zollinger-ellison syndrome. relation to helicobacter pylori-associated chronic gastritis and gastric acid secretion.since helicobacter pylori infects the gastric mucosa in most patients with chronic duodenal ulcer, infection with this organism has been implicated in the pathogenesis of this common disease. we postulated that if h. pylori is pathogenic in the usual type of duodenal ulcer, it should be less common when duodenal ulcer has another, specific etiology, such as zollinger-ellison syndrome. gastric mucosa was compared from 18 patients with proven zollinger-ellison syndrome (17 of whom had had duodenal ...19911984995
helicobacter pylori and zollinger-ellison syndrome.helicobacter pylori (previously campylobacter pylori) is almost invariably associated with chronic duodenal ulcer disease. the relationship between h. pylori infection and duodenal ulcer in zollinger-ellison syndrome is unknown. we investigated the frequency of h. pylori infection in zollinger-ellison syndrome and also what effect h. pylori infection had on gastric function in patients with zollinger-ellison syndrome. h. pylori infection was diagnosed based on a specific serologic (elisa) assay ...19911984998
enhancement of antibiotic concentrations in gastric mucosa by h2-receptor antagonist. implications for treatment of helicobacter pylori infections.we measured the effects of cimetidine on antibiotic concentrations in the luminal portion of gastric mucosa. guinea pigs were premedicated with cimetidine 4 mg/kg intramuscularly. clindamycin, an antibiotic previously characterized under physiologic ph conditions, was administered intramuscularly and levels measured in serum and tissue using a high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) technique. the luminal mucosa concentration of clindamycin at 1 hr (ph 5.9) was fivefold greater compared to th ...19911985000
chronic effect of intragastric ammonia on gastric mucosal structures in rats.the prevalence of helicobacter pylori (hp) in the gastric mucosa of patients with chronic atrophic gastritis has been reported to be significantly higher than in normal mucosa. to clarify the role of hp in the etiology of chronic atrophic gastritis, we assessed the effect of ammonia on the gastric mucosal structure in rats, since hp has a strong urease activity and produces abundant amounts of ammonia. ammonia administered orally at 0.01% and 0.1% as drinking water for two to four weeks decrease ...19911985002
helicobacter pylori and gastric acid output in peptic ulcer disease.helicobacter pylori is associated with peptic ulcer, and a causal relationship has been postulated. we investigated the association between helicobacter pylori and gastric acid output. two hundred forty-one patients were studied: 173 with duodenal ulcer, 51 with gastric ulcer (41 corpus, 10 prepyloric), and 17 with combined gastric and duodenal ulcer. in 194 patients (80%), helicobacter pylori could be demonstrated histologically from gastric antral biopsies. the presence or absence of helicobac ...19911985005
helicobacter pylori infection in pernicious anemia: a prospective controlled study.although some authors believe that helicobacter pylori is the etiologic agent in chronic nonspecific gastritis, it has also been suggested that the bacterium colonizes inflamed mucosa as a secondary event. this study documents the prevalence of h. pylori in 28 patients with pernicious anemia and compares the findings with those of a group of 28 age-, race-, and sex-matched asymptomatic control subjects. all subjects underwent endoscopy with biopsy of the gastric antrum and corpus. a sample of se ...19911985031
triple therapy for helicobacter pylori in nonulcer dyspepsia. 19911986544
omeprazole may kill helicobacter pylori. 19911986547
isolation and biochemical and molecular analyses of a species-specific protein antigen from the gastric pathogen helicobacter pylori.a protein of mr 26,000 which was present in large quantities in extracts of cells of helicobacter pylori was purified to homogeneity by ammonium sulfate precipitation followed by gel filtration and reversed-phase chromatography or anion-exchange chromatography. the protein appeared to be associated with the soluble fraction of the cell, and antibodies raised against the protein were reactive with whole-cell lysates of a variety of h. pylori strains in a simple immunodot blot assay. this reaction ...19911987145
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and peptic ulcer disease.evidence has accumulated that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) cause clinically important gastroduodenal ulcers. the pathogenesis, which involves the impairment of mucosal resistance to injury in an acid-peptic environment, is multifactorial and controversial. ulcers caused by nsaids can occur either in mucosa inflamed because of infection with helicobacter pylori or in histologically normal mucosa. the use of these drugs has been linked to an unexpectedly high incidence of ulcer co ...19911987878
prevalence of helicobacter pylori in specific forms of gastritis. further evidence supporting a pathogenic role for h. pylori in chronic nonspecific gastritis.helicobacter pylori colonization of the gastric mucosa is strongly associated with chronic nonspecific gastritis; moreover, there is evidence to suggest that h. pylori may cause this form of gastritis. however, there is little or no information on the prevalence of h. pylori in specific forms of gastritis. our hypothesis was that if h. pylori was pathogenic in chronic nonspecific gastritis, organisms would be found frequently in this type of gastritis but infrequently in specific forms of gastri ...19911988256
serological evidence of infection with helicobacter pylori may predict gastrointestinal intolerance to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (nsaid) treatment in rheumatoid arthritis.specific circulating antibodies to the spiral gastric organism, helicobacter pylori (hp) were detectable in 43% of 68 patients with rheumatoid arthritis by complement fixation test (cft) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), a frequency comparable with that of a normal, age-matched population. presence of these antibodies correlated strongly with a previous history of peptic ulcer disease (pud) and to the severity of nsaid-related dyspeptic symptoms, the latter often leading to multiple ...19911991209
