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counterimmunoelectrophoresis of blood cultures. temporal relationship of positive gram stain to positive counterimmunoelectrophoresis.counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie), gram staining, and quantitative measurements were performed on simulated blood cultures at hourly intervals after inoculation with streptococcus pneumoniae, klebsiella pneumoniae, or haemophilus influenzae. the cie became positive either at the same time as the gram stain or within the ensuing five hours. in no case was cie positive when the gram stain was negative. the numbers of colony-forming units milliliter necessary for a positive cie result varied with ...197986293
counterimmunoelectrophoresis for rapid identification of blood-culture isolates.a total of 303 blood cultures that were positive by examination of gram-stained smears were tested immediately by counterimmunoelectrophoresis for detection of bacterial antigens. antigen was detected in all 82 blood cultures containing streptococcus pneumoniae and 11 of 22 with klebsiella pneumoniae, two of two with haemophilus influenzae, and one of one with neisseria meningiditis. false-positive cross-reactions in 265 tests occurred only with pneumococcal omniserum in two cases of nongroupabl ...197986294
isolation and partial characterization of i antigen from i adult erythrocyte membranes.the i-active substance was isolated from i adult and i int erythrocyte membranes by butanol-water extraction and was purified by sds-gel filtration and thin layer chromatography of peracetylated samples. the i-active substances from both types of erythrocytes showed also if activity. in antigen isolated from i adult red cells the if activity was lower than i activity. on the other hand, the antigen of i int red cells showed higher if than i activity. the chemical characterization of isolated ant ...200086332
the role of lysine in the serological specificity of some proteus mirabilis lipopolysaccharides. 197886335
the isolated human cortex. a golgi analysis of krabbe's disease.the clinical course of a child with krabbe's leukodystrophy was characterized by clinical seizures, startle myoclonus, and paroxysmal activity recorded by eeg. at autopsy in the fourth year, myelinated subcortical axons were destroyed, virtually completely. despite isolation from major subcortical and interhemispheric connections, the cell and fiber pattern of the cortex appeared remarkably normal in routine histologic preparations. the normal range of pyramidal and stellate interneurons were al ...197986346
inhibition of neuronal firing by opiates: evidence against the involvement of cyclic nucleotides.1. extracellular recordings were made in vitro from single neurones of the myenteric plexus of the guinea-pig ileum. 2. neuronal firing was inhibited by morphine and normorphine (10 nm to 1 micrometer). cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) (100 micrometer to 1 mm) also inhibited the firing of the majority of the neurones. prostaglandin e2 usually caused a short-lasting excitation of myenteric neurones and the phosphodiesterase inhibitor 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine was usually withou ...197986371
double-stranded protamine cdna: synthesis and characterization.double-stranded protamine complementary dna (cdna) was synthesized from a protamine mrna template via the single-stranded cdna intermediate using avian myeloblastosis virus reverse transcriptase. synthesis at 37 and 46 degrees c resulted in similar overall yields (greater than or equal to 18%), although the initial rate of synthesis was higher at 46 degrees c than at 37 degrees c. the dna of the second strand of the double-stranded cdna product was 84% resistant to prolonged digestion with exces ...197986381
270-mhz nuclear-magnetic-resonance study on linear gramicidin a in dimethylsulfoxide. a new interpretation.on the basis of the finding of two sets of coupling constants (8.8 hz and 6.7 hz) in the 270-mhz proton magnetic resonance spectra of linear gramicidin in dimethylsulfoxide and the comparison of its infrared spectrum with those of known conformations of alternating poly(gamma-benzyl-d-glutamate--gamma-benzyl-l-glutamate), it is proposed that the antibiotic has an ld-ribbon structure.200086442
comparative circular dichroism studies on human beta2-microglobulin. 197986460
parallel regulation of cyclic amp-dependent protein kinase and phosphoprotein phosphatase in rat thyroid. 197986462
