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a new sequence-specific endonuclease from anabaena cylindrica. 1978103749
effect or oral administration of propylene glycol on the induction of enzymes and proteins in microsomes and cytosol of the rat liver.male wistar rats were divided into 4 groups, receiving water, propylene glycol (pg), sodium phenobarbital (pb) and pb + pg, respectively. after oral administration of these materials for 7 days, various enzymes in hepatic microsomes and the binding capacity of y and z fractions in the cytosol were assayed. as compared with the water group, the aniline hydroxylase activity, the cytochrome b5 content and the amount of z fraction increased in the pg group. as compared with the pb group, the microso ...1978103773
dietary lactose and the aetiology of human small-intestinal hypolactasia. 1978103781
production of anti-antipyrine antibody by immunization with 4-azoantipyrine-conjugated bovine serum albumin. 1978103791
[reactive cell proliferations in retinal detachment]. 1999103792
[susceptibility testing with the autobac system (author's transl)].the autobac i provides an automated method for the rapid measurement of antimicrobial susceptibility of fast growing pathogenic microorganisms. to check instrument accuracy, 477 cultures were tested by the bauer-kirby method for comparison. according to the din limits, the results were comparable in 81.8%, whereas within the nccls limits the agreement was 86.5%. the discrepancy was found to be due to incorrect disc mass and different limits of inhibitory zone diameters. another reason for disagr ...1978103806
nonhuman primate model for the study of respiratory klebsiella pneumoniae infection.squirrel monkeys were inoculated by the intratracheal inoculation of 700 klebsiella pneumoniae organisms and developed lobar pneumonia in about 24 h. characteristic clinical findings were fever, anorexia, and coughing. laboratory findings included leukocytosis or leukopenia (with the latter more prominent in ultimately fatal infections), bacteremia, and shedding of bacteria into the pharynx. infected monkeys showed increased plasma lysozyme activity as well as increased plasma ceruloplasmin, hap ...1978103826
colonic polyposis and cancer. 1998104575
radiology societies. 1998104596
effect of nitroglycerin on vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation during myocardial ischemia and reperfusion.the effect of nitroglycerin on vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation was examined in 44 chloralose-anesthetized dogs. in 19 animals ventricular fibrillation threshold was measured before and during a 10 minute period of occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery followed by abrupt release of occlusion. fibrillation threshold was determined using the single stimulus and train of stimuli methods. the influence of nitroglycerin on vulnerability was assessed with and without preve ...1979104608
the navy alcoholism prevention program--worldwide.where we used to separate alcoholic members, we are now able to keep over 70% on active duty longer, which contributes to stability of the force, reductions in recruitment and training costs, and overall improved personnel readiness to support the navy mission.1998104635
distribution of gold in blood during chrysotherapy.measurements have been made using electrophoresis and neutron activation analysis of the distribution of gold in the blood of four patients who have responded well to chrysotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis. it has been shown that in these patients there is litte, if any, binding to the fibrinogen. the majority of protein-bound gold is associated with the albumin but significant amounts are bound to the other proteins. there is a small amount of gold associated with the blood cells.1998104649
activity of bepridil and other anti-anginals on cardiovascular modifications engendered by conditioned anxiety in the dog.the action of bepridil (5 mg/kg), perhexilene (5 mg/kg) propranolol (0.5 mg/kg), dipyridamole (0.5 mg/kg), amiodarone (10 mg/kg), pentaerythritol tetranitrate (40 microgram/kg) and nitroglycerine (40 microgram/kg) on cardiovascular manifestations of auditory-inducted emotional stress has been investigated in the conscious dog. bepridil, perhexilene and propranolol considerably reduce tachycardia provoked by the anxiogenic stimulus, with nitroglycerin exerting an attenuated effect and the others ...1978104675
