pathogenesis of respiratory klebsiella pneumoniae infection in rats: bacteriological and histological findings and metabolic alterations.gram-negative bacterial pneumonias have been increasingly important as nosocomial infections. the following model was developed to study the pathogenesis and evaluate therapy of such infections. intranasal instillation of rats with a suspension of 5 x 10(6) klebsiella pneumoniae caused bronchopneumonia with 24 h. bacteria were isolated from the lungs in large numbers (greater than 10(5) colony-forming units [cfu] for at least 13 days after inoculation. thereafter, the viable concentration decrea ...197766201
klebsiella meningitis treated with intrathecal amikacin. 197769095
[effectiveness of intranasal immunization with myxovirus influenzae neuraminidase in mice].an intranasal immunization with a a/pr8/34-isolated na, protected mice as well as the whole virus and a/hong kong/1/68 virus against a subsequent infection with mice-adaptated a/pr8/34 strain.197769501
a polyvalent human gamma-globulin immune to pseudomonas aeruginosa: passive protection of mice against lethal a means to development of guidelines for therapeutic application to human disease, preparations of human polyvalent gamma-globulin immune to pseudomonas aeruginosa (pg) were studied in acute infections in mice. pg was highly effective in controlling lethal infections induced in mice by the major immunotypes of p. aeruginosa; greater than or equal to 10 microgram of of gamma-globulin per mouse protected against challenge with less than or equal to 10(6) 50% lethal doses of p. aeruginosa. pg wa ...197770492
[experimental sensitizing activity of neisseria perflava].in experiments conducted on guinea pigs the sensitizing activity of neisseria perflava isolated from the mucous membranes of the bronchi of patients with infectious asthma was studied. a possibility of reproducing active skin anaphylaxis after ovary and of the contraction-test of the tracheal-chain by the neisseria antigens was shown. neisseria perflava was found to possess a greater sensitizing activity than staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumoniae inhabiting the bronchi of patients with ...197771172
immunological study of the regulation of cellular arylsulfatase synthesis in klebsiella aerogenes.regulation of cellular arylsulfatase synthesis in klebsiella aerogenes was analyzed by immunological techniques. antibody directed against the purified arylsulfatase from k. aerogenes w70 was obtained from rabbits and characterized by immunoelectrophoresis, double-diffusion, quantitative precipitation, and enzyme neutralization tests. arylsulfatase was located in the periplasmic space when the wild-type strain was cultured with methionine or with inorganic sulfate plus tyramine, but not with ino ...197772063
[detection among "e. aerogenes" strains of capsular antigens related to those of "klebsiella". interest of growth in metahydroxybenzoate to differenciate "e. aerogenes" and "k. pneumoniae" (author's transl)].forty-three strains of e. aerogenes isolated chiefly in morocco and france have been studied. thirty-five strains (81%) are surrounded with a thin capsule, antigenically related to klebsiella capsular antigens: k4 (2 strains), k4, 59 (1 strain), k11 (2 strains), k26 (7 strains), k42 (5 strains), k59 (3 strains), k68 (14 strains). one strain is capsulated but not typable with klebsiella capsular antisera. e. aerogenes and klebsiella capsular antigens are not identical but share common fractions y ...197772514
[determination of the capsular antigen of klebsiella rhinoscleromatis by the methods of precipitation in agar and counterimmunoelectrophoresis]. 197772860
enterobacter, b27, and ankylosing spondylitis. 197878003
trimethoprim-resistant klebsiella aerogenes. 197878356
degradation of the polysaccharide component of gonococcal lipopolysaccharide by gonococcal and meningococcal sonic extract made from the supernatant of neisseria gonorrhoeae gc2 strain 1291 degraded the gc2 polysaccharide antigen. chemical analysis of this polysaccharide indicated it contains glucose, galactose, glucosamine, galactosamine, glucosamine-6-phosphate, heptose, 2-keto-3-deoxyotonate, and ethanolamine and is the polysaccharide component of gonococcal lipopolysaccharide. degradation of the polysaccharide by sonic extracts resulted either in complete loss of antigenicity and immunogenicity or in ...197878894
enterotoxigenicity of colonising coliform bacteria in tropical sprue and blind-loop syndrome.the enterotoxigenicity of strains of klebsiella pneumoniae, enterobacter cloacae, and escherichia coli, which represented the predominant coliform species isolated from the jejunum of 12 patients with tropical sprue and 5 with the blind-loop syndrome, was quantitatively assessed in terms of the ability of toxin preparations to induce water secretion as assayed by in-vivo perfusion in the rat jejunum. all 12 patients with sprue harboured 1 or more highly toxigenic strains--14 of the 16 strains is ...197879710
