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statistical evaluation of the paper-disc plate method for neomycin assay. 195524543477
the pathogenicity of klebsiella pneumoniae for mice: the relationship to the quantity and rate of production of type-specific capsular polysaccharide. 195613376521
an enzyme produced by a phage-host cell system. i. the properties of a klebsiella phage. 195613392518
an enzyme produced by a phage-host cell system. ii. the properties of the polysaccharide depolymerase. 195613392519
klebsiella pneumoniae (friedländer's bacillus) infections in infancy. 195613314667
studies of the bactericidal action of phagocytin.the bactericidal activity of phagocytin on gram-negative enteric bacilli is influenced by the reaction of the medium; the more acid the environment, the more marked is the activity. phagocytin exerts approximately the same action whether citrate, acetate, or phosphate salts are used as buffer, and the addition of glucose, casein hydrolysate, or cation binding agents does not produce notable change. although proteins in general have but little effect, the inclusion in the medium of a high concent ...195613319581
reversible changes in the susceptibility of mice to bacterial infections. i. changes brought about by injection of pertussis vaccine or of bacterial endotoxins.mice were injected intraperitoneally with one of the following bacterial products having endotoxin activity: pertussis vaccine, a suspension of heat-killed cells of klebsiella pneumoniae (type c), or a purified lipopolysaccharide prepared from cultures of salmonella typhosa. following treatment with either one of these materials, the animals were infected intravenously with virulent cultures of coagulase-positive staphylococci, with bovine tubercle bacilli, or friedländer bacilli. the effect of ...195613332180
reversible changes in the susceptibility of mice to bacterial infections. ii. changes brought about by nutritional disturbances.a study has been made of the time variations in the susceptibility of albino mice to experimental infections with klebsiella pneumoniae, staphylococcus aureus, and mycobacterium tuberculosis. susceptibility to infection was determined by two criteria: (a) mortality rates following intravenous injection of a known infective dose; (b) numbers of bacterial colonies that could be recovered from the tissues of the infected animals at various times after infection. when measured in terms of either one ...195613332181
[increased incidence of klebsiella pneumoniae in premature and newborn infant wards]. 195613335188
respiratory infections due to klebsiella pneumoniae. 195613356731
cholecystitis, septicemia, and cystitis due to klebsiella pneumoniae. 195613361122
loss of efficient import and thylakoid insertion due to n- and c-terminal deletions in the light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b binding protein.c-terminally truncated precursors of wheat light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b binding protein (lhcp) were synthesized to investigate the origin of the two forms (about 25 kd and 26 kd) of the mature protein observed upon in vitro import into the chloroplast. precursors p delta 13 and p delta 27, lacking 13 and 27 amino acids, respectively, were successfully imported, and both gave rise to two smaller forms proportional to the size of their deletions. these results demonstrate that there are two n- ...19562136634
experimental arthritis. ii. studies with c14-labeled polysaccharide complexes of klebsiella pneumoniae, type b. 195713410315
klebsiella pneumonia meningitis; successful treatment of adult case with cortisone and antibacterial agents. 195713430592
[klebsiella enzootic in a mouse strain]. 195713432720
the decapsulation phenomenon of klebsiella pneumoniae. 195713449045
spinal epidural abscess due to friedlander's bacillus. 195713451886
[effect of small x-ray doses on experimental septicemia induced by bacterium pneumoniae friedländer. i. effect of small doses administered after infection; post-irradiation]. 195713467543
[effect of small x-ray dose on experimental bacterium pneumoniae friedlander septicemia. ii. effect of small dose x-ray total body irradiation previous to a subcutaneous infection (preliminary irradiation)]. 195713467556
[hepatocholangitis with friedländer's bacilli]. 195713516065
[septic infection in newborn infants caused by klebsiella pneumoniae]. 195713524679
[klebsiella pneumoniae infections]. 195713528569
[eosinophilic pleurisy; allergy to friedländer's pneumobacillus]. 195813546973
influence of inoculum size on antibiotic assays by the agar diffusion technique with klebsiella pneumoniae and streptomycin. 195813563396
studies of the oral flora in experimental airborne infection: klebsiella pneumoniae as an indicator organism. 195813575856