bacterial adhesion and helicobacter pylori. 19911991628
effect of increasing helicobacter pylori ammonia production by urea infusion on plasma gastrin has been proposed that the hypergastrinaemia in subjects with helicobacter pylori infection is caused by the action of the ammonia produced by the organism's urease activity on the antral g cells. to investigate this hypothesis we examined the effect on plasma gastrin of increasing the bacterium's ammonia production by infusing urea intragastrically to eight h pylori positive duodenal ulcer patients. after a 60 minute control intragastric infusion of dextrose solution at 2 ml/minute, a simila ...19911991633
helicobacter pylori infection rates in relation to age and social class in a population of welsh men.the seroprevalence of igg antibodies to helicobacter pylori was determined using a standard enzyme linked immunosorbent assay in a population of 749 randomly selected men, aged 30-75 years, from caerphilly, south wales. the overall prevalence of h pylori was 56.9%, increasing sharply in middle age from 29.8% in those aged 30-34 to over 59% in those aged 45 or older (p less than 0.0001). age standardised seroprevalence rates were lowest in combined social class categories i and ii (49.2%), interm ...19911991634
presence of helicobacter pylori in gastric juice. 19911992647
evaluation of techniques for isolation, subcultivation, and preservation of helicobacter pylori.with sheep blood agar (sba), belo horizonte medium, and brussels campylobacter charcoal agar, 104 strains of helicobacter pylori were detected in 309 gastric biopsies. each medium revealed only 69 to 71% of the strains. ten strains grew solely on sba, and four strains each grew on belo horizonte medium and brussels campylobacter charcoal agar. subculturing of 50 fresh h. pylori isolates on sba revealed a progressive reduction in growth with increasing passage. thirty strains stopped growing betw ...19911993767
helicobacter nemestrinae sp. nov., a spiral bacterium found in the stomach of a pigtailed macaque (macaca nemestrina)a new microaerophilic, spirally curved, rod-shaped bacterium was isolated from the gastric mucosa of a pigtailed macaque (macaca nemestrina). the gram-negative cells of this bacterium are oxidase, catalase, and urease positive and strongly resemble helicobacter pylori (campylobacter pylori) cells. like h. pylori, this organism does not metabolize glucose, does not reduce nitrate or produce indole, does not produce h2s from triple sugar iron agar, does not hydrolyze hippurate or esculin, and does ...19911995031
levels of nitrite, nitrate, n-nitroso compounds, ascorbic acid and total bile acids in gastric juice of patients with and without precancerous conditions of the determine the relevance of gastric juice factors to gastric carcinogenesis, 56 patients with unoperated stomachs undergoing endoscopy for dyspepsia had gastric juice aspirated and analysed for ph, ascorbic acid, total bile acids, nitrite, nitrate and total nitroso compounds (nocs). plasma was obtained for vitamin c estimation. antral and body biopsies were assessed for gastritis, helicobacter pylori, atrophy and intestinal metaplasia (im). patients with chronic atrophic gastritis (n = 17) had ...19911995184
helicobacter felis gastritis in gnotobiotic rats: an animal model of helicobacter pylori gastritis.the gastric spirillum helicobacter felis, originally isolated from the cat stomach, colonizes the stomachs of germfree rats. studies were designed to examine the pathological and serological responses of germfree rats inoculated orally with h. felis. at 2 weeks postinoculation, the gastric mucosa of germfree rats had lymphocytes and eosinophils scattered in small foci throughout the subglandular region of the antrum. small numbers of lymphocytes were present in the subglandular portion of the an ...19911997430
breakdown of gastric mucus in presence of helicobacter pylori.the potential of helicobacter pylori to degrade gastric mucus was examined. colonies of h pylori cultured from antral mucosal biopsy specimens of patients with non-autoimmune gastritis were washed with sterile saline, passed through a sterilisation filter, and the filtrate examined for urease, protease, and mucolytic activity. the filtrate failed to hydrolyse bovine serum albumin, or to degrade stable mucus glycoprotein structures of high particle weight that had been separated from human gastri ...19911997534
[should ulcer treatment be aimed against helicobacter pylori?]. 19911998186
a topographical relationship between helicobacter pylori and gastritis: quantitative assessment of helicobacter pylori in the gastric mucosa.a topographical relationship between the number of helicobacter pylori in the gastric mucosa and the histological severity of gastritis was studied in 902 pairs of biopsy specimens taken from 314 patients. a pair of biopsies were taken from the antrum, the lesser curvature of the middle body, and the greater curvature of the upper body of the stomach. the quantitative assessment of h. pylori was made based on smear, culture, and tissue section. the histological severity of gastritis was assessed ...19911998309
use of plasmid profiles in the investigation of a patient with helicobacter pylori infection and peptic ulcer disease.plasmids may effect bacterial virulence and antibiotic resistance, and serve as epidemiologic markers. in this study, plasmid dna profiles of serial isolates of helicobacter pylori showed persistence of an identical strain of this organism in a patient with duodenal ulcer disease. three control strains of h. pylori isolated from other patients contained plasmids different from each other and from that of the original patient; two of these strains had two plasmids each. these data have important ...19911998317
peptic ulcer disease. how to treat it now.options for treatment of peptic ulcer disease are becoming more diverse. most new agents are effective yet offer no real advantage over more traditional therapy. however, omeprazole (prilosec) may be of benefit owing to its potent inhibition of acid secretion, but it is not yet approved for this purpose. whether treatment of helicobacter pylori infection will prove beneficial is not yet known, but the answer should be forthcoming. finally, as with any disease process, alleviation of risk factors ...19912000366