epidemiology of endemic goitre in western colombia.this paper reports on recent epidemiological observations in western colombia, which further demonstrate the presence of naturally-occurring goitrogens contaminating water supplies in areas where goitre persists despite prolonged and continuous iodine supplementation. 'prospective' and 'cross-sectional' studies in 41 localities where the populations have been on a uniform and adequate iodine supplementation for the last 10-20 years indicate that, in the endemia of western colombia, environmental ...197880287
further studies on amplification of cell-associated immunological memory by secondary antigenic stimulus. 197880739
stomach as source of bacteria colonising respiratory tract during artificial ventilation.10 adults had intermittent positive-pressure ventilation for 3--34 days. all 10 had paralytic ileus. microbial overgrowth in the stomach was found in 9 patients (bacterial in 7 and fungal in 2); gram-negative bacteria predominated. the trachea invariably became colonised by bacteria, mainly gram-negative organisms. in 3 instances the gram-negative bacteria were found in the stomach before they appeared in the tracheal aspirate, and in 1 case the pathogen originated in the faeces.197881991
recognition sequence of restriction endonuclease kpni from klebsiella pneumoniae.we have determined the recognition sequence of the restriction endonuclease kpni, previously isolated from klebsiella pneumoniae. the enzyme cleaves the twofold rotationally symmetric sequence (see book for formula) at the positions indicated by the arrows, producing 3' protruding cohesive ends, four nucleotides in length. the specific cleavage site was unambiguously deduced using both 3' and 5' end analyses of kpni generated restriction fragments of simian-virus 40 (sv40) dna (1 site), adenovir ...197882935
evidence that l-rhamnose is the antigenic determinant of hyporesponsiveness of balb/c mice to klebsiella pneumoniae type 47.the genetic polymorphism in early, immunoglobulin m, responsiveness to the klebsiella pneumoniae type 47 polysaccharide (k47-ps) is determinant specific, and l-rhamnose is probably the determinant against which differential responsiveness is expressed. this is inferred from tests of the response to the cross-reacting streptococcus pneumoniae type 23 and non-cross-reacting pneumococcal polysaccharides of known chemical construction. b10.2/sn new-line mice are high responders and balb/c mice are l ...197883296
[effect of s-adenosyl-l-methionine on the cerebral and peripheral metabolism of l-dopa].the repartition of [3h]l-dopa administered i.p. does not change in rats treated with s-adenosyl-l-methionine (sam). the effect was studied on the central nervous system and at the periphery. the biosynthesis of metabolites [3h]dopamine and [3h]3-o-methyldopamine are also unchanged. on the other hand, in the kidney an accumulation of [3h]norepinephrine +[3h]normetanephrine was observed, while in the brainstem + midbrain the synthesis of these metabolites was decreased after sam injection. the rel ...197884550
study of the glycolipid composition of the milk fat-globule membrane and the mouse mammary tumour virus prepared from the milk of infected swiss mice [proceedings]. 197884579
evaluation of frequency-following potentials in man: masking and clinical studies.the frequency-following potential (ffp) can have applicability in the assessment of hearing-impaired subjects only if it can be shown that its generation is initiated by neurons which have low best frequencies (2.0 khz or lower). this study presents results from five subjects with high frequency hearing losses and three subjects with normal hearing. using 500 hz tone bursts in the presence of continuous noise of various configurations, it has attempted to determine how in normal hearing subjects ...197884739
dietary fibre and experimental colon cancer. 197985018
cytomegalovirus infection and renal transplantation. 197985180
[determination of protein-sh groups with ddd reagent]. 197685309
[mast-cell degranulation in the intestine: its significance for the pathogenesis of galactosamine hepatitis. histological and histochemical studies on mast-cells using toluidine-blue and subsequent naphthol-asd-chloracetate reaction (author's transl)]. 197885385
in vitro synthesis of infectious transforming dna by the avian sarcoma virus reverse transcriptase.infectious dna molecules, capable of transforming chicken embryo fibroblasts, can be synthesized by the rous sarcoma virus-associated reverse transcriptase in vitro. the optimal enzymatic conditions employed for infectious dna synthesis also facilitate maximum synthesis of genome length dna. analysis of the dna product synthesized by detergent-disrupted rous sarcoma virus under these conditions indicates that dna complementary to viral rna (minus-strand dna) is genome length in size, whereas dna ...197985719
klebsiella cross-infection with capsular serotypes 68 and 21. 197986083
the humoral and cell-mediated immune responses to somatic and metabolic antigens in rats infected with angiostrongylus cantonensis. 197886211
