prevalence and risk factors associated with bovine genital campylobacteriosis and bovine trichomonosis in the state of pernambuco, brazil.the aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis and tritrichomonas foetus infection in cows from dairy herds in the state of pernambuco, brazil. in total, 383 samples of cervico-vaginal mucus were collected from cows on 21 herds in 19 districts. genomic dna was extracted from the samples and submitted for polymerase chain reaction analysis. an investigative questionnaire was used to analyze the risk factors, usin ...201525633914
evaluation and histological examination of a campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis small animal infection model.bovine genital campylobacteriosis (bgc), caused by campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis, is associated with production losses in cattle worldwide. this study aimed to develop a reliable bgc guinea pig model to facilitate future studies of pathogenicity, abortion mechanisms and vaccine efficacy. seven groups of five pregnant guinea pigs (1 control per group) were inoculated with one of three strains via intra-peritoneal (ip) or intra-vaginal routes. samples were examined using culture, pcr and h ...201525599935
campylobacter iguaniorum sp. nov., isolated from reptiles.during sampling of reptiles for members of the class epsilonproteobacteria, strains representing a member of the genus campylobacter not belonging to any of the established taxa were isolated from lizards and chelonians. initial amplified fragment length polymorphism, pcr and 16s rrna sequence analysis showed that these strains were most closely related to campylobacter fetus and campylobacter hyointestinalis. a polyphasic study was undertaken to determine the taxonomic position of five strains. ...201525574036
campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis adhesion to mdbk cells. 201425444136
clinical sensitivity and specificity of a real-time pcr assay for campylobacter fetus subsp venerealis in preputial samples from determine clinical sensitivity and specificity of a quantitative real-time pcr (qrt-pcr) assay for campylobacter fetus subsp venerealis (cfv) in preputial samples of bulls.201425157889
mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm caused by campylobacter fetus: a case report and literature review.campylobacter spp. usually cause gastrointestinal infections, but among them, campylobacter fetus is a well-known organism causing mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm (maaa), which requires proper surgical intervention and antibiotic therapy. we report a 65-year-old man who was successfully treated by an in situ operation using a rifampicin (rfp)-bonded j-graft for c. fetus-induced maaa. we performed a review of the english literature on maaa caused by c. fetus and summarized the results of the ca ...201425017776
mycotic popliteal aneurysm rupture secondary to campylobacter fetus.mycotic aneurysms of the popliteal artery are uncommon. popliteal aneurysms rarely rupture. the authors present the second reported case of popliteal artery rupture as a result of campylobacter fetus infection. this report confirms the arterial destructive potential of c. fetus infection in a peripheral artery.201524930978
campylobacter fetus subsp. testudinum subsp. nov., isolated from humans and reptiles.a polyphasic study was undertaken to determine the taxonomic position of 13 campylobacter fetus-like strains from humans (n = 8) and reptiles (n = 5). the results of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight (maldi-tof) ms and genomic data from sap analysis, 16s rrna gene and hsp60 sequence comparison, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis, dna-dna hybridization and whole genome sequencing demonstrated that these strains are closely re ...201424899653
campylobacter fetus bacteremia with purulent pleurisy in a young adult with primary hypogammaglobulinemia.a 24-year-old man presented with fever and pleural effusion predominantly containing lymphocytes. cultures of the pleural effusion and blood revealed campylobacter fetus, and laboratory studies showed a low serum level of immunoglobulin. the patient was diagnosed with c. fetus pleuritis, bacteremia and primary hypogammaglobulinemia, and subsequent treatment with meropenem and immunoglobulin improved his condition. although the underlying cause of the primary hypogammaglobulinemia remains unclear ...201424881753
campylobacter fetus infections.campylobacter fetus infections usually occur in immunodepressed patients or patients presenting with diabetes mellitus or cancer. they rarely cause diarrhea but frequently cause bacteremia or vascular diseases. the therapeutic management is not well codified and fluoroquinolone resistance is continuously increasing.201424637053
