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osmotic flow of water in isolated frog gastric mucosa.a gravimetric procedure was used to measure net volume flow across bullfrog gastric mucosa mounted between chambers. a portion of the net volume flow towards the lumen was coupled to acid production. with an isotonic solution instilled on the luminal surface, the secreted acidity (ratio of increase in acid output to increase in volume flow) was hypertonic, in agreement with previous reports in mammalian stomach. dilution of the secretory solution to 10% of normal nearly abolished the net volume ...199835007
enzymes of agmatine degradation and the control of their synthesis in klebsiella aerogenes.the degradation of agmatine to succinate by klebsiella aerogenes occurs in five steps. the enzyme catalyzing the first step, agmatinase, is induced by agmatine. the enzymes catalyzing the second and third steps, putrescine aminotransferase and 4-aminobutyraldehyde dehydrogenase, are induced by putrescine and also by their product, 4-aminobutyrate. the enzymes catalyzing the fourth and fifth steps, 4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase and succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase, are induced by 4-aminobu ...197935512
relation between the adenylylation state of glutamine synthetase and the expression of other genes involved in nitrogen metabolism.we have partially characterized the biochemical parameters of glutamine synthetase from klebsiella pneumoniae and have shown that the differential affinity of adenylylated and unadenylylated glutamine synthetase for adenosine diphosphate provides a convenient means of determining the adenylylation state. using this assay procedure, we examined the relationship between the adenylylation state and the expression of other genes involved in nitrogen assimilation. we observed no correlation between t ...197935515
intradermal responses to common bacterial antigens: influences of sex and clinical condition.intradermal responses to antigens of 12 common bacteria were evaluated in 218 dermatologic and 155 respiratory patients. women responded more frequently than men and respiratory patients responded significantly more frequently than dermatologic patients to certain antigens. interpretation of interspecies associations of responses suggested that certain organisms may be key species in the development of bacterial hypersensitivity.197937788
ps-5, a new beta-lactam antibiotic. ii. antimicrobial, a new beta-lactam antibiotic, has relatively potent antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, especially the enterobacter groups, serratia marcescens, the proteus groups and klebsiella pneumoniae. the activity of ps-5 against many beta-lactamase-producing organisms is greater than that of cefoxitin or cefazolin. ps-5 has good therapeutic activity in mice infected with staphylococcus aureus smith or enterobacter cloacae 45.197938238
detection of experimental bacteremia and fungemia by examination of buffy coat prepared by a micromethod.rabbits received intravenous injections of bacteria or fungi, and a comparison was made of the abilities of broth cultures, plating after dilution either in saline solution or in distilled water containing triton x-100, and buffy coat examinations to detect the organisms in heart blood. the most sensitive method was broth culture. by microscopy or subculture of buffy coat cells prepared by centrifugation of blood in microhematocrit tubes, organisms were rapidly and regularly detected when their ...197938662
the role of bacterial interference in the increased prevalence of oropharyngeal gram-negative bacilli among alcoholics and diabetics.the oral flora of alcoholics, diabetics, and normal control subjects were compared using an agar overlay technique to determine whether the increased prevalence of oropharyngeal gram-negative bacilli among alcoholics and diabetics exists because patients with these diseases have decreased numbers of normal inhibitory bacteria in the oropharynx. alcoholics generally had slightly lower concentrations of inhibitory bacteria than control subjects, and diabetics had somewhat higher concentrations tha ...197939482
