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predation efficacy of bdellovibrio bacteriovorus on multidrug-resistant clinical pathogens and their corresponding biofilms.the aim of the present study was to evaluate the predation efficacy of bdellovibrio bacteriovorus on multidrug-resistant (mdr) or extensive drug resistant (xdr) gram-negative pathogens and their corresponding biofilms. in this study, we examined the ability of b. bacteriovorus to prey on mdr and xdr gram-negative clinical bacteria, including escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa and acinetobacter baumannii. results showed that b. bacteriovorus was able to prey on all pl ...201728367880
molecular analysis of the ramra locus in clinical klebsiella pneumoniae isolates with reduced susceptibility to tigecycline.mutations in ramr, a negative regulator of rama which stimulates transcription of acra/-b encoding the multidrug efflux pump acrab-tolc, were recently shown to result in reduced susceptibility to tigecycline in klebsiella pneumoniae. we analysed six non-duplicate k. pneumoniae isolates with elevated mics to tigecycline. all isolates showed transcriptional up-regulation of rama and acrb as demonstrated by northern blot and quantitative real-time pcr. sequencing of the ramr gene revealed deletions ...201728368073
management of carbapenem-resistant k. pneumoniae in allogenic stem cell transplant recipients: the turin bundle.carbapenem resistance has evolved rapidly since 2001 and the distribution of carbapenemase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae (cr-kp) is currently a public health concern worldwide. in the haematological setting, especially in allogenic transplant, cr-kp infections were associated with a mortality up to 65%. aim of this report is to describe the management of patients colonized by cr-kp and undergoing allo-hsct with a multiple-step intervention strategy: the "turin bundle". steps included oral gent ...201728368074
antimicrobial consumption and antimicrobial resistance: a snapshot of an italian neuromuscular rehabilitation center.the paper presents a snapshot of the incidence of antimicrobial-resistant microorganisms and antimicrobial consumption in an italian rehabilitation center over a two-year period (2014-2015). data on microorganism identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing were obtained from the diagnostic laboratory of the hospital. a set of indicators was assessed, including the incidence density of resistant isolates per 1000 patient-days (idri). data on antimicrobial consumption, semi-annually, o ...201728368076
insights on klebsiella pneumoniae biofilms assembled on different surfaces using phenotypic and genotypic approaches.klebsiella pneumoniae is a prominent etiological agent of healthcare associated infections (hais). in this context, multidrug-resistant and biofilm-producing bacteria are of special public health concern due to the difficulties associated with treatment of human infections and eradication from hospital environments. here, in order to study the impact of medical devices-associated materials on the biofilm dynamics, we performed biofilm phenotypic analyses through a classic and a new scanning elec ...201728368366
pyranocarbazoles from murraya koenigii (l.) spreng. as antimicrobial agents.the bioassay guided fractionation of methanolic extract of murraya koenigii (l.) spreng. leaves resulted in the isolation of seven pyranocarbazoles. these were evaluated against four bacterial strains and ten candida sp. including two matched pair of fluconazole sensitive/resistant clinical isolates. out of seven, three i.e. koenine (mk279), koenigine (mk309) and mahanine (mk347) exhibited significant antibacterial activity mic90 3.12-12.5 μg/ml against bacterial strains streptococcus aureus and ...201728368664
gastrointestinal carriage is a major reservoir of k. pneumoniae infection in intensive care patients.klebsiella pneumoniae (kp) is an opportunistic pathogen and leading cause of hospital-associated infections. intensive care unit (icu) patients are particularly at risk. kp is part of the healthy human microbiome, providing a potential reservoir for infection. however, the frequency of gut colonization and its contribution to infections are not well characterized.201728369261
fecal microbiota transplantation in patients with blood disorders inhibits gut colonization with antibiotic-resistant bacteria: results of a prospective, single-center study.patients with blood disorders colonized with antibiotic-resistant bacteria (arb) are prone to systemic infections that are difficult to treat. reintroduction of commensal bacteria in a murine model of enterococcal colonization of the gut can lead to eradication of enterococci. we hypothesized that fecal microbiota transplantation (fmt) could be used to eradicate arb in humans.201728369341
in vitro evaluation of different antimicrobial combinations against carbapenemase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae: the activity of the double-carbapenem regimen is related to meropenem mic value.we evaluated the in vitro activity of different antimicrobial combinations with and without colistin against 39 carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae (cr-kp) strains (colistin + meropenem/doripenem, colistin + tigecycline, colistin + rifampicin, gentamicin + meropenem, gentamicin + tigecycline and the double-carbapenem regimen meropenem + ertapenem) using the chequerboard method. the triple combination colistin + meropenem + tigecycline was also tested. in addition, killing studies were per ...201728369424
activity of cefiderocol (s-649266) against carbapenem-resistant gram-negative bacteria collected from inpatients in greek hospitals.cefiderocol (s-649266), a siderophore cephalosporin, utilizes a novel mechanism of entry into the periplasmic space of gram-negative bacteria and is broadly stable to esbls and carbapenemases.201728369471
enhanced klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc) expression from a novel tn4401 deletion.the klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase gene (blakpc) is typically located within the mobile transposon tn4401 enhanced kpc expression has been associated with deletions in the putative promoter region upstream of blakpc illumina sequences from blakpc-positive clinical isolates from a single institution were mapped to a tn4401b reference sequence, which carries no deletions. the novel isoform tn4401h (188bp deletion [lsqb]between istb and blakpc[rsqb]) was present in 14% (39/281) clinical isolat ...201728373185
structural modification of lipopolysaccharide conferred by mcr-1 in gram-negative eskape pathogens.mcr-1 was initially reported as the first plasmid-mediated colistin resistance gene in clinical isolates of escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae in china and has subsequently been identified worldwide in various species of the family enterobacteriaceae. mcr-1 encodes a phosphoethanolamine transferase and its expression has been shown to generate phosphoethanolamine-modified bis-phosphorylated hexa-acylated lipid a in e. coli here, we investigated the effect of mcr-1 on colistin susceptibil ...201728373195