tissular immunoenzymatic detection of hepatic alphafetoprotein in human hepatomas.5 human cases of hepatoma have been chosen with respect to their different seric alpha-fetoprotein (alpha-fp) level and histological characters. cells producing alpha-fp have been studied with specific horseradish-peroxidase-labelled immunoglobulins. ultrastructural examination shows that alpha-fp is present in the cytoplasm of some tumoral hepatocytes. alpha-fp is also present in the cytoplasm of some rare nontumoral hepatocytes of a nonsecreting hepatoma. ultrastructural differences are descri ...197886473
immunofluorescent visualization of 100 a filaments in different cultured chick embryo cell types.antibody prepared against the 55,000 dalton subunit of reconstituted chick gizzard 100 a filaments (anti-g55k) bound to the 100 a filaments of chick smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and skeletal muscle cells, and to the 100 a filaments of schwann cells and satellite glial cells of the peripheral nervous system. anti-g55k did not bind to replicating presumptive myoblasts, fibroblasts, chondroblasts, pigment cells, neurons, or to central nervous system glial cells. this contrasted with the wider ran ...200086476
the phenomenon of differentiation in murine erythroleukemic cells. 197886529
identification of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in cytologic samples for flow cytometry.inflammatory cells are commonly present in cytologic specimens obtained for flow cytometry, and may interfere with the analysis of epithelial cells. we have found that detergent (triton x-100) pretreatment in the two-step acridine orange staining procedure disrupts granulocyte cell membranes to yield bare nuclei; bladder epithelial and squamous cells on the other hand are quite resistant to the detergent treatment. being deprived of their cytoplasmic rna, the granulocytes lose red fluorescence. ...200086568
fluorescence polarization and pulse width analysis of chromosomes by a flow system.isolated chinese hamster chromosomes have been analyzed using a multiparameter computer-controlled cell sorter to obtain information about unique properties of individual chromosomes. parameters other than dna content were sought that would further aid in distinguishing among chromosomes. the polarized emission of the dna-specific bis-benzimidazole dye hoechst 33342 was measured for each class of chromosomes identified by a distinct peak, i.e., differeing in dna content. the emission anisotropy ...200086570
automatic cell identification and enrichment in lung cancer. i. light scatter and fluorescence parameters.two physical parameters were investigated to automatically recognize cells in sputum from human squamous cell carcinoma of the lung and to separate them for preparation by the papanicolaou methods, for human interactive identification and for automated high resolution image analysis. the two parameters, 0.5-15.0 degrees forward argon-ion laser light scatter to estimate total cell size and 546 nm acridine orange fluorescence to approximate total cell dna content, were measured in a flow-through f ...197986575
cytofluorometric and cytochemical comparisons of normal and abnormal human cells from the female genital tract.acridine orange staining of exfoliated cells from epithelial tissues facilitates discrimination between normal and abnormal cells: abnormal cells develop highly elevated nuclear fluorescence. comparisons of acridine orange (ao) staining with propidium iodide (pi) or feulgen staining have shown that: (a) pi staining also provides highly elevated nuclear fluorescence from abnormal cells; (b) the distributions of nuclear fluorescence following ao or pi staining were usually not significantly differ ...197986579
interactions between pairs of dna-specific fluorescent stains bound to mammalian cells.the interactions between dna-specific fluorescence stains complexed with mitotic chinese hamster cells were studied by spectrofluorometric and flow fluorometric techniques. the degree of binding interactions and of energy transfer between stains was determined from the intensities and shapes of fluorescence emission spectra of cells complexed with pairs of stains. the stain pairs hoechst 33258-chromomycin a3, hoechst 33258-ethidium bromide, and chromomycin a3-ethidium bromide exhibited efficient ...200086583
acriflavine-feulgen stilbene staining: a procedure for automated cervical cytology with a television based system (leytas).a sample preparation and staining procedure for automated cytology with a tv based system (leytas) is described. it consists of a centrifugation technique and automated acriflavine-feulgen stilbene staining of cervical specimens. the advantages of using both the fluorescence and the absorption image of acriflavine-feulgen stilbene stained cervical cells for a television based system are discussed.200086584
