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studies on bacterial phosphatases: the phosphatases of aerobacter aerogenes, alcaligenes faecalis and bacillus subtilis. 193816746654
bacteremia and acute meningitis due to alcaligenes faecalis; a case report. 194720267290
recent advances in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. 194720267438
little known tropical diseases. 194914771478
red-leg in tree-frogs caused by bacterium alkaligenes. 195014778948
bacterium alcaligenes (alcaligenes faecalis) infections in man. 195114827072
[acute meningitis due to alcaligenes faecalis in newborn]. 195114830508
alcaligenes faecalis meningitis and bacteremia concurrent with bacillary dysentery; report of a case with necropsy. 195214902735
[suppurative meningitis in infant caused by alcaligenes faecalis]. 195212987217
alcaligenes faecalis meningitis complicated by hydrocephalus in a premature twin; report of case; intramuscular chloramphenicol therapy. 195212995997
differentiation of alcaligenes faecalis from brucella bronchisepticus by biochemical and nutritional methods. 195313034718
[a case of mixed meningitis caused by alcaligenes faecalis and flavobacterium arborescens]. 195313073497
nitrogen compounds utilized by alcaligenes faecalis. 195313096506
[a case of alcaligenes faecalis septicemia]. 195313101207
phosphorylation coupled to electron transport in cell-free extracts of alcaligenes faecalis. 195313117884
[case of chronic eczema caused by bacterium coli, enterococcus and alcaligenes faecalis]. 195414361225
some comparative biochemical studies of alcaligenes faecalis and agrobacterium radiobacter. 195514353822
[haemophilus bronchisepticus and alcaligenes faecalis. i. some differential characters]. 195513403279
[haemophilus bronchisepticus and alcaligenes faecalis. ii. sensitivity to antibiotics]. 195513403280
d-erythrose metabolism in a strain of alcaligenes faecalis. 195613345750
[case of puerperal sepsis caused by alcaligenes faecalis]. 195613384634
potassium uptake by alcaligenes faecalis. 195713426108
degradation of ergothioneine by alcaligenes faecalis. 195713475253
[intestinal infections by alcaligenes faecalis & their analogy with intestinal syndromes due to moraxella lwoffi]. 195813534033
[typhic syndrome & alcaligenes faecalis]. 195813586108
nucleic acid synthesis in penicillin-treated alcaligenes faecalis. 195813610807
alcaligenes faecalis infection, its incidence in calcutta. 195813611275
is alcaligenes faecalis a pathogen, contaminant or normal intestinal flora. 195813620310
alcaligenes faecalis; its systematic study. 195913630541
[inoculation of alcaligenes faecalis]. 195913660437
disposition of membranes in alcaligenes faecalis. 196013688633
factors affecting the formation of gum by alcaligenes faecalis. 196013765189
[on differentiation of bordetella (b.) bronchiseptica with special reference to differentiation from alcaligenes faecalis]. 196013848986
a case of measles encephalitis complicated by alcaligenes faecalis septicemia. 196013769431
organisms resembling alcaligenes faecalis. 196014423858
alcaligenes faecalis infection in the newborn. 196014445883
[apropos of alcaligenes faecalis]. 196113776262
properties of gums formed by alcaligenes faecalis. 196113765190
degradation of ergothioneine by cell-free extracts of alcaligenes faecalis. 196113752370
participation of an rna fraction in peptide synthesis in the presence of a purified enzyme system from alcaligenes faecalis. 196213866780
further experiments on the potassium uptake by alcaligenes faecalis. 196213906379
[a study of the saccharolytic properties of alcaligenes faecalis]. 196213917568
rearing of germfree and monocontaminated chicks in rigid plastic isolators.a plexiglas isolator for rearing germfree vertebrates is described. plastic components were precut and finished by a plexiglas supplier. this equipment is relatively inexpensive; moreover, neither special facilities nor skills are required in their construction. advantages of this type of isolator are: readily dismantled for cleaning, durable, excellent visibility of the interior, and minimal maintenance. in 30 separate groups of animals, 27 of these yielded germfree chicks. many of these chicks ...196214486221
