972777
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