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[treatment in a day-care hospital of preschool children with bronchial asthma and bronchospastic bronchitis]. 1967471602
gamma irradiation of staphylococcal enterotoxin b.the inactivation of enterotoxin b by gamma irradiation was studied by use of single-and double-gel-diffusion assay techniques. enterotoxin b (99+% purity) was suspended either in 0.04 m veronal buffer (ph 7.2) or in milk, dispensed and heat-sealed in borosilicate glass vials, and irradiated essentially at 21 to 26 c with a cobalt-60 source. parallel titrations of irradiated enterotoxin b in veronal buffer were made by use of gel-diffusion and cat assay procedures to establish the relative sensit ...19674962286
[the group of genes regulating the biosynthesis of tryptophan in bacillus subtilis]. 19674963644
[mathematical study of the erythrocytic profile in mammals with biconcave and circular erythrocytes]. 19674963646
ovarian hormones and the sexual behaviour of the male rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta) under laboratory conditions. 19674963701
[effect of an extract of isologous hypothalamus on the thymus, adrenal gland and ovary of the impuberal mouse]. 19674963858
in vivo and in vitro action of norethindrone on staphylococci.norethindrone has been examined in vitro for antibacterial activity against 10 microorganisms. turbidimetric techniques were used to assay the antibacterial activity of norethindrone. the organisms tested included staphylococcus aureus, s. epidermidis, micrococcus conglomeratus, listeria monocytogenes, streptococcus faecalis, salmonella typhosa, shigella flexnerii, klebsiella pneumoniae, escherichia coli, and proteus vulgaris. bacteriostatic action was shown only against the gram-positive microo ...19674964476
the clinical pharmacology of hexamethylmelamine: phase i study. 19674959523
the preparation of homogeneous monkey and human pituitary growth hormones. 19674959616
culture of normal human leukocytes. 19674960081
[role of aldosterone in the pathogenesis of cardiac insufficiency (review of the literature)]. 19674884838
the possible role of microorganisms and viruses in the etiology of chronic degenerative diseases of man. 19674861329
[the sex factor and replication of bacterial dna]. 19674910107
human tissue transplantation. 19674868524
[artefacts in the electron microscopy of the adrenal medulla]. 19674878594
[experimental study on pantofenicol]. 19674871533
the lymphocyte and the immune response. 19674871635
s-r dissociation in shigella flexneri populations. i. the genetic mechanism of development of rough forms. 19674872037
[the effect of intravesical furadantin instillations on experimental e. coli infection of the urinary bladder]. 19674872289
characteristics of in vitro amino acid incorporation by the ribosomal fraction from tobacco leaves. 19674862172
physical, histological and roentgenographic characteristics of the grey lethal mouse. 19674862463
central nystagmus in the cat. 19674862473
isolation, purification, and analysis of two k-casein-like fractions from sheep casein. 19674862490
escherichia coli in ligated segments of pig intestine. 19674862502
children's lateralizations of human figures: analysis of a developmental transition. 19674862505
[colicine typing and colicinogeny of shigella sonnei]. 19674862507
effect of previous injection of homologous embryonic tissue on the growth of certain transplantable mouse tumours. 19674862516
control of the ovarian cycle in cattle. a review. 19674862696
studies on inactivation of kanamycin and resistances of e. coli. 19674863031
the chronology of the mitotic cycle of human granulocytopoietic cells. phase contrast studies on living cells in vitro. 19674864301
comparative effects of corticosteroids on host resistance to infection in relation to chemical a comparative study concerning the effect of corticosteroids on host resistance to infections, five compounds were found to decrease host resistance, while three did not have this property, although all eight compounds were highly antiinflammatory. the compounds capable of decreasing host resistance were (i) hydrocortisone acetate; (iii) 9alpha-fluoro, 16alpha-methylprednisolone acetate; (iv) 9alpha-fluoro, 16alpha-hydroxyprednisolone; (v) 9alpha-fluoro, 16alpha-hydroxyprednisolone, 16alpha-1 ...19674960741
