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[clinical studies on the effectiveness of sm-4300, a new non-modified gammaglobulin preparation suitable for intravenous use, in refractory infections].eighteen cases of various infections, mostly having severe underlying diseases and showing no or insufficient responses to antibacterial chemotherapy, were treated with additional intravenous drip infusion of sm-4300 (2.5 or 5 g, once a day, for 1-3 days). eight of the cases were excluded from the assessment of the effectiveness, as they died too early, or as their fever was supposed to have been "tumor fever" retrospectively. sm-4300 was found to be effective in 2 out of 5 septicemia cases, in ...19854079018
[bacteremia caused by campylobacter fetus ssp. fetus]. 19854079571
experimentally induced vibrio fetus var. intestinalis infection in pregnant cows. 19704097065
isolation and characterization of a bacteriophage for vibrio fetus.bacteriophages were isolated from 22 of 38 strains of vibrio fetus by an enrichment process, utilizing the donor and host strains growing together in fluid thioglycollate medium. one phage, v-45, isolated by the conventional lawn-spot method, was characterized by stability in broth, growth kinetics, and morphology. it was sensitive to rapid thermal inactivation, chloroform, and ph values above 6.5. calcium was required for phage replication and stability in broth. magnesium provided the best pro ...19704097234
further studies on use of polymyxin b sulfate with dihydrostreptomycin and penicillin for control of vibrio fetus in a frozen semen process. 19664166191
fluorescent antibody studies of vibrio fetus: staining characteristics in semen, preputial exudate, and pure culture. 19684170356
lytic activity of vibrio phages on strains of vibrio fetus isolated from man and animals.five phages isolated from lysogenic strains of vibrio fetus var. venerealis and two from v. fetus var. intestinalis were tested for lytic activity on 95 v. fetus strains from various animal and human hosts. in addition, virion and plaque morphology of the seven phages were compared. electron micrographs showed that all were the kite-tailed variety with minor variations in head and tail dimensions. plaques of v45 and v2 were small, clear and irregular; those of v3, v8, and v19 were large, clear a ...19734201644
detection of antibodies to campylobacter fetus (vibrio fetus) in the preputial secretions of bulls with vibriosis. 19744211911
a study of complement-fixation and serum agglutination tests on vibrio fetus infected and immunized cattle.complement-fixation (cf) and tube agglutination (ta) tests for demonstration of vibrio fetus antibodies were conducted on the sera of three groups of ten heifers. one group was vaccinated subcutaneously with a commercial v. fetus var venerealis bacterin and challenged intra-utero, at the external os cervicus one month later; the second was infected only and the third vaccinated only. the vaccinated cattle developed high cf serum titers, but no such increase was observed in animals infected only. ...19714254893
murein (peptidoglycan) structure of vibrio fetus. comparison of a venereal and an intestinal strain. 19714256272
bovine vibriosis: the distribution and specificity of antibodies induced by vaccination and infection and the immunofluorescent localization of the organism in infected heifers.two groups of three holstein heifers were immunized respectively with vibrio fetus venerealis and vibrio fetus intestinalis incorporated in freund's complete adjuvant. both serum and vaginal mucus agglutination titers increased following immunization. vaginal mucus samples were more frequently positive when the homologous cells were used as antigen in the agglutination test. ten non-immunized heifers were inoculated with another strain of v. fetus venerealis and slaughtered at periods of 30 to 4 ...19714260944
vibriosis: demonstration of vibrio fetus and vibrio bubulus organisms in preputial fluid by immunofluorescence and cultural techniques.fluorescent conjugates were prepared from the sera of calves immunized with four vibrio fetus strains and one vibrio bubulus strain. the fluorescent antibody technique (fat) was then used to detect vibrio organisms in preputial fluid collected from 67 bulls belonging to a canadian artificial insemination (ai) unit. the v. fetus conjugates reacted with both v. fetus var venerealis and v. fetus var intestinalis. v. fetus was found in 20 animals (29.9%), 13 of which also harboured v. bubulus. in tw ...19744277756
chromatographic studies of the lipid components of vibrio fetus. 19714330330
hemorrhagic-necrotic enteritis in a baboon (papio cynocephalus) due to vibrio fetus. 19724343333
[2 new cases of septicemia due to campylobacter fetus]. 19734353109
[bacteriological diagnosis of the vibrio fetus infection in bulls]. 19744408642
letter: isolation of campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis and campylobacter fetus subsp. intermedius from the preputial secretions of bulls. 19744414274
the pathogenicity of bovine faecal isolates of vibrio fetus var intestinalis serotype v in pregnant ewes. 19744416400
immunisation against bovine vibriosis. vaccination of bulls against infection with campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis. 19744441328
infection patterns in heifers following cervicovaginal or intrauterine instillation of campylobacter (vibrio) fetus venerealis. 19744473318
