klebsiella-associated phagedenic ulcers in infants-a report of two cases.phagedenic ulcer is usually associated with infections due to staphylococcus, pseudomonas, streptococcus or fusospirochete in immunocompromised individuals. we report, for the first time, two cases of phagedenic ulcers in infants caused by klebsiella pneumonia species.201322747857
a rapid low-cost real-time pcr for the detection of klebsiella pneumonia carbapenemase genes.klebsiella pneumonia carbapenemases (kpcs) are able to hydrolyze the carbapenems, which cause many bacteria resistance to multiple classes of antibiotics, so the rapid dissemination of kpcs is worrisome. laboratory identification of kpcs-harboring clinical isolates would be a key to limit the spread of the bacteria. this study would evaluate a rapid low-cost real-time pcr assay to detect kpcs.201222545713
effect of amidation on the antimicrobial peptide aurein 2.5 from australian southern bell frogs.aurein 2.5 is a naturally c-terminally amidated amphibian antimicrobial peptide. c-terminal amidation can increase efficacy and hence a comparison was made between aurein 2.5-conh2 and its nonamidated analogue. amidation of the c-terminal carboxyl of aurein 2.5 enhanced antimicrobial activity 2.5- fold against klebsiella pneumonia. our results demonstrate that both peptide analogues had high surface activities (23 mn m-1for aurein 2.5-cooh and 26 mn m-1 aurein 2.5-conh2). circular dichroism meas ...201222519529
estrogen modulation of pneumonia? an immunoglobulin a effect.laboratory and clinical studies demonstrated a salutary effect of estradiol (e2) on pneumonia and other infectious complications after trauma, while dihydrotestosterone (dht) failed to show a similar effect. secretory immunoglobulin a is the principle antibody in the respiratory and other mucosal secretions. immunoglobulin a (iga) production and transport into the mucosal secretion is regulated by toll-like receptor 4 (tlr-4). in addition, e2 may influence immune regulatory cells via tlr-4. we h ...201222491603
sensitivity pattern among bacterial isolates in neonatal septicaemia in port harcourt.the organisms responsible for neonatal sepsis vary across geographical boundaries and with the time of illness thus periodic bacteriologic surveillance is a neccessity. the present study was therefore carried out to determine the common bacterial pathogens in port harcourt and their sensitivity pattern.201222449249
pathogens chipping away at our last line of defence - the rise of the metallo-beta-lactamases.we describe the first known report of a vim1 metallo-beta-lactamase-producing klebsiella pneumonia outside europe - confirmed by our colleagues in canada. the patient had no travel history and surveillance failed to identify additional cases. the importance of health care professionals being diligent in identifying these multi-drug resistant isolates is emphasised.201122273132
analysis of site-directed mutations in the α-and β-subunits of klebsiella pneumoniae nitrogenase.using directed mutagenesis, amino acid substitutions have been made in the α- and β-subunits of the klebsiella pneumoniae nitrogenase component 1 at positions normally occupied by conserves cysteine or tyrosine residues. nif', nif and intermediate pheno-types have been obtained. to extend our earlier biochemical characterization (kent et al, 1989) the electrophoretic mobiliy of component 1 of the mutant and wild-type nitrogenases has been analysed by non-denaturing gel electrophoresis. the major ...199028776819
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