[a study of the immunologic properties of the soluble antigen of rickettsia prowazekii. v. a comparative evaluation of the immunogenicity of the soluble antigen of stains e and breinl]. 19674978644
[contribution to a better understanding of the pathological effect of s. cruzi on the human organism]. 19674974912
[serum group lp: on determination of the type and gene frequencies]. 19674970241
chloroquine ocular toxicity. 19674980087
[comparative studies on the electric phenomena of the cell membrane and muscle contractility of the rat uterus]. 19674983165
isolation of bacteriophages active against neisseria meningitidis.five distinct bacteriophages have been isolated from strains of neisseria meningitidis. filtrates with titers of 10(-4) to 10(-6) were produced with a modified swanstrom and adams semisolid agar procedure, employing eugonbroth with added agar and an incubation temperature of 30 c. of 49 strains of n. meningitidis (groups b and c), 25 were lysed by one or more of the phages, but there was no lysis of other neisseria and mima polymorpha strains.19674990042
[effects of fasting on glycemia and plasma levels of nonesterified (ffa) fatty acids in sheep]. 19675006831
a hospital outbreak of klebsiella pneumonia from inhalation therapy with contaminated aerosol solutions. 19676018706
empyema due to klebsiella pneumoniae. 19676040653
influence of cellular factors on immune unresponsiveness induced by klebsiella pneumoniae capsular antigen.the mechanisms by which immune unresponsiveness (immune paralysis) develops are still uncertain. the present work was based on the assumption that this condition may be due to failure of certain activities of the macrophages. data from passive transfer of such cells are interpreted as supporting this hypothesis. purified capsular polysaccharide from type 2 klebsiella pneumoniae induced immunity when given to swiss albino mice in 5-mug amounts and immune paralysis when given in 1,000-mug amounts. ...19676051361
[on a case of septicopyemia due to klebsiella pneumoniae with meningoencephalic localization]. 19676051981
septicemia due to klebsiella pneumoniae originating from a hand-cream dispenser. 19676067884
spheroplasts of klebsiella pneumoniae in human material and in vitro. 19675604487
secondary antibody responses in haptenic systems: cell population selection by antigen. 19674383410
[study on progesterone production in the human placenta]. 19674384309
[measurement of the distribution of potassium isotopes in human and animal cells for the study of active transport]. 19674385303
sequence of igm and igg antibody synthesis in mice. 19674167408
a test for the bactericidal activity of eye-drops. 19674167521
effect of propylthiouracil and methimazole on the oxygen comsumption of hypothyroid rats receiving thyroxine or triiodothyronine. 19674167841
antibodies to synthetic human gastrin i. 19674168382
antibodies to synthetic human gastrin i. 19674168382
dynamic parameters of myocardial contractility under influence of calcium and strontium. 19674168934
effect of histamine liberators on rat peritoneal mast cells and influence of antirheumatic agents. 19674169422
pyrrolid-2-one-5 carboxylic acid involvement in the biosynthesis of rabbit immunoglobulin. 19674169559
immunologic studies in lichen myxedematosus. 19674164580
effect of vasopressin on serum-levels of human growth hormone. 19674165177
studies on pneumonia virus of mice (pvm) in cell culture. i. replication in baby hamster kidney cells and properties of the virus.pneumonia virus of mice (pvm) has been serially propagated in a line of baby hamster kidney (bhk21) cells. a maximum titer of 6.3 x 10(6) tcid(50) per ml was obtained, and there was little variation in yield on serial passage. pvm grown in bhk21 cells was antigenically similar to virus obtained from the mouse lung, but was somewhat less virulent for the mouse after 10 serial passages in these cells. virus produced by bhk21 cells agglutinated mouse erythrocytes without prior heating or other trea ...19674165740
the polymorphism of "prealbumins" and alpha-1-antitrypsin in human sera. 19674166396
contributions to the study of blood constituents in domestic animals in south africa. 6. normal values for serum protein fractions in sheep as obtained by electrophoresis on cellulose acetate strips. 19674171304
the effects of compound 48-80 and distilled water on the adenosine triphosphate content of isolated rat mast cells. 19674173950
