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endotipsitis caused by extremely drug-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae. 201627509714
klebseq, a diagnostic tool for surveillance, detection, and monitoring of klebsiella care-acquired infections (hais) kill tens of thousands of people each year and add significantly to health care costs. multidrug-resistant and epidemic strains are a large proportion of hai agents, and multidrug-resistant strains of klebsiella pneumoniae, a leading hai agent, have caused an urgent public health crisis. in the health care environment, patient colonization by k. pneumoniae precedes infection, and transmission via colonization leads to outbreaks. periodic patient screening f ...201627510832
endemic indian clones of klebsiella pneumoniae-harbouring new delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 on a hybrid plasmid replicon type: a case of changing new delhi metallo-beta-lactamase plasmid landscapes in india?blandm genes are mbl genes that confer resistance to carbapenems. globally, they are associated with diverse clones and plasmids. in this study, we characterised three isolates of klebsiella pneumoniae-harbouring blandm1 from patients undergoing chronic haemodialysis and renal transplantation.201727514948
reduced susceptibility of carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae to biocides: an emerging threat.dealing with carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae (cr-kp) strains, which are generally pan-drug resistant, is an uphill task for health care professionals. owing to limited therapeutic options and the possibility of development of resistance to commonly used biocides in hospital settings, cr-kp infections pose a serious threat of emergence of a dreaded pandemic. the aim of the study was to highlight the possibility of emergence of biocide resistance among cr-kp strains. a case study was co ...201727514961
draft genome sequences of escherichia coli isolates from wounded military personnel.members of the escherichia coli bacterial family have been grouped as eskape (enterococcus faecium, staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, acinetobacter baumannii, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and enterobacter species) pathogens because of their extensive drug resistance phenotypes and increasing threat to human health. the genomes of six extended-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing e. coli strains isolated from wounded military personnel were sequenced and annotated.201627516515
draft genome sequences of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from wounded military personnel.pseudomonas aeruginosa, a gram-negative bacterium that causes severe hospital-acquired infections, is grouped as an eskape (enterococcus faecium, staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, acinetobacter baumannii, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and enterobacter species) pathogen because of its extensive drug resistance phenotypes and effects on human health worldwide. five multidrug resistant p. aeruginosa strains isolated from wounded military personnel were sequenced and annotated in this work.201627516516
trends in antibiotic resistance among major bacterial pathogens isolated from blood cultures tested at a large private laboratory network in india, 2008-2014.there have been no long-term studies on trends in antibiotic resistance (abr) on a national scale in india. using a private laboratory network, the abr patterns of organisms most commonly associated with bacteremia, obtained from patients across india between 2008 and 2014, were examined.201627522002
australian group on antimicrobial resistance australian enterobacteriaceae sepsis outcome programme annual report, 2014.the australian group on antimicrobial resistance performs regular period-prevalence studies to monitor changes in antimicrobial resistance in selected enteric gram-negative pathogens. the 2014 survey was the second year to focus on blood stream infections. during 2014, 5,798 enterobacteriaceae species isolates were tested using commercial automated methods (vitek 2, biomérieux; phoenix, bd) and results were analysed using the clinical and laboratory standards institute (clsi) and european commit ...201627522134
antimicrobial resistance among aerobic biofilm producing bacteria isolated from chronic wounds in the tertiary care hospitals of peshawar, pakistan.chronic wound infections impose major medical and economic costs on health-care systems, cause significant morbidity, mortality and prolonged hospitalisation. the presence of biofilm producing bacteria in these wounds is considered as an important virulence factor that leads to chronic implications including ulceration. the undertaken study aimed to isolate and identify the biofilm aerobic bacterial pathogens from patients with chronic wound infections, and determine their antibiotics resistance ...201627523661
preparation, characterization and antimicrobial applications of zn-fe ldh against mrsa.facile and simple processes to get zn-fe layered double hydroxide (ldh) with nitrate as the interlayer anion are reported. the method of co-precipitation produced high crystallinity ldh that is marked by xrd, sem, tem and ft-ir. results showed that 99.8% of cd(+2) removals were at ph11 and 4h. to get the adsorption isotherms, the concentration of metal ions extending from 6 to 18mg/l was utilized. results supported the langmuir adsorption model. in contrary, the adsorption process followed the p ...201627524011
dissemination and spread of new delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 superbugs in hospital find out frequency of isolation of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae and the predominantly responsible metallo-beta-lactamasegene in a hospital setting.201627524536
alterations in outer membrane permeability favor drug-resistant phenotype of klebsiella pneumoniae.the increasing number of infections caused by multidrug-resistant and pandrug-resistant bacteria represents a serious worlwide problem. drug resistance limits available antimicrobials and can lead to suboptimal treatment of bacterial infections. it can be predicted that resistance to more antimicrobial drugs will be acquired by even more bacteria in the future. among the distinct resistance strategies, preventing drug entrance to intracellular compartment through modification of membrane permeab ...201627526080
simultaneous colonisation by st340 klebsiella pneumoniae producing ndm-5 and st399 escherichia coli producing ndm-7. 201627526977
detection of blakpc and blages carbapenemase genes in klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from hospitalized patients in kashan, iran.klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc)-producing bacteria are among the highly antimicrobial resistant gram negative bacteria and infections due to them are an increasingly major health problem worldwide.201627527726
