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mechanism of glutamate uptake in zymomonas mobilis.the energetics of the anaerobic gram-negative bacterium zymomonas mobilis, a well-known ethanol-producing organism, is based solely on synthesis of 1 mol of atp per mol of glucose by the entner-doudoroff pathway. when grown in the presence of glucose as a carbon and energy source, z. mobilis had a cytosolic atp content of 3.5 to 4 mm. because of effective ph homeostasis, the components of the proton motive force strongly depended on the external ph. at ph 5.5, i.e., around the optimal ph for gro ...19921332937
immunocytochemical localization of glycolytic and fermentative enzymes in zymomonas antibodies were used to examine the subcellular locations of 11 glycolytic and fermentative enzymes in zymomonas mobilis. glucose-fructose oxidoreductase was clearly localized in the periplasmic region. phosphogluconate lactonase and alcohol dehydrogenase i were concentrated in the cytoplasm near the plasma membrane. the eight remaining enzymes were more evenly distributed within the cytoplasmic matrix. selected enzyme pairs were labeled on opposite sides of the same thin section to ...19921320611
cloning, sequencing, and expression of the zymomonas mobilis fructokinase gene and structural comparison of the enzyme with other hexose kinases.the frk gene encoding the enzyme fructokinase (fructose 6-phosphotransferase [ec]) from zymomonas mobilis has been isolated on a partial taqi digest fragment of the genome and sequenced. an open reading frame of 906 bp corresponding to 302 amino acids was identified on a 3-kbp taqi fragment. the deduced amino acid sequence corresponds to the first 20 amino acids (including an n-terminal methionine) determined by amino acid sequencing of the purified protein. the 118 bp preceding the meth ...19921317376
identification and grouping of bacteria by numerical analysis of their electrophoretic protein patterns.improved methods for the identification and grouping of bacteria by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of soluble proteins are described. electrophoretic protein patterns were obtained in rigorously standardized comditions. the results were much more reproducible than any described previously. some of the factors affecting reproducibility were; growth conditions, time and speed of centrifugation of extracts, and conditions of gel electrophoresis. protein patterns were compared by computing corre ...19751141858
photoassimilation of acetate and metabolism of carbohydrate in chlorobium thiosulfatophilum.1. washed cell suspensions of chlorobium thiosulfatophilium form large amounts of a polyglucose in the light. addition of acetate to the cells increases the formation of polysaccharide considerable. during incubation in the dark, polysaccharide decreases with time, and organic acids such as succinic and propionic acid are excreted into the medium. 2. glucose isolated from cells which had photoassimilated 1-, 2-, and u-14c-acetate had a specific activity which lay between 1 and 2 times that of th ...1975808188
distribution of the phosphoenolpyruvate:glucose phosphotransferase system in fermentative bacteria.a number of selected fermentative bacteria were surveyed for the presence of the phosphoenolpyruvate:glucose phosphotransferase system, with particular attention to those organisms which ferment glucose by pathways other than the embden-meyerhof-parnas pathway. the phosphoenolpyruvate:glusoe phosphotransferase system was found in all homofermentative lactic acid bacteria tested that ferment glucose via the embden-meyerhof-parnas pathway, but in none of a group of heterofermentative species of la ...1979457606
the biology of zymomonas. 197716585
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