ultrastructure of bacteroides species: bacteroides asaccharolyticus, bacteroides fragilis, bacteroides melaninogenicus subspecies melaninogenicus, and b. melaninogenicus subspecies intermedius.representative strains of two subspecies of bacteroides melaninogenicus (subspecies melaninogenicus and subspecies intermedius) and bacteroides asaccharolyticus as well as b. asaccharolyticus strain 536b isolated from a human perirectal abscess and bacteroides fragilis atcc 25285 were examined by glutaraldehyde-osmium fixation, ruthenium red fixation and staining, and thorium hydroxyde staining as well as by the physical preparative techniques of critical point drying--transmission electron micr ...197986590
the results of prostatectomy: a symptomatic and urodynamic analysis of 152 patients.there were 152 patients with prostatism investigated by inflow cystometry and pressure flow analysis of micturition before and after elective prostatectomy. many symptoms attributed to obstruction were found to be owing to bladder instability, which was demonstrated in 60 per cent of the patients. the symptomatic improvement postoperatively was accompanied by a decrease in the incidence of instability to 25 per cent. the repeat urodynamic studies and symptom analysis demonstrated a surgical succ ...200086617
research into lead pollution. 200086732
neutrophil cytochrome b in chronic granulomatous disease. 200086758
radiation doses after three mile island. 200086763
hla typing of amniotic-fluid cells applied to prenatal diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia. 200086789
[moyamoya disease(author's transl)]. 200086959
[prealbumin subfractions in brain tumors--with special reference to ontogenic changes (author's transl)]. 200086972
a new hla--c specificity (t9) in linkage disequilibrium with hla--b14. 200087025
definition of two ld antigens in rhesus monkeys.two rhesus (macaca mulatta) monkey lymphocyte-defined (ld) antigens have been identified using two typing cells as stiumlators in a one-way mixed leukocyte culture (mlc) assay. an analysis of the genetic behavior of these ld antigens in six rhesus monkey families revealed that both antigens were linked with rhla. one probable recombinant indicated that the ld locus lies outside the two known rhla-sd loci and the locus which controls the serum protein, properdin b(bf). these two antigens, ld1 and ...197987026
a permanent mounting medium for fungi. 200087039
academia ophthalmologica internationalis. 200087132
bleomycin.bleomycin was approved by the food and drug administration in 1975 for therapy against squamous cell carcinomas, testicular cancers, and malignant lymphomas. an extensive bibliography on this drug indicates that there is little evidence of activity against other malignancies. although initially used exclusively as a single agent, bleomycin has been considered recently for use in combination chemotherapy. because of associated toxicity involving the lung and mucous membranes, bleomycin should be ...200087142
gastric chemoceptive projections to fasciculus solitarius and its dipole field structure.the gastric branch of the vagus nerve, close to the stomach was stimulated electrically and the evoked potentials recorded from the fasciculus solitarius of frog within the stereotaxic coordinates p 4.1-4.6; l 0.5-0.8 and v 0.3-0.5. a predominantly monophasic negative potential, the amplitude (1.0-3.0 mv) of which rises with increase in stimulus strength up to 6 v, could be recorded. from the velocity of conduction (30 m/sec) it appears that the gastric afferent fibres belong to group a. the dep ...200087180
the effect of alpha-fetoprotein on the immune response. iv. effect of treatment with alpha-fetoprotein on mice infected with bacteria in various experimental conditions. 197887184
the nursing care and management of coronary artery grafts (revised). 200087189
similarity of casein- and endotoxin-induced, myeloma- associated and aged sjl/j amyloid in various strains of mice.amyloidosis was induced in a number of strains of mice by repeated injections of casein and endotoxin. spontaneous amyloid was obtained from balb/c mice bearing a myeloma tumor (igg2a producing mopc 173 tumor) and from aged sjl/j mice. both the induced and spontaneous forms were similar in their size, immunological reactivity, peptide maps and in the susceptibility of histological sections to oxidizing agents with or without trypsin digestion. since case-induced murine amyloid resembles the noni ...197987374
