microbiota in breast milk of chinese lactating mothers.the microbiota of breast milk from chinese lactating mothers at different stages of lactation was examined in the framework of a maternal infant nutrition growth (ming) study investigating the dietary habits and breast milk composition in chinese urban mothers. we used microbiota profiling based on the sequencing of fragments of 16s rrna gene and specific qpcr for bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and total bacteria to study microbiota of the entire breast milk collected using standard protocol witho ...201627529821
fabrication of unique magnetic bionanocomposite for highly efficient removal of hexavalent chromium from water.biotreatment of hexavalent chromium has attracted widespread interest due to its cost effective and environmental friendliness. however, the difficult separation of biomass from aqueous solution and the slow hexavalent chromium bioreduction rate are bottlenecks for biotechnology application. in this approach, a core-shell structured functional polymer coated magnetic nanocomposite was prepared for enriching the hexavalent chromium. then the nanocomposite was connected to the bacteria via amines ...201627502074
enzymatic potential of heterotrophic bacteria from a neutral copper mine drainage.copper mine drainages are restricted environments that have been overlooked as sources of new biocatalysts for bioremediation and organic syntheses. therefore, this study aimed to determine the enzymatic activities (esterase, epoxide hydrolase and monooxygenase) of 56 heterotrophic bacteria isolated from a neutral copper mine drainage (sossego mine, canaã dos carajás, brazil). hydrolase and monooxygenase activities were detected in 75% and 20% of the evaluated bacteria, respectively. bacterial s ...201627522533
marine natural product inhibitors of neutrophil-associated inflammation.neutrophils are widely recognized to play an important role in acute inflammatory responses, and recent evidence has expanded their role to modulating chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. reactive oxygen species (ros) and microbicidal compounds released from neutrophils that are recruited to the site of inflammation contribute to the pathogenesis of multiple inflammation-associated diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, atherosclerosis, and hepatitis. marine organisms a ...201627472345
human thanatomicrobiome succession and time since death.the thanatomicrobiome (thanatos, greek for death) is a relatively new term and is the study of the microbes colonizing the internal organs and orifices after death. recent scientific breakthroughs in an initial study of the thanatomicrobiome have revealed that a majority of the microbes within the human body are the obligate anaerobes, clostridium spp., in the internal postmortem microbial communities. we hypothesized that time-dependent changes in the thanatomicrobiome within internal organs ca ...201627412051
ventricular assist devices as bridge to heart transplantation: impact on post-transplant infections.ventricular assist devices (vad) are valuable options for patients with heart failure awaiting cardiac transplantation. we assessed the impact of pre-transplant vad implantation on the incidence of post-transplant infections in a nationwide cohort of heart transplant recipients.201627391967
risk factors for fecal carriage of carbapenemase producing enterobacteriaceae among intensive care unit patients from a tertiary care center in india.resistance amongst the commensal flora is a serious threat because a very highly populated ecosystem like the gut, may at a later stage, be a source of extra intestinal infections, resistant strains may spread to other host or transfer genetic resistance element to other members of micro-biota including pathogens. this study was carried out to assess fecal colonization by carbapenemase producing enterobacteriaceae (cpe) and associated risk factors among 100 patients admitted to intensive care un ...201627392139
16s rrna amplicon sequencing dataset for conventionalized and conventionally raised zebrafish presented here contains metagenomic analysis regarding the sequential conventionalization of germ-free zebrafish embryos. zebrafish embryos that underwent a germ-free sterilization process immediately after fertilization were promptly exposed to and raised to larval stage in conventional fish water. at 6 days postfertilization (dpf), these "conventionalized" larvae were compared to zebrafish larvae that were raised in conventional fish water never undergoing the initial sterilization proces ...201627508247
bacterial viability within dental calculus: an untrodden, inquisitive clinico-patho- microbiological research.chronic inflammatory periodontal diseases i.e. gingivitis and periodontitis are one of the most common afflictions faced by human beings. dental plaque, which is a pool of pathogenic microorganisms, remains to be current mainstay in etiopathogenesis. dental calculus, which is a mineralized product of this plaque remains ignored and is considered merely as an ash heap of minor significance. however, the intriguing array in disease etiopathogenesis bulldozed researchers to suspect the role of calc ...201627630958
frequency of hospital acquired pneumonia and its microbiological etiology in medical intensive care unit.the objectives were to assess the frequency of hospital acquired pneumonia (hap) in patients admitted to intensive care unit (icu) and to determine the frequencies of different etiological organisms in these patients.201627648021
