effect of ph on bacteria in early log phase.the bacteria harvested in the early log phase lyse when they are submitted to a ph above 10. the peptidoglycan is not degraded in these conditions. thus, the authors used these properties to extract the peptidoglycan from several gram negative and gram positive bacteria.19756159
complementary specificity of restriction endonucleases of diplococcus pneumoniae with respect to dna methylation. 197720509
septicemia in the elderly (author's transl).out of 1,251 patients above 65 years of age staying at the charles foix hospital (prolonged hospitalization) and the st. joseph hospital (acute cases), 168 had one or more positive blood cultures. urinary tract infection is a major source of septicemia due to gram negative bacilli. it is important to stress cases of septicemia due to pneumococcal pneumoniae, eschars, and other skin lesions. mortality varies between 33 and 36%, depending upon the hospital. collapse, although infrequent, still por ...197721383
enzymatic oxidation of p-nitrophenol. 197937837
identification of colonies of moraxella bovis by plate epi-immunofluorescence.a modification of the plate epi-immunofluorescence test was found to be a reliable method for the positive identification of colonies of moraxella bovis when fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated globulin prepared against pili from selected strains of m bovis was used. a cross-reaction with other members of the genus moraxella or other moraxella-like organisms was not observed, except with an equine moraxella sp, which produced a weak reaction.197943106
studies on the pathogenicity of moraxella bovis in relation to infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis. 197943337
immunochemical study of the peptidoglycan of gram-negative bacteria.the specificity of antibodies directed against the peptidoglycan of gram-negative bacteria was studied. the peptidoglycans of proteus vulgaris, escherichia coli, moraxella glucidolytica, neisseria perflava, give identical precipitin reactions. by means of inhibition studies with various peptidoglycan subunits and synthetic peptides, it was shown that the antibodies are essentially directed against the peptide moiety of the peptidoglycan: l-ala-d-glu (l)-mesoa2pm-(l)-d-ala, that the peptide react ...197660233
ovalbumin gene. action of restriction endonucleases upon dna coding sequence. 197768956
n-terminal amino acid sequence of pilin isolated from pseudomonas aeruginosa.the amino-terminal amino acid sequence of the pili protein from pseudomonas aeruginosa k pili is presented. the sequence is compared with those reported by others for pilin obtained from neisseria gonorrhoeae and moraxella nonlique-faciens. all three sequences are highly homologous, contain only two hydrophilic residues in the first 22 positions, and contain an unusual amino acid, n-monomethylphenylalanine, at the amino terminus.197896098
iron therapy and refeeding in experimentally malnourished rats.1. rats suffering from protein-energy malnutrition were found to have low serum iron, low pcv, and low hemoglobin concentrations. 2. oral iron supplement during the refeeding of these animals caused various types of infection, the severity of which was related to the dose given. 3. a close association between high serum iron, low serum transferrin, and high incidence of bacterial infection was found. 4. a high protein diet without any oral iron supplement was found to raise the pcv and hemoglobi ...197896412
antigenic characterisitcs of moraxella nonliquefaciens fimbriae in double immunodiffusion.rabbit antisera against purified fimbriae (pili) from moraxella nonliquefaciens detected three fimbrial antigenic components, one or two of which appeared to be present in other fimbriated strains of m. nonliquefaciens and the closely related m. bovis. maximal precipitation with the antisera required some denaturation of the antigen. ultrasonication, repeated freeze-thawing, heating, and agents like kbr, nascn and urea were effective in liberating the antigen in diffusible forms. the morphology ...197899975
sources of psychrotrophic bacteria on meat at the abattoir. 1978100487
[studies on moraxella. i. a new selective medium for moraxella sp. (author's transl)]. 1977101603
[studies on moraxella. ii. studies on the identification of moraxella by biochemical character (author's transl)]. 1977101604
[studies on moraxella iii. studies on a new haemolysin test medium for moraxella bovis (author's transl)]. 1977101607
high-resolution gas chromatographic profiles of volatile organic compounds produced by microorganisms at refrigerated temperatures.three different strains of bacteria isolated from spoiled, uncooked chicken were grown in pure culture on trypticase soy agar supplemented with yeast extract. the volatile organic compounds produced by each culture were concentrated on a porous polymer precolumn and analyzed by high-resolution gas chromatographic mass spectrometry. twenty different compounds were identified. both qualitative and quantitative differences in the chromatographic profiles from each culture were found.1979104660
[studies on moraxella iv. studies on toxic substances of moraxella (author's transl)]. 1977152339
