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psychrophilic bacteria. 3. population levels associated with flavor or physical change in milk. 19655897823
numerical taxonomy of bacteria--some published data re-examined. 19665922296
bacterial nutritional approach to mechanisms of oxygen toxicity.gottlieb, sheldon f. (union carbide corp., tonawanda, n.y.). bacterial nutritional approach to mechanisms of oxygen toxicity. j. bacteriol. 92:1021-1027. 1966.-inhibition by oxygen of growth of the bacterium achromobacter p6 was reversed by amino acid supplements. the reversal of oxygen-induced growth inhibition was not due to the presence of reducing substances in the growth medium. oxygen primarily exerts a bacteriostatic effect. the oxygen inhibition of growth occurred over a wide ph range. o ...19665926739
longevity of selected exogenous microorganisms in the rumen. 19665929160
the isolation and characterization of glucosamine and muramic acid from the cell-wall mucopeptide of the gram-negative bacterium, chromobacterium violaceum. 19665956935
properties of surface materials released from cells of chromobacterium violaceum. 19665966705
[on a small satellite-forming soil bacterium from circular forms of chromobacteriaceae]. 19665988693
a comparative study of carbon source requirements of mycobacterium avium, group ii scotochromogens, group 3 nonphotochromogens, and mycobacterium terrae in the presence of glutamate-nitrogen. 19676039105
monobactams-antibiotics from the marshes. 19816116095
dna:rrna hybridization studies of chromobacterium fluviatile.hybrids were prepared between 14c-labelled rrna from each of nine species of gram-negative bacteria and the dna of chromobacterium fluviatile. two parameters were determined for each hybrid - the t m(e), which is the temperature at which 50% of the hybrid was denatured, and the percentage of rrna bound under defined stringent conditions. the former gives a measure of the stability of the duplex once formed and the latter probability reflects the amount of the genome involved in the coding of rrn ...19826181184
chromobacterium violaceum septicaemia in a dog. 19836314965
[effect of solid substrates of microbial colony development].bacteria have been found to grow differently at contact sites to both organic and anorganic solids as on pure agar media. of 16 ad hoc selected bacterial strains, the following species (arranged in decreasing order) responded with stronger colony formation: bacillus subtilis, b. cereus, streptococcus sanguis, s. saprophyticus, s. faecalis, escherichia coli, micrococcus flavus, actinomyces viscosus, veillonella sp., enterobacter liquefaciens, yersinia enterocolitica. lactobacillus casei behaved n ...19846326398
[bacteria and dietary fiber].the presence of cellulose particles, so in-vitro studies have shown, influences the growth rate and metabolic activity of the bacteria escherichia coli, bifidobacterium adolescentis and chromobacterium violaceum. after the homogenization in waring blendor, the growth rate has been found to be highest in a medium containing 10% cellulose particles and to show a decreasing tendency in media containing 5%, 1% and 0% cellulose. the biochemical intensity, judged by glucose consumption and intensity o ...19846326399
recurrent infection with chromobacterium violaceum: first case report from south america.a case of chromobacteriosis in a young brazilian with toxaemia and multiple skin abscesses is described. the infection responded to treatment with chloramphenicol and cotrimoxazole but recurred 18 months later following insect bites received while fishing in a river. chromobacterium violaceum was subsequently isolated from the river water. this is the first case of this kind to be reported from south america.19846334119
[qualitative and quantitative determination of bacterial populations in aquatic habitats. 5. comparison of 2 rapid sand filters].the bacterial examinations of raw water and the effluent of two rapid sand filters showed differences with respect to the colony count, the identified species and the activity of the isolated bacteria. the raw waters of the treatment plants si and me are originated from an oligotrophic artificial lake and from ground-water respectively. the two raw waters contained only low numbers of bacteria, whereas the effluents of the filters showed a considerable increase of the bacterial counts. the resul ...19836367299
nature and location of amide-bound (r)-3-acyloxyacyl groups in lipid a of lipopolysaccharides from various gram-negative has previously been demonstrated [eur. j. biochem. 124, 191-198 (1982) and 137, 15-22 (1983)] that the lipid a component of salmonella and proteus lipopolysaccharides contains amide-linked (r)-3-acyloxyacyl residues. in the present study lipid a of other gram-negative bacteria was analysed for the presence of amide-bound 3-acyloxyacyl residues. it was found that such residues are constituents of all lipid a tested (agrobacterium tumefaciens, chromobacterium violaceum, pseudomonas aeruginosa, ...19846437812
specificity and mechanism of ferrioxamine-mediated iron transport in streptomyces pilosus.although the ferrioxamines are an important and well-characterized class of siderophores produced by several species of nocardia, streptomyces, micromonospora, arthrobacter, chromobacterium, and pseudomonas, no studies of the mechanism of ferrioxamine-mediated iron uptake have been performed for an organism which produces the siderophore. this is the first report of metal transport in streptomyces pilosus mediated by the native ferrioxamines b, d1, d2, and e. 55fe accumulation in these ferrioxam ...19846480557
