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monkey antiserum to mlc-primed human t lymphocytes. 197989737
alpha1 foetoprotein in liver cell carcinoma--detection in serum using the a.f.p. slide test. 200089760
histological diagnosis of myocardial injury. comparison of hematoxylin-basic fuchsin-picric acid (hbfp)-stained sections obtained during autopsy with isolated viable rat cardiac myocytes exposed to anoxia.the light microscopic appearances in hematoxylin-basic fuchsin-picric acid (hbfp)-stained histological sections from cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue were put in relation to the reactions of isolated viable rat cardiac myocytes exposed to anoxia in suspension and their morphology in paraffin-embedded sections. special attention was paid to prenecrotic phases of myocytic injury which were followed, in viable rat cardiac myocytes, by light microscopy, and confirmed with biochemical assays indica ...197989781
capillary permeability to interstitial microinjections of macromolecules and influence of capillary hydrostatic pressure on endothelial ultrastructure.the transcapillary flux of horseradish peroxidase (hrp, mol. diam. 50--60 a) and ferritin (mol. diam. 110--120 a), microinjected interstitially into the biceps femoris muscle of rats, was analyzed in the electron microscope. from 1 min postinjection hrp was observed to occupy endothelial plasmalemmal vesicles in all positions to be expected if a vesicular transendothelial transport of material occurs in the interstitium-to-lumen direction. permeation of hrp through the intercellular clefts of th ...197989786
ultrastructure of rat renal tubular basement membrane--meshwork structure demonstration by negative staining.the tubular basement membrane (tbm) (i.e. tubular basal lamina) of rat kidney was shown to be a fine meshwork by electron microscopy after negative staining. strands of the meshwork formed a regular three dimensional lattice work. the pores of the meshwork were polygonal. there were two main pore sizes: one approximately 30 a in diameter, the other 42--60 a. in view of our previous observation that glomerular and alveolar basement membranes were made up fine meshwork, it is quite possible that t ...197989787
effect of spermine on number of crossing-over events in post-conjugational recombination in escherichia coli k-12. 197989796
histamine-releasing effect of a corticotrophin derivative. ii. mechanism of action of histamine release by c 44 680-ba, compared with that of cpd. 48/80, dextran and triton.the mechanism of the histamine-liberating action of the synthetic polypeptide c 44 680-ba, an alkyl-prolyl derivative of beta 1-19 corticotrophin, was investigated and compared with those of compound 48/80, dextran, melittin and triton x-100. it was found that the release of histamine from rat peritoneal cells induced by the polypeptide is dependent on temperature, ph, calcium ions and energy-providing processes. in regard to these criteria, the mode of action of this histamine liberator resembl ...197989804
the role of intra-typic variations of antigenic pattern in the typing of erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae strains. 197789805
steroid secretion by in vitro perfused testes: inhibitors of testosterone biosynthesis. 197989816
[through a symbolic representation of birth : a profile of being]. 200089819
effect of encephlitogenic protein. ppd and tetanus toxoid on leukocyte migration in agarose. a study of "cross-reactivity".the reactivity to three antigens: bovine encephalitogenic protein (ep), ppd, and tetanus toxoid, was studied with blood leukocytes from healthy humans using clausen's (5) leukocyte migration in agarose technique. there is an obvious correlation between the reaction of ep (all concentrations studied) and to low concentrations of ppd; and between the reactivity to low concentrations of ep and low concentrations of tetanus toxoid. after vaccination with tetanus vaccine, a marked increase in reactiv ...197989821
antibodies in histoplasmosis detected by use of yeast and mycelial antigens in immunodiffusion and electroimmunodiffusion. 197989825
esophagomyotomy versus forceful dilation for achalasia of the esophagus: results in 899 patients.between 1949 and 1976, 899 patients underwent treatment for achalasia of the esophagus at the mayo clinic, 431 by forceful hydrostatic or pneumatic dilation and 468 by a standardized transthoracic esophagomyotomy. esophageal leak and mediastinal sepsis was an uncommon but major complication of both types of therapy, occurring four times more often with dilation (4%) than with myotomy (1%), although no deaths resulted from this in either group. the 30-day mortality was 0.2% after myotomy and 0.5% ...200089837
inhibition of histamine release from rat mast cells by cytochalasin a and other sulfhydryl reagents. 197989848