alcohol dehydrogenase polymorphism in populations of drosophila melanogaster. ii. relation between adh activity and adult mortality.eight drosophila melanogaster strains, seven homozygous for adhf alleles and one for an adh-null mutant, were compared for adh activity in males and adult mortality on ethanol-supplemented food. the strains differed considerably in these qualities. a positive correlation was found between adh activity and ld50. the relevance of this finding is discussed in relation to the differential selection acting on adh genotypes kept on ethanol-supplemented food.1998104710
hydronephrosis in infants and children, part ii. 1998104826
activity of thymidine kinase during the cell cycle in tetrahymena pyriformis.the presence of thymidine kinase has recently been reported in tetrahymena pyriformis. the activity pattern for this enzyme was investigated during the cell cycle in both the one heat-shock per cell generation and the starvation-refeed system. thymidine kinase was found to be a peak enzyme during s-phase in both situations. nucleoside phosphotransferase was a continuous enzyme in the one heat-shock per cycle system, however, it closely paralleled the thymidine kinase curve during starvation and ...1998104828
protein-calorie malnutrition in patients with colorectal cancer.protein-calorie malnutrition, as determined by anthropometric measures and laboratory tests, was assessed in 17 preoperative patients with colorectal cancer and 47 control patients. the cancer patients had significant deficits in visceral protein and skeletal muscle and no deficit in fat stores. greater attention should be given to preoperative nutritional assessment and to the correction of protein deficits.1998104851
bronchial mucosal permeability.the tracheobronchial epithelium has well-developed tight junctions which on a morphologic basis should be markedly resistant to penetration by protein molecules. despite this, antigen inhalation in monkeys allergic to ascaris suum results in the rapid onset of pulmonary physiologic changes. recent studies in man and animals have shown that a substantial number of mast cells exist in the bronchial lumen and epithelium. we suggest that antigen-antibody interaction initially occurs on these superfi ...1979104888
passage of immunoglobulins from plasma to the oral cavity in rhesus monkeys.the passage of immunoglobulin from plasma to the oral cavity was studied in rhesus monkeys. immunoglobulins g, a and m were purified from pooled rhesus monkey serum, radiolabelled with 125i and injected intravenously into twelve monkeys. sequential samples of oral fluids were taken over a 24 h period and were assayed for radioactivity. radioactivity could be detected in crevicular fluid washings after 0.5 h in monkeys injected with igg and iga, and after 2 h in monkeys given igm. maximal levels ...1978104924
sarcocystis in feces of coyotes from montana: prevalence and experimental transmission to sheep and cattle. 1978104939
p-hydroxyphenylacetaldoxime, an inhibitor of beta-galactosidase, produced by actinomycetes. 1979104950
synergy between aminoglycosides and semi-synthetic penicillins against gentamicin-resistant gram-negative rods. 1979104951
carbon and nitrogen repression of arginine catabolic enzymes in bacillus subtilis.specific activities of arginase and ornithine aminotransferase, inducible enzymes of arginine catabolism in bacillus subtilis 168, were examined in cells grown with various carbon and nitrogen sources. levels of these enzymes were similar in arginine-induced cultures whether glucose or citrate was the carbon source (in contrast to histidase), suggesting that carbon source catabolite repression has only limited effect. in media with combinations of nitrogen sources, glutamine strongly repressed i ...1979104957
transcription and translation in a pleiotropic streptomycin-resistant mutant of escherichia coli.the role of the ribosomal protein s12 (streptomycin protein) in ribosome function and in other metabolic processes in the cell has been investigated. a spontaneous streptomycin-resistant strain of escherichia coli (sm3) carrying a mutation in the rpsl gene is deficient in its ability to induce the synthesis of the enzyme bets-galactosidase. it was demonstrated that the reduced rate of enzyme synthesis results from deficiencies in both the transcription of the lactose operon and translation of th ...1979104958
isolation of an iron-binding compound from pseudomonas iron-binding compound was isolated from ethyl acetate extracts of culture supernatant fluids of pseudomonas aeruginosa and was purified by successive paper and thin-layer chromatographic procedures. the purified compound was characterized by uv, visible, infrared, and fluorescence spectroscopy. the compound possesses phenolic characteristics, with little or no similarity to dihydroxybenzoates and no indication of a hydroxamate group. p. aeruginosa synthesized the compound during active growth ...1979104968