evidence for pili-mediated adherence of klebsiella pneumoniae to rat bladder epithelial cells in vitro.the possible role of pili in the pathogenesis of urinary tract infections caused by klebsiella pneumoniae was studied in an in vitro mixture of a phosphate-buffered saline suspension of rat bladder epithelial cells and phosphate-buffered saline-washed k. pneumoniae. nonpiliated and piliated populations derived from a single k. pneumoniae strain were obtained by controlling the total time of growth in broth medium. the piliated phase demonstrated a significant increase in adherence when compared ...197939895
the interaction between microorganisms and their growth environment [proceedings]. 197940531
glutamine synthetase mutations which affect expression of nitrogen fixation genes in klebsiella pneumoniae.previous studies have implicated glutamine synthetase (l-glutamate:ammonia ligase [adenosine diphosphate for-ing], ec as a major controlling element of the nitrogen fixation (nif) genes in klebsiella pneumoniae. we report here the isolation of a new class of k. pneumoniae mutants which exhibit altered patterns of nif and hut (histidine utlization) regulation. the expression of nif in these mutants, which were isolated as gln+ (glutamine nonrequiring) revertants of a particular glna muta ...197940960
interferon and cytotoxic factor (cytotoxin) released in the blood of mice infected with mycobacterium bovis bcg. i. enhanced production of interferon and appearance of cytotoxin stimulated by capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae or bacterial lipopolysaccharide.interferon production stimulated by the active substance (neutral fraction) of the capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae (neutral cps-k) in bcg-infected mice was compared with that by bacterial lipopolysaccharide (lps). prior infection with bcg increased the responsiveness of mice to the lethal effect of neutral cps-k as well as to that of lps. associated with this, bcg-infected mice showed a markedly enhanced ability to produce interferon after stimulation not only by lps but also by ...197941163
evolution of enzyme structure.three-dimensional structures of enzymes offer evidence about their evolution. there are clear examples of divergent families (e.g. mammalian serine proteases) and convergence (e.g. chymotrypsin and subtilisin). topological similarities in dehydrogenases may reflect an ancient divergence or merely chemical constraints on protein architectures. further experimental evidence is desirable to back up arguments based on molecular morphology. by growing microorganisms on novel foodstuffs in a chemostat ...197942054
[utilization of maltose during shorttime parenteral nutrition (author's transl)].twelve metabolically healthy patients, who had to undergo cholecystectomy or gastric resection, were fed intermittently by the parenteral route (via veins of the upper limbs) post-operatively up to and including the 2nd post-operative day with a combined maltose-glucose solution in parallel with an 8% mixture of crystalline l-aminoacids. at an administration rate of 150 g maltose/day and 250 g glucose/day with the simultaneous administration of 80 g aminoacids, the mean carbohydrate utilisation ...199442894
antigenic variation in klebsiella.the serological reactions of klebsiella strains repeatedly isolated from four patients were examined. variations in capsular antigens of strains from the same patient were mainly restricted to slight changes in the titre of quellung reactions and occasionally differences in cross-reactions were noted. in one case a strain reacted more strongly with a heterologous antiserum than with homologous antiserum after it had been resident in the bowel of a patient for five weeks. no significant antigenic ...197944943
incompatibility of r plasmids from clinical material.thirteen r plasmids derived from strains of e enterobacteriaceae isolated from clinical material have been characterized. they belonged to many incompatibility groups and differ widely respecting other phenotypic characteristics, even if they come from bacteria isolated from a small geographic area.197944944
[universal laser epidiaprojector in the clinical laboratory]. 199345960
letter: a cure for dangerous fever. 199346067
fine structure and distribution of extracellular polymer surrounding selected aerobic bacteria.the structure and distribution of extracellular polymer surrounding bacillus circulans, diplococcus (streptococcus) pneumoniae, streptococcus salivarius, staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, herella vaginacola (acinetobacter calcoaceticus), and agrobacterium tumefaciens were studied by electron microscopy. a modified ruthenium red staining procedure was used to examine the fine structure of capsule and slime. freeze-etching and critical-point drying were used to ...197546774
