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some morphological and biological characters of the spirilla (vibrio fetus, n. sp.) associated with disease of the fetal membranes in cattle.twenty-two fetal and two calf strains of spirilla have been studied chiefly with regard to the problem of identity. twenty-one fetal strains are probably specifically the same. one fetal strain differs slightly from these, but in its agglutination affinities it belongs to the same group. of two strains isolated from calves one has definite agglutination relations with the fetal strains, the other none. in the morphological and biological characters so far investigated all the strains agree close ...191919868360
the etiological relation of spirilla (vibrio fetus) to bovine abortion.the isolation in pure culture of a definite morphological entity (vibrio or spirillum) with practically the same biological characters from a series of cases of the same clinical complex (abortion) establishes a presumption in favor of the specific identity of the organisms and also in favor of the inference that such organisms are etiologically related to the diseased condition. this presumption is strengthened by the fact that disease of the fetal membranes followed the injection of pure cultu ...191919868361
the bacteriology of bovine abortion, with special reference to acquired a large herd of dairy cattle and young stock the bacteriological examination of 109 cases of abortion which included a relatively thorough study of the fetus and a study of the membranes, or swabs from the uterus whenever obtainable, gave the following results. 62, or 57 per cent, were associated with bacillus abortus. 26, or 23.8 per cent, were associated with spirilla. 2, or 1.8 per cent, were associated with bacillus pyogenes. 19, or 17.4 per cent, were either sterile or else the digestive ...191919868362
further studies on the etiological role of vibrio fetus.the data bearing on these three cases are quite sufficient to rule out bacillus abortus as the agent. not only the cultures and guinea pig tests of fetal tissues and contents of the digestive tract, but also the agglutination and guinea pig tests of the milk, were negative. the same is true of the agglutination tests of the blood serum. only in one case was the placenta obtained in part. the stained films and the sections from various regions showed no abortion bacilli. guinea pig tests of place ...192019868469
further studies on the etiological significance of vibrio fetus.the general outcome of these six experimental cases and those already reported is that both motile and non-motile types produce disease of the fetal membranes eventually leading to abortion. the more precise serological relations between the two are now under investigation.192319868730
vibrios from calves and their serological relation to vibrio fetus.the calf vibrios thus far studied include one strain serologically distinct from the fetal strains. the others are closely related to the fetal strains though not identical with them. the pathogenic characters of the calf vibrios, either as possible descendents of vibrio fetus, or as independent factors in the production of enteritis have not been demonstrated.192719869259
the apparent involvement of vibrio fetus in an infection of man. 194816561425
the effects of vibrio fetus on the growth of trichomonas foetus (protozoa). 194816561439
viability of vibrio fetus in petrolatum. 194818863381
a satisfactory medium for the isolation, cultivation, and maintenance of viability of vibrio fetus (bovine). 194818887830
the apparent involvement of vibrio fetus in an infection of man. 194818917668
vibrionic abortion in cattle. 195014776939
the preservation of vibrio fetus by lyophilization. 195014792978
[vibrio fetus as etiologic factor in infectious abortion in cattle]. 195014806025
vibrio fetus infection in cattle. 195015411783
vibrio foetus infection in a dairy herd. 195114817979
vibrio foetus infection in cattle. 195114836327
the effect of vibriosis on breeding efficiency in cattle. 195114841127
experimental transmission of vibrio fetus in diluted semen and by contact. 195214917608
effect of antibiotics in diluted bull semen on vibrio fetus. 195214924129
suitable thioglycolate media for the cultivation of vibrio fetus. 195212999711
[immunochemical researches on vibrio fetus. i. preliminary serological study of 10 strains of different origins]. 195213017155
[immunochemical researches on vibrio fetus. ii. chemical fractionation of microbes and serological study of two antigenic fractions]. 195213017156
a study of the pathology of embryonating chicken eggs inoculated with vibrio fetus. 195313031019
preparations of antigen for detection of agglutinins for vibrio fetus. 195313065650
serological relationships of twenty three ovine and three bovine strains of vibrio fetus. 195313065651
experimental vibrio fetus infection in guinea pigs. i. bacteriological aspects. 195313065652
a satisfactory method for the culture of vibrio fetus. 195313067636
an electron micrograph of vibrio fetus. 195313094936
the tampon method of collection and the examination of cervicovaginal mucus for vibrio fetus agglutinins. 195313117727
experimental vibrio fetus infection in guinea pigs. ii. pathological aspects. 195413124691
transmission of experimental vibrio fetus infection among guinea pigs and hamsters. 195413148490
[septicemia due to vibrio fetus in a gastrectomized patient with blood protein deficiency]. 195413198378
experimental vibrio fetus infection in guinea pigs. iii. pathogenicity studies and the effect of guinea pig passage upon agglutinogens. 195413207584
the illustration of the morphology of vibrio fetus by electron microscopy. 195413207590
[vibrio fetus septicemia in a man]. 195413209343
the growth and viability of vibrio fetus and related vibrios in media containing ox bile. 195513219933
a preliminary report on the identification of vibrio fetus. 195513228871
