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the role of some microorganisms in the pathogenesis of non-specific bronchopulmonary infections. 19763770
carbohydrate containing media for the detection of urease in "klebsiella".sone strains of klebsiella pneumoniae and k. oxytoca grown on nutrient agar may appear "urease negative" in a ferguson type reagent medium after a 24 h incubation at 37 degrees c. amongst such 147 so called urease negative strains, urease has been detected within a few hours in 79 strains, when bacteria have grown on media containing carbohydrates (kligler iron agar, drigalski lactose agar, ss agar and worfel-ferguson sucrose medium). acid production by carbohydrate fermentation increases urease ...19753130
bacterial and fungal growth in total parenteral nutrition solutions,.the most serious complication of prolonged intravenous infusion of hypertonic dextrose and amino acids is infection. frequently, the etiology is fungal rather than bacterial. previous authors have suggested that bacterial survival and growth in the solutions is suppressed by (a) high dextrose concentration, (b) high osmolality, or (c) low ph. this paper presents evidence that proposals (a) and (b) are untenable and (c) is only partly responsible. we call attention to the presence of a factor tha ...19752102
microbiological study of gentamiycin.gentamycin prepared at the all-union research institute of antibiotics did not differ by its antibacterial spectrum and the activity level from gentamycin samples from other countries. by its activity against clinical strains of ps. aeruginosa gentamycin was somewhat inferior than polymyxin but much more superior than carbenicillin. an agar-diffusion method using bac. pumilus ntcc 8241 as the test microbe was developed for determination of gentamycin activity. the gentamycin sulfate complex and ...19752095
inhibition of the adenylylation of glutamine synthetase by methionine sulfone during nitrogenase derepression. 19751024
comparative study of virological infections in asthmatic and nonasthmatic children.the author shows complex analyses: clinical, laboratory, x-rays, bronchoscopical, bronchographical and measuring lung function tests as well as the serological examinations in blood serum of both groups of asthmatic and nonasthmatic children with virological infection. the calculation of statistically significant differences between the various diagnostical results of both groups has confirmed that in asthmatic children virological infection of the respiratory tract, pathological findings in x-r ...1975884
regulation of nitrogen fixation. nitrogenase-derepressed mutants of klebsiella pneumoniae.1. a new procedure is described for selecting nitrogenase-derepressed mutants based on the method of brenchley et al. (brenchley, j.e., prival, m.j. and magasanik, b. (1973) j. biol. chem. 248, 6122-6128) for isolating histidase-constitutive mutants of a non-n2-fixing bacterium. 2. nitrogenase levels of the new mutants in the presence of nh4+ were as high as 100% of the nitrogenase activity detected in the absence of nh4+. 3. biochemical characterization of these nitrogen fixation (nif) derepres ...197559
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