[intratypical antigenic differentiation of poliovirus strains circulating in mali by means of cross-adsorbed sera].the intratypic antigenic differentiation of poliovirus strains isolated from sick or healthy children in mali in 1975-1976 was performed. the method is based on the use of cross-adsorbed sera in the neutralization tests in which the virus is titrated by the plaque procedure or by the cytopathic effect. all the examined strains of serologic types i, ii, and iii were distinguished by the antigenic structure from the vaccine strains and were classified as "wild". quantitative differences in the ant ...197886237
the use of trypan blue for counterstaining in the sepharose bead immunofluorescence test. the application of the test for the demonstration of primate retrovirus-specific antibodies and antigens.the sepharose bead immunoflurorescence test was performed by counterstaining the beads with trypan blue. this results in a red staining of negative beads which allows an easy distinction from positive green-fluorescent beads. sepharose beads conjugated with viral proteins or antiviral antibodies were used to demonstrate mason-pfizer monkey virus (mpmw)- and simian sarcoma virus (ssv) - specific antigens or antibodies. the test shows a high sensitivity and specificity and needs a small amount of ...197886253
counterimmunoelectrophoresis of blood cultures. temporal relationship of positive gram stain to positive counterimmunoelectrophoresis.counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie), gram staining, and quantitative measurements were performed on simulated blood cultures at hourly intervals after inoculation with streptococcus pneumoniae, klebsiella pneumoniae, or haemophilus influenzae. the cie became positive either at the same time as the gram stain or within the ensuing five hours. in no case was cie positive when the gram stain was negative. the numbers of colony-forming units milliliter necessary for a positive cie result varied with ...197986293
counterimmunoelectrophoresis for rapid identification of blood-culture isolates.a total of 303 blood cultures that were positive by examination of gram-stained smears were tested immediately by counterimmunoelectrophoresis for detection of bacterial antigens. antigen was detected in all 82 blood cultures containing streptococcus pneumoniae and 11 of 22 with klebsiella pneumoniae, two of two with haemophilus influenzae, and one of one with neisseria meningiditis. false-positive cross-reactions in 265 tests occurred only with pneumococcal omniserum in two cases of nongroupabl ...197986294
the role of lysine in the serological specificity of some proteus mirabilis lipopolysaccharides. 197886335
the isolated human cortex. a golgi analysis of krabbe's disease.the clinical course of a child with krabbe's leukodystrophy was characterized by clinical seizures, startle myoclonus, and paroxysmal activity recorded by eeg. at autopsy in the fourth year, myelinated subcortical axons were destroyed, virtually completely. despite isolation from major subcortical and interhemispheric connections, the cell and fiber pattern of the cortex appeared remarkably normal in routine histologic preparations. the normal range of pyramidal and stellate interneurons were al ...197986346
inhibition of neuronal firing by opiates: evidence against the involvement of cyclic nucleotides.1. extracellular recordings were made in vitro from single neurones of the myenteric plexus of the guinea-pig ileum. 2. neuronal firing was inhibited by morphine and normorphine (10 nm to 1 micrometer). cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) (100 micrometer to 1 mm) also inhibited the firing of the majority of the neurones. prostaglandin e2 usually caused a short-lasting excitation of myenteric neurones and the phosphodiesterase inhibitor 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine was usually withou ...197986371
double-stranded protamine cdna: synthesis and characterization.double-stranded protamine complementary dna (cdna) was synthesized from a protamine mrna template via the single-stranded cdna intermediate using avian myeloblastosis virus reverse transcriptase. synthesis at 37 and 46 degrees c resulted in similar overall yields (greater than or equal to 18%), although the initial rate of synthesis was higher at 46 degrees c than at 37 degrees c. the dna of the second strand of the double-stranded cdna product was 84% resistant to prolonged digestion with exces ...197986381
comparative circular dichroism studies on human beta2-microglobulin. 197986460
parallel regulation of cyclic amp-dependent protein kinase and phosphoprotein phosphatase in rat thyroid. 197986462
tissular immunoenzymatic detection of hepatic alphafetoprotein in human hepatomas.5 human cases of hepatoma have been chosen with respect to their different seric alpha-fetoprotein (alpha-fp) level and histological characters. cells producing alpha-fp have been studied with specific horseradish-peroxidase-labelled immunoglobulins. ultrastructural examination shows that alpha-fp is present in the cytoplasm of some tumoral hepatocytes. alpha-fp is also present in the cytoplasm of some rare nontumoral hepatocytes of a nonsecreting hepatoma. ultrastructural differences are descri ...197886473
the phenomenon of differentiation in murine erythroleukemic cells. 197886529