the effect of levamisole on dmba-induced carcinogenesis in the hamster cheek pouch.the effect of levamisole on dmba-induced carcinogenesis in the cheek pouch of the hamster was studied. findings indicate that levamisole modified the response of the pouch to dmba at six weeks, while this effect was not maintained after 12 weeks of dmba application.1998105023
demonstration of hepatitis b e antigen in the core of dane particles. 1998105041
characteristics of drosophila rhodopsin in wild-type and norpa vision transduction mutants.the properties of the major visual pigment of drosophila melanogaster were evaluated. the visual pigment was isolated from other protein components using acrylamide gel electrophoresis and spectral identification. sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds) acrylamide gels of the isolated visual pigment gave a single protein subunit with a mol wt of 37,000 daltons. the rhodopsin480 molar extinction coefficient was 35,000 liter/mol-cm (+/- 2,700 se). the metarhodopsin580 molar extinction coefficient was approxi ...1998105082
implications for adult roles from differential styles of mother-infant bonding: an ethological study.ethological observations of maternal and infant behaviors of nine vervet monkey pairs (cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus) showed the effects of differential styles of early maternal responsiveness on later infant competence. those infants receiving the least amount of maternal responsiveness and the most time-off the mother in the first 3 months of development were more socially competent at 6 months of age. the results are discussed within current ethological "attachment" theories. the detachment ...1979105083
management of refractory chylous ascites by total parenteral nutrition. 1998105112
muscle responses and monosynaptic reflexes in falling monkey. role of the vestibular system.the free fall has been used in our laboratory as a way to test vestibular function in baboons in order to quantify vestibular compensation in the hemilabyrinthectomized animal. this study presents only those results that concern the contribution of the vestibular system to muscle responses due to sudden fall. emg activity was recorded from the fully conscious animal using chronic electrodes implanted in various muscles. spinal monosynaptic reflexes (hoffmann's and tendon reflexes) were studied i ...1978105128
some clinical consequences of red cell incompatibility: the bradshaw lecture 1978.most deaths from red cell incompatibility are due either to the transfusion of abo-incompatibile red cell or to rh-haemolytic disease of the newborn; almost all the deaths are preventible. it seems that approximately 1 in 5,000 recipients receive abo-incompatible blood, a figure which implies that donor and/or recipient may be mis-identified in as many as 1 in 1,5000 transfusions. another serious consequence of mis-identification is the transfusion of rh-positive blood to an rh-negative female w ...1998105132
evaluation of caged mating behavior in macaca fascicularis.studies were undertaken to characterize the basic behavioral parameters of a breeding colony of macaca fascicularis under caged conditions. the female reproduction performance index and the success ratio were found to correlate with mating behavior relating to cyclicity in females with cycles of less than 30 days. these evaluations proved to be useful in the selection of animals based on sexual vigor.1998105139
acute pancreatitis following drug therapy. 1998105165
[expanding role of nursing. 2. the manner of expansion of the nursing role: personal observation on the nursing trend in the united states. discussion]. 1998105177
[exertional dyspnea]. 1998105184
[advantages and disadvantages of team nursing: the system of patient assignment in the psychiatric department and related problems]. 1998105190
effects of the tumor-promoting agent 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate on normal and "preneoplastic" mouse submandibular gland epithelial cells in vitro.the effect of the promoting agent 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (tpa) was studied on mixed primary cultures of c57bl/icrf-at mouse submandibular gland and on slowly proliferating preneoplastic epithelial foci derived from such cultures. no cytologic alterations were noted in the tpa-treated epithelium. the development of three-dimensional epithelial ducts occurring between 30 and 60 days in vitro in untreated cultures was markedly inhibited in tpa-treated cultures. epithelial proliferatio ...1979105202