[helicobacter pylori and ulcer disease].there is a strong association between helicobacter pylori and peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis. it has been shown, furthermore, that the relapse rate after a healed duodenal ulcer is much reduced when the treatment has also eradicated h pylori from the antrum ventriculi. we have tried two simple and rapid tests for diagnosing h pylori infection on biopsies taken at gastroscopy. we found a significantly larger number of cases with h pylori among patients with peptic ulcer than among patients wi ...19912000614
gastric injury and invasion of parietal cells by spiral bacteria in rhesus monkeys. are gastritis and hyperchlorhydria infectious diseases?the possibility of using the rhesus monkey as a model for studying gastric function in the presence of infection with spiral bacteria was studied. endoscopic evaluation of the gastric mucosa was performed under general anesthesia in 29 colony-bred rhesus monkeys, and gastric pinch biopsy specimens were obtained from each animal. on a separate day, gastric emptying and acid output were determined using a 99mtc dilution technique. biopsy samples were fixed for light microscopy (h&e, gram, and wart ...19912001827
shuttle cloning and nucleotide sequences of helicobacter pylori genes responsible for urease activity.production of a potent urease has been described as a trait common to all helicobacter pylori so far isolated from humans with gastritis as well as peptic ulceration. the detection of urease activity from genes cloned from h. pylori was made possible by use of a shuttle cosmid vector, allowing replication and movement of cloned dna sequences in either escherichia coli or campylobacter jejuni. with this approach, we cloned a 44-kb portion of h. pylori chromosomal dna which did not lead to urease ...19912001995
[helicobacter pylori and chronic ulcer disease]. 19912002726
long-term follow-up of voluntary ingestion of helicobacter pylori. 19912003713
comparison of gastric brush cytology and biopsy in detection of infection by helicobacter pylori. 19912004673
the demonstration of nickel in the urease of helicobacter pylori by atomic absorption protein liquid chromatography and sds-page have been used to isolate and purify helicobacter pylori urease. a nickel component of the urease was detected in the purified proteins by atomic absorption spectroscopy. the nickel was present only in the 61 kda polypeptide and in the ratio of between five and six atoms to one molecule of urease, suggesting a hexameric structure. these results are discussed in relation to other bacterial ureases and urease activity at low ph.19912004697
effect of urease on hela cell vacuolation induced by helicobacter pylori cytotoxin.concentrated broth culture supernatants from 50 to 60% of helicobacter pylori strains induce eukaryotic cell vacuolation in vitro. a quantitative assay for cell vacuolation was developed on the basis of the rapid uptake of visibly vacuolated hela cells was significantly greater than that of nonvacuolated cells. by using the rapid nru assay, we sought to determine the roles of h. pylori cytotoxin, urease, and ammonia in the vacuolation of hela cells. the nru of hela cells incubated in medium cont ...19912004808
helicobacter pylori and peptic ulcer disease. 19912005942
studies of helicobacter pylori in a gastric mucosa in vitro animal model.a gastric mucosa in vitro model for studies of experimental helicobacter pylori infections has been developed. biopsy specimens were taken from pig gastric mucosa, infected with h. pylori, and cultured for up to 72 h. to determine the degree of h. pylori adhesion, specimens were vigorously rinsed by vortexing five times before measuring viable count and urease activity. the results showed that it is possible to culture pig gastric mucosa in vitro with maintained viability for at least 72 h. acco ...19912006397
unique features of helicobacter pylori disease in a six-year period, 41 children had endoscopically documented duodenal ulcer disease or primary h. pylori antral gastritis without duodenal ulcer. of 37 children with h. pylori gastritis, group 1 comprised 23 patients with duodenal ulcer disease and group 2 had 14 patients without ulcers (primary h. pylori gastritis). group 3 comprised four children with duodenal ulcer disease and h. pylori-negative antral biopsies. during the study period, all primary chronic ulcer disease was duodenal; no pr ...19912007358
pathogenetic role of helicobacter pylori in duodenal ulcer disease. multivariate analysis of factors affecting relapse.the pathogenesis of duodenal ulcer disease is multifactorial and the contribution of helicobacter pylori in relation to the other factors to the release of duodenal ulcer is unknown. to investigate this, we studied 147 patients with endoscopically proven healed ulcers. these patients were randomized to receive either placebo, misoprostol 200 micrograms or misoprostol 300 micrograms four times daily, and clinical, personal, physiological and endoscopic characteristics were obtained prospectively. ...19912007359
gastroduodenal mucosal prostaglandin generation in patients with helicobacter pylori before and after treatment with bismuth determine whether helicobacter pylori has an effect on gastroduodenal mucosal prostaglandin generation, mucosal biopsies were obtained from the gastric body, antrum, and duodenal bulb of 30 patients who were undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for clinical indications. one biopsy from the gastric body and one from the antrum were tested for urease activity (urea broth) and one biopsy from each area including the duodenum was processed for histology. two other biopsies form each area w ...19912007360