virtual screening for potential inhibitors of ctx-m-15 protein of klebsiella pneumoniae.the gram-negative bacterium klebsiella pneumoniae, responsible for a wide variety of nosocomial infections in immuno-deficient patients, involves the respiratory, urinary and gastrointestinal tract infections and septicemia. extended spectrum β-lactamases (esbl) belong to β-lactamases capable of conferring antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacteria. ctx-m-15, a prevalent esbl reported from enterobacteriaceae including k. pneumoniae, was selected as a potent anti-bacterial target. to identif ...201728374117
aminoglycosides against carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae in the critically ill: the pitfalls of aminoglycoside susceptibility.the emergence of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) has brought aminoglycosides to the frontline since an aminoglycoside may be the only antimicrobial to which cre isolates show in vitro susceptibility. the appropriateness of aminoglycoside-based therapies for severe infections by cre is discussed considering the current breakpoints and recent pharmacokinetic (pk) studies in critically ill patients. areas covered: many aminoglycoside-susceptible cre isolates present minimal inhibitory ...201728375030
the epidemiology of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae: the impact and evolution of a global menace.carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) are a serious public health threat. infections due to these organisms are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. mechanisms of drug resistance in gram-negative bacteria (gnb) are numerous; β-lactamase genes carried on mobile genetic elements are a key mechanism for the rapid spread of antibiotic-resistant gnb worldwide. transmissible carbapenem-resistance in enterobacteriaceae has been recognized for the last 2 decades, but global disse ...201728375512
clinical implications of genomic adaptation and evolution of carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae.klebsiella pneumoniae poses a major challenge to healthcare worldwide as an important cause of multidrug-resistant infections. nosocomial clones, including epidemic sequence type 258 (st258), have shown an affinity for acquiring and disseminating resistance plasmids, particularly variants of the k. pneumoniae carbapenemase. by comparison, the resurgence of severe community-associated k. pneumoniae infections has led to increased recognition of hypervirulent strains belonging to the k1 and k2 cap ...201728375514
generation and validation of the ikp1289 metabolic model for klebsiella pneumoniae kppr1.klebsiella pneumoniae has a reputation for causing a wide range of infectious conditions, with numerous highly virulent and antibiotic-resistant strains. metabolic models have the potential to provide insights into the growth behavior, nutrient requirements, essential genes, and candidate drug targets in these strains. here we develop a metabolic model for kppr1, a highly virulent strain of k. pneumoniae. we apply a combination of biolog phenotype data and fitness data to validate and refine our ...201728375518
extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae from pharmaceutical wastewaters in south-western nigeria.emergence and spread of klebsiella pneumoniae isolates producing extended-spectrum β-lactamases (esbls) present a major threat to public health. in this study, we characterized β-lactam-resistant k. pneumoniae isolates from six wastewater samples obtained from two pharmaceutical industries located in lagos and ogun states, nigeria. bacteria were isolated by using macconkey agar; species identification and antibacterial susceptibility testing were performed by vitek 2. etest was used for esbl phe ...201728375698
unique characteristics of community-onset healthcare- associated bloodstream infections: a multi-centre prospective surveillance study of bloodstream infections in japan.analysis of bloodstream infections (bsis) is valuable for their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. however, limited data are available in japan.201728377180
[community acquired urinary tract infections in older adults].background community acquired urinary tract infections (cauti) in adults are common ailments. older adults are prone to infectious diseases, diagnosis can be difficult, their etiologic and antimicrobial resistance are poorly known. objectives to evaluate the incidence discriminated by sex, symptoms, and to determine pathogens and their antimicrobial resistance rate. methods a retrospective, descriptive and comparative study. we analyze uricultures among 2013 in the hospital nacional de clinicas ...201728379126
carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae recovered from a spanish river ecosystem.the increasing resistance to carbapenems is an alarming threat in the fight against multiresistant bacteria. the dissemination properties of antimicrobial resistance genes are supported by their detection in a diverse population of bacteria, including strains isolated from the environment. the objective of this study was to investigate the presence of carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae (cpe) collected from a river ecosystem in the barcelona metropolitan area (spain). identification of β- ...201728380016
correction: occurrence of diverse antimicrobial resistance determinants in genetically unrelated biocide tolerant klebsiella pneumoniae.[this corrects the article doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0166730.].201728380066
the efficacy and safety of tigecycline for the treatment of bloodstream infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis.patients with bloodstream infections (bsi) are associated with high mortality rates. due to tigecycline has shown excellent in vitro activity against most pathogens, tigecycline is selected as one of the candidate drugs for the treatment of multidrug-resistant organisms infections. the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the use of tigecycline for the treatment of patients with bsi. the pubmed and embase databases were systematically searched, to identify publis ...201728381268
nosocomial and community-acquired spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in patients with liver cirrhosis in china: comparative microbiology and therapeutic implications.spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (sbp) is a common complication of liver cirrhosis. this study was performed to compare the microbiological characteristics of nosocomial and community-acquired episodes of bacterial peritonitis in china. five hundred and seventy-five strains were isolated from the ascitic fluid of cirrhotic patients from the beijing 302 hospital from january 2014 to december 2014. the patients in the community-acquired sbp (n = 311) and the nosocomial sbp (n = 264) groups exhibi ...201728382951