natural and immune antibodies for vibrio fetus in serum and secretions of cattle.naturally occurring antibodies for vibrio fetus with whole-cell and o antigen specificities were detected in sera of mature cattle by means of the agglutination and indirect immunofluorescence reactions. o antibodies occurred in each of 21 sera examined, and whole-cell antibodies, in lower concentrations, occurred in 15 of the 21 sera. natural antibodies were detected in the immunoglobulin g, m, and a (igg, igm, iga) classes. parenteral immunization with whole cells in freund's complete adjuvant ...19724564880
a method for maintaining the viability of vibrio fetus var. venerealis in samples of preputial secretions collected from carrier bulls. 19724565641
long term storage of vibrio fetus cultures by means of freeze-drying. 19724570341
the effect of osmotic variation upon the growth of vibrio fetus. 19744596990
campylobacter fetus subspecies jejuni (vibrio fetus) from commercially processed poultry.three isolates of the human and animal pathogen campylobacter fetus ss. jejuni (vibrio fetus) were obtained from 165 poultry meat samples purchased from local retail stores.19744598233
studies on the growth conditions of campylobacter fetus. 19744605171
studies on the growth conditions of campylobacter fetus. ii. the manifestation of nutritional requirements by conditional static cultivation. 19744605172
studies on the growth conditions of campylobacter fetus. 3. collaborative function of some surfactants in a yeast extract medium for selective cultivation. 19744605173
tube culture method for viable counts of campylobacter fetus (vibrio fetus).a method was developed for making viable counts of campylobacter fetus (vibrio fetus) in tube cultures using a medium containing alkaline hematin and incubation in a carbon dioxide incubator.19744607386
bactericidal activity of blood of rabbits vaccinated with homologous antigens of campylobacter fetus (vibrio fetus).rabbits were vaccinated with the following campylobacter fetus var. venerealis (vibrio fetus) antigens: whole-cell (wc), autoclaved (a), boiled (b), and purified postgrowth broth (pgb). bactericidal activity of freshly drawn heparinized blood against the organism was determined after each vaccination. in all cases bactericidal activity of the blood of vaccinated rabbits was higher than for nonvaccinated rabbits. the in vitro bactericidal activity of the blood was determined in two separate exper ...19744609901
immunoglobulin classes and biological functions of campylobacter (vibrio) fetus antibodies in serum and cervicovaginal mucus.serum and cervicovaginal mucus (cvm) antibodies from heifers after genital infection or systemic immunization with campylobacter (vibrio) fetus were classified according to their immunoglobulin class, antigenic specificities, and biological functions. only immunoglobulin (ig) a antibodies, specific both for o and superficial, heat-labile, whole-cell (w) antigens, were detected in cvm of convalescent animals. after systemic immunization, antibodies in serum were directed principally to w antigens ...19744609902
the origin, class and specificity of immunoglobulins in bovine cervico-vaginal mucus: variation with parenteral immunization and local infection with vibrio fetus. 19724648121
vibrio fetus infection in man: a serological test.antigen preparations derived from a typical human strain of vibrio fetus were employed in four tests. of these, the indirect bacterial hemagglutination test proved most sensitive. by this test, antibodies titering 320 to 3,200 were found in five of eight patients with confirmed infections. two patients without antibodies were on antimetabolites. antigenic relationship with other compounds, and in particular with brucella organisms, was not observed. no sero-reactors were found among 184 apparent ...19724673792
the effects of erythritol, fsh and female gonadal hormones on the growth in vitro of vibrio fetus var. venerealis. 19734692342
septicemia and gastroenteritis due to vibrio fetus. 19734698759
vibrio fetus infection in bulls: curative and preventive vaccination. 19734727795
[infection caused by vibrio fetus]. 19734739310
persistent genital tract infection with vibrio fetus intestinalis associated with serotypic alteration of the infecting strain. 19734748723
[campylobacter fetus and infectious arthritis]. 19734767883
human infection with vibrio fetus.vibrio fetus, a slowly growing, microaerophilic, gram-negative rod which causes infectious abortion in cattle, occasionally induces disease in man. since persons receiving immunosuppressive agents are among those most susceptible to this infection, recognition of the disease may become increasingly important as transplantation operations increase. vibrio infections may produce a spectrum of acute and chronic illnesses or may be asymptomatic. vibriosis may develop at any age but it seems most dev ...19744816399
serological types of vibrio fetus var. intestinalis causing ovine vibriosis in southern australia. 19744819466
susceptibility of related vibrios and vibrio fetus to twelve hundred fourteen strains of related vibrio and seven strains of vibrio fetus, all isolated from humans, were tested for susceptibility in vitro to 12 antibiotics. mueller-hinton agar containing 14 dilutions of the antibiotics was inoculated with undiluted overnight cultures. gentamicin and erythromycin were the most active drugs against related vibrios and vibrio fetus; lower activity was noted with chloramphenicol, streptomycin, and tetracycline; neomycin and kanamycin were even less active ...19744840451