lateral and transmembrane redistribution of tissue-specific antigens in single cells and monolayers.tissue-specific antigens in the membranes of corneal endothelial cells react with anti-tissue antibodies only in metabolically active monolayers and dispersed cells. after metabolic inhibition by exposure of these preparations to cold, the antigen-antibody complexes, like free antigens, undergo transmembrane redistribution leading to their internalization by the cells. this transmembrane redistribution is reversible and can be followed by using fluorescein-labeled antibodies. reexpression of the ...197987377
correction of fallot's tetralogy after palliative operations.during the period 1960 to 1978, 98 patients underwent intracardiac repair of fallot's tetralogy after palliative operations. preoperative symptoms were cyanosis, dyspnea, increased fatigue with squatting and hypoxic spells. the hemoglobin concentration varied from 19 to 22 g/100 ml. at correction only 65 of 95 shunts were patent and needed surgical closure. seventeen early deaths occurred (19%), the main causes being cardiac failure and arrhythmia. one patient died 3 years after correction from ...200087399
moloney virus-induced cell surface antigens and histocompatibility antigens are located on distinct molecules. 197987439
inhibition of antibody production in plasmacytoma cells. iii. interactions of suppressive and nonsuppressive dnp conjugates with mopc 315 cells. 200087442
immune suppression in vivo with antigen-modified syngeneic cells. ii. t cell-mediated nonresponsiveness to fowl gamma-globulin.intravenous administration of syngeneic spleen cells coupled with the palmitoyl derivative of fowl gammma-globulin (p-f gamma g) results in a profound state of f gamma g-specific tolerance in c57bl/6 mice. administration of p-f gamma g coupled syngeneic cells specifically reduces both the primary and secondary hapten and carrier-specific pfc responses to tnp-f gamma g. since the haptenic response is affected, the tolerance functions at the level of the f gamma g-specific helper t cell. as few as ...197987447
evidence for shared idiotypy expressed by the igm, igg, and iga serum proteins of a patient with a complex multiple paraprotein disorder.the results of a comparative idiotypic analysis of multiple ig paraproteins isolated from the serum of an individual patient, ca, with sjögren's syndrome and waldenström's macroglobulinemia are reported. at initial presentation, ca serum was found to contain two major paraproteins, an igmkappa and an iggkappa, together with a small elevation in the level of iga protein. the patient's clinical course was characterized by dramatic and opposing changes in the respective serum levels of the igmkappa ...200087449
the action of strontium on basophil leukocytes and its use to probe the relationship between immunologic stimulus and secretory response.strontium will substitute for calcium in the activation of histamine secretion from human basophil leukocytes stimulated by an immunologic reaction or by the ionophore a23187. strontium is required in 10-fold higher concentration (1 to 10 mm) to activate histamine release compared with calcium (0.1 to 1.0 mm). in terms of maximum release obtainable for a particular immunologic stimulus, strontium is more effective than calcium. results are presented to show that calcium and strontium act at the ...197987471
pattern and flash visual evoked responses in multiple multiple sclerosis (ms), increase of delay may be important, but the earlier change is the behavior of the wave shape; amplitude is always lower even in ms patients without visual subjective symptomatology, provided not only flash but also pattern stimulation is performed. normal amplitude with pattern stimulation does not necessarily mean normal with flash. combining both stimulation methods, we obtained lowering of amplitude and change of wave shape in 100% of cases while latency was increa ...200087495
query necessity, cost-effectiveness of ivp to evaluate prostatism. 200087523
toxicity of pesticides. 200087527
[nursing report. programs for clinical training of adult nursing (surgical nursing)]. 200087545
antibody response against current h1n1 influenza virus after vaccination with last season's trivanent vaccine. 197887569
homocystinuria and oral contraceptives. 200087596
children with renal failure. 200087599