prosthetic valve endocarditis caused by group ve-1 bacteria (chromobacterium typhiflavum).a case of fatal prosthetic valve endocarditis was caused by group ve-1 bacteria. bacteriological characteristics and antibiotic susceptibilities are presented, as well as a brief discussion of the isolates of the ve-1 organism in ontario.19846511882
chromobacterium violaceum as a cause of periorbital cellulitis. 19846514595
hepatic drug-metabolizing enzyme system and endotoxin tolerance: structural requirement of lps in induction of an early tolerance.the alteration of hepatic drug-metabolizing enzyme activities in mice given salmonella endotoxin by single or multiple intraperitoneal injections was investigated. an essentially the same biphasic, early and late phase, endotoxin tolerance was observed in the animals receiving a single injection of endotoxin or repetitive daily injections. the results of reciprocal cross tolerance tests using lipopolysaccharide and free lipid a preparations derived from salmonella minnesota, salmonella typhimuri ...19846521669
[growth rate of antibiotic-producing gram-negative bacteria on liquid nutrient media].glycerol-yeast medium no. 3 may be used as a seed medium in screening of antibiotic-producing strains among acetobacter, gluconobacter, chromobacterium, agrobacterium, and other genera. the medium is transparent. it provides visual instrumental control of the growth rate of the seed material and estimation of biomass augmentation. the period of the exponential phase growth of the strains tested on medium no. 3 was 2-8 hours. when no growth on medium no. 3 is observed media nos. 1 and 2 can be us ...19846524878
human infection due to chromobacterium violaceum: a report from ilorin, nigeria. 19846535708
a new antibiotic y-t0678h produced by a chromobacterium species. 19836615590
microbial growth associated with granular activated carbon in a pilot water treatment facility.the microbial dynamics associated with granular activated carbon (gac) in a pilot water treatment plant were investigated over a period of 16 months. microbial populations were monitored in the influent and effluent waters and on the gac particles by means of total plate counts and atp assays. microbial populations between the influent and effluent waters of the gac columns generally increased, indicating microbial growth. the dominant genera of microorganisms isolated from interstitial waters a ...19836625567
arphamenines a and b, new inhibitors of aminopeptidase b, produced by bacteria. 19836654760
isolation and identification of ropy bacteria in raw milk.approximately 4.2% of 4,000 maryland-virginia raw milk tanker samples developed ropiness when incubated at 10 degrees c. of the 56 bacterial isolates 30 were identified by species. klebsiella oxytoca and pseudomonas aeruginosa were isolated most frequently. other ropy isolates were identified as pseudomonas spp., chromobacterium, flavobacterium multivorum, presumptive yersinia pestis, enterobacter agglomerans, klebsiella pneumoniae, and pasteurella-actinobacter spp. six of the klebsiella oxytoca ...19836685140
heterotrophic nitrification among denitrifiers.twelve denitrifying bacteria representing six genera were tested for an ability to nitrify pyruvic oxime heterotrophically. six of these bacteria exhibited appreciable nitrification activity, yielding as much as 5.8 mm nitrite and little or no nitrate when grown in a mineral salts medium containing 7 mm pyruvic oxime and 0.05% yeast extract. of the six active bacteria, four (pseudomonas denitrificans, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and two strains of pseudomonas fluorescens) could grow on yeast extract ...19846721486
chromobacterium violaceum infection of the eye. a report of two cases.we report what we believe to be the first two known cases of chromobacterium violaceum infection of the eye. one patient had conjunctivitis as the initial manifestation of an ultimately fatal infection. in the second patient, who suffered from chronic granulomatous disease of childhood, orbital cellulitis developed as part of a disseminated c violaceum infection from which he subsequently recovered. infections caused by c violaceum may involve the eye and orbit. these infections are frequently f ...19846721759
the effects of the insecticide acephate on the growth and nutrient uptake of an aquatic bacterium.the effects of high (1000 ppm) and low (1 ppm) concentrations of acephate on the rate of growth and nutrient uptake by an aquatic bacterium (identified as chromobacterium lividum ) were investigated. this insecticide increased doubling time, decreased maximum cellular yield, and reduced cell size when c. lividum was grown in the presence of high acephate concentrations. total [14c]glucose and 14c-labeled amino acids uptake rates were reduced by the high acephate concentration. the high acephate ...19846722663
biosynthetic studies of arphamenines a and b.the biosynthetic pathways of arphamenines a and b were studied. arphamenine a was derived from acetic acid, l-arginine and l-phenylalanine, and arphamenine b from acetic acid, l-arginine and l-tyrosine.19846735925
chromobacteriosis--florida. 19816789054
microbiological quality of selected recreational waters. 19816797820