automatic cell identification and enrichment in lung cancer. i. light scatter and fluorescence parameters.two physical parameters were investigated to automatically recognize cells in sputum from human squamous cell carcinoma of the lung and to separate them for preparation by the papanicolaou methods, for human interactive identification and for automated high resolution image analysis. the two parameters, 0.5-15.0 degrees forward argon-ion laser light scatter to estimate total cell size and 546 nm acridine orange fluorescence to approximate total cell dna content, were measured in a flow-through f ...197986575
cytofluorometric and cytochemical comparisons of normal and abnormal human cells from the female genital tract.acridine orange staining of exfoliated cells from epithelial tissues facilitates discrimination between normal and abnormal cells: abnormal cells develop highly elevated nuclear fluorescence. comparisons of acridine orange (ao) staining with propidium iodide (pi) or feulgen staining have shown that: (a) pi staining also provides highly elevated nuclear fluorescence from abnormal cells; (b) the distributions of nuclear fluorescence following ao or pi staining were usually not significantly differ ...197986579
ultrastructure of bacteroides species: bacteroides asaccharolyticus, bacteroides fragilis, bacteroides melaninogenicus subspecies melaninogenicus, and b. melaninogenicus subspecies intermedius.representative strains of two subspecies of bacteroides melaninogenicus (subspecies melaninogenicus and subspecies intermedius) and bacteroides asaccharolyticus as well as b. asaccharolyticus strain 536b isolated from a human perirectal abscess and bacteroides fragilis atcc 25285 were examined by glutaraldehyde-osmium fixation, ruthenium red fixation and staining, and thorium hydroxyde staining as well as by the physical preparative techniques of critical point drying--transmission electron micr ...197986590
definition of two ld antigens in rhesus monkeys.two rhesus (macaca mulatta) monkey lymphocyte-defined (ld) antigens have been identified using two typing cells as stiumlators in a one-way mixed leukocyte culture (mlc) assay. an analysis of the genetic behavior of these ld antigens in six rhesus monkey families revealed that both antigens were linked with rhla. one probable recombinant indicated that the ld locus lies outside the two known rhla-sd loci and the locus which controls the serum protein, properdin b(bf). these two antigens, ld1 and ...197987026
the effect of alpha-fetoprotein on the immune response. iv. effect of treatment with alpha-fetoprotein on mice infected with bacteria in various experimental conditions. 197887184
similarity of casein- and endotoxin-induced, myeloma- associated and aged sjl/j amyloid in various strains of mice.amyloidosis was induced in a number of strains of mice by repeated injections of casein and endotoxin. spontaneous amyloid was obtained from balb/c mice bearing a myeloma tumor (igg2a producing mopc 173 tumor) and from aged sjl/j mice. both the induced and spontaneous forms were similar in their size, immunological reactivity, peptide maps and in the susceptibility of histological sections to oxidizing agents with or without trypsin digestion. since case-induced murine amyloid resembles the noni ...197987374
lateral and transmembrane redistribution of tissue-specific antigens in single cells and monolayers.tissue-specific antigens in the membranes of corneal endothelial cells react with anti-tissue antibodies only in metabolically active monolayers and dispersed cells. after metabolic inhibition by exposure of these preparations to cold, the antigen-antibody complexes, like free antigens, undergo transmembrane redistribution leading to their internalization by the cells. this transmembrane redistribution is reversible and can be followed by using fluorescein-labeled antibodies. reexpression of the ...197987377
moloney virus-induced cell surface antigens and histocompatibility antigens are located on distinct molecules. 197987439
immune suppression in vivo with antigen-modified syngeneic cells. ii. t cell-mediated nonresponsiveness to fowl gamma-globulin.intravenous administration of syngeneic spleen cells coupled with the palmitoyl derivative of fowl gammma-globulin (p-f gamma g) results in a profound state of f gamma g-specific tolerance in c57bl/6 mice. administration of p-f gamma g coupled syngeneic cells specifically reduces both the primary and secondary hapten and carrier-specific pfc responses to tnp-f gamma g. since the haptenic response is affected, the tolerance functions at the level of the f gamma g-specific helper t cell. as few as ...197987447
the action of strontium on basophil leukocytes and its use to probe the relationship between immunologic stimulus and secretory response.strontium will substitute for calcium in the activation of histamine secretion from human basophil leukocytes stimulated by an immunologic reaction or by the ionophore a23187. strontium is required in 10-fold higher concentration (1 to 10 mm) to activate histamine release compared with calcium (0.1 to 1.0 mm). in terms of maximum release obtainable for a particular immunologic stimulus, strontium is more effective than calcium. results are presented to show that calcium and strontium act at the ...197987471