intramembranous particle aggregation in toad urinary bladder after vasopressin stimulation. 1998105207
[the surgical treatment of lliofemoral venous thrombosis (author's transl)].the surgical treatment of acute iliofemoral thrombosis has shown such favorable results that it holds a firm place in the treatment plan. improvements may possibly be achieved by combining surgical thrombectomy with streptokinase treatment. in certain cases of incomplete thrombectomy or chronic iliofemoral venous thromboses a temporary arteriovenous shunt is indicated which as far as possible should be performed at the level of the adductor canal (brunner). as a standard method of surgical embol ...1998105261
[a family of von recklinghausen's disease combined with bilateral acoustic neurinomas (author's transl)]. 1998105303
what is unnecessary surgery?the definition of "unnecessary surgery" has never been made very precise. a useful definition might be provided by the economist's notion of patient costs and benefits as they would be calculated by a fully informed patient-consumer. combining both clinical information and consumer preferences, it is impossible to demonstrate unnecessary surgery for most diagnoses. conclusions in recent congressional reports on unnecessary surgery are not supported by evidence likely to benefit either individual ...1998105314
[hla, abo and rh antigens in blood donors with and without surface antigen for hepatitis b (hbsag) (author's transl)]. 1998105389
[ossification mechanisms in normal and pathological conditions]. 1998105393
pediatric ivs: special measures you must take. 1998105396
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat: i. -- relation tissue level dose (author's transl)].rats were fed with a diet containing phenoclor dp6, a french commercial polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) mixture, for 30 days. diet pcb levels were 10, 100, 500 and 1000 ppm (wet weight). at 500 ppm, a 50 per cent mortality was found after 8 days, while a 100 per cent mortality was noted after 6 days with 1000 ppm. our principal findings include: loss of body weight (at major doses), central nervous system stimulation, inflammation of lungs and gastro-intestinal tractus, and fatty degeneration of ...1978105424
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat. iii - pcb distribution, storage and elimination relation time (author's transl)].the study of accumulation and elimination of phenoclor dp6 (a commercial pcb mixture) was carried out in three experiments : 1) rats were fed diet containing 100 ppm of dp6 and were sacrificed after 1, 3, 8, 15 and 30 days. 2) rats fed dp6 diet during 15 days were subsequently fed with a control diet and sacrificed 8, 15, 52 and 78 days after removal dp6 diet. 3) bile was collected from surgically treated rats fed dp6 diet during 15 days. polychlorobiphenyls were spotted in fat carcasses, liver, ...1978105428
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat. iv - metabolic alterations and residual effects of dp6 dietary exposure (author's transl)].in the first experiment, rats fed diet containing phenoclor dp6 at a level of 100 ppm (wet weigh) were sacrificed after 1, 3, 8, 15 and 30 days of treatment. metabolic alterations such as enlarged liver, increased protein and lipid liver contents and hyperlipemia were established within 8 days. the glucid metabolism and muscle metabolic parameters show a low sensibility to dp6 treatment. in the second experiment, rats fed diet containing phenoclor dp6 (100 ppm) for 15 days were subsequently remo ...1978105429
[evolution and transformation in animal organism of some polychlorobiphenyls (author's transl)].intoxication by pure polychlorobiphenyls and a commercial product is studied, in rats, after intraperitoneal and oral administration. their fixation and excretion of their metabolites is greater by intraperitoneal than by oral administration. the only hydroxy metabolites, identified by means of synthesis, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are, all, derivatives from trichlorobiphenyl. it appears that administration of commercial product induces a more rapid degradation of these compounds i ...1978105430
[x-ray study of the stomach. what is it used for and what is it worth?]. 1998105438
[isolation of treponemas from the colon of pigs with clinical dysentery].optimal culture conditions in artificial nutritive media were determined for a defined avirulent strain of treponema hyodysenteriae and for four field strains of treponemas in pigs with clinical dysentery. the treponemas were isolated with the use of milliporous filters with pores of 0.3 micrometer in diameter, which were located on the surface of blood agar. no significant difference in the influence of equine, bovine or sheep blood on the growth of treponemas was determined. the commercial amo ...1979105448