frequency of zoonotic bacteria among illegally traded wild birds in rio de janeiro.the illegal wildlife trade may increase the risk of infectious disease transmission, and it may not only cause disease outbreaks in humans but also threaten livestock, native wild populations, and ecosystems' health. bird species may act as carriers in the transmission of enteric pathogens. however, epidemiological studies on zoonotic bacteria in wild birds are rare in brazil. from march 2011 to march 2012, we investigated the frequency of enterobacteriaceae in cloacal swab samples from 109 bird ...201627528081
ceftazidime/avibactam: a novel cephalosporin/nonbeta-lactam beta-lactamase inhibitor for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections and complicated intra-abdominal infections.there has been greater interest in developing additional antimicrobial agents due to the increasing health care costs and resistance resulting from bacterial pathogens to currently available treatment options. gram-negative organisms including enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonas aeruginosa are some of the most concerning threats due to their resistance mechanisms: extended-spectrum beta-lactamase production and klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase enzymes. ceftazidime is a third-generation broad-s ...201627528799
[genetic investigation of bla(ctx-m)-typing in extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae from clinical specimens and commercially available chicken liver].a genetic investigation consisting of the bla(ctx-m) typing was performed using 40 extended spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing escherichia coli isolates from chicken liver and 43 esbl-producing e. coli and 42 esbl-producing klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from patients. the types were determined using a sequence analysis. in 31 isolates in the bla(ctx-m-1) group, there were 13 with the bla(ctx-m-1) and all were from chicken liver. nine e. coli isolates from chicken liver and one e. coli isolat ...201627529965
the spread of kpc-producing enterobacteriaceae in spain: wgs analysis of the emerging high-risk clones of klebsiella pneumoniae st11/kpc-2, st101/kpc-2 and st512/kpc-3.we analysed the microbiological traits and population structure of kpc-producing enterobacteriaceae isolates collected in spain between 2012 and 2014. we also performed a comparative wgs analysis of the three major kpc-producing klebsiella pneumoniae clones detected.201627530752
ctx-m-15 in combination with aac(6')-ib-cr is the most prevalent mechanism of resistance both in escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae, including k. pneumoniae st258, in an icu in uruguay.the objectives of this study were (i) to determine the extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae (esbl-eckp) clones circulating in an intensive care unit (icu) in uruguay between august 2010 and july 2011, (ii) to characterise the esbl and plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance (pmqr) genes of the studied isolates and (iii) to determine the virulotype of the clinical isolates. clinical and gut-colonising esbl-eckp from icu patients were studied. bacterial ...201627530831
antimicrobial susceptibility among important pathogens collected as part of the tigecycline evaluation and surveillance trial (t.e.s.t.) in spain, we report in vitro activity data from the tigecycline evaluation and surveillance trial (t.e.s.t.) for tigecycline and comparators against gram-positive and gram-negative organisms collected from 27 medical centres in spain between 2004 and 2014. minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) were determined according to the broth microdilution methodology of the clinical and laboratory standards institute (clsi) and susceptibility were determined according to european committee on antimicrobial ...201627530839
multidrug resistance and transferability of blactx-m among extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing enteric bacteria in biofilm.this study aimed to investigate the occurrence of biofilm-forming extended-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing enteric bacteria in hospital wastewater and to evaluate their antibiotic resistance behaviour and transferability of the plasmid-encoded blactx-m gene in biofilm. esbl production was confirmed using the combined disc test and etest. amplification of blactx-m was performed by pcr. antibiotic susceptibility was evaluated using the disc diffusion assay and broth dilution method. transfer ...201627530857
faecal carriage rate of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae in hospitalised patients and healthy asymptomatic individuals coming for health check-up.the prevalence of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae (esbl-pe) in hospitalised and community patients is of significant public health concern. the aim of this study was to estimate the faecal carriage rate of esbl-pe in hospitalised patients and healthy asymptomatic individuals coming for health check-up. non-repetitive, consecutive stool samples from 480 adults (260 healthy individuals and 220 hospitalised patients) aged ≥18 years from november 2011 to july 2013 were scr ...201627530858
carbapenemase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae in broiler poultry farming in egypt.this study investigated the occurrence of carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae strains in broiler chickens, drinking water and humans working in contact with chickens and identified the carbapenem resistance determinants among isolates from different sources. internal organs and droppings were collected from 100 broilers with signs of respiratory disease at five broiler farms in egypt. additionally, 20 drinking water samples and 49 faecal samples from workers and veterinarians working at t ...201627530998
imipenem represses crispr-cas interference of dna acquisition through h-ns stimulation in klebsiella pneumoniae.analysis of the genome of klebsiella pneumoniae ntuh-k2044 strain revealed the presence of two clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (crispr) arrays separated with crispr-associated (cas) genes. carbapenem-resistant k. pneumoniae isolates were observed to be less likely to have crispr-cas than sensitive strains (5/85 vs. 22/132). removal of the transcriptional repressor, h-ns, was shown to prevent the transformation of plasmids carrying a spacer and putative proto-spacer adja ...201627531594