antibody response against current h1n1 influenza virus after vaccination with last season's trivanent vaccine. 197887569
sputum-smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis: controlled trial of 3-month and 2-month regimens of chemotherapy.of 1072 chinese patients with radiographically active pulmonary tuberculosis and no microscopic evidence of acid-fast bacilli in sputum examinations, only 691 (64%) were sputum-culture negative. all patients were randomly allocated to selective chemotherapy (antituberculosis chemotherapy not being started until the activity of the disease had been confirmed), to daily streptomycin, isoniazid, rifampicin, and pyrazinamide for 2 months or 3 months, or to a standard 12-month control regimen. during ...197987829
evaluation of the chloride and bromide salts of cetylpyridium for the transportation of sputum in tuberculosis bacteriology.the usefulness of cetylpyridium chloride and cetylpyridium bromide, at a final concentration of 1% in 1% solution of sodium chloride, for the transportation of sputum in tuberculosis bacteriology, was evaluated. it was found that these compounds did not alter the staining properties nor the viability of the tubercle bacilli for at least 14 days.197988109
human corneal endothelium in organ culture. the influence of temperature and medium of incubation.forty-four human corneas from patients between 21 and 86 years were incubated in eagle's minimum essential medium with earle's salts 10--46 h post mortem. the influence of incubation temperature and composition of the medium on endothelial survival was evaluated. whole corneas were stained by alizarine red. recent cell loss was indicated by morphological alterations in the endothelial pattern. after 20--28 h of incubation minimum cell loss was found at 31 degrees c when 8% dextrane-250 and 20% s ...197988158
use of intraoperative gram stain during cholecystectomy. 197988186
denaturization of allergen p: effect on allergenicity, antigenicity and immunogenicity.when allergen p was denatured by 8m urea, the modified molecule still reacted with ige specific for the native allergen but not with hemagglutinating antibodies. heating at 100 degrees c abolished the reaction in both cases. the results suggested differences between allergenic and antigenic capacities which may be based on structural differences of the antigenic determinants.197988195
expression of endodermally derived and neural crest-derived differentiation antigens by human lung and colon tumors. 197988254
the role of p23,30-bearing human macrophages in antigen-induced t lymphocyte responses. 197988270
4th international workshop on human gene mapping. report of the committee on the genetic constitution of the x and y chromosomes. 197888299
spinal evoked potential in man: a maturational study.summated evoked potentials to peroneal nerve stimulation which arise in the cauda equina and spinal cord afferent pathways were recorded from surface electrodes placed over the spine of 95 infants, children and adults. the conduction velocity of these potentials from lumbar to cervical recording sites was calculated. additionally, segmental conduction velocities over peroneal nerve, caudal and rostral spinal cord were determined. in all age groups the speed of conduction up the spine was non-lin ...197988331
nucleolar organizing regions of human chromosomes.silver-stained cells from 49 parents with a history of several abortions were compared with cells from 35 parents with normal liveborn children. the modal and mean number of silver-stained nors (ag-nors) observed on d- or g-group chromosomes was similar in both groups and between males and females. ag-nors were randomly distributed on all five acrocentric pairs. the distribution and size of ag-nors within an individual was not random and was fairly consistent from cell to cell. the mean number o ...197988410
enigma of disodium cromoglycate action on mast rat peritoneal mast cells, disodium cromoglycate showed no inhibitory effect on histamine release values if the cells were preincubated with the drug for 40 min prior to stimulation with antigen, compound 48/80 or atp. if the drug was added simultaneously with antigen or a low dose of compound 48/80, a repression of histamine release occurred. no such effect was noted if atp was employed as histamine liberator.197988418
fuorescent retrograde neuronal labeling in rat by means of substances binding specifically to adenine-thymine rich dna.six fluorescent substances, binding specifically to adenine-thymine rich dna, were injected in rat caudate-putamen. this resulted in retrograde axonal transport and fluorescent retrograde labeling of neurons in center-medium parafascicular nucleus, substantia nigra and dorsal raphe. two of these substances, i.e. "true blue' and 'granular blue', give a very striking blue fluorescent retrograde neuronal labeling. mid-thoracic spinal injections of these two substances in rat also resulted in a pron ...197988697