[alterations in pharmacokinetics during toxicity tests (author's transl)].some possible reasons are discussed which may lead to changes in the pharmacokinetics of a drug during long-term toxicity tests. since most of these alterations have toxicological consequences, their evaluation can be helpful in the interpretation of toxicity studies. furthermore, and altered pharmacokinetic profile may be a diagnostic tool for the detection of organ damage (e.g., eliminatory organs). in this paper three examples of the "radioactive test dose method" are shown. this method allow ...197889849
alcohol and the blood. 200089860
a radioimmunoassay for erythropoietin.we describe the development of a radioimmunoassay (ria) for erythropoietin. antisera were raised in rabbits with an impure human urinary erythropoietin preparation used as immunogen, but with pure human erytropoietin serving as the labeled antigen in the ria and as a primary standard. the immunoreactivity of erythropoietin is not altered significantly by the mode of labeling with radioiodine, even though the biologic activity is lost. with this method, it is possible to detect 2--3 mu of erythro ...197989877
use of pm-2 dna degradation as a pharmacokinetic assay for bleomycin.the pm-2 dna fluorescence assay has been shown to be a rapid, sensitive, and reproducible assay for bleomycin biochemical activity. the assay can detect bleomycin in human serum in the nmol range. the method measures dna degradative activity of bleomycin and could be used to determine activity of bleomycin analogs and metabolites. the usefulness of the assay to perform bleomycin pharmacokinetic studies in cancer patients has been demonstrated. linear regression analyses of parallel bleomycin ass ...197989893
ultrastructural and autoradiographic study of the effects of bleomycin on the interphase nucleus of cultured normal cells.primary cultures of hepatocytes and epithelial endometrial cells were treated with bleomycin (10 to 200 microgram/ml) for 30 to 300 min. structural changes were studied with a staining method which contrasts ribonucleoproteins. the earliest visible alteration was the accumulation of perichromatin granules in association with the nucleolus. this disturbance was frequently accompanied by modifications in the nucleolar architecture. after larger treatments, the most striking changes were nucleolar ...197989895
modulation of cellular interactions between c3h/10t1/2 cells and their transformed counterparts by phosphodiesterase has been demonstrated previously that nontransformed c3h/10t1/2cl8 mouse embryo fibroblasts (10t1/2) can induce a state of reversible growth inhibition in cocultured malignantly transformed mouse fibroblasts and that this inhibition is modulated by serum concentration. the present study suggests that cyclic nucleotides may be implicated in this intercellular communication. the phosphodiesterase inhibitors theophylline, caffeine, and 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (ibx) at concentrations of 10(-3 ...197989899
alpha-fetoprotein as a carrier protein in plasma and its bilirubin-binding ability.the bilirubin-binding ability of human alpha-fetoproteins, which were purified from fetal cord serum and from ascites fluid of a hepatoma-bearing patient, was examined by the difference spectrum and the jacobsen peroxidase methods. the difference spectrum observed as a result of the specific binding of bilirubin to alpha-fetoprotein had a maximum at 482 nm, and this pattern was quite similar to that observed for serum albumin. the result obtained by the difference spectrum method showed that 1 m ...197989900
rat alpha-macrofetoprotein (acute-phase alpha 2-macroglobulin) during hepatocarcinogenesis.rat alpha-macrofetoprotein (amf) and alpha-fetoprotein (afp) are secreted by the fetal liver and become elevated in serum during hepatocarcinogenesis and in animals bearing hepatocellular carcinomas. it has been suggested that these fetal plasma proteins may be influenced by related control mechanisms. the experiments presented herein examined the early responses of these plasma proteins during hepatocarcinogenesis using the hepatocarcinogens acetylaminofluorene and diethylnitrosamine. under the ...197989903
coupling between neuronal activity and focal blood flow in experimental seizures.local blood flow, ecog and single cortical neurone activity were recorded simultaneously from single microelectrodes in 17 cats. seizures were induced by repeated intravenous injections of pentylenetetrazol (ptz, 10-20 mg/kg) or by local application of 1 m na-penicillin. seven to 20 sec after appearance of burst activity in cortical neurones and ecog, focal flow increased up to 300% of control. the extent of this flow increase was significantly correlated with the change in firing rate of the ne ...197989943