eosinophil infiltration and degranulation in helicobacter pylori-associated chronic gastritis.eosinophil granules contain cationic proteins, including the major basic protein, which are toxic to mammalian tissue. while eosinophils have been observed to comprise part of the inflammatory reaction in acute helicobacter pylori gastritis, the role of the eosinophil in the pathogenesis of chronic gastritis is unknown. we evaluated whether eosinophil infiltration and degranulation are associated with chronic gastritis and h. pylori infection. we studied eight patients with chronic h. pylori ant ...19912007361
usefulness of a new serological test (bio-rad) to diagnose helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis.a semiquantitative serological test (g.a.p. test; bio-rad) to diagnose helicobacter (campylobacter) pylori-associated gastritis has recently become commercially available. this test was evaluated with sera from 72 dyspeptic patients with known h. pylori status. when the instructions provided by the manufacturer were applied strictly, the sensitivity of the test was only 32.7%. with a slight modification of the instructions, the performance characteristics were still unsatisfactory (specificity, ...19912007636
evaluation of an immunofluorescence assay for specific detection of immunoglobulin g antibodies directed against helicobacter pylori, and antigenic cross-reactivity between h. pylori and campylobacter immunofluorescence assay (ifa) for the detection of immunoglobulin g antibodies directed against helicobacter pylori was evaluated by comparing 20 serum specimens from patients with a positive urease test on biopsy material and 20 serum specimens from patients with a negative test and with defined clinical symptoms. the resulting anti-h. pylori titers were classified as follows: negative, less than or equal to 64; borderline, 128; and positive, greater than or equal to 256. by using these cri ...19912007640
comparison of isolates of helicobacter pylori and helicobacter mustelae.on the basis of analysis of protein profiles, isolates of helicobacter pylori and helicobacter mustelae were less than 40% similar. cytotoxin produced by h. pylori was not detected in isolates of h. mustelae. both bacterial species agglutinated human erythrocytes. these results substantiate a taxonomic difference between h. pylori and h. mustelae.19912007648
[should ulcer treatment be aimed against helicobacter pylori?]. 19912008703
influence of soluble haemagglutinins on adherence of helicobacter pylori to hep-2 a study of six laboratory strains of helicobacter pylori, two different modes of bacterial adherence to hep-2 cells were found. electronmicroscopy revealed that strains known to possess soluble haemagglutinin adhered intimately to the cell surfaces, with cupping of the plasma membrane and coalescence of glycocalyces at sites of attachment. strains of h. pylori without soluble haemagglutinin also attached, but did not induce membrane cupping or show glycocalyx fusion. light microscopy did not ...19912010909
[gastritis associated with gastrospirillum hominis--a zoonosis?].we found spiral bacteria (non-helicobacter pylori, sb) in gastric biopsies of 5 patients corresponding to an incidence of 0.3%. the bacteria were found on the surface of the gastric mucosa and in part tightly packed within the crypts. contrary to helicobacter pylori, most of them had no direct contact to the surface and crypt epithelium. they are distinctly coiled, 3.6-5.5 microns in length and on average 0.5 microns thick. ultrastructural studies revealed sheathed flagella at each pole. in one ...19912011719
a 20-minute breath test for helicobacter this study, we evaluated a simplified rapid 14c-urea breath test for the diagnosis of helicobacter pylori. fasting patients undergoing initial assessment for h. pylori drank 5 microci of 14c-urea in 20 ml of water. breath was collected at intervals for 30 min. samples were counted in a beta-counter, and the results were expressed as counts per minute (cpm). in the same week, patients underwent endoscopy, and a blinded investigator examined biopsy samples of gastric mucosa by culture and histo ...19912012046
chronic alcoholic gastritis. roles of alcohol and helicobacter pylori.we assessed the relative roles of alcohol and infection with helicobacter pylori in the pathogenesis of chronic gastritis in alcoholic patients. helicobacter pylori was found in 14 of 18 alcoholics with dyspepsia and was associated with chronic antral gastritis. gastric biopsy specimens were normal in four h pylori-negative alcoholics. studies were repeated 3 to 4 weeks after controlled abstinence. there was no change in histologic findings during this period, indicating that alcohol itself was ...19912012461
[duodenal ulcer can be cured if helicobacter pylori infection is treated]. 19912016956
gastric epithelial cells in helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis express hla-dr but not icam-1.induced expression of the intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (icam-1) and of the major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class ii antigens has been simultaneously observed on keratinocytes and epithelial cells in the thyroid and kidney, suggesting that icam-1 and hla-dr expression might be under common regulation. we have previously found an association between the presence of helicobacter pylori and an induced expression of class ii antigens on gastric epithelial cells in gastric biopsy specimens ...19912017660
the helicobacter (campylobacter) pylori-colonized duodenal mucosa and gastric metaplasia.biopsies were obtained from non-ulcerated sites of the duodenum from 100 dyspeptic patients. helicobacter (campylobacter) pylori was cultivated from 19 of these biopsies. active chronic duodenitis (acd) was found in 17 biopsies and more than 5% gastric metaplasia in 20 biopsies. h. pylori as well as acd occurred with a significantly increased frequency when more than 5% gastric metaplasia was found in the duodenal biopsies. h. pylori on metaplastic tissue without acd was, however, seen in two ca ...19912018637
abo blood group, secretor status and detection of helicobacter pylori among patients with gastric or duodenal ulcers.patients (454) referred for gastroscopy to the general hospital of athens were examined to determine (1) if non-secretors were over-represented among patients with ulcers and (2) if there was an association with abo blood group or secretor status and carriage of helicobacter pylori. compared with the local population, among patients with either gastric ulcer (51) or duodenal ulcer (96) there was a significant increase in the proportion of those who were blood group o (p less than 0.025); however ...19912019293