virolysis of mouse mammary tumor virus by sera from breast cancer patients.all type c retroviruses are lysed by human serum in apparently antibody-independent, complement-mediated reactions. in contrast, we have now determined that the mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv), a type b retrovirus, is not disrupted by normal human serum. mmtv was lysed, however, when rabbit antibody to whole mmtv was added to the serum. by taking advantage of this dependence of mmtv lysis on specific antibody, a virolytic assay was developed, based on the measurement of reverse transcriptase re ...197988736
the antiherpesvirus action of phosphonoacetate. 197988744
[experimental inductions of tissue alterations in the lung following bleomycin and irradiation exposure (author's transl)]. 197888746
diagnostic dilemma of a 13-month-old boy with 'late-onset' combined immunodeficiency.a 13-month-old boy had a "late-onset" form of combined immunodeficiency and a fulminant pneumocystis carinii pneumonia of one month's duration. there was no evidence of cutaneous-delayed hypersensitivity responses to diphtheria-tetanus toxoids, candida albicans, or streptokinase-streptodornase, or of lymphocyte dna synthesis after in vitro stimulation with the mitogens phytohemagglutinin and concanavalin a, and only 2% to 4% of peripheral blood e-rosetted t lymphocytes. the serum igm level was n ...197988898
a new assay of estrogen receptor by thin-layer gel filtration. 197988911
the pathophysiology of asthma.because postmortem studies of humans provide little information on the initial pathophysiologic events in asthma, animal models have been developed. recently the ascaris-allergic rhesus monkey has provided an opportunity to examine the onset of pathophysiologic changes following challenge and to correlate them with airway structure. these studies have suggested that the initial interaction between antigen and mast cells may occur in the bronchial lumen or in the epithelium superficial to the tig ...197989006
reaction of cells from early chick embryos with antiserum against mouse sperm cells. 197989009
binding specificity of rat alpha-fetoprotein for a series of estrogen derivatives: studies using equilibrium and nonequilibrium binding techniques.the binding specificity of rat alpha-fetoprotein (afp) for a series of estrogen derivatives has been investigated and compared to that of the uterine cytosol estrogen receptor. in addition, several equilibrium and nonequilibrium binding techniques have been examined for their appropriateness in studying afp-estrogen interactions under different experimental conditions. the ratio of association constants (rac) of various estrogen derivatives (compared to 17 beta-estradiol; rac = 100%) were determ ...197989027
cyclic amp and lipogenesis in fat cells from thyroidectomized rats.thyroid hormones regulate lipid metabolism by affecting lipogenesis as well as lipolysis. the present paper discusses the way thyroidectomy induced an enhancement in lipogenesis in rat fat cells. the doubling in the conversion of glucose to co2 and fatty acids seen after thyroidectomy was found to be due to a modification in the actual pathway of glucose metabolism: there was a preferential stimulation of the conversion of glucose to co2 by the pentose cycle (utilisation of [1-14c]glucose) while ...197989052
immunological unresponsiveness in mice. ii. cellular basis of immunological unresponsiveness induced in foetal and neonatal mice by transfer of human gamma-globulin by the maternal route.the cellular basis of the mechanism of immunological tolerance to human gamma-globulin (h gamma g) induced in foetal and neonatal mice by materno-foetal or materno-neonatal transfer after a single injection of tolerogen (deaggregated h gamma g) into the mothers was investigated using a cell transfer system and assays of passive haemagglutinating antibodies and plaque-forming cells to h gamma g. the results demonstrated that b cells are mainly involved in the tolerance induced on the fourteenth d ...197989080
autoregulation of germ tube formation by candida albicans.germ tube formation by candida albicans is at least partially controlled by a product(s) of the yeast phase of the organism which is released from cells upon incubation at 37 degrees c in tissue culture medium or fetal calf serum. this germination regulatory substance is stable under conditions of lyophilization and heating of 70 degrees c, but becomes inactivated at ph values of 4.0 and 9.5. a germination regulatory substance was produced by both strains of c. albicans tested and by a strain of ...197989087
differential inducibility of epstein-barr virus in cloned, non-producer raji cells.cells of the human lymphoblastoid non-producer line raji were cloned in soft agar. individual colonies were isolated and analyzed for their inducibility of the epstein-barr virus-associated early antigen (ea). the induction of ea by the tumor promoter tpa varied among the different cell clones. clones with very high and very low inducibility of the resident epstein-barr virus genome were further analyzed. constant differences in the inducibility of ea were observed after activation by tumor prom ...197989100