letter: in-vitro minocycline activity against tetracycline-resistant staphylococcus aureus. 197547049
letter: sex-chromosome loss in human tumours. 197547450
release of proteolytic enzymes in bile-induced pancreatitis in dogs.pancreatitis was induced by injection of autologous bile into the main pancreatic duct of dogs. an initial fall in blood pressure was accompanied by appearance of large quantities of active trypsin, chymotrypsin, and elastase in pancreatic exudate with full saturation of protease inhibitors. the enzymes soon appeared in ascitic fluid and lymph, but only in the form of complexes with alpha1-antitrypsin, and alpha2-macroglobulin. no such complexes were detected in venous blood indicating short hal ...197550958
[primary malignant tumors of the biliary tract (author's transl)]. 199151571
[bacteriological studies of butirosin sulfate, a new aminoglycoside antibiotic (author's transl)]. 197551941
an evaluation of some commerical romanowsky stains.the staining properties of 43 commerical romanowsky-type stains have been studied. considerable differences in the appearance of stained blood films were observed with different batches of these stains, the staining of red cells being particularly variable. attempts have been made to correlate staining patterns with stain composition as revealed by thin-layer chromatography and sulphated ash analyses. in this way it has been possible to define some essential requirements for satisfactory stainin ...199152658
24-hour control of intragastric acidity by cimetidine in duodenal-ulcer patients.the effects of two dose regimens of cimetidine on 24 h intragastric acidity were investigated in six patients with duodenal ulcer. they received placebo capsules on the first day and cimetidine on the second day. cimetidine 0-8 g/day decreased 24 h mean h+ activity by 55% but 1-6 g/day decreased it by 67%, the difference being due to a greater nocturnal decrease in the high-dose group. intragastric ph remained below 2-0 for much of the treatment day but similar values were found in four post-vag ...199053554
cell-mediated immune response in mice treated with steroidal contraceptives.the splenomegaly assay (simonsen, 1962) was standardized using different strains of rats and mice. male wistar rat (donor)-female swiss mouse (host) was found to be the suitable combination that could be employed in subsequent experiments to study the potential of contraceptive steroids to alter cmir. the index of splenomegaly appeared to increase in case of mice treated with combination oral contraceptives (ovulen, ovral or enovid). the differences observed, however, neared significance only in ...197555327
the effect of various contraceptive hormonal therapies in women with normal and diabetic oral glucose tolerance test.the effect of various contraceptive hormonal therapies was studied in 176 women with normal and diabetic oral glucose tolerance tests (ogtts). 160 women showed normal and 16 showed diabetic patterns on the 14th day of a control cycle, during the 3rd and 6th months of contraceptive therapy, and 3 months after having stopped medication. the women were divided into groups and fitted with a lippes loop, treated with low doses of chlormadinone acetate, lynestrenol, and megestrol acetate or with a seq ...200155331
cellular aspects of non-specific stimulation of antibody production by capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae. 197657096
a serial study of pregnancy proteins in primigravidae.the plasma concentrations from four 'pregnancy proteins' and three steroid hormones have been measured throughout pregnancy in 15 primigravidae. two of the proteins, human placental lactogen (hpl) and pregnancy-specific beta1-glycoprotein (psbetag), are specific for pregnancy and correlate well with the stage of gestation. it is suggested that measurement of psbetag may be useful in assessing feto-placental wellbeing. neither of the pregnancy-associated proteins, steriod-binding beta-globulin (s ...197657799