polymyxin b-induced diffuse cutaneous hyperpigmentation.polymyxin b is a polypeptide-antibiotic, primarily used for resistant gram-negative infections, first obtained from bacterium bacillus polymyxa in the late 1940s. antibiotic spectrum are restricted to mainly gram negative bacterias like enterobacter, e. coli, klebsiella, salmonella, pasteurella, bordetella, shigella; and particularly organisms like pseudomonas aeruginosa and acinetobacter baumannii, which are extremely potent to acquire antibiotic resistance. side effects include neurotoxicity a ...201728384882
virulence and genomic feature of a virulent klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 14 strain of serotype k2 harboring blandm-5 in china.the objective of this study was to reveal the molecular mechanism involved in carbapenem resistance and virulence of a k2 klebsiella pneumoniae clinical isolate 24835. the virulence of the strain was determined by in vitro and in vivo methods. the de novo whole-genome sequencing technology and molecular biology methods were used to analyze the genomic features associated with the carbapenem resistance and virulence of k. pneumoniae 24835. strain 24835 was highly resistant to carbapenems and belo ...201728386246
a thermostabilized, one-step pcr assay for simultaneous detection of klebsiella pneumoniae and haemophilus influenzae.klebsiella pneumoniae and haemophilus influenzae are two common pathogens associated with respiratory tract infections. the identification of these pathogens using conventional molecular diagnostic tests requires trained personnel, cold-chain transportation, and storage-dependance, which does not render them user-friendly. the aim of this study was to develop a thermostabilized, cold-chain-free, one-step multiplex pcr for simultaneous detection of k. pneumoniae and h. influenzae. the multiplex p ...201728386286
molecular basis of substrate recognition and product release by the klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc-2).carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) are resistant to most β-lactam antibiotics due to production of the kpc-2 class a β-lactamase. here we present the first product complex crystal structures of kpc-2 with β-lactam antibiotics, containing hydrolyzed cefotaxime and faropenem. they provide experimental insights into substrate recognition by kpc-2 and its unique cephalosporinase/carbapenemase activity. these structures also represent the first product complexes for a wild type serine β-la ...201728388065
tigecycline resistance among carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae: clinical characteristics and expression levels of efflux pump genes.tigecycline is a treatment option for infections caused by carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae (crkp). emerging tigecycline resistance in crkp represents a growing threat. knowledge of the clinical, microbiological, and molecular characteristics of tigecycline- and carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae (tcrkp) is limited.201728388651
risk factors for kpc-producing enterobacteriaceae acquisition and infection in a healthcare setting with possible local transmission: a case-control study.reports of klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc)-producing k. pneumoniae (kpc-kp) in australia were previously uncommon, with cases imported sporadically by travellers from higher prevalence countries.201728389093
treating complicated carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae infections with ceftazidime/avibactam: a retrospective study with molecular strain characterisation.ceftazidime/avibactam (caz/avi) is the first antimicrobial agent with activity against carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) approved by the us food and drug administration (fda). notably, human clinical outcome data for this indication are limited. therefore, a retrospective study was performed to evaluate the clinical outcomes and bacterial genomic characteristics of patients hospitalised at a tertiary medical centre with cre infections treated for the first time with caz/avi. from a t ...201728389354
colonization resistance: the deconvolution of a complex trait.carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae are an emerging threat to hospitals worldwide and antibiotic exposure is a risk factor for developing fecal carriage that may lead to nosocomial infection. here we review how antibiotics reduce colonization resistance against enterobacteriaceae to pinpoint possible control points for curbing their spread. recent work identifies host-derived respiratory electron acceptors as a critical resource driving a post-antibiotic expansion of enterobacteriaceae wi ...201728389556
natural product discovery from the human microbiome.human-associated microorganisms have the potential to biosynthesize numerous secondary metabolites that may mediate important host-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions. however, there is currently a limited understanding of microbiome-derived natural products. a variety of complementary discovery approaches have begun to illuminate this microbial "dark matter," which will in turn allow detailed mechanistic studies of the effects of these molecules on microbiome and host. herein, we review re ...201728389564
in vitro activity of fosfomycin trometamol and other oral antibiotics against multi-drug-resistant uropathogens.clinical midstream and urinary catheter isolates (n=106) of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-positive escherichia coli, carbapenemase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis and meticillin-resistant staphylococcus saprophyticus were tested against fosfomycin using the agar dilution method, the broth microdilution method and the gradient test described by the clinical and laboratory standards institute. nitrofurantoin, co-trimoxazole, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, cefuroxime, levofl ...201728390962
targeting biofilms of multidrug-resistant bacteria with silver oxynitrate.a topical antimicrobial, silver oxynitrate (ag7no11), has recently become available that exploits the antimicrobial activity of ionic silver but has enhanced activity because highly oxidised silver atoms are stabilised with oxygen in a unique chemical formulation. the objective of this study was to use a multifaceted approach to characterise the spectrum of antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity of a wound dressing coated with ag7no11 at a concentration of 0.4 mg ag/cm(2). physiochemical propert ...201728390963