methylmercury hydroxide enhancement of translation and transcription of ovalbumin and conalbumin mrna's.translation of total mrna in heterologous protein-synthesizing systems is often employed as an indirect means of assessing relative mrna concentrations. however, it is well known that the efficiency of translation of specific mrnas differs. one such example is the poor translational efficiency of conalbumin mrna relative to ovalbumin mrna. in this report we have studied the translation of conalbumin and ovalbumin mrnas in crude mrna preparations and with highly purified mrna preparations. we fin ...197989113
preparative isolation of the cell receptor for immunoglobulin e. 197989114
control of v kappa expression in the mouse. i. unexpected expression of the v kappa allele, igk-pcb, in a somatic cell hybrid of akr (igk-pca) origin. 197989158
inheritance of tolerance susceptibility to human gamma-globulin in congenic mice.the genetic control of susceptibility to tolerance induction with human gamma-globulin (hgg) was studied by using h-2 congenic mice. strains tested that were congenic with c57bl/10sn were completely tolerized by 1.0 mg deaggregated hgg. in contrast a/sn mice showed full tolerance whereas a.sw mice were only intermediately tolerant. it was further shown that (b10 x sjl)f1 mice could be rendered tolerant but (b10.s x sjl)f1 mice could not. these data indicate a role for h-2 linked genes in control ...197989162
agarose isoelectric focusing of native human immunoglobulin m and alpha 2-macroglobulin.the resolution of native 19s igm and alpha 2-macroglobulin by agarose isoelectric focusing is described. the agarose used was practically charge free, thus avoiding disadvantages of electroendoosmosis, and gives a very large network gel, with minimal molecular sieving effects. the resolving power is comparable to that obtained in thin-layer isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gel. clones of human igm showed a microclonal heterogeneity, similar to igg antibody heterogeneity, alpha 2-macroglobu ...197989171
cyclic gmp system in epidermis: i. effect of ischemia.when keratome-sliced pig epidermis was floated on hank's balanced salt solution, we observed a rapid decrease in the intracellular level of cyclic gmp. a portion of the lost cyclic gmp was detected in the incubation medium. when the epidermis was kept in air at room temperature, the cyclic gmp level also decreased rapidly but to a lesser degree. incubating the epidermal slice at 37 degrees c in hank's balanced salt solution with the addition of 3-isobutyl-1-methyl xanthine (ibmx) prevented the d ...197989173
definition of cellular immune responses to brain antigens in human head trauma.cellular immune responses to brain antigens in patients with head injury were studied by applying the leukocyte adherence inhibition (lai) assay. the investigation was conducted in three phases. 1) in the initial phase, evaluation of a series of 22 test and 25 control cases obtained at random during a 2- to 6-week time frame following a traumatic event indicated significant non-adherence of leukocytes (nal) in 77% of the test group and 20% of the control group in the presence of brain antigen. 2 ...197989190
clinical aspects of alpha 1-fetoprotein determination in human liver cancer and in humans and experimental animals at carcinogenic risk.recent findings concerning the significance of alpha 1-fetoprotein (afp) as a tool for clinical diagnosis and monitoring of tumor diseases are reviewed briefly. the applicability of this protein marker to the early diagnosis of patients at carcinogenic risk is discussed. in addition, experimental data obtained with a model of chemical hepatocarcinogenesis are reported. the increase of proliferative activity in precancerous liver tissue preceded afp production under experimental conditions with a ...197989199
antigenic changes associated with liver carcinogenesis.carcinogen-induced experimental hepatomas are often characterized by new individually distinct antigens capable of inducing tumor immunity in syngeneic hosts. these antigens arise as a consequence of cell-carcinogen interaction and may result from modification or replacement of normal cell-surface components. their role in immunosurveillance is not established, but they offer a target for tumor immunotherapy. reexpressed fetal antigens have also been detected, either as secretory products (alpha ...197989200
antigenic analysis of human heart tissue--characterization of cardiac antigens.the human heart antigens demonstrated in citric acid extracts by immunodiffusion were submitted to further analysis. heart antigens were precipitated at 30% to 70% saturated ammonium sulphate. these fractions contained antigens reactive with rabbit antisera to human heart. the third fraction out of four proteins which were separated by sephadex g-150 gel filtration, was reactive against rabbit antisera to human heart. the intensely stained proteins of both heart antigens were located at the nine ...197989208