comparison of spheroplast induction in alcaligenes faecalis by three different agents.lark, cynthia (saint louis university, st. louis, mo.) and robert schichtel. comparison of spheroplast induction in alcaligenes faecalis by three different agents. j. bacteriol. 84:1241-1244. 1962.-alcaligenes faecalis strain lb was exposed to different concentrations of cycloserine, d-methionine, or penicillin. the time course of spheroplast induction by these agents was measured as a function of their concentration. the results were consistent with models in which cycloserine reversibly inhibi ...196216561981
the metabolism of isoxanthopterin by alcaligenes faecalis. 196313932252
degradation of ergothioneine by cell-free extracts of alcaligenes faecalis. ii. production of glutamic acid.booth, james s. (university of southern california, los angeles) and milo d. appleman. degradation of ergothioneine by cell-free extracts of alcaligenes faecalis. ii. production of glutamic acid. j. bacteriol. 85:654-657. 1963.-on the basis of oxidation and paper chromatographic procedures, glutamic acid was identified as the end product of ergothioneine degradation by cell-free extracts of alcaligenes faecalis. hydrogen sulfide and ammonia yields were determined. several differences between the ...196314042946
medium for differentiating the gram-negative, nonfermenting bacilli of medical interest.sellers, walter (u.s. air force school of aerospace medicine, brooks air force base, tex.). medium for differentiating the gram-negative, nonfermenting bacilli of medical interest. j. bacteriol. 87:46-48. 1964.-an agar-slant medium is described for differentiating gram-negative, nonfermenting bacilli of medical interest. differences in the ability of bacilli to grow anaerobically in the presence of nitrate, to produce ph changes, to produce n(2) from nitrite and nitrate (singly and in combinatio ...196414102872
amino acid code in alcaligenes faecalis.amino acid incorporation into protein, promoted by synthetic polynucleotides, was studied in a cell-free extract of alcaligenes faecalis (combined guanine and cytosine content of dna, 66 percent). in the limited survey, 18 code triplets were found to specify the amino acids as in escherichia coli (combined guanine and-cytosine content of dna, 52 percent). at least six of the eight possible triplets containing adenine and uracil were meaningful. no exceptions to the universality of the amino acid ...196414108299
b. alcaligenes faecalis septicemia in the newborn. 196414119395
agar electrophoresis of colicines with an alcaligenes faecalis indicator strain. 196414156322
antibiotics of alcaligenes faecalis. 196414197404
the metabolism of xanthine-8-carboxylic acid by alcaligenes faecalis. 196414245395
the pi-incorporating factor of alcaligenes faecalis. 19654284666
succinoglucan 10c3: a new acidic polysaccharide of alcaligenes faecalis var. myxogenes. 19655865123
[septicemia and bacteremia caused by alcaligenes faecalis]. 19655866381
factors influencing the occurrence of high numbers of iodine-resistant bacteria in iodinated swimming has been shown that, although iodinated swimming-pool waters are usually free from coliform bacteria and enterococci, the total counts frequently become relatively high. pseudomonas alcaligenes and alcaligenes faecalis have been shown to account for most of these high counts. it was of interest, therefore, to compare the microbial flora of four alternately chlorinated and iodinated swimming pools. by means of the membrane filter method and suitable selective media, examinations were made for ...19665927040
separation of two kinds of polymerase from alcaligenes faecalis. 19665964562
the morphology of alcaligenes faecalis bacteriophages. 19665965357
[studies on the amino acid composition of the cell walls of alcaligenes faecalis and alcaligenic variants of enteric bacteria]. 19665993325
[obtaining of cell walls of alcaligenes faecalis and alkali-forming variants of intestinal group bacteria]. 19665995735
[enzymatic study on the biosynthesis of dna. required primer of alcaligenes faecalis dna polymerase]. 19666011204
an intermediate of oxidative phosphorylation from alcaligenes faecalis. 19664291036
[acute meningitis due to alcaligenes faecalis. (clinical contribution of 8 cases)]. 19676051982
b. alcaligenes faecalis septicemia and meningitis in the newborn. report of an unusual case. 19675594818