first report of invasive liver abscess syndrome with endophthalmitis caused by a k2 serotype st2398 hypervirulent klebsiella pneumoniae in germany, 2016.we report a case of severe infection with liver abscess and endophthalmitis caused by a hypervirulent klebsiella pneumoniae strain in an immunocompetent german male patient without travel history to asia. phenotypic and molecular characterization showed high similarity to the reference genome ntuh-k2044 isolated in asia. the isolate was assigned as st2398 (clonal complex 66). the findings underline global spread of hypervirulent klebsiella pneumoniae strains to europe.201728392922
genome sequencing and comparative analysis of an ndm-1-producing klebsiella pneumoniae st15 isolated from a refugee patient.the escalating problem of antibiotic resistance, specifically cabarpenemase and extended-spectrum β-lacatamase (esbl) producing k. pneumoniae strains, is directly correlated with increased patient morbidity and mortality and prolonged hospitalization and costs. in this study, a comprehensive genomic analysis encompassing the resistomics, virulence repertoire and mobile genetic elements of an ndm-1 positive esbl-producing k. pneumoniae ea-meh st15 isolated from a urine sample collected from a syr ...201728395597
dissemination and clinical implications of multidrug-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae isolates producing oxa-48 in a spanish infections caused by klebsiella pneumoniae isolates are increasing and few effective antibiotics are currently available to treat patients.201728395861
lipocalin-2 from both myeloid cells and the epithelium combats klebsiella pneumoniae lung infection in mice. 201728396494
resistance to ceftazidime-avibactam in klebsiella pneumoniae due to porin mutations and the increased expression of kpc-3. 201728396547
in vivo pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of zti-01 (fosfomycin for injection) in the neutropenic murine thigh infection model against escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, and pseudomonas aeruginosa.fosfomycin is a broad-spectrum agent with activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including drug-resistant strains, such as extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing and carbapenem-resistant (cr) gram-negative rods. in the present study, the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (pk/pd) activity of zti-01 (fosfomycin for injection) was evaluated in the neutropenic murine thigh infection model against 5 escherichia coli, 3 klebsiella pneumoniae, and 2 pseudomonas aeruginosa s ...201728396549
highly tigecycline-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 11 (st11) and st147 isolates from companion this study, we characterized two tigecycline-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from dog urine samples. the isolates were genetically unrelated, belonging to sequence type 11 (st11) and st147, both classically related to human isolates. to the best of our knowledge, this is the first identification of tigecycline-resistant isolates from animals. we unveil here the worrisome circulation among animals of bacterial clones resistant to this last-resort antibiotic.201728396550
delay in human neutrophil constitutive apoptosis after infection with klebsiella pneumoniae serotype k1.klebsiella pneumoniae serotype k1 is a major cause of invasive syndrome defined by liver abscess with metastatic infections at other body sites. this culprit is known to be resistant to neutrophil phagocytosis and bactericidal activity. we hypothesized that k. pneumoniae serotype k1 might regulate neutrophil apoptosis and enhance the survival of the infected neutrophils that might serve as a vector for dissemination of the bacteria. two serotypes of k. pneumoniae, kp-m1 isolated from a patient w ...201728396849
direct detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ctx-m) from blood cultures by lc-ms/ms bottom-up proteomics.rapid bacterial species identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing in positive blood cultures have an important impact on the antibiotic treatment for patients. to identify extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbl) directly in positive blood culture bottles, we developed a workflow of saponin extraction followed by a bottom-up proteomics approach using liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (lc-ms/ms). the workflow was applied to positive blood cultures with escherich ...201728397101
extended spectrum β-lactamase producing escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae: critical tools for antibiotic resistance pattern.drug resistance is a phenomenon where by an organism becomes fully or partially resistant to drugs or antibiotics being used against it. antibiotic resistance poses an exacting intimidation for people with underlying medical immune conditions or weakened immune systems. infections caused by the enzyme extended spectrum β-lactamase (esbl) producing multi drug resistance (mdr) enterobacteriaceae especially escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae are resistant to a broad range of beta lactams, i ...201728397262
know thy self, know thy enemy: a current survey and a forecast for kpc-producing klebsiella pneumoniae resistance among inpatients in southern brazil. 201728397613
modifiable risk factors for the spread of klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae among long-term acute-care hospital patients.objective to identify modifiable risk factors for acquisition of klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae (kpc) colonization among long-term acute-care hospital (ltach) patients. design multicenter, matched case-control study. setting four ltachs in chicago, illinois. participants each case patient included in this study had a kpc-negative rectal surveillance culture on admission followed by a kpc-positive surveillance culture later in the hospital stay. each matched cont ...201728397615
resistance among gram-negative eskape pathogens isolated from hospitalized patients with intra-abdominal and urinary tract infections in latin american countries: smart 2013-2015.gram-negative eskape pathogens (klebsiella pneumoniae, acinetobacter baumannii, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and enterobacter species) are important etiologic agents of nosocomial infection that are frequently resistant to broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents. gram-negative eskape pathogens were collected from hospitalized patients in 11 latin american countries from 2013 to 2015 as part of the study for monitoring antimicrobial resistance trends (smart) global surveillance program. in total, 2113 iso ...201728399424
