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the bacillus capsulatus (bacillus pneumoniae of friedlander?), with special reference to its connection with acute lobar pneumonia. 189819971182
bacillus capsulatus (bacillus pneumoniae of friedlaender?) with especial reference to its connection with acute lobar pneumonia : a report of twelve cases in which bacillus capsulatus occurred in the medical and surgical wards of the boston city hospital. 189919866904
studies on capsule formation: i. the conditions under which klebsiella pneumoniae (friedländer's bacterium) forms capsules. 193916560257
colony and antigenic variation in klebsiella pneumoniae types a, b and c. 193916560264
studies on capsule formation: ii. the influence of electrolytes on capsule formation by klebsiella pneumoniae. 194016560322
studies on capsule formation: iii. inhibition of capsule formation of klebsiella pneumoniae (friedländer's bacterium) by an agent produced by a soil bacillus. 194016560358
bacterial variation: the influence of environment upon the dissociation pattern of klebsiella pneumoniae. 194421434180
klebsiella pneumonia treated with streptomycin. 194620987431
adreno-sympathogenic heart disease; neurohormonal factors in pathogenesis and treatment. 194818858403
bronchopneumonia due to friedländer bacillus with involvement of both upper lobes. 194818866043
[not available]. 194818873763
friedländer's bacillus infection following perforating wound of orbit; report of a case treated with streptomycin. 194818885416
enzymic activity of bacteriophage-culture lysates; a capsule lysin active against klebsiella pneumoniae type a. 194818891628
enzymic activity of bacteriophage-culture lysates: i. a capsule lysin active against klebsiella pneumoniae type a. 194816561619
[not available]. 194818099467
the diagnosis of klebsiella pneumoniae (friedländer's bacillus) from the gastrointestinal tract of normal healthy adults. 194918113423
the effect of ultrasonic waves upon klebsiella pneumoniae, saccharomyces cerevisiae, miyagawanella felis, and influenza virus a. 194918116902
klebsiella pneumoniae associated with infantile diarrhea. 194918131770
quantitative studies on the origin and characteristics of streptomycin-fast variants of klebsiella pneumoniae. 194918139404
the diagnosis of klebsiella pneumoniae (friedlander's bacillus) from the gastrointestinal tract of normal healthy adults. 194916561660
the effect of ultrasonic waves upon klebsiella pneumoniae, saccharomyces cerevisiae, miyagawanella felis, and influenza virus a. 194916561677
friedländer-aerogenes infections in infancy. 195014770480
development of chloramphenicol-resistant and chloramphenicol-dependent variants of a strain of klebsiella pneumoniae. 195014781193
[endocarditis and septicemia from friedländer's pneumobacillus]. 195014783725
friedländer aerogenes infections in infancy. 195014796831
[meningitis from friedlander's bacillus; comparative study in the child and in the adult]. 195014800015
[post-operative meningitis from friedlander's bacillus; treatment by chloromycetin after failure of streptomycin]. 195014800453
[immunizing property of various bacterial suspensions treated with ultrasounds; research on staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus hemolyticus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumoniae]. 195014800657
[sub-phrenic abscess due to klebsiella pneumoniae; general and local antibiotic treatment; clinical cure]. 195014817031
a comparison of the removal of mucoid and non-mucoid variants of klebsiella pneumoniae type b from the splanchnic circulating blood of the intact animal. 195015412244
acute primary klebsiella pneumonia. 195015436283
a case of meningitis due to friedlander's bacillus. 195114821807
friedländer's bacillus meningitis: report of four cases, one successfully treated with aureomycin. 195114831843
osteomyelitis due to friedländer's bacillus. 195114833000
[friedlander bacillus meningitis in infants]. 195114855843
[the potassium cyanide test and klebsiella]. 195114930823
severe pyelonephritis due to friedländer's bacillus treated successfully with streptomycin. 195114885891
streptomycin and friedländer's bacillus. 195114886637
distribution and antibiotic sensitivity in fifty-five strains of klebsiella pneumoniae. 195114889077
[septicemia and meningitis caused by friedlander's bacillus in the child]. 195114894228
[uncommon microbial flora collected near the appendix]. 195114924736
[effect of streptomycin, chloramphenicol and aureomycin on klebsiella pneumoniae and klebsiella ozenae]. 195114925211
[etiology of toxicoses in newborn]. 195124541710
klebsiella pneumoniae tenosynovitis requiring amputation; a case report. 195214930212
klebsiella pneumoniae meningitis; review of the literature and report of a case with bacteremia and pneumonia, with recovery. 195214902153
meningitis due to klebsiella pneumoniae; report of two cases, with the use of streptokinase and streptodornase in one case. 195214945957
[aerobacter aerogenes and klebsiella pneumoniae]. 195214952943
[epizootic in marmosets caused by klebsiella pneumoniae]. 195212980541
[streptomycin treatment of friedländer pneumonia]. 195213003342
[meningitis due to friedlander's pneumobacillus; cure after chloramphenicol therapy following various therapeutic attempts]. 195213017719
the virulence of biochemical mutants of klebsiella pneumoniae. 195216589163
friedlander's bacillus meningitis, with recovery. 195313042191
friedländer bacillus meningitis in children; report of two cases. 195313050331
