visualization of subsurface structures in cells and tissues by backscattered electron imaging.a fraction of the beam electrons which interact with a specimen scatter back. the number of backscattered electrons (be's) increases with the atomic number of the elements encountered. cell and tissue structures lacking a heavy metal content yield few be's compared to structures affixed with heavy metals, either vitally or by means of staining methods applied after fixation. the be imaging mode of a scanning electron microscope (sem) provides an intensity map of the be yield from the specimen. b ...197993305
[monoreceptor sera to the antigenic determinants of influenza virus a hemagglutinin].the method of specific adsorption was used to produce monoreceptor sera to individual antigenic determinants of hemagglutinin of influenza a virus, hong kong variant. the sera were completely free of inhibitors, contained no antibody to neuraminidase or host cell antigens. the monoreceptor sera were used in hi tests and immunoelectrophoresis for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the antigenic variants isolated in 1968--1977. it was shown that alongside with the appearance of qualitati ...197993350
quantitation of skin bacteria: lethality of the wash solution used to remove bacteria.a widely used technique for the quantitative removal of bacteria from the skin uses a detergent, triton x-100 (p, t-octylphenoxynonaethoxyethanol), to remove and suspend the bacteria. we determined the half-life for the survival of five common skin bacteria suspended in the solution. the shortest-lived was streptococcus pyogenes with a half-life of 0.9 hours. all of the others (propionibacterium acnes, staphylococcus epidermidis, staphylococcus aureus, and klebsiella pneumoniae) had half-lives o ...197993373
viruses and human cancer. a puzzle with a few missing pieces. 197993407
direct visualization of collagens and procollagens in polyacrylamide gels. 197993420
in vitro production of rauscher murine leukemia virus: influence of culture age on biological properties.large-scale production and concentration procedures have been standardized to study the biological properties of rauscher leukemia virus produced from the high-passaged jls-v9-h mouse bone marrow cell line. virus produced early (days 4 to 6) in the harvest and refeed cycle contained higher levels of ribonucleic acid-directed deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase activity and was more infectious than rauscher leukemia virus produced later (days 7 to 10) in the growth period. the peak of virus producti ...197993428
[cis expression, at complementation, of mitochondrial mosaic gene exons regulating cytochrome b in saccharomyces cerevisiae (proceedings)]. 197993454
a novel class of schizosaccharomyces pombe mutants, phenotypically unable to grow on glycerol, a respiratory substrate, but still able to oxidize glycerol aerobically [proceedings]. 197993469
pineal vasotocin and sleep: involvement of serotonin containing neurons. 197993502
pharmacokinetics of tallysomycin and bleomycin in the beagle dog.the pharmacokinetics of tallysomycin, a third-generation bleomycin analog, and bleomycin have been determined and compared in the beagle dog. both compounds exhibited biphasic plasma elimination characteristics and were extensively absorbed after in injection. the elimination half-lives of tallysomycin after iv and im administration were 1.51 +/- 0.41 hours and 2.40 +/- 0.667 hours respectively. these values were longer than the comparable iv (1.01 +/- 0.19 hours) and im (1.12 +/- 0.39 hours) el ...197993509
immunochemical studies on alcoholic hyalin. 197993559
[purification and characterization of the free secretory piece of human colostrum (author's transl)].the free secretory piece is isolated from human colostrum by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography in high yield (200 mg/l colostrum). deae-cellulose chromatography separates the free secretory piece in two fractions which are electrophoretically distinct, but otherwise have the same characteristics, like molecular weight, antigenic determinants, n-terminal sequence, peptide map and amino acid composition. it was therefore concluded that the protein part of the secretory piece is homoge ...197993565
the application of immunoperoxidase methodology for the visualization of prolactin binding sites in human prostate previous studies the immunoperoxidase method was used to detect intracellular prolactin binding sites in epithelial cells of normal and neoplastic rat prostate. as an extension of this work, the same approach was used to test for and to localize prolactin binding sites in autopsy and biopsy specimens of formalin fixed, paraffin embedded human prostate. rehydrated tissue sections were exposed to varying concentrations of human placental lactogen or human prolactin and then to human placental l ...197993568
alpha-fetoprotein inhibits antibody binding to acetylcholine receptor. significance for myasthenia gravis and other autoimmune diseases. 197993589
chlorpyrifos and 3,5,6,-trichloro-2-pyridinol: residues in the body tissues of cattle wearing chlorpyrifos-impregnated plastic ear tags. 197993609
