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isolation of vibrio fetus from bovine preputial fluid, using millipore filters and an antibiotic medium. 196313988455
collection of bovine cervical mucus with insemination pipettes for the isolation of vibrio fetus. 196213987686
cellular changes in the endometrium of vibrio fetus-infected and noninfected heifers. 196213959224
the isolation of vibrio fetus from the ovine gallbladder. 196213893064
vibrio fetus meningitis in a newborn infant. 196213889167
the effect of growth factors on the growth of vibrio fetus. 196013788200
the effect of enzyme inhibitors on vibrio fetus, proteus vulgaris, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. 196013788199
the experimental inoculation of heifers with vibrio fetus of ovine origin. 196113782529
experimental immunization against ovine vibriosis. i. the use of live and formalin-killed vibrio fetus vaccines. 196113770899
vibrio fetus isolated from a patient with localized septic arthritis. 196113756108
an in vitro study of extracted antigens of vibrio fetus isolates. 196113742232
characterization of vibrio fetus antigens. iii. study of serologic and biophysical properties of a polysaccharide fraction in a hemolytic system. 196013741872
characterization of vibrio fetus antigens. iv. study of polysaccharide-antibody reactions by a rapid slide gel diffusion technique. 196113741871
agglutinin-adsorption analysis of vibrio fetus.reich, c. v. (pennsylvania state university, university park), c. e. heist, and h. w. dunne. agglutinin-adsorption analysis of vibrio fetus. j. bacteriol. 82:210-214. 1961.-all pathogenic strains of vibrio fetus are apparently members of a single serotype. within this broad grouping, it was possible to define the relationship of certain selected strains by a system of complete reciprocal adsorption and cross agglutination. formalin treated suspensions of v. fetus, and controlled titer homologous ...196113740411
the uterine biopsy technique for following the histologic changes caused by vibrio fetus in the uterine mucosa. 196013724196
vibrio fetus infection in man and animals. 196013705420
isolation and characterization of an unusual organism in blood culture: vibrio fetus. 195913670174
studies on the antigenic structure of vibrio fetus. 195913641444
insemination of heifers with penicillin- and dihydrostreptomycin-treated frozen semen from vibrio fetus carrier bulls. 195913639578
[septicemia due to vibrio fetus in the course of alcoholic cirrhosis with hemochromatosis]. 195913629324
isolation of a lipopolysaccharide from vibrio fetus. 195913622734
the sensitivity of vibrio fetus to streptomycin and the emergence of resistant mutants. 195813611194
[case of septicemia due to vibrio fetus; fatal outcome by aggravation of a preexisting cardiopathy]. 195813608289
survival of brucella abortus, leptospira pomona, and vibrio fetus in the illini variable temperature semen extender at 29 c. 195813583394
some biochemical characteristics of vibrio fetus and other related vibrios isolated from animals. 195813575391
[vibrio fetus infection during metaicteric cirrhosis]. 195713528357
some metabolic activities of vibrio fetus of bovine origin. 195813513583
[immunochemistry of 20 strains of vibrio isolated from bovine abortion cases; comparison with 2 strains of vibrio fetus]. 195713498452
infectivity of colonial variants of vibrio fetus strains for the chicken embryo. 195813498264
morphological and serological characteristics of fresh isolates of vibrio fetus and other vibrios inhabiting the bovine and ovine genital tracts. 195813498244
human infections with vibrio fetus and a closely related vibrio. 195713475869
technique for rapid growth of vibrio fetus in broth. 195713475229
energy sources utilized by vibrio fetus. 195713475215
the characteristics of agglutinating antigens of vibrio fetus variants. i. effects of heat and formalin on serological activity. 195713470232
an improved method for the rapid cultivation of large yields of vibrio fetus. 195713444602
observations on experimental bovine vibrio fetus infection. 195713444575
isolation of vibrio fetus from bulls. 195713444574
characteristics of colonial forms of vibrio fetus. 195713424946
an improved medium for the cultivation of vibrio fetus. 195713424945
[characteristic growth of bovine vibrio fetus on blood agar]. 195613410030
effect of antibiotics on vibrio fetus and bovine spermatozoa. 195713394822
human vibriosis caused by vibrio fetus. 195713385129
[a method of determining a vibrio fetus by polymicrobial samples particularly from the preputial fluid; selective heart-blood-gelose medium with brilliant green agar in microaerobiosis]. 195613375030
[new culture method for the isolation of vibrio fetus from genital secretions of male and female cattle]. 195513371832
effect of gaseous environment on growth and catalase content of vibrio fetus cultures of bovine origin. 195613366935
[the diversity of pathological manifestations during infection by vibrio fetus in various species]. 195613364484
colonial and antigenic variations of vibrio fetus. 195613362799
serological responses of cattle to vibrio fetus vaccine as measured by the complement-fixation test and tube-agglutination test. 195613362772