growth and bacteriolytic activity of a soil amoeba, hartmannella glebae.a soil amoeba, hartmannella glebae, could grow on a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, although the rate of growth was faster in the presence of gram-negative bacteria. the amoeba, however, could not use yeasts, molds, or a green alga as a nutritional source. the extract prepared from amoebae grown in the presence of aerobacter aerogenes and alcaligenes faecalis could lyse intact cells and cell walls of many gram-positive bacteria at different rates. the spectrum of lytic activ ...19685651324
[a case of progressive ascending purulent epiduritis caused by alcaligenes faecalis]. 19685717090
conversion of steroids by alcaligenes faecalis. 19685720876
inhibition and release of respiration in particles from alcaligenes faecalis. 19684298489
homologies of deoxyribonucleic acids from brucella ovis, canine abortion organisms, and other brucella species.the bacterium that causes canine abortion has polynucleotide sequences similar, in deoxyribonucleic acid (dna)-dna homology studies, to those of brucella suis and, by inference from previous data, those of b. abortus and b. melitensis as well as b. neotomae. therefore, the organism causing canine abortion appears to be a member of the genus brucella. dna preparations from serratia marcescens, alcaligenes faecalis, and bordetella bronchiseptica, 58, 62, and 66 mole% guanine plus cytosine, respect ...19684882024
[isolation and characterization of matric rna of alcaligenes faecalis]. 19684967107
bacterial contamination of a phenolic disinfectant.twenty ward stock bottles of aqueous 1% printol were examined and 17 were found to be contaminated with alcaligenes faecalis. organisms were present in dead space behind the plastic liners of the bottle caps, where they could have survived washing. a. faecalis was also isolated from 31 out of 34 1% printol solutions in use in the hospital. pseudomonas aeruginosa was grown from two samples of 1% printol in one ward, but not from stock bottles.the minimal bactericidal concentration (m.b.c.) in aqu ...19694977328
evaluation of media for differentiating nonfermenting gram-negative bacteria of medical evaluation was made of media and tests used for differentiating nonfermenting gram-negative bacteria encountered in medical bacteriology in order to determine those diagnostic procedures most useful in identifying these bacteria. the organisms examined included alcaligenes faecalis, a. odorans var. viridans, moraxella duplex (mima polymorpha var. oxidans), acinetobacter anitratum (herellea vaginicola), a. lwoffi (mima polymorpha), pseudomonas fluorescens, p. putida, p. maltophilia, p. pseudom ...19694907000
structure of succinoglucan, and exocellular acidic polysaccharide of alcaligenes faecalis var. myxogenes. 19694311036
purification and characterization of beta-glucosidase of alcaligenes faecalis.a cellobiose-utilizing bacterium isolated from sugar cane bagasse and identified as a strain of alcaligenes faecalis (atcc 21400) produced an inducible beta-glucoside-splitting enzyme. the enzyme was purified by a series of streptomycin and ammonium sulfate fractionations and by sephadex and diethylaminoethyl column chromatography. the final preparation was purified 130-fold, with a recovery of about 10% of the initial enzyme activity. the enzyme had a wide ph range, with optimal activity at ph ...19695361217
[study of specific polysaccharides of alcaligenes faecalis and alkali-forming mutants of enterobacteria]. 19705479151
aniline utilization by alcaligenes faecalis: a taxonomic reappraisal. 19705516596
[meningitis caused by alcaligenes faecalis in adults. report of a cse]. 19705526240
regulation and subunit structure of aspartate beta-decarboxylase. studies on the enzymes from alcaligenes faecalis and pseudomonas dacunhae. 19705746788
subunit structure of l-aspartate beta-decarboxylase from alcaligenes faecalis. 19709116021
kinetic characterization of oxidative phosphorylation in alcaligenes faecalis. 19715543971
reconstitution of oxidative phosphorylation in alcaligenes faecalis. 19715543972
cytochrome c-557 (551) and cytochrome cd of alcaligenes faecalis. 19715577149
enzymatic steps of dissimilatory nitrite reduction in alcaligenes faecalis. 19715577150
metabolic decomposition of chloramphenicol by alcaligenes faecalis. 19714331576
metabolic decomposition of chloramphenicol by alcaligenes faecalis. 19714335182
purification and properties of 2 soluble coupling factors of oxidative phosphorylation from alcaligenes faecalis. 19714255956
[the genus alcaligenes faecalis and its implication in infectious pathology]. 19725035829