identification of nonfermentative gram-negative bacteria in the clinical laboratory.a simplified, concise scheme was developed for the identification of nonfermentative, gram-negative bacteria which have most frequently been reported in the literature as definite or possible agents of human disease. these organisms included apyocyanogenic pseudomonas aeruginosa, p. fluorescens, p. putida, p. stutzeri, p. maltophilia, p. putrefaciens, p. cepacia, p. alcaligenes, flavobacterium species, bordetella bronchiseptica, acinetobacter anitratum (herellea vaginicola), a. iwoffi (mima poly ...1975163060
infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis i. experimental or both eyes of 20 calves were inoculated one or more time with variou(s combinations of microorganism (live oor killed moraxella bovis, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine adenovirus, bovine parainfluenza-3 virus and mycoplasma bovoculi) by conjunctival instillation or direct inoculation of the conjunctivea or cornea. the eyes of all the calves received natural or artificial ultraviolet irradiation. neither the adenovirus nor parainfluenza-3 virus became established in the eye o ...1975163126
[isolation of "neisseria elongata" and "moraxella urethralis" (author's transl)].a strain of neisseria elongata and a strain of moraxella urethralis have been recently isolated from pathological material in the course of a systematic search for rodshaped oxidase positive and gram negative micro-organisms. the morphological, cultural and biochemical characters of these fewly known strains of which pathogenicity is not clearly defined, are reported in the present paper together with some comments.1975171989
purification and properties of malate-nad+ dehydrogenase of moraxella lwoffi (n.c.i.b. 8250). 1976191315
bacteriology of the human biliary tract and the duodenum.using the modern anaerobic transport media and meticulous culture techniques, 74 patients undergoing biliary tract surgery were studied. the biliary system was found to be sterile in 58 patients (78%). fifteen patients had 35 isolates of aerobic and facultative bacteria. the most common ones were klebsiella, enterococcus, and escherichia coli. the only anaerobe isolated was clostridium perfringens. eight of 17 patients (47%) with acute cholecystitis and five of 49 patients (10%) with chronic cho ...1977195558
physical mapping of bk virus dna with saci, mboii, and alui restriction endonucleases.a new restriction endonuclease, saci from streptomyces achromogenes cleaves bk virus (strain mm) dna into 3 fragments, whereas mboii from moraxella bovis and alui from arthrobacter luteus give 22 and 30 fragments, respectively. all these specific dna fragments were ordered and mapped on the viral genome by two methods first, by the reciprocal digestion method using uniformly 32p-labeled dna; and second, by the partial digestion technique using the single-end 32p-labeled dna. this study, together ...1978215783
direct detection of methylated cytosine in dna by use of the restriction enzyme mspi.the extent of methylation of the internal c in the sequence ccgg in dna from various eukaryotic sources has been determined using the restriction enzyme mspi known to be specific for this sequence. the methylation of the ccgg sequence is reflected in the restriction pattern obtained by dna treated with mspi and its isoschizomer hpaii and analyzed by gel electrophoresis. a direct method for detection 5-methylcytosine in the sequence ccgg has been deviced. dna fragments obtained with mspi were rad ...1979223125
purification and properties of gentisate 1,2-dioxygenase from moraxella osloensis.gentisate:oxygen 1,2-oxidoreductase (decyclizing) (ec; gentisate 1,2-dioxygenase) from moraxella osloensis was purified to homogeneity as shown by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the enzyme has a molecular weight of about 154,000 and gives rise to subunits of molecular weight 40,000 in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate. gentisate 1,2-dioxygenase showed broad substrate specificity and attacked a range of halogen- and alkyl-substituted gentisic acids. maleylpyruvate, the product ...1975234947
secondary ocular bacterial infection in hypovitaminosis a xerophthalmia.extraocular bacterial culture was performed in 100 patients with hypovitaminosis a xerophthalmia. there was corneal ulceration in 29 cases and corneal perforation in 22 cases. eighty-six percent of the patients harbored frankly pathogenic bacteria (46 patients) and potentially pathogenic bacteria (40 patients). all but two patients with either cornal ulceration or perforation harbored potentially pathogenic or frankly pathogenic bacteria. pseudomonas aeruginosa, diplococcus pneumoniae, and morax ...1975241260
a microbiological study of normal flora of macropod dental plaque.the percentage bacterial composition of dental plaques from 12 macropods was determined. the major group of organisms was gram-positive filamentous and pleomorphic rods whose median representation was 92.2%. these were mainly actinomyces viscosus (median value 62.5%) and bacterionema matruchotii (median value 23.2%). streptococci were poorly represented (median value 4.2%) as were anaerobic gram-negative organisms. aerobic gram-negative bacteria were identified as neisseriae and moraxella sp. th ...1977270499
infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis: treatment of moraxella bovis infections with antibiotics. 1977286339