the influence of cortisone on eeg and seizure activity in the baboon papio papio.the ability of cortisone to modify eeg and seizure activity was investigated in the baboon, papio papio. acute intramuscular doses (0.5-4 mg/kg) caused a dose-dependent increase in seizure response to a flashing light stimulus. this increase in seizure response was apparent in both seizure duration and the spread of convulsive activity. along with enhancement of seizures, cortisone was found to cause marked changes in the eeg, ranging from the appearance of interictal paroxysmal activity to alte ...200089944
retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase in regenerating sciatic nerve of the rat. 197989965
inhibition of blastic transformation and immunoglobulin release in lymphocytes cultured in the presence of alpha-fetoprotein (afp).blastic transformation of phytohemagglutinin-stimulated lymphocytes in cultures containing various concentrations of homogenous alpha-fetoprotein (afp) was studied. it was found that afp in concentrations of 4-12 microgram/ml inhibits both blastic transformation and immunoglobulin release (iga, igg) in lymphocyte cultures. it is suggested that afp plays an important role in immunoregulation during the fetal life.200089967
surface characteristics of chicken peripheral b and t lymphocytes defined by specific heteroantisera. 197989975
alpha-1-fetoprotein and hepatic secondary deposits of adenocarcinoma originating in the stomach. case report. 200089979
progenitor white cells and serum inhibitors in patients with bone marrow patients with various blood diseases, especially with bone marrow hypoplasia following parameters were determined: presence of antibodies against autologous bone marrow, number of granulocyte-progenitor cells in short term bone marrow cultures and stimulating or inhibiting factors in patient's serum influencing the proliferative activity of bone marrow colonies. the results as well as possible clinical aspects are discussed.200089986
[pre- and postoperative erythrocyte volume distribution curves in children with cyanotic heart defects].the behaviour of the volume distribution curves (vvk) of red blood cells in children with cyanosed organic heart defect is reported by taking preoperative and postoperative observations as a basis. mcv determined from the volume distribution curve amounts to 80.3 micron3. if the volume distribution curves of the preoperative patient group are compared with the postoperative patient group (4 months) by means of the criteria dsmax, ds, inclination and dispersion, no significant changes can be iden ...200089988
[sialic acid content and igg binding of the glycocalyx of preserved erythrocytes].fractions of light and heavy erythrocytes were separated by centrifugation from blood samples banked in acd-ag medium at 4 degrees c for periods up to 6 weeks. both light and heavy erythrocytes have lost about 4,9% of their content of sialic acids during banking for 6 weeks. this reduction is in accord with a 6%-decrease of their agglutination by means of alcian blue. it is, however, a variance with the inhibition of agglutination by anti-igg sera. the present findings provide evidence for the r ...200089989
neuroimmunologic disease: experimental and clinical aspects. 197990005
cancer and immunity: the progress, the disappointments, the lessons of both. i. antigenicity. 200090006
neonatal tolerance: towards an immunogenetic definition of self. 200090008
the cellular basis of transplantation tolerance in the rat. 197990010
isolation and characterization of diploid clones from adult and newborn rat liver cell lines.a high frequency of diploid and near-diploid clones were developed from cell lines derived from adult and newborn rat liver using micropipettes. there were some differences in morphology, biochemical properties and growth rate between clones. cloned cells had low levels of tyrosine transaminase activity, glucose-6-phosphatase activity and albumin content. a diploid clone and pseudodiploid clone derived from adult rat liver cell line were positive for alpha-fetoprotein.197990011
revertants of adenovirus type-12-transformed hamster cells have lost part of the viral genomes. 197990022
branch vein occlusion study. 200090028
distribution of myosin isoenzymes among skeletal muscle fiber types.using an immunocytochemical approach, we have demonstrated a preferential distribution of myosin isoenzymes with respect to the pattern of fiber types in skeletal muscles of the rat. in an earlier study, we had shown that fluorescein-labeled antibody against "white" myosin from the chicken pectoralis stained all the white, intermediate and about half the red fibers of the rat diaphragm, a fast-twitch muscle (gauthier and lowey, 1977). we have now extended this study to include antibodies prepare ...197990047