cure of aplastic anaemia in paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria by marrow transfusion from identical twin: failure of peripheral-leucocyte transfusion to correct marrow aplasia.the ability of syngeneic peripheral leucocytes to cure marrow aplasia was tested in a patient with paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (p.n.h.). transfusion of 7.1x10(10) white cells obtained by leucopheresis from an identical-twin donor, providing 3.4x10(4) myeloid progenitors (c.f.u.-c)/kg, failed to improve marrow function within two months. in contrast, transfusion of 1.3x10(10) nucleated bone-marrow cells, representing 6.4x10(4) c.f.u.-c/kg, from the same donor resulted in prompt bone-marr ...200087615
cadmium in shipham. 200087634
two-week postnatal examination of infants. 200087641
chewing releases mercury from fillings. 200087664
oestrogen therapy and endometrial carcinoma. 200187698
oestrogen therapy and endometrial carcinoma. 200187699
altering british attitudes to mobile coronary care. 200187709
gastrointestinal haemorrhage associated with diflunisal. 200187717
nelson's eye. 200187735
the rubella immunity gap. 200187741
correlation between computed tomographic values and liver iron content in thalassaemia major with iron tomographic (ct) scans of the liver were obtained in six thalassaemic patients with iron overload confirmed by liver biopsy. mean ct values for the liver in individual patients were linearly related to the iron content estimated by liver biopsy (correlation coefficient = 0.995).200187781
manipulation, osteopathy, and back pain. 200187812
peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis. 200187823
sputum-smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis: controlled trial of 3-month and 2-month regimens of chemotherapy.of 1072 chinese patients with radiographically active pulmonary tuberculosis and no microscopic evidence of acid-fast bacilli in sputum examinations, only 691 (64%) were sputum-culture negative. all patients were randomly allocated to selective chemotherapy (antituberculosis chemotherapy not being started until the activity of the disease had been confirmed), to daily streptomycin, isoniazid, rifampicin, and pyrazinamide for 2 months or 3 months, or to a standard 12-month control regimen. during ...197987829
new consultant contract. 200187861
sex ratio in glomerulonephritis. 200187939
george armitage. 200187943
minaxolone: a new water-soluble steroid anaesthetic.the induction characteristics of minaxolone, a water-soluble steroid anaesthetic, were studied in fit patients undergoing minor urological or gynaecological operations. minaxolone acted as rapidly as thiopentone. a dose of 0.25 mg kg-1 did not always produce anaesthesia in patients who had not received premedication but 0.5 mg kg-1 was an adequate dose. excitatory effects were less common with the higher doses of anaesthetic. these effects were usually slight and rarely interfered with the cours ...200187969
major malformations in infants born of women who worked in laboratories while pregnant. 200187979
prostatic acid phosphatase and prostatic cancer. 200188065
individual mice recognize the complex nature of h-2 antigens; unexpected reactions (anti-kk) in anti-balb/c-h-2d sera produced in the balb/c-h-2db mutant. 200188092
mlc and cmc reactivity and specificity of idiotype-specific lymphoid cells enriched for histocompatibility (h-2) antigens. 200188095
a new strategy to improve kidney graft survival: the induction of cml nonresponsiveness. 200188102
evaluation of the chloride and bromide salts of cetylpyridium for the transportation of sputum in tuberculosis bacteriology.the usefulness of cetylpyridium chloride and cetylpyridium bromide, at a final concentration of 1% in 1% solution of sodium chloride, for the transportation of sputum in tuberculosis bacteriology, was evaluated. it was found that these compounds did not alter the staining properties nor the viability of the tubercle bacilli for at least 14 days.197988109
[cystectomy as "ultima ratio" after failure of radiotherapy in bladder cancer (author's transl)].20 patients were cystectomized an average of 2 years after unsuccessful curative radiotherapy. this technically difficult procedure has a high mortality rate of about 10--20%. none of the patients survived more than 5 years, but improved quality of life was the main subjective impression. a tumor-free specimen -- the effect of radio-induced downstaging -- is no guarantee of long-term survival. 4 of 6 patients without histological tumor cells in the cystectomy or lymph node specimens died of meta ...200188112