current questions on the tumour-associated antigens of chemically-induced tumours ii. in search of practical uses.with special reference to tumours which were chemically-induced in animals, we present a brief review on the applicability of the results obtained, as to immunoprophylaxis and to immunotherapy. a search is made onto what are the mostly representative animal models for human studies. from the present available data, experimental chemically-induced bladder and colonic tumours seem to be the "best" models for human counterparts.197657809
deposition of substances within hydrophilic class of hydrophilic lens deposits appears as small, discreted spots under low magnification. higher magnification of cross sections reveals partially crystalline structures which actually extend into the lens matrix. histochemical stains indicate the presence of tear film components within these deposits.200059549
accuracy of preoperative estimation of resection weight in transurethral a prospective study of 150 consecutive transurethral resections of the prostate gland the preoperative estimate of gland weight was compared to the actual resected weight. the data revealed a wide variation between estimated and actual weight in all size glands.200159821
the contribution of plasma protease inhibitors to antiplasmin activity in man.1. human plasma contains a variety of proteins that are capable of inhibiting plasmin activity. whole plasma possesses 'rapid' and 'progressive' plasmin-neutralizing activity: this study assesses the contribution of individual protease inhibitors to this plasmin-neutralizing property of plasma. 2. rapid and progressive antiplasmin activities of human plasma correlate with alpha2-macroglobulin and alpha1-antitrypsin concentrations respectively. 3. fluctuations in the amounts of the other measured ...197660190
[drug therapy of incurable patients]. 200160208
membrane manipulation and cancer chemotherapy. 200164671
poisoning from mercury vapour. 200164816
poisoning from mercury vapour. 200164816
14c-glycholic-acid breath-test. 200164839
lead hazard in asian eye cosmetic. 200164849
pathogenesis of respiratory klebsiella pneumoniae infection in rats: bacteriological and histological findings and metabolic alterations.gram-negative bacterial pneumonias have been increasingly important as nosocomial infections. the following model was developed to study the pathogenesis and evaluate therapy of such infections. intranasal instillation of rats with a suspension of 5 x 10(6) klebsiella pneumoniae caused bronchopneumonia with 24 h. bacteria were isolated from the lungs in large numbers (greater than 10(5) colony-forming units [cfu] for at least 13 days after inoculation. thereafter, the viable concentration decrea ...197766201
klebsiella meningitis treated with intrathecal amikacin. 197769095
[effectiveness of intranasal immunization with myxovirus influenzae neuraminidase in mice].an intranasal immunization with a a/pr8/34-isolated na, protected mice as well as the whole virus and a/hong kong/1/68 virus against a subsequent infection with mice-adaptated a/pr8/34 strain.197769501
a polyvalent human gamma-globulin immune to pseudomonas aeruginosa: passive protection of mice against lethal a means to development of guidelines for therapeutic application to human disease, preparations of human polyvalent gamma-globulin immune to pseudomonas aeruginosa (pg) were studied in acute infections in mice. pg was highly effective in controlling lethal infections induced in mice by the major immunotypes of p. aeruginosa; greater than or equal to 10 microgram of of gamma-globulin per mouse protected against challenge with less than or equal to 10(6) 50% lethal doses of p. aeruginosa. pg wa ...197770492
[experimental sensitizing activity of neisseria perflava].in experiments conducted on guinea pigs the sensitizing activity of neisseria perflava isolated from the mucous membranes of the bronchi of patients with infectious asthma was studied. a possibility of reproducing active skin anaphylaxis after ovary and of the contraction-test of the tracheal-chain by the neisseria antigens was shown. neisseria perflava was found to possess a greater sensitizing activity than staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumoniae inhabiting the bronchi of patients with ...197771172
immunological study of the regulation of cellular arylsulfatase synthesis in klebsiella aerogenes.regulation of cellular arylsulfatase synthesis in klebsiella aerogenes was analyzed by immunological techniques. antibody directed against the purified arylsulfatase from k. aerogenes w70 was obtained from rabbits and characterized by immunoelectrophoresis, double-diffusion, quantitative precipitation, and enzyme neutralization tests. arylsulfatase was located in the periplasmic space when the wild-type strain was cultured with methionine or with inorganic sulfate plus tyramine, but not with ino ...197772063
