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oral clonidine as a growth hormone stimulation test.a single oral dose of 0.15 mg/m2 of clonidine was given to eighteen healthy children and adolescents and to seven patients with hypopituitarism. in healthy subjects there was a pronounced increase in plasma growth hormone from 4.9 +/- 1.3 ng/ml (+/- sem) to 34.4 +/- 4.5 ng/ml. in the patients with hypopituitarism there was no change in growth-hormone concentrations. clonidine induced a slight increase in blood glucose in healthy subjects and a slight decrease in patients with hypopituitarism. du ...200088610
tuberculous acute colitis in kidney-transplant patient. 199988640
haemodilution and blood-flow. 199988643
serum levels of beta-2-microglobulin--a new marker of activity in crohn's disease. 199988674
fuorescent retrograde neuronal labeling in rat by means of substances binding specifically to adenine-thymine rich dna.six fluorescent substances, binding specifically to adenine-thymine rich dna, were injected in rat caudate-putamen. this resulted in retrograde axonal transport and fluorescent retrograde labeling of neurons in center-medium parafascicular nucleus, substantia nigra and dorsal raphe. two of these substances, i.e. "true blue' and 'granular blue', give a very striking blue fluorescent retrograde neuronal labeling. mid-thoracic spinal injections of these two substances in rat also resulted in a pron ...197988697
drugs or drums: what relieves postoperative pain?the cybernetic model of analgesia is a simple servo-loop: altered sensory input--complaints--medication--temporary restoration of acceptable processing of the sensory input--return of altered sensations. under ordinary clinical circumstances the functioning of this mechanism is masked by "noise" generated by the interaction of several persons who provide the medication and time factors prolonging the interval between the onset of complaints and the action of the medication. demand analgesia (da) ...200088710
virolysis of mouse mammary tumor virus by sera from breast cancer patients.all type c retroviruses are lysed by human serum in apparently antibody-independent, complement-mediated reactions. in contrast, we have now determined that the mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv), a type b retrovirus, is not disrupted by normal human serum. mmtv was lysed, however, when rabbit antibody to whole mmtv was added to the serum. by taking advantage of this dependence of mmtv lysis on specific antibody, a virolytic assay was developed, based on the measurement of reverse transcriptase re ...197988736
the antiherpesvirus action of phosphonoacetate. 197988744
[experimental inductions of tissue alterations in the lung following bleomycin and irradiation exposure (author's transl)]. 197888746
diagnostic dilemma of a 13-month-old boy with 'late-onset' combined immunodeficiency.a 13-month-old boy had a "late-onset" form of combined immunodeficiency and a fulminant pneumocystis carinii pneumonia of one month's duration. there was no evidence of cutaneous-delayed hypersensitivity responses to diphtheria-tetanus toxoids, candida albicans, or streptokinase-streptodornase, or of lymphocyte dna synthesis after in vitro stimulation with the mitogens phytohemagglutinin and concanavalin a, and only 2% to 4% of peripheral blood e-rosetted t lymphocytes. the serum igm level was n ...197988898
a new assay of estrogen receptor by thin-layer gel filtration. 197988911
standards for infection control in recovery room nursing. 199988922
spontaneous resolution of lichen myxoedematosus.lichen myxoedematosus was diagnosed in a 44-year-old woman in 1957. despite the persistence of an abnormal serum protein, the skin lesions cleared by 1965. the protein abnormality disappeared several years later.200088953
[immunohistochemical study of the differentiation of the cephalic lobe of the adenohypophysis in chick embryos].it was shown by means of indirect immunofluorescence that acth appeared in the cephalic lobe of the chick embryo pituitary beginning from the 8th day of the development. a new tissue-specific antigen (a3) is revealed, which is localized in the cephalic lobe of adenohypophysis and becomes manifest at the 7th day of embryogenesis. quantitative analysis of acth and a3 localization in the cells of 11-day chick embryo adenohypophyses allows a conclusion that a3 is localized in corticotropic cells.200188969
[nuclear surface of buccal cells as a function of the nature of the stain. measurements with an image analyzing computer].measure of nuclear areas was performed on buccal smears by the quantimet 720 image analysing computer. five different staining procedures were used and we consider that toluidin blue at ph 4 is the best for a fine quantitative caryometry.200188973
the pathophysiology of asthma.because postmortem studies of humans provide little information on the initial pathophysiologic events in asthma, animal models have been developed. recently the ascaris-allergic rhesus monkey has provided an opportunity to examine the onset of pathophysiologic changes following challenge and to correlate them with airway structure. these studies have suggested that the initial interaction between antigen and mast cells may occur in the bronchial lumen or in the epithelium superficial to the tig ...197989006