the symptomatology with the most severe clinical course of spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage.the symptomatology of 18 patients with the severest clinical course after subarachnoid hemorrhage (sah) is described and analyzed. seventeen patients died, five with an acute bulbar syndrome with cardiac arrest, and 12 with irreversible breakdown of brain function. one patient had an apallic syndrome with minimal signs of remission, who died 4 months after the first rebleeding. the cases are divided into five clinical groups on the basis of the acute brainstem symptomatology which set in instant ...197993630
base-pairing between distant regions of the escherichia coli 16 s ribosomal rna in solution. 197993645
[body surface isopotential mapping of ventricular extrasystole, with special reference to the qrs mapping during ventricular pacing]. 197993651
1-isoamyl-3-isobutylxanthine: a remarkably potent agent for the potentiation of norepinephrine, histamine, and adenosine-elicited accumulations of cyclic amp in brain slices. 197993674
a horseradish peroxidase study of primary afferent projections to the medullary cuneate nucleus in the rat.hrp was used to label first order afferent cells of the dorsal root ganglia which synapse at the cuneate nucleus. the results show that it is a population of predominantly large cells that project monosynaptically to the medullary cuneate nucleus and thus support anatomical and physiological studies showing that directly projecting axons to the dorsal column nuclei are larger, faster and conduct information from a select class of sensitive cutaneous mechanoreceptors. the finding, that approximat ...197993721
[action of feeding lindane or/and zineb on aflatoxin b1-induced toxic effects in rat and mouse liver (author's transl)].the action of the ingestion of balanced diets containing pesticides [lindane (125 ppm) or/and zineb (5200 ppm)] on aflatoxin b1-induced toxic effects (inhibition of rna and protein syntheses in liver) has been determined in two animal species. in the rat, the ingestion of these diets for 4 weeks before aflatoxin b1 treatment (0,7 mg/kg for 3 h), strongly decreased the toxic effects on both transcription and translation. by contrast, in the mouse, the above-mentioned diets did not modify the exte ...197993790
characterization of an antigen-specific factor from a hybrid t-cell line. 197993865
reinvestigation of denervation diuresis and natriuresis in conscious dogs.the function of innervated and denervated kidney was compared in clearance studies with conscious dogs. the animals were prepared for experiments by unilateral renal denervation and surgical division of the bladder to form two hemibladders enabling separate urine collection from two kidneys. the mean urine flow was 6% higher for the denervated kidney (not significant) while mean differences for osmolar clearance (+ 13%), sodium excretion (+21%) and gft (+5%) were all significant (p less than 0.0 ...197993884
purification of prophenoloxidase in the haemolymph of calliphora vicina (r. & d.).an improved method for the purification of prophenoloxidase is described. the proenzyme was purified 400 fold in homogenous form. the purity was tested by disc-electrophoresis and the molecular weight was found to be 87 000 in comparison to the mobility of marker enzymes, which were run simultaneously in sds-gel electrophoresis. the proenzyme was denatured at 80 degrees c and maximum conversion into active state was found between 40 and 50 degrees c.197993886
effects of exogenous gonadotropic and steroid hormones on the social behaviour and gonadal maturation of male domestic ducklings anas platyrhynchos l.male domestic ducklings were injected during their first month of life with mammalian gonadotrophins (ovine lh or fsh, hmg) or gonadal steroids (testosterone or oestradiol). lh and testosterone stimulated sexual behaviour while oestradiol inhibited the increase of aggression observed in control birds during the experiment. the mammalian gonadotrophins did not increase plasma testosterone but nevertheless they all stimulated the testis growth. several hypotheses which could explain this finding ( ...197993890
preparation and characterization of antisera to 17 beta-oestradiol and to progesterone [proceedings]. 197993905
mechanism of action of beta-d-xylosidase from bacillus pumilus prl b12: ph- and alpha-deuterium kinetic isotope effects [proceedings]. 197993945
a developmental model for studying choline acetyltransferase transport in chick motoneurons.the proximodistal axonal transport of choline acetyltransferase (chac) has been studied in the chick sciatic nerve in the absence of any experimental manipulation. the phenomenon utilized by us is a physiological transient fall in the activity of chac. this fall occurs in most areas of the chick central nervous system after hatching, and moves toward the periphery along the nerves. having ruled out the presence of transient inhibitors, the movement of the fall towards skeletal muscles has been c ...197994010
a human breast tumor cell line (bt-474) that supports mouse mammary tumor virus replication.a human breast tumor cell line bt-474 derived from an invasive ductal carcinoma was experimentally infected in vitro with a mouse mammary tumor virus from the tiii strain (riii-mumtv). the virus that replicated in the human cells was characterized as a mouse virus by immunofluorescence, electron microscopy and the presence of a specific rna-directed dna polymerase. the cells themselves were human as per the karyotype and isoenzyme migration patterns. it is concluded that human cells are suscepti ...197994035