anionic sites in the glomerular basement membrane. in vivo and in vitro localization to the laminae rarae by cationic probes.cationized ferritin (cf) of narrow pi range (7.3-7.5) and the basic dye ruthenium red (rr) have been used as cationic probes to partially characterize anionic sites previously demonstrated in the glomerular basement membrane (gbm). when cf was given i.v. to normal rats and the left kidney was fixed by perfusion 15 min thereafter, clusters of cf molecules were found throughout the lamina rara interna (lri), lamina rara externa (lre), and mesangial matrix distributed at regular (approximately 60 n ...197990048
immunological studies of the embryonic muscle cell surface. antiserum to the prefusion myoblast.xenogeneic antisera raised in rabbits have been used to detect compositional changes at the cell surfaces of differentiating embryonic chick skeletal muscle. in this report, we present the serological characterization of antiserum (anti-m-24) against muscle tissue and developmental stage-specific cell surface antigens of the prefusion myoblast. cells from primary cultures of 12-d-old embryonic chick hindlimb muscle were injected into rabbits, and the resulting antisera were selectively absorbed ...197990049
use of the fluorochrome 4'6-diamidino-2-phenylindole in genetic and developmental studies of chloroplast dna.use of the dna-specific fluorochrome 4'6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (dapi) makes it possible to examine in situ the structure of chloroplast dna (chdna) with the fluorescence microscope. this simplifies the study of genetic and developmental changes in chloroplast dna. three examples are presented. (a) wild-type euglena gracilis b contains several chloroplast dna nucleoids per chloroplast. a yellow mutant lacking functional chloroplasts is similar, but such nucleoids are absent in an aplastidic mu ...200090051
topographical variations in the structure of the smooth septate junction.smooth septate junctions in the midgut of musca domestica and in malpighian tubules of both musca and rhodnius prolixus are described. details of the structures revealed after standard fixation, fixation in the presence of the stain, lanthanum hydroxide, and after freeze-fracture are discussed in the light of models previously put forward to explain the interrelations of the images obtained by these different methods. the organization of the junction between cells of the midgut varies in the api ...200090053
inhibition by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents of the ascorbate-induced elevations of platelet cyclic amp levels.ascorbate induces a 10- to 25-fold rise in platelet guanosine 3'5'-cyclic monophosphate (cgmp) and this action is prevented or reversed by the introduction of aspirin, indomethacin, ro 5,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid (tya). the reversal was 70-90% complete at 30 s, the earliest time point that was examined. as the effect of ascorbate on cgmp was not diminished by anaerobic conditions, which inhibited the oxidation of exogenous arachidonate by more than 95%, metabolic inhibition of cyclo-oxygenas ...200090062
enzymatic tracers in the study of vascular permeability.elucidation of the ultrastructural basis of vascular permeability was aided by the development of cytochemical techniques for visualizing the distribution, within the vessel wall, of intravenously injected peroxidatic enzymes of varying molecular size. tracer enzymes available range from 10 a (hemeoctapeptide) to 52 a (catalase) effective molecular radius. the use of enzymatic probe molecules assumes a thorough characterization of: (a) the molecular charge (isoelectric point of the native enzyme ...197990073
the use of avidin-biotin interaction in immunoenzymatic techniques.biotin was covalently attached to antibodies, antigens and enzymes, and the effects of this labeling on the antigen and antibody binding capacity and on enzymatic activity were tested. based on avidin-biotin interaction, the labeled proteins were used in quantitative enzyme-immunoassay and enzyme-immunohistochemical staining procedures. two procedures were developed. in the first procedure, named the bridged avidin-biotin (brab) technique four steps were used sequentially in order to quantify or ...197990074
generation of h-2 restricted cytotoxic t cells by trinitrophenylated proteins in vitro: specificity and requirements. 197990099
m467: a murine iga myeloma protein that binds a bacterial protein. i. recognition of common antigenic determinants on salmonella flagellins.we have studied the binding of m467, an iga murine myeloma protein, to flagellin from seven species of salmonella. it was found that m467 was reacting with antigenic determinants that were common to all the flagellins studied. these determinants were not related to serotypic antigens. electronmicrographs of unreduced m467 showed a variety of polymeric species bound to flagella in a manner that could produce immobilization as well as agglutination and precipitation through cross-linking of antige ...197990100