reaction of cells from early chick embryos with antiserum against mouse sperm cells. 197989009
radioimmunoassay of "pregnancy-specific"-beta 1-glycoprotein (sp1).a radioimmunoassay for sp1 ("pregnancy-specific" beta 1-glycoprotein) is described in which a sensitivity of 0.1 microgram/l was achieved by use of an antiserum with ka approximately equal to 1.7 x 10(11) l/mol and delayed addition of a 125i-sp1 tracer (specific acty, 25 ci/g) that was stable for use in the assay for at least six to seven weeks. we also report an additional anti-sp1 serum, from an early bleeding, that displayed "apparent positive cooperativity" in the igg but not the igm fractio ...199989016
a new and universal free/bound separation technique for the "centria" automated radioimmunoassay system.a new separation procedure based on the double-antibody technique has been adapted to the centria system. this procedure is universally applicable and lends itself to easy adaptation to commercial ria kits in which liquid reagents are used. this second antibody is covalently linked to agarose (sepharose) and the lyophilized powder is subsequently tableted for easy use on the instrument. the technique was applied to radioimmunoassay for thyrotropin (thyroid stimulating hormone), alpha-fetoprotein ...199989017
amino acids in the cns and electromotor system of torpedo marmorata: association of beta-alanine with cholinergic cells of the electric lobe. 199989021
binding specificity of rat alpha-fetoprotein for a series of estrogen derivatives: studies using equilibrium and nonequilibrium binding techniques.the binding specificity of rat alpha-fetoprotein (afp) for a series of estrogen derivatives has been investigated and compared to that of the uterine cytosol estrogen receptor. in addition, several equilibrium and nonequilibrium binding techniques have been examined for their appropriateness in studying afp-estrogen interactions under different experimental conditions. the ratio of association constants (rac) of various estrogen derivatives (compared to 17 beta-estradiol; rac = 100%) were determ ...197989027
cyclic amp and lipogenesis in fat cells from thyroidectomized rats.thyroid hormones regulate lipid metabolism by affecting lipogenesis as well as lipolysis. the present paper discusses the way thyroidectomy induced an enhancement in lipogenesis in rat fat cells. the doubling in the conversion of glucose to co2 and fatty acids seen after thyroidectomy was found to be due to a modification in the actual pathway of glucose metabolism: there was a preferential stimulation of the conversion of glucose to co2 by the pentose cycle (utilisation of [1-14c]glucose) while ...197989052
aspects of in-service education. 199989056
translating the new testament into simple english and signs for the mentally retarded deaf. 199989069
immunological unresponsiveness in mice. ii. cellular basis of immunological unresponsiveness induced in foetal and neonatal mice by transfer of human gamma-globulin by the maternal route.the cellular basis of the mechanism of immunological tolerance to human gamma-globulin (h gamma g) induced in foetal and neonatal mice by materno-foetal or materno-neonatal transfer after a single injection of tolerogen (deaggregated h gamma g) into the mothers was investigated using a cell transfer system and assays of passive haemagglutinating antibodies and plaque-forming cells to h gamma g. the results demonstrated that b cells are mainly involved in the tolerance induced on the fourteenth d ...197989080
autoregulation of germ tube formation by candida albicans.germ tube formation by candida albicans is at least partially controlled by a product(s) of the yeast phase of the organism which is released from cells upon incubation at 37 degrees c in tissue culture medium or fetal calf serum. this germination regulatory substance is stable under conditions of lyophilization and heating of 70 degrees c, but becomes inactivated at ph values of 4.0 and 9.5. a germination regulatory substance was produced by both strains of c. albicans tested and by a strain of ...197989087
differential inducibility of epstein-barr virus in cloned, non-producer raji cells.cells of the human lymphoblastoid non-producer line raji were cloned in soft agar. individual colonies were isolated and analyzed for their inducibility of the epstein-barr virus-associated early antigen (ea). the induction of ea by the tumor promoter tpa varied among the different cell clones. clones with very high and very low inducibility of the resident epstein-barr virus genome were further analyzed. constant differences in the inducibility of ea were observed after activation by tumor prom ...197989100
methylmercury hydroxide enhancement of translation and transcription of ovalbumin and conalbumin mrna's.translation of total mrna in heterologous protein-synthesizing systems is often employed as an indirect means of assessing relative mrna concentrations. however, it is well known that the efficiency of translation of specific mrnas differs. one such example is the poor translational efficiency of conalbumin mrna relative to ovalbumin mrna. in this report we have studied the translation of conalbumin and ovalbumin mrnas in crude mrna preparations and with highly purified mrna preparations. we fin ...197989113
