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[skin transplantation and skin substitutes]. 19704939159
[sensitivity of an e. coli strain during therapy of experimental pyelonephritis using nalidixic acid]. 19704909024
[data on the study of strains of escherichia coli with antigenic fractions of shigella flexneri var. x isolated from infants with acute diarrhea. ii]. 19704909051
cell-free hemoglobin synthesis. ii. characteristics of the transfer ribonucleic acid-dependent assay system. 19704909890
quantitative passive hemagglutination: adaptation of the cell migration technique to measurement of antibodies to protein. 19704910474
genetic recombination in klebsiella pneumoniae. an approach to genetic linkage mapping. 19704910535
ascorbic acid in wound healing--a review. 19704911836
[microbiologic evolution under radiation: phenotype of a radiation resistant mutant of escherichia coli k12 induced and selected by successive exposures to 60 c0 gamma radiation]. 19704912513
serum concentrations of lipids in rabbits infected with escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus. 19704904562
[the position of the teeth in the problem of transplantation]. 19704907129
editorial. harvey carylyle pollock: the editor and the man. 19704907678
diabetes mellitus in mystromys albicaudatus. 19704908127
[water and fat content of the skeletal muscle in rats with chronic hypercapnia. effect of weight loss on muscle co2 levels and on their determination]. 19704923596
[study of the transferability of resistance factors in enteropathogenic e. coli during nursery epidemics]. 19704923598
f-prime factors of salmonella typhimurium and an inversion between s. typhimurium and escherichia coli. 19704919137
clinical trial of a new antibiotic. 19704919268
a case of pulmonary infection with two mycobacterial serotypes. 19704919743
[studies on the freezing and drying of biological specimens by electron microscopy]. 19704919840
release of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase with norepinephrine during cat splenic nerve stimulation. 19704913714
[structure and function of transfer rna]. 19704908662
[serotypical study of 400 strains of syaphylococci isolated in rouen hospitals]. 19704914150
autoradiographic detection of antigens in cells using tritium-labeled antibodies. 19704914572
mode of action of testosterone propionate on the secretion and release of luteinizing hormone (lh in the castrated ram). 19704916256
progesterone supression of lh-releasing hormone-induced stimulation of lh release in rats. 19704916531
the renal medulla as an antihypertensive organ. 19704917704
man versus woman. a historical and cultural framework. 19704947938
[usefulness and limitations of certain biochemical tests for the differential diagnosis between various species of the genus proteus]. 19704944674
the diagnosis of human african trypanosomiasis (t. gambiense) by the use of fluorescent antibody test. i. standardization of an easy technique to be used in mass surveys. 19704935397
the diagnosis of human african trypanosomiasis (t. gambiense) by the use of fluorescent antibody test. i. standardization of an easy technique to be used in mass surveys. 19704935397
visceral leishmaniosis in a fennec fox (fennecus zerda). 19704937312
[aerobic oxidation mechanism of glucose in trypanosoma cruzi]. 19704946320
the rabbit blastocyst as test object for environmental influences on mammalian chromosomes. 19704948389
capreomycin laboratory studies. 19704108887
the determination of resistance of m. tuberculosis to capreomycin. 19704108899
[electron microscopic studies of various serratia phages(]. 19704098616
studies of tertiary dentin in monkey teeth using vital dyes. 19704098653
some finestructural observations on the small vesicular components in the posterior pituitary nerve fibres of rabbit. 19704099109
on the universality of nuclear pore complex structure. 19704097097
transduction of r factors with phage p1 from recombination-deficient escherichia coli. 19704097418
the genetic analysis of regulation of amidase synthesis in aspergillus nidulans. ii. mutants resistant to fluoroacetamide. 19704097637
fine structure and taxonomic position of neisseria haemolysans (thjotta and boe 1938) or gemella haemolysans (berger 1960). 19704097691
olfactory nerve projections to the olfactory bulb in rabbit: demonstration by means of a simplified ammoniacal silver degeneration method. 19704097699
glycopeptides of human immunoglobulins. i. preparation and carbohydrate composition. 19704097706
the action of cyanogen bromide on rabbit igg molecules of allotypes a11 and a12. 19704097709
anatomy of cultured mouse cerebellum. i. golgi and electron microscopic demonstrations of granule cells, their afferent and efferent synapses. 19704097713
antibody response to plasmodium falciparum malaria. comparisons of immunoglobulin concentrations, antibody titres and the antigenicity of different asexual forms of the parasite. 19704097746
effects of l-tryptophan (a natural sedative) on human sleep. 19704097755
the surface complexes of the lung. a cytochemical partition of phospholipid surfactant and mucopolysaccharide. 19704115157
protection of mice against bacterial infection by interferon inducers.antibacterial effect of known interferon inducers was investigated. intraperitoneal injection of statolon or pyran markedly enhanced the survival of mice challenged with klebsiella pneumoniae. the sparing effect of these two interferon inducers resembled that of bacterial endotoxin. significant protection was obtained when the inducers were administered 24 hr before challenge. treatments given 6 hr before or at the time of infection were ineffective. the persistence of increased resistance of tr ...197016557727
extent of specific to nonspecific resistance in mice: parenteral versus aerosol challenge.quantitative data were gathered concerning the extent of resistance induced in mice immunized by specific and nonspecific means and subsequently challenged both parenterally and by aerosol. animals were immunized specifically by subcutaneous or intraperitoneal injection of formalin-killed klebsiella pneumoniae type i, which was also employed as a challenge organism. the intraperitoneal ld(50) was 30 bacilli. nonspecific resistance was induced by injection of a boivin preparation of salmonella ty ...197016557728
