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[effect of univalent cations on synthesis of surfactants by acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241].the effect of univalent cations on activity of key enzymes of c2-metabolism has been investigated in the producer of biosurfactants, acinetibacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241 grown on ethanol. it was established that potassium cations are inhibitors of pyroquinolinequinone-dependent alcohol- and acetaldehyde dehydrogenases, the enzymes of biosynthesis of surface-active aminolipids (nadp-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase) and glycolipids (phosphoenopyruvate (phep)-carboxikinase), while ammonium cati ...201323720959
label-free and selective bacteria detection using a film with transferred bacterial configuration.specific identification of bacteria has been achieved through precisely transferred bacterial structure on the surface of overoxidized polypyrrole (oppy) film. the recognition of target bacteria was successfully carried out in real time using oppy film in combination with dielectrophoresis. the unique combination of both techniques made the specific detection of template bacilli possible at concentrations as low as 10(3) cfu/ml within 3 min, without any bacterial pretreatment. the observation of ...201323577783
inoculation of phosphate solubilizing bacteria for the improvement of lead accumulation by brassica juncea.two phosphate-solubilizing bacterial strains were isolated and identified as acinetobacter calcoaceticus yc-5a and enterobacter agglomerans kmc-7 based on the 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. a. calcoaceticus yc-5a is less well known as a phosphate-solubilizing plant-associated bacterium. the plant growth-promoting properties of the phosphate-solubilizing bacteria (psb) were characterized in vitro, including their phosphate-solubilizing activities and their capabilities for producing indole-3-ac ...201323530360
emerging threat of multidrug resistant bugs--acinetobacter calcoaceticus baumannii complex and methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus.infections caused by bacteria such as multidrug resistant (mdr) acinetobacter spp. and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) constitute a worldwide pandemic. without gathering information about these strains, we cannot reduce the morbidity and mortality due to infections caused by these notorious bugs.201323497675
repeated colonization by multi-drug-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-a. baumannii complex and changes in antimicrobial susceptibilities in surgical intensive care units.a nosocomial outbreak of multi-drug-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-a. baumannii (mdr-acb) complex infection occurred in a newly constructed building at a 2,500-bed tertiary medical center in taiwan.201323425282
appraising freeze-drying for storage of bacteria and their ready access in a rapid toxicity assessment toxicity assessment (dta) techniques seek to measure the impact of toxic chemicals on biological materials resident in the environment. this study features the use of freeze-dried bacterial cells in combination with a rapid dta analyser, scitox. the effects of three factors-cryoprotectant type, bacterial strain, and storage temperature-were tested in order to validate the shelf life of the freeze-dried cells. three freeze-dried gram-negative bacterial strains, acinetobacter calcoaceticus, ...201323377787
[production of surfactants by acinetobacter calcoaceticus k-4 grown on ethanol with organic acids].the effect of fumarate (c4-dicarboxylic acid, a gluconeogenesis precursor) and citrate (a lipid synthesis regulator) on the production of surfactants by acinetobacter calcoaceticus k-4 grown on ethanol has been studied. simultaneous addition of fumarate and citrate to concentrations of 0.01-0.02% at the end of the log phase of k-4 growth in a medium with 2 vol% ethanol increases the nominal surfactant concentration by 45-55% in comparison with a culture without organic acids. the increased level ...201323330390
acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex is not equal to a. baumannii. 201323295573
improvement of maldi-tof ms profiling for the differentiation of species within the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex.maldi-tof ms is currently becoming the method of choice for rapid identification of bacterial species in routine diagnostics. yet, this method suffers from the inability to differentiate reliably between some closely related bacterial species including those of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex, namely a. baumannii and acinetobacter nosocomialis. in the present study, we evaluated a protocol which was different from that used in the bruker daltonics identifica ...201324054697
molecular epidemiology of acinetobacter baumannii and acinetobacter nosocomialis in germany over a 5-year period (2005-2009).to investigate the species distribution within the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex and the molecular epidemiology of a. baumannii and acinetobacter nosocomialis, 376 acinetobacter isolates were collected prospectively from hospitalized patients at 15 medical centres in germany during three surveillance studies conducted over a 5-year period. species identification was performed by molecular methods. imipenem minimum inhibitory concentrations (mic) were determined by b ...201323034071
acinetobacter pittii and acinetobacter nosocomialis among clinical isolates of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex in sichuan, china.among 82 clinical isolates of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex recovered in 13 hospitals of sichuan, china, in 2011, 13 were acinetobacter pittii and 2 were acinetobacter nosocomialis. multilocus sequence typing revealed a novel sequence type (st) of a. nosocomialis and 7 novel sts of a. pittii. most isolates were hospital-acquired and colonized in the respiratory tract, while 6 cases with pneumonia due to a. pittii were identified. this study provided a snapshot of the local in ...201323639796
a self-sufficient baeyer-villiger biocatalysis system for the synthesis of ɛ-caprolactone from order to establish a new route for ɛ-caprolactone production from the corresponding cyclohexanol with an internal cofactor recycling for nadph, a recently redesigned thermostable polyol dehydrogenase (pdh) and the cyclohexanone monooxygenase (chmo) from acinetobacter calcoaceticus were combined. first, the expression of pdh could be improved 4.9-fold using e. coli c41 with co-expression of chaperones. both enzymes were also successfully co-immobilized on glutaraldehyde-activated support (reli ...201323931695
[influence of ph on synthesis of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241 biosurfactants].synthesis of extracellular metabolites with surface-active and emulsifying properties, ph being maintained at the level of 5.8-8.0, in the process of cultivation of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241 in the medium with ethanol (2%, volume part) was investigated. it is established that the neutral value of ph is optimal for synthesis of surface-active substances (sas, biosurfactants) of a. calcoaceticus imv b-7241. the maintenance of ph at the level of 7.0 with the help of koh solution was ac ...201323866584