exploring the mechanisms of action of human secretory rnase 3 and rnase 7 against candida albicans.human antimicrobial rnases, which belong to the vertebrate rnase a superfamily and are secreted upon infection, display a wide spectrum of antipathogen activities. in this work, we examined the antifungal activity of the eosinophil rnase 3 and the skin-derived rnase 7, two proteins expressed by innate cell types that are directly involved in the host defense against fungal infection. candida albicans has been selected as a suitable working model for testing rnase activities toward a eukaryotic p ...201627277554
silica ecosystem for synergistic biotransformation.synergistical bacterial species can perform more varied and complex transformations of chemical substances than either species alone, but this is rarely used commercially because of technical difficulties in maintaining mixed cultures. typical problems with mixed cultures on scale are unrestrained growth of one bacterium, which leads to suboptimal population ratios, and lack of control over bacterial spatial distribution, which leads to inefficient substrate transport. to address these issues, w ...201627264916
enzyme biosensors for biomedical applications: strategies for safeguarding analytical performances in biological fluids.enzyme-based chemical biosensors are based on biological recognition. in order to operate, the enzymes must be available to catalyze a specific biochemical reaction and be stable under the normal operating conditions of the biosensor. design of biosensors is based on knowledge about the target analyte, as well as the complexity of the matrix in which the analyte has to be quantified. this article reviews the problems resulting from the interaction of enzyme-based amperometric biosensors with com ...201627249001
characterisation of candida within the mycobiome/microbiome of the lower respiratory tract of icu patients.whether the presence of candida spp. in lower respiratory tract (lrt) secretions is a marker of underlying disease, intensive care unit (icu) treatment and antibiotic therapy or contributes to poor clinical outcome is unclear. we investigated healthy controls, patients with proposed risk factors for candida growth in lrt (antibiotic therapy, icu treatment with and without antibiotic therapy), icu patients with pneumonia and antibiotic therapy and candidemic patients (for comparison of truly inva ...201627206014
evidence for the induction of key components of the notch signaling pathway via deltamethrin and azamethiphos treatment in the sea louse caligus rogercresseyi.the extensive use of organophosphates and pyrethroids in the aquaculture industry has negatively impacted parasite sensitivity to the delousing effects of these antiparasitics, especially among sea lice species. the notch signaling pathway is a positive regulator of abc transporter subfamily c expression and plays a key role in the generation and modulation of pesticide resistance. however, little is known about the molecular mechanisms behind pesticide resistance, partly due to the lack of geno ...201627187362
achromobacter xylosoxidans as a new microorganism strain colonizing high-density polyethylene as a key step to its biodegradation.this study presents results of research on isolation new bacteria strain achromobacter xylosoxidans able to effect on the structure of high-density polyethylene (hdpe), polymer resistant to degradation in environment. new strain of a. xylosoxidans pe-1 was isolated from the soil and identified by analysis of the 16s ribosome subunit coding sequences. the substance to be degraded was hdpe in the form of thin foil films. the foil samples were analyzed with attenuated total reflectance fourier tran ...201627072033
new, hybrid pectin-based this work hybrid pectin-based biosorbents with secondary polysaccharide additives (gellan, carob and xanthan gum, ratio to pectin 1:1, 1:1 and 1:3, respectively) were obtained at two temperatures. the presence of these additives in prepared beads was confirmed by raman spectra. the sem micrographs show better homogeneity of blends and grater differences between structures of beads with various additives obtained at higher temperature. the sorption capacity of our hybrid biosorbents as well as ...201627812233
response and resilience of soil microbial communities inhabiting in edible oil stress/contamination from industrial estates.gauging the microbial community structures and functions become imperative to understand the ecological processes. to understand the impact of long-term oil contamination on microbial community structure soil samples were taken from oil fields located in different industrial regions across kadi, near ahmedabad, india. soil collected was hence used for metagenomic dna extraction to study the capabilities of intrinsic microbial community in tolerating the oil perturbation.201627001503
genetic and functional analysis of the biosynthesis of a non-ribosomal peptide siderophore in burkholderia xenovorans lb400.b. xenovorans lb400 is a model bacterium for the study of the metabolism of aromatic compounds. the aim of this study was the genomic and functional characterization of a non-ribosomal peptide synthetase containing gene cluster that encodes a siderophore in b. xenovorans lb400. the mba gene cluster from strain lb400 encodes proteins involved in the biosynthesis and transport of a hydroxamate-type siderophore. strain lb400 has a unique mba gene organization, although mba gene clusters have been o ...201626963250