induction of delayed-type sensitivity to leishmania parasite in a case of leishmaniasis cutanea diffusa with bcg and cord-factor (trehalose-6-6' dimycolate).the delayed hypersensitivity against the leishmania parasite was restored to a patient who had suffered from diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis (dcl) for 26 years, by the application of an ointment containing heat-killed and lyophilized bcg and cord-factor (trehalose-6-6'-dimycolate) after stripping the affected and adjacent areas with scotch-tape.197994221
stringent control in e. coli. 197994252
biochemical and immunological studies of three genetic variants of 3-phosphoglycerate kinase 2 from the mouse.three electrophoretic variants of 3-phosphoglycerate kinase 2 (pgk-2a,pgk-2b, and pgk-2c) were purified from dba/2j, c3h/hej, and c57l/j mice, respectively. pgk-2c exhibits only 2% of the specific activity of pgk-2a and pgk-2b in the reaction leading to the formation of 1,3-diphosphoglycerate. compared to pgk-2a and pgk-2b, pgk-2c exhibits broader coenzyme specificity and lower kms for substrate and coenzymes. incubation at 45c revealed immunionactivation and double immunodiffusion studies show ...197994263
[molecular mechanism of action of diamidinephenylindole (dapi). ii. effect of dapi on the template activity of dna and polydeoxynucleotides in the dna-polymerase system from bacteria, eukaryotic cells and rna tumor viruses (author's transl)]. 197994275
phosphonoformate inhibits reverse transcriptase.the new antiviral substance phosphonoformate (pfa) has been tested in a cell-free system for its effect on reverse transcriptases from an avian retrovirus (avian myeloblastosis virus, amv) and from mammalian retroviruses (rauscher leukaemia virus, rmulv; bovine leukaemia virus; baboon endogenous virus; simian sarcoma virus; visna virus). the observed inhibitory effect of pfa has been compared with that of a structurally related substance, phosphonoacetate (paa). phosphonoformate, at a concentrat ...197994344
priming increases the amount of interferon mrna in poly(ri).poly(rc)-treated l cells.priming by mouse interferon pre-treatment resulted in an accumulation of interferon mrna in poly(ri).poly(rc)-treated l cells, starting early in the period of interferon synthesis. on electrophoresis, the priming activity of an interferon preparation co-migrated with the antiviral activity, which suggests identity of the functional principle(s) for these activities.197994345
characterization of the coronary vasodilator and hemodynamic actions of monensin, a carboxylic ionophore.the effects of monensin on coronary blood flow (cbf) and other hemodynamic parameters were studied in anesthetized dogs. a dose-response relationship was established, and it was found that the lowest doses of monensin (5-25 micrograms/kg) produced a dose-dependent increase (3-5x) in cbf with a concomitant decrease in total peripheral resistance (tpr). pretreatment with diphenhydramine, atropine, indomethacin, or propranolol resulted in no reduction in peak increase in cbf or in the duration of r ...197994374
methylprednisolone sodium succinate treatment in global ischemia of the cat isolated heart.effects of methylprednisolone were studied on isolated, blood-perfused cat hearts subjected to 1 hr of normothermic ischemic arrest. untreated hearts sustained decreases in peak ventricular pressure pulse, dp/dt, and ventricular compliance. ischemic hearts also became edematous, gained sodium, and lost potassium and creatine kinase enzyme activity. steroid treatment did not significantly alter any of these ischemia-induced changes. methylprednisolone treatment did increase resting coronary flow ...197994382
disopyramide plasma and myocardial tissue concentrations as they relate to antiarrhythmic activity.antiarrhythmic concentrations of disopyramide in canine plasma and myocardium were determined by gas chromatography. ventricular tachycardia was incuded in anesthetized dogs by the intravenous administration of ouabain. disopyramide phosphate was then administered by a two-stage continuous infusion method. a rapid infusion of disopyramide (9.08 mg/kg/hr) was administered for 30 min, followed by a slow infusion (2.18 mg/kg/hr) to maintain steady-state plasma levels of 1.98-2.21, mean +/- sem = 2. ...197994410
effect of subminimal inhibitory concentrations of mecillinam on the synthesis of dna, rna, and protein of salmonella typhimurium: a proposed mechanism of action.salmonellae alter their rod-like morphology to become large ovals within 3-5 hr after being exposed to concentrations of mecillinam below the minimal inhibitory concentration. before this overt morphologic change occurs, synthesis of dna increases, with a concomitant decrease in total protein synthesis. incorporation of [3h]leucine into cell wall protein is markedly inhibited by mecillinam, whereas incorporation of leucine into soluble intracellular proteins is enchanced by the drug. electrophor ...197994451