[new data on glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans].the most important investigations on glycose aminoglycans and proteoglycans, carried out within the recent 5-7 years, are reviewed. data on primary structures repeating in glycose aminoglycans and on relationship between these biopolymers and protein components in proteoglycans are considered. newer information on conformational characteristics of glycose aminoglycans, various complexes aggregation of proteoglycans and distribution of the biopolymers in animal tissues and cells is discussed. pro ...200188130
coexistence of congenital auricular deformities with urogenital anomalies. 200188144
human corneal endothelium in organ culture. the influence of temperature and medium of incubation.forty-four human corneas from patients between 21 and 86 years were incubated in eagle's minimum essential medium with earle's salts 10--46 h post mortem. the influence of incubation temperature and composition of the medium on endothelial survival was evaluated. whole corneas were stained by alizarine red. recent cell loss was indicated by morphological alterations in the endothelial pattern. after 20--28 h of incubation minimum cell loss was found at 31 degrees c when 8% dextrane-250 and 20% s ...197988158
research needs in low vision.research needs are presented for several areas of low vision: (1) reading and learning, (2) new low-vision aids, (3) modifying the environment, (4) utilization of disciplines, (5) new technologies, and (6) integrating low-vision services.200188182
use of intraoperative gram stain during cholecystectomy. 197988186
tannic acid staining and extraction of enzymes in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. 200188190
denaturization of allergen p: effect on allergenicity, antigenicity and immunogenicity.when allergen p was denatured by 8m urea, the modified molecule still reacted with ige specific for the native allergen but not with hemagglutinating antibodies. heating at 100 degrees c abolished the reaction in both cases. the results suggested differences between allergenic and antigenic capacities which may be based on structural differences of the antigenic determinants.197988195
carcinoma of the esophagus: pretreatment assessment, correlation of radiation treatment parameters with survival, and identification and management of radiation treatment failure.between january 1969 and february 1975, 344 patients with carcinoma of the esophagus were managed primarily at the princess margaret hospital, toronto. one hundred sixty-eight (168) of the patients were treated palliatively and 176 of the patients were treated by radical doses of radiation, surgical resection or both. survival of the radical treatment group was biphasic, the steeper component being identical to the survival of the palliative treatment group, thereby representing a group of patie ...200188252
expression of endodermally derived and neural crest-derived differentiation antigens by human lung and colon tumors. 197988254
the effect of combination chemotherapy on neutrophil function in cancer patients.the effect of adjuvant and palliative combination chemotherapy (vincristine, meccnu, 5-fluorouracil) on neutrophil function was studied in 18 patients prior to and during the anticancer treatment. neutrophil responsiveness was assessed by leukocyte chemotaxis and chemiluminescence. no impairment could be observed in the circulating phagocyte function in either of the 2 groups before or in connection with short or long-term treatment.200188258
the role of p23,30-bearing human macrophages in antigen-induced t lymphocyte responses. 197988270
4th international workshop on human gene mapping. report of the committee on the genetic constitution of the x and y chromosomes. 197888299
rod-shaped organism in the liver of a patient with whipple's disease.histological review of a liver biopsy from a patient with known whipple's disease revealed a prominence of kupffer cells containing pas-positive granules. electron microscopy revealed rod-shaped organisms in the kupffer cells but the presence of these structures were not associated with overt liver injury. this is thought to be the first reported demonstration of these bacillary bodies in this location.200188317