epidemiology of helicobacter pylori in an asymptomatic population in the united states. effect of age, race, and socioeconomic status.a causative role is now accepted for helicobacter (formerly campylobacter) pylori in type b gastritis, and evidence is accumulating that h. pylori infection plays a major contributory role in peptic ulcer disease. preliminary studies have reported that the prevalence of h. pylori infection increases with age, but detailed information on the prevalence of the bacteria in any defined population and on the factors that may influence the pattern of distribution remains scanty. in the present study, ...19912019355
helicobacter pylori-associated exaggerated gastrin release in duodenal ulcer patients. the effect of bombesin infusion and urea ingestion.recent studies have shown that the exaggerated meal-stimulated gastrin release in patients with duodenal ulcer abates after eradication of helicobacter pylori infection. bombesin-stimulated gastrin release was compared in 11 h. pylori-infected patients with chronic duodenal ulcer and 8 uninfected healthy volunteers both before and after therapy to eradicate h. pylori. bombesin infusion significantly increased the gastrin release both in control subjects and in patients with duodenal ulcer. antim ...19912019363
long-term nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug use and helicobacter pylori infection.this study investigates whether patients who take nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs are more likely to have helicobacter pylori gastritis than age-matched individuals who do not take nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, and whether patients who take nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs who are also infected with h. pylori are more likely to have dyspepsia, mucosal damage, or ulcers than those who are not infected. two studies were performed, one serological and the other endoscopic, both in art ...19912019371
[helicobacter pylori infection. does the mountain come to mohammed?]. 19912020238
helicobacter pylori in children with peptic ulcer and their families.little is known about the source and spread of helicobacter pylori, but transmission from infected family contacts has been suggested. we have therefore investigated 15 children with peptic ulcer and their first-degree relatives for h. pylori. serum anti-h. pylori igg, pepsinogen i, and gastrin levels were measured. endoscopy was carried out on the children and relatives, and biopsies were taken from the gastric antrum for histology, microbiology, and urease testing. six of 11 children with duod ...19912022157
effect of omeprazole on duodenal ulcer-associated antral gastritis and helicobacter pylori.this study set out to investigate the effects of omeprazole or ranitidine on the progression of antral gastritis and helicobacter pylori in patients with active duodenal ulcer. a double-blind, double-dummy trial was performed in 270 patients, 241 of whom were studied histologically for the presence of h. pylori. patients were randomized to receive omeprazole, 10 mg every morning, omeprazole, 20 mg every morning, or ranitidine, 150 mg twice a day, for four weeks. endoscopy was performed on entry ...19912022158
helicobacter pylori infection in intestinal- and diffuse-type gastric adenocarcinomas.gastric cancer can be divided into two histologic types: intestinal and diffuse. to determine whether helicobacter pylori, a bacterium linked with gastritis, was associated with either cancer type, we reviewed histologic sections from stomachs of patients who had undergone gastrectomy for gastric cancer. of 37 of the sections with evidence of intestinal-type cancer, 33 (89.2%) contained h pylori in noncancerous tissue compared with 7 (31.8%) of 22 of the sections with evidence of diffuse-type ca ...19912023282
helicobacter pylori infection in healthy people: a dynamic process?epidemiological studies using serological tests have shown that a large proportion of healthy people have antibodies against helicobacter pylori (anti-hp). it is uncertain whether the presence of anti-hp indicates active infection or only past exposure to the micro-organism. in this study we determined anti-hp with a specific enzyme linked immunosorbent assay in 100 healthy volunteers who were at the same time investigated for active h pylori infection by means of the 13c-urea breath test. forty ...19912026331
congestive gastropathy and helicobacter pylori: an endoscopic and morphometric study.congestive gastropathy is a frequent cause of upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage in patients with portal hypertension. the pathogenesis is thought to involve venous congestion with gastric mucosal capillary dilatation. we studied the relation between gastric mucosal capillary dilatation, measured morphometrically, and endoscopic appearances in 74 patients with portal hypertension and 20 control subjects. we also investigated the frequency of gastric colonisation with helicobacter pylori. mucosal ...19912026332
testing for helicobacter pylori in the diagnosis of zollinger-ellison syndrome.infection with helicobacter pylori is associated with almost all cases of peptic ulcer. using bayes' formula, we evaluated whether testing for h. pylori in a patient with proven ulcer might help in the work-up of a zollinger-ellison syndrome (ze). a negative test for h. pylori in a patient with duodenal ulcer would raise a pretest probability for ze of 10-20% to a posttest range of 61-78%. the information provided by a negative test result with respect to ze is greater in younger than in older u ...19912028953
[dyspepsia and helicobacter (campylobacter) pylori. results of a randomized therapeutic trial using amoxicillin versus placebos].a population of non ulcer dyspepsia outpatients with a normal gastroscopy was assessed. clinical complaints, the type of the gastritis, its activity and bacterial density were evaluated. helicobacter pylori (hp) was sought by histology, urease test and culture, on 3 distinct locations. hp was found in 62 p. cent of the patients, always in association with gastritis. urease test and histology had the same sensitivity in the detection of hp. a randomized double blind study with amoxicillin vs plac ...19912029180
