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genetic characterization of campylobacter jejuni and c. coli isolated from broilers using flaa pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism method in shiraz, southern iran.thermophilic campylobacters, particularly campylobacter jejuni and c. coli are the main agents of human campylobacteriosis. campylobacter contaminated chicken products is the most important source of foodborne gastroenteritis. evaluation of genetic diversity among campylobacter population is critical for understanding the epidemiology of this bacterium and developing effective control strategies against campylobacter infections and other related disorders.201526060566
beyond campylobacter jejuni: understanding campylobacter coli infections in a systemic model of disease. 201526083465
comparative analysis of antimicrobial resistance and genetic diversity of campylobacter from broilers slaughtered in the current study, the relationship of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli strains isolated at slaughter was investigated using comparative analysis of antimicrobial resistance (amr), virulence gene (vg) and pfge profiling. a total of 254 campylobacter isolates from poultry caeca and corresponding carcasses, including 139 c. jejuni and 115 c. coli strains were tested. the most prevalent resistance profiles observed in c. jejuni were ciprofloxacin, nalidixic acid and tetracycline (46 o ...201526092707
the evolution of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli.the global significance of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli as gastrointestinal human pathogens has motivated numerous studies to characterize their population biology and evolution. these bacteria are a common component of the intestinal microbiota of numerous bird and mammal species and cause disease in humans, typically via consumption of contaminated meat products, especially poultry meat. sequence-based molecular typing methods, such as multilocus sequence typing (mlst) and whole ...201526101080
diversity of the epsilonproteobacteria dsb (disulfide bond) systems.the bacterial proteins of the dsb family-important components of the post-translational protein modification system-catalyze the formation of disulfide bridges, a process that is crucial for protein structure stabilization and activity. dsb systems play an essential role in the assembly of many virulence factors. recent rapid advances in global analysis of bacteria have thrown light on the enormous diversity among bacterial dsb systems. while the escherichia coli disulfide bond-forming system is ...201526106374
wild bird-associated campylobacter jejuni isolates are a consistent source of human disease, in oxfordshire, united kingdom.the contribution of wild birds as a source of human campylobacteriosis was investigated in oxfordshire, united kingdom (uk) over a 10 year period. the probable origin of human campylobacter jejuni genotypes, as described by multilocus sequence typing, was estimated by comparison with reference populations of isolates from farm animals and five wild bird families, using the structure algorithm. wild bird-attributed isolates accounted for between 476 (2.1%) and 543 (3.5%) cases annually. this prop ...201526109474
restoring the selectivity of modified charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar for the isolation of campylobacter species using tazobactam, a β-lactamase inhibitor.extended spectrum β-lactamase (esbl) producing escherichia coli have emerged as a contaminant on modified charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar (mccda) when attempting to selectively isolate campylobacter spp. from poultry. e. coli are particularly problematic given their ability to grow under microaerophilic conditions and have been shown to outcompete campylobacter species making campylobacter detection or enumeration difficult. this paper recommends a novel method for restoring the selectiv ...201526119190
prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacter isolated from dressed beef carcasses and raw milk in tanzania.campylobacter species are commonly transmitted to humans through consumption of contaminated foods such as milk and meat. the aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence, antimicrobial resistance, and genetic determinants of resistance of campylobacter isolated from raw milk and beef carcasses in tanzania. the antimicrobial resistance genes tested included blaoxa-61 (ampicillin), aph-3-1 (aminoglycoside), tet(o) (tetracycline), and cmeb (multi-drug efflux pump). the prevalence of campylo ...201626153978
the polar and lateral flagella from plesiomonas shigelloides are glycosylated with legionaminic acid.plesiomonas shigelloides is the unique member of the enterobacteriaceae family able to produce polar flagella when grow in liquid medium and lateral flagella when grown in solid or semisolid media. in this study on p. shigelloides 302-73 strain, we found two different gene clusters, one exclusively for the lateral flagella biosynthesis and the other one containing the biosynthetic polar flagella genes with additional putative glycosylation genes. p. shigelloides is the first enterobacteriaceae w ...201526167161