outbreak by ventilator-associated st11 k. pneumoniae with co-production of ctx-m-24 and kpc-2 in a sicu of a tertiary teaching hospital in central china.the emergence of carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae (crkp) often responsible for numerous hospital-associated outbreaks has become an important public health problem. from january 2013 to february 2014, a total of 41 non-duplicate k. pneumoniae isolates with carbapenem resistance, were collected at a tertiary teaching hospital in nanchang, central china. among 41 k. pneumoniae isolates, 28 were isolated from hospitalized patients including 19 from the patients in surgery intensive care u ...201627531996
esbl-producing strain of hypervirulent klebsiella pneumoniae k2, france. 201627532217
molecular characterization of cotrimoxazole resistance genes and their associated integrons in clinical isolates of gram-negative bacteria from tanzania.cotrimoxazole is widely used, particularly as a prophylactic drug in hiv patients. we assessed resistance mechanisms among cotrimoxazole resistant-gram negative bacterial isolates (n = 123) obtained from blood (n = 69) and urine (n = 54) from tanzanian patients. sul genes were detected in 98% (121/123) of the isolates. coexistence of sul1 and sul2 was common (49/123). the dfr genes were found in 63% (77/123) of all isolates. sul1, dfra15, and dfra5 genes predominated among klebsiella pneumoniae, ...201727533639
the role of doxycycline in the therapy of multidrug-resistant e. coli - an in vitro study.this study assessed the in vitro antibacterial activity of combinations of amikacin and doxycycline or tigecycline against multidrug-resistant e. coli isolates. twenty-four different pulsotypes, including 10 extended-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-, 10 carbapenem-resistant, 2 new delhi metallo-beta-lactamase (ndm)- and 2 klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc)-e. coli isolates were collected. all 24 isolates were susceptible to amikacin and tigecycline. only 30% of esbl and 50% of carbapenem-resi ...201627534373
identification of two genes encoding for the late acyltransferases of lipid a in klebsiella pneumoniae.lipid a, the hydrophobic anchor of lipopolysaccharide, is an essential component in the outer membrane of most gram-negative bacteria. it is recognized by the tlr4/md2 receptor of the innate immune system, which triggers an inflammatory response accompanied by massive overproduction of cytokines and leads to gram-negative septic shock. human pathogen klebsiella pneumoniae, which may synthesize two lipid a species, differs by the length of the secondary acyl chain. in this study, we identified tw ...201627534404
the modulation of mir-155 and mir-23a manipulates klebsiella pneumoniae adhesion on human pulmonary epithelial cells via integrin α5β1 signaling.micro-rnas (mirnas) critically regulate several host defense mechanisms, but their roles in the bacteria-epithelium interplay remain unclear. our results displayed that the expression of mir-155 and mir-23a were down-regulated in k. pneumoniae-infected pulmonary epithelial cells. the elevated bacterial adhesion on a549 cells followed the enhancement of the cellular levels of these two mirnas. meanwhile, a mechanistic study demonstrated that mir-155 promoted integrin α5β1 function and resulted in ...201627534887
design, synthesis, structural elucidation, pharmacological evaluation of metal complexes with pyrazoline derivatives.a bioactive pyrazoline derivatives have been synthesized by the base-catalyzed claisen-schmidt condensation of imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde with 1-acetyl-2-hydroxynaphthalene followed by cyclization with phenylhydrazine (l(1))/2,3-dimethylphenylhydrazine (l(2)) and 3-nitrophenylhydrazine (l(3)). the metal(ii) complexes [ni(ii), co(ii), cu(ii) and zn(ii)] were formed by reacting the corresponding metal acetates with the ligands. all complexes were characterized by elemental analyses, electronic, ir ...201627537519
cefmetazole for bacteremia caused by esbl-producing enterobacteriaceae comparing with carbapenems.esbl (extended spectrum beta-lactamase) producing enterobacteriaceae are challenging organisms with little treatment options. carbapenems are frequently used, but the emergence of carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae is a concerning issue, which may hinder the use of carbapenems. although cephamycins such as cefoxitin, cefmetazole or cefotetan are effective against esbl-producers in vitro, there are few clinical data demonstrating effects against bacteremia caused by these organisms.201627538488
plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance among extended spectrum beta lactase producing enterobacteriaceae from bloodstream infections.the purpose of this study was to determine prevalence and molecular characterization of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance (pmqr) genes [qnra, qnrb, qnrc, qnrd, qnrs, aac(6')-ib-cr, qepa, and oqxab] among extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing escherichia coli and klebsiella spp. isolates from bloodcultures in hungary. a total of 103 isolates were tested for quinolone susceptibility by microdilution method and pmqr genes were detected by polymerase chain reaction. about 40 esbl-pro ...201627539331
draft genome sequence of a multidrug-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing acinetobacter baumannii sequence type 2 isolate from puerto rico.we report here the draft genome sequence of acinetobacter baumannii strain m3ac14-8, sequence type 2 (st2), carrying a chromosomally carried blakpc-2 gene. the draft genome consists of a total length of 4.11 mbp and a g+c content of 39.25%.201627540056
emergence of klebsiella pneumoniae co-producing oxa-48, ctx-m-15, and arma in greece. 201627542333
molecular epidemiology of extensively drug-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae outbreak in wenzhou, southern china.the emergence of extensively drug-resistant (xdr) klebsiella pneumoniae has become a major challenge worldwide. in this study, we characterized the phenotypes and genetic features of nine xdr k. pneumoniae isolates from an integrated hospital in zhejiang province, china, from september to october 2014. these xdr k. pneumoniae possessed at least five resistance determinants which contribute to highly resistant to β-lactam, β-lactam/inhibitor combinations, aminoglycosides, quinolones, carbapenems, ...201627542822
reinfection and relapse of recurrent bacteremia caused by klebsiella pneumoniae in a medical center in delineate the genetic relatedness of klebsiella pneumoniae causing recurrent bacteremia.201627546104
antimicrobial susceptibility of klebsiella pneumoniae and escherichia coli with extended-spectrum β-lactamase associated genes in hospital tengku ampuan afzan, kuantan, assess antimicrobial susceptibility of extended-spectrum β-lactamase- (esbl-) producing klebsiella pneumoniae and escherichia coli isolates from hospital tengku ampuan afzan (htaa), as well as to identify esbl genes.201627547110