[detection among "e. aerogenes" strains of capsular antigens related to those of "klebsiella". interest of growth in metahydroxybenzoate to differenciate "e. aerogenes" and "k. pneumoniae" (author's transl)].forty-three strains of e. aerogenes isolated chiefly in morocco and france have been studied. thirty-five strains (81%) are surrounded with a thin capsule, antigenically related to klebsiella capsular antigens: k4 (2 strains), k4, 59 (1 strain), k11 (2 strains), k26 (7 strains), k42 (5 strains), k59 (3 strains), k68 (14 strains). one strain is capsulated but not typable with klebsiella capsular antisera. e. aerogenes and klebsiella capsular antigens are not identical but share common fractions y ...197772514
[determination of the capsular antigen of klebsiella rhinoscleromatis by the methods of precipitation in agar and counterimmunoelectrophoresis]. 197772860
enterobacter, b27, and ankylosing spondylitis. 197878003
trimethoprim-resistant klebsiella aerogenes. 197878356
degradation of the polysaccharide component of gonococcal lipopolysaccharide by gonococcal and meningococcal sonic extract made from the supernatant of neisseria gonorrhoeae gc2 strain 1291 degraded the gc2 polysaccharide antigen. chemical analysis of this polysaccharide indicated it contains glucose, galactose, glucosamine, galactosamine, glucosamine-6-phosphate, heptose, 2-keto-3-deoxyotonate, and ethanolamine and is the polysaccharide component of gonococcal lipopolysaccharide. degradation of the polysaccharide by sonic extracts resulted either in complete loss of antigenicity and immunogenicity or in ...197878894
enterotoxigenicity of colonising coliform bacteria in tropical sprue and blind-loop syndrome.the enterotoxigenicity of strains of klebsiella pneumoniae, enterobacter cloacae, and escherichia coli, which represented the predominant coliform species isolated from the jejunum of 12 patients with tropical sprue and 5 with the blind-loop syndrome, was quantitatively assessed in terms of the ability of toxin preparations to induce water secretion as assayed by in-vivo perfusion in the rat jejunum. all 12 patients with sprue harboured 1 or more highly toxigenic strains--14 of the 16 strains is ...197879710
epidemiology of endemic goitre in western colombia.this paper reports on recent epidemiological observations in western colombia, which further demonstrate the presence of naturally-occurring goitrogens contaminating water supplies in areas where goitre persists despite prolonged and continuous iodine supplementation. 'prospective' and 'cross-sectional' studies in 41 localities where the populations have been on a uniform and adequate iodine supplementation for the last 10-20 years indicate that, in the endemia of western colombia, environmental ...197880287
further studies on amplification of cell-associated immunological memory by secondary antigenic stimulus. 197880739
stomach as source of bacteria colonising respiratory tract during artificial ventilation.10 adults had intermittent positive-pressure ventilation for 3--34 days. all 10 had paralytic ileus. microbial overgrowth in the stomach was found in 9 patients (bacterial in 7 and fungal in 2); gram-negative bacteria predominated. the trachea invariably became colonised by bacteria, mainly gram-negative organisms. in 3 instances the gram-negative bacteria were found in the stomach before they appeared in the tracheal aspirate, and in 1 case the pathogen originated in the faeces.197881991
recognition sequence of restriction endonuclease kpni from klebsiella pneumoniae.we have determined the recognition sequence of the restriction endonuclease kpni, previously isolated from klebsiella pneumoniae. the enzyme cleaves the twofold rotationally symmetric sequence (see book for formula) at the positions indicated by the arrows, producing 3' protruding cohesive ends, four nucleotides in length. the specific cleavage site was unambiguously deduced using both 3' and 5' end analyses of kpni generated restriction fragments of simian-virus 40 (sv40) dna (1 site), adenovir ...197882935