biodegradation of triton x-100 and its primary metabolites by a bacterial community isolated from activated sludge.a set of studies was carried using a continuous flow biodegradation unit in order to isolate a microbial community capable of efficient and complete utilization of octylphenol ethoxylates from activated sludge. increasing concentrations of triton x-100 (in the range of 1-1000 mg/l) were applied over a time period of 35 days in order to select microorganisms, which exhibit high tolerance towards this surfactant. the fate of the surfactant and its primary degradation products was assessed by hplc/ ...201323770380
isolation and structural characterization of a (kdo-isosteric) d-glycero-α-d-talo-oct-2-ulopyranosidonic acid (ko) interlinking lipid a and core oligosaccharide in the lipopolysaccharide of acinetobacter calcoaceticus nctc acinetobacter calcoaceticus nctc 10305 and a. haemolyticus nctc 10305 lipopolysaccharide (lps) a kdo (3-deoxy-d-manno-oct-2-ulosonic acid)-related octulosonic acid (ko) interlinks the lipid a with the core-oligosaccharide. this ko replaces the first kdo (kdo(i)) attached to the lipid a backbone in the lps. the only structural difference between kdo and ko is the 3-hydroxylation. after the discovery of the final step in ko-biosynthesis it is now generally accepted that ko is structurally relat ...201323743267
antimicrobial susceptibility pattern in nosocomial infections caused by acinetobacter species in asir region, saudi arabia.this study aimed at evaluating the sensitivity of antibiotics towards nosocomial infections caused by acinetobacter species. the study took place during the period dec. 2011- dec. 2012 at assir central hospital in collaboration with the department of microbiology, college of medicine, king khalid university, abha. a prospective study involving 150 patients presented with nosocomial infections due to acinetobacter species detected by bacteriological tests; direct microscopy, culture in blood agar ...201324498790
isolation and characterization of a novel ε-caprolactam-degrading microbe, acinetobacter calcoaceticus, from industrial wastewater by chemostat-enrichment.for the isolation of a ε-caprolactam-degrading microbe from wastewaters of a factory producing caprolactam, we applied a chemostat-enrichment technique with a selective medium containing caprolactam as sole source of carbon and nitrogen. this allowed for the isolation of a novel caprolactam-degrading microbe, identified as acinetobacter calcoaceticus. the strain had a critical tolerance of 19 g caprolactam l(-1) in minimal medium, which is higher than any previously reported caprolactam-degradin ...201323974491
evolution of a pathogen: a comparative genomics analysis identifies a genetic pathway to pathogenesis in acinetobacter.acinetobacter baumannii is an emergent and global nosocomial pathogen. in addition to a. baumannii, other acinetobacter species, especially those in the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii (acb) complex, have also been associated with serious human infection. although mechanisms of attachment, persistence on abiotic surfaces, and pathogenesis in a. baumannii have been identified, the genetic mechanisms that explain the emergence of a. baumannii as the most widespread and virulent acinetobacter ...201323365658
real-time fluorescence loop mediated isothermal amplification for the detection of acinetobacter baumannii.detection of acinetobacter baumannii has been relying primarily on bacterial culture that often fails to return useful results in time. although dna-based assays are more sensitive than bacterial culture in detecting the pathogen, the molecular results are often inconsistent and challenged by doubts on false positives, such as those due to system- and environment-derived contaminations. in addition, these molecular tools require expensive laboratory instruments. therefore, establishing molecular ...201323843955
identification of opportunistic pathogenic bacteria in drinking water samples of different rural health centers and their clinical impacts on drinking water quality monitoring programs have been established in order to prevent or to reduce the risk of contracting water-related infections. a survey was performed on groundwater-derived drinking water from 13 different hospitals in the mahabubnagar district. a total of 55 bacterial strains were isolated which belonged to both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. all the taxa were identified based on the 16s rrna gene sequence analysis based on which they are phylogenet ...201323862144
synthesis, optimization, and characterization of silver nanoparticles from acinetobacter calcoaceticus and their enhanced antibacterial activity when combined with antibiotics.the development of nontoxic methods of synthesizing nanoparticles is a major step in nanotechnology to allow their application in nanomedicine. the present study aims to biosynthesize silver nanoparticles (agnps) using a cell-free extract of acinetobacter spp. and evaluate their antibacterial activity.201324235826
defining resistance in acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex strains. 201323580585
complete genome sequence of an acinetobacter strain harboring the ndm-1 gene.the ndm-1 gene is a significant public health concern. acinetobacter is one of the most prevalent opportunistic pathogens causing recent nosocomial infections with ndm-1, and drug-resistant strains pose serious threats to public health worldwide. herein, we present the genomic sequence of acinetobacter calcoaceticus subsp. anitratus xm1570, a multidrug-resistant isolate that carries the blandm-1 gene.201323599286
staring at the cold sun: blue light regulation is distributed within the genus acinetobacter.we previously showed that the opportunistic nosocomial pathogen acinetobacter baumannii is able to sense and respond to light via blsa, a bluf (blue-light-sensing using fad)-domain photoreceptor protein. here, we extend our previous studies showing that light regulation is not restricted to a. baumannii, but rather widespread within the genus acinetobacter. first, we found that blue light modulates motility and biofilm formation in many species of the genus, including members of the acinetobacte ...201323358859
increased lysine content is the main characteristic of the soluble form of the polyamide cyanophycin synthesized by recombinant escherichia coli.cyanophycin, a polyamide of cyanobacterial or noncyanobacterial origin consisting of aspartate, arginine, and lysine, was synthesized in different recombinant strains of escherichia coli expressing cpha from synechocystis sp. strain pcc 6308 or pcc 6803, anabaena sp. strain pcc 7120, or acinetobacter calcoaceticus adp1. the molar aspartate/arginine/lysine ratio of the water-soluble form isolated from a recombinant strain expressing cpha6308 was 1:0.5:0.5, with a lysine content higher than any ev ...201323686266
active surveillance for asymptomatic colonization with multidrug-resistant gram negative bacilli among injured service members--a three year response to the high rates of colonization and infection by multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacilli (mdr gnb), many military treatment facilities (mtfs) have implemented additional infection control practices, such as active surveillance cultures for asymptomatic colonization. results of surveillance cultures (june 2009 - may 2012) collected from patients at landstuhl regional medical center (landstuhl rmc), germany, and three u.s. mtfs were analyzed to evaluate trends in mdr gnb colonizati ...201324011372