[effect of feeding pelleted feed on the level of volatile fatty acids in the digestive tract of sheep].in an experiment with wethers we investigated the effect of complete pelleted feed ration on the concentration of volatile fatty acids in the rumen and intestinal tract. the animals consumed daily 1,300 g of dry matter of a diet which contained 41.81% of meadow hay, 25.28% of barley, 15.37% of sawdust, 14.98% of molasses, 1.32% of urea and 1.24% of a vitamin-mineral supplement for a period of six months. the pelleted diet increased the total amount of volatile fatty acids, the content of propion ...1979105451
diseases of chelonians: (1) necropsy survey of tortoises.the results of necropsies of 144 tortoises of 17 species that died in captivity are presented. intestinal and nutritional disorders (27.0 and 22.2 per cent respectively) were the most common causes of death. nematode infestations were found in 43.8 per cent, but with exception of a few species the parasites were seldom pathogenic. infestations with other helminths appear to be very unusual. protozoan infections were relatively common (at least 22.9 per cent) but protozoa are probably seldom path ...1978105454
sarcocystis sp from the goat in india. 1978105455
[b. cereus count in meat and dairy food products].studies were carried out to establish the contamination of some meat and dairy food products with b. cereus. a total of 48 heat-treated sausages (32 perishable and 16 durable) and 64 batches of pasteurized milk were sampled. it was found that 25 per cent of investigated sausage samples contained b. cereus. perishables proved to a considerable extent more frequently contaminated (33.3 per cent). the count of b. cereus in such products ranged from 10(1) to 10(3) per g. however, pasteurized milk wa ...1978105462
ruthenium red binding to cell coat in neoplastic neurogenic cell lines in culture.the cell coat of cultivated fetal rat brain cells as well as malignant rat neurogenic cell lines in culture were studied by transmission electron microscopy with the ruthenium red staining technique. some of the transformed cell lines demonstrated alteration in the bindng properties of ruthenium red to the cell surface. otherwise no significant correlation between the visualized cell coat thickness and neoplastic transformation was noted.1979105464
[comments on paper: "hypothalamic control hormones and their clinical significance" by l. weisbecker (wien. med. wschr. 128, 1978:284)]. 1998105477
[effectiveness of prolonged uterine relaxation by betamimetic drugs for threatened premature labour (author's transl)].it is statistically proven that long-term administered betamimetic drugs inhibit excessive uterine activity, but for the individual subject the extent of this effect can hardly be predicted. by studying 167 pregnancies treated for threatened premature labour it is confirmed that the success rate of the tocolytic treatment depends strictly on the clinical feature of the condition as observed on admission. by use of a simple scheme for classification of success, correlations with the importance of ...1998105481
[c-peptide, igg-insulin antibodies, island cell antibodies and immune response genes in diabetes mellitus]. 1998105488
[activation of diaminooxidase (histaminase) by heparin. indication of the effect of heparin on hemostasis]. 1998105491
[growth hormone secretion in acromegaly after isolated and combined use of the insulin hypoglycemia, lh-rh and trh test]. 1998105492
[isolated aplastic anemia--a polyetiological syndrome]. 1998105498
[limitations of intensive care]. 1998105502
[complex compounds of platinum in the chemotherapy of malignant tumors]. 1979105504
haematological studies on domestic animals in nigeria i. factors influencing the haematocrit of sheep and goats. 1978105514
[lysozyme concentration in the loose connective tissue of animals with different species sensitivity to brucellosis].lysozyme content was determined in the subcutaneous cellular tissue of guinea pigs and albino rats differing by species resistance to brucella infection. experiments were conducted on intact animals and those inoculated subcutaneously with live br. abortus 19-ba vaccine. connective tissue was taken from the site of the vaccine administration and from the contralateral side (control). observations showed connective tissue of the animals highly sensitive to brucella infection to be exceedingly poo ...1978105522