fosfomycin antimicrobial prophylaxis for transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy of the prostate: a prospective randomised compare the incidence of infectious complications after single-dose fosfomycin vs. standard fluoroquinolone (fq)-based prophylaxis in patients undergoing transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy of the prostate (trusbx), as there is an alarming trend worldwide of increasing resistance to fqs limiting their suitability as appropriate prophylaxis for trusbx.201627547466
identification of a capsular variant and characterization of capsular acetylation in klebsiella pneumoniae pla-associated type k57.klebsiella pneumoniae can cause community-acquired pyogenic liver abscess (pla). capsular polysaccharide (cps) is important for its virulence. among 79 capsular (k) types discovered thus far, k57 is often associated with pla. here, we report the identification of a k57 variant. cps gene locus sequencing revealed differences between the k57 reference strain 4425/51 (ref-k57) and a variant, the pla isolate a1142. while ref-k57 cps contained orf13 encoding a putative acetyltransferase, the insertio ...201627550826
structures of the activator of k. pneumonia biofilm formation, mrkh, indicates pilz domains involved in c-di-gmp and dna binding.the pathogenesis of klebsiella pneumonia is linked to the bacteria's ability to form biofilms. mannose-resistant klebsiella-like (mrk) hemagglutinins are critical for k pneumonia biofilm development, and the expression of the genes encoding these proteins is activated by a 3',5'-cyclic diguanylic acid (c-di-gmp)-regulated transcription factor, mrkh. to gain insight into mrkh function, we performed structural and biochemical analyses. data revealed mrkh to be a monomer with a two-domain architect ...201627551088
mgrb variants in colistin-susceptible and colistin-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae st258.resistance determinants of a colistin susceptible and five colistin resistant klebsiella pneumoniae st258 from a hungarian outbreak were investigated. a novel mgrb variant in colistin susceptible strain was found. elevated phop and arn gene expressions and wild-type pmrb in all colistin resistant k. pneumoniae were detected. all strains lacked mcr-1.201627553451
potential transfer of extended spectrum β-lactamase encoding gene, blashv18 gene, between klebsiella pneumoniae in raw foods.this study investigated the transfer frequency of the extended-spectrum β-lactamase-encoding gene (blashv18) among klebsiella pneumoniae in tryptic soy broth (tsb), pasteurized milk, unpasteurized milk, alfalfa sprouts and chopped lettuce at defined temperatures. all transconjugants were characterized phenotypically and genotypically. kp04(δkm) and kp08(δkm) isolated from seed sprouts and kp342 were used as recipients in mating experiments with k. pneumoniae atcc 700603 serving as the donor. in ...201627554144
bioprospecting of lipolytic microorganisms obtained from industrial effluents.the lipases have ability to catalyze diverse reactions and are important in different biotechnological applications. the aim of this work was to isolate and characterize microorganisms that produce lipases, from different food industry effluents localized in pelotas, rs/brazil. bacteria were identified using gram stain and biochemical tests (vitek 2(r)). fungi were identified according to macro and micromorphology characteristics. the extracellular lipase production was evaluated using the rhoda ...201627556331
study of reactivity of cyanoacetohydrazonoethyl-n-ethyl-n-methyl benzenesulfonamide: preparation of novel anticancer and antimicrobial active heterocyclic benzenesulfonamide derivatives and their molecular docking against dihydrofolate reductase.this article describes the synthesis of some novel heterocyclic sulfonamides having biologically active thiophene 3, 4, 5, 6, coumarin 8, benzocoumarin 9, thiazole 7, piperidine 10, pyrrolidine 11, pyrazole 14 and pyridine 12, 13. starting with 4-(1-(2-(2-cyanoacetyl)hydrazono)ethyl)-n-ethyl-n-methylbenzenesulfonamide (2), which was prepared from condensation of acetophenone derivative 1 with 2-cyanoacetohydrazide. the structures of the newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by elemental ana ...201627557134
rare case of polymicrobial keratitis with balantidium report a rare case of polymicrobial keratitis due to balantidium coli and gram-negative bacteria, pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumoniae, in a soft contact lens (cl) wearer.201627560034
draft genome sequences of acinetobacter baumannii isolates from wounded military personnel.acinetobacter baumannii is a gram-negative bacterium capable of causing hospital-acquired infections that has been grouped with enterococcus faecium, staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, acinetobacter baumannii, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and enterobacter species as eskape pathogens because of their extensive drug resistance phenotypes and increasing risk to human health. twenty-four multidrug-resistant a. baumannii strains isolated from wounded military personnel were sequenced and annota ...201627563036
rising trends of endogenous klebsiella pneumoniae endophthalmitis in australia.endogenous klebsiella pneumoniae endophthalmitis (ekpe) is a well-known entity in south-east asia. we demonstrate a range of differing clinical features and outcomes of ekpe, and highlight the increasing incidence of ekpe in major centres in sydney and melbourne, australia.201727564396
minocycline and tigecycline: what is their role in the treatment of carbapenem-resistant gram-negative organisms?carbapenem-resistant organisms are increasingly common worldwide, particularly in india and are associated with high mortality rates especially in patients with severe infection such as bacteremia. existing drugs such as carbapenems and polymyxins have a number of disadvantages, but remain the mainstay of treatment. the tetracycline class of antibiotics was first produced in the 1940s. minocycline, tetracycline derivative, although licensed for treatment of wide range of infections, has not been ...201727564414
effect in virulence of switching conserved homologous capsular polysaccharide genes from klebsiella pneumoniae serotype k1 into k20.the capsular polysaccharides in different serotypes of klebsiella pneumoniae (kp) coded by the (cps) gene cluster are characterized by a conserved and a hyper-variable region. we performed a virulence study by switching genes in the highly conserved region of the cps cluster between strains. six genes in the cps conserved region in serotype k20, including galf, acidppc, wzi, wza, wzb and wzc, were knocked out and replaced by the homologous genes from serotype k1. compared to the parental k20 str ...201627565716