evidence that l-rhamnose is the antigenic determinant of hyporesponsiveness of balb/c mice to klebsiella pneumoniae type 47.the genetic polymorphism in early, immunoglobulin m, responsiveness to the klebsiella pneumoniae type 47 polysaccharide (k47-ps) is determinant specific, and l-rhamnose is probably the determinant against which differential responsiveness is expressed. this is inferred from tests of the response to the cross-reacting streptococcus pneumoniae type 23 and non-cross-reacting pneumococcal polysaccharides of known chemical construction. b10.2/sn new-line mice are high responders and balb/c mice are l ...197883296
cimetidine for duodenal ulcer. 199984167
radiolabelled methotrexate: a warning. 199984197
. . . with a little help from my friend. 199984216
characterization of murine hepatoma bw7756. ii. comparison of adult, fetal, and neoplastic liver soluble antigens. 199984344
isolation of alpha-1 fetoprotein.a suitable method of the isolation of alpha-1 fetoprotein for the needs of enzyme immunoassay of this oncofetal antigen is described. by combining isoelectric focusing and "indirect" affinity chromatography the preparation of alpha-1 fetoprotein was obtained that was not contaminated with igg, contrary to the isolation performed by means of "direct" affinity chromatography on a carrier with coupled anti-alpha-1 fetoprotein antibodies, or other immunochemical methods that usually yielded contamin ...199984345
biogenic amines derived from tryptophan in systemic and cutaneous scleroderma.blood levels of serotonin (5-ht) and urinary excretion of 5-hydroxyindole-acetic acid (5-hiaa), tryptamine (t), and indole-acetic acid (iaa) were determined in 39 cases of systemic scleroderma and in 7 cases of very severe cutaneous scleroderma. the t/iaa ratio was normal and serotonin elevated in mild and rather severe acrosclerosis alike, i.e. in systemic scleroderma with pronounced vascular involvement. the t/iaa ratio was increased and serotonin normal in severe acroscleroderma, representing ...199984460
separation of beta2-microglobulin from transfer factor in dialyzable leukocyte extracts.dialyzable leukocyte extracts prepared according to the original method of lawrence contain 4 x 10(4) molecules of beta2-microglobulin per lymphocyte equivalent. the negative skin test converting biological activity (transfer factor) is separable by means of sephadex g-25 gel chromatography from the beta2-microglobulin component of the extracts. this finding does not support the hypothesis of shifrine and scibienski on beta2-microglobulin being the nonspecific anchor of specific transfer factor ...199984525
thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy.the diagnosis of thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy is difficult on clinical grounds only. the determination of free thyroid hormones or free thyroid hormone indices is important and is possibly supplemented by the trh stimulation test. thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy should always be treated actively. the authors recommend subtotal thyroidectomy if there are indications for surgical therapy (nodular goitre or large diffuse goitre). otherwise treatment with thyrostatic agents is used. after operati ...199984547
[effect of s-adenosyl-l-methionine on the cerebral and peripheral metabolism of l-dopa].the repartition of [3h]l-dopa administered i.p. does not change in rats treated with s-adenosyl-l-methionine (sam). the effect was studied on the central nervous system and at the periphery. the biosynthesis of metabolites [3h]dopamine and [3h]3-o-methyldopamine are also unchanged. on the other hand, in the kidney an accumulation of [3h]norepinephrine +[3h]normetanephrine was observed, while in the brainstem + midbrain the synthesis of these metabolites was decreased after sam injection. the rel ...197884550
study of the genetic control of ribulose 1,5-diphosphate carboxylase by use of activity- and electrophoretic variants of lycopersicum species [proceedings]. 199984571
study of the glycolipid composition of the milk fat-globule membrane and the mouse mammary tumour virus prepared from the milk of infected swiss mice [proceedings]. 197884579
evaluation of frequency-following potentials in man: masking and clinical studies.the frequency-following potential (ffp) can have applicability in the assessment of hearing-impaired subjects only if it can be shown that its generation is initiated by neurons which have low best frequencies (2.0 khz or lower). this study presents results from five subjects with high frequency hearing losses and three subjects with normal hearing. using 500 hz tone bursts in the presence of continuous noise of various configurations, it has attempted to determine how in normal hearing subjects ...197884739