the effect of some varying lipid a structures on the inhibition of fibrillogenesis in basement membrane collagen.acid soluble basement membrane collagen (abmc) was prepared by extraction of the anterior lens capsules from bovine calf eyes in 0.5 m acetic acid in the presence of the protease inhibitors leupeptin and pepstatin. thermal aggregates formed from soluble basement membrane collagen were facilitated by heating (28 degree c) the collagen solutions in 0.15 m phosphate buffer. the effects of endotoxins derived from salmonella minnesota r595, chromobacterium violaceum an rhodopseudomonas viridis on the ...19826801242
biosynthesis of monobactam compounds: origin of the carbon atoms in the beta-lactam ring.the biosynthesis of monobactams by strains of chromobacterium violaceum, acetobacter sp., and agrobacterium radiobacter was studied. monobactams were produced during logarithmic growth by c. violaceum and acetobacter sp. and during late log growth on glycerol and in stationary phase by a. radiobacter. the addition of various amino acids failed to significantly stimulate monobactam production in any of the producing organisms. several 14c-amino acids and pyruvate were incorporated in vivo into mo ...19826805424
chromobacterium violaceum infectious and chronic granulomatous disease. 19836824267
a new antibiotic, 3,6-dihydroxyindoxazene. 19836853374
effect of bestatin analogues and other compounds on enkephalin hydrolysis by an aminopeptidase from the mesophiles pseudomonas sp atcc 11299a and chromobacterium violaceum atcc our studies on newly synthesized compounds for their potential analgesic effect, we decided for purposes of convenience and economy to investigate non-mammalian sources for the presence of enkephalin degrading enzymes. an aminopeptidase that catalyzes the hydrolysis of the tyrosylglycyl bond of leucine- and methionine enkephalin was purified from the mesophiles pseudomonas sp atcc 11299a (ps) and chromobacterium violaceum atcc 12540 (cv). each preparation also hydrolyzed to varying extents ne ...19836856949
sulfur metabolism in the biosynthesis of monobactams.we studied the biosynthesis of monobactams with respect to sulfur metabolism in chromobacterium violaceum, acetobacter sp., and agrobacterium radiobacter. all three organisms used inorganic sulfur for monobactam production. when sulfur-containing amino acids were assayed as a source of sulfur for monobactam production, c. violaceum used cystine but not cysteine or methionine, acetobacter sp. used all three compounds, and a. radiobacter used none. 35s from cysteine, methionine, and sodium sulfate ...19836859838
a probable case of chromobacterium violaceum infection in australia.a case of a north-queensland aboriginal child, who died of a septicaemic illness probably caused by chromobacterium violaceum, is reported. this organism is a gram-negative bacillus found in soil and water. human and animal infections are very rare, but have been reported from various tropical and subtropical areas of the world. most of these have been fatal, although survival after recognition, appropriate antibiotic therapy, and surgical intervention has also been reported.19836865828
the laboratory diagnosis of opportunistic infections caused by uncommon bacteria in papua new guinea.flavobacterium meningosepticum, chromobacterium violaceum and listeria monocytogenes are opportunistic pathogens of man and are occasional but important causes of infections in neonates, infants and adults in papua new guinea. mortality is high. flavobacterium meningosepticum should be suspected when a weak indole producing oxidase positive gram-negative bacillus producing a discrete yellow non-diffusing pigment at room temperature and showing a resistant antibiotic sensitivity pattern is isolat ...19816951339
chromobacterium violaceum septicemia in new jersey. 19826953253
sq 26,180, a novel monobactam. i taxonomy, fermentation and biological properties.strains of chromobacterium violaceum, isolated from various environments, were found to produce a novel monocyclic beta-lactam antibiotic. the antibiotic, sq 26,180 was weakly active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria with the exception of mutants hypersensitive to beta-lactam antibiotics. the compound was highly stable to beta-lactamases and acted as an inhibitor of the p99 enzyme from enterobacter cloacae. sq 26,180 showed affinity for penicillin-binding proteins 1a, 4 and 5/6 of ...19826978877
[lipases of gram-negative bacteria: a review].the review surveys current concepts concerning properties of lipases from gram-negative bacteria. it discusses the effects of cultivation conditions (composition, temperature and ph of the medium) of bacteria-producers on the biosynthesis of lipases.19817017672
numerical taxonomy analysis of bacteria isolated from the completed 'most probable numbers' test for coliform bacilli. 19817024232
sq 26,180, a novel monobactam. ii isolation, structure determination and synthesis. 19827076565
chronic granulomatous disease of childhood and chromobacterium violaceum infections in the southeastern united states.patients with chronic granulomatous disease are predisposed to infections by catalase-positive organisms in the environment. chromobacterium violaceum is a catalase-positive bacterium whose saprophytic source in this country is the subtropical soil and water of the southeastern united states. two patients with chronic granulomatous disease, followed at the national institutes of health in maryland, acquired c. violaceum infections in florida. all 10 cases previously reported were acquired in flo ...19827092006