[septicemia with endocarditis caused by vibrio fetus]. 195613342961
[elements of bacteriological research on the infection of french cattle by vibrio fetus]. 195613327522
[fundamentals of serological investigation of vibrio fetus infection of french cattle]. 195613327504
in vitro and in vivo use of antibiotics against vibrio fetus. 195613319177
physiological characteristics differentiating vibrio fetus and other vibrios. 195613302664
gaseous requirements for growth of vibrio fetus. 195613283241
serological variants among strains of vibrio fetus. 195613277332
reproductive efficiency and serological findings in heifers experimentally infected with vibrio fetus. 195513259022
the stimulated growth of vibrio fetus by the use of hormones. 195513251994
experimental vibrio fetus infection in male hamsters. 195513228893
serological and physiological relationships between strains of vibrio fetus. 195513228888
a preliminary report on the identification of vibrio fetus. 195513228871
the growth and viability of vibrio fetus and related vibrios in media containing ox bile. 195513219933
[vibrio fetus septicemia in a man]. 195413209343
the illustration of the morphology of vibrio fetus by electron microscopy. 195413207590
experimental vibrio fetus infection in guinea pigs. iii. pathogenicity studies and the effect of guinea pig passage upon agglutinogens. 195413207584
[septicemia due to vibrio fetus in a gastrectomized patient with blood protein deficiency]. 195413198378
transmission of experimental vibrio fetus infection among guinea pigs and hamsters. 195413148490
experimental vibrio fetus infection in guinea pigs. ii. pathological aspects. 195413124691
the tampon method of collection and the examination of cervicovaginal mucus for vibrio fetus agglutinins. 195313117727
an electron micrograph of vibrio fetus. 195313094936
a satisfactory method for the culture of vibrio fetus. 195313067636
experimental vibrio fetus infection in guinea pigs. i. bacteriological aspects. 195313065652
serological relationships of twenty three ovine and three bovine strains of vibrio fetus. 195313065651
preparations of antigen for detection of agglutinins for vibrio fetus. 195313065650
a study of the pathology of embryonating chicken eggs inoculated with vibrio fetus. 195313031019
[immunochemical researches on vibrio fetus. ii. chemical fractionation of microbes and serological study of two antigenic fractions]. 195213017156
[immunochemical researches on vibrio fetus. i. preliminary serological study of 10 strains of different origins]. 195213017155
suitable thioglycolate media for the cultivation of vibrio fetus. 195212999711
toward an international standard for pcr-based detection of food-borne thermotolerant campylobacters: validation in a multicenter collaborative part of a european research project, the performance of a pcr assay to detect food-borne thermotolerant campylobacters (campylobacter jejuni, c. coli, and c. lari) was evaluated through an international collaborative trial involving 12 participating laboratories. dna from 10 target and 8 nontarget strains was tested, and the results were reported as the presence of a positive signal after gel electrophoresis. the overall inclusivity (sensitivity) was 93.7%, and the exclusivity (specificity) w ...200312957959
rapid detection of campylobacter jejuni in chicken rinse water by melting-peak analysis of amplicons in real-time polymerase chain reaction.five dna extraction protocols for the detection of campylobacter spp. by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) were compared. a method involving triton x-100 produced template dna of sufficient quality to allow the detection of campylobacter jejuni at levels of 100 cfu/ml in pure culture. primers were designed on the basis of the cadf gene sequence. with a sybr green i real-time pcr assay, these primers amplified only sequences present in c. jejuni to produce a product with a melting temperature of 81 ...200312929818
[a man with campylobacter endocarditis, treatable as campylobacter fetus following identification]. 200312892017
use of pcr for direct detection of campylobacter species in bovine feces.this study reports on the use of pcr to directly detect and distinguish campylobacter species in bovine feces without enrichment. inhibitors present in feces are a major obstacle to using pcr to detect microorganisms. the qiaamp dna stool minikit was found to be an efficacious extraction method, as determined by the positive amplification of internal control dna added to bovine feces before extraction. with nested or seminested multiplex pcr, campylobacter coli, c. fetus, c. hyointestinalis, and ...200312788747
sandwich hybridisation assay for quantitative detection of yeast rnas in crude cell lysates.background: a rapid microtiter plate based sandwich hybridization assay was developed for detection and quantification of single rna species using magnetic beads. following solution hybridization target rna molecules were collected by biotin-streptavidin affinity binding and detected by fluorescence signal generated by alkaline phosphatase. the 18s rrna and suc2 mrna of saccharomyces cerevisiae were used as model rna target molecules. results: the sensitivity of the assay was approximately 1.2 x ...200312780940