highlights on molecular identification of closely related species.the term "complex" emerged in the literature at the beginning of the genomic era associated to taxonomy and grouping organisms that belong to different species but exhibited similar patterns according to their morphological, physiological and/or other phenotypic features. dna-dna hybridization values ~70% and high identity on 16s rrna gene sequences were recommended for species delineation. electrophoretic methods showed in some cases to be useful for species identification and population struct ...201322982158
antibiotic susceptibility and molecular epidemiology of acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex strains isolated from a referral hospital in northern vietnam.acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex is a common cause of hospital-acquired infections (hais) globally, remarkable for its high rate of antibiotic resistance, including to carbapenems. there are few data on the resistance of a. baumannii in vietnam, which are essential for developing evidence-based treatment guidelines for hais. antibiotic susceptibility testing was conducted by vitek(®)2, and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) was performed on 66 clinical a. baumannii complex isol ...201425540720
characterization of affinity-purified isoforms of acinetobacter calcoaceticus y1 glutathione transferases.glutathione transferases (gst) were purified from locally isolated bacteria, acinetobacter calcoaceticus y1, by glutathione-affinity chromatography and anion exchange, and their substrate specificities were investigated. sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis revealed that the purified gst resolved into a single band with a molecular weight (mw) of 23 kda. 2-dimensional (2-d) gel electrophoresis showed the presence of two isoforms, gst1 (pi 4.5) and gst2 (pi 6.2) with identical mw. gst1 was reac ...201424892084
epidemiological characteristics of blandm-1 in enterobacteriaceae and the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex in china from 2011 to 2012.the study aimed to investigate the prevalence and epidemiological characteristics of blandm-1 (encoding new delhi metallo-β-lactamase 1) in enterobacteriaceae and the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex (abc) in china from july 2011 to june 2012.201425469701
risk factors and outcomes for patients with bloodstream infection due to acinetobacter baumannii-calcoaceticus complex.identifying patients at risk for bloodstream infection (bsi) due to acinetobacter baumannii-acinetobacter calcoaceticus complex (abc) and providing early appropriate therapy are critical for improving patient outcomes. a retrospective matched case-control study was conducted to investigate the risk factors for bsi due to abc in patients admitted to the detroit medical center (dmc) between january 2006 and april 2009. the cases were patients with bsi due to abc; the controls were patients not inf ...201424890594
evaluation of clonality and carbapenem resistance mechanisms among acinetobacter baumannii-acinetobacter calcoaceticus complex and enterobacteriaceae isolates collected in european and mediterranean countries and detection of two novel β-lactamases, ges-22 and vim-35.we evaluated doripenem-resistant acinetobacter baumannii-acinetobacter calcoaceticus complex (acb; n = 411) and enterobacteriaceae (n = 92) isolates collected from patients from 14 european and mediterranean countries during 2009 to 2011 for the presence of carbapenemase-encoding genes and clonality. following susceptibility testing, carbapenem-resistant (doripenem mic, >2 μg/ml) isolates were screened for carbapenemases. new β-lactamase genes were expressed in a common background and susceptibi ...201425267671
class 1 integrons and antibiotic resistance of clinical acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex in poznań, poland.sixty-three clinical isolates of acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex were analyzed for the presence of integrons and antimicrobial resistance. class 1 integrons were detected in 40 (63.5 %) isolates. none of them had class 2 or class 3 integrons. the majority of the integrons contained aacc1-orfa-orfb-aada1 gene cassette array. the presence of integrons was associated with the increased frequency of resistance to 12 of 15 antimicrobials tested, multi-drug resistance phenotype, and the ...201424740302
characterization and fungal inhibition activity of siderophore from wheat rhizosphere associated acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain hirfa32.acinetobacter calcoaceticus hirfa32 from wheat rhizosphere produced catecholate type of siderophore with optimum siderophore (ca. 92 % siderophore units) in succinic acid medium without feso4 at 28 °c and 24 h of incubation. hplc purified siderophore appeared as pale yellow crystals with molecular weight [m(+1)] m/z 347.18 estimated by lcms. the structure elucidated by (1)h nmr, (13)c nmr, hmqc, hmbc, noesy and decoupling studies, revealed that siderophore composed of 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid w ...201424891739
[overexpression, purification and characterization of phospholipase c from acinetobacter calcoaceticus].in this study, we constructed two recombinant escherichia coli strains to produce phospholipase c (plc) from acinetobacter calcoaceticus. the recombinant enzymes were purified to homogeneity and characterized. [methods] we cloned the plc encoding gene plc1, plc2 from genome dna of a. calcoaceticus atcc17902. the amplified fragments were inserted into pet28a(+ to obtain expression plasmids. e. coli bl21 (de3) harboring the above plasmids were cultivated and induced with isopropyl-beta-d-thiogalac ...201425803900
microbial diversity and dynamics during the production of may bryndza cheese.diversity and dynamics of microbial cultures were studied during the production of may bryndza cheese, a traditional slovak cheese produced from unpasteurized ewes' milk. quantitative culture-based data were obtained for lactobacilli, lactococci, total mesophilic aerobic counts, coliforms, e. coli, staphylococci, coagulase-positive staphylococci, yeasts, fungi and geotrichum spp. in ewes' milk, curd produced from it and ripened for 0 - 10 days, and in bryndza cheese produced from the curd, in th ...201424291178
high prevalence of new delhi metallo-β-lactamase in acinetobacter calcoaceticus-a. baumannii complex at two tertiary care centres in north india. 201425297039
growth characteristics and biofilm formation of various spoilage bacteria isolated from fresh produce.this study investigated the characteristics of spoilage bacteria isolated from fresh produce including growth at various temperatures, biofilm formation, cell hydrophobicity, and colony spreading. the number of spoilage bacteria present when stored at 35 °c was significantly greater than when stored at lower temperatures, and maximum population size was achieved after 10 h. however, bacillus pumilus, dickeya zeae, pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum pcc21, and bacillus pumilus (rda-r) ...201425224561