complete hematologic and hepatic recovery in a patient with chloramphenicol hepatitis-pancytopenia syndrome. 19827143157
isolation of chromobacterium spp. from foods, soil, and water.chromobacterium violaceum, a soil and water inhabitant, has been implicated in human disease with a high mortality rate, particularly in the southeastern united states. the psychrotrophic chromobacterium lividum has been isolated from foods, water, and soil, but is not considered pathogenic. to determine the distribution of chromobacterium spp. in soil, water, and foods in the gainesville area, we evaluated bennett, ryalls and moss, and aeromonas membrane agars for their ability to recover these ...19827159087
distribution of beta-lactam and beta-lactone producing bacteria in nature.over one million bacteria were isolated from a large variety of soil, plant and water samples collected from different environments and examined in an extremely sensitive and highly specific screen for beta-lactam production. a group of seven related monocyclic beta-lactams (monobactams) were isolated from strains representing four genera-agrobacterium, chromobacterium, gluconobacter and pseudomonas. monobactam-producing strains of agrobacterium and pseudomonas were isolated only rarely. produci ...19827174535
the similarities between pseudomonas paucimobilis and allied bacteria derived from analysis of deoxyribonucleic acids and electrophoretic protein patterns.the chromosomal dna was isolated and purified from 17 strains of pseudomonas paucimobilis, and from the type or reference strains of flavobacterium capsulatum, f. devorans, f. multivorum, 'chromobacterium lividum', xanthomonas campestris and seven species of pseudomonas. the dna base compositions (mol% g + c) of p. paucimobilis strains were between 62.2 and 68.6%, and typical strains had a mean value of 65.3 +/- 0.4 mol%, determined from thermal denaturation temperature. dna-dna molecular hybrid ...19827183747
monobactams: isolation and structure determination. 19817199043
influence of methylheptenone and related phytoplankton norcarotenoids on heterotrophic aquatic bacteria.certain norcarotenoids, which have recently been found as excretion products of freshwater cyanobacteria and algae, are potent inhibitors of different metabolic functions in heterotrophic bacteria. 6-methylhept-5-en-2-one showed the strongest effects and acted as a noncompetitive inhibitor of both glucose uptake and respiration by aquatic isolates of chromobacterium lividum and arthrobacter sp. inhibition of the heterotrophic potential of glucose uptake by 6-methylhept-5-en-2-one was characteriz ...19817214229
attempts at induction of phenylalanine hydroxylase in thermophilic bacteria and induction of thermophily in mesophiles.some moderate and extreme thermophilic bacteria grew well on media other than the recommended basic media. attempts to induce phenylalanine hydroxylase (phe h) in the various thermophiles as well as mild thermophily in the mesophiles pseudomonas sp atcc 11299a and chromobacterium violaceum atcc 12540 were unsuccessful. evidence is presented indicating that the enzyme in the latter two organisms may be membrane bound. the level of phe h activity induced was not always consistent with the level of ...19817244367
chromobacterium violaceum presenting as a surgical emergency. 19817280766
fulminating chromobacterial septicaemia presenting as respiratory distress syndrome. 19817314030
septicemia and death caused by chromobacterium violaceum. 19807403928
chromobacteriosis rare, but early diagnosis vital. 19817463651
preparative-scale kinetic resolutions catalysed by microbial lipases immobilised in aot-stabilised microemulsion-based organogels: cryoenzymology as a tool for improving enantioselectivity.gelatin-containing microemulsion based organogels have been used as an immobilisation matrix for lipases from a number of different sources. kinetic resolutions of octan-3-ol, 1-octen-3-ol and 1-octyn-3-ol by esterification with decanoic acid have been performed using chromobacterium viscosum (cv) lipase. cv lipase is highly enantioselective in favour of the (r)-(-) isomer of octan-3-ol, but the enantioselectivity is both reversed and decreased by the introduction of unsaturation at the 1-positi ...19957492618
fr901228, a novel antitumor bicyclic depsipeptide produced by chromobacterium violaceum no. 968. i. taxonomy, fermentation, isolation, physico-chemical and biological properties, and antitumor activity.a novel antitumor bicyclic depsipeptide, fr901228, was isolated from a broth culture of chromobacterium violaceum no. 968 as colorless prisms and the molecular formula was determined as c24h36n4o6s2. this antibiotic reverted the transformed morphology of a ha-ras transformant to normal, and exhibited prominent antitumor activities against murine and human tumor cell lines both in vitro and in vivo.19947513682
the structure of the o-specific polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide from chromobacterium violaceum nctc 9694. 19947528643
taxonomic study of bacteria isolated from plants: proposal of sphingomonas rosa sp. nov., sphingomonas pruni sp. nov., sphingomonas asaccharolytica sp. nov., and sphingomonas mali sp. nov.the taxonomic positions of 10 strains of 3-ketolactose-forming bacteria which were isolated from the roots of plants (rosa sp., psychotria nairobiensis, ardisia crispa, prunus persica, and apple trees) were investigated. the dna base compositions of these strains ranged from 64.0 to 65.7 mol%, the isoprenoid quinone of each strain was ubiquinone 10, 3-hydroxy fatty acids were lacking in the cellular fatty acids of these organisms, and all of the strains contained a sphingolipid with the long-cha ...19957537068