clinical features and molecular epidemiology of plasmid-mediated dha-type ampc β-lactamase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae blood culture isolates, hong kong.knowledge of risk factors and clinical characteristics of bacteraemia caused by plasmid-mediated ampc β-lactamase (pampc)-producing klebsiella pneumoniae (pampc-kp) is not well described. this was a retrospective cohort study of patients with k. pneumoniae bacteraemia in three hong kong regional hospitals. demographic and clinical data were retrieved from medical records. pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) and multilocus sequence typing (mlst) were performed for molecular epidemiology. a to ...201627568104
an outbreak of infections caused by a klebsiella pneumoniae st11 clone coproducing klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-2 and rmtb in a chinese teaching hospital.klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (kpc)-producing k. pneumoniae bacteria, which cause serious disease outbreaks worldwide, was rarely detected in xiangya hospital, prior to an outbreak that occurred from august 4, 2014, to march 17, 2015. the aim of this study was to analyze the epidemiology and molecular characteristics of the k. pneumoniae strains isolated during the outbreak.201627569227
prevalence and antimicrobial resistance pattern of bacterial strains isolated from patients with urinary tract infection in messalata central hospital, investigate the prevalence of urinary tract infection among patients at messalata central hospital, libya, to identify the causative bacteria, and to explore their resistance pattern to antimicrobials.201627569886
enhanced promoter activity by replenishment of sigma factor rpoe in klebsiella pneumoniae.plasmid-dependent overexpression of enzyme(s) aims to divert carbon flux toward a desired compound. one drawback of this strategy is compromise of growth due to massive consumption of host resources. here we show that replenishment of sigma factor rpoe improves the growth of klebsiella pneumoniae. the gene rpoe was expressed alone or coexpressed with ald4 (an aldehyde dehydrogenase from saccharomyces cerevisiae) in k. pneumoniae. we found that the ald4 activity was higher in the strain coexpress ...201627570311
acute suppurative thyroiditis presenting as a painless thyroid swelling.acute suppurative thyroiditis is a rare disorder. we saw a 24 year old man with this condition that present atypically. the patient had a non-tender thyroid enlargement associated with fever and leukocytosis. fna cytology clinched the diagnosis. the abscess was associated with klebsiella pneumoniae septicemia and required surgical drainage after failing antibiotic therapy.200627570587
prevalence and risk factors of gram-negative bacilli causing blood stream infection in patients with evaluate the epidemiology, risk factors, and antibiotic resistance of gram negative bacteria (gnb) in patients with hematologic or solid organ malignancies.201627570854
isoprenoid biosynthesis inhibitors targeting bacterial cell growth.we synthesized potential inhibitors of farnesyl diphosphate synthase (fpps), undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase (upps), or undecaprenyl diphosphate phosphatase (uppp), and tested them in bacterial cell growth and enzyme inhibition assays. the most active compounds were found to be bisphosphonates with electron-withdrawing aryl-alkyl side chains which inhibited the growth of gram-negative bacteria (acinetobacter baumannii, klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli, and pseudomonas aeruginosa) at ∼1- ...201627571880
plasmid-mediated mcr-1 gene in colistin-resistant clinical isolates of klebsiella pneumoniae in france and laos. 201627572402
developmental dynamics of the preterm infant gut microbiota and antibiotic resistome.development of the preterm infant gut microbiota is emerging as a critical research priority(1). since preterm infants almost universally receive early and often extended antibiotic therapy(2), it is important to understand how these interventions alter gut microbiota development(3-6). analysis of 401 stools from 84 longitudinally sampled preterm infants demonstrates that meropenem, cefotaxime and ticarcillin-clavulanate are associated with significantly reduced species richness. in contrast, va ...201627572443
identifying lineage effects when controlling for population structure improves power in bacterial association studies.bacteria pose unique challenges for genome-wide association studies because of strong structuring into distinct strains and substantial linkage disequilibrium across the genome(1,2). although methods developed for human studies can correct for strain structure(3,4), this risks considerable loss-of-power because genetic differences between strains often contribute substantial phenotypic variability(5). here, we propose a new method that captures lineage-level associations even when locus-specific ...201627572646
colistin: still a lifesaver for the 21st century?living in the 'era of antibiotic resistance' and facing the threat of an 'end to antibiotics', physicians in the last decade have revived use of colistin, since the available literature at the clinical level was poor and limited areas covered: herein, the authors present the current available knowledge regarding colistin, i.e. in vitro activity and interactions, current pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (pk/pd), clinical efficacy against multidrug-resistant (mdr) and extensively drug-resistant ( ...201727573251
evaluation of genetic diversity of candida spp. and klebsiella spp. isolated from the denture plaque of copd patients.yeast-like fungi and gram-negative bacilli are the most frequent potential pathogens of the respiratory tract isolated from the denture plaque of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). dominant species among yeast-like fungi are candida albicans and candida tropicalis. significant frequency is also exhibited by klebsiella pneumoniae and klebsiella oxytoca. the purpose of this study was to analyze genetic diversity of the strains of c. albicans, c. tropicalis, and klebsiella ...201727573645
high gastrointestinal colonization rate with extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae in hospitalized patients: emergence of carbapenemase-producing k. pneumoniae in ethiopia.we investigated the gastrointestinal colonization rate and antibiotic resistance patterns of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)- producing escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae in hospitalized patients admitted at ethiopia's largest tertiary hospital. fecal samples/swabs from 267 patients were cultured on chrome agar. esbl. bacterial species identification, verification of esbl production and antibiotic susceptibility testing were done using vitek 2 system (biomérieux, france). phenoty ...201627574974