hereditary alpha 2-macroglobulin deficiency.on screening of a normal material 1 man was found (age 37) who on repeated determinations had a low alpha 2m, namely 25 % with electroimmuno assay according to laurell. investigation of the family revealed that the mother (age 69) and one daughter (age 5) had low values too. all other coagulation and fibrinolytic components were normal. they had no signs of increased fibrinolysis and normal levels of alpha 2-antiplasmin, alpha 1-antitrypsin and antithrombin iii. liver function tests were normal. ...197994459
a detergent-citric acid technique for isolating nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions containing undegraded rna from cells of xenopus laevis. 197994513
rapid isolation of rna using proteinase k and sodium perchlorate. 197994516
factors involved in the age-dependent resistance of mice infected with low-virulence mouse hepatitis virus.four-week-old weanling mice survived, whereas 1-week-old suckling mice died, after intraperitoneal inoculation of mouse hepatitis virus, mhv-s strain. the factors involved in this difference in susceptibility were studied. after virus inoculation, differences in virus growth in the liver and spleen were observed, which correlated with the susceptibility of animals to the virus. interferon, detected at an early stage of infection, was considerably lower in suckling mice than in weanling mice. tit ...197994538
pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy of spasmodic torticollis: a review.the few existing neuropathological, neurochemical, and neuropharmacological studies have shed little light on the pathophysiology of spasmodic torticollis (st). the relevance of experimental st in animals and drug-induced st in man to idiopathic st is unclear. most pharmacotherapeutic endeavors have focused on drugs affecting basal ganglia function. unfortunately, problems of sample size, clinical heterogeneity of patient population, research design, objective evaluation of response, documentati ...197994551
correlation of a specific chromosomal marker, 21q-, and retroviral indicators in patients with thrombocythemia.a chromosomal anomaly, 21q-, has been found in association with retroviral indicators in patients with myeloproliferative disorders (mpd) including polycythemia vera (pv), essential thrombocythemia (et), chronic myelocytic leukemia (cml) and acute non-lymphocytic leukemia (anll). the viral indicators are found in platelet homogenates of thrombocythemic patients. evidence is presented from 2 laboratories (philadelphia, usa and bologna, italy) for the 21q- deletion in mpd patients. thirty patients ...197994552
acute and chronic beta-receptor blockage with propranolol and the cardiovascular responses to intravenous sodium nitroprusside in the conscious rabbit.sodium nitroprusside infused intravenously into conscious rabbits lowered blood pressure and raised heart rate and plasma noradrenaline. acute beta blockade with propranolol, 2 mg/kg/hr i.v. for 2 hr, increased resting plasma noradrenaline and did not change the hypotensive effects of nitroprusside or the rise in plasma noradrenaline but attenuated the increase in heart rate. chronic treatment with propranolol, 2 mg/kg twice daily for 3 weeks, did not modify the cardiovascular or reflex effects ...197994618
alcian blue and tannic acid in the studies on pulmonary alveolar lining layer. 197994744
quantitative study of the energy conversion in halobacterium halobium [proceedings]. 197994791
[role of calcium in realization of nervous control during rna synthesis in skeletal muscles].the effects of ca2+ on the rna polymerase activity of the nuclei isolated from normal and denervated gastrocnemius muscles of the rabbit were studied. it was shown that 18 hrs after denervation the rna synthesis in vitro, ca2+ content and the ca, mg-atpase activity of the nuclei are decreased. after addition of exogenous ca2+ the incorporation of labelled utp into the nuclei is stimulated in the denervated muscle and is inhibited in the control. electrostimulation of the denervated muscle at the ...197994840
pyrazolidine derivatives: a comparative study of their effects on platelet aggregation.quantitative studies were carried out of the in vitro and ex vivo effects of phenylbutazone and 3-oxoalkyl substituted diphenyldioxopyrazolidines (kebuzone, tribuzone, benzopyrazone) on platelet aggregation. the specified pyrazolidine derivatives exhibited in vitro inhibitory effects on secondary platelet aggregation (induced by adrenaline and collagen), commensurable with the effects of sulfinpyrazone. the ex vivo efficacy was markedly influenced by the height of the drug level in blood and by ...197994876
[preparation of human platelets without the use of anticoagulants and study of the effect of catt on aggregation].a method for the preparation of human blood platelets is presented which substitutes the use of anticoagulants by a gelfiltration for the removal of plasma calcium from native blood. in a second step the platelets are separated from the gel filtered blood by a centrifugation on a ficoll density gradient. the anticoagulant-free platelets reveal an intact morphological feature and a normal aggregation behaviour in response to different aggregation inducers. it was found that in adp-induced aggrega ...197994881
induction of monoclonal antibody synthesis in malignant human b cells by polyclonal b cell activators. relationship between b cell subsets and prognosis. 197994897