pregnancy rates of beef cattle are not affected by campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis real-time pcr-positive breeding sires in new zealand.campylobacter fetus subspecies venerealis (c. fetus venerealis) is the causal agent of bovine genital campylobacteriosis, a venereal disease that is asymptomatic in bulls but responsible for reproductive wastage in female cattle. in new zealand, a commercial real-time pcr assay was introduced in 2007 to identify the dna of this pathogen in preputial scrapings; however, concerns were raised about the specificity of the test following anecdotal reports of a high number of test-positive bulls with ...201424580097
campylobacter fetus infections in humans: exposure and disease.campylobacter fetus can cause intestinal illness and, occasionally, severe systemic infections. infections mainly affect persons at higher risk, including elderly and immunocompromised individuals and those with occupational exposure to infected animals. outbreaks are infrequent but have provided insight into sources. source attribution of sporadic cases through case-control interviews has not been reported. the reservoirs for c. fetus are mainly cattle and sheep. products from these animals are ...201424550377
characterization of a campylobacter fetus-like strain isolated from the faeces of a sick leopard tortoise (stigmochelys pardalis) using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight as an alternative to bacterial 16s rdna phylogeny.this article describes the isolation and characterization of a campylobacter-like isolate originating from the faeces of a sick leopard tortoise. molecular as well as matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight (maldi-tof) characterization suggests that it could correspond to a new campylobacter species.201424313345
a perspective on the impact of reproductive technologies on food production in for the largest part is still regarded as part of the developing world and has a history of political instability, natural disasters, floods and droughts that all had an effect on the development of livestock production systems and the potential application of biotechnologies. it is expected that the human population in sub saharan africa will experience a growth of 1.2 % per year over the next 30 years. there is therefore pressure to increase sustainable productivity of livestock. reprod ...201424170361
[campylobacter fetus bacteremia complicating a dysenteric syndrome in a young epileptic].campylobacter fetus bacteremia is rare and occurs mainly in elderly and immunosuppressed patients. we report an original observation of c. fetus bacteremia complicating acute mucoid diarrhea in a young epileptic with no known risk factors. our observation suggests that antiepileptic treatment could increase the risk of blood-borne of c. fetus infection.201324113445
[mycotic aneurysm of the abdominal aorta caused by campylobacter fetus]. 201524094929
temporal and farm-management-associated variation in faecal-pat prevalence of campylobacter fetus in sheep and cattle.the faecal-pat prevalence (as estimated by culture) of campylobacter fetus from cattle and sheep on 19 farms in rural lancashire was investigated using standard campylobacter culture techniques and pcr during a 2-year longitudinal study. c. fetus was isolated from 9·48% [95% confidence interval (ci) 8·48-10·48] of cattle faecal pats and 7·29% (95% ci 6·21-9·62) of sheep faecal pats. there was evidence of significant differences in shedding prevalence between geographical regions; cows in geograp ...201424067441
changes in rumen bacterial community composition in steers in response to dietary nitrate.the effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on rumen bacterial community composition was examined in beef steers fed either a nitrate-n diet or urea-n diet. an automated method of ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis was applied to solid and liquid fractions of ruminal contents to allow comparison of bacterial communities. supplemental n source affected relative population size of four amplicon lengths (als) in the liquid fraction and three als in the solid fraction. five als were more prevale ...201323955503
chronic subdural hematoma infected by campylobacter fetus. 201323930907
[campylobacter fetus endocarditis: a case report].campylobacter are known to be a cause of enteritidic infections but campylobacter fetus is more often a cause of systemic infections, mainly in fragilized patients. we report a c. fetus endocarditis. the prognosis seemstobe improved by a prolonged betalactam antibiotic treatment.201323906576
isolation rates of campylobacter fetus subsp venerealis from bovine preputial samples via passive filtration on nonselective medium versus selective medium, with and without transport compare the recovery rates of campylobacter fetus subsp venerealis (cfv) from preputial scrapings of infected bulls with passive filtration on selective medium versus nonselective medium, with and without transport medium.201323879843
herd-level risk factors for campylobacter fetus infection, brucella seropositivity and within-herd seroprevalence of brucellosis in cattle in northern nigeria.brucellosis and campylobacteriosis are economically important diseases affecting bovine reproductive efficiency in nigeria. a questionnaire-based survey was conducted in 271 cattle herds in adamawa, kaduna and kano states of northern nigeria using multistage cluster sampling. serum from 4745 mature animals was tested for brucella antibodies using the rose-bengal plate test and positives were confirmed in series-testing protocol using competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. preputial scrap ...201323830113