imipenem/cilastatin encapsulated polymeric nanoparticles for destroying carbapenem-resistant bacterial isolates.carbapenem-resistance is an extremely growing medical threat in antibacterial therapy as the incurable resistant strains easily develop a multi-resistance action to other potent antimicrobial agents. nonetheless, the protective delivery of current antibiotics using nano-carriers opens a tremendous approach in the antimicrobial therapy, allowing the nano-formulated antibiotics to beat these health threat pathogens. herein, we encapsulated imipenem into biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles to des ...201728399890
antibacterial effects of lactobacillus isolates of curd and human milk origin against food-borne and human pathogens.this study was undertaken to assess the antibacterial efficacy of lactobacilli isolated from curd and human milk samples. identities of thirty-one different lactobacilli (20 from curd and 11 from human milk) were confirmed by genus-specific pcr and 16s rrna-based sequencing. these strains belonged to five species, lactobacillus casei, l. delbrueckii, l. fermentum, l. plantarum, and l. pentosus. antibacterial activities of cell-free supernatants (cfss) of all the lactobacillus isolates were estim ...201728401466
evaluation of the aid carbapenemase line probe assay for rapid detection and identification of carbapenemase genes in gram-negative bacilli.this study evaluated the aid carbapenemase line probe assay (lpa) for the detection and identification of carbapenem resistance genes in enterobacteriaceae and other gram-negative bacilli (gnb) using bacterial cultures and dna extracts directly from patient urine samples.201728402500
identification of is1r and is10r elements inserted into ompk36 porin gene of two multidrug-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae hospital klebsiella pneumoniae strains (n = 196) were collected in 2012-16 from the patients of a moscow neurosurgical intensive care unit. klebsiella pneumoniae strains were multidrug-resistant and carried beta-lactamase genes blashv (97.4% of strains), blactx-m (84.7%), blatem (56.1%), blaoxa-48-like (49.0%) and blandm-1 (one strain), class 1 integrons (43.4% of strains) and porin protein ompk36 gene (100% of strains). the ompk36 porin protein gene disruption by insertion sequence (is) element ...201728402509
hypervirulence and hypermucoviscosity: two different but complementary klebsiella spp. phenotypes?since the hypermucoviscous variants of klebsiella pneumoniae were first reported, many cases of primary liver abscesses and other invasive infections caused by this pathogen have been described worldwide. hypermucoviscosity is a phenotypic feature characterized by the formation of a viscous filament ≥5 mm when a bacterial colony is stretched by a bacteriological loop; this is the so-called positive string test. hypermucoviscosity appears to be associated with this unusual and aggressive type of ...201728402698
a kaempferol triglycoside from tephrosia preussii taub. (fabaceae).a phytochemical investigation of the meoh extract of twigs and leaves of tephrosia preussi was carried out to give a new kaempferol triglycoside, named tephrokaempferoside (1), together with five known compounds: tephrosin (2), betulinic acid (3), lupeol (4), β-sitosterol (5) and 3-o-β-d-glucopyranoside of β-sitosterol (6). the structure of the new compound was characterised by analyses of nmr (1d and 2d) and ms data, and chemical conversion. tephrokaempferoside (1) had weak antibacterial activi ...201728403640
whole-genome sequencing of klebsiella pneumoniae mdr strain isolated in a syrian refugee. 201728403683
iga/igm responses to gram-negative bacteria are not associated with perinatal depression, but with physio-somatic symptoms and activation of the tryptophan catabolite pathway at the end of term and postnatal anxiety.evidence has implicated the translocation of commensal gram-negative bacteria (gram-b) due to leaky gut in the pathophysiology of depression and physio-somatic symptoms (e.g. fatigue, pain, irritable bowel syndrome, malaise, etc.). in addition, the leaky gut may contribute to immune-inflammatory activation and oxidative stress. this study investigated whether bacterial translocation is associated with perinatal depression and anxiety scores and with prenatal physio-somatic symptoms and immune-in ...201728403801
detection of pathogenic bioaerosols and occupational risk in a philippine landfill site.payatas landfill site is one of the major dumpsites in the philippines. in this study, the landfill was evaluated regarding the presence and concentration of pathogenic bacterial aerosols through culture and molecular techniques. bioaerosols are biological airborne particles that may or may not cause diseases. active sampling was done using mas-100 air sampler from both indoor and outdoor locations. to test the accuracy of the culture method, those that were presumptively identified as staphyloc ...201728406366
bacterial epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance profiles of urinary specimens of the elderly.although urinary tract infections are the second leading cause of infections among patients aged above 65 years, data on bacterial epidemiology of urinary specimens in these patients is scarce. our aim was to describe the main bacterial species found at significant levels in urine specimens of the elderly and to determine their antimicrobial resistance profiles.201728408060
colibactin contributes to the hypervirulence of pks(+) k1 cc23 klebsiella pneumoniae in mouse meningitis infections.klebsiella pneumoniae is the most common pathogen of community-acquired meningitis in taiwan. however, the lack of a physiologically relevant meningitis model for k. pneumoniae has impeded research into its pathogenesis mechanism. based on the core genome mlst analyses, the hypervirulent k1 k. pneumoniae strains, which are etiologically implicated in adult meningitis, mostly belong to a single clonal complex, cc23. some k1 cc23 k. pneumoniae strains carry a gene cluster responsible for colibacti ...201728409125
a molecular docking and dynamics approach to screen potent inhibitors against fosfomycin resistant enzyme in clinical klebsiella pneumoniae.klebsiella pneumoniae, ba6753 was cultured from a patient in the clinical microbiology laboratory of christian medical college. k. pneumoniae, ba6753 has a multidrug resistance plasmid encoding novel fosa variant-7, fosfomycin resistance enzyme. minimal side effects and a wide range of bactericidal activity of fosfomycin have resulted in its expanded clinical use that prompts the rise of fosfomycin-resistant strains. at present, there are no effective inhibitors available to conflict the fosa-me ...201728409871
bacterial and histopathological findings in deep head and neck infections: a retrospective analysis.deep neck infections are among the most dangerous acute diseases in the head and neck region. this analysis gives an overview of the bacterial and histopathologic findings of deep neck infections.201728411005