further observations on friedlander's osteomyelitis of long bones. 195313059313
[new method of staining of bacterial capsules in films and sections]. 195313060319
[examination of sulfonamide sensitivity of coliform strains during intermediate influence of sulfonamide solution]. 195313091068
[meningitis due to friedlander's pneumobacillus (klebsiella pneumoniae) in an eight month old infant; sensitivity of the bacteria to chloromycetin; recovery]. 195313093012
the significance of lactose fermentation and its relationship to resistance in klebsiella pneumoniae. 195313096501
the precipitating antigens of friedländer's bacillus. 195313096707
[on the capsular substance of klebsiella pneumoniae (friedlander's bacterium pneumoniae). i. cultural, physiological and serological capacities of friedlander's bacteria]. 195313103690
friedlander's meningitis: report of a case complicating friedlander's pneumonia with recovery. 195313111614
[meningitis due to klebsiella pneumoniae in a newborn infant]. 195313155434
[circumscribed friedländer peritonitis and spontaneous perforation of gastric tuberculosis in the same patient]. 195313132502
[case of friedländer pneumonia behind a bronchus carcinoma]. 195313144810
klebsiella pneumonia treated with tetracycline (achromycin): a case presentation. 195413150566
[effect of phytoncides on pathogenic capsular bacteria]. 195413157602
friedländer pneumonia. 195413158982
[two cases of primary peritonitis due to friedlander's bacillus in children]. 195413159414
four cases of bovine mastitis caused by klebsiella pneumoniae. 195413162918
[two cases of primary peritonitis with friedländer's bacilli]. 195413165004
[capsular substance of klebsiella pneumoniae. ii. capsular substance and virulence]. 195413170617
the effects of antibacterial agents in combination with an intestinal adsorbent. 195413171459
[klebsiella pulmonary disease]. 195413180507
the international standard for 1950, the department of biological standards, national institute for medical research, london, was authorized by the who expert committee on biological standardization to proceed with the establishment of an international standard for dihydrostreptomycin. a 50-g batch of dihydrostreptomycin was obtained and was compared with the standard preparation of dihydrostreptomycin of the food and drug administration (fda), united states department of health, education and welfare, in a collaborative a ...195413199653
a case of bacterium friedländeri meningitis. 195413209102
the distribution of diaminopimelic acid decarboxylase among some organisms of the coli-aerogenes group and certain other bacteria. 195413211986
[case of meningitis in newborn caused by friedländer's bacillus (klebsiella pneumoniae); the problems concerning the rare causative agents]. 195413214862
rheumatic-like lesions in the guinea-pig: a correlation of toxic, anaphylactogenic, arthropathic and chemical properties of certain crude polysaccharides from klebsiella pneumoniae type b. 195413230408
the effect of the dose of bacterial polysaccharide antigen on antibody production in mice. 195413117824
the demonstration of bacterial capsules by fontana's staining procedure. 195413117825
role of the friedländer bacillus in chronic respiratory disease. 195413125208
infantile meningitis caused by bacillus friedlaender (klebsiella pneumoniae); on some problems connected with uncommon pathogens. 195413247269
the modifying effect of phenolized saline on the agglutination of a strain of klebsiella pneumoniae. 195416561824
clearance of bacteria from the blood of irradiated rabbits. 195513254830
incorporation in adrenal cortex of c14 labeled fractions of klebsiella pneumoniae. 195513273381
[septicemia and infections with friedlander's bacillus]. 195513277650
[obtaining l-forms in klebsiella pneumoniae in liquid surrounding in a mouse under the action of penicillin]. 195513311471
[methods of l form transformations in proteus vulgaris and enterobacteriacea in vivo under the effect of penicillin]. 195513403328
[comparative observations on production in vivo and in vitro of l forms of proteus vulgaris and klebsiella pneumoniae under the influence of specific antibodies]. 195513403357
lactose utilization in klebsiella pneumoniae: the slow utilization of lactose by resting cells of lactose fermenting strains. 195513242520
the tricarboxylic acid cycle in the oxidative and synthetic metabolism of klebsiella pneumoniae. 195513242521
case records of the massachusetts general hospital: weekly clinicopathological exercises: case no. 41322. 195513244811
[primary peritonitis caused by friedländer's bacillus]. 195513369113
[peritonitis caused by friedländer's bacillus]. 195513369121
attempts to demonstrate type transformation with klebsiella pneumoniae. 195514353817
treatment of meningitis due to friedländer's bacillus; review of specific therapy and report of a case successfully treated with streptomycin and sulfadiazine that had failed to respond to chlortetracycline. 195514383955
role of host defenses in systemic klebsiella pneumoniae infection: effect of antibiotics in normal and x-irradiated mice. 195514392336
[klebsiella friedländeri in infantile diarrheas]. 195514394730
limited beneficial effect of cortisone in experimental klebsiella infections of mice treated with chlortetracycline. 195524543803
the correlation of antibiotic resistance to lactose fermentation in klebsiella pneumoniae. 195524543672
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