emergence of ndm-producing non-baumannii acinetobacter spp. isolated from hundred and thirty-six bla oxa-51-negative strains were identified from 1,067 acinetobacter calcoaceticus-a. baumannii complex (acb complex) isolates, which were collected during october 2010 to march 2013 from 15 general hospitals in 10 cities throughout zhejiang province, china. seven of the 136 bla oxa-51-negative acb complex isolates were new delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1 (ndm-1)-positive, among which three were identified as a. nosocomialis and four were identified as a. pittii strains us ...201424306098
improved homology model of cyclohexanone monooxygenase from acinetobacter calcoaceticus based on multiple templates.a new homology model of cyclohexanone monooxygenase (chmo) from acinetobacter calcoaceticus is derived based on multiple templates, and in particular the crystal structure of chmo from rhodococcus sp. the derived model was fully evaluated, showing that the quality of the new structure was improved over previous models. critically, the nicotinamide cofactor is included in the model for the first time. analysis of several molecular dynamics snapshots of intermediates in the enzymatic mechanism led ...201424530814
community-acquired necrotizing fasciitis caused by acinetobacter calcoaceticus: a case report and literature review.a 61-year-old man presented with pain in the abdomen and right lower limb. he had a history of hepatitis b virus-induced liver cirrhosis, but had not been visiting the outpatient clinic and did not receive any medication. cutaneous necrosis and bulla were observed on his abdomen and right lower limb. the necrotic skin was incised, and he was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. a nonfermentative gram-negative bacillus infection was confirmed from aspirated fluid and blood cultures. therefore, m ...201424507651
[effect of growth factors and some microelements on biosurfactant synthesis of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241].the effect of yeast autolysate and microelements on synthesis of surface-active substances (sas, biosurfactants) was investigated under cultivation of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241 on various carbon substrates (n-hexadecane, ethanol, glycerol). the authors have shown a possibility to substitute the yeast autolysate and microelement mixture in the composition of ethanol- and n-hexadecane-containing media by copper sulfate (0.16 micromol/l) and iron sulfate (3.6 micromol/l), and in the me ...201424479309
wired pyrroloquinoline quinone soluble glucose dehydrogenase enzyme electrodes operating at unprecedented low redox potential.we report unprecedented high current densities for the enzymatic oxidation of glucose already at 0 v versus ag/agcl. the modified electrodes were made by assembling pyrroloquinoline quinone (pqq)-soluble glucose dehydrogenase (pqq-sgdh) from acinetobacter calcoaceticus with osmium-based redox polymers and a cross-linker. both redox mediators are made of a poly(4-vinylpyridine) (pvp) polymer with os complexes tethered to the polymer backbone via long c chains, giving the os complexes flexibility ...201424475934
plant growth-promoting bacterium acinetobacter calcoaceticus p23 increases the chlorophyll content of the monocot lemna minor (duckweed) and the dicot lactuca sativa (lettuce).acinetobacter calcoaceticus p23 is a plant growth-promoting bacterium that was isolated from the surface of duckweed (lemna aoukikusa). the bacterium was observed to colonize on the plant surfaces and increase the chlorophyll content of not only the monocotyledon lemna minor but also the dicotyledon lactuca sativa in a hydroponic culture. this effect on the lactuca sativa was significant in nutrient-poor (×1/100 dilution of h2 medium) and not nutrient-rich (×1 or ×1/10 dilutions of h2 medium) co ...201424468072
[effect of surface-active substances of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241, rhodococcus erythropolis imv ac-5017, and nocardia vaccinii k-8 on phytopathogenic bacteria].the effect of surface-active substances (sas's) of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241, rhodococcus erythropolis imv ac-5017, and nocardia vaccinii k-8 on phytopathogenic bacteria has been studied. it was shown that the survival of cells (10(5)-10(7) in a milliliter) of the pseudomonas and xanthomonas phytopathogenic bacteria was found to be 0-33% after treatment with sas preparations of the imv ac-5017 and imv b-7241 strains for 2 h (0.15-0.4 mg/ml). in the presence of n. vaccinii k-8 sas pr ...201424455862
heterologous expression of pyrroloquinoline quinone (pqq) gene cluster confers mineral phosphate solubilization ability to herbaspirillum seropedicae z67.gluconic acid secretion mediated by the direct oxidation of glucose by pyrroloquinoline quinone (pqq)-dependent glucose dehydrogenase (gdh) is responsible for mineral phosphate solubilization in gram-negative bacteria. herbaspirillum seropedicae z67 (atcc 35892) genome encodes gdh apoprotein but lacks genes for the biosynthesis of its cofactor pqq. in this study, pqqe of erwinia herbicola (in plasmid pjnk1) and pqq gene clusters of pseudomonas fluorescens b16 (pok53) and acinetobacter calcoaceti ...201424682480
surface water isolates of hemolytic and non-hemolytic acinetobacter with multiple drug and heavy metal resistance ability.acinetobacter in surface waters are a major concern because of their rapid development of resistance to a wide range of antimicrobials and their ability to persist in these waters for a very long time. four surface water isolates of acinetobacter having both multidrug- and multimetal-resistant ability were isolated and identified through biochemical tests and 16s rdna sequencing. based on these analyses, two hemolytic isolates were affiliated with acinetobacter haemolyticus with an accession num ...201424642427
air-lift reactor system for the treatment of waste-gas-containing air-lift bioreactor (alr) system, applied for the treatment of waste-gas-containing monochlorobenzene (mcb) was seeded with pure culture of acinetobacter calcoaceticus, isolated from soil as a starter seed. it was found that mcb was biologically converted to chloride as chloride was mineralized in the alr. after the built up of the biomass in the alr, the reactor parameters which have major influence on the removal efficiency and elimination capacity were studied using response surface method ...201424617061
identification and functional characteristics of chlorpyrifos-degrading and plant growth promoting bacterium acinetobacter calcoaceticus.a bacterial strain d10 with strong ability of degrading chlorpyrifos was isolated from rhizosphere of chives contaminated with pesticide. it was found that it's capable of utilizing chlorpyrifos as the sole source of carbon for growth, and within the first 4 days the extent of degradation at initial concentration of 100 mg l(-1) was 60.0%. it also showed a high ability of degrading chlorpyrifos in sterilized soil, and the degradation reached up to 60.2% after 18 days. in addition, the strain d10 ...201423712768
characterization and plasmid elimination of ndm-1-producing acinetobacter calcoaceticus from china.the presence of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens in the environment poses a serious threat to public health. the opportunistic acinetobacter spp. are among the most prevalent causes of nosocomial infections. here, we performed complete genome sequencing of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain xm1570, which was originally cultivated from the sputum of a patient diagnosed with pneumonia in xiamen in 2010. we identified carbapenem resistance associated gene bla(ndm-1) located on a 47.3-kb ...201425181293