real time pcr to detect and differentiate campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus and campylobacter fetus subspecies venerealis.bovine venereal campylobacter infection, caused by campylobacter fetus venerealis, is of significant economic importance to the livestock industry. unfortunately, the successful detection and discrimination of c. fetus venerealis from c. fetus fetus continue to be a limitation throughout the world. there are several publications warning of the problem with biotyping methods as well as with recent molecular based assays. in this study, assessed on 1071 isolates, we report on the successful develo ...201323811208
evaluation of molecular assays for identification campylobacter fetus species and subspecies and development of a c. fetus specific real-time pcr assay.phenotypic differentiation between campylobacter fetus (c. fetus) subspecies fetus and c. fetus subspecies venerealis is hampered by poor reliability and reproducibility of biochemical assays. aflp (amplified fragment length polymorphism) and mlst (multilocus sequence typing) are the molecular standards for c. fetus subspecies identification, but these methods are laborious and expensive. several pcr assays for c. fetus subspecies identification have been described, but a reliable comparison of ...201323810970
spatial and temporal epidemiology of bovine trichomoniasis and bovine genital campylobacteriosis in la pampa province (argentina).the venereal diseases bovine trichomoniasis (bt) and bovine genital campylobacteriosis (bcg) cause economic losses in endemic areas like la pampa province in argentina, where beef cattle are usually managed extensively. this study used data compiled under a provincial programme for the control and eradication of bt and bgc (pce) to determine the spatio-temporal distribution of these diseases and identify spatial clusters. the study population comprised 29,178 non-virgin bulls drawn from 3766 her ...201323518247
occurrence and molecular characterization of reptilian campylobacter fetus strains isolated in taiwan.the number of people who raise reptiles as pets has increased, but information about zoonotic campylobacter carried by reptiles is limited. a survey of zoonotic campylobacter species isolated from reptiles was undertaken to understand the possibility of this zoonotic bacterial pathogen causing human infection. a total of 179 fresh reptile fecal samples were collected from human-raised, pet shop and wild reptiles to survey the campylobacter species. basic biochemical reactions and 16s rrna gene s ...201323466328
unique features of the motility and structures in the flagellate polar region of campylobacter jejuni and other species: an electron microscopic study.similarly to helicobacter pylori but unlike vibrio cholerae o1/o139, campylobacter jejuni is non-motile at 20°c but highly motile at ≥37°c. the bacterium c. jejuni has one of the highest swimming speeds reported (>100 μm/s), especially at 42°c. straight and spiral bacterial shapes share the same motility. c. jejuni has a unique structure in the flagellate polar region, which is characterized by a cup-like structure (beneath the inner membrane), a funnel shape (opening onto the polar surface) and ...201323252968
modeling the surface of campylobacter fetus: protein surface layer stability and resistance to cationic antimicrobial peptides.campylobacter fetus is a gram negative bacterium recognized for its virulence in animals and humans. this bacterium possesses a paracrystalline array of high molecular weight proteins known as surface-layer proteins covering its cell surface. a mathematical model has been made of the outer membrane of this bacterium, both with its surface-layer proteins (s+) and without (s-). monte carlo computer simulation was used to understand the stability of the surface-layer protein structure as a function ...201323122778
[vascular manifestations due to campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus infection: report of two cases].campylobacter fetus is a rare gram-negative bacteria affecting especially elderly and immunocompromised patients, and that is responsible of vascular and cutaneous involvement.201222995567
campylobacter fetus subspecies: comparative genomics and prediction of potential virulence targets.the genus campylobacter contains pathogens causing a wide range of diseases, targeting both humans and animals. among them, the campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus and venerealis deserve special attention, as they are the etiological agents of human bacterial gastroenteritis and bovine genital campylobacteriosis, respectively. we compare the whole genomes of both subspecies to get insights into genomic architecture, phylogenetic relationships, genome conservation and core virulence factors. pan ...201222890137
