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the experimental inoculation of heifers with vibrio fetus of ovine origin. 196113782529
agglutinin-adsorption analysis of vibrio fetus.reich, c. v. (pennsylvania state university, university park), c. e. heist, and h. w. dunne. agglutinin-adsorption analysis of vibrio fetus. j. bacteriol. 82:210-214. 1961.-all pathogenic strains of vibrio fetus are apparently members of a single serotype. within this broad grouping, it was possible to define the relationship of certain selected strains by a system of complete reciprocal adsorption and cross agglutination. formalin treated suspensions of v. fetus, and controlled titer homologous ...196113740411
characterization of vibrio fetus antigens. iv. study of polysaccharide-antibody reactions by a rapid slide gel diffusion technique. 196113741871
electron microscopic observations of a mucoid strain of vibrio fetus. 196114038041
use of catalase in the culture of vibrio fetus. 196114456144
systemic treatment of vibrio fetus-infected bulls. 196114462199
vibrio fetus infection in sheep. 196124546570
elimination of vibrio fetus from suspensions of bovine sperm stored at low temperature. 196214480350
studies on the coccoid form of ovine vibrio fetus i. cultural and serologic investigations. 196214481282
vibrio fetus endotoxin. 196214482464
elimination of vibrio fetus from bulls in artificial insemination centers. 196214487108
[apropos of 3 cases of human vibriosis (vibrio fetus), including 1 case of meningitis]. 196214492863
a preliminary report on a new technic for isolation of vibrio fetus from carrier bulls. 196214038404
cellular changes in the endometrium of vibrio fetus-infected and noninfected heifers. 196213959224
collection of bovine cervical mucus with insemination pipettes for the isolation of vibrio fetus. 196213987686
an antigenic analysis of vibrio fetus. i. properties of soluble extracts of the organism. 196214007581
the isolation of vibrio fetus from the ovine gallbladder. 196213893064
vibrio fetus meningitis in a newborn infant. 196213889167
chemically defined medium for some microaerophilic vibrios.fletcher, r. d. (university of connecticut, storrs) and w. n. plastridge. chemically defined medium for some microaerophilic vibrios. j. bacteriol. 85:992-995. 1963.-the medium described supported growth of 22 of 26 catalase-positive, h(2)s-negative vibrios (vibrio fetus). the strains used were isolated from cattle, chickens, man, sheep, and swine; 10 failed to grow in thiol medium plus 1% glycine (group i), and 16 were glycine-tolerant (group ii). growth on the defined medium was compared with ...196314044029
differentiation of vibrio fetus and vibrio bubulus based upon reactions in media containing ferrous sulfate. 196314058966
isolation of vibrio fetus from bovine preputial fluid, using millipore filters and an antibiotic medium. 196313988455
nutrition of vibrio fetus.smibert, robert m. (virginia polytechnic institute, blacksburg, va.). nutrition of vibrio fetus. j. bacteriol. 85:394-398. 1963.-a chemically defined medium has been developed for the cultivation of both catalase-positive h(2)s-negative and catalase-positive h(2)s-positive strains of vibrio fetus. a total of 87 strains of v. fetus, representing bovine, ovine, porcine, human, and chicken isolates, were grown in both semisolid and liquid defined media. the medium was also used to isolate v. fetus ...196313989353
[vibrio fetus]. 196313999997
an antigenic analysis of vibrio fetus. ii. further characterization of the precipitating antigens. 196314001231
antigenic substances isolated from filtrates of vibrio fetus broth cultures. 196314081471
vibrio fetus meningoencephalitis. 196414088253
protracted bacteremia and meningitis due to vibrio fetus. 196414096387
the effect of various antibiotics on the uterine mucosa of vibrio fetus-infected cows. 196414103211
studies on the indirect transmission of vibrio fetus infection in sheep. 196414125919
magpies as carriers of ovine vibrio fetus. 196414126859
the pathogenicity of vibrio fetus isolated from ovine bile. 196414140883
vibrio fetus infection and reinfection in heifers, as determined by cultural tests using blood agar plus antibiotics. 196414141512
[vibrio fetus sepsis in a male patient]. 196414223111
a comparison of 3 methods of serum fractionation in the preparation of vibrio fetus fluorescent antibody conjugates. 196414227168
extractions of soluble antigens of vibrio fetus and their demonstration by cellulose acetate electrophoresis and ouchterlony agar diffusion. 196414227184
vibrio fetus toxin. i. hypersensitivity and abortifacient action. 196414234060
reproductive patterns of female cattle bred for successive gestations to vibrio fetus-infected bulls. 196414266911
septic arthritis and bacteremia due to vibrio fetus: report of an unusual case and review of the literature. 196514310014
isolation of vibrio fetus from bovine semen. 196514317480
[vibriostatic effect of some antibiotics on vibrio fetus venerealis]. 196514336679
experimental vibrio fetus infection in heifers. 2. return to fertility and the effect of treatment. 196514337685
experimental vibrio fetus infection in heifers. 4. studies on the immunizing properties of a live virulent culture applied intravaginally. 196514337686
experimental vibrio fetus infection in heifers. 3. studies on the immunizing properties of a killed culture applied intravaginally. 196514340370
an evaluation of cultural technics for the detection of vibrio fetus in bovine semen. 196514343835
[septicemia caused by vibrio fetus]. 196514276635
biochemical characteristics of vibrio sputorum and relationship to vibrio bubulus and vibrio fetus.loesche, walter j. (forsyth dental center and harvard school of dental medicine, boston, mass.), ronald j. gibbons, and sigmund s. socransky. biochemical characteristics of vibrio sputorum and relationship to vibrio bubulus and vibrio fetus. j. bacteriol. 89:1109-1116. 1965.-twenty-seven strains of vibrio sputorum were isolated from human gingival debris. all strains reduced nitrate beyond nitrite, and all produced h(2)s. none produced catalase, indole, or acetylmethylcarbinol. carbohydrates wer ...196514276104