ability of enriched immune t cells to confer resistance in hamsters to infection with treponema pertenue.this investigation presents the first direct evidence that t cells are involved in resistance to challenge with treponema pertenue. enriched t cells from immune hamsters were obtained by sequential filtration through glass and nylon-wool columns. this procedure removed the majority of functional antibody-producing and immunoglobulin-bearing cells. the fractionated cell suspensions were less responsive to stimulation by phytohemagglutinin, lipopolysaccharide, and dextran sulfate, but they were en ...197994906
role of interferon in mice in protection against influenza a virus by bacterial ribosomes together with membranal glycoproteins of klebsiella pneumoniae as adjuvant.nonspecific protection against infectious aerosols of influenza a virus was obtained in swiss mice after vaccination by aerosols of bacterial ribosomes together with membranal glycoproteins extracted from klebsiella pneumoniae as the adjuvant. it was shown that repeated stimulant aerosols were necessary to obtain this protection. routine estimation of serum interferon levels after administration of the association of ribosomes plus membranal glycoproteins to the animals by aerosol or intravenous ...197994908
staining with chromoxane cyanine r.since pearse in 1957 introduced chromoxane cyanine r as a dual nuclear and cytoplasmic stain there have appeared numerous procedures for use of this dye. these have differed widely, sharing in common mainly the implication that each is best. a defendable procedure has been developed on an experimental basis and is reported here. four stock solutions are needed: (1) a 0.2% solution of chromoxane cyanine r in 0.5% aqueous h2so4 (v/v); boil this solution for 5 min, (2) 10% fecl3 in 3% hcl, (3) 1% a ...197994954
[interferon in the anti-influenza protection provided by a mixtures of bacterial ribosomes and a membrane fraction of k. pneumoniae applied as an aerosol]. 197994959
therapeutic effect of intravenously administered yeast glucan, in mice locally infected by mycobacterium leprae. 197994971
[intracellular localization of alpha-fetoprotein and serum albumin in the central nervous system of the rat during fetal and postnatal development].the morphological localisation of alphafetoprotein (afp), serumalbumin (sa), transferrin and immunoglobulins (igg) has been studied in the developing central nervous system of the rat by immunocytochemical methods. evidence is presented of a highly selective staining for afp and sa, both proteins exhibiting the same topographical distribution. practically all the areas of the brain and the spinal cord are stained at a given moment of the developmental process. the labeling is cytoplasmic and in ...197995002
[influence of parotin on the repressing action of cyanylethyl group to histamine stress (author's transl)]. 197895057
demonstration of a murine cell surface component with affinity for exogenous beta 2-microglobulin.murine and human beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2m) bind to various types of mouse cells. the binding is saturable and displays a single association constant of about 1 x 10(9) liter/mol. the binding of beta 2m to splenocytes was not affected by a variety of metabolic inhibitors but was temperature-dependent. it is suggested that the beta 2m "receptor" exhibits a temperature-dependent conformational change since the "receptor", whether integrated into the membrane or solubilized by the detergent tri ...197995108
electrokinetic study of the reactions of peritoneal macrophages and eosinophils with igg immune complexes.electrophoretic light scattering (laser doppler electrophoresis) has been employed to study the effects of guinea pig igg immune complexes on the electrophoretic mobility distributions of guinea pig resident peritoneal cells. the resident population of cells is composed of macrophages (approximately 75%) and eosinophils (approximately 25%). these cells were separated according to the well-established method of boyum. populations of resident macrophages, eosinophils, and the unfractionated sample ...197995166
ribonucleotides in dna newly synthesised in 3t6 cells in vivo.within the field of dna replication, considerable interest has focused in recent years on the mechanism of initiation of synthesis of dna molecules. in vitro replication systems from escherichia coli have been instrumental in uncovering a priming function fo9r ribonucleotides on the earliest intermediates of dna polymerisation in vitro and in identifying the proteins involved. in vitro replication systems from mammalian cells that permit the use of the phosphate-transfer method for detection of ...197995207
ventricular pacing from the middle cardiac vein mimicking supraventricular morphology.a case is described in which ventricular pacing from the middle cardiac vein produced an electrocardiographic pattern which mimicked the morphology of the normally conducted beats. the possible etiologies of this unusual phenomenon and its implications concerning the functional anatomy of the normal conduction system in the human heart are discussed.197995282
terminology and electrophysiologic concepts in cardiac arrhythmias. v. phase 3 block and phase 4 block. part 1. 197995299