insertions or deletions (indels) in the rrn 16s-23s rrna gene internal transcribed spacer region (its) compromise the typing and identification of strains within the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii (acb) complex and closely related determine whether its sequences in the rrn operon are suitable for identifying individual acinetobacter acb complex members, we analysed length and sequence differences between multiple its copies within the genomes of individual strains. length differences in its reported previously between a. nosocomialis bcrc15417t (615 bp) and other strains (607 bp) can be explained by presence of an insertion (indel 13i/1) in the longer its variant. the same indel 13i/1 was also found in its sequences of ...201425141005
bacterial community analysis in chlorpyrifos enrichment cultures via dgge and use of bacterial consortium for cp biodegradation.the organophosphate pesticide chlorpyrifos (cp) has been used extensively since the 1960s for insect control. however, its toxic effects on mammals and persistence in environment necessitate its removal from contaminated sites, biodegradation studies of cp-degrading microbes are therefore of immense importance. samples from a pakistani agricultural soil with an extensive history of cp application were used to prepare enrichment cultures using cp as sole carbon source for bacterial community anal ...201425008559
molecular epidemiology, antimicrobial susceptibility and carbapenemase resistance determinants among acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates in taiwan.emerging carbapenem resistance among acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates is a worldwide problem. infections caused by a. baumannii are increasing and demonstrate high mortality rates. this study aimed to establish a nationwide surveillance of antimicrobial susceptibility, carbapenemase genes, and clonal relationships of a. baumannii clinical isolates in taiwan.201423726465
discrimination of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex species by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.the main goal of this work was to assess the ability of fourier transform infrared spectroscopy with attenuated total reflectance (ftir-atr) to discriminate between the species of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex, i.e. a. baumannii, a. nosocomialis, a. pittii, a. calcoaceticus, genomic species "between 1 and 3" and genomic species "close to 13tu". a total of 122 clinical isolates of the acb complex previously identified by rpob sequencing were studied. ftir-a ...201424563251
identification of 50 class d β-lactamases and 65 acinetobacter-derived cephalosporinases in acinetobacter spp.whole-genome sequencing of a collection of 103 acinetobacter strains belonging to 22 validly named species and another 16 putative species allowed detection of genes for 50 new class d β-lactamases and 65 new acinetobacter-derived cephalosporinases (adc). all oxacillinases (oxa) contained the three typical motifs of class d β-lactamases, stfk, (f/y)gn, and k(s/t)g. the phylogenetic tree drawn from the oxa sequences led to an increase in the number of oxa groups from 7 to 18. the topologies of th ...201424277043
types and prevalence of carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex in northern taiwan.the frequency of the carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (cracb) complex increases annually in our hospitals. however, the types and prevalence of carbapenemases among isolates still remain unclear. in this study, we identified and collected 672 carbapenem-resistant isolates from a medical center in northern taiwan between april and december of 2010. there were 577 genospecies 2 (acinetobacter baumannii), 79 genospecies 13tu, and 16 genospecies 3 isolates. th ...201424145535
doripenem vs meropenem against pseudomonas and acinetobacter.recently, doripenem has been approved for the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia (np), including ventilator-associated pneumonia (vap). the e-test was performed to determine the mics of doripenem and meropenem in 203 endotracheal aspirate isolates that consisted of 140 acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complexes and 63 pseudomonas aeruginosa. doripenem showed minimum concentration necessary for inhibition of 50% (mic 50 ) of p. aeruginosa isolates at 0.38 mg/l which is several t ...201422885206
multiplex pcr to detect the genes encoding naturally occurring oxacillinases in acinetobacter spp.bacteria of the genus acinetobacter are increasingly being isolated in hospitals and are recognized as emerging nosocomial pathogens. species identification is difficult and there is a need for simple molecular methods to differentiate between the species. naturally occurring oxacillinase genes (blaoxa) have been identified in several acinetobacter species and their detection by pcr can aid in species identification. the aim of this study was to develop a multiplex pcr to identify intrinsic blao ...201424288029
maldi-tof ms and chemometric based identification of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex species.maldi-tof ms is becoming the technique of choice for rapid bacterial identification at species level in routine diagnostics. however, some drawbacks concerning the identification of closely related species such as those belonging to the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex lead to high rates of misidentifications. in this work we successfully developed an approach that combines maldi-tof ms and chemometric tools to discriminate the six acb complex species (a. baumann ...201424877727
rapid identification of acinetobacter baumannii, acinetobacter nosocomialis and acinetobacter pittii with a multiplex pcr assay.acinetobacter baumannii, acinetobacter nosocomialis and acinetobacter pittii are clinically relevant members of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-a. baumannii (acb) complex and important nosocomial pathogens. these three species are genetically closely related and phenotypically similar; however, they differ in their epidemiology, antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity. in this study, we investigated the use of a multiplex pcr-based assay designed to detect internal fragments of the 16s-23s rrna ...201424965800
oral flora of python regius kept as pets.this study was aimed at evaluating the oral bacterial flora of 60 python regius kept as pets by culture and biochemical methods. all isolates were also submitted to antimicrobial susceptibility testing using the disc diffusion method. the oral cavity of snakes sampled harboured a wide range of gram-negative bacteria mainly constituted by pseudomonas spp., morganella morganii, acinetobacter calcoaceticus, aeromonas hydrophila, but also by salmonella spp. staphylococcus spp. was the commonest gram ...201424383854