differentiation of nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli in the clinical laboratory.a rapid and simplified system for the differentiation of nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli, encountered frequently in clinical specimens, is presented for use in the clinical laboratory. nonfermentative bacteria can be grouped initially by the motility, oxidase and of glucose reactions. this grouping simplifies the choice of additional tests for further identification. the additional tests included gram stain, acid production from 10% lactose agar, nitrate reduction, arginine dihydrolase act ...1977329428
anaerobic and aerobic bacteriology in head and neck cancer surgery.a prospective study of wound infections following major head and neck cancer surgery was undertaken to define a rational approach to trials of antibiotic prophylaxis and initial therapy of these infections. preoperative aerobic cultures were taken from the planned site of skin incision and from the oropharynx. both aerobic and anaerobic cultures were obtained from all wound infections. patients receiving prophylactic antibiotics were excluded from the study. the data indicate that preoperative c ...1977329532
microbial aggregate contamination of water lines in dental equipment and its control.water from some dental clinics has been examined and found to be discoloured, badly tasting and with a foul odour. moreover, brown or black flakes were often present in tap water, as well as in the water lines of dental equipment. examination by phase-contrast and electron microscope showed the flakes to consist of aggregated fungi and bacteria, and similar structures were found in a layer on the inner surfaces of the clinics water tubes and pipes. the ultrastructure of some aggregating microorg ...1977329637
infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis: comparison of a fluorescent antibody technique and cultural isolation for the detection of moraxella bovis in eye secretions. 1977335929
unusual effects of penicillin g and chloramphenicol on the growth of moraxella osloensis.growth of exponential-phase liquid cultures of moraxella osloensis was inhibited by 0.5 u of penicillin g per ml. for this organism, low concentrations of penicillin acted primarily in a bacteriostatic rather than in a bactericidal manner. at higher concentrations of penicillin some killing did take place, but the rate of killing was rather slow and appeared to be independent of penicillin concentration. microscopic observation of cells from penicillin-treated cultures showed little or no cellul ...1977335964
cholesterol-reducing bacterium from human anaerobic, gram-positive diplobacillus that reduces cholesterol to coprostanol was isolated from human feces and rat cecal contents. the isolates closely resemble a cholesterol-reducing organism isolated by eyssen et al. (h. eyssen et al., eur. j. biochem. 36:412-421, 1973) from a rat's cecum. these organisms would not form colonies and were isolated and cultivated in an anaerobic medium containing homogenized pork brains (naturally high in cholesterol). these organisms require free or esteri ...1977335969
characterization of some fish and shrimp spoiling bacteria.the classification of some important groups of bacteria involved in fish and shrimp spoilage was studied. trimethylamine is produced by pseudomonas putrefaciens, a "non-defined" group resembling ps. putrefaciens, photobacterium spp. and some moraxella-like bacteria. hypoxanthine is produced by the same groups of bacteria except the last named and also by the "typical shrimp spoilers" (presumptive alteromonas). strong off-odours are produced on fresh fish by ps. putrefaciens, dextrose-oxidative p ...1977341802
detection of moraxella bovis antibodies in the siga, igg, and igm classes of immunoglobulin in bovine lacrimal secretions by an indirect fluorescent antibody test.the relationship between clinical infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (ibk) and moraxella bovis antibodies was evaluated in a herd of calves during one summer. the detection and the distribution of antibody response in lacrimal secretions of beef calves to natural exposure of m bovis were determined by an indirect fluorescent antibody test. three classes of immunoglobulins--secretory iga, igm, and igg--were monitored in lacrimal secretions over a 5-month period when ibk was enzootic in the he ...1978352205
density gradient centrifugation in urografin of moraxella and kingella cells and appendages.purification of fimbriae (pili) by density gradient banding in urografin medium was attempted. moraxella nonliquefaciens and kingella kingae fimbriae were of higher density than their cells of origin, but fimbrial fractions obtained by homogenization and differential centrifugation still banded together with presumed outer membrane fragments and some whole cells in urografin gradients. the cellular density of genetic variants with different fimbriation/competence levels was also studied. for one ...1978358743
infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis: a review. 1979373859