application of fluorescent antibody technique for serotyping vibrio fetus. 19655327088
[the use of the fluorescence-serological method for vibrio fetus identification]. 19655335422
characterization of the antibody for vibrio fetus endotoxin in sera of normal and v. fetus infected cattle. 19655850536
[experiments on the electron microscopic differentiation of vibrio fetus, vibrio bubulus, vibrio coli and vibrio metschnikovi]. 19655881830
pathologic responses in animals after vibrio fetus toxin shock. 19655895112
[disinfection of bull sperm from vibrio fetus]. 19655896158
vibrio fetus endocarditis. report of 2 cases. 19665905454
antral mucosal diaphragm. clinical and roentgen characteristics, with first reported case of vibrio fetus in human bile. 19665930786
pericarditis due to vibrio fetus. 19665949068
an antigenic analysis of vibrio fetus. 3. chemical, biologic, and antigenic properties of the endotoxin. 19665961409
anatomical features of vibrio fetus: electron microscopic survey. 19665963508
the preparation and characterization of cell walls and the preparation of flagella of vibrio fetus. 19665963509
[vibrio fetus causing meningitis in an infant]. 19665984727
[studies on strains of vibrio fetus isolated from humans]. 19665985326
[a comparative study of the sensitivity of vibrio fetus to antibiotics]. 19665988723
histopathology of bovine vibriosis and the effects of vibrio fetus extracts on the female genital tract. 19666008348
the detection of vibrio fetus venerialis in the bull. 19665341071
detection of vibrio fetus from bulls by means of fluorescent antibody techniques. 19665341507
human vibrio fetus infection. report of two dissimilar cases. 19664958390
[vibrio fetus in guatemala]. 19665241365
further studies on use of polymyxin b sulfate with dihydrostreptomycin and penicillin for control of vibrio fetus in a frozen semen process. 19664166191
preservation of vibrio fetus by freeze drying. 19675343298
the effect of vibrio fetus vaccination on the breeding efficiency of cows bred to vibrio fetus-infected bulls. 19676053535
infection caused by vibrio fetus. report of two cases. 19676065952
experimental vibrio fetus infection in cows. studies on the immunising properties of living organisms injected subcutaneously. 19676069454
diagnosis of bovine vibriosis. 1. the production and use of standard suspensions of vibrio fetus agglutinating antigen. 19676069698
human infection with vibrio fetus. 19675596135
[2 human cases of vibrio fetus infection]. 19675599984
[experimental infection of sheep with vibrio fetus strains of human and avian origin]. 19675628818
a comparison of immunofluorescence and cultural techniques for demonstration of vibrio fetus. 19675340567
some effects of experimental vibrio fetus (venerealis) infection on cattle inoculated with a commercial bacterin.four groups of ten heifers were used to study the effect of a commercial vibrio fetus bacterin on the development of vaginal mucus agglutination (vma) reactions and subsequent reproductive performance in the presence of active v. fetus infection. two groups were vaccinated and one of these was infected one month later. the other two groups were not vaccinated and one of these was infected. it was found that in the absence of infection the bacterin did not produce diagnostically significant vma r ...196815846896
experimental vibrio fetus (venerealis) infection in heifers. the immunising properties of killed organisms injected subcutaneously. 19685689435
isolation of temperate bacteriophages from vibrio fetus. 19685693467
[vibrio fetus septicemia (review of the literature apropos of a case of endocarditis)]. 19685748195
[form changes of o-antigens in vibrio fetus]. 19685750827
the serological and bacteriological diagnosis of vibrio fetus infection in indian cattle and buffaloes. 19685752784
effects of penicillin and glycine on cell wall glycopeptides of the two varieties of vibrio fetus.actively growing strains of vibrio fetus venerealis and v. fetus intestinalis, none of which produced penicillinase, were treated with inhibitory levels of penicillin or glycine, primarily to gain insight into the differential sensitivities of the two varieties to both of these compounds. treatments induced the accumulation of uridine nucleotide glycopeptide precursors which contained amino sugars and amino acids in various molar ratios. penicillin-induced nucleotides all contained muramic acid ...19685188656
[sensitivity of vibrio fetus to various antibiotics]. 19685195987
fluorescent antibody studies of vibrio fetus: staining characteristics in semen, preputial exudate, and pure culture. 19684170356
[immunofluorescence of vibrio fetus]. 19694919725
[vibrio fetus as cause of disease in man]. 19694900497
vibrio fetus encephalitis with bacteremia in a child. 19695357154
[effect of vibrio fetus on the genital function of cows and calfs]. 19695369075
separation of cell types of vibrio fetus.separation of the coccoid form of vibrio fetus from cultures containing both the coccoid and vibrioid cell types has been accomplished using rate-zonal centrifugation.19695370663
the placental localization of vibrio fetus. 19695374024
human infection with vibrio fetus. 19695377828
[sepsis and meningitis caused by vibrio fetus]. 19695389136
immunity in ewes resulting from natural exposure to vibrio fetus. 19695392977
vibrio fetus septicemia. 19695779404
the occurrence of vibrio fetus (intestinalis) in australian cattle. 19695814098
observations on the isolation of vibrio fetus (venerealis) from the vaginal mucus of experimentally infected heifers. 19695815409
the relative incidence of vibrio fetus infection in dairy and beef cattle in new south wales. 19695815887
protective antigens of vibrio fetus in sheep. 19695816363
vibrio fetus var. intestinalis isolated from the intestinal content of birds. 19695816369
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