intravaginal inoculation of the guinea-pig with vibrio fetus var. venerealis during natural and induced reproductive cycle phases. 19744858273
[vibrio fetus as cause of disease in man]. 19694900497
simplified technique for collection of preputial samples from bulls for isolation of vibrio fetus. 19704918946
[immunofluorescence of vibrio fetus]. 19694919725
[immunofluorescent and agglutination reaction of vibrio fetus]. 19704923789
neurology of vibrio fetus infection. 19714934769
immunofluorescent immunoglobulin differentiation of vibrio fetus antibodies from bovine cervico-vaginal secretions. 19714938092
transduction and mutation to glycine tolerance in vibrio fetus. 19714938782
human vibrio fetus infection. report of two dissimilar cases. 19664958390
immunoserologic properties of antigens from vibrio fetus of ovine origin. 19704990323
phage conversion of serotypes in vibrio fetus. 19725023039
hypothermia in mice due to vibrio fetus endotoxin. 19725023997
[serological studies on vibrio fetus strains isolated in bulgaria and tests on excretion of a new antigen for muco and serum agglutination in cattle vibriosis]. 19725068787
a revised classification of vibrio fetus. 19715099953
infection with vibrio fetus in the immunologically immature fetal calf. 19715100977
raw liver as a possible source of vibrio fetus septicemia in man. 19715104711
[vibrio fetus infection in an insemination station]. 19715111066
septicemia caused by vibrio fetus intestinalis. 19715142047
vibrio fetus septicemia. a case report. 19715143184
typification of vibrio fetus isolated from bovine in the state of são paulo. 19715156291
effects of penicillin and glycine on cell wall glycopeptides of the two varieties of vibrio fetus.actively growing strains of vibrio fetus venerealis and v. fetus intestinalis, none of which produced penicillinase, were treated with inhibitory levels of penicillin or glycine, primarily to gain insight into the differential sensitivities of the two varieties to both of these compounds. treatments induced the accumulation of uridine nucleotide glycopeptide precursors which contained amino sugars and amino acids in various molar ratios. penicillin-induced nucleotides all contained muramic acid ...19685188656
[sensitivity of vibrio fetus to various antibiotics]. 19685195987
[vibrio fetus in guatemala]. 19665241365
vibrio fetus septicaemia: case report. 19715289756
fatal vibrio fetus endocarditis: report of one case and review of the literature. 19705310627
application of fluorescent antibody technique for serotyping vibrio fetus. 19655327088
[the use of the fluorescence-serological method for vibrio fetus identification]. 19655335422
a comparison of immunofluorescence and cultural techniques for demonstration of vibrio fetus. 19675340567
the detection of vibrio fetus venerialis in the bull. 19665341071
detection of vibrio fetus from bulls by means of fluorescent antibody techniques. 19665341507
preservation of vibrio fetus by freeze drying. 19675343298
vibrio fetus encephalitis with bacteremia in a child. 19695357154
[effect of vibrio fetus on the genital function of cows and calfs]. 19695369075
separation of cell types of vibrio fetus.separation of the coccoid form of vibrio fetus from cultures containing both the coccoid and vibrioid cell types has been accomplished using rate-zonal centrifugation.19695370663
the placental localization of vibrio fetus. 19695374024
human infection with vibrio fetus. 19695377828
[sepsis and meningitis caused by vibrio fetus]. 19695389136
immunity in ewes resulting from natural exposure to vibrio fetus. 19695392977
septic arthritis due to vibrio fetus. report of a case. 19705411765
vaccination of heifers with vibrio fetus (intestinal type) against infection with vibrio fetus (genital type). 19705417932
biochemical and serologic relationships of isolants of vibrio fetus from man. 19705420316
vibrio fetus infection in man. i. ten new cases and some epidemiologic observations. 19705421893
transduction in vibrio fetus. 19705442454
septicemia caused by vibrio fetus. 19705464716
the placental localisation of vibrio fetus. 19705505019
[vibrio fetus sepsis in thrombophlebitis]. 19705506884
vibrio fetus human infection--isolation from a subacute bacterial endocarditis case. 19705526468
a comparative study of the heat-stable, water-soluble fraction and the acid-precipitable material of vibrio fetus cultures. 19715540976
infectivity of three vibrio fetus biotypes for gallbladder and intestines of cattle, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice. 19715547014
[meningitis and diarrhea caused by vibrio fetus. apropos of a case in an infant]. 19715555634
fertility and immune reaction of heifers vaccinated with an adjuvanted vibrio fetus vaccine. 19715557245
human infection by vibrio fetus. 19715565142
lung abscess secondary to vibrio fetus, malabsorption syndrome and acquired agammaglobulinemia. 19715571479
human infection with vibrio fetus. 19675596135
[2 human cases of vibrio fetus infection]. 19675599984
[experimental infection of sheep with vibrio fetus strains of human and avian origin]. 19675628818
experimental vibrio fetus (venerealis) infection in heifers. the immunising properties of killed organisms injected subcutaneously. 19685689435
isolation of temperate bacteriophages from vibrio fetus. 19685693467
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