cystic fibrosis and helicobacter pylori gastritis, megaloblastic anaemia, subnormal mentality and minor anomalies in two siblings: a new syndrome?two siblings of consanguineous arab parents were found to have cystic fibrosis and gastritis associated with helicobacter pylori, folate deficiency megaloblastic anaemia, subnormal mentality and minor anomalies. the association of h. pylori and megaloblastic anaemia has not been described in patients with cystic fibrosis. h. pylori infection and gastritis is probably more common in patients with cystic fibrosis than appreciated. we believe that the constellation of features in the two sibs repre ...19912029916
evaluation of a commercial elisa for serodiagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection.a commercial elisa for the detection of helicobacter pylori igg antibodies was evaluated using serum from 242 patients attending an endoscopy clinic. the efficacy of the elisa was assessed in relation to the histological detection of h pylori on antral mucosal biopsy specimens. in patients under 61 years of age (n = 138) the elisa was 97.5% sensitive and 85.5% specific for h pylori infection, with a positive predictive value of 91% and a negative predictive value of 96%. over the whole group the ...19912030153
[gastritis c, non-a non-b and the sydney system: european unification or tower of babel?].the isolation of helicobacter pylori from the human stomach has changed the insights into the mechanisms of chronic gastritis. the altered concepts are reflected in newly developed classification systems. in 1989 distinction of the types a, b and c of chronic gastritis was proposed as a working formulation. in this classification type a gastritis is an autoimmune disease with antibodies against parietal cells and intrinsic factor. it is limited to the body of the stomach and may be complicated b ...19912030784
helicobacter pylori. 19912031624
low peptic ulcer and high gastric cancer prevalence in a developing country with a high prevalence of infection by helicobacter pylori.we compared the prevalence rates of peptic ulcer (duodenal and gastric) and gastric cancer in 1,796 dyspeptic peruvian patients with those reported in 2,883 similar patients from developed countries. the prevalence of total peptic ulcer was significantly lower, and that of gastric cancer significantly higher, in the peruvian patients. the prevalence of gastric ulcer was lower but not significantly so. we deduced that the significantly lower prevalence of total peptic ulcer was directly related t ...19912033222
identification of glycolipid receptors for helicobacter pylori by tlc-immunostaining.helicobacter pylori has been identified as a causative agent in active chronic gastritis. the receptor for this bacteria, however, is not known. it is likely that the receptor molecules may be glycosphingolipids as shown in the cases of other bacteria. we explored this possibility by a thin-layer chromatography (tlc)-immunostaining method. among glycosphingolipids extracted from human gastric mucosa, intact helicobacter pylori specifically bound to i3so3-galcer and ii3neuac-laccer, whereas no sp ...19912037054
seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in couples.we investigated the prevalence of helicobacter pylori in 277 couples attending an infertility clinic. in total, 96 (17.3%) of the 554 persons were positive; in only 18 (6.6%) of the couples were both persons seropositive. age was an important predictor for h. pylori infection. for 177 couples, information regarding birthplace, duration of cohabitation, history of ulcer or gastritis, and use of antacid or bismuth compounds was available. none of these variables correlated with h. pylori infection ...19912037687
gastroduodenal mucus gel thickness in patients with helicobacter pylori: a method for assessment of biopsy specimens.the gastroduodenal mucus layer is considered the primary mucosal protective barrier, especially important in the maintenance of a mucosal ph gradient. thus, the measurement of the mucus layer thickness in various disease states could advance our understanding of gastroduodenal pathophysiology. we present a novel method for measuring the mucus layer in endoscopic biopsy material and compare layer thickness in helicobacter pylori (hp)-negative and hp-positive specimens. endoscopic biopsies were ob ...19912038995
effect of helicobacter pylori infection on the severity of gastroduodenal mucosal injury after the acute administration of naproxen or aspirin to normal volunteers.this study asked whether helicobactor pylori infection accentuated the severity of nsaid-induced mucosal injury of the stomach or duodenum. we evaluated the severity of acute mucosal injury and h. pylori status in 61 normal volunteers (ages 22-43 yr) receiving naproxen (1000 mg, n = 30) or aspirin (3900 mg, n = 31) daily for 7 days. nsaid-induced gastric and duodenal mucosa each were endoscopically graded separately for hemorrhages and erosions-ulcers on a scale of 0 to 4. h. pylori infection wa ...19912038996
lansoprazole, a novel benzimidazole proton pump inhibitor, and its related compounds have selective activity against helicobacter pylori.the activities of various types of antiulcer agents against helicobacter pylori (formerly called campylobacter pylori) strains were determined by an agar dilution method. among the compounds tested, two benzimidazole proton pump inhibitors, lansoprazole (ag-1749) and omeprazole, were found to have significant activities against this organism. the activity of lansoprazole was comparable to that of bismuth citrate, with mics ranging from 3.13 to 12.5 micrograms/ml, and fourfold more potent than th ...19912039199
acute lethality of helicobacter pylori in mice. a novel heat-labile toxin. 19912040404