the effect of differential methylation by escherichia coli of plasmid dna and phage t7 and lambda dna on the cleavage by restriction endonuclease mboi from moraxella bovis.the nucleotide sequence recognized and cleaved by the restriction endonuclease mboi is 5' gatc and is identical to the central tetranucleotide of the restriction sites of bamhi and bglii. experiments on the restriction of dna from escherichia coli dam and dam+ confirm the notion that gatc sequences are adenosyl-methylated by the dam function of e. coli and thereby are made refractory to cleavage by mboi. on the basis of this observation the degree of dam methylation of various dnas was examined ...1979378259
semiquantitative catalase test as an aid in identification of oxidative and nonsaccharolytic gram-negative bacteria.a simple and rapid semiquantitative slide catalase test useful for the identification of oxidative and nonsaccharolytic gram-negative bacteria, i.e., "nonfermenters," is described. using the interpretative criterion of time of appearance of oxygen bubbles in 3% hydrogen peroxide, three categories of nonfermenters were established. the rapid catalase producers included achromobacter xylosoxidans and achromobacter species; acinetobacter anitratus and acinetobacter lwoffii; bordetella bronchiseptic ...1979393719
isolation of radiation-resistant bacteria without exposure to irradiation.resistance to desiccation was utilized in the selection of highly radiation-resistant asporogenous bacteria from non-irradiated sources. a bacterial suspension in phosphate buffer was dried in a thin film at 25 degrees c and 33% relative humidity. storage under these conditions for 15 days or more reduced the number of radiation-sensitive bacteria. further selection for radiation-resistant bacteria was obtained by irradiation of bacteria on velveteen in the replication process, thereby avoiding ...1979394680
oxidase positive rods from cases of suspected gonorrhoea. a comparison of conventional, gas chromatographic and genetic methods of identification.genito-urethral specimens from 3260 women and 1170 men, with ailments suggestive of gonorrhoea, were examined for growth of oxidase positive rodshaped bacteria, as well as of gonococci. moraxella osloensis was identified in 26 cases (0.64 per cent of women and 0.43 per cent of men). three patients harboured phenylalanine negative (or weakly reacting) and tryptophan deaminase negative m. phenylpyrouvica and, in three cases, a flavobacterium species was detected. among six oropharyngeal specimens ...1977402788
lipoquinones of some bacteria and mycoplasmas, with considerations on their functional a comparative study the lipoquinones of some chemoorganotrophic, facultatively aerobic bacteria, and representative acholeplasma, mycoplasma, spiroplasma, and thermoplasma strains were investigated. the quinones were partly purified by preparative thin layer chromatography of lipid extracts, and characterized by their difference spectra (reduced minus oxidized) and rf values. respiring bacteria expectedly contained benzoquinones and/or naphthoquinones in micromolar concentrations whereas some ...1977413478
neisseria pili proteins: amino-terminal amino acid sequences and identification of an unusual amino acid.the amino-terminal amino acid sequences of the pili proteins from four antigenically dissimilar strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae, from neisseria meningiditis, and from escherichia coli were determined. although antibodies raised to the pili protein from a given strain of gonococcus cross-reacted poorly or not at all with each of the other strains tested, the amino-terminal sequences were all identical. the meningococcal protein sequence was also identical with the gonococcal sequence through 29 ...1978413571
serologic response of vaccinated cattle to strains of moraxella bovis isolated during epizootics of studies to determine whether there were antigenic differences between strains (isolates) of moraxella bovis, the sera from vaccinated calves were tested with isolates of m bovis while the calves were experiencing epizootics of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (ibk). before the epizootics of ibk, the calves were intramuscularly vaccinated with a formalin-killed autogenous m bovis bacterin. during the epizootics, the eyes were examined by cultural technique, and isolates which were obtain ...1978415645
[nonfermenting gram-negative bacteria. ii. moraxella]. 1979433501
isolation of mycoplasma bovoculi from cases of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis. 1979443141
comparative study of the aerobic, heterotrophic bacterial flora of chesapeake bay and tokyo bay.a comparative study of the bacterial flora of the water of chesapeake bay and tokyo bay was undertaken to assess similarities and differences between the autochthonous flora of the two geographical sites and to test the hypothesis that, given similarities in environmental parameters, similar bacterial populations will be found, despite extreme geographic distance between locations. a total of 195 aerobic, heterotrophic bacterial strains isolated from chesapeake bay and tokyo bay water were exami ...1979453838
abortion in laboratory animals induced by moraxella bovis.pregnant mice, guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits responded to injections of moraxella bovis strain epp-63(300) with abortion, death, embryo resorption, and production of small litters. the nature of response appeared to depend primarily on the number of viable cells injected and to some extent on the species of animal and stage of pregnancy. intraperitoneal injection of mice with 3 x 10(5) viable cells induced 100% abortion and no deaths. embryo resorption and smaller litters were induced with inje ...1979457280