formulation of carbapenems loaded gold nanoparticles to combat multi-antibiotic bacterial resistance: in vitro antibacterial study.despite the fact that carbapenems (powerful β-lactams antibiotics) were able to fight serious infectious diseases, nowadays the spread of carbapenems-resistant bacteria is considered the main challenge in antibacterial therapy. in this study, we focused on evaluating the surface conjugation of carbapenems (imipenem and meropenem) with gold nanoparticles as a delivering strategy to specifically and safely maximize their therapeutic efficacy while destroying the developing resistance of the pathog ...201728411141
colonization by multidrug-resistant organisms in long-term care facilities in italy: a point-prevalence determine prevalence and risk factors for colonization by multidrug-resistant organisms (mdros) in long-term care facility (ltcf) residents in italy. genotypes of mdro isolates were investigated.201728412380
prevalence, molecular epidemiology and intra-hospital acquisition of klebsiella pneumoniae strains producing carbapenemases in an italian teaching hospital from january 2015 to september 2016.we described klebsiella pneumoniae producing carbapenemase (cpkp) spread from 01/01/2015 to 13/09/16 in a tertiary level hospital.201728412407
inhibitor κbα protein therapy alleviates severe pneumonia through inhibition of nuclear factor κ investigate the effect of inhibitor κbα (iκbα) on severe pneumonia and explain the mechanisms of nuclear factor κb (nf-κb), the activation of nf-κb was induced in sprague-dawley (sd) rats infected with klebsiella pneumoniae (k. pneumoniae). the rats were then treated with differing concentrations of iκbα protein. a histological analysis was performed to compare the lung structure prior to and following treatment, and an immunohistochemistry assay was used to detect nf-κb activity. in addition ...201728413484
what the eyes don't see, the heart does grieve over.a 71 year old peruvian woman presented with blurry vision and bilateral eye pain and had evidence of bilateral endophthalmitis on eye examination. her past medical history was notable for multiple abdominal surgeries within the preceding months, including an incarcerated inguinal hernia repair which required an ileostomy placement, and cholecystitis requiring cholecystostomy tube placement. over her multiple long hospitalizations, she developed bacteremia and fungemia on several occasions, with ...201728414678
dusuqing granules (dsq) suppress inflammation in klebsiella pneumonia rat via nf-κb/mapk signaling.dusuqing granules (dsq) have been used in the treatment of bacterial pneumonia clinically, with remarkable benefits. this study was initiated to explore the effects of dsq on pulmonary inflammation by regulating nuclear factor (nf)-κb/mitogen-activated protein kinase (mapk) signaling in bacterial pneumonia rats.201728415997
syntheses of benzophenone-xanthone hybrid polyketides and their antibacterial activities.muchimangins are benzophenone-xanthone hybrid polyketides produced by securidaca longepedunculata. however, their biological activities have not been fully investigated, since they are minor constituents in this plant. to evaluate the possibility of muchimangins as antibacterial agent candidates, five muchimangin analogs were synthesized from 2,4,5-trimethoxydiphenyl methanol and the corresponding xanthones, by utilizing p-toluenesulfonic acid monohydrate for the brønsted acid-catalysis. the ant ...201728416134
deciphering heteroresistance to colistin in a klebsiella pneumoniae isolate from marseille,, we report the description of a colistin-heteroresistant klebsiella pneumoniae isolate fortuitously isolated from the stool sample of a patient with suspicion of tuberculosis in a public hospital of marseille, france. in the colistin-resistant subpopulation, a mutation in the mgrb gene leading to a premature stop codon was found, and the hypermucoviscous phenotype was lost. susceptibility to other antibiotics remained unchanged. to our knowledge, this is the first identification of such a c ...201728416544
in vitro discordance with in vivo activity: humanized exposures of ceftazidime-avibactam, aztreonam, and tigecycline alone and in combination against new delhi metallo-β-lactamase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae in a murine lung infection model.the management of infections with new delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 (ndm)-producing bacteria remains clinically challenging given the multidrug resistant (mdr) phenotype associated with these bacteria. despite resistance in vitro, ceftazidime-avibactam previously demonstrated in vivo activity against ndm-positive enterobacteriaceae herein, we observed in vitro synergy with ceftazidime-avibactam and aztreonam against an mdr klebsiella pneumoniae harboring ndm. in vivo, humanized doses of ceftazi ...201728416558
mcr-1 colistin resistance in esbl-producing klebsiella pneumoniae, france.we report intestinal carriage of an extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae strain with high-level resistance to colistin (mic 24 mg/l) in a patient in france who had been hospitalized for fungal meningitis. the strain had the mcr-1 plasmid gene and an inactivated mgrb gene, which are associated with colistin resistance.201728418313
carbapenem-resistant enterobacter cloacae in patients from the us veterans health administration, 2006-2015.we analyzed carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) trends among patients from the us veterans health administration (vha). after the emergence of cre in the eastern united states, resistance rates remained stable in klebsiella pneumoniae but increased in enterobacter cloacae complex, suggesting a "second epidemic". vha offers a vantage point for monitoring nationwide cre trends.201728418318
allodemic distribution of plasmids co-harbouring blactx-m-15/aac(6')-ib-cr/qnrb in klebsiella pneumoniae is the main source of extended-spectrum β-lactamases in uruguay's paediatric hospital.this study aimed to describe the characteristics of clinical isolates of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing enterobacteria (epe) in uruguay's paediatric hospital.201728419869
the influence of maternal vaginal flora on the intestinal colonization in newborns and 3-month-old infants.the role of maternal vaginal bacteria on the colonization of neonatal gut is still a matter of discussion. our aim was to estimate the role of maternal vaginal flora on the development of intestinal flora in neonates and 3-month-old infants.201728420276
synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial and antiproliferative activity evaluation of cu(ii), co(ii), zn(ii), ni(ii) and pt(ii) complexes with isoniazid-derived compound.hydrazone complexes of cu(ii), co(ii), zn(ii), ni(ii) and pt(ii) with n-isonicotinoyl-n'-(3-metoxy-2 hydroxybenzaldehyde)-hydrazone (hl) were synthesized and characterized by different physico-chemical techniques including elemental and thermal analysis, magnetic susceptibility measurements, molar electric conductivity, as well as ir (infrared), ¹h-nmr and (13)c-nmr (hydrogen and carbon nuclear magnetic resonance, uv-vis (ultraviolet-visible), fab (fast atom bombardment), epr (electron paramagne ...201728422067
[epidemiological surveillance for multidrug-resistant microorganisms in a general icu].multidrug resistant (mdr) microorganisms represent a threat for patients admitted in intensive care units (icus). the objective of the present study is to analyse the results of epidemiological surveillance cultures for these microorganisms in one of these units.201728422471
microbiota-induced antibodies are essential for host inflammatory responsiveness to sterile and infectious stimuli.the indigenous intestinal microbiota is frequently considered an additional major organ of the human body and exerts profound immunomodulating activities. germ-free (gf) mice display a significantly different inflammatory responsiveness pattern compared with conventional (cv) mice, and this was dubbed a "hyporesponsive phenotype." taking into account that the deposition of immune complexes is a major event in acute inflammation and that gf mice have a distinct ig repertoire and b cell activity, ...201728424241
seasonal fluctuations of microbial aerosol in live poultry markets and the detection of endotoxin.microbial aerosol whose species and concentrations are closely related to human health is ubiquitous. the effect of microbes on human and animal health and production performance is, in many cases, caused by the spreading of air. samples in this experiment were from a live poultry market (lpm) in tai'an, china, collected three times a day (8 am, 14 pm, and 20 pm) over three consecutive days each month for 11 months (original sampling plan was a year, the government due to the environmental prote ...201728424676
sequencing of blaimp-carrying incn2 plasmids, and comparative genomics of incn2 plasmids harboring class 1 integrons.this work presents the complete nucleotide sequences of p0801-imp from klebsiella pneumoniae, p7121-imp from k. oxytoca, and p17285-imp from citrobacter freundii, which are recovered from three different cases of nosocomial infection. these three plasmids represent the first fully sequenced blaimp-carrying incn2 plasmids. further comparative genomics analysis of all the five integron-carrying incn2 plasmids p0801-imp, p7121-imp, p17285-imp, pjie137, and p34983-59.134kb indicates that they posses ...201728424761
occurrence of qnrb1 and qnrb12 genes, mutation in gyra and ramr, and expression of efflux pumps in isolates of klebsiella pneumoniae carriers of blakpc-2.the occurrence of quinolone-resistance genes (qnra, qnrb and qnrs), the presence of mutations in gyra, gyrb and parc, as well as the expression of efflux pumps (acrb and acrf) and mutations in the gene ramr.201728425875
hydrogen peroxide-dependent antibacterial action of melilotus albus honey.honey originating from different floral sources exhibits the broad spectrum of antibacterial activity as a result of the presence of hydrogen peroxide as well as nonperoxide bioactive compounds. the mechanisms of antibacterial activity of polish melilot honey were investigated for the first time. polish melilot honey samples (melilotus albus biennial = 3 and annual = 5, melilotus officinalis = 1) were collected directly from beekeepers and analysed for pollen profile, basic physicochemical param ...201728426165
pcr denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis as a useful method to identify of intestinal bacteria flora in haemaphysalis flava ticks.ticks are blood-sucking ectoparasites of great medical and veterinary significance that can transmit bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses, causing a variety of human and animal diseases worldwide. in the present study, the intestinal bacterial flora associated with haemaphysalis flava ticks in different developmental stages were analyzed using polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge). eleven distinct dgge bands were found using pcr-dgge method. sequence ...201728426403
klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing serratia marcescens outbreak in a university hospital. 201728431850
sensitivity to antibiotics of bacteria exposed to gamma radiation emitted from hot soils of the high background radiation areas of ramsar, northern iran.over the past several years our laboratories have investigated different aspects of the challenging issue of the alterations in bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics induced by physical stresses.201728432369
resistance profiles and risk factors of resistant microorganisms in bacteraemia of abdominal origin.the presence of resistant microorganisms is a major cause of failure in initial empirical antimicrobial therapy. the objectives of this study are to determine the resistance profile of microorganisms that cause bacteraemia of abdominal origin and to identify whether the previous use of antibiotics and the place of acquisition of bacteraemia are risk factors associated with the presence of resistant organisms.201728434558
epidemiology and trends in the antibiotic susceptibilities of gram-negative bacilli isolated from patients with intra-abdominal infections in the asia-pacific region, 2010-2013.this study was conducted to investigate the epidemiology and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of gram-negative bacilli (gnb) isolated from intra-abdominal infections (iais) in the asia-pacific region (apr) from 2010-2013. a total of 17 350 isolates were collected from 54 centres in 13 countries in the apr. the three most commonly isolated gnb were escherichia coli (46.1%), klebsiella pneumoniae (19.3%) and pseudomonas aeruginosa (9.8%). overall, the rates of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (e ...201728435019
siderophores in clinical isolates of klebsiella pneumoniae promote ciprofloxacin resistance by inhibiting the oxidative explore the relevance of and understand the potential mechanisms behind the production of siderophores by clinical isolates of k. pneumoniae and ciprofloxacin (cip) resistance, we divided the k. pneumoniae isolates into two groups based on bacterial siderophores production: high siderophore-yielding group (39 strains) and low siderophore-yielding group (38 strains). the rate of cip resistance in k. pneumoniae (27/39 = 69.23%) from the high siderophore-yielding group was significantly higher t ...201728435070
first case of ndm-1-producing klebsiella pneumoniae in annaba university hospital, algeria.the aim of this study was to characterize two carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae isolates recovered from urine samples in a patient hospitalized at annaba university hospital (algeria) in 2014.201728437228