safety in clinical laboratories. 199984925
a.f.p. and congenital nephrosis finnish type. 199984930
john anthony hickman. 199984943
ear-lobe crease. 199984982
sensitivity to enkephalin as a cause of non-insulin dependent diabetes.non-insulin-dependent diabetes is associated with facial flushing after alcohol in patients on chlorpropamide (chlorpropamide alcohol flushing, c.p.a.f.) especially when there is a family history of diabetes. c.p.a.f. in three subjects (two diabetics, one non-diabetic) was blocked by the specific opiate antagonist naloxone. in nine subjects (six diabetics) c.p.a.f. was reproduced by the enkephalin analogue with opiate-like activity [d-ala2, mephe4, met (o)-ol] enkephalin (damme). c.p.a.f. thus m ...199984999
dietary fibre and experimental colon cancer. 197985018
captopril in a hyponatraemic hypertensive: need for caution in initiating therapy. 199985145
cytomegalovirus infection and renal transplantation. 197985180
[determination of protein-sh groups with ddd reagent]. 197685309
[the efficacy of radiohypophysectomy with yttrium 90 in metastatic breast cancer (author's transl)].radiohypophysectomy in 176 women with metastatic breast cancer, treated over the past 20 years, did not prolong life, but relieved pain in almost half of the patients. this procedure can be carried out quickly and without risk even in severly debilitated patients.199985371
[mast-cell degranulation in the intestine: its significance for the pathogenesis of galactosamine hepatitis. histological and histochemical studies on mast-cells using toluidine-blue and subsequent naphthol-asd-chloracetate reaction (author's transl)]. 197885385
absence of anthracycline-induced degradation of nuclear dna in ehrlich ascites tumour cells.the in vivo effects of anthracycline antibiotics on the integrity of ehrlich ascites tumour cell dna have been studied by sedimentation analysis of nuclear structures containing superhelical dna in neutral sucrose gradients. these fast-sedimenting protein-dna complexes may be released by gently lysing cells in solution containing non-ionic detergents and high nacl concentrations (1.95 m). the supercoiled structure of dna in these protein-dna complexes is suggested by the characteristic sedimenta ...199985499
an experimental study on the effect of plasma expanders on blood coagulability.the effect of various plasma expanders on blood coagulation was studied using the thromboelastography (teg). solutions of 5, 10, 20, and 50% concentration of each expander (6% low molecular weight hydroxyethyl-starch (6% hespander), 3% dextran-40, 6% high molecular weight hydroxyethyl-starch (6 hes), and 6% dextran-70) or solvent (lactated ringer solution and normal saline) in blood were prepared and their coagulability was examined by teg. in the low molecular weight plasma expanders (6% hespan ...199985502
eastern association of electroencephalographers, le chantecler, ste. adele, quebec, canada, march 2--5, 1978. abstracts. 199985518
epidermal cytoplasmic antigens. 199985677
in vitro synthesis of infectious transforming dna by the avian sarcoma virus reverse transcriptase.infectious dna molecules, capable of transforming chicken embryo fibroblasts, can be synthesized by the rous sarcoma virus-associated reverse transcriptase in vitro. the optimal enzymatic conditions employed for infectious dna synthesis also facilitate maximum synthesis of genome length dna. analysis of the dna product synthesized by detergent-disrupted rous sarcoma virus under these conditions indicates that dna complementary to viral rna (minus-strand dna) is genome length in size, whereas dna ...197985719
low plasma-25-hydroxyvitamin d without osteomalacia. 199985831
adrenal suppression after short-term corticosteroid therapy.adrenal function was evaluated in fourteen cancer patients receiving chemotherapy which included short-term high-dose courses of prednisone. 90 min corticotropin stimulation tests were performed before therapy and 1, 2, 4, and 7 days after steroids were discontinued. responses were evaluated by standard criteria of adrenal function and by measurement of the intergrated cortisol response to corticotropin over 90 min. thirteen of fourteen patients had suppressed adrenal function for at least 24 h. ...199985870