effect of mg and ethylenediaminetetraacetate on the in vitro activity of coumermycin a(1) and novobiocin against gram-negative bacteria.the effect of mg(2+) and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta) on the in vitro activity of coumermycin a(1) and novobiocin was determined against pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, and proteus mirabilis grown in trypticase soy broth or defined synthetic medium. in the presence of edta, the activity of coumermycin a(1) was significantly enhanced (8- to 40-fold) against all four organisms in the synthetic medium lacking mg(2+); novobiocin activity was increased to a ...197016557848
respiratory pathogens in monkeys.respiratory disease in a dynamic colony of nonhuman primates during a 4-year period was due primarily to infections caused by klebsiella pneumoniae, diplococcus pneumoniae, bordetella bronchiseptica, pasteurella multocida, and haemophilus influenzae. the principal secondary invaders were escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, and streptococci. a high fatality rate was associated with infections caused by each of the primary pathogens, and females appeared to be more susceptible than males. inc ...197116557951
serum bacteriostasis of staphylococcus aureus.serum bacteriostasis of staphylococcus aureus was characterized quantitatively and quantitatively. bacteriostasis was proportional to the concentration of serum. reproducibility was good; freezing and thawing did not materially affect the end point. four of six different strains, including the propagating s. aureus strain for phage 73 which does not produce coagulase, were susceptible to serum bacteriostasis in similar titers; two were not susceptible at all. all six strains were effective inhib ...197116558034
[role of various fixatives on the staining of rat adenohypophyseal cells]. 19714119509
ultrastructure and size of rat anterior pituitary secretory granules. 19714099806
angiotensin ii blood-levels in human hypertension. 19714100346
cytologic demonstration of carboxyhemoglobin. clinical and in vitro studies in man. 19714101837
induction of antibody synthesis against sulphanilic acid in rabbits. helper function of new antigenic determinants introduced in autologous protein. 19714102473
d-glucaric-acid excretion as a test for hepatic enzyme induction. 19714102545
australia antigen and antibody in 10,000 danish blood-donors. 19714102548
the effects of repetitive stimulation on auditory evoked potentials. 19714103504
chemical composition of basophil granules from isolated rat mast cells. 19714109133
virus-like particles in cytoplasm of livers of au-antigen carriers. 19714103995
virus-like particles in cytoplasm of livers of au-antigen carriers. 19714103995
[attempt at temporary sterilization of female calves using gestagenic agents]. 19714104023
antileprosy drugs. 19714104273
x-ray microscopy and histochemistry of the human cerebral blood vessels. 19714105813
assembly of myosin. 19714105905
assembly of myosin. 19714105905
alterations in the antibody response to bovine serum albumin by capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae. 19714106090
death of a human being. 19714106114
histocompatibility relationships between species. 19714106308
comparative histochemistry of a glycoprotein from human aorta. i. preliminary separation and histochemical staining properties. 19714107012
ureteroureterostomy and cutaneous ureterostomy. 19714107227
ribonucleic acid bacteriophage release: requirement for host-controlled protein synthesis.the release of the ribonucleic acid (rna)-containing phage ms2 from escherichia coli is accompanied by cellular lysis at 37 c, whereas at 30 c phage are released from intact cells. chloramphenicol or rifampin prevents the release of progeny phage particles at both temperatures. neither drug causes an immediate cessation of phage release and after inhibition of protein synthesis by chloramphenicol phage release proceeds for about 17 min at 37 c and about 35 min at 30 c. rifampin does not inhibit ...19714107540
experimental approaches to the stem cell problem in postnatal life. 19714938530
enterotoxigenic escherichia coli isolated from patients with severe cholera-like disease. 19714938945
separation of nucleosides on polyacrylamide gel columns: further developments. 19714935693
effects of diet and stages of development on intestinal cells and enzymes. 19714936473
[occurrence of factors of transferable resistance and other sex factors in strains of escherichia coli in the ecologic system of hodonin's large animal feeding stations]. 19714936543
pulmonary antibacterial defenses with pure oxygen breathing. 19714944951
the action of hydrolytic enzymes and vapor rehydration on semidried cells of klebsiella pneumoniae. 19714945385
influence of ehrlich ascites carcinoma on repopulating ability of mouse bone marrow cells. 19714945589
an improved method for chromosome preparation from mouse liver. 19714945732
formation of extracellular nuclear masses in organotypic cultures of rat retina. 19714945799
biosynthesis of pregnenolone. 19714946132
[contents and role of adenosine in the heart and blood vessels]. 19714948279
the genetic effects of ionizing radiations. 19714947106
transfer of r-factor mediated aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance in the allantoic cavity of chick embryos. 19714947914
impossible formation of twisted circular form dna after infection with ultraviolet irradiated lambda phages. 19714948425
the fifty-year-old insulin. 19714948661
[trace element content of klebsiella rhinoscleromatis and several of its fractions]. 19714949323
interaction between phage t4b dna and membrane structures of the cell. 19714949476
immunogenicity of r factor-carrying increased frequency of rough cultures with associated reductions in mouse virulence was detected after r-factor transmission into strains of salmonella choleraesuis var. kunzendorf and s. typhimurium. all rough strains tested, with or without r factors, conferred protective immunity against challenge with homologous or heterologous species of salmonella, some of which contained r factors. although slight protection was afforded against challenge with staphylococcus aureus, the immunity was sp ...19714949492
relationship of low temperature to mouse resistance to infection with klebsiella pneumoniae. 19714949560
[clinico-roentgenologic characteristics of pneumonia caused by friedlander's bacillus]. 19714949629
[characteristics and localization of lipids in the abomasum wall of the suckling calf]. 19714949924
[study of the characteristics of 390 strains belonging to the genus klebsiella. their behavior on media with brilliant green]. 19714949947
klebsiella pneunomiae infections in monkeys. 19714950348
areas of the brain stimulatory to lh and fsh secretion. 19714921882
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