in vivo evolution of tigecycline-non-susceptible klebsiella pneumoniae strains in patients: relationship between virulence and resistance.tigecycline resistance among klebsiella pneumoniae isolates has been increasingly reported. we aimed to investigate the relationship among in vivo acquisition of tigecycline resistance in k. pneumoniae clinical isolates, the underlying molecular mechanisms and bacterial virulence. clinical isolates of k. pneumoniae from the same patient in a medical centre in taiwan that were initially tigecycline-susceptible (ts) and then became tigecycline-non-susceptible (tns) were identified. clinical data w ...201627575728
emergence of multidrug-resistant new delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1-producing klebsiella pneumoniae in egypt.despite expansion of the new delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1 (ndm-1) worldwide, the incident of outbreaks regarding egypt is still uncommon. in this survey, we denounce the emanation of multidrug-resistant ndm-1-producing klebsiella pneumoniae in egypt. we have reclaimed 46 unrepeatable carbapenem-resistant k. pneumoniae isolates at el-demerdash hospital, ain shams university, cairo, egypt. all the isolates showed a decreased sensitivity to imipenem and meropenem via the disc diffusion method. among ...201627575913
prevalence and molecular characteristics of carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae from five hospitals in korea.the emergence of carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae (cpe) represents a major clinical problem because these bacteria are resistant to most antibiotics. cpe remain relatively uncommon in korea. we report the prevalence, clinical characteristics, and molecular epidemiology of cpe isolates collected from five university hospitals in korea.201627578505
antimicrobial susceptibility and molecular epidemiology of multidrug-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae in central china.extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase-producing and carbapenemase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae has rapidly spread through clinical units worldwide. this study investigated the epidemiology and resistance profiles of k. pneumoniae strains isolated in central china between 2009 and 2014. antimicrobial susceptibility tests and polymerase chain reaction were used to investigate the prevalence and resistance of esbls and carbapenemases produced by k. pneumoniae, and the prevalence of kpc-producing k. p ...201627580572
mossambicus tilapia (oreochromis mossambicus) collected from water bodies impacted by urban waste carries extended-spectrum beta-lactamases and integron-bearing gut bacteria.oreochromis mossambicus (peters 1852) (tilapia) is one of the most consumed fish globally. tilapia thrives well in environments polluted by urban waste, which invariably contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes (args). thus, tilapia surviving in such polluted environments may serve as a potential source for dissemination of args. to investigate this, we isolated bacterial strains from gut of tilapia found in polluted rivers and lakes near pune, india, and studied the ...201627581926
determination of bacterial aetiologic factor on tracheobronchial lavage in relation to clinical signs of bovine respiratory disease.this study aimed to determine the occurrence of mannheimiahaemolytica, pasteurella multocida and mycoplasma spp., in relation to clinical signs of respiratory disease. tracheobronchial lavage samples were collected from 96 (healthy and unhealthy) cattle in the state of são paulo, brazil. mycoplasma spp. (12.5 %) and pasteurellamultocida (15.50 %) were the most prevalent species. bacillus sp., staphylococcus sp., escherichia coli, klebsiella oxytoca, pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumoni ...201627582268
vaccines against major icu pathogens: where do we stand?multidrug resistance of bacterial pathogens has confronted physicians around the world with the threat of inefficacy of the antibiotic regime, which is particularly important for patients with sepsis. antibiotic resistance has revived search for alternative nonantibiotic strategies. among them, prophylaxis by vaccination is an appealing concept.201627583587
reducing the impact of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae on vulnerable patient groups: what can be done?carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) is a worldwide challenge and associated with a high mortality rate in critically ill patients. this review focused on rapid diagnosis, optimization of antimicrobial therapy, and implication of effective infection control precautions to reduce impact of cre on vulnerable patients.201627584588
molecular epidemiology of carbapenem resistant gram-negative bacilli from infected pediatric population in tertiary - care hospitals in medellín, colombia: an increasing problem.gram-negative bacilli are a cause of serious infections in the pediatric population. carbapenem are the treatment of choice for infections caused by multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacilli, but the emergence of carbapenem resistance has substantially reduced access to effective antimicrobial regimens. children are a population vulnerable to bacterial infections and the emergence of resistance can worsen prognosis. the aim of this study is to describe the clinical and molecular characteristics ...201627585707
high minimum inhibitory concentration of imipenem as a predictor of fatal outcome in patients with carbapenem non-susceptible klebsiella pneumoniae.carbapenem resistance in klebsiella pneumoniae is important because of its increasing prevalence and limited therapeutic options. to investigate the clinical and microbiological characteristics of patients infected or colonized with carbapenem non-susceptible k. pneumoniae (cnskp) in taiwan, we conducted a retrospective study at taipei veterans general hospital from january 2012 to november 2013. carbapenem non-susceptibility was defined as a minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) of ≥2 mg/l for ...201627585787
molecular epidemiology of kpc-producing klebsiella pneumoniae from invasive infections in italy: increasing diversity with predominance of the st512 clade ii sublineage.the spread of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) represents one of the most worrisome problems for clinical medicine worldwide. in italy, the antibiotic-resistance-istituto superiore di sanità surveillance network, in collaboration with the committee for antimicrobial agents of the italian society of clinical microbiologists, promoted a study to investigate the carbapenem-resistance mechanisms, clonal relatedness and capsular typing of a recent collection of carbapenem-resistant klebs ...201627585968