comparison of vaccination and treatment in controlling naturally occurring infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis.a vaccination study for infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis was conducted on 108 newborn hereford calves in the us department of agriculture meat animal research center cattle herd at clay center, nebraska. groups were allocated so that age of calf, sex of calf, and age of dam were equally distributed between the 54 vaccinated (group i) and the 54 nonvaccinated (group 2) control calves. the dams of both groups of calves were monitored as group 3 controls. an autogenous moraxella bovis bacteri ...1979464360
antibacterial activity of heneicomycin.heneicomycin is structurally similar to efrotomycin, mocimycin (kirromycin) and x-5108 (goldinomycin). comparisons were limited because of the small supplies available. all antibiotics show the same in vitro antibacterial spectrum although some test cultures were less sensitive to efrotomycin. heneicomycin compared favorably with efrotomycin when given subcutaneously or per os against infections with moraxella bovis and streptococcus pyogenes. the raid elimination of heneicomycin observed follow ...1979468738
the skin as the source of acinetobacter and moraxella species occurring in blood cultures.a study was made of the flora of the skin in hospital inpatients and healthy people to demonstrate the presence of non-fermenting gram-negative rods of the acinetobacter and moraxella group. these organisms were found to be present on the skin of 34.3% of inpatients and occurred even more commonly in those patients with kidney disease. it was also present on the skin of 20% of a group of healthy members of staff. this rather high rate of skin carriage is thought to account for the not infrequent ...1979469007
infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis: influence of age on development of disease in vaccinated and nonvaccinated calves after exposure to moraxella bovis. 1979475126
hemolytic activity of moraxella bovis. 1979480770
the identification of moraxella bovis and neisseria ovis from the eyes of cattle and sheep.the cultural characteristics of moraxella bovis and neisseria ovis from eyes of cattle and sheep were examined to determine which tests precisely identified the isolates. the elongation test to distinguish the bacillary m vovis from the coccal n ovis, the nitrate reduction and the litmus milk tests were found to be the most reliable.1979504803
endocarditis caused by moraxella nonliquefaciens.we have described a case of endocarditis caused by moraxella nonliquefaciens on a prosthetic hancock valve, which was cured with a six-week course of ampicillin and gentamicin therapy. cases of moraxella septicemia or endocarditis are uncommon, and this apparently represents the first case of moraxella nonliquefaciens endocarditis on a prosthetic valve. the fastidious growth characteristics of this and similar species may require prolonged incubation of blood cultures and development of differen ...1979505092
identification of isobutyronitrile and isobutyraldoxime o-methyl ether as volatile microbial catabolites of valine.g.l.c.--mass-spectral analysis of headspace above cultures of aeromonas and moraxella spp. indicates the presence of isobutyronitrile, isobutyraldoxime o-methyl ether, methacrylonitrile and possibly methacrylaldoxime o-methyl ether. accumulation of these catabolites is maximal under low oxygen concentrations and is enhanced by enrichment of the medium with valine. isobutyraldoxime o-methyl ether is established as the compound observed but not identified in previous studies with other bacterial s ...1979508302
skin as a source of acinetobacter/moraxella species. 1979512035
fibrinolytic activity of moraxella bovis. 1979513399
visceral caseous lymphadenitis in thin ewe syndrome: isolation of corynebacterium, staphylococcus, and moraxella spp from internal abscesses in emaciated ewes.the relationship between the visceral form of caseous lymphadenitis and a chronic debilitating condition of mature sheep designated as the thin ewe syndrome was investigated. internal abscesses were found during necropsy in 81% of animals with thin ewe syndrome and corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (c ovis) was recovered from 86% of the animals with internal abscesses. other pyogenic bacteria, including c pyogenes, c equi, staphylococcus epidermis, s aureus, and pseudomonas aeruginosa were ofte ...1979525916
some observations on an outbreak of infectious keratoconjunctivitis in bovine and caprine. 1979536030
taxonomical studies of acinetobacter species--cellular fatty acid composition. 1979538959
relationship between biological properties of moraxella bovis and its virulence for mice. 1979550075
[studies on the routine method of isolation and identification of moraxella sp. from human specimens and its pathogenicity (author's transl)]. 1977559146
the effect of nitrate and nitrite on the microbial flora of wiltshire bacon after maturation and vacuum-packed storage. 1978568133
an autogenous vaccine in successful treatment of infectious keratitis in cattle. 1977586074