serological and physiological relationships between strains of vibrio fetus. 195513228888
experimental vibrio fetus infection in male hamsters. 195513228893
the stimulated growth of vibrio fetus by the use of hormones. 195513251994
reproductive efficiency and serological findings in heifers experimentally infected with vibrio fetus. 195513259022
[new culture method for the isolation of vibrio fetus from genital secretions of male and female cattle]. 195513371832
vibrio fetus infection in cattle. i. a comparative study of the agglutinin response in cervicovaginal mucus and blood serum to homologous antigens following abortion. 195514361923
cross agglutination between vibrio fetus and brucella abortus. 195514361931
[human infections by vibrio fetus]. 195514378744
[a method of determining a vibrio fetus by polymicrobial samples particularly from the preputial fluid; selective heart-blood-gelose medium with brilliant green agar in microaerobiosis]. 195613375030
[characteristic growth of bovine vibrio fetus on blood agar]. 195613410030
serological variants among strains of vibrio fetus. 195613277332
gaseous requirements for growth of vibrio fetus. 195613283241
physiological characteristics differentiating vibrio fetus and other vibrios. 195613302664
in vitro and in vivo use of antibiotics against vibrio fetus. 195613319177
[fundamentals of serological investigation of vibrio fetus infection of french cattle]. 195613327504
[elements of bacteriological research on the infection of french cattle by vibrio fetus]. 195613327522
[septicemia with endocarditis caused by vibrio fetus]. 195613342961
serological responses of cattle to vibrio fetus vaccine as measured by the complement-fixation test and tube-agglutination test. 195613362772
colonial and antigenic variations of vibrio fetus. 195613362799
[the diversity of pathological manifestations during infection by vibrio fetus in various species]. 195613364484
effect of gaseous environment on growth and catalase content of vibrio fetus cultures of bovine origin. 195613366935
a selective medium for the isolation of vibrio fetus and related vibrios. 195616561828
an improved medium for the cultivation of vibrio fetus. 195713424945
characteristics of colonial forms of vibrio fetus. 195713424946
isolation of vibrio fetus from bulls. 195713444574
observations on experimental bovine vibrio fetus infection. 195713444575
an improved method for the rapid cultivation of large yields of vibrio fetus. 195713444602
the characteristics of agglutinating antigens of vibrio fetus variants. i. effects of heat and formalin on serological activity. 195713470232
energy sources utilized by vibrio fetus. 195713475215
technique for rapid growth of vibrio fetus in broth. 195713475229
human infections with vibrio fetus and a closely related vibrio. 195713475869
human vibriosis caused by vibrio fetus. 195713385129
effect of antibiotics on vibrio fetus and bovine spermatozoa. 195713394822
[immunochemistry of 20 strains of vibrio isolated from bovine abortion cases; comparison with 2 strains of vibrio fetus]. 195713498452
[vibrio fetus infection during metaicteric cirrhosis]. 195713528357
some biochemical characteristics of vibrio fetus and other related vibrios isolated from animals. 195813575391
survival of brucella abortus, leptospira pomona, and vibrio fetus in the illini variable temperature semen extender at 29 c. 195813583394
[case of septicemia due to vibrio fetus; fatal outcome by aggravation of a preexisting cardiopathy]. 195813608289
the sensitivity of vibrio fetus to streptomycin and the emergence of resistant mutants. 195813611194
some metabolic activities of vibrio fetus of bovine origin. 195813513583
morphological and serological characteristics of fresh isolates of vibrio fetus and other vibrios inhabiting the bovine and ovine genital tracts. 195813498244
infectivity of colonial variants of vibrio fetus strains for the chicken embryo. 195813498264
isolation of a lipopolysaccharide from vibrio fetus. 195913622734
[septicemia due to vibrio fetus in the course of alcoholic cirrhosis with hemochromatosis]. 195913629324
insemination of heifers with penicillin- and dihydrostreptomycin-treated frozen semen from vibrio fetus carrier bulls. 195913639578
studies on the antigenic structure of vibrio fetus. 195913641444
isolation and characterization of an unusual organism in blood culture: vibrio fetus. 195913670174
the effect of streptomycin on the survival of vibrio fetus in semen and other diluents stored at 5 degrees and -79 degrees c. 195914424126
characterization of vibrio fetus antigens. i. chemical properties and serological activities of a soluble antigen. 195914437585
characterization of vibrio fetus antigens. ii. agglutination of polysaccharide-sensitized sheep erythrocytes by specific antiserums. 195914437586
vibrio fetus infection in man and animals. 196013705420
the uterine biopsy technique for following the histologic changes caused by vibrio fetus in the uterine mucosa. 196013724196
the effect of enzyme inhibitors on vibrio fetus, proteus vulgaris, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. 196013788199
the effect of growth factors on the growth of vibrio fetus. 196013788200
vibrio fetus--a cause of human abortion. 196014402980
human vibriosis: report of a patient with relapsing febrile illness due to vibrio fetus. 196014406299
vibrio fetus infection in man. 196014408413
quantity production of vibrio fetus cells. 196014420519
characterization of vibrio fetus antigens. iii. study of serologic and biophysical properties of a polysaccharide fraction in a hemolytic system. 196013741872
an in vitro study of extracted antigens of vibrio fetus isolates. 196113742232
vibrio fetus isolated from a patient with localized septic arthritis. 196113756108
experimental immunization against ovine vibriosis. i. the use of live and formalin-killed vibrio fetus vaccines. 196113770899
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