campylobacter fetus bacteremia in a patient with adult t cell leukemia. 200312766848
phenotypic and genotypic differentiation of campylobacter spp. isolated from austrian broiler farms: a identification scheme based on restriction fragment length polymorphism of polymerase chain reaction products (pcr-rflp) was developed to differentiate isolates of the genera campylobacter, arcobacter and helicobacter. based on the 16s rrna gene of these genera, pcr amplified a 1216-bp fragment. the amplicons were digested with the restriction enzymes rsai and ecorv. additional differentiation was obtained using a pcr-assay based on the hippuricase gene. genotyping was performed on several re ...200312745378
humoral immune responses to s-layer-like proteins of bacteroides forsythus.bacteroides forsythus is one of the important periodontopathic bacteria, and this microorganism is known to have an s-layer outside the outer membrane. the s-layer-like antigens were recently isolated from b. forsythus, and they were found to be 270- and 230-kda proteins in the envelope fraction. in this study, these proteins were confirmed to be specific to b. forsythus by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and they were clearly recognized by sera from patients with adul ...200312738635
usefulness of the microseq 500 16s ribosomal dna-based bacterial identification system for identification of clinically significant bacterial isolates with ambiguous biochemical profiles.due to the inadequate automation in the amplification and sequencing procedures, the use of 16s rrna gene sequence-based methods in clinical microbiology laboratories is largely limited to identification of strains that are difficult to identify by phenotypic methods. in this study, using conventional full-sequence 16s rrna gene sequencing as the "gold standard," we evaluated the usefulness of the microseq 500 16s ribosomal dna (rdna)-based bacterial identification system, which involves amplifi ...200312734240
presumptive toxoplasma gondii abortion in a sheep.a primiparous ewe aborted in mid-gestation. toxoplasma gondii was suspected as the cause of abortion and a presumptive diagnosis of t. gondii abortion was based on histological lesions of the placenta.200312715986
failure of surface ring mutant strains of helicobacter mustelae to persistently infect the ferret stomach.helicobacter mustelae, the gastric pathogen of ferrets, produces an array of surface ring structures which have not been described for any other member of the genus helicobacter, including h. pylori. the unique ring structures are composed of a protein named hsr. to investigate whether the hsr rings are important for colonization of the ferret stomach, ferrets specific pathogen free for h. mustelae were inoculated with an hsr-deficient mutant strain or the wild-type h. mustelae strain. quantitat ...200312704104
structure and genotypic plasticity of the campylobacter fetus sap locus.the campylobacter fetus surface layer proteins (slps), encoded by five to nine sapa homologues, are major virulence factors. to characterize the sapa homologues further, a 65.9 kb c. fetus genomic region encompassing the sap locus from wild-type strain 23d was completely sequenced and analysed; 44 predicted open reading frames (orfs) were recognized. the 53.8 kb sap locus contained eight complete and one partial sapa homologues, varying from 2769 to 3879 bp, sharing conserved 553-2622 bp 5' regi ...200312694614
effect of transport enrichment medium, transport time, and growth medium on the detection of campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis.the combination of medium and growth conditions, including transport enrichment medium (tem), transport time, tem incubation time, and growth medium, that best support campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis while inhibiting contaminants was studied. the 3 tems evaluated, weybridge, cary-blair, and 0.85% saline solution, were inoculated with preputial smegma spiked with c. fetus subsp. venerealis and held in the laboratory for 4 or 24 hours before inoculation onto growth medium. the effect of over ...200212680641
effect of two commercial vaccines to campylobacter fetus subspecies on heifers naturally challenged.efficacy of two commercial vaccines containing campylobacter fetus subspecies on heifers naturally challenged by service with an infected bull was tested. sixteen heifers were vaccinated parentally two times with 3 weeks as interval, eight with commercial vaccine a and the other eight with commercial vaccine b. eight other heifers were used as unvaccinated controls. forty days after the first vaccine dose, the heifers were served by an infected bull during 60 days. measure of systemic immune res ...200312675898