immunodiffusion study on group-specific antigen of mc-29 chicken hepatoma.rabbit serum against crude mc-29 hepatoma extract does not contain anti-avian gs antibodies detectable by gel diffusion methods. rabbit serum containing antibodies against purified gs 1, gs 2, gs 3 and gs 4 antigens of avian myeloblastosis virus reveals gs 1 antigen in mc-29 hepatoma extract.197995333
hormonal control of gene expression: differential activation of rat bone marrow rna polymerases by erythropoietin and testosterone.hormones play a role in the regulation of gene expression by inducing changes in enzyme patterns in target cells mediated by the synthesis of specific rna molecules. erythropoiesis has been used as a system for studying the molecular mechanism of regulation of gene action by means of two hormones: erythropoietin and testosterone. experiments designed to correlate the biochemical action of both hormones on rat marrow cells are herein reported. both factors seems to act at different biochemical an ...197995387
[replacement solutions and hemodilution].by definition, haemodilution involves the use of filling solutions, but in this technique the role of different solutions has yet to be clearly defined. amongst the criteria of choice used at the present time, two would seem to be essential: good tolerance, limiting the risks of complication and side effects to an absolute minimum; and a sufficiently long intravascular half-life ensuring good control of blood volume. on this basis, amongst the crystalloids ringer lactate offers definite advantag ...197995461
[immunological problems in oncology (author's transl)].the authors, after a view of the problems of immunology, regarding the most recent discoveries, deal with the conclusions about the immunological reactions in research and clinical oncology. many specific antibodies, formed as a result of the tumor, have been discovered in the field of research. it is impossible to say the same about human tumors and the probable hypothesis are numerous. the results until now obtained, even if they don't give a definite response, show that the immune defense of ...197995475
[morphological and histoenzymatic changes in the white rat testis after long-term administration of low doses of lindan and trichlorfon (author's transl)]. 197995555
field trials of slow-release formulations of chlorpyrifos and malathion for the control of chagas's disease vectors. 197995561
effect of neurotensin, substance p and morphine sulfate on the secretion of prolactin and growth hormone in the rat.neurotensin (nt), substance p (sp) and morphine sulfate (ms) elevate plasma prolactin and growth hormone levels in both normal or estrogen-progesterone pretreated male rats. by contrast, steroid priming is required for trf to exhibit prl-releasing activity. naloxone, an opiate receptor blocker, reverses the stimulatory effect of ms only. diphenhydramine, a histamine antagonist, inhibits the response to nt, sp and ms without affecting the response to trf. these results suggest the involvement of ...197795701
binding of mouse peritoneal macrophages to tumour cells by a "lectin-like" macrophage receptor.a binding interaction is described between mouse peritoneal macrophages, tumour cells and proliferating mouse embryo fibroblasts. the interaction appears to be between a "lectin-like" receptor in the macrophage plasma membrane and carbohydrates in the plasma membrane of the target cells.197995806
[the proventriculus of the xenopsylla cheopis flea studied by scanning electron microscopy].the proventriculus of the flea x. cheopis was studied by means of scanning electron microscopy. the external surface of the proventriculus is a rigid structure with an alveolate surface ("wasp nest") formed by muscular cords. the internal surface of the proventriculus is represented by numerous acanthae which fall close together. they have a shape of bent dens with longitudinal sharply angular edges and concave spaces between them. some edges are crenate.197995815
[the lice of the gerbils of tajikistan].2606 gerbils of four species from tajikistan were examined. on them there were found over 14 thousand sucking lice of 10 species, four of which are typical to gerbils. hoplopleura merionidis ferris is a mongolian-turkestan species, which in central asia parasitizes meriones meridianus pallas and m. unguiculatus milne-edw. and in middle asia--m. meridianus and m. erythrourus gray, seldom m. tamariscinus pallas. polyplax chinensis ferris, a parasite of m. meridianus, is a mongolian-turkestan speci ...197995816
[biosynthesis of penicillin upon periodic culturing of penicillium chrysogenum with an exponentially increasing glucose supply].penicillium chrysogenum was cultivated under controlled conditions and at constant specific growth rates regulated by glucose supply. the rate of penicillin synthesis (units/mg dry and pattern of time changes of the synthesizing capacity of the culture depended on the specific growth rate (hr-1). the arrest of penicillin synthesis was induced by the inherent changes of the culture rather than by external factors, e.g. use of substrates, changed limitation, accumulation of inhibitory m ...197995828