a new-type of copper-protein from alcaligenes faecalis. 19725042462
nitric oxide-reducing activity of alcaligenes faecalis cytochrome cd. 19725069749
observations on the post-transcriptionally modified nucleotides in the 16s ribosomal ribonucleic acid.the 16s (18s) ribosomal ribonucleic acids from a number of organisms were screened for the presence of (some of) the post-transcriptionally modified oligomers found in escherichia coli 16s ribosomal ribonucleic acid. all prokaryotic 16s species contained all of the modified oligomers tested, with the sole exception that one such oligomer was missing in alcaligenes faecalis. the post-transcriptional modifications in all of these oligomers except one appear to occur at the later stagesin ribosomal ...19724342811
an exchange enzyme-catalyzing incorporation of inorganic phosphate into adenosine diphosphate in alcaligenes faecalis. 19724333687
[statistical observation on chronological changes of sensitivity of various bacteria to antibiotics. 1. gram negative bacilli; escherichia coli, bacillus pneumoniae, proteus vulgaris, alcaligenes faecalis, cloaca, providencia, citrobactor, pseudomonas aeruginosa (1966-71)]. 19734198261
evidence for the existence of an aerobic pathway for synthesis of monounsaturated fatty acids by alcaligenes faecalis.studies on the composition of total fatty acids of alcaligenes faecalis harvested at different growth phases have been carried out. ability of the organism to desaturate palmitic and stearic acid has also been tested. the organism contained palmitic (16:0), stearic (18:0), palmitoleic (16:1), cis-vaccenic (18:1), cyclopropane (17: big dn tri, open and 19: big dn tri, open), and three hydroxy acids. increase in cyclopropane acids and corresponding decrease in monounsaturated acids in direct propo ...19734706190
letter: isolation and immobilization of beta-d-glucosidase from alcaligenes faecalis. 19744429796
comparison of alcaligenes faecalis and alcaligenes odorans var. viridans by carbon source utilization test. 19744432775
lipids of alcaligenes faecalis. 19744469250
production of cephalosporin c by paecilomyces persicinus p-10.after the growth of paecilomyces persicinus p-10 in a glucose-peptone medium, filtrates were collected and analyzed for antibiotic antivity. activities against salmonella gallinarum atcc 3030 and alcaligenes faecalis atcc 8750 (penicillin n-resistant strain) were obtained. part of the former activity was readily inactivated by penicillinase. the fraction active against a. faecalis was isolated by passage through amberlite xad-2 and amberlite ira-68. the powder eventually obtained was subjected t ...19744157343
microbial fermentation of rice straw: nutritive composition and in vitro digestibility of the fermentation products.rice straw was fermented with cellulomonas sp. and alcaligenes faecalis. microbial cells and undigested residue, as well as chemically treated (naoh or nh4oh) and untreated straws, were analyzed for nutrient composition and in vitro digestibility. in a typical fermentation, 75% of the rice straw substrate was digested, and 18.6% of the total substrate weight that disappeared was recovered as microbial protein. the microbial cell fraction was 37% protein and 5% crude fiber; the residue was 12% pr ...1975804853
improvements in a non-proprietary radiometric medium to allow the detection of some pseudomonas species and alcaligenes faecalis.the addition of [5-14c]glutamate and [14c]formate to a non-proprietary medium containing [14c]glucose, trypticase, yeast extract, thiotone, and salts enabled the radiometric detection of the presence of nonfermenters of glucose. it did not interfere with the rapid detection of the presence of aerobic and anaerobic sporeforemers and nonsporeformers.1975809010
effect of experimental dermatophyte infection on cutaneous flora.the cutaneous aerobic bacterial flora was monitored during the course of experimental dermatiphyte (ringworm) infections on the forearms of 9 volunteers. micrococcaceae were identified by the new baird-parker classification with the aid of a replica-plating technique. there were significant differences in total populations but not in kinds of flora compared with control (opposite) forearms. the proportion of penicillin-resistant microorganisms, however increased the infection, to a degree which ...19751039027
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