capsular polysaccharide types and virulence-related traits of epidemic kpc-producing klebsiella pneumoniae isolates in a chinese university hospital.klebsiella pneumoniae is an important human pathogen associated with a variety of diseases and the prevalence of blakpc carrying k. pneumoniae (kpc-kp) is rapidly increasing. capsule is an important virulence factor in k. pneumoniae. in this study, we determined to first systematically characterize capsular polysaccharide (cps) and virulence traits in kpc-kp strains. a total of 56 kpc-kp isolates were recovered from clinical samples in a chinese hospital, which were assigned to clonal lineages b ...201728437231
rapid label-free identification of klebsiella pneumoniae antibiotic resistant strains by the drop-coating deposition surface-enhanced raman scattering method.although many methodologies have been developed to identify unknown bacteria, bacterial identification in clinical microbiology remains a complex and time-consuming procedure. to address this problem, we developed a label-free method for rapidly identifying clinically relevant multilocus sequencing typing-verified quinolone-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae strains. we also applied the method to identify three strains from colony samples, atcc70063 (control), st11 and st15; these are the prevalent ...201728437685
genotypic detection of the blactx-m-1 gene among extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae.extended-spectrum β-lactamases (esbls), a group of β-lactamase enzymes produced by bacteria in the family enterobacteriaceae, are becoming a major problem in the healthcare community worldwide. although many attempts have been made in the detection of esbl-producing bacteria, the cost and speed of detection remains an important challenge. therefore, this study aimed to develop a rapid, effective and affordable method for detection of the blactx-m-1 esbl gene by a loop-mediated isothermal amplifi ...201728438685
in vitro assessment of combined polymyxin b and minocycline therapy against klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc)-producing k. pneumoniae.the multidrug resistance profiles of klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc) producers have led to increased clinical polymyxin use. combination therapy with polymyxins may improve treatment outcomes, but it is uncertain which combinations are most effective. clinical successes with intravenous minocycline-based combination treatments have been reported for infections caused by carbapenemase-producing bacteria. the objective of this study was to evaluate the in vitro activity of polymyxin b an ...201728438930
emergence and evolution of multidrug-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae with both blakpc and blactx-m integrated in the chromosome.the extended-spectrum-β-lactamase (esbl)- and klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc)-producing enterobacteriaceae represent serious and urgent threats to public health. in a retrospective study of multidrug-resistant k. pneumoniae, we identified three clinical isolates, cn1, cr14, and ny9, carrying both blactx-m and blakpc genes. the complete genomes of these three k. pneumoniae isolates were de novo assembled by using both short- and long-read whole-genome sequencing. in cr14 and ny9, blactx ...201728438939
emergence of the plasmid-mediated mcr-1 gene in clinical kpc-2-producing klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 392 in brazil. 201728438940
multihospital occurrence of pan-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 147 with an isecp1-directed blaoxa-181 insertion in the mgrb gene in the united arab emirates.the emergence of pan-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae strains is an increasing concern. in the present study, we describe a cluster of 9 pan-resistant k. pneumoniae sequence type 147 (st147) isolates encountered in 4 patients over nearly 1 year in 3 hospitals of the united arab emirates (uae). the isolates exhibited highly similar genotypes. all produced chromosomally encoded oxa-181, and the majority also produced the ndm-5 carbapenemase. as with the previously described single isolate from the ...201728438945
antibiogram profile of septic meningitis among children in duhok, determine the prevalence of bacteria in the cerebrospinal fluid (csf), and the antibiogram profile in pediatric patients with suspected meningitis. methods: this descriptive study was conducted between january 2014 and january 2016 in the hevi paediatric teaching hospital in duhok, iraq. the csf samples were withdrawn from 432 pediatric patients suspected of meningitis. the samples were cultured, and antibiotic sensitivity tests were performed.  results: there were 33 (7.6%) culture positive ...201728439602
effect of appropriate combination therapy on mortality of patients with bloodstream infections due to carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae (increment): a retrospective cohort study.the best available treatment against carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae (cpe) is unknown. the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of appropriate therapy and of appropriate combination therapy on mortality of patients with bloodstream infections (bsis) due to cpe.201728442293
transfer of kpc-2 carbapenemase from klebsiella pneumoniae to enterobacter cloacae in a patient receiving meropenem therapy.the horizontal transfer of a plasmid bearing the blakpc-2 gene from k. pneumoniae to e. cloacae infecting the respiratory tract of a patient during meropenem therapy was elucidated. this finding is particularly worrisome, since these drugs are of last resort for multidrug-resistant gram-negative pathogens.201728442305
pseudomonas aeruginosa prevalence, antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial use in chinese burn wards from 2007 to 2014.objective to assess the application of antibacterial agents, alongside pathogen prevalence and pseudomonas aeruginosa drug resistance, with the aim of understanding the impact of inappropriate antibacterial use. methods this retrospective study assessed bacteria from wounds, catheters, blood, faeces, urine and sputum of hospitalized patients in burn wards between 2007 and 2014. the intensity of use of antibacterial agents and resistance of p. aeruginosa to common anti-gram-negative antibiotics w ...201728443385
pharmacodynamics of colistin and fosfomycin: a 'treasure trove' combination combats kpc-producing klebsiella pneumoniae.kpc-producing klebsiella pneumoniae are an emerging public health problem around the globe. we defined the combinatorial pharmacodynamics and ability to suppress resistance of two 'old' antibiotics, fosfomycin and colistin, in time-kill experiments and hollow-fibre infection models (hfim).201728444224
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