macrocyclic lactone synthesis by lipases in water-in-oil microemulsions.five microbial lipases from chromobacterium viscosum, candida cylindracea, pseudomonas (source fluka), pseudomonas (source genzyme) and lipoprotein lipase ex microbial (genzyme) have been screened for lactonisation activity towards 16-hydroxyhexadecanoic acid (hha) in a variety of different w/o microemulsion systems. with the exception of candida cylindracea (cc), all the lipases exhibited lactonisation activity although they were inherently more active in microemulsion systems based on the anio ...19957544159
phylogenetic inferences and taxonomic consequences of 16s ribosomal dna sequence comparison of chromohalobacter marismortui, volcaniella eurihalina, and deleya salina and reclassification of v. eurihalina as halomonas eurihalina comb. nov.the phylogenetic positions of the moderately halophilic bacteria chromohalobacter marismortui, volcaniella eurihalina, and deleya salina were determined by pcr amplification of rrna genes and direct sequencing. the resulting data were compared with data for other bacteria obtained from 16s rrna sequence databases. c. marismortui, v. eurihalina, and d. salina clustered phylogenetically within the gamma subclass of the proteobacteria and are closely related to other species on the halomonas-deleya ...19957547290
l-tryptophan 2',3'-oxidase from chromobacterium violaceum. substrate specificity and mechanistic implications.l-tryptophan 2',3'-oxidase, an amino acid alpha,beta-dehydrogenase isolated from chromobacterium violaceum, catalyzes the formation of a double bond between the c alpha and c beta carbons of various tryptophan derivatives provided that they possess: (i) a l-enantiomeric configuration, (ii) an alpha-carbonyl group, and (iii) an unsubstituted and unmodified indole nucleus. kinetic parameters were evaluated for a series of tryptophan analogues, providing information on the contribution of each chem ...19957559518
inversion of lipase stereospecificity for fluorogenic alkyldiacyl glycerols. effect of substrate solubilization.we synthesized enantiomeric 1-o-alkyl-2,3-diacyl-sn-glycerol and 3-o-alkyl-1,2-diacyl-sn-glycerol containing pyrene as a fluorescent reporter and the trinitrophenylamino residue as a fluorescence quencher; both reporter groups were covalently bound to the omega end of the acyl chains at positions sn-2 and sn-3(1), respectively. the fluorescence of the intact substrate molecules was very low. chemical or enzymic release of the fatty acyl chains lead to fluorescence dequenching. the rate of lipoly ...19957628484
increased activity of chromobacterium viscosum lipase in aerosol ot reverse micelles in the presence of nonionic surfactants.modification of aot reverse micellar systems with various alkyl glucosides and nonionic surfactants was attempted in order to improve the activity to chromobacterium viscosum lipase. tweens and tritons, having the poly(oxyethylene) chain, have been shown to be solubilized at the oil-water interface of aot micelles. alkyl glucosides were also solubilized at the interface. these additives form mixed micelles with aot and increase the concentration of the micelles. in contrast, spans were found to ...19937692888
third generation cephalosporin-resistant gram-negative bacilli in the feces of hospitalized view of the widespread use of third generation cephalosporins in hospitalized infants, we attempted to determine whether their use was associated with the emergence of resistance in fecal gram-negative bacilli. stools from infants hospitalized for varying durations were cultured on macconkey agar containing 4 micrograms/ml of cefotaxime. all isolates growing on this medium were identified and their susceptibilities to 29 antimicrobial agents were determined. sixty-five infants were studied of ...19957746715
action of fr901228, a novel antitumor bicyclic depsipeptide produced by chromobacterium violaceum no. 968, on ha-ras transformed nih3t3 cells.fr901228, a novel antitumor antibiotic, reversed the transformed morphology of the ha-ras transformants, ras-1 cells, and inhibited their growth. the reduction of c-myc expression was observed in fr901228-treated ras-1 cells by rna dot-blot hybridization. this reduction of c-myc expression and morphological reversion of the transformed cells to normal were correlated with growth inhibition (g0/g1 arrest in cell cycle).19947765477
mechanism of metal-independent hydroxylation by chromobacterium violaceum phenylalanine hydroxylase.phenylalanine hydroxylase converts phenylalanine to tyrosine utilizing a tetrahydrobiopterin cofactor. several key mechanistic questions have yet to be resolved, specifically the identity of the hydroxylating species and the role of the non-heme iron which is present in all of the mammalian pahs. recently, we have demonstrated that a bacterial pah from chromobacterium violaceum does not require any redox active metal for activity [carr, r. t., & benkovic, s. j. (1993) biochemistry 32, 14132-1413 ...19957779797