identification of antigenic epitopes of the sapa protein of campylobacter fetus using a phage display peptide this study, we immunized mice with prokaryotically expressed recombinant surface layer protein, sapa, of campylobacter fetus, generated hybridomas secreting mouse monoclonal antibodies (mab) targeting sapa, and purified the mab a2d5 from mouse ascites using saturated ammonium sulfate solution. the mab a2d5, coated onto elisa plates, was used to screen the phage random 12-peptide library through three rounds of panning. following panning, 15 phage clones were randomly chosen and tested for rea ...201222424885
the prevalence of bovine venereal campylobacteriosis in cattle herds in the lake chad basin of nigeria.the prevalence of bovine venereal campylobacteriosis (bvc) was investigated in the lake chad basin of nigeria. preputial washings and cervico-vaginal mucus samples were obtained from 270 cattle presenting a history of abortion and lowered fertility, kept in traditional and institutional farms. all the samples investigated were cultured using standard bacteriological technique. campylobacter fetus was isolated from six bulls and four cows. in all cattle sampled, the isolation rates were 2.2% for ...201222318768
campylobacter fetus infection in three rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with rituximab. 201222302315
pheochromocytoma crisis caused by campylobacter fetus.pheochromocytoma crisis is a life-threatening endocrine emergency associated with symptoms of excess release of catecholamines. it might present spontaneously or be unmasked by triggers including trauma, surgery and certain medications that provoke catecholamine release by tumors. here we report a case of pheochromocytoma crisis associated with abscess formation in the tumor and bacteremia of campylobacter fetus, which was successfully treated with antibiotics and a surgical resection. this case ...201222221008
campylobacter fetus ssp. fetus bacteremia a patient with liver cirrhosis. 198327709517
vibrio fetus infection in sheep. 196124546570
application of direct polymerase chain reaction assays for campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis and tritrichomonas foetus to screen preputial samples from breeding bulls in cow-calf herds in western canada.the primary objectives of this study were to estimate the prevalence of campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis (cfv) and tritrichomonas foetus in breeding bulls from a sentinel cohort of cow-calf herds in western canada and to estimate the association between positive test status and non-pregnancy. the final objective was to evaluate the application of these tests when: i) screening bulls in the absence of a recognized problem with reproductive performance, and ii) testing for diagnosis of poor p ...201728408776
pericarditis caused by campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus associated with ingestion of raw beef liver.campylobacter fetus is an organism residing primarily in the gastrointestinal tracts of cattle and sheep and transmitting to humans through ingestion of contaminated food products or surface water. the organism has caused various extraintestinal infections but, to date, purulent pericarditis due to the organism has rarely been described. we report a case of purulent pericarditis due to c. fetus subsp. fetus, occurring in a patient having several predisposing conditions, including receiving hemod ...201728803866
clinical and microbiological characteristics of patients with bacteremia caused by campylobacter species with an emphasis on the subspecies of c. fetus.this study was intended to investigate the clinical and microbiological characteristics of patients with bacteremia caused by campylobacter species.201728801089
campylobacter fetus impairs barrier function in ht-29/b6 cells through focal tight junction alterations and leaks.infections by campylobacter species are the most common foodborne zoonotic disease worldwide. campylobacter jejuni and c. coli are isolated most frequently from human stool samples, but severe infections by c. fetus (cf), which can cause gastroenteritis, septicemia, and abortion, are also found. this study aims at the characterization of pathological changes in cf infection using an intestinal epithelial cell model. the cf-induced epithelial barrier defects appeared earlier than those of avian c ...201728662272
myositis ossificans of the hip due to pyogenic arthritis caused by campylobacter fetus subspecies fetus.a 61-year-old woman was admitted with severe hip pain causing immobility and high serum levels of inflammatory markers. the patient had a medical history of diabetes. she had been scheduled to undergo right hip replacement surgery for the treatment of osteoarthritis associated with gradually progressive pain. on admission, an enhanced abdominal computed tomography scan showed an abnormal increase in synovial fluid surrounding the right ilium, with piriformis muscle calcification. subsequent bloo ...201728420848
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