l-asparaginase production in the pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes strain jhs-71 isolated from jooshan hot-spring.l-asparaginase has lots of medical and industrial applications. ever since l-asparaginase anti-tumor activity was first demonstrated, its production using microbial systems has attracted considerable attention owing to their cost-effective and eco-friendly nature. the aim of this study is to obtain l-asparaginase producing bacteria and determining the enzyme activity. samples were picked up from jooshan hot springs located in the sirch, kerman. the l-asparaginase producing bacteria were screened ...201627844015
nosocomial urinary tract infections caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase uropathogens: prevalence, pathogens, risk factors, and strategies for infection control.our goal was to investigate the prevalence and antibiogram pattern of extended spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) production among uropathogens using isolates from urine samples collected at the department of urology in the sahloul hospital, tunisia we also aimed to identify the risk factors for nosocomial urinary tract infections (utis) in patients who underwent transurethral resection of the prostate (turp) and the measures for infection control.201627330585
bioaugmentation mitigates the impact of estrogen on coliform-grazing protozoa in slow sand filters.exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (edcs), such as estrogens, is a growing issue for human and animal health as they have been shown to cause reproductive and developmental abnormalities in wildlife and plants and have been linked to male infertility disorders in humans. intensive farming and weather events, such as storms, flash flooding, and landslides, contribute estrogen to waterways used to supply drinking water. this paper explores the impact of estrogen exposure on the performance ...201626895622
analysis for the presence of determinants involved in the transport of mercury across bacterial membrane from polluted water bodies of india.mercury, which is ubiquitous and recalcitrant to biodegradation processes, threatens human health by escaping to the environment via various natural and anthropogenic activities. non-biodegradability of mercury pollutants has necessitated the development and implementation of economic alternatives with promising potential to remove metals from the environment. enhancement of microbial based remediation strategies through genetic engineering approaches provides one such alternative with a promisi ...201626887227
highly stable and reusable immobilized formate dehydrogenases: promising biocatalysts for in situ regeneration of nadh.this study aimed to prepare robust immobilized formate dehydrogenase (fdh) preparations which can be used as effective biocatalysts along with functional oxidoreductases, in which in situ regeneration of nadh is required. for this purpose, candida methylica fdh was covalently immobilized onto immobead 150 support (fdhi150), immobead 150 support modified with ethylenediamine and then activated with glutaraldehyde (fdhiglu), and immobead 150 support functionalized with aldehyde groups (fdhiald). t ...201626977186
cross-regulation between the phz1 and phz2 operons maintain a balanced level of phenazine biosynthesis in pseudomonas aeruginosa pao1.gene duplication often provides selective advantages for the survival of microorganisms in adapting to varying environmental conditions. p. aeruginosa pao1 possesses two seven-gene operons [phz1 (phza1b1c1d1e1f1g1) and phz2 (phza2b2c2d2e2f2g2)] that are involved in the biosynthesis of phenazine-1-carboxylic acid and its derivatives. although the two operons are highly homologous and their functions are well known, it is unclear how the two phz operons coordinate their expressions to maintain the ...201626735915
pharmacological potentials of premna integrifolia l.premna integrifolia linn. (verbenaceae) is an important constituent of the formulation of ten roots of herbs known as daśamūla and is widely used for treating various ailments in the indian system of medicine. aim of this review is to provide comprehensive information on the pharmacological activities of various parts of p. integrifolia. all the relevant universally accepted electronic databases were searched with respect to the terms "agnimanthā", "headache tree", "premna integrifolia", "premna ...201627143797
recent developments in using advanced sequencing technologies for the genomic studies of lignin and cellulose degrading microorganisms.lignin is a complex polyphenyl aromatic compound which exists in tight associations with cellulose and hemicellulose to form plant primary and secondary cell wall. lignocellulose is an abundant renewable biomaterial present on the earth. it has gained much attention in the scientific community in recent years because of its potential applications in bio-based industries. microbial degradation of lignocellulose polymers was well studied in wood decaying fungi. based on the plant materials they de ...201626884714
high levels of soluble c5b-9 complex in dialysis fluid may predict poor prognosis in peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis patients.we searched for indicators to predict the prognosis of infectious peritonitis by measuring levels of complement proteins and activation products in peritoneal dialysis (pd) fluid (pdf) of patients at early stages of peritonitis. we retrospectively analyzed the relationship between the levels of sc5b-9, c3 and c4 in pdf and the subsequent clinical prognosis.201728046064
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