lipase from chromobacterium viscosum: biochemical characterization indicating homology to the lipase from pseudomonas glumae.previous purification of a commercial lipolytic preparation from chromobacterium viscosum using gel filtration chromatography yielded two enzymatically active fractions, named lipases a and b. characterization of these fractions by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis revealed that lipase a consisted of a high molecular weight aggregate of lipase protein with lipopolysaccharides. this complex could be dissociated by treatment with edta-tris buffer containing the non-ionic de ...19957786905
stereoselectivity of microbial lipases. the substitution at position sn-2 of triacylglycerol analogs influences the stereoselectivity of different microbial the present study, the stereoselectivity of purified lipases from candida rugosa, chromobacterium viscosum, pseudomonas species and rhizopus arrhizus towards triacylglycerols in comparison to various structural analogs were investigated. different triacylglycerol analogs with distinct polarities at position sn-2 of the glycerol backbone (1,3-diacyl-2-x-glycerol, where 2-x = 2-acyloxy, 2-alkyloxy, 2-deoxy-2-alkyl, or 2-deoxy-2-phenyl) were synthesized. substrate hydrophobicity and steric requi ...19957851405
regioselectivity and fatty acid specificity of chromobacterium viscosum lipase.the fatty acid specificity of chromobacterium viscosum lipase was studied by comparing the pseudo-first-order rate constants for the transesterification of different fatty acid methyl esters with 1-propanol in dry acetonitrile as solvent. it was found that this enzyme shows a significant preference towards long chain fatty acids and, for chains with the same length, towards saturated ones. the same enzyme was used to study the esterification of sorbitol and decanoic acid. a mixture of mono-, di- ...19947858979
chromobacterium violaceum septicaemia in malaysia. 19947899912
identification of the intersubunit binding region in rat tyrosine proteolysis converts the 39200 molecular weight catalytic domain of rat tyrosine hydroxylase to a monomer with a molecular weight of 37600. the purified monomer is almost fully active, with minor changes in kinetic parameters at ph 7. mass spectral analysis and n-terminal sequencing of the proteolytically generated species establish that 20 amino acids have been removed from the carboxyl terminus and five from the amino terminus. based on these results, the carboxyl terminus is responsib ...19937904160
[the antagonistic activity of the bacterial flora in feed in relation to the causative agent of diarrhea in calves].antagonistic activity of 264 strains (6 species) of aerobic bacilli as well as 45 strains (3 species) of bacteria from genera chromobacterium and pseudomonas has been studied. they were isolated from the fodder at the farms of ukraine five regions in 1986-1992 in respect to 128 strains (17 species) of genera escherichia, proteus, salmonella, shigella and pasteurella, isolated by the authors from feces of calf with symptoms of diarrhea. high antagonistic activity of bacillus polymyxa 168 (zone of ...19938025695
purification and partial characterization of an amino acid alpha,beta- dehydrogenase, l-tryptophan 2',3'-oxidase from chromobacterium violaceum.l-tryptophan 2',3'-oxidase is a novel enzyme that specifically catalyzes the alpha,beta-dehydrogenation of l-tryptophan derivatives. it was extracted from chromobacterium violaceum and purified 108-fold to apparent homogeneity with a 34% overall recovery. the molecular weight of the native enzyme is approximately 680,000, and its isoelectric point is nearly equal to 4. sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis showed that the enzyme is composed of two components with molecular weight of approximate ...19948027079
identification of metal ligands in cu(ii)-inhibited chromobacterium violaceum phenylalanine hydroxylase by electron spin echo envelope modulation analysis of histidine to serine mutations.phenylalanine hydroxylase from chromobacterium violaceum (cvpah) is known to bind an equivalent of divalent copper. the "metal-free" form of the protein is fully active, and cu(ii) is now shown to be an inhibitor of cvpah rather than an activator of the enzyme [carr, r. t., & benkovic, s. j. (1994) biochemistry 32, 14132-14138]. on the basis of amino acid sequence homology, the metal binding site may be related to those of rat liver pah and other eukaryotic pterin-dependent hydroxylases, which r ...19948031788
fatal chromobacterium violaceum septicaemia.a 19-year-old malay male succumbed to a septicaemia caused by chromobacterium violaceum 11 days after onset of illness. the organism is a common soil saprophyte and may be considered as contaminant on culture. it is essential to recognise its clinical significance in purulent processes so that appropriate therapy can be instituted. we report the first fatal case of chromobacterium violaceum infection in the university hospital, kuala lumpur.19938153700
fr901228, a novel antitumor bicyclic depsipeptide produced by chromobacterium violaceum no. 968. ii. structure determination. 19948175483
fr901228, a novel antitumor bicyclic depsipeptide produced by chromobacterium violaceum no. 968. iii. antitumor activities on experimental tumors in mice.the antitumor activities of fr901228, (e)-(1s,4s,10s,21r)-7-[(z)- ethylidene]-4,21-diisopropyl-2-oxa-12,13-dithia-5,8,20,23- tetraazabicyclo[8,7,6]-tricos-16-ene-3,6,9,19,22-pentanone, isolated from chromobacterium violaceum no. 968, were studied in animals. fr901228 (ip) prolonged the life of mice bearing such murine ascitic tumors as p388 and l1210 leukemias and b16 melanoma, and inhibited (iv) the growth of murine solid tumors (colon 38 carcinoma, m5076 reticulum cell sarcoma and meth a fibro ...19948175484