pcr-based typing of incc plasmids.incc (a/c2) plasmids are known to play an important role in the spread of multiple antibiotic resistance determinants, including extended-spectrum β-lactamases and carbapenamases, amongst gram negative bacterial populations. the ability to identify and track these plasmids is valuable in epidemiological and clinical studies. a recent comparative analysis of the backbones of sequenced incc plasmids identified two distinct lineages, type 1 and type 2, with different evolutionary histories. here, a ...201627590677
low biological cost of carbapenemase-encoding plasmids following transfer from klebsiella pneumoniae to escherichia coli.the objective of this study was to determine the biological cost, stability and sequence of two carbapenemase-encoding plasmids containing blakpc-2 (pg12-kpc-2) and blavim-1 (pg06-vim-1) isolated from klebsiella pneumoniae when newly acquired by uropathogenic escherichia coli clinical isolates of different genetic backgrounds.201727591293
using carbapenems for carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae-are we flogging a dead (work)horse antibiotic? 201727593359
genotyping of klebsiella pneumonia strains isolated from eldly inpatients by multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis.objective to investigate the genotype of klebsiella pneumonia strains isolated from eldly inpatients by multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis. methods totally 184 klebsiella pneumonia strains,isolated from eldly inpatients,were collected,and their genome dna were extracted. the polymorphism of 7 variable-number tandem-repeat locus in the dna samples was analyzed by multiple primers polymerase chain reaction and capillary electrophoresis. the clustering analysis of genotyping was ...201627594157
tigecycline-amikacin combination effectively suppresses the selection of resistance in clinical isolates of kpc-producing klebsiella far, only tigecycline, colistin, and some aminoglycosides still show favorable in vitro activities against carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae. however, rapid emergence of resistance often occurs during long-term treatment in clinic, challenging these last resort antimicrobials. in this study, we measured mutant prevention concentration (mpc) and mutant selection window (msw) of tigecycline, colistin and amikacin alone and in combination for clinical isolates of kpc-producing k. pneumonia ...201627594855
risk factors associated with carbapenemase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae fecal carriage: a case-control study in a spanish tertiary care hospital.asymptomatic colonization of the gastrointestinal tract by carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae is an important reservoir for transmission that may precede infection. this prospective, observational, case-control study was designed to identify risk factors for carbapenemase-producing klebsiella pneumoniae (cpkp) fecal carriage. this study included 87 cases and 200 controls. multivariate analysis identified length of stay (odds ratio [or], 1.02; 95% confidence interval [ci], 1.01-1.03; p =  ...201727597392
first report of tem-104-, shv-99-, shv-108-, and shv-110-producing klebsiella pneumoniae from iran.extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) are bacterial enzymes capable of hydrolyzing beta-lactams. the aim of this study was to describe the prevalence of tem- and shv-type esbl-producing klebsiella pneumoniae strains in zahedan, southeast iran.201727598630
isolation of coralmycins a and b, potent anti-gram negative compounds from the myxobacteria corallococcus coralloides m23.two new potent anti-gram negative compounds, coralmycins a (1) and b (2), were isolated from cultures of the myxobacteria corallococcus coralloides m23, together with another derivative (3) that was identified as the very recently reported cystobactamid 919-2. their structures including the relative stereochemistry were elucidated by interpretation of spectroscopic, optical rotation, and cd data. the relative stereochemistry of 3 was revised to "s*r*" by nmr analysis. the antibacterial activity ...201627598688
[bacterial resistance from urine cultures at an oncological center: follow-up to 10 years].to describe the incidence and patterns of bacterial resistance in urine samples from a tertiary care oncology hospital in mexico, from 2004 to 2013.201627599077
genomic characterization of colistin heteroresistance in klebsiella pneumoniae during a nosocomial outbreak.klebsiella pneumoniae is emerging as an important nosocomial pathogen due to its rapidly increasing multidrug resistance, which has led to a renewed interest in polymyxin antibiotics, such as colistin, as antibiotics of last resort. however, heteroresistance (i.e., the presence of a subpopulation of resistant bacteria in an otherwise susceptible culture) may hamper the effectiveness of colistin treatment in patients. in a previous study, we showed that colistin resistance among extended-spectrum ...201627600049
bacterial communities associated with invasive populations of bactrocera dorsalis (diptera: tephritidae) in china.the oriental fruit fly bactrocera dorsalis (hendel) is a destructive insect pest of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. this pest is an invasive species and is currently distributed in some provinces of china. to recover the symbiotic bacteria of b. dorsalis from different invasion regions in china, we researched the bacterial diversity of this fruit fly among one laboratory colony (guangdong, china) and 15 wild populations (14 sites in china and one site in thailand) using dna-based approach ...201627600786
no diagnostic utility of antibody patterns against klebsiella pneumoniae capsular serotypes in patients with axial spondyloarthritis vs. patients with non-specific low back pain: a cross-sectional investigate whether antibody response patterns against klebsiella pneumoniae capsular serotypes can discriminate patients with axial spondyloarthritis (axspa) from patients with non-specific low back pain (lbp).201627600931
invasive carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae infection at a paediatric hospital: a case series.there are no paediatric reports of invasive infection caused by carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (cre) from africa.201627601110
gastric microbiota and carcinogenesis: the role of non-helicobacter pylori bacteria - a systematic review.helicobacter pylori is the strongest risk factor for gastric cancer. however, recent advances in dna sequencing technology have revealed a complex microbial community in the stomach that could also contribute to the development of gastric cancer. the aim of this study was to present recent scientific evidence regarding the role of non-helicobacter pylori bacteria in gastric carcinogenesis.201627604361