a single nucleotide change in muty increases the emergence of antibiotic-resistant campylobacter jejuni mutants.mutator strains play an important role in the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. campylobacter jejuni is a leading cause of foodborne illnesses worldwide and is increasingly resistant to clinically important antibiotics. the objective of this study was to identify the genetic basis that contributes to a mutator phenotype in campylobacter and determine the role of this phenotype in the development of antibiotic resistance.201526169557
population genetics and antimicrobial susceptibility of canine campylobacter isolates collected before and after a raw feeding recent years, increasing numbers of consumers have become interested in feeding raw food for their pet dogs as opposed to commercial dry food, in the belief of health advantages. however, raw meat and internal organs, possibly contaminated by pathogens such as campylobacter spp., may pose a risk of transmission of zoonoses to the pet owners. campylobacter jejuni is the leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans but c. upsaliensis has also been associated with human disease. in this ...201526172151
filamentation of campylobacter in broth cultures.the transition from rod to filamentous cell morphology has been identified as a response to stressful conditions in many bacterial species and has been ascribed to confer certain survival advantages. filamentation of campylobacter jejuni was demonstrated to occur spontaneously on entry in to stationary phase distinguishing it from many other bacteria where a reduction in size is more common. the aim of this study was to investigate the cues that give rise to filamentation of c. jejuni and c. col ...201526175723
real-time pcr detection of campylobacter spp.: a comparison to classic culturing and enrichment.the major disadvantage of the current gold standard for detection of the food pathogen campylobacter, i.e. culturing, is the lengthy procedure. in this study we assessed the use of real-time pcr for detection of campylobacter. to this end, 926 poultry samples, taken from transport containers and broiler caeca in the netherlands in 2007, were subjected to three different real-time pcr detection methods: one targeting the campylobacter jejuni hipo gene, one targeting the campylobacter coli glya ge ...201526187833
effects of nitrate addition on rumen fermentation, bacterial biodiversity and abundance.this study examined changes of rumen fermentation, ruminal bacteria biodiversity and abundance caused by nitrate addition with ion torrent sequencing and real-time polymerase chain reaction. three rumen-fistulated steers were fed diets supplemented with 0%, 1%, and 2% nitrate (dry matter %) in succession. nitrate supplementation linearly increased total volatile fatty acids and acetate concentration obviously (p = 0.02; p = 0.02; p<0.01), butyrate and isovalerate concentration numerically (p = 0 ...201526194220
rapid detection of campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter coli, and campylobacter lari in fresh chicken meat and by-products in bangkok, thailand, using modified multiplex pcr.a multiplex pcr assay for simultaneous detection and differentiation of campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter coli, and campylobacter lari was developed and validated to assess the occurrence of these bacteria in fresh chicken meat and by-products in bangkok, thailand, by using a new combination of four previously published pcr primers for c. jejuni, c. coli, c. lari, and a universal 16s rdna gene as an internal control. the specificity was determined by using 13 strains of other bacteria. with pu ...201526197289
microarray on digital versatile disc for identification and genotyping of salmonella and campylobacter in meat products.highly portable, cost-effective, and rapid-response devices are required for the subtyping of the most frequent food-borne bacteria; thereby the sample rejection strategies and hygienization techniques along the food chain can be tailor-designed. here, a novel biosensor is presented for the generic detection of salmonella and campylobacter and the discrimination between their most prevalent serovars (salmonella enteritidis, salmonella typhimurium) and species (campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter ...201526198111
the contribution of co-reference resolution to supervised relation detection between bacteria and biotopes entities.the acquisition of knowledge about relations between bacteria and their locations (habitats and geographical locations) in short texts about bacteria, as defined in the bionlp-st 2013 bacteria biotope task, depends on the detection of co-reference links between mentions of entities of each of these three types. to our knowