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immune-mediated migration of neutrophils into the uterine lumen of guinea pigs.metritis was elicited by intrauterine infusion of tuberculin or killed campylobacter fetus ssp. venerealis into vaccinated guinea pigs and lipopolysaccharide or immune complexes into normal animals. the local inflammatory response to intrauterine infusion of antigens, lipopolysaccharide, and immune complexes was determined by changes in differential cell counts in the uterine lavage fluid and by histopathological examination of uterine tissue. the percentage of neutrophils was significantly (p l ...19846241431
[bacteriocinogenicity of brucellae isolated in foci in the caucasus and their evaluation from taxonomic viewpoints].the aim of the study was to elucidate the possibility of using bacteriocinogenicity of brucella as taxonomic feature, to determine their phylogenetic relation to other microorganisms by their bacteriocinogenic properties and to investigate the physicochemical properties of brucellacin and conditions for its stable detection. the brucella cultures were isolated in the caucasus. investigation of their capacity for production of bacteriocin according to the procedure described by m.a. konstantinova ...19846230043
[campylobacter fetus ssp fetus thrombophlebitis]. 19846229730
in vitro antibacterial activity of norfloxacin (mk-0366, am-715) and other agents against gastrointestinal tract pathogens.a comparison was made of the in vitro activities of norfloxacin and of nine other orally administered antibacterial agents against 180 clinical isolates representing the bacterial species most frequently implicated in infections of the gastrointestinal tract in humans. the 90% minimal inhibitory concentrations showed norfloxacin to be 4, 15, 4, 17, 17, 17, and 33 times more active than the next best compound tested against campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni, escherichia coli, salmonella spp., shi ...19836219622
[enterocolitis caused by campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni--epidemiology and hygiene with special reference to federal legislation and public health measures]. 19826213894
human antibody response to outer membrane proteins of campylobacter jejuni during infection.two techniques were used to isolate outer membrane proteins from campylobacter jejuni, edta-lysozyme extraction and sodium-n-lauroylsarcosinate (sarkosyl) solubilization. the protein profiles of the two preparations were similar, with a few additional bands in the edta-lysozyme preparations. the major outer membrane protein was 43,000 (43k) daltons, and there were 8 to 10 minor bands ranging from 92k to 14k daltons. there was no difference in the protein profile of a strain causing an infection ...19846198286
nucleic acids in the classification of campylobacters.the importance of campylobacters in human disease has stimulated improvements in the methods for identification of strains from hospitals and the environment. reliable and accurate identification depends on a sound classification for which nucleic acid analyses provide fundamental information about species relationships. studies on the genus campylobacter show that the genome dna of species have base compositions of 29 to 38 mol% g + c and molecular weights of 1.54 x 10(9) to 2.31 x 10(9). campy ...19836194994
bovine genital campylobacteriosis (vibriosis): vaccination of experimentally infected bulls.the therapeutic efficacy of a campylobacter fetus subsp venerealis bacterin was determined in experimentally infected bulls. ten of twelve 5-year-old angus bulls became infected after being infused intrapreputially with c fetus subsp venerealis. of the 10 bulls, 6 were vaccinated with 5 ml of c fetus subsp venerealis vaccine on 2 occasions 4 weeks apart. preputial washings of the vaccinated bulls were culturally negative by the 8th week after primary vaccination. none of the 18 heifers exposed t ...19836194723
campylobacteriosis--a "new" disease in laboratory animals.campylobacter fetus ss jejuni is now recognized as a leading cause of diarrhea in humans. with the development of proper culture techniques, c jejuni has been isolated from humans with diarrhea as frequently as salmonella or shigella species. laboratory animal models are being developed to study the pathogenesis of campylobacter-induced diarrhea; also, identification of c jejuni is occurring more frequently in a variety of laboratory animals, whether asymptomatic carriers or those with clinical ...19826186839
growth of non-campylobacter, oxidase-positive bacteria on selective campylobacter agar.a total of 67 oxidase-positive, gram-negative bacteria were tested for growth on selective campylobacter agar (blaser formulation, bbl microbiology systems, cockeysville, md.) at 42 degrees c under microaerophilic conditions. although the growth of most of these bacteria was prevented, all strains of achromobacter xylosoxidans, pseudomonas aeruginosa, pseudomonas putrefaciens, pseudomonas alcaligenes, and pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes grew as well as campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni.19826179961
plasma alpha-fetoprotein concentrations in pregnant cows exposed to sarcocystis cruzi, campylobacter fetus, or aspergillus fumigatus.bovine alpha-fetoprotein (afp) was determined in maternal plasma, using radioimmunoassay in an attempt to detect and monitor fetal distress in pregnant cows. plasma from pregnant cows in the 4th to 5th month of the gestation which had been exposed to sarcocystis cruzi, campylobacter fetus, or aspergillus fumigatus was used. plasma afp concentrations were determined at intervals from before the cows were exposed until they had aborted or calved. the plasma afp concentration of the exposed pregnan ...19816176152
three-year prospective study of intestinal pathogens in madrid, spain.during the period july 1980 through june 1983, in a general hospital in madrid, the following organisms were detected from 6,970 patients with gastroenteritis: 710 salmonella spp. 506 campylobacter jejuni, 379 shigella spp., 12 yersinia enterocolitica, 1,466 rotavirus, 134 giardia lamblia, and 4 entamoeba histolytica. chloramphenicol showed good activity against most tested strains of salmonella spp., shigella spp., and c. jejuni. the incidence of salmonella spp. and shigella spp. was very marke ...19846092418
restriction endonuclease analysis of campylobacter strains with particular reference to campylobacter fetus ss. fetus.forty-three strains of campylobacter fetus ss. fetus isolated from sheep abortions in new zealand, and reference strains of c. fetus ss. fetus (four), c. fetus ss. venerealis (two), c. jejuni (one) and c. coli (one) were examined by restriction endonuclease analysis with the enzymes bste ii and xho i. dna fragment patterns of c. fetus, c. jejuni and c. coli differed strikingly from each other, but there were many similarities in the patterns obtained for all strains of c. fetus ss. fetus (47) an ...19846086928
diagnosis of bovine vibriosis. 1. the production and use of standard suspensions of vibrio fetus agglutinating antigen. 19676069698
experimental vibrio fetus infection in cows. studies on the immunising properties of living organisms injected subcutaneously. 19676069454
infection caused by vibrio fetus. report of two cases. 19676065952
the effect of vibrio fetus vaccination on the breeding efficiency of cows bred to vibrio fetus-infected bulls. 19676053535
histopathology of bovine vibriosis and the effects of vibrio fetus extracts on the female genital tract. 19666008348
[a comparative study of the sensitivity of vibrio fetus to antibiotics]. 19665988723
[studies on strains of vibrio fetus isolated from humans]. 19665985326
[vibrio fetus causing meningitis in an infant]. 19665984727
the preparation and characterization of cell walls and the preparation of flagella of vibrio fetus. 19665963509
anatomical features of vibrio fetus: electron microscopic survey. 19665963508
an antigenic analysis of vibrio fetus. 3. chemical, biologic, and antigenic properties of the endotoxin. 19665961409
pericarditis due to vibrio fetus. 19665949068
antral mucosal diaphragm. clinical and roentgen characteristics, with first reported case of vibrio fetus in human bile. 19665930786
vibrio fetus endocarditis. report of 2 cases. 19665905454
[disinfection of bull sperm from vibrio fetus]. 19655896158
pathologic responses in animals after vibrio fetus toxin shock. 19655895112
[experiments on the electron microscopic differentiation of vibrio fetus, vibrio bubulus, vibrio coli and vibrio metschnikovi]. 19655881830
characterization of the antibody for vibrio fetus endotoxin in sera of normal and v. fetus infected cattle. 19655850536
[one case of vibrio fetus in rattus norvegicus]. 19695817691
vibrio fetus var. intestinalis isolated from the intestinal content of birds. 19695816369
protective antigens of vibrio fetus in sheep. 19695816363
the relative incidence of vibrio fetus infection in dairy and beef cattle in new south wales. 19695815887
observations on the isolation of vibrio fetus (venerealis) from the vaginal mucus of experimentally infected heifers. 19695815409
the occurrence of vibrio fetus (intestinalis) in australian cattle. 19695814098
vibrio fetus septicemia. 19695779404
the serological and bacteriological diagnosis of vibrio fetus infection in indian cattle and buffaloes. 19685752784
[form changes of o-antigens in vibrio fetus]. 19685750827
[vibrio fetus septicemia (review of the literature apropos of a case of endocarditis)]. 19685748195
isolation of temperate bacteriophages from vibrio fetus. 19685693467
experimental vibrio fetus (venerealis) infection in heifers. the immunising properties of killed organisms injected subcutaneously. 19685689435
[experimental infection of sheep with vibrio fetus strains of human and avian origin]. 19675628818
[2 human cases of vibrio fetus infection]. 19675599984
human infection with vibrio fetus. 19675596135
lung abscess secondary to vibrio fetus, malabsorption syndrome and acquired agammaglobulinemia. 19715571479
human infection by vibrio fetus. 19715565142
fertility and immune reaction of heifers vaccinated with an adjuvanted vibrio fetus vaccine. 19715557245
[meningitis and diarrhea caused by vibrio fetus. apropos of a case in an infant]. 19715555634
infectivity of three vibrio fetus biotypes for gallbladder and intestines of cattle, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice. 19715547014
a comparative study of the heat-stable, water-soluble fraction and the acid-precipitable material of vibrio fetus cultures. 19715540976
vibrio fetus human infection--isolation from a subacute bacterial endocarditis case. 19705526468
[vibrio fetus sepsis in thrombophlebitis]. 19705506884
the placental localisation of vibrio fetus. 19705505019
septicemia caused by vibrio fetus. 19705464716
transduction in vibrio fetus. 19705442454
vibrio fetus infection in man. i. ten new cases and some epidemiologic observations. 19705421893
biochemical and serologic relationships of isolants of vibrio fetus from man. 19705420316
vaccination of heifers with vibrio fetus (intestinal type) against infection with vibrio fetus (genital type). 19705417932
septic arthritis due to vibrio fetus. report of a case. 19705411765
immunity in ewes resulting from natural exposure to vibrio fetus. 19695392977
[sepsis and meningitis caused by vibrio fetus]. 19695389136
human infection with vibrio fetus. 19695377828
the placental localization of vibrio fetus. 19695374024
separation of cell types of vibrio fetus.separation of the coccoid form of vibrio fetus from cultures containing both the coccoid and vibrioid cell types has been accomplished using rate-zonal centrifugation.19695370663
[effect of vibrio fetus on the genital function of cows and calfs]. 19695369075
vibrio fetus encephalitis with bacteremia in a child. 19695357154
preservation of vibrio fetus by freeze drying. 19675343298
detection of vibrio fetus from bulls by means of fluorescent antibody techniques. 19665341507
the detection of vibrio fetus venerialis in the bull. 19665341071
a comparison of immunofluorescence and cultural techniques for demonstration of vibrio fetus. 19675340567
[the use of the fluorescence-serological method for vibrio fetus identification]. 19655335422
application of fluorescent antibody technique for serotyping vibrio fetus. 19655327088
fatal vibrio fetus endocarditis: report of one case and review of the literature. 19705310627
vibrio fetus septicaemia: case report. 19715289756
[vibrio fetus in guatemala]. 19665241365
[sensitivity of vibrio fetus to various antibiotics]. 19685195987
effects of penicillin and glycine on cell wall glycopeptides of the two varieties of vibrio fetus.actively growing strains of vibrio fetus venerealis and v. fetus intestinalis, none of which produced penicillinase, were treated with inhibitory levels of penicillin or glycine, primarily to gain insight into the differential sensitivities of the two varieties to both of these compounds. treatments induced the accumulation of uridine nucleotide glycopeptide precursors which contained amino sugars and amino acids in various molar ratios. penicillin-induced nucleotides all contained muramic acid ...19685188656
typification of vibrio fetus isolated from bovine in the state of são paulo. 19715156291
vibrio fetus septicemia. a case report. 19715143184
septicemia caused by vibrio fetus intestinalis. 19715142047
[vibrio fetus infection in an insemination station]. 19715111066
raw liver as a possible source of vibrio fetus septicemia in man. 19715104711
infection with vibrio fetus in the immunologically immature fetal calf. 19715100977
a revised classification of vibrio fetus. 19715099953
[serological studies on vibrio fetus strains isolated in bulgaria and tests on excretion of a new antigen for muco and serum agglutination in cattle vibriosis]. 19725068787
hypothermia in mice due to vibrio fetus endotoxin. 19725023997
phage conversion of serotypes in vibrio fetus. 19725023039
immunoserologic properties of antigens from vibrio fetus of ovine origin. 19704990323
human vibrio fetus infection. report of two dissimilar cases. 19664958390
transduction and mutation to glycine tolerance in vibrio fetus. 19714938782
immunofluorescent immunoglobulin differentiation of vibrio fetus antibodies from bovine cervico-vaginal secretions. 19714938092
neurology of vibrio fetus infection. 19714934769
[immunofluorescent and agglutination reaction of vibrio fetus]. 19704923789
[immunofluorescence of vibrio fetus]. 19694919725
simplified technique for collection of preputial samples from bulls for isolation of vibrio fetus. 19704918946
[vibrio fetus as cause of disease in man]. 19694900497
intravaginal inoculation of the guinea-pig with vibrio fetus var. venerealis during natural and induced reproductive cycle phases. 19744858273
susceptibility of related vibrios and vibrio fetus to twelve hundred fourteen strains of related vibrio and seven strains of vibrio fetus, all isolated from humans, were tested for susceptibility in vitro to 12 antibiotics. mueller-hinton agar containing 14 dilutions of the antibiotics was inoculated with undiluted overnight cultures. gentamicin and erythromycin were the most active drugs against related vibrios and vibrio fetus; lower activity was noted with chloramphenicol, streptomycin, and tetracycline; neomycin and kanamycin were even less active ...19744840451
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