a new double digestion ligation mediated suppression pcr method for simultaneous bacteria dna-typing and confirmation of species: an acinetobacter sp. model.we have designed a new ddlms pcr (double digestion ligation mediated suppression pcr) method based on restriction site polymorphism upstream from the specific target sequence for the simultaneous identification and differentiation of bacterial strains. the ddlms pcr combines a simple pcr used for species or genus identification and the lm pcr strategy for strain differentiation. the bacterial identification is confirmed in the form of the pcr product(s), while the length of the pcr product makes ...201425522278
phenotypic and molecular epidemiology of acinetobacter calcoaceticus baumannii complex strains spread at nemazee hospital of shiraz, iran.acinetobacter calcoaceticus baumannii (acb) complex are gram-negative opportunistic bacteria with low virulence properties. their resistance to antibiotics has become a matter of concern in hospital infections.201526322204
substitutions of ser83leu in gyra and ser80leu in parc associated with quinolone resistance in acinetobacter investigate the prevalence and the mechanism of quinolone-resistant acinetobacter pittii, 634 acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex isolates were collected throughout zhejiang province. identification of isolates was conducted by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization/time of flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms), blaoxa-51-like gene, and partial rna polymerase β-subunit (rpob) amplification. twenty-seven isolates of a. pittii were identified. among the 634 isolat ...201525514581
influence of acb complex genospecies on clinical outcomes in a u.s. hospital with high rates of multidrug resistance.bacteria within the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex commonly cause nosocomial infection and are often multidrug resistant. advances in genospecies typing allow for speciation within the acb complex; however, little is known about the effect of genospecies on patient outcomes.201525246361
endemicity of acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex in an intensive care unit in malaysia.introduction. acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex (acb complex) is a leading opportunistic pathogen in intensive care units (icus). effective control of spread requires understanding of its epidemiological relatedness. this study aims to determine the genetic relatedness and antibiotic susceptibilities of acb complex in an icu in malaysia. methodology. pulsed field gel electrophoresis (pfge), e-test, and disk diffusion were used for isolates characterization. results. during the study ...201526819759
biofilm-associated proteins: news from acinetobacter.a giant protein called bap (biofilm-associated protein) plays a role in biofilm formation and adhesion to host cells in a. baumannii. most of the protein is made by arrays of 80-110 aa modules featuring immunoglobulin-like (ig-like) motifs.201526572057
bacteria present in comadia redtenbacheri larvae (lepidoptera: cossidae).the external and internal culturable bacterial community present in the larvae of comadia redtenbacheri hammerschmidt, an edible insect, was studied. characterization of the isolates determined the existence of 18 morphotypes and phylogenetic analysis of the 16s rrna gene revealed the existence of paenibacillus sp., bacillus safensis, pseudomonas sp., bacillus pseudomycoides, corynebacterium variabile, enterococcus sp., gordonia sp., acinetobacter calcoaceticus, arthrobacter sp., micrococcus sp. ...201526336239
synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of new thione substituted 1,2,4-triazole schiff bases as novel antimicrobial agents.the condensation reaction of 5-(4-aminophenyl)-4-phenyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-thione with salicylaldehyde, 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 5-chlorosalicylaldehyde, 5-bromosalicylaldehyde, 2-nitrobenzaldehyde, 3-nitrobenzaldehyde, 4-nitrobenzaldehyde and 4-methoxybenzaldehyde in methanol results in series of new schiff bases. the structure of schiff bases were confirmed by (1)h nmr, (13)c nmr, ir and mass spectroscopy. the synthesized compounds were tested for their antimicrobial activity against bacterial (gr ...201526330857
draft genome sequence of acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain gk1, a hydrocarbon-degrading plant growth-promoting rhizospheric bacterium.the 3.94-mb draft genome of acinetobacter calcoaceticus gk1, a hydrocarbonoclastic plant growth-promoting gram-negative rhizospheric bacterium, is presented here. isolated at the ford motor company site in genk, belgium, from poplar trees planted on a diesel-contaminated plume, gk1 is useful for enhancing hydrocarbon phytoremediation.201526272576
an endophytic bacterium acinetobacter calcoaceticus sasm3-enhanced phytoremediation of nitrate-cadmium compound polluted soil by intercropping sedum alfredii with oilseed rape.intensive agricultural system with high input of fertilizer results in high agricultural output. however, excessive fertilization in intensive agricultural system has great potential to cause nitrate and heavy metal accumulation in soil, which is adverse to human health. the main objective of the present study was to observe the effects of intercropping and inoculation of endophytic bacterium acinetobacter calcoaceticus sasm3 on phytoremediation of combined contaminated soil in oilseed rape (bra ...201526146371
coaggregation between rhodococcus and acinetobacter strains isolated from the food this study, coaggregation interactions between rhodococcus and acinetobacter strains isolated from food-processing surfaces were characterized. rhodococcus sp. strain mf3727 formed intrageneric coaggregates with rhodococcus sp. strain mf3803 and intergeneric coaggregates with 2 strains of acinetobacter calcoaceticus (mf3293, mf3627). stronger coaggregation between a. calcoaceticus mf3727 and rhodococcus sp. mf3293 was observed after growth in batch culture at 30 °c than at 20 °c, after growth ...201526103135
efficacy of lactoferricin b in controlling ready-to-eat vegetable spoilage caused by pseudomonas spp.the microbial content of plant tissues has been reported to cause the spoilage of ca. 30% of chlorine-disinfected fresh vegetables during cold storage. the aim of this work was to evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobial peptides in controlling microbial vegetable spoilage under cold storage conditions. a total of 48 bacterial isolates were collected from ready-to-eat (rte) vegetables and identified as belonging to acinetobacter calcoaceticus, aeromonas media, pseudomonas cichorii, pseudomonas flu ...201526453993
exploiting the fungal highway: development of a novel tool for the in situ isolation of bacteria migrating along fungal mycelium.fungi and bacteria form various associations that are central to numerous environmental processes. in the so-called fungal highway, bacteria disperse along fungal mycelium. we developed a novel tool for the in situ isolation of bacteria moving along fungal hyphae as well as for the recovery of fungi potentially involved in dispersal, both of which are attracted towards a target culture medium. we present the validation and the results of the first in situ test. couples of fungi and bacteria were ...201526432804