paraspinal mass associated with intervertebral disk infection secondary to moraxella kingii. 1978619089
aerobic bacterial flora of oral and nasal fluids of canines with reference to bacteria associated with bites.oral and nasal fluids of 50 dogs were examined to determine the prevalence of aerobic bacteria frequently associated with animal bite wounds. the most frequently isolated microorganisms included: iij, ef-4, pasteurella multocida, staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, group d streptococci, corynebacterium sp., enterobacteria, neisseria sp., moraxella sp., and bacillus sp. other species and genera were infrequently recovered and may represent transient flora. the high incidence of iij ...1978632349
moraxella bacteremia. report of a case resembling gonococcemia with cutaneous manifestations.a case of a moraxella osloensis bacteremia mimicking a case of gonococcemia, complete with cutaneous manifestations, is presented. the importance of confirming all positive smears with inhibitory and noninhibitory culture media is stressed.1978648166
surgical treatment of fungating lesion of foot due to moraxella phenylpyruvica. case report.we present a case report of a man who had an abscess-like lesion on his left foot. the lesion discharged pus, enlarged, and became thicker, so that we could not differentiate the real toes from the out-growths. moraxella phenylpyruvica and pseudomonas putrefaciens were identified; direct agglutination tests were postive m. phyenylpyruvica. he was given antibiotics and antituberculosis therapy and had topical treatments. the foul odor disappeared with treatment, and the lesions were removed surgi ...1978662952
[sensitivity of marine bacteria to several disinfectants used in the fish processing industry. i. homologous and heterologous resistance of pseudomonas and moraxella ssp].it was shown that ability of developing resistance to qac by moraxella ssp. is limited, while marine strains of pseudomonas sp. are able to develop both homological and heterological resistance to sterinol and laurosept. five months storage in medium without qac caused partial loss of resistance of strains which previously gained resistance to this compound. none of the tested marine bacteria strains was able to get resistance against chloramina t. strains with developed resistance to laurosept ...1978692644
in vitro antibiotic sensitivity of moraxella species.minimal inhibitory concentrations of 17 antibacterial agents for 34 moraxella strains were determined using a plate dilution method. a strain of moraxella nonliquefaciens was found which produced beta-lactamase and was resistant to ampicillin and carbenicillin but not to cephalothin. several strains were relatively resistant to erythromycin and sulfisoxazole. disk sensitivity tests could be used to reliably predict penicillin and erythromycin resistance but not sulfisoxazole resistance.1978699676
infective endocarditis caused by moraxella kingae. 1978716391
experimentally induced infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis: potentiation of a moraxella bovis pilus vaccine's immunogenicity by vaccination with mycobacterium paratuberculosis bacterin. 1978717879
antibiotic resistance patterns of gram-negative bacteria isolated from environmental sources.a total of 2,445 gram-negative bacteria belonging to fecal coliform, pseudomonas, moraxella, acinetobacter, and flavobacterium-cytophaga groups were isolated from the rivers and bay of tillamook, oregon, and their resistances to chloramphenicol (25 microgram/ml), streptomycin (10 microgram/ml), ampicillin (10 microgram/ml), tetracycline (25 microgram/ml), chlortetracycline (25 microgram/ml), oxytetracycline (25 microgram/ml), neomycin (50 microgram/ml), nitrofurazone (12.5 microgram/ml), nalidix ...1978727777
hydrolysis of tween by moraxella bovis. 1978740045
patterns of cell division, dna base compositions, and fine structures of some radiation-resistant vegetative bacteria found in food.representative highly radiation-resistant moraxella-acinetobacter (m-a), pseudomonas radiora, micrococcus radiodurans, and micrococcus radiophilus exhibited a wide variety of division systems and cell wall characteristics. however, the most resistant m-a possessed unusually thick cell walls, indicating a possible role of the cell wall in radiation resistance in the m-a. thick septation was present in most of the bacteria studied, but was absent in p. radiora, thus excluding this as a necessity f ...1979760633
current taxonomy and identification of nonfermentative gram negative recent years significant advances have been made in the characterization and taxonomy of nonfermentative bacilli as well as in the recognition of their pathogenic potential for man. in addition, certain other infrequently isolated bacteria that may be fermentative have been recognized, and improved methods for their identification have been developed. this discussion attempts to present a practical approach to the identification of these micro-organisms in the clinical microbiology laboratory ...1976773809