specific absorption of t lymphocytes committed to soluble protein antigens by incubation on antigen-pulsed macrophage monolayers.monolayers of macrophages (mphi) pulsed with antigen were used as immunosorbents for t lymphocytes from guinea pigs primed to soluble protein antigens. t lymphocytes were cultured on the mphi monolayers for 4 hr, then aspirated and reincubated on a fresh monolayer pulsed with the same antigen for a second and a third step. t lymphocytes so treated were selectively deprived of cells responding in assay for antigen-dependent proliferation against the antigen used for pulsing the absorbing monolaye ...197990101
characterization of in vitro proliferative responses of human lymphocytes to leishmanial antigens.leishmaniasis is an intracellular protozoal infection for which host defense is believed to depend on cellular immune mechanisms. the in vitro proliferative responses of lymphocytes from patients with leishmaniasis and from control subjects to leishmanial antigens were examined. only lymphocytes from patients responded to 1 microgram of leishmanial antigen/ml, whereas both patient and control lymphocytes responded to 10 micrograms/ml. the nonspecific responses were most likely not due to a mitog ...197990105
[clinical significance of serum beta 2-microglobulin and carcinoembryonic antigen in patients with cervical cancer treated with irradiation (author's transl)]. 200090106
urinary glycosaminoglycans in patients with progressive myoclonus epilepsy.urinary gags analysis in progressive myoclonus epilepsy (pme) showed an accumulation of uronic acid in the fraction eluted by 1 m nacl and 3 m nacl. as analogous changes were found in other myoclonic and epileptic patients receiving large doses of anticonvulsant drugs, these alterations in the gag urinary pattern were not considered a primary disturbance of pme.200090138
selective vascular thrombosis induced by a direct electrical current: animal experiments. first clinical trials. 197890140
treatment of a retarded child's faeces smearing and coprophagic behaviour.the daily rearrangement of a profoundly retarded child's routine shower was effective in eliminating his low-frequency faeces smearing and coprophagic behaviour during the late afternoon/early evening part of the day. the effects appeared to generalise such that both types of behaviour were reduced at other times of the day and night. these results are discussed in terms of a social learning framework. a model for analysing the motivations and reinforcing conditions for rectal digging, coprophag ...200090148
differential growth inhibition in two human carcinoma cell lines by cyclic adenosine 5'-monophosphate analogs.the inhibition of cell replication in two human carcinoma cell lines by various cyclic amp analogs was explored. in all instances, the addition of the cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibitor 1-methyl-3-isoburylxanthine resulted in synergistic growth inhibition by the analogs. a correlation was found between an analog's ability to inhibit growth and its ability to activate protein kinase. a differential effect of the breakdown product 8-bromo-amp (8-bramp) on cell replication in the two cel ...197990151
identification of the primate papovavirus hd as the stump-tailed macaque virus.the recently isolated primate papovavirus hd is shown to be indistinguishable from the stump-tailed macaque virus by immunofluorescent reactivity, by restriction endonuclease analysis, and by nucleic acid hybridization assay.197990163
[clinical evaluation of radioassays for calcitonin, cea-s, afp and ferritin as tumor markers (author's transl)]. 200090180
[micromethod of carrying out the passive hemagglutination reaction for detecting antibodies to influenza a2 virus in tears and aqueous humor]. 197990190
[quantitative determination of copper in urine by color reaction with lead diethyldithiocarbamate]. 200090204
medical education and the merrison commission. 200090229
circulatory disease in association with oral contraceptive use. 200090231
timing antihypertensive medication. 200190245
height of children receiving free school meals. 200190261
gamma-aminobutyric acid in human cerebrospinal fluid: normal values. 197990262
hyponatraemic hypertensive syndrome with renal-artery occlusion corrected by captopril.malignant hypertension with severe hyponatraemia, hypokalaemia, depletion of sodium and potassium, and elevated blood levels of renin, angiotensin i, angiotensin ii, aldosterone, and arginine vasopressin developed in a woman with renal-artery occlusion. plasma angiotensin ii was disproportionately high in relation to exchangeable sodium. captopril, by inhibiting conversion of angiotensin i to angiotensin ii, further elevated the blood levels of renin and angiotensin i but corrected all other abn ...200190271