molecular structures that influence the immunomodulatory properties of the lipid a and inner core region oligosaccharides of bacterial lipopolysaccharides.the relationship between chain length as well as the position of fatty acyl groups to the ability of lipid a to abolish the expression of suppressor t-cell (ts) activity was examined. fatty acyl chain lengths of c12 to c14, as in the lipid a of escherichia coli and salmonella minnesota, appear to be optimal for this bioactivity, since lipid a preparations with fatty acyl groups of relatively short chain length (c10 to c12 for pseudomonas aeruginosa and chromobacterium violaceum) or predominantly ...19948188347
nonfatal and fatal infections caused by chromobacterium violaceum.human infection caused by chromobacterium violaceum is rare, but when it occurs it is associated with a high mortality rate. we report the cases of two patients with infection due to chromobacterium violaceum. one patient presented early in the course of disease and survived after receiving appropriate antibiotic therapy. the other patient presented late in the course of disease and died of fulminant sepsis with abscesses in multiple organs. we discuss the similarity between c. violaceum infecti ...19938218697
[chromobacterium violaceum, opportunist pathogenic bacteria in tropical and subtropical regions].chromobacterium violaceum is isolated from soil and waters in tropical and subtropical areas. this gram negative bacillus is considered as a saprophyte, but occasionally it can act as an opportunistic pathogen for animals and man, and cause fatal septicaemia from skin lesion with many liver and lung abscesses. classification, nomenclature, media used to isolation, characters useful to identification (morphology, cultural and biochemical traits, violacein pigmentation), differentiation from relat ...19938219788
an examination of the copper requirement of phenylalanine hydroxylase from chromobacterium violaceum.phenylalanine hydroxylase from chromobacterium violaceum (cvpah) was classified as a copper metalloenzyme by virtue of a 1/1 cu/enzyme stoichiometry and its inhibition with various chelators [pember, s. o., villafranca, j. j., & benkovic, s. j. (1986) biochemistry 25, 6611]. we have prepared "copper-free" cvpah by extraction with dtt. these preparations retained full activity though the cu/enzyme ratio averaged 0.015. reconstitution by extraneous copper was disproved by measuring a cu/enzyme rat ...19938260496
a re-examination of the metal requirement of chromobacterium violaceum phenylalanine hydroxylase. 19938304197
histidines 138 and 143 are copper binding ligands in chromobacterium violaceum phenylalanine hydroxylase. 19938304204
phylogenetic position of taylorella equigenitalis determined by analysis of amplified 16s ribosomal dna sequences.the 16s ribosomal dna sequence of taylorella equigenitalis (formerly haemophilus equigenitalis), the causative organism of contagious equine metritis, was determined. a phylogenetic analysis of this sequence revealed a phylogenetic position of t. equigenitalis in the beta subclass of the class proteobacteria apart from the position of haemophilus influenzae, which belongs to the gamma subclass of proteobacteria. a close phylogenetic relationship among t. equigenitalis, alcaligenes xylosoxidans, ...19938347520
a study of reversibly inactivated lipases for use in a morphine-triggered naltrexone delivery system.a key component of an implant that can be triggered by external morphine to release naltrexone is an inactivated enzyme that can be activated by morphine and which can then rapidly remove a protective coating surrounding a bioerodible polymer containing dispersed naltrexone. in this article we describe a lipase that has been conjugated with o3-carboxymethylmorphine, morphine-beta-3-glucuronide and o3-carboxypropylmorphine. the enzyme conjugate was then inactivated by complexation with affinity-p ...19958582907
hydrolysis and esterification of acylglycerols and analogs in aqueous medium catalyzed by microbial lipases.the stereoselectivity of microbial lipases from chromobacterium viscosum (cvl) and rhizopus arrhizus (ral) towards monoacylglycerols (rac-1(3)-oleoylglycerol and 2-oleoylglycerol), diacylglycerols (1,3-dioleoylglycerol and rac-1,2(2,3)-dioleoylglycerol) and 2-o-ether analogs (rac-1(3)-oleoyl-2-o-hexadecylglycerol and rac-1(3)-octanoyl-2-o-hexadecylglycerol) was determined. the results of the hydrolysis of 2-o-ether analogs confirmed the importance of the substituent at c-2 of acylglycerols in th ...19968652651
crystal structure of a bacterial lipase from chromobacterium viscosum atcc 6918 refined at 1.6 angstroms resolution.the crystal structure of a lipase from the bacterium chromobacterium viscosum atcc 6918 (cvl) has been determined by isomorphous replacement and refined at 1.6 angstroms resolution to an r-factor of 17.8%. the lipase has the overall topology of an alpha/beta type protein, which was also found for previously determined lipase structures. the catalytic triad of the active center consists of the residues ser87, asp263 and his285. these residues are not exposed to the solvent, but a narrow channel c ...19968683577
acute pleuropneumonia in barbary sheep (amnotragus lervia) associated with chromobacterium violaceum. 19968736506