[antibacterial activity of minocycline alone and associated with other antibiotics (author's transl)].the authors study in vitro effects of minocycline and compare its activity with tetracycline. 909 strains of cocci and bacilli selected among strains isolated from clermont-ferrand hospital center during the third trimester 1974 were used. study involves 3 parts : comparison between bacteriostatic activity of both antibiotics ; evaluation of r-factor resistance ; evaluation of bactericidal activity of antibiotic associations including minocycline. m.i.c. study included all strains. a better bact ...1976778758
rapid method for identification of gram-negative, nonfermentative bacilli.a rapid system (oa), based on oxidative attack of substrates, was developed for identification of gram-negative, nonfermentative bacillia (nfb). one hundred and twelve strains of nfb from 25 species (representing the genera pseudomonas, alcaligenes, acinetobacter, bordetella, flavobacterium, moraxella, and xanthomonas) were assayed by oa, buffered single substrate, and oxidative/fermentative methods. the 38 substrates consisted of salts of organic acids, nitrogen-containing compounds, alcohols, ...1976780371
[bacterial flora of the conjunctival sac of the horse].the aa. report the results of taxonomic research conducted on the conjunctival sac of 59 horses for identification of the present bacterial flora. in the controlled animals, it was observed, at the level of the considered niche, a community constituted of normal bacterial populations, but not autochtonous in the significance they attributed from dubos et al., relative to the characterization of the indigenous microbiota of the intestine. the isolated normal bacterial flora seems to be constitute ...1976788654
moraxella, neisseria, branhamella, and acinetobacter. 1976791078
butandioldehydrogenase in eikenella corrodens and related bacteria.the butandioldehydrogenase was examined in 153 strains of eikenella, moraxella, acinetobacter, agrobacterium, haemophilus, actinobacillus, pasteurella, cardiobacterium and "tm-1" of hollis et al. this enzyme has been proved to be useful in the differentiation of this group of bacteria.1976797181
infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis ii. antibodies in lacrimal secretions of cattle naturally or experimentally infected with moraxella bovis.preinfection, acute and convalescent phase lacrimal secretions from 20 cattle that had mild to severe keratoconjunctivitis (associated with natural or experimental moraxella bovis infection) were tested for specific antibody to m. bovis as well as for immunoglobulins, particulary of the a class. the convalescent phase secretions from all four natural cases but from only seven of the 16 experimental cases contained increased amounts of immunoglobulins, predominantly of the a class. only the secre ...1975803398
experimentally induced infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis: relationship of vaccination schedule to protection against exposure with homologous moraxella bovis culture.calves were intramuscularly vaccinated with a formalin-killed moraxella bovis culture. they were given 3 doses of the vaccinal culture at 3 different intervals between injections, as follows: 7-day intervals (group i), 14-day intervals (group ii), an21-day intervals (group iii); 14 days after the 3rd vaccinal dose was given, calves in all groups were challenge exposed to virulent homologous m bovis. the challenge bacterium became established in all (100%) of the control (group iv, n equals 8) an ...1975803804
in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solutions on selected pathogenic bacteria.the in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solution on 16 pathogenic bacteria of medical or veterinary importance was determined. marked decreases in bacterial count occurred with pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, moraxella osloensis and campylobacter fetus, and smaller decreses with salmonella typhimurium, shigella boydii, aeromonas hydrophila, proteus mirabilis, listeria monocytogenes and erysipelothrix insidiosa. the test solution had no effect on klebsiella ozaenae, brucella canis, co ...1975805241
isolation of listeria monocytogenes type 04 from cases of keratoconjunctivitis in cattle and sheep.keratoconjunctivitis in cattle and sheep is usually recognized as a summer problem. the infective agency usually isolated from cattle is moraxella bovis. in sheep neisseria ovis and rickettsia (colesiota) conjunctivae are expected to be found. this report describes isolations of listeria monocytogenes from eye inflammations in housed cattle and sheep.1975806058
[antibiosis shown by a strain of byssochlamys nivea westling, 1909. ii. activity spectrum].a strain of byssochlamys nivea cultivated in a liquid medium (saccharose: 50 g: nano3: 2 g; kh2po4: 1 g; kcl: 0.5 g; mgso4, 7h2o: 0.5 g; water to 1000 ml) produces, at 24 degrees c, an antibiotic substance which appears after several days of growth (10-12 days). among 43 strains of bacteria gram (minus) belonging to 10 genera none was resistant. the most was susceptible, save pseudomonas aeruginosa, serratia marcescens, moraxella glucidolytica. on the the great bulk of the bacteria (gram +) test ...1975806806
[bacteriostatic and bacteriacidal activity of hydroxy-9 ellipticine in vitro].9-hydroxy-ellipticine shows a clear effect against bacterial development. this effect depends essentially upon the bacterial species. two groups can be differentiated: group i with resisting species composed by negative gram bacilli (enterobacteria and pseudomonas); group ii with sensitive species formed by coccus, positive gram bacilli, mycobacterium tuberculosis and anaerobes.1975807356