preparative isolation of the cell receptor for immunoglobulin e. 197989114
activation of sperm respiration by a low molecular weight egg factor and by 8-bromoguanosine 3',5'-monophosphate. 199989115
[esophago-jejunostomy at the level of the neck for restoration of continuity in carcinoma of the esophagus (after esophageal resection or for palliative reasons) (author's transl)].a technic of esophago-jejunostomy in the neck is described which uses a y loop, to which is given a further blood supply through the internal mammary vessels, united to the vessels of the transplanted loop through microsurgical anastomoses. this technic is used either for purely palliative reasons or when the esophageal tumour has become inoperable, or after esophagectomy as a procedure for reconstruction of the digestive tract.199989117
the use of visual feedback to control vocal intensity and nasalization.a device which provides visual feedback of vocal intensity, nasalization, or a ratio of nasalization to vocal intensity, is described. the device was used in several experiments in which control of vocal intensity was a necessary component. normal and hypernasal speakers were able to control their vocal intensities successfully when using the visual display. the display also was used in an experiment designed to determine how well normal speakers can manipulate their nasalization without visual ...199989126
immunochemical properties of some atopic allergens. 199989128
hospitalization of the elderly patient for acute illness.there is a paucity of studies on the characteristics of elderly patients who are admitted for treatment of acute disorders, even though their utilization of hospitals is high. this study involved 828 older persons admitted to a general hospital during a period of six months, for the treatment of acute illness. the typical patient appeared to be a woman in her 70's who entered the medical department because of a cardiovascular or a gastrointestinal disturbance, stayed no longer than 10 days, and ...199989134
at home in the library. 199989136
control of v kappa expression in the mouse. i. unexpected expression of the v kappa allele, igk-pcb, in a somatic cell hybrid of akr (igk-pca) origin. 197989158
inheritance of tolerance susceptibility to human gamma-globulin in congenic mice.the genetic control of susceptibility to tolerance induction with human gamma-globulin (hgg) was studied by using h-2 congenic mice. strains tested that were congenic with c57bl/10sn were completely tolerized by 1.0 mg deaggregated hgg. in contrast a/sn mice showed full tolerance whereas a.sw mice were only intermediately tolerant. it was further shown that (b10 x sjl)f1 mice could be rendered tolerant but (b10.s x sjl)f1 mice could not. these data indicate a role for h-2 linked genes in control ...197989162
agarose isoelectric focusing of native human immunoglobulin m and alpha 2-macroglobulin.the resolution of native 19s igm and alpha 2-macroglobulin by agarose isoelectric focusing is described. the agarose used was practically charge free, thus avoiding disadvantages of electroendoosmosis, and gives a very large network gel, with minimal molecular sieving effects. the resolving power is comparable to that obtained in thin-layer isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gel. clones of human igm showed a microclonal heterogeneity, similar to igg antibody heterogeneity, alpha 2-macroglobu ...197989171
cyclic gmp system in epidermis: i. effect of ischemia.when keratome-sliced pig epidermis was floated on hank's balanced salt solution, we observed a rapid decrease in the intracellular level of cyclic gmp. a portion of the lost cyclic gmp was detected in the incubation medium. when the epidermis was kept in air at room temperature, the cyclic gmp level also decreased rapidly but to a lesser degree. incubating the epidermal slice at 37 degrees c in hank's balanced salt solution with the addition of 3-isobutyl-1-methyl xanthine (ibmx) prevented the d ...197989173
unusual artifacts in electrocardiographic monitoring.three unusual artifacts noted during holter and telemetry monitoring, not previously described, are presented. recognition of the artifacts prevented misinterpretation and wrong treatment. the clues to the identification of the artifacts and the need for avoiding wrong interpretation and inappropriate treatment are discussed. the cause of the telemetry artifact is discussed.199989181
definition of cellular immune responses to brain antigens in human head trauma.cellular immune responses to brain antigens in patients with head injury were studied by applying the leukocyte adherence inhibition (lai) assay. the investigation was conducted in three phases. 1) in the initial phase, evaluation of a series of 22 test and 25 control cases obtained at random during a 2- to 6-week time frame following a traumatic event indicated significant non-adherence of leukocytes (nal) in 77% of the test group and 20% of the control group in the presence of brain antigen. 2 ...197989190