dual action of adrenergic system on the regulation of thyrotrophin secretion in the male rat.the effect of graded doses of drugs modifying adrenergic activity on basal and cold-stimulated tsh secretion was studied in male rats. alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine (ampt) (16 h before 30 min cold-exposure), phenoxybenzamine (1 h), ca-fusarate (1 h) and diethyldithiocarbamate (ddc) (1 and 18 h) dose-dependently depressed the cold-stimulated tsh secretion. the effect of reserpine (24 h) was not significant. clonidine (1 h), dihydroxyphenyl-serine (dops) (1 h), noradrenaline (na) (1 h), and l-dopa (1 h) ...1979105532
[some notes on the specifity of the fluorescence histochemical demonstration of gaba (author's transl)].the distribution of the gaba in the purkinje cells of the rat cerebellum was demonstrated by means of modified fluorescence histochemical method according to wolman (1971). three types of purkinje cells, with respect to their fluorescence intensity and gaba distribution, were evident. the gaba-fluorescence was strikingly by pharmacological pretreatment. isonicotinic acid hydrazide, penicillamine and chlorpromazine cause a granulation and marked reduction of the fluorescence compound, being norma ...1978105559
testing of the course of neurogenesis and gliogenesis in the germinative zones of the cns of embryonal and early postnatal rats by means of the gel reaction for the histochemical demonstration of the thiamine-pyrophosphatase. histochemical and autoradiographical study.using the histochemical reaction for the demonstration of tppase the shape and distribution of the golgi apparatus (ga) of the ventricular zones of the cns of rats was studied during embryonal and postnatal development. in the cells of the ventricular zone of the spinal cord, the hypothalamus, the thalamus, the n. caudatus and the cerebral cortex two forms of ga can be distinguished: form 1 ga has the shape of small rods or grains placed in the ventricular process of the cell at various distance ...1978105560
transport of oligomeric iga of systemic origin into external secretions. 1978105568
calibrated leak balloon microcatheter: a device for arterial exploration and occlusive quest of an endarterial treatment for intracranial arteriovenous malformations and fistulas, a microcatheter which can be flow-guided into third- and fourth-order branches of the intracranial arteries was developed. this permits controlled deposition of a vascular occlusive polymer (isobutyl-2 cyanoacrylate). goals and experimental techniques are reviewed and clinical experience on the first 25 patients is presented. complications included one stroke and three catheters glued in place, but re ...1979105585
percutaneous drainage of lung abscess. 1998105602
alexander s. macmillan, jr. 1998105612
thiamin and pyridoxine requirements during intravenous hyperalimentation.studies were undertaken to determine rational dosages of vitamin b1 and b6 during long-term intravenous hyperalimentation, using more sensitive techniques than formerly used to evaluate b1 and b6 status. a standard vitamin combination, type a, (usually commercially available products) has been used up to now because of convenience, disregarding the effects of long-term administration. this combination lacks biotin, folic acid, and vitamin e and contains from 10 to 100 times the dietary allowance ...1998105622
phlegmonous esophagitis associated with epiphrenic diverticulum. 1998105632
case report: intestinal clearance of calcium and protein in waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia.a 63-year-old man with waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia had severe steatorrhea, marked protein-losing enteropathy, and excessive endogenous fecal calcium clearance. the malabsorption and protein loss resulted in weight loss and hypoalbuminemia. in contrast, the striking enteric calcium loss was completely compensated by an increase in calcium absorption resulting in a positive calcium balance.1978105640
nasogastric tube feeding. 1998105642
the number and distribution of mast cells in monkey lungs.we estimated the number of mast cells in monkey lungs by both quantitative histologic examination and measurement of total lung histamine, and showed that monkey lungs contain between 10(7) and 10(8) mast cells, with approximately 83% of these being located in conducting airways, and 17% in the parenchyma. the number of mast cells found in each airway generation increased from approximately 60,000 in the trachea to 8 million in the terminal bronchioles. in airways from different generations the ...1979105654