[change in the thresholds of development of ventricular arrhythmias after stimulation of negative emotiogenic hypothalamic centers].the dynamics of changes in the thresholds of the origin of ventricular extrasystole, paroxysmal ventricular tachysystole and ventricular fibrillation in long-term stimulation of the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus were studied in experiments on rabbits. it was found that myocardial resistance to the development of arrhythmias depended on the manifestation of the sympathetico-parasympathic interaction on the heart. in predominance of parasympathetic effects on the heart during hypothalamic stim ...197989222
[corpuscular antigens in the blood neutrophil reaction (neutrophil injury index test) in children with dysentery]. 197989260
[use of herman's method of staining mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 197989264
[preparation of antisera by combined administration of antigens]. 197989268
control of hospital epidemic of gentamicin-resistant klebsiella aerogenes. 197989322
cimetidine: interaction with oral anticoagulants in 6 patients anticoagulated with warfarin, nicoumalone, or phenindione the addition of cimetidine prolonged the prothrombin-time (pt) by a mean of 12.6 s (range 5--23 s). in 7 volunteers taking daily subtherapeutic doses of warfarin the addition of cimetidine increased the pt from 19.4 to 22.9 s and the plasma-warfarin concentration from 0.96 to 1.76 microgram/ml. cimetidine reduced the single-dose clearance of warfarin and antipyrine. the basis of the interaction between cimetidine and oral an ...197989387
eosinophil counts in duodenal tissue in cow's-milk allergy. 197989421
legionnaires' disease caused by legionella pneumophila serogroup 3. 197989463
continuous measurement of ph in central arteries and veins. 197989503
human b cell function in a polyclonally induced plaque forming cell system. cell triggering and immunoregulation.the use of a sensitive pfc assay against a specific antigenic determinant (srbc) following polyclonal triggering of human lymphocytes has provided a unique insight into the complex mechanisms of triggering of human b cells. the system is under the strict regulation of a delicate balance between helper and suppressor influences reflecting in certain circumstances the activity of distinct subsets of immunoregulatory cells. lymphoid cells in certain diseases characterized by disordered immunoregula ...197989732
monkey antiserum to mlc-primed human t lymphocytes. 197989737
histological diagnosis of myocardial injury. comparison of hematoxylin-basic fuchsin-picric acid (hbfp)-stained sections obtained during autopsy with isolated viable rat cardiac myocytes exposed to anoxia.the light microscopic appearances in hematoxylin-basic fuchsin-picric acid (hbfp)-stained histological sections from cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue were put in relation to the reactions of isolated viable rat cardiac myocytes exposed to anoxia in suspension and their morphology in paraffin-embedded sections. special attention was paid to prenecrotic phases of myocytic injury which were followed, in viable rat cardiac myocytes, by light microscopy, and confirmed with biochemical assays indica ...197989781
capillary permeability to interstitial microinjections of macromolecules and influence of capillary hydrostatic pressure on endothelial ultrastructure.the transcapillary flux of horseradish peroxidase (hrp, mol. diam. 50--60 a) and ferritin (mol. diam. 110--120 a), microinjected interstitially into the biceps femoris muscle of rats, was analyzed in the electron microscope. from 1 min postinjection hrp was observed to occupy endothelial plasmalemmal vesicles in all positions to be expected if a vesicular transendothelial transport of material occurs in the interstitium-to-lumen direction. permeation of hrp through the intercellular clefts of th ...197989786
ultrastructure of rat renal tubular basement membrane--meshwork structure demonstration by negative staining.the tubular basement membrane (tbm) (i.e. tubular basal lamina) of rat kidney was shown to be a fine meshwork by electron microscopy after negative staining. strands of the meshwork formed a regular three dimensional lattice work. the pores of the meshwork were polygonal. there were two main pore sizes: one approximately 30 a in diameter, the other 42--60 a. in view of our previous observation that glomerular and alveolar basement membranes were made up fine meshwork, it is quite possible that t ...197989787
effect of spermine on number of crossing-over events in post-conjugational recombination in escherichia coli k-12. 197989796
histamine-releasing effect of a corticotrophin derivative. ii. mechanism of action of histamine release by c 44 680-ba, compared with that of cpd. 48/80, dextran and triton.the mechanism of the histamine-liberating action of the synthetic polypeptide c 44 680-ba, an alkyl-prolyl derivative of beta 1-19 corticotrophin, was investigated and compared with those of compound 48/80, dextran, melittin and triton x-100. it was found that the release of histamine from rat peritoneal cells induced by the polypeptide is dependent on temperature, ph, calcium ions and energy-providing processes. in regard to these criteria, the mode of action of this histamine liberator resembl ...197989804
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