clinical aspects of alpha 1-fetoprotein determination in human liver cancer and in humans and experimental animals at carcinogenic risk.recent findings concerning the significance of alpha 1-fetoprotein (afp) as a tool for clinical diagnosis and monitoring of tumor diseases are reviewed briefly. the applicability of this protein marker to the early diagnosis of patients at carcinogenic risk is discussed. in addition, experimental data obtained with a model of chemical hepatocarcinogenesis are reported. the increase of proliferative activity in precancerous liver tissue preceded afp production under experimental conditions with a ...197989199
antigenic changes associated with liver carcinogenesis.carcinogen-induced experimental hepatomas are often characterized by new individually distinct antigens capable of inducing tumor immunity in syngeneic hosts. these antigens arise as a consequence of cell-carcinogen interaction and may result from modification or replacement of normal cell-surface components. their role in immunosurveillance is not established, but they offer a target for tumor immunotherapy. reexpressed fetal antigens have also been detected, either as secretory products (alpha ...197989200
new screening test for colorectal cancer developed in canada. 199989207
antigenic analysis of human heart tissue--characterization of cardiac antigens.the human heart antigens demonstrated in citric acid extracts by immunodiffusion were submitted to further analysis. heart antigens were precipitated at 30% to 70% saturated ammonium sulphate. these fractions contained antigens reactive with rabbit antisera to human heart. the third fraction out of four proteins which were separated by sephadex g-150 gel filtration, was reactive against rabbit antisera to human heart. the intensely stained proteins of both heart antigens were located at the nine ...197989208
[change in the thresholds of development of ventricular arrhythmias after stimulation of negative emotiogenic hypothalamic centers].the dynamics of changes in the thresholds of the origin of ventricular extrasystole, paroxysmal ventricular tachysystole and ventricular fibrillation in long-term stimulation of the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus were studied in experiments on rabbits. it was found that myocardial resistance to the development of arrhythmias depended on the manifestation of the sympathetico-parasympathic interaction on the heart. in predominance of parasympathetic effects on the heart during hypothalamic stim ...197989222
[lymphocyte membrane receptors mediating recognition of antigens (author's transl)].the present article summarizes briefly our knowledge of antigen-specific b- and t-lymphocyte receptors. antigen-specific receptors on mammalian b-lymphocytes are mainly monomeric igm and igd consisting of conventional immunoglobulin heavy and light chains. the nature of the t-lymphocyte receptors which can specifically recognize antigens is not yet fully defined but it seems that conventional light chains do not participate in the build up of this receptor. however, t-lymphocytes express two pol ...199989223
[indicators of conjugated diens and dienketones in the blood serum of patients with complicated and uncomplicated forms of cholecystitis]. 199989229
[use of the hour-glass method for the study of intestinal microflora]. 199989239
[on the 60th birthday of v.n. tugolukov]. 199989247
[corpuscular antigens in the blood neutrophil reaction (neutrophil injury index test) in children with dysentery]. 197989260
[use of herman's method of staining mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 197989264
[preparation of antisera by combined administration of antigens]. 197989268
case history - hysterectomy. 199989276
afternoon shift, surgical ward, anywhere. 199989277
the royal commission. 199989285
rehabilitation of the coronary patient.52 out of 56 patients with myocardial infarction completed a 6-week rehabilitation programme. the exercise programme started on the second day of admission and continued during the patient's stay in hospital and for 6 weeks thereafter, with weekly attendances at the hospital. all the patients were assessed monthly by a coronary rehabilitation team. 77% of the patients went back to work in an average time of 9.5 weeks after onset of the infarction; 61% went to their original jobs and 16% had to m ...199989291
intrathecal cytarabine in multiple sclerosis. 199989320
control of hospital epidemic of gentamicin-resistant klebsiella aerogenes. 197989322
prepubertal gonococcal vulvovaginitis: a penicillin-resistant infection treated with cefotaxime. 199989326
national health service: reactions to the report of the royal commission. 199989328
percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. 199989339
non-specific disturbance of balance. 199989341
plasma-triglycerides and regulation of high-density-lipoprotein concentrations. 199989353
anthropometric assessment of malnutrition in children. 199989358
cash limits and the n.h.s. 199989361
fine-needle aspiration cytology. 199989365
intensive care and the very-low-birth-weight infant. 199989369
cimetidine: interaction with oral anticoagulants in 6 patients anticoagulated with warfarin, nicoumalone, or phenindione the addition of cimetidine prolonged the prothrombin-time (pt) by a mean of 12.6 s (range 5--23 s). in 7 volunteers taking daily subtherapeutic doses of warfarin the addition of cimetidine increased the pt from 19.4 to 22.9 s and the plasma-warfarin concentration from 0.96 to 1.76 microgram/ml. cimetidine reduced the single-dose clearance of warfarin and antipyrine. the basis of the interaction between cimetidine and oral an ...197989387