occurrence of immunoglobulin g-alkaline phosphatase complexes in human serum.we studied three patients in whom all or part of their serum alkaline phosphatase circulated as a complex with immunoglobulin g (igg). serum alkaline phosphatase isozymes were visualized by their electrophoretic (in agar, agarose, and starch gel and on cellulose acetate), gel filtration, and electroimmunodiffusion behaviour. the alkaline phosphatase-igg complex was of the liver type (two cases) and bone type (one case). the reaction pattern of alkaline phosphatase with different human tissues an ...1979105655
enteral hyperalimentation: an alternative to central venous hyperalimentation.severe protein-energy undernutrition is a frequent finding among chronically ill patients. its causes are anorexia, hypermetabolism, and malabsorption. adverse consequences include impaired cell-mediated immunity increased susceptibility to infection, poor wound healing, weakness, and death. spontaneous oral intake is inadequate in patients with this disorder, and therapeutic maintenance or repletion alimentation is needed. enteral hyperalimentation is the method of choice, if tolerated. a succe ...1998105658
[a new type of association in a lecudina (l. postae n. sp., eugregarina lecudinidae), parasite of hyalinoecia tubicola (müller) (polychaeta onuphidae) (author's transl)]. 1998105662
[kinetics of the serological response in the experimental primary hydatid disease of mice infected with echinococcus granulosus embryophores (author's transl)].a serological response kinetics study was carried out in cf-1 mice orally infected with echinococcus granulosus embryophores using immuno-electrophoresis, double diffusion, latex agglutination and passive hemagglutination. starting from the 76th day after the infection, serum antibodies reach the minimum detectable level by immunoelectrophoresis test. band number 5, now considered as specific for e. granulosus, was proved to be the first precipitating system exhibited in this test. double diffus ...1978105664
[prolonged parenteral nutrition by cave catheter in child (author's transl)]. 1998105665
plasma somatomedin activity in protein calorie malnutrition.somatomedin activity was assayed in the plasma of children suffering from protein calorie malnutrition by a bioassay using rat cartilage and expressed as sulphate uptake ratio. the sulphate uptake ratio was particularly reduced in kwashiorkor. in marasmus there was a slight reduction and the levels were still in the normal range. plasma growth hormone (gh) levels were raised in kwashiorkor but were in the normal range in marasmus. reduction in sulphate uptake ratio was observed only when plasma ...1979105670
[coronary angiography in the preoperative exploration of non-ischemic acquired valve diseases].one hundred and fifty-nine patients with aortic valve disease (86 cases), mitral valve disease (58 cases) or mitral and aortic disease (15 cases) underwent a pre-operative haemodynamic study, including coronary arteriography either as a routine (age greater than 50 years) or because of chest pains. coronary arteriography is easy to do during left heart catheterisation and nowadays carries minimal risk. in the cases of chest pains, it showed stenotic lesions of the coronary vessels in 22% of pati ...1998105677
[left auricular myxoma. apropos of 9 cases. study of echocardiographic and morphologic aspects. familial inquiry].a study was made of 9 cases of left atrial myxoma with emphasis on the echocardiographic, haemodynamic and anatomical aspects and on the main clinical features. an epidemiological enquiry was made regarding the possibility of recurrences or familial cases. it was negative, suggesting that such cases are rare. the echocardiographic signs of left atrial myxoma are inconstant. the mitral diastolic ef slope is variable, the delay in appearance of the tumour echo behind the mitral valve in diastole i ...1998105683
experimental ciliochoroidal detachment. effect on intraocular pressure and aqueous humor flow.ciliochoroidal detachments were produced in rhesus monkeys by injecting glutathione bicarbonate ringer's solution, autologous serum, or silicone oil into the anterior suprachoroidal space. silicone oil detachments, like sham operations, caused a transient 2 mm hg reduction in intraocular pressure. detachments with glutathione bicarbonate ringer's solution or serum caused a 6 mm hg reduction in intraocular pressure, which normalized in three weeks. aqueous humor flow in serum-detached eyes was no ...1979105696
sideroblastic anaemia and leukaemia in multiple myeloma.two patients with iga myeloma and one patient with kappa light chain disease developed sideroblastic anaemia from two to four years after the initial diagnosis. all had previously received radiotherapy and chemotherapy (melphalan and prednisone). in two patients the myeloma was quiescent when the sideroblastic change occurred. leukaemia occurred in two patients two and seven months respectively after the diagnosis of sideroblastic anaemia was made. in one of them, the myeloma became active again ...1998105698