randomised comparative studies in the treatment of cancer in the united kingdom: room for improvement?the basic details of randomised clinical studies in cancer treatment under way in the united kingdom were ascertained in a postal survey. the cancers of major interest were those of lung, breast, colon and rectum, and lymphomas and leukaemias. in general, only a small proportion of cancer patients are entered into clinical studies; and most of the individual studies aim for a small number of patients, with patient entry over a long period.200190280
prevention of fatal aspiration syndrome. 200190286
rubella screening by hemolysis-in-gel-test. 197990314
effects of vinblastine, oncodazole, procarbazine, chlorambucil, and bleomycin in vivo on colchicine binding activity of tubulin. 200190323
[species and interspecies antigenic specificity of house dust mites (genus dermatophagoides)]. 197990327
bleomycin a2: a ferrous oxidase. 200190330
effect of n2 on the mutagenic and lethal activities of icr-170 in neurospora crassa.the nature of the n2 effect for icr-170, i.e., the greater mutagenic and lethal activities of this agent in the presence of n2 than o2, has been studied at the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa. the characteristics of the n2 effect for icr-170 were that (1) the n2 effect with icr-170 was displayed in conidia when n2 was administered during, but not before or after, icr-170 treatment, (2) the highly increased mutagenic and lethal activities of icr-170 in the presence of n2 were due to an anoxic co ...200190338
central transport and distribution of labelled glutamic and aspartic acids to the cochlear nucleus in cats: an autoradiographic study. 197990345
[carbon monoxide: environmental and biological aspects]. 200190351
detection by antihapten antibodies of liver-bound compounds related to azocarcinogens or their metabolites.the localization of known azocarcinogens and metabolites such as p-aminoazobenzene and n-methyl-p-aminoazobenzene bound to components of liver cells of rats fed single or multiple doses of 3'-methyl-p-dimethylaminoazobenzene has been determined with the use of antibodies raised against p'-azo-p-aminoazobenzene and p'-azo-n-monomethyl-p-aminoazobenzene in the indirect fluorescent antibody procedure. these 2 antisera reacted with liver cells of rats fed 3'-methyl-p-dimethylaminoazobenzene, p'-amin ...197990352
a randomized combination chemotherapy trial, with and without adriamycin, in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and hundred seventeen patients with advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck were treated and placed randomly between two combination protocols, one with adriamycin and the other without. responses (more than 50% tumor regression) were 67% overall with 63% responding to the combination without adriamycin and 82% responding to the protocol containing it. the increase in the response rate seen with the addition of adriamycin was not statistically significant. the degree of response to ...200190354
[conservative therapy of immunodeficient states in children]. 200190361
[super-selective arterial embolization in unresectable hepatomas (author's transl)]. 200190362
[ii. etiological classification of the small bowel diseases (author's transl)].a new classification of the small bowel diseases is proposed according to - the physiopathology; - the anatomo-pathology; - the etiology. in this second part, the ethiological classification is developed. one may distinguish the post-surgical lesions, congenital defects, the side-effects of drugs and the vascular lesions. allergy and infection are especially studied. the main problems which may be solved in a next future are: the mechanism of chronic infections, the biochemical pathology and esp ...200190363
[questions to television from psychopathology].progress is expected in psychopathological diagnosis by using audiovisual procedures. nowadays, a valid psychopathology concept should be broadly planned and the important method of description as well as understanding procedures should be considered. for such a model of psychopathology it seems appropriate to investigate the different psychopathological phenomenons as expression of a disturbed communication ability. concerning this outlook, new strategies are to be developed or procedures of ot ...200190381
4s rna is present in regenerating optic axons of goldfish.regenerating optic axons of goldfish were loaded with [3h]rna by injecting [3h]uridine into the eye and allowing time for the radioactivity to be delivered to the optic tectum. the axons were subsequently removed from the tecta by cutting the optic nerve and allowing the optic axons in the tectum to degenerate. analysis of tectal [3h]rna by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis showed a selective loss of tritiated 4s rna and not ribosomal rna from the denervated tecta. these ...200190383