penicilazaphilone c, a new antineoplastic and antibacterial azaphilone from the marine fungus penicillium sclerotiorum.two azaphilonidal derivatives [penicilazaphilones b (1) and c (2)], have been isolated from the fermented products of marine fungus strain penicillium sclerotiorum m-22, penicilazaphilones c was a new compound. the compound's structures were identified by the analysis of spectroscopic data including 1d and 2d nmr techniques ((1)h-nmr, (13)c-nmr, cosy, hmqc, and hmbc). biological evaluation revealed that penicilazaphilones b and c showed selective cytotoxicity against melanoma cells b-16 and huma ...201627605109
isolation and identification of bacteria from marine market fish scomberomorus guttatus (bloch and schneider, 1801) from madurai district, tamil nadu, india.the present study was conducted to evaluate the hygienic quality and freshness of fish indo-pacific king mackerel "scomberomorus guttatus" through the investigation of the occurrence of bacteria which is an indicator for fish quality. fishes were collected every fortnight from madurai fish market on monthly twice of january 2014 to march 2014. skin surface of the fish was examined. escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris, bacillus subtilis, klebsiella pneumonia, pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococ ...201627605837
incn st7 epidemic plasmid carrying blaimp-4 in enterobacteriaceae isolates with epidemiological links to multiple geographical areas in characterize blaimp-4-carrying plasmids originating from inpatients in hong kong.201727609049
the potential of photo-deposited silver coatings on foley catheters to prevent urinary tract infections.catheter-associated urinary tract infection (cauti) represents one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality. the resistance demonstrated by many microorganisms to conventional antibiotic therapies and the increasing health-care costs have recently encouraged the definition of alternative preventive strategies, which can have a positive effect in the management of infections. antimicrobial urinary catheters have been developed through the photo-chemical deposition of silver coatings o ...201627612730
an integrated study on antimicrobial activity and ecotoxicity of quantum dots and quantum dots coated with the antimicrobial peptide indolicidin.this study attempts to evaluate the antimicrobial activity and the ecotoxicity of quantum dots (qds) alone and coated with indolicidin. to meet this objective, we tested the level of antimicrobial activity on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and we designed an ecotoxicological battery of test systems and indicators able to detect different effects using a variety of end points. the antibacterial activity was analyzed against staphylococcus aureus (atcc 6538), pseudomonas aeruginosa (atc ...201727616887
a new case report of urinary tract infection due to kpc-3-producing klebsiella pneumoniae (st258) in spain.we describe the characterization of a new isolated in spain of klebsiella pneumoniae st258 producing kpc-3, carbapenems non-susceptible, recovered from a sample of urine from a patient with urinary tract infection and no history of carbapenems exposure.201627617554
mutation and efflux system are responsible for ciprofloxacin resistance in klebsiella pneumoniae.the main mechanism of quinolone resistance in k pneumoniae caused via mutation on porin-related proteins and efflux pumps. the current study aimed investigates the prevalence of ciprofloxacin resistant k pneumoniae in burn patients and understanding the role of acrab multidrug efflux system on minimal inhibitory concentration of ciprofloxacin. for this reason, 52 k pneumoniae collected from burn patients and evaluated for mechanism of ciprofloxacin resistance. the results demonstrated 40 k pneum ...201627618426
assessment of the overall and multidrug-resistant organism bioburden on environmental surfaces in healthcare facilities.objective to determine the typical microbial bioburden (overall bacterial and multidrug-resistant organisms [mdros]) on high-touch healthcare environmental surfaces after routine or terminal cleaning. design prospective 2.5-year microbiological survey of large surface areas (>1,000 cm2). setting mdro contact-precaution rooms from 9 acute-care hospitals and 2 long-term care facilities in 4 states. participants samples from 166 rooms (113 routine cleaned and 53 terminal cleaned rooms). methods usi ...201627619507
silver nanoparticles synthesized using aqueous leaf extract of ziziphus oenoplia (l.) mill: characterization and assessment of antibacterial activity.biological approach to synthesis of metal nanoparticles using aqueous leaf extract is a highly relevant and recent theme in nanotechnological research. phytosynthesized agnps have better inhibitory and antimicrobial effects compared to aqueous leaf extract and silver nitrate. in the present investigation crystalline silver nanoparticles (agnps) with size of 10nm have been successfully synthesized using aqueous leaf extract (aqle) of ziziphus oenoplia (l.) mill., which act as both reducing as wel ...201627619740
a new-class antibacterial-almost. lessons in drug discovery and development: a critical analysis of more than 50 years of effort toward atpase inhibitors of dna gyrase and topoisomerase iv.the introduction into clinical practice of an atpase inhibitor of bacterial dna gyrase and topoisomerase iv (topo iv) would represent a new-class agent for the treatment of resistant bacterial infections. novobiocin, the only historical member of this class, established the clinical proof of concept for this novel mechanism during the late 1950s, but its use declined rapidly and it was eventually withdrawn from the market. despite significant and prolonged effort across the biopharmaceutical ind ...201527620144
mgrb mutations mediating polymyxin b resistance in klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from rectal surveillance swabs in brazil.we aimed to investigate polymyxin b (pmb) resistance and its molecular mechanisms in 126 klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from rectal swabs in brazil. ten isolates exhibited pmb resistance with interruption of mgrb gene by insertion sequences or missense mutations. most of the pmb-resistant isolates harbored blakpc-2 (n = 8) and belonged to clonal complex 258 (cc258) (n = 7). these results highlight the importance of monitoring the spread of polymyxin-resistant bacteria in hospitals, since few opt ...201627620478
acquisition of mcr-1 plasmid-mediated colistin resistance in escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae during hajj 2013 and 2014. 201627620480
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