isolation and identification of poly(3-hydroxyvalerate)-degrading strains of pseudomonas using selective enrichment of polyhydroxyalkanoate-degrading bacteria and poly(3-hydroxyvalerate)-containing granules from chromobacterium violaceum as the carbon source, 10 new pseudomonas lemoignei strains were isolated; these strains were able to degrade poly(3-hydroxyvalerate), as well as poly(3-hydroxybutyrate), in vitro. the new isolates were characterized and identified by comparing them with p. lemoignei lmg 2207(t) (t = type strain). like p. lemoignei lmg 2207(t) cells, the cells of ...19968782688
inhibition of microbial lipases with stereoisomeric triradylglycerol analog phosphonates.1,2(2,3)-diradylglycero o-(p-nitrophenyl) n-hexylphosphonates were synthesized, with the diradylglycerol moiety being di-o-octylglycerol, 1-o-hexadecyl-2-o-pyrenedecanylglycerol, or 1-o-octyl-2-oleoyl-glycerol, and tested for their ability to inactivate lipases from chromobacterium viscosum (cvl) and rhizopus oryzae (rol). the experimental data indicate the formation of stable, covalent 1:1 enzyme-inhibitor adducts with the di-o-alkylglycero phosphonates. the differences in reactivity of diaster ...19968982269
systematic study of the genus vogesella gen. nov. and its type species, vogesella indigofera comb. nov.a blue-pigmented colony that had a metallic copper-colored sheen was isolated in 1973 from a standard spread plate count preparation of oxidation pond sediment. over the next 11 years, an additional 12 strains of blue-pigmented bacteria were isolated from freshwater samples and compared to several reference strains of bacteria. morphological and biochemical tests revealed that these 13 isolates were very similar to [pseudomonas] indigofera atcc 19706t (t = type strain) and atcc 14036. a numerica ...19978995797
the crystal structure of a triacylglycerol lipase from pseudomonas cepacia reveals a highly open conformation in the absence of a bound inhibitor.. lipases, a family of enzymes which catalyze the hydrolysis of triglycerides, are widely distributed in many organisms. true lipases are distinguished from esterases by the characteristic interfacial activation they exhibit at an oil-water interface. lipases are one of the most frequently used biocatalysts for organic reactions performed under mild conditions. their biotechnological applications include food and oil processing and the preparation of chiral intermediates for the synthesis of ena ...19979032073
the open conformation of a pseudomonas lipase.. the interfacial activation of lipases results primarily from conformational changes in the enzymes which expose the active site and provide a hydrophobic surface for interaction with the lipid substrate. comparison of the crystallization conditions used and the structures observed for a variety of lipases suggests that the enzyme conformation is dependent on solution conditions. pseudomonas cepacia lipase (pcl) was crystallized in conditions from which the open, active conformation of the enzy ...19979032074
quorum sensing in vibrio anguillarum: characterization of the vani/vanr locus and identification of the autoinducer n-(3-oxodecanoyl)-l-homoserine lactone.certain gram-negative pathogens are known to control virulence gene expression through cell-cell communication via small diffusible signal molecules termed autoinducers. this intercellular signal transduction mechanism termed quorum sensing depends on the interaction of an n-acylhomoserine lactone (ahl) auto-inducer molecule with a receptor protein belonging to the luxr family of positive transcriptional activators. vibrio anguillarum is a gram-negative pathogen capable of causing a terminal hem ...19979139920
chemoenzymatic synthesis of chiral biologically active heterocycles.the chemoenzymatic approach to the preparation of some chiral biologically active heterocycles is discussed. synthetic strategies took advantage of enantioselective bioconversion processes carried out on suitable reaction intermediates. reductions of carbonyl compounds catalyzed by different alcohol dehydogenases (tbadh from thermoanaerobium brockii, 20 beta-hsdh from streptomyces hydrogenans, beta-hsdh from pseudomonas testosteroni) allowed the preparation with high enantiomeric purity of the e ...19979274001
case report and review of chromobacterium sepsis--a gram-negative sepsis mimicking melioidosis.chromobacterium violaceum has recently been recognised as a pathogen which can cause life-threatening disease. it is the only chromobacterium species which is pathogenic to humans. due to its unfamiliarity, clinicians often do not appreciate its importance when it is isolated in sterile cultures and may dismiss it as a "containment". it is therefore important for us to be aware of this infection and its clinical spectrum since it is a disease of the tropics. we report a paediatric case of docume ...19979294341
lipase-catalysed resolution of gamma- and delta-lactones.lipase-catalysed stereoselective hydrolysis of a family of saturated gamma- and delta-lactones was investigated. increasing the chain length from delta-octalactone to delta-dodecalactone leads to higher enantiomeric excess. best results were found using a lipase from pseudomonas species (kw51) yielding highest enantiomeric excesses (greater than 99% ee at 50% conversion, e > 100) at short reaction times (10 h) for delta-undecalactone and delta-dodecalactone. in contrast, gamma-lactones were reso ...19979304874
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