[identification and differentiation of campylobacter fetus subspecies by pcr].the species campylobacter (c.) fetus is divided into the subspecies venerealis and fetus, which differ in epidemiology and clinical importance. the differences between these subspecies make an accurate distinction essential. differentiation of c. fetus by traditional microbiological methods is only based on two reactions (tolerance to glycin, na selenite reduction), in which c. fetus ssp. venerealis reacts negatively. however, the value of both reactions is limited. we used a specific pcr-based ...200312666499
[a man with campylobacter endocarditis, treatable as campylobacter fetus following identification].a 48-year-old dutch patient presented with general malaise, recurrent fever and weight loss. routine cultures identified a campylobacter in two blood cultures. when initial treatment with clarithromycin failed, the patient developed endocarditis. dna sequencing identified campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus (c. fetus). the patient recovered after treatment of the infection with imipenem and gentamycin, based on the minimal inhibiting concentration. c. fetus is a rare cause of infection in human ...200312661460
phenotypic and molecular characterization of bovine campylobacter fetus strains isolated in brazil.the objective of the present study was to characterize the phenotypic and molecular aspects of campylobacter fetus strains isolated from bovine herds with reproductive problems. thirty-one brazilian field isolates, together with one reference strain of each subspecies of c. fetus, were analyzed. the strains were submitted to phenotypic identification followed by subspecies characterization using the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and numeric evaluation of restriction fragment length polymorphis ...200312637000
a real-time pcr assay for the detection of campylobacter jejuni in foods after enrichment culture.a real-time pcr assay was developed for the quantitative detection of campylobacter jejuni in foods after enrichment culture. the specificity of the assay for c. jejuni was demonstrated with a diverse range of campylobacter species, related organisms, and unrelated genera. the assay had a linear range of quantification over six orders of magnitude, and the limit of detection was approximately 12 genome equivalents. the assay was used to detect c. jejuni in both naturally and artificially contami ...200312620820
pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis for detection of point mutations associated with macrolide resistance in campylobacter spp.a 23s rrna gene fragment in domain v was sequenced from 30 clinical isolates of campylobacter spp., including 22 resistant to macrolides. two point mutations associated with erythromycin resistance were identified at positions 2074 and 2075 on the 23s rrna gene (homologous to a2142c and a2143g mutations in helicobacter pylori) in which an adenine residue is also replaced with a cytosine and a guanine residue, respectively. a combined pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism technique was dev ...200312604552
specific detection of arcobacter and campylobacter strains in water and sewage by pcr and fluorescent in situ hybridization.the aim of this study was to evaluate pcr and fluorescent in situ hybridization (fish) techniques for detecting arcobacter and campylobacter strains in river water and wastewater samples. both 16s and 23s rrna sequence data were used to design specific primers and oligonucleotide probes for pcr and fish analyses, respectively. in order to assess the suitability of the methods, the assays were performed on naturally and artificially contaminated samples and compared with the isolation of cells on ...200312571045
pseudobacteraemia in a patient with neutropenic fever caused by a novel paenibacillus species: paenibacillus hongkongensis sp. characterise a strain of gram negative aerobic straight or slightly curved rods (hku3) isolated from the blood culture of a 9 year old chinese boy with neutropenic fever and pseudobacteraemia.200312560460
campylobacter fetus adheres to and enters int 407 cells.campylobacter fetus is a gram-negative bacterial pathogen of humans and ungulates and is normally transmitted via ingestion of contaminated food or water with infection resulting in mild to severe enteritis. however, despite clinical evidence that c. fetus infection often involves transient bacteremic states from which systemic infection may develop and the frequent isolation of c. fetus from extra-intestinal sites, this organism displays very poor invasiveness in in vitro models of infection. i ...200212556127
epidemiology and antimicrobial susceptibilities of 111 campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus strains isolated in québec, canada, from 1983 to 2000.the epidemiology and antimicrobial susceptibilities of 111 campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus strains isolated from 103 patients from 1983 to 2000 in québec, canada, were determined. the median number of patients infected annually with this bacteria was seven, with an incidence of 0.1 per 100,000 population. the male-to-female ratio was 1.1 to 1.0. the patients originated from 13 of the 18 québec socioeconomic regions. the age range of the patients was 6 months to 90 years old, 53% being > or = 70 ...200312517895
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