editorial: microbial contamination of water used for hemodialysis. 1975807861
prevalence of gram-negative rods in the normal pharyngeal flora.we obtained throat cultures from 100 randomly selected people free from any chronic upper or lower respiratory disease who did not work in a hospital and who had not experienced any acute illness or received any antibacterial therapy in the 4 weeks preceding culture. eighteen percent harbored either a species of enterobacteriaceae or pseudomonas aeruginosa in their pharynx. in all cases, colony counts were low, the majority being detected in broth media selective for gram-negative rods. there we ...1975810051
gas chromatography of bacterial whole cell methanolysates. vii. fatty acid composition of acinetobacter in relation to the taxonomy of neisseriaceae.the cellular fatty acids of seventeen acinetobacter strains were determined. most acids identified were previously found in neisseriae and moraxellae. specific for acinetobacter was 2-hydroxydodecanoid acid and a few minor unidentified components. the fatty acid data were analysed by numerical methods and compared with previous results obtained for neisseriae and moraxellae. the findings were consistent with genetic evidence for some affinities of genus acinetobacter to genus moraxella and "fals ...1975812336
[moraxella osloensis as pathogen in septicemia (author's transl)].a case of septicemia caused by moraxella osloensis is described. a 4-year old girl fell ill with symptoms similar to those described in cases of septicemia caused by neisseria meningitidis. two days after the commencement of treatment with penicillins, however, moraxella osloensis could be isolated from cerebral fluid, which contained only a small number of cells. it is assumed that the delayed recovery of the child was directly related to the diminished susceptibility of this moraxella strain t ...1976824208
bacteriocin production by neisseria gonorrhoeae.seventeen apparently unrelated isolates of neisseria gonorrhoeae out of 2,123 tested produced a diffusible growth-inhibitory substance against other gonococci. the inhibitor was destroyed by trypsin, not blocked by bovine serum albumin, and not soluble in chloroform-methanol; each isolate was resistant to the inhibitor it produced. thus, the substance differs from previously described gonococcal inhibitors, and since it fits the description of a bacteriocin we designated it gonocin. the use of g ...1976825028
suceptibility of aminoglycoside-resistant gram-negative bacilli to amikacin: delineation of individual resistance patterns.gram-negative bacilli isolated from clinical specimens submitted for culture in two paris hospitals during 1974 were studied for susceptibility to six currently used aminoglycosides: kanamycin, neomycin, paromomycin, lividomycin, gentamicin, and tobramycin. resistance patterns of strains of various species including those of enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas, and moraxella were determined, and the strains were grouped into eight resistance "phenotypes." in comparative studies of 807 strains belong ...1976825587
evolution of phix174 iii. restriction map of s13 and its alignment with that of phix174. 1976827112
purification and n-terminal sequence of a fimbrial protein from moraxella nonliquefaciens. 1977838045
relationship of neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica to other members of the family neisseriaceae.neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica strain 6171/75 is closely similar to the type strain of n. elongata, m2, as regards dna base composition, fatty acid content and electrophoretic mobility of two glutamate dehydrogenases, one of which showed a reaction of identity with the corresponding enzyme from m2 in double immunodiffusion in agar. the strain showed genetic homologies with strain m2 in genetic transformation at a level suggesting species identity, and with n. meningitidis at a lower level ...1977842351
marginal corneal ulcer due to beta-streptococcus.a 72-year-old woman with a low-grade nasolacrimal duct obstruction developed a hyperacute conjunctivitis caused by beta-hemolytic streptococci. this condition has been termed "conjunctivitis of morax". an unusual feature consisting of a large, marginal furrow-like corneal ulcer was noted associated with a plastic iritis. the condition improved with the use of topical erythromycin, irrigation of the lacrimal sac with aqueous penicillin and oral penicillin. we believe that the marginal corneal ulc ...1977843277
genetic transformation assays for identification of strains of moraxella urethralis.studies of 31 strains of moraxella urethralis have shown that 20 of them are competent for genetic transformation. this finding has led to the development of transformation assays for identification of newly isolated strains of this organism. crude deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) samples from all strains of m. urethralis readily transform auxotrophic mutants of competent strains to prototrophy, whereas dna samples from unrelated bacteria such as acinetobacter, moraxella, and neisseria species unifor ...1977845247
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