[destruction of oil in the presence of cu2+ and surfactants of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241, rhodococcus erythropolis imv ac-5017 and nocardia vaccinii imv b-7405].the effect of copper cations (0.01-1.0 mm) and surface-active agents (surfactants) of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imv b-7241, rhodococcus erythropolis imv alc-5017 and nocardia vaccinii imv b-7405 in the form of culture liquid on the destruction of oil in water (3.0-6.0 g/l) and soil (20 g/kg), including in the presence of cd2+ and pb2+ (0.01-0.5 mm), was investigated. it was shown that the degree of oil degradation in water and soil after 20 days in the presence of low concentrations of cu2+ (0 ...201526036026
[antiadhesive properties of the surfactants of acinetobacter calcoaceticus imb b-7241, rhodococcus erythropolis imb ac-5017, and nocardia vaccinii imb b-7405].attachment of the cells of some bacteria, yeasts, and micromycetes to various surfaces (catheters, dentures, plastic, polyvinyl chloride, tiles, and steel) treated with the surfactants fromacinetobacter calcoace- ticus imb b-7241, rhodococcus erythropolis imb ac-5017, and nocardia vaccinii imb b-7405 was studied. adhesion of microorganisms to all the studied surfaces depended on the surfactant concentration and purity, kind of surface, and the test culture. treatment with the surfactants from n. ...201525941712
bacterial community structure in treated sewage sludge with mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestion.stabilized sewage sludge is applied to agricultural fields and farmland due to its high organic matter content. the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of two types of sludge stabilization, mesophilic anaerobic digestion (mad) and thermophilic anaerobic digestion (tad), on bacterial communities in sludge, including the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. bacterial community structure and phylogenetic diversity were analyzed in four sewage sludge samples from the czech republic. a ...201525921720
acinetobacter calcoaceticus from a fatal case of pneumonia harboring bla(ndm-1) on a widely distributed plasmid.we have recovered one bla(ndm-1)-harboring bacterial strain, designated as xm1570, from a sputum sample obtained from a fatal case of pneumonia in china.201525881070
molecular identification of phosphate-solubilizing native bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere of prosopis glandulosa in mexicali of the main limitations in intensive crop production in northwestern mexico is the dependence on the use of phosphate fertilizer. in this study, we isolated indigenous microorganisms with phosphate solubilization capacities from mesquite (prosopis glandulosa) present in the mexicali valley. in total, 4 bacteria were isolated from the rhizosphere of mesquite, including ica01, ica02ba, ica03bs, and ica04ma. the bacterial isolates were identified based on their phenotypic and 16s rrna gene sequ ...201525867428
determination of cypermethrin degradation potential of soil bacteria along with plant growth-promoting characteristics.the pyrethroid insecticide cypermethrin is in extensive use since 1980s for insect control. however, its toxicity toward aquatic animals and humans requires its complete removal from contaminated areas that can be done using indigenous microbes through bioremediation. in this study, three bacterial strains isolated from agricultural soil and identified as acinetobacter calcoaceticus mcm5, brevibacillus parabrevis fcm9, and sphingomonas sp. rcm6 were found highly efficient in degrading cypermethr ...201525194282
development of an observation platform for bacterial activity using polypyrrole films doped with our study, various bacteria, including gram-negative (pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, acinetobacter calcoaceticus, serratia marcescens, shewanella oneidensis) and gram-positive (bacillus subtilis) bacteria, were straightforwardly immobilized into the conducting polymers (cps) by electrochemical deposition. the doping state of bacteria in the polymer films (polypyrrole and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)) varied according to the polymerization conditions. the viability of bacteria i ...201525760406
draft genome sequence of acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain p23, a plant growth-promoting bacterium of duckweed.acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain p23 is a plant growth-promoting bacterium, which was isolated from the surface of duckweed. we report here the draft genome sequence of strain p23. the genome data will serve as a valuable reference for understanding the molecular mechanism of plant growth promotion in aquatic plants.201525720680
structural and physiochemical characterization of rhamnolipids produced by acinetobacter calcoaceticus, enterobacter asburiae and pseudomonas aeruginosa in single strain and mixed cultures.rhamnolipids are naturally occurring biosurfactants with a wide range of potential commercial applications. as naturally derived products they present an ecological alternative to synthetic surfactants. the majority of described rhamnolipid productions are single strain pseudomonas spp. cultivations. here we report rhamnolipids producing bacteria acinetobacter calcoaceticus, enterobacter asburiae and pseudomonas aeruginosa that were cultivated separately and as mixed populations. the ratio and c ...201525433178
detection of ndm-1 carbapenemase-producing acinetobacter calcoaceticus and acinetobacter junii in environmental samples from livestock farms. 201525349061
biodegradation of ochratoxin a by bacterial strains isolated from vineyard soils.ochratoxin a (ota) is a mycotoxin with a main nephrotoxic activity contaminating several foodstuffs. in the present report, five soil samples collected from ota-contaminated vineyards were screened to isolate microorganisms able to biodegrade ota. when cultivated in ota-supplemented medium, ota was converted in otα by 225 bacterial isolates. to reveal clonal relationships between isolates, molecular typing by using an automated rep-pcr system was carried out, thus showing the presence of 27 diff ...201526633497
effects of temperature and ph on the activities of catechol 2,3-dioxygenase obtained from crude oil contaminated soil in ilaje, ondo state, nigeria.enrichment technique was employed for the isolation of the crude oil degrading bacteria. the isolated bacteria were screened for their degradative ability and the best degrading bacteria were selected based on their growth. specific activities of catechol-2,3-dioxygenase and effects of temperature and ph and their stabilities on the enzyme relative activities were observed. bacteria isolated from the soil sample include; bacillus cereus, b. amyloliquficiens, b. firmus, acinetobacter calcoaceticu ...201526464607
using vitek maldi-tof mass spectrometry to identify species belonging to the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex: a relevant alternative to molecular biology?acinetobacter baumannii belongs to the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex (acb) containing 2 other pathogenic species: acinetobacter pittii and acinetobacter nosocomialis. identification of these bacteria remains problematic despite the use of matrix-assisted laser ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms). here, we enriched the saramis™ database of the vitek ms® plus mass spectrometer to improve the identification of species of the acb complex. for each species, we i ...201526198329