molybdenum independence of nitrogenase component synthesis in the non-heterocystous cyanobacterium plectonema.the cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum (iu 594-utex 594) fixes n2 only in the absence of combined n and of o2. we induced nitrogenase by transfer to anaerobic n-free medium and studied the effect of mo starvation on nitrogenase activity and synthesis. activity was first detected within 3 h after transfer by the acetylene reduction assay in controls, increasing for at least 25 h. cells grown on nitrate and mo and then transferred to n-free, mo-free medium produced 8% of the control nitrogenase ac ...197896092
liver microsomal cytochromes p-450 and azoreductase activity.hepatic microsomal azoreductase activity with amaranth (3-hydroxy-4[(4-sulfo-1-naphthalenyl)azo]-2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid trisodium salt) as a substrate is proportional to the levels of microsomal cytochrome p-450 from control or phenobarbital-pretreated rats and mice or cytochrome p-448 from 3-methylchol-anthrene-pretreated animals. in the "inducible" c57b/6j strain of mice, 3-methylcholanthrene and phenobarbital pretreatment cause an increase in cytochrome p-448 and p-450 levels, respect ...197896118
lower levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in human cord and in maternal sera than in the serum of euthyroid, nonpregnant adults.thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-degrading activity was investigated in human cord, maternal, and euthyroid adult sera by measuring (a) the rate of disappearance of trh and (b) the rate of formation of degradation products. the rate of trh degradation in cord and maternal sera was 25-33% of that in euthyroid adult serum. concomitantly, in cord and maternal sera, the rate of formation of proline, a major trh degradation product in serum, was one-quarter to one-third that in euthyroid adult ser ...197896140
naturally occurring diatomaceous pneumoconiosis in sub-human primates. 197896157
correlation of neural discharge with pattern and force of muscular activity, joint position, and direction of intended next movement in motor cortex and cerebellum.1. monkeys were trained to grasp a rod movable in a horizontal arc (fig. 1), and to hold the rod by angulation of the wrist in each of three positions (a,b, c). a maintained load was placed on the rod alternately to oppose flexion and extension. at a light signal, the monkey had to move to the next position in a prescribed sequence (abcbabcba, etc.). the task was designed to dissociate, while holding in position, the following variables: 1) pattern of muscular activity in the forearm required to ...197896223
the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the is argued that "the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the retina" (the title of this article) concerns two identical effects and that both are the outward sign of the existence of a specific organization in the retina. for this reason they can serve as a valuable criterion for identifying activity in this organization. this activity is assumed to be in the nature of a self-excitation by positive feedback in the amacrine circuits of certain y-cells. relevant liter ...197896310
case for diagnosis. 197896370
[clinical and electrophysiological aspects of the gangliosidoses (author's transl)].the gangliosidoses belong to the family of diseases known as the lipidoses and are due to an excess of ganglioside i (gm1) or ii (gm2). the illness described by landing belongs to group i, whilst tay-sachs and sandhoff's disease are type 2. this study was particularly concerned with the electro-clinical aspects of group 2, and 4 stages have been differentiated: --the first occurs between 4-10 months: the child is apathetic, hypotonic and has occasional audiogenic seizures; fundoscopy revealing t ...197896499
a survey of bacterial infections in the surgical intensive care unit. 197896533
[application of frozen stored various animal red blood cells for the virological and serological tests (author's transl)]. 197796589
development of visual acuity in infant monkeys (macaca nemestrina) during the early postnatal weeks. 197896592
activity of azlocillin and mezlocillin against gram-negative organisms: comparison with other penicillins.the activities of azlocillin and mezlocillin were compared with those of carbenicillin, ticarcillin, and pirbenicillin against a wide range of gram-negative organisms. the two new drugs were considerably more active than carbenicillin against klebsiella species and escherichia coli. carbenicillin was twice as active against proteus mirabilis as mezlocillin and four times as active as azlocillin. against pseudomonas aeruginosa, azlocillin was eight times as active as carbenicillin. azlocillin and ...197896726
tissue distribution of edta encapsulated within liposomes containing glycolipids or brain phospholipids.multilameller liposomes were prepared with various asialoglycolipids, gangliosides, sialic acid, or brain phospholipids in the liposome membrane and with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta) encapsulated in the aqueous compartments. the liposomes containing glycolipids or sialic acid were prepared from a mixture of phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, and one of the following test substances: galactocerebroside, glucocerebroside, galactocerebroside sulfate, mixed gangliosides, monosialogangliosid ...197896869