official opening (t.g.h. strehlow). 1998105703
influences of sexual and social stimuli upon circulating levels of testosterone in male pigtail macaques. 1998105712
an anthranilate synthase of the extreme aminase type in a species of blue-green bacteria (algae).anthranilate synthase of agmenellum quadruplicatum, a unicellular species of blue-green bacteria, consists of two nonidentical subunits. a 72,000 dalton protein has aminase activity but is incapable of reaction with glutamine (amidotransferase) unless a second protein (18,000 molecular weight) is present. the small subunit was first detected through its ability to complement a partially purified aminase subunit from bacillus subtilis to produce a hybrid complex capable of amidotransferase functi ...1978105718
genetic and biochemical aspects of trehalase from drosophila melanogaster.only one molecular form of trehalase (e.c. was detectable in adult drosophila melanogaster by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing. an examination of duplication- and deletion-bearing aneuploids exhibiting dosage sensitivity indicated that the enzyme is encoded by a gene, treh+, located between 55b and 55e of the second chromosome. the tissue-specific soluble and particulate forms of trehalase appear to be manifestations of a single protein encoded by a single ge ...1998105719
the necessity of magnesium cation for acid assistance aglycone departure in catalysis by escherichia coli (lacz) beta-galactosidase.1. removal of mg2+ from escherichia coli (lacz) beta-galactosidase slightly increases the rate of hydrolysis of galactosyl pyridinium salts, but decreases the rate of hydrolysis of arylgalactosides. 2. fair correlation of logkcat. and log (km) with the pka of aglycone is now observed for arglygalactosides, as well as for glycosyl pyridinium salts. 3. degalactosylation of mg2+-free enzyme is the rate-limiting step in the hydrolysis of 2,4-dinitrophenyl galactoside. 4. alpha-deuterium kinetic isot ...1978105722
relationship between biotin-binding proteins from chicken plasma and egg yolk.the plasma of laying hens contains a specific biotin-binding protein that appears to be identical with an egg-yolk biotin-binding protein. both proteins are saturated with biotin and require elevated temperatures to effect the exchange of [14c]biotin for the protein-bound vitamin. the heat-exchange curve in each case is the same and differs sharply from that of avidin, the egg-white biotin-binding protein. on sephadex g-100 gel filtration, plasma and yolk biotin-binding proteins were each eluted ...1978105724
drosophila melanogaster lacks eye-pigment binding proteins.drosophila melanogaster contains no detectable eye-pigment binding proteins, and the previous evidence for the presence of such protein in the cecropia moth is probably not valid. the major brown pigment of drosophila (and of cecropia), dihydroxanthommatin, behaves as a high molecular weight compound in sephadex chromatography, thus leading to false conclusions.1998105753
mutual homology of mouse immunoglobulin gamma-chain gene sequences.we have assessed the relative homology of mouse immunoglobulin heavy-chain gene sequence using complementary dnas (cdnas) synthesized against gamma-chain mrnas (gamma 1, gamma 2a, gamma 2b, and gamma 3) purified from mouse myelomas. cdnas complementary to the gamma-chain mrnas did not cross-hybridize with the mu- and alpha-chain mrnas, whereas they cross-hybridized to significant extents (22--66%) with the gamma-chain mrnas of other subclasses. the heterologous hybrids formed, however, melt at 5 ...1979105754
neonatal hormone patterns in the macaque. i. steroids. 1998105767
evidence for an epididymal origin of bovine sperm forward motility protein. 1978105768
further observations on the initiation of sperm motility. 1978105770
multiple sclerosis: immunochemical studies on the demyelinating serum factor.sera from patients with multiple sclerosis (ms) frequently produce demyelination of central nervous system tissue cultures. the nature of the factors responsible for demyelination is not as yet clearly established. however, several authors previously reported, in in vivo and in vitro models, demyelinating activity in igg fractions isolated from sera and cerebrospinal fluid of ms patients14,42,48. we found the demyelinating activity of ms sera to be extremely labile to conventional biochemical tr ...1979105780
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