histamine concentration of gastric mucosa in helicobacter pylori positive and negative children.the histamine concentration was determined by enzymatic isotopic method in biopsy specimens of oxyntic mucosa from 37 children. nineteen of the 37 had helicobacter pylori associated gastritis (9 with duodenal ulcer). the histamine concentration in the h pylori negative group was mean (sd) 54.1 (23.1) micrograms/g fresh weight, and that in the h pylori positive group was 26.3 (14.2) micrograms/g (p less than 0.01). there was also a significant difference between h pylori positive patients with du ...19912040464
diagnostic efficiency of an ultrarapid endoscopy room test for helicobacter pylori.there are several reliable methods for detecting helicobacter pylori but all have as a major disadvantage the time required to yield a definitive result. we have modified the standard urease test so that a positive result is available in one minute. we describe the use of this test in biopsy specimens from the gastric antrum from 220 consecutive patients referred for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. the performance of the 'one minute test' was compared with a standard urease test, gram stain, a ...19912040465
13c-urea breath test for helicobacter pylori infection. 19912040481
[helicobacter pylori]. 19912042148
evaluation of diagnostic methods for helicobacter pylori gastritis.the authors evaluated the use of direct gram-stained smears, 1- and 24-hour urease broth tests, histologic examination, and culture to detect helicobacter pylori in 100 gastric biopsy specimens from 97 patients with epigastric symptoms. twenty-six patients had positive cultures and 27 had h. pylori identifiable in hematoxylin and eosin-stained sections. the gastric biopsy specimens from the 29 patients with culture and/or histologic findings positive for h. pylori showed active gastritis in 27 c ...19912042584
basophil-bound and serum immunoglobulin e directed against helicobacter pylori in patients with chronic gastritis.the immunoglobulin (ig) e immune response in patients with helicobacter pylori-associated chronic gastritis has been evaluated. of 26 patients with h. pylori infection, 22 (84%) tested positive for basophil-bound specific ige (determined by the histamine release test) and 18 (69%) for serum specific ige (determined by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). in contrast, only 1 of 17 persons in whom the bacterium was not detected presented cell-bound and serum specific ige. in the 4 histamine rele ...19912044902
positive serum antibody and negative tissue staining for helicobacter pylori in subjects with atrophic body gastritis.helicobacter pylori is rarely found in gastric biopsy specimens from individuals with atrophic gastritis of the body mucosa. to determine if subjects with atrophic body gastritis have evidence of previous infection with h. pylori, immunoglobulin g antibody to h. pylori was measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in sera of 399 finnish subjects. in 124 subjects, multiple biopsy specimens from body and antrum had been evaluated for the presence of h. pylori by giemsa staining. antibody corre ...19912044906
sensitivity of the gastric mucosa to acid and duodenal contents in patients with nonulcer dyspepsia.nonulcer dyspepsia is a common clinical syndrome whose etiology is unknown. the sensitivity of the gastric mucosa to acid and duodenal contents in 18 patients with nonulcer dyspepsia was studied. the patients had a normal upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and biopsy specimens were obtained for determination of helicobacter pylori status. fifteen of the 18 patients were infected with h. pylori. all patients underwent intubation with double-lumen tube and collection of cholecystokinin-stimulated pa ...19912044924
a novel enzyme immunoassay for serodiagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection.helicobacter pylori has recently been implicated as an etiologic agent of gastroduodenal disorders. comparing the antibody to h. pylori in the sera of patients with that of normal controls by western blot analysis, a unique antibody was detected in the sera of patients, which reacted with the 25-kilodalton antigen of h. pylori. on the other hand, monoclonal antibody cp3 prepared in the authors' laboratory also recognized the 25-kilodalton antigen of h. pylori. whether the serum antibody of the p ...19912044930
suicidal destruction of helicobacter pylori: metabolic consequence of intracellular accumulation of ammonia.the role of ph, citrate buffer, and urea were investigated in the suicidal destruction of helicobacter pylori, with particular reference to the organism's urea and ammonia metabolism. the median five minute survival of h pylori in the presence of 50 mmol/l urea in 0.2 m citrate buffer at ph 6.0 was only 14%, compared with 53% in the same solution at ph 7.0. the median amount of ammonium released into the incubating solution over five minutes was lower at ph 6.0 (9 mumol) than at ph 7.0 (18 mumol ...19912045495
estimation of prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in an asymptomatic elderly population comparing [14c] urea breath test and serology.a non-invasive serological assay devised in this laboratory had a sensitivity and specificity of 100% as determined by culture and confirmed by histology in a group of 47 patients who had undergone endoscopy. the correlation between serology and the non-invasive [14c] breath test was very good. only one of 24 culture positive patients was, while all 23 culture negative patients were, breath test negative. in a group of 46 healthy elderly persons, however, significant anomalies between serology a ...19912045496
helicobacter pylori catalase.helicobacter pylori is the major aetiological agent of gastroduodenitis in humans. due to the potential importance of catalase in the growth and survival of helicobacter pylori on the surface of inflamed mucosae, we have characterized catalase from h. pylori as a prelude to further studies on the function of the enzyme in vivo. the catalase activity of h. pylori was significantly affected by the presence of blood, serum or erythrocytes in the growth medium: the greatest activity was expressed wh ...19912045782