antimicrobial resistance profiles and oxacillinase genes in carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter baumannii isolated from hospitalized patients in santa catarina, brazil.carbapenems are the therapy of choice for treating severe infections caused by the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex. we aimed to assess the prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of producers of distinct oxacillinases among nosocomial isolates of the a. calcoaceticus-a. baumannii complex in a 249-bed general hospital located in joinville, southern brazil.201526676494
long-term effectiveness of infection and antibiotic control programs on the transmission of carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex in central taiwan.a carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex (cra complex) infection is one of most the difficult infections to control worldwide. we evaluated the long-term effects of infection control interventions on the incidence densities of healthcare-associated infection (hai) and cra complex infection, and the rates of acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex bacteremia (ab).201526028525
sulbactam treatment for pneumonia involving multidrug-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex.multidrug-resistant (mdr) acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex has become an important cause of nosocomial pneumonia. sulbactam is a β-lactamase inhibitor with antimicrobial activity against mdr acb complex.201525746600
species identification within acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex using maldi-tof ms.acinetobacter baumannii, one of the more clinically relevant species in the acinetobacter genus is well known to be multi-drug resistant and associated with bacteremia, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, wound infection and meningitis. however, it cannot be differentiated from closely related species such as acinetobacter calcoaceticus, acinetobacter pittii and acinetobacter nosocomialis by most phenotypic tests and can only be differentiated by specific, time consuming genotypic tests with ver ...201526381662
acinetobacter seifertii sp. nov., a member of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex isolated from human clinical specimens.this study aimed to define the taxonomic status of a phenetically distinct group of 16 strains that corresponds to acinetobacter genomic species 'close to 13tu', a provisional genomic species of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex recognized by gerner-smidt and tjernberg in 1993. these strains have been isolated in different countries since the early 1990s and were mostly recovered from human clinical specimens. they were compared with 45 reference strains repre ...201525563912
development and evaluation of species-specific pcr for detection of nine acinetobacter species.molecular methods have the potential to improve the speed and accuracy of acinetobacter species identification in clinical settings. the goal of this study is to develop species-specific pcr assays based on differences in the rna polymerase beta-subunit gene (rpob) to detect nine commonly isolated acinetobacter species including acinetobacter baumannii, acinetobacter calcoaceticus, acinetobacter pittii, acinetobacter nosocomialis, acinetobacter lwoffii, acinetobacter ursingii, acinetobacter bere ...201627312551
novel oxadiazole thioglycosides as potential anti-acinetobacter agents.the glycosylation of 1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thiones has been performed with peracetylated β-pyranosyl bromide in the presence of potassium carbonate. deprotection of acetylated thioglycosides was necessary for increasing their antibacterial effects. the structures of nucleosides were confirmed by (1)h nmr, (13)c nmr and hrms. the anomeric protons of nucleosides c1-4 were assigned to the doublet, confirming the β-configuration. the synthesized compounds were tested for their antimicrobial activity ag ...201628243273
blood stream infections caused by acinetobacter baumannii group in japan - epidemiological and clinical investigation.acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex, especially a. baumannii, acinetobacter pittii and acinetobacter nosocomialis, constitutes an important group of nosocomial pathogens; however, epidemiological or clinical characteristics and prognosis is limited in japan. from 2009 to 2013, 47 blood stream infection cases resulting from a. baumannii group were reviewed at the national defense medical college, an 800-bed tertiary hospital. to determine the genospecies, further comparati ...201626993173
characterization of carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex isolates from nosocomial bloodstream infections in southern iran.acinetobacter baumannii is an important opportunistic bacterial pathogen responsible for serious infections in hospitalized patients. from a total of 78 consecutive non-repetitive acinetobacter spp. isolates from patients with blood infections, 61 were carbapenem resistant, which were positive for blaoxa-51-like (96.7%), blaoxa-23-like (77 %), blaoxa-58-like (8.1%) and blaoxa-40-like genes (32.8%) by multiplex pcr. the isolates were identified as a. baumannii (n = 59) and acinetobacter nosocomia ...201626747061
multi-drug-resistant acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex infection outbreak in dogs and cats in a veterinary hospital.members of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex cause severe outbreaks in humans, and are increasingly reported in animals.201627709647
pcr assay based on the gyrb gene for rapid identification of acinetobacter baumannii-calcoaceticus complex at specie level.the genus acinetobacter sp. comprises more than 50 species, and four are closely related and difficult to be distinguished by either phenotypic or genotypic methods: the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex (abc). the correct identification at species level is necessary mainly due to the epidemiological aspects.201627605498
acinetobacter dijkshoorniae sp. nov., a member of the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii complex mainly recovered from clinical samples in different countries.the recent advances in bacterial species identification methods have led to the rapid taxonomic diversification of the genus acinetobacter. in the present study, phenotypic and molecular methods have been used to determine the taxonomic position of a group of 12 genotypically distinct strains belonging to the acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex, initially described by gerner-smidt and tjernberg in 1993, that are closely related to acinetobacter pittii. strains chara ...201627432448
acinetobacter seifertii isolated from china: genomic sequence and molecular epidemiology analyses.clinical infections caused by acinetobacter spp. have increasing public health concerns because of their global occurrence and ability to acquire multidrug resistance. acinetobacter calcoaceticus-acinetobacter baumannii (acb) complex encompasses a. calcoaceticus, a. baumannii, a. pittii (formerly genomic species 3), and a nosocomial (formerly genomic species 13tu), which are predominantly responsible for clinical pathogenesis in the acinetobacter genus. in our previous study, a putative novel sp ...201626945401
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