paraquat poisoning: significance of plasma-paraquat concentrations.plasma-paraquat concentrations were measured in 79 patients who had ingested liquid or granular weedkillers containing paraquat. at any given time after ingestion, the plasma-paraquat concentrations in the patients who died usually exceeded those in the survivors. it is suggested that measurement of plasma-paraquat concentrations is useful in assessing the severity and predicting the outcome of poisoning. patients whose plasma concentrations do not exceed 2.0, 0.6, 0.3, 0.16, and 0.1 mg/l at 4, ...199989392
antacids and cricoid pressure in the prevention of fatal aspiration syndrome. 199989406
selective spinal analgesia. 199989413
medical womanpower. 199989418
oestrogens and endometrial cancer. 199989419
eosinophil counts in duodenal tissue in cow's-milk allergy. 197989421
immune complexes after milk ingestion. 199989422
insecticide/herbicide exposure, aplastic anaemia, and pseudotumor cerebri. 199989435
low csf hydroxylase cofactor (tetrahydrobiopterin) levels in inherited dystonia. 199989462
legionnaires' disease caused by legionella pneumophila serogroup 3. 197989463
distinguishing unipolar and bipolar depression by thyrotropin release test. 199989464
undiagnosed wilson's disease as cause of unexplained miscarriage. 199989484
ephraim michael bluestone. 199989496
continuous measurement of ph in central arteries and veins. 197989503
clean intermittent catheterisation. 199989505
acute renal failure due to rhabdomyohaemolysis in beta-thalassaemic trait. 199989541
sweet's syndrome and acute myeloid leukaemia. 199989545
morale and commitment. 199989568
aspects of epidural morphine. 199989585
early discharge from n.h.s. hospitals. 199989594
beta2-microglobulin excretion and site of urinary-tract infection. 199989599
colophony and asthma. 199989600
independent learning packages (audio tape/pamphlet) for a course in cell excitation: evidence that they can be at least as effective as conventional lectures.three tape/pamphlet independent learning packages have been constructed to serve the same learning objectives as three conventional lectures on the physiology of the nerve axon. the learning efficacy of each package was compared with that of its companion lecture with the co-operation of fifty first-year medical students in a controlled experiment. the packages were at least as effective as the lectures in generating both short- and long-term attainment of their intrinsic learning objectives. th ...200089619
molluscum contagiosum of the palpebral conjunctiva. report of a case.a molluscum contagiosum nodule, situated at the palpebral conjunctiva of the left lower eyelid at the level of the marginal and tarsal conjunctiva, was observed in a 53-year-old male. a mild follicular conjunctivitis was present, except in a zone immediately below the molluscum. on the corresponding site of this molluscum at the bulbar conjunctiva, the limbus and the cornea, no follicles, epithelial keratitis nor erosions were seen. clinical diagnosis in atypically situated mollusca can be diffi ...200089651
case report: treatment of posterior bite collapse with secondary occlusal traumatism. 200089659
[madame g.'s hyperthyroidism]. 200089684
chimpanzees, symbols, and the reflective self. 200089705
fluorochrome staining of multilamellar liposomes.multilamellar liposomes can be stained with such fluorochromes as acridine orange, eosin y, neutral red, and thiazine red. the liposomes are brought into a 1% solution of the fluorochrome; 5-10 minutes later they are centrifuged and washed by resuspending in water or phosphate buffered saline three times. the last pellet is resuspended and a drop studied with the fluorescence microscope (1000 x magnification). the fluorochrome is seen to be accumulated in the liposomal membranes. acridine orange ...200089716
double fluorescent staining for the separate demonstration of chromosomes and microtubules in mitotic cells in vitro.a simple fluorescent method for double staining of mitotic cells using a rhodamine b indirect immunofluorescent method for tubulin and the dna-specific fluorescent dye hoechst 33258 for nuclei and chromosomes is described. this procedure enables one through the use of appropriate excitation filters to view at will either chromosomes and nuclei or tubulin within the same cell.200089722
double fixation and acetocarmine staining for permanent chromosomal preparations of algal flagellates. 200089723
human b cell function in a polyclonally induced plaque forming cell system. cell triggering and immunoregulation.the use of a sensitive pfc assay against a specific antigenic determinant (srbc) following polyclonal triggering of human lymphocytes has provided a unique insight into the complex mechanisms of triggering of human b cells. the system is under the strict regulation of a delicate balance between helper and suppressor influences reflecting in certain circumstances the activity of distinct subsets of immunoregulatory cells. lymphoid cells in certain diseases characterized by disordered immunoregula ...197989732
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