quantification of helicobacter pylori infection in gastritis and ulcer disease using a simple and rapid carbon-14-urea breath test.gastric urease was studied isotopically in 230 patients with biopsy-proven normal mucosa or chronic gastritis, including 59 patients with ulcer disease. carbon-14-urea was given in 25 ml of water without substrate carrier or nutrient-dense meal, and breath samples were collected over a 60-min period. the amount of 14co2 excreted at 10 min was independent of the rate of gastric emptying and was not quantitatively influenced by the buccal urease activity. the 10-min 14co2 values discriminated well ...19912045933
[campylobacter pyloridis in gastric inflammatory and ulcerative pathology. an endoscopic and histopathological study in 70 patients]. 19912046967
[gastroduodenal pathology in pyelonephritis in children].the authors describe lesions of the upper alimentary tract in 91 children aged 4 to 15 years suffering from pyelonephritis. intragastric ph-metry, endoscopy and histological examination of biopsy specimens from the gastric and duodenal mucosa were carried out, as a result of which gastroduodenal pathology was diagnosed in 3/4 of the patients. in 69.4% of the children, biopsy specimens of the mucous membrane of the antrum of the stomach showed campylobacter pylori. such combined pathology require ...19912047174
[role of campylobacter pylori and mucous microflora in the pathogenesis of long-non-healing stomach ulcers].altogether 89 patients with long non-healing gastric ulcers were examined for campylobacter pylori (cp) and mucous microflora. it is shown that in patients with long non-healing gastric ulcers, cp was only demonstrable in 19.8% of cases whereas pathological microflora (candida and microbial associations) in 72.3% of cases. in patients with cp, the administration of de-nol, metronidazole and ampicillin were not sufficiently effective.19912048015
[etiologic and pathologic approaches to pharmacotherapy of peptic ulcer].today the majority of gastroduodenal ulcers, refractory to the treatment and recurrent ones, occur because of the persistence in the gastric mucosa of helicobacter pylori. the prevalence of the infection in patients with gastroduodenal ulcer together with the efficacy of a number of antibacterial drugs in addition to antisecretory and cytoprotective agents were studied on a large factual material.19912048017
oral immunization against helicobacter pylori.helicobacter pylori, which has been associated with gastritis and duodenal ulcers, commonly chronically infects adults. eradication of this microorganism, which is difficult to achieve, results in normalization of gastritis and marked reduction in the relapse rate of duodenal ulcers. since eradication is difficult to achieve, prevention of initial colonization of the gastrointestinal tract may be a viable alternative for abrogation of h. pylori-associated gastroduodenal disease. to test the feas ...19912050403
essential role of urease in pathogenesis of gastritis induced by helicobacter pylori in gnotobiotic piglets.a mutant strain of helicobacter pylori with weak urease activity was created by using n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine. the urease activity of the mutant (0.036 +/- 0.009 nmol of urea per micrograms of bacterial protein per min) was 0.4% of that of the parental strain (8.20 +/- 2.30 nmol of urea per micrograms of bacterial protein per min). the mutant was otherwise indistinguishable from the parental strain. both demonstrated prominent catalase and oxidase activities, and both produced vacuo ...19912050411
differences in distribution and severity of helicobacter pylori gastritis in children and adults with duodenal ulcer disease.the presence of helicobacter pylori and the gastric mucosa histology were investigated in 15 children and 15 adults with duodenal ulcer. the microorganism was isolated from antral and oxyntic mucosa in 100% of patients, both adults and children. the results of gram stain and preformed urease test were compared with those of culture and there was no difference in sensitivity among the tests. antral chronic gastritis was observed in all patients. however, children presented oxyntic gastritis more ...19912051269
helicobacter pylori and benign lymphoid hyperplasia. 19912051285
gas-permeable lifecell tissue culture flasks give improved growth of helicobacter pylori in a liquid medium.experiments were conducted to investigate the microaerobic culture of helicobacter pylori in a liquid medium by using gas-permeable lifecell tissue culture flasks. growth in lifecell tissue culture flasks was 1.2 to 1.6 log units greater than that in glass control bottles. these results were comparable to those reported by the use of gyrated media.19912056041
[sensitivity and specificity of a simplified, standardized 13c-urea breath test for the demonstration of helicobacter pylori].a simplified 13c-urea breath test (ubt) for detection of helicobacter pylori (hp) infection was evaluated in 50 patients. following upper gastrointestinal endoscopy the patients received 100 ml of a liquid test meal with 100 mg 13c-urea. breath samples were obtained at baseline and 30 minutes respectively. the ubt was positive (difference of 13co2 enrichment exceeding 5%) in 33/35 patients with culture-proven hp infection and negative in 14/15 patients in whom microbiological culture, histology ...19912057743
[the treatment of patients with long-term nonhealing duodenal ulcers combined with chronic gastric erosions in the presence of helicobacter pylori].data are reported of the efficacy of different drugs in the treatment 66 patients with prolonged nonhealing duodenal ulcers in association with chronic erosions in the presence of helicobacter pylori. it was found that a concentrate of granulocytes and de-nol proved most efficient while trichopol and furazolidone were of minor efficacy.19912058135
on: the who's and when's of therapy for helicobacter pylori. 19912058644
improvement in gastric secretion by the inclusion of tetracyclines in therapeutic schedules for helicobacter pylori-associated active chronic gastritis. 19912058645
association between infection with helicobacter pylori and risk of gastric cancer: evidence from a prospective investigate the association between gastric cancer and prior infection with helicobacter pylori.19912059685
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