experimental polychlorinated biphenyl toxicosis in germfree pigs.the effects of polychlorinated biphenyls were studied in eight germfree pigs. beginning at fourteen days of age, two pigs each were fed daily 12.5, 25, 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight of polychlorinated biphenyls as aroclor 1254. three germfree pigs were negative controls. clinically the treated pigs had inappetance, a hemorrhagic diarrhea, erythema of the nose and the anus, retarded growth, distended abdomen and at the higher dose levels, incoordination and coma followed by death. deaths occurred ...197896924
[a method for measuring apatite crystals in human dentine by high resolution transmission electron microscopy].high resolution electron microscopy now makes it possible to use an original method for measuring biological apatite crystals. the crystals of intertubular sound dentine have an average width of 296 a (standard deviation: 37) and an average thickness of 32 a (standard deviation: 5). during the course of so-called arrested caries, crystals get twice as thick compared to those sound dentine, whereas their width remains unchanged.197897005
experimental infection of the genital tract of female grivet monkeys by mycoplasma hominis.mycoplasma hominis, a common inhabitant of the mucosae of the genitourinary tract of human and nonhuman primates, was inoculated directly into the uterine tubes of five laparotomized grivet monkeys. a self-limiting acute salpingitis and parametritis developed within a few days in all animals. although there were no clinical signs of overt disease, the gross pathology was characterized by pronounced oedematous swelling and hyperaemia of the tubes and parametria. microscopically, cellular infiltra ...197897224
cigarette smoke and phagocyte function: effect of chronic exposure in vivo and acute exposure in vitro.phagocytic function was studied in mice chronically exposed to cigarette smoke, and the effects of in vitro exposure to cigarette smoke on macrophage activity were also assessed. cultures of radiolabeled pseudomonas aeruginosa were employed to investigate phagocyte activity in vivo and in vitro. mice were exposed on weekdays to fresh cigarette smoke for periods up to 37 weeks and the bactericidal and clearance activity of their lungs was measured. both pulmonary clearance and bactericidal activi ...197897229
relationship of method of administration to respiratory virulence of klebsiella pneumoniae for mice and squirrel monkeys.klebsiella pneumoniae given by aerosol was significantly less virulent in mice and monkeys than when given by intranasal (mice) or intratracheal (monkeys) instillation.197897232
f'-plasmid transfer from escherichia coli to pseudomonas fluorescens.various f' plasmids of escherichia coli k-12 could be transferred into mutants of the soil strain 6.2, classified herein as a pseudomonas fluorescens biotype iv. this strain was previously found to receive flac plasmid (n. datta and r.w. hedges, j. gen microbiol. 70:453-460, 1972). ilv, leu, met, arg, and his auxotrophs were complemented by plasmids carrying isofunctional genes; trp mutants were not complemented or were very poorly complemented. the frequency of transfer was 10(-5). subsequent t ...197897267
repression of biotin biosynthesis in escherichia coli during growth on biotin vitamers.a strain of escherichia coli in which the lacz gene was fused to the bioa promoter was constructed. colonies of this strain formed lac(+) colonies on low-biotin agar (1.6 to 4.1 nm) and lac(-) colonies on high-biotin agar (41 nm). this lac-bio fusion strain was used to study the question of whether cells growing on the biotin vitamers d-biotin-d-sulfoxide (bds) and dethiobiotin (dtb) generate enough biotin to give maximal repression of beta-galactosidase synthesis. repression by high concentrati ...197897277
use of pyruvate fermentation compared with tetrazolium reduction in the differentiation of group d streptococci.the reduction of 2, 3, 5 triphenyltetrazolium chloride in the original medium of barnes (journal of general microbiology, 14, 57, 1956), and in a modified medium, was compared with the ability to ferment pyruvate as a means of separating streptococcus faecalis from all other group d streptococci. the tetrazolium reduction test gave an occasional negative reaction with str. faecalis strains. in addition, a number of strains gave a weakly positive reaction in the test, as did some strains of str. ...197897331
experimental infection of chimpanzees with the norwalk agent of epidemic viral gastroenteritis.a fecal filtrate of human origin containing the norwalk agent of epidemic viral gastroenteritis was administered by stomach tube to chimpanzees in an attempt to induce diarrheal disease. significant postchallenge serum antibody rises against norwalk viral antigens were demonstrated in all animals using the techniques of immune electron microscopy and radioimmunoassay. in addition, viral antigens were detected in feces from five of nine animals using radioimmunoassay. clinical illness characteriz ...197897364
entry of beta-n-oxalyl-l-alpha,beta-diaminopropionic acid, the lathyrus sativus neurotoxin into the central nervous system of the adult rat, chick and the rhesus monkey. 197897367
meningitis caused by neisseria meningitidis type w-135. 197897374
preliminary x-ray crystallographic data on phospholipase c from bacillus cereus. 197897390
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