test of a novel method for analysis of the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs.diastolic blood-pressure data from 42 published studies, representing 23 anti-hypertensive drug regimens and 971 patients, were used to test the hypothesis that there is a linear relation between pretreatment diastolic pressure (p.t.d.p.) and the drug-induced fall in pressure (deltad.p.), such that the "ideal-response line" relating these variables has a slope=1.0 and intercepts the p.t.d.p. axis at 90 mm hg. most of the regimens failed to show ideal behaviour; slopes of the regression lines wer ...199985882
erythrocyte sodium/potassium fluxes in hypertension. 199985891
hazard of high-dose fentanyl. 199985914
copper, superoxide radical, diethyldithiocarbamate, and bleomycin cytotoxicity. 200086012
plasma perfusion in treatment of cold rash and systemic lupus erythematosus. 200086013
klebsiella cross-infection with capsular serotypes 68 and 21. 197986083
antitumour effect of cimetidine. 200086136
[scientific and practical work of the students of medical schools]. 200086144
[clinical results with granulocyte transfusion (author's transl)].16 adult patients with granulocytopenia and septicemia resistant to antibiotics received 42 granulocyte transfusions. the granulocytes were obtained from healthy donors with a blood cell separator by continuous flow centrifugation. adding hydroxyethyl-starch an average of 1.8 x 10(10) leukocytes with 69% granulocytes were harvested in 3.5 hours. a small leukocyte increment after the transfusion was seen in half of the recipients. no correlation could be found between fever lysis and survival of ...200086150
demonstration of rheumatoid factor idiotypic antigens on peripheral blood b and t lymphocytes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis.antisera were raised against three polyclonal igm rheumatoid factors (rf). after adequate absorptions, the antisera were rendered idiotype-specific, as assayed by haemagglutination technique. by using the anti-idiotype antisera in indirect immunofluorescence on peripheral blood lymphocytes from the patients used as donors for the immunizing rf, it was demonstrated that 3-14% of the lymphocytes were stained, and thus had membrane-bound structures with idiotypic antigens similar to those of the ci ...200086203
the humoral and cell-mediated immune responses to somatic and metabolic antigens in rats infected with angiostrongylus cantonensis. 197886211
allo-anti-c in a patient who had previously made an autoantibody mimicking anti-c.a patient, previously studied by us, who had produced a benign autoantibody with a specificity that mimicked anti-c, has now produced allo-anti-c that is not of the mimicking type. she is no longer producing any serologically demonstrable autoantibody. it is highly probable that conversion from auto to alloantibody production in this patient was prompted by the introduction of additional foreign immunogen on fetal red blood cells during her third pregnancy.200086216
[intratypical antigenic differentiation of poliovirus strains circulating in mali by means of cross-adsorbed sera].the intratypic antigenic differentiation of poliovirus strains isolated from sick or healthy children in mali in 1975-1976 was performed. the method is based on the use of cross-adsorbed sera in the neutralization tests in which the virus is titrated by the plaque procedure or by the cytopathic effect. all the examined strains of serologic types i, ii, and iii were distinguished by the antigenic structure from the vaccine strains and were classified as "wild". quantitative differences in the ant ...197886237
the use of trypan blue for counterstaining in the sepharose bead immunofluorescence test. the application of the test for the demonstration of primate retrovirus-specific antibodies and antigens.the sepharose bead immunoflurorescence test was performed by counterstaining the beads with trypan blue. this results in a red staining of negative beads which allows an easy distinction from positive green-fluorescent beads. sepharose beads conjugated with viral proteins or antiviral antibodies were used to demonstrate mason-pfizer monkey virus (mpmw)- and simian sarcoma virus (ssv) - specific antigens or antibodies. the test shows a high sensitivity and specificity and needs a small amount of ...197886253
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