[ototoxicity of dihydrostreptomycin and kanamycin. comparative experimental study]. 19674174901
[a simple method for precipitating taurocholic acid from dog bile]. 19674180753
histochemical inentification of lysosomal enzymes in lens epithelial cells. 19674228776
[preferential absorption of glucose by the intestinal mucosa of the rat in presence of a mixture of d-glucose and d-galactose]. 19674229498
[demonstration of platelet antigens in the cytoplasm of megakaryocytes with the fluorescent antibody technic. application to the study of the maturation of the megakaryocytes in the bone marrow of the guinea pig]. 19674229527
[klebsiella pneumoniae. in vitro effect of antibiotics]. 19674229753
what is your diagnosis? 19674226521
penicillinase plasmids of staphylococcus aureus. 19674225241
the effect of cortisone on s35-uptake by the submaxillary salivary glands in rats. 19674225590
[effect of parachlorophenylalanine on sleep in rats]. 19674231636
[central and peripheral action of prenylamine]. 19674232251
[hyoscine-acetylcholine antagonism in the isolated longitudinal muscle of the guinea-pig ileum depolarized by potassium]. 19674234323
[rat-flea index in plague control campaigns]. 19674235703
studies on nitrogen pool of animal tissues. 3. ox liver and bile. iv. ox kidney and lung. 19674236511
histochemical study of beagle aorta. 19674291618
histochemical study of beagle aorta. 19674291618
reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide oxidation in escherichia coli particles. 3. cellular location of menadione reductase and atpase activities. 19674292061
antigenic identity of interferons induced by different viruses in the same cell system. 19674292070
[studies on detoxication of diphtheria toxin by adrenal and pituitary hormones. (1). effects on the lethal dose of diphtheria toxin]. 19674293486
[inhibition of the multiplication of foot-and-mouth disease virus in the adult mouse treated previously by freund's adjuvant]. 19674294314
[inhibition of the multiplication of foot-and-mouth disease virus in the adult mouse treated previously by freund's adjuvant]. 19674294314
testosterone and hydrocortisone-stimulated responses of reduced pyridine nucleotide fluorescence in prostates cultured from castrate rats. 19674294894
testosterone and hydrocortisone-stimulated responses of reduced pyridine nucleotide fluorescence in prostates cultured from castrate rats. 19674294894
changes in adrenocortical function during aging in cattle. 19674289016
changes in adrenocortical function during aging in cattle. 19674289016
effect of hypophysectomy on pyridine nucleotide metabolism. the role of nicotinamide. 19674289185
circadian rhythmicity of pituitary adrenal function under resting and stress conditions in rats. 19674305896
[symptoms of food poisoning caused by cl. perfringens type a]. 19674307368
studies on the histochemical distribution of phosphatases in sympathetic ganglion neurons of rat. 19674298473
studies on the histochemical distribution of phosphatases in sympathetic ganglion neurons of rat. 19674298473
[the sanarelli-shwartzman phenomenon in the light of modern research. 3]. 19674298510
[the sanarelli-shwartzman phenomenon in the light of modern research. 3]. 19674298510
[studies of ultrastructural changes in liver cells. ii. electron microscopic observations on experimental fatty liver]. 19674295573
estrogen influence on pituitary and adrenal function in the rat. 19674290934
estrogen influence on pituitary and adrenal function in the rat. 19674290934
tissue phospholipid distribution in adrenalectomized rats. 19674290261
effects of acth on adrenal rna synthesis. 19674290300
acyl carrier protein. ix. acyl carrier protein hydrolase. 19674290442
comparative studies of the regeneration of hela cell receptors for poliovirus t1 and coxsackievirus b3.enterovirus receptors of live hela cells have been shown to reappear after inactivation by proteolytic enzymes, provided the cells are incubated at 37 c in a nutritionally adequate medium. regeneration of receptor activity for poliovirus t1 occurred at a significantly faster rate than for coxsackievirus b3. the regenerative process for both types of receptors studied evidently required an active process of protein synthesis, since it was found that reappearance of receptor activity was inhibited ...19674316228
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