spinal evoked potential in man: a maturational study.summated evoked potentials to peroneal nerve stimulation which arise in the cauda equina and spinal cord afferent pathways were recorded from surface electrodes placed over the spine of 95 infants, children and adults. the conduction velocity of these potentials from lumbar to cervical recording sites was calculated. additionally, segmental conduction velocities over peroneal nerve, caudal and rostral spinal cord were determined. in all age groups the speed of conduction up the spine was non-lin ...197988331
isolation of antibodies specific for the carbohydrate binding site of concanavalin a. 200188373
electroimmunoassay of factor ix in patients with liver damage and vitamin k unresponsive coagulation disorder.factor ix antigen and activity were assayed in a group of patients with liver disease and in a group of patients in coumarin therapy. in patients with liver disease there was a similar decrease in activity and antigen. on the other hand factor ix activity is decreased in coumarin treatment with factor ix antigen remaining normal. factor ix electrophoretic mobility in liver disease is normal.200188391
[the problem of hepatic dysfunction of the diagnosis of hypernephroid kidney carcinomas (stauffer syndrome)].in 43 patients with histologically proved hypernephroid kidney cancer evaluation of the electrophoretic results, serum alkaline phosphatase, thromboplastin time (quick's time) and bromthalein retention (n = 10) was carried out. as a control group the serum values of 10 patients with clinical tentative diagnosis of hypernephroid kidney cancer were checked; in this group operation and histological examination showed no kidney tumor. only in one patient we found the typical constellation with eleva ...200188402
nucleolar organizing regions of human chromosomes.silver-stained cells from 49 parents with a history of several abortions were compared with cells from 35 parents with normal liveborn children. the modal and mean number of silver-stained nors (ag-nors) observed on d- or g-group chromosomes was similar in both groups and between males and females. ag-nors were randomly distributed on all five acrocentric pairs. the distribution and size of ag-nors within an individual was not random and was fairly consistent from cell to cell. the mean number o ...197988410
enigma of disodium cromoglycate action on mast rat peritoneal mast cells, disodium cromoglycate showed no inhibitory effect on histamine release values if the cells were preincubated with the drug for 40 min prior to stimulation with antigen, compound 48/80 or atp. if the drug was added simultaneously with antigen or a low dose of compound 48/80, a repression of histamine release occurred. no such effect was noted if atp was employed as histamine liberator.197988418
genetic control of in vivo immunity to tumor-specific transplantation antigens of chemically induced murine fibrosarcomas. 200188423
testicular biopsy for infertility: a review of sixty-eight cases with a simplified histologic classification of lesions.sixty-eight testicular biopsies (29 bilateral and 39 unilateral) done for evaluation of oligospermia and azoospermia are reviewed. a simplified classification of the histologic lesions observed is proposed. a brief discussion of the etiology and pathogenesis of some of these lesions is included.200188424
tumor-specific immunity induced by somatic hybrids. ii. elicitation of enhanced immunity against the parent plasmacytoma.hybrid cells derived from fusion of a balb/c plasmacytoma (tepc-15) and l cells (c3h origin) were used to stimulate tumor-specific immunity against the parental plasmacytoma cells. live hybrid cells induced tumor-specific immunity against tepc-15 more effectively than mitomycin-treated hybrid or tepc-15 tumor cells. adoptive transfer of immunity with spleen cells of mice immunized with hybrid cells was also more effective than that with mitomycin-treated tumor cells. the immunity induced by the ...200188483
ischemic lesions of the hippocampus and their relation to ammon's horn sclerosis. a neuropathological study of two cases and a comparison to the vascular anatomy.two adult brains with small ischemic lesions in the hippocampus, due to impairment of the supply from the posterior cerebral artery, are presented. the first case corresponds to what is described in the literature as "incisural sclerosis" and shows no difference in vulnerability between the sommer and the spielmeyer sector. in the second case the hippocampal lesion is due to an embolic occlusion of the posterior cerebral artery and consists of selective necrosis of the subiculum, the sommer sect ...200188508
adolescent sexuality and adolescent fertility. 200188559
laboratory tests for multiple sclerosis. 200188561
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