bladder cancer treatment considerations for metastatic disease. 200190388
[a study of fertility following vasectomy using eosin differential staining (vital staining) of spermatozoa]. 200190417
[pharmacological properties and antitumor activity of a preparation diiodo-benzo-tepa in experiments].experimental data on the pharmacokinetics, toxicity, antitumor activity of the antitumor drug diiodo-benzo-tepa are reported.197990429
[complex intraoperative diagnosis of intracerebral tumors of the cerebral hemispheres]. 200190438
the hypostatization of death in adolescence. 200190453
[cancer of the prostate]. 200190455
cross-neutralization tests on sheep pox, goat pox and contagious pustular dermatitis cross-neutralization tests in cell cultures, sheep pox and contagious pustular dermatitis (cpd) hyperimmune sera did not cross-react in the heterologous system. but goat pox hyperimmune serum neutralized both sheep pox and cpd viruses revealing a one-way serological relationship of goat pox virus with both sheep pox and cpd viruses.197990458
the dose-dependent fate of enzymatically active and inactivated tritiated methylated pancreatic elastase administered intratracheally in the hamster.hamsters were intratracheally instilled with saline solutions containing a high dose (145 to 220 micrograms) or a low dose (1.3 to 1.5 micrograms) of 3h-methylated pancreatic elastase or n-acetyl-(l-alanyl)3-l-alanine chloromethyl ketone-inactivated 3h-methylated pancreatic elastase. only the lysyl residues of the elastase molecule were methylated and radiolabeled in a nonlabile manner. the 3h-methylated elastase preparation exhibited esterolytic and elastolytic activity, spectral properties, an ...200190469
[alpha fetoprotein and hbf cells in maternal blood in amniocenteses]. 200190482
isolation and immunological reactivity of soluble fractions from rat seminiferous tubule basement membrane.a preparation rich in basement membranes isolated from rat testes (stbm) was exposed to pepsin, collagenase, trypsin, and pronase to obtain soluble fractions. the immunological reactivity of these fractions was studied by gel immunodiffusion or by passive hemagglutination tests against an anti-stbm serum. all fractions reacted with the antiserum, but the highest titer was detected when the antiserum was reacted with a fraction that contained only traces of hydroxyproline (fraction 1), whereas lo ...197990490
urinalysis for bacteriuria. 200190493
mechanism of lipid--protein interaction in the plasma lipoproteins: relationship of lipid-binding sites to antigenic sites in apolipoprotein a-ii. 200190518
relations between fatty acids and oestrogen binding properties of pure rat alpha 1-foetoprotein.a delipidation procedure based on treatment with charcoal at ph 3 has been applied to highly purified rat alpha 1-foetoprotein preparations. the oestrogen binding properties of the delipidated proteins have been studied with an equilibrium dialysis technique, and compared with the properties of the untreated foetal protein, as well as those of preparations reconstituted from the defatted alpha 1-foetoprotein and the removed lipids. an important increase has been evidenced for the binding levels ...197990528
laminar origin of projections from the superficial layers of the superior colliculus in the tree shrew, tupaia glis.the laminar origin of the efferent projections from the superior colliculus to the pulvinar and to the dorsal and ventral lateral geniculate nuclei has been studied using the retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase. following injections in either the dorsal or the ventral lateral geniculate nucleus, cells heavily labeled with the horseradish peroxidase reaction product are restricted primarily to the upper stratum griseum superficiale. these cells have small, fusiform somas with de ...200190538
cells of origin of the spinocerebellar tract in the rat, studied with the method of retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase.following injections of horseradish peroxidase into the cerebellum, the distribution of labeled neurons was studied in the whole length of the spinal cord of the rat. to find the ascending side of the axons, injections were made following hemisections at c1 or between c1 and c2. labeled spinocerebellar tract neurons were classified into two groups according to the axonal course in the spinal cord; one is composed of neurons with uncrossed ascending axons and the other, neurons with crossed ascen ...197990539
in vitro and in vivo induction of effector t cells mediating dth responses to a protein and a synthetic polypeptide antigen. 200190558
heteroantisera against a blast cell antigen. 200190573
in vitro studies of the replication of moloney murine leukemia virus. 197990575
phenoxybenzamine for benign prostatic hypertrophy. 200190580
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