susceptibility to respiratory infections of animals exposed to ozone. i. susceptibility to klebsiella pneumoniae. 195813588065
the relationship between insusceptibility to phagocytosis and virulence of certain klebsiella pneumoniae strains. 195813588067
[the fate of bacteria introduced into the peritoneal cavity of the guinea pig]. 195813597380
[research on the capsular and somatic antigens of klebsiella (friedländer's bacillus)]. 195813598896
[effect of gamma rays on friedlander's bacillus capsule]. 195813622075
[neonatal pneumonia caused by klebsiella pneumoniae]. 195913633384
the binding of c14 labelled bacterial polysaccharide to serum proteins. 195913652945
3. the alleged rapid adaptation to proflavine resistance in bacterium lactis aerogenes. (syn. aerobacter aerogenes, klebsiella pneumoniae). 195913654731
[effect of cortisone on spreading of bacteria from the primary focus of infection and on permeability of ground substance]. 195913658068
experimental klebsiella pneumonia in mice with particular reference to periarterial changes. 195913820512
[chronic bronchopneumonia with disseminated foci caused by klebsiella pneumoniae (clinico-radiological contribution)]. 195913840926
[on microbiology of klebsiella pneumoniae friedlaenderi]. 195913847991
effect of dietary proteins and amino acids on the susceptibility of mice to bacterial infections.young mice were maintained for periods of 1 to 6 weeks on experimental diets containing all known growth factors, but differing in their protein and amino acid contents. all diets were supplemented with l-cystine. the effect of the nutritional regimen on infection was tested by inoculating the animals with either one of four pathogens (mycobacterium tuberculosis var. bovis, mycobacterium fortuitum, staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae type c), and by observing the survival time. the infe ...195914442313
dynamic intraventricular obstruction during dobutamine stress echocardiography. a new observation.the implications of hypotension occurring during dobutamine stress echocardiography have not been elucidated. we observed in some patients that hyperdynamic left ventricular function developed during dobutamine stress echocardiography and hypothesized that intracavitary obstruction was occurring and might account for hypotension in some patients.19591423956
specific and non-specific immunity in experimental cryptococcosis in mice.the course of lethal cryptococcosis in mice was modified by immunization with the same strain or different strains of cryptococcus neoformans. protection was associated with a definite decrease in tissue fungus multiplication over the initial 7 days of infection. such immunity was species-specific and did not protect against heterologous challenge with staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, or mycobacterium tuberculosis. similar modification of lethal cryptococcosis was produced by intrap ...196013763700
[morphological changes in klebsiella pneumoniae under the influence of antibiotics and sulfathiazole]. 196014408917
[study of a pathogenic strain of klebsiella pneumoniae isolated in a dog]. 196013709648
[septicemia caused by klebsiella pneumoniae. study of 5 cases]. 196013713565
the diminution of variation in bacterial populations with special reference to klebsiella pneumoniae and drug resistance. 196113716660
[on a case of purulent meningitis from klebsiella pneumoniae in a newborn infant]. 196113742967
[an outbreak of klebsiella pneumoniae infections studied in the hospital infantil de mexico]. 196113906662
klebsiella pneumonia (friedlander's pneumonia). report of 2 cases. 196113692967
genetic studies with klebsiella pneumoniae. 196113693883
pharmacology and chemotherapy of ampicillin--a new broad-spectrum penicillin.the pharmacology and chemotherapy of a new penicillin, 6[d(-)-alpha-aminophenylacetamido] penicillanic acid, are described. it is non-toxic, is absorbed orally and is distributed throughout the body in a manner similar to other penicillins. it is eliminated unchanged from the body in high concentrations in the bile and urine. almost all of the antibiotic can be accounted for in the urine and intestinal contents 2 hr after intramuscular administration but not after oral administration. it is conc ...196213859205
the effect of diet on the fecal bacterial flora of mice and on their resistance to infection.a study was made of the effect of certain dietary regimens on the lactobacillus flora in the stools of mice and on their resistance to infection. semi-synthetic diets with purified casein or wheat gluten as sole source of protein, gave rise to much smaller numbers of viable lactobacilli in the stools than did other diets containing unidentified natural products-as present for example in mixtures of whole wheat and whole milk, or in certain commercial pellets. furthermore, one of the lactobacillu ...196213888074
instability of capsulation in a strain of klebsiella pneumoniae. 196214021560
the role of immunity in the pathogenesis of experimental hematogenous pyelonephritis.hematogenous pyelonephritis was produced in rats utilizing multiple strains of escherichia coli, a strain of klebsiella pneumoniae, and a strain of proteus mirabilis. three patterns of hematogenous pyelonephritis occurred which represent an interrelationship between an immune response to the infecting bacteria and the development of obstructive uropathy as a consequence of infection. first, the course of pyelonephritis due to strains of escherichia coli was acute, self-limited, and associated wi ...196214496914
a report of a case of klebsiella pneumoniae arthritis and a review of extrapulmonary klebiella infections. 196214005470
[on otitis media produced by klebsiella pneumoniae]. 196214009248
continuous infusion of beta-lactam antibiotics. 19621482127
anti-cd3 antibody induces unresponsiveness to il-2 in th1 clones but not in th2 clones.culture of murine t cells with immobilized (platebound) anti-cd3 antibody results in autocrine growth factor secretion in both th1 (il-2 producing) and th2 (il-4 producing) cells. using a panel of murine t cell clones, we demonstrate that the il-2-induced proliferation of th1 clones is dramatically inhibited by immobilized anti-cd3 antibody, whereas that of th2 clones is not. this unresponsiveness of th1 clones to il-2 is not due to decreases in il-2r expression. supernatants from th1 or th2 cel ...19622137485
pleurobiliary fistula complicated by klebsiella pneumoniae infection. 196314017451
ornithocholanic acids and cholelithiasis in man.ornithocholanic acids and small soft gall stones were found in the bile of patients from which klebsiella pneumoniae was also isolated. cholelithiasis may be initiated by metabolic disturbances in the conjugation of bile acids in liver tissue and the subsequent precipitation of cholesterol and bile pigment.196314057376
[on an infectious episode due to klebsiella pneumoniae with oculo-meningeal localization in a premature infant department]. 196314108826
klebsiella pneumonia with pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum and pneumoperitoneum. 196313950138
capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae type a (strain 1265). 196313966698
immunologic paralysis produced in mice by klebsiella pneumoniae type 2 polysaccharide. 196313966828
regulation of the rate of synthesis of messenger ribonucleic acid by growth hormone. 19644158251
the effect of adrenalectomy on the metabolism of the mammary glands of lactating rats. 19644378736
changes in liver nucleotide concentrations in experimental liver injury. 2. acute ethanol poisoning. 19644378748
compound 84/f 1983 compared with d-amphetamine and placebo in regard to effects on human performance. 19644378595
lysogenic klebsiella pneumoniae strains of capsular serotype 2(b). 19645852160
klebsiella pneumoniae meningitis. report of a case and review of the literature. 196414109017
studies on the heterologous immunogenicity of a menthanol-insoluble fraction of attenuated tubercle bacilli (bcg). i. antimicrobial protection.small quantities of the non-toxic residue of phenol-killed, acetone-washed, and methanol-extracted tubercle bacilli of the bcg strain conferred a high degree of resistance on mice against otherwise lethal experimental infection with klebsiella pneumoniae and with a number of other pathogenic bacteria. the heightened resistance reached a peak within 24 hours after administration of the fraction, but was already discernible immediately thereafter. a period of reduced resistance was not observed. t ...196414113115
[microbial growth curves of staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli, and streptococcus faecalis on guinea pig plasma]. 196414145442
effects of space cabin environments on resistance of mice to infection with klebsiella pneumoniae. techn docum rep no. sam-tdr-64-9. 196414153742
a new selective blood agar medium for streptococcus pyogenes and other haemolytic blood agar containing polymyxin b sulphate, neomycin sulphate, and fusidic acid inhibited the growth of staph. aureus, ps. pyocyanea, proteus mirabilis, e. coli, and klebsiella pneumoniae but allowed good growth of, and haemolysis by, str. pyogenes. in a comparison with blood agar, blood 4% agar, and gentian violet blood agar, the selective medium (p.n.f.) yielded a significantly higher proportion of streptococci than the other media, both by aerobic and by anaerobic culture, from burn swa ...196414159449
unusual forms of klebsiella pneumoniae found at unfavorable incubation temperatures. 196414187501
klebsiella pneumonia. a review of forty-five and re-evaluation of the incidence and antibiotic sensitivities. 196414230960
resistance-enhancing activity of culture filtrates of mycobacterium tuberculosis.hedgecock, loyd w. (veterans administration hsopital, st. louis, mo.). resistance-enhancing activity of culture filtrates of mycobacterium tuberculosis. j. bacteriol. 88:1349-1355. 1964.-it was demonstrated that filtrates of cultures of mycobacterium tuberculosis exhibit resistance-enhancing activity against infection with klebsiella pneumoniae and diplococcus pneumoniae. resistance was demonstrable when the culture filtrate was injected 3 hr prior to challenge with k. pneumoniae, and reached th ...196414234792
evaluation of colistin in the treatment of respiratory infections in dogs.thirty cases of respiratory infections in adult dogs were treated with colistimethate sodium. e. coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae, paracolobactrum sp., and aerobacter aerogenes responded to therapy, whereas proteus sp., streptococcus faecalis, streptococcus pyogenes, and staphylococcus aureus were resistant to treatment.196417649529
erythema multiforme-like eruptions: a rare side effect of topical immunotherapy with diphenylcyclopropenone.we report 3 cases of erythema multiforme following topical application of diphenylcyclopropenone (dcp) for the treatment of alopecia areata. this eruption represents a rare side effect which could be controlled with corticosteroids given both systemically and topically. when this unusual reaction occurred, treatment with dcp was stopped. in one of the patients, subsequent topical immunotherapy with squaric acid dibutylester was not complicated by this side effect and resulted in complete hair re ...19642137800
[envenomation by echis carinatus in africa: clinical study and evolution. indications for antivenins].in north cameroon, venom inoculations by echis carinatus are frequent and severe and thus pose a serious problem at public health services. 48 bites without antivenomous serum injection have been considered in garoua, benoue valley north cameroon. without antivenomous serum light inoculations heal spontaneous by in a couple of days about 20% of the average clinical forms are evoluting insidiously to severe globulolysis. the great majority of severe inoculations lead to dreadful hemorrhagic threa ...19641494310
chloramphenicol and l-phenylalanine therapy in experimental klebsiella pneumoniae infection in mice. 19655858683
[klebsiella pneumoniae in acute respiratory processes in infants]. 19655896854
[on the enzymatic organization of energy metabolism in normal guinea pig skin. ii. determination of enzyme activity in energy metabolism]. 19654378735
the maintenance of a life support atmosphere in sealed systems. 19654378515
a novel mass culture of entamoeba histolytica on nutrient agar. 19654284048
a novel mass culture of entamoeba histolytica on nutrient agar. 19654284048
comparison of the effects of 1-norepinephrine, angiotensin, dipyridamole, digitoxin, and reserpine on the regional distribution of coronary blood flow. 19654284305
[on the effect of dithiocarbamic acid derivatives on the enzymatic activity of cytochrome oxidase, succinic dehydrogenase and catalase]. 19654285002
hydrophobic interactions in the binding of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide to yeast alcohol dehydrogenase. 19654285169
hydrophobic interactions in the binding of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide to yeast alcohol dehydrogenase. 19654285169
studies on the development, biochemistry, and biology of experimental hepatomas. 19654285261
[transmission in vitro to normal chicken cells of a specific antigen by association with rat tumor cells induced by rous sarcoma virus]. 19654285315
[studies on the dermotoxins of the 6 clostridium welchii types in rabbits]. 19654287430
[experimental leukemia: a study of the rauscher virus disease in the mouse and rat]. 19654287475
estimation and quantification of myocardial contractility in the closed-chest dog. 19654285945
[bioassay and immunoassay of acth]. 19654286028
actinomycin synthesis in washed cells of streptomyces antibioticus. 19654158638
[immunochemical analysis of the products of bovine gamma-globulin digestion with papain]. 19654163284
experimentally induced myasthenia-like syndrome and thymomas. 19654158028
conversion of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate to androst-5-enediol-3-sulfate by soluble extracts of rat testis. 19654222780
[on hemolytic jaundice in karakul sheep]. 19654225299
[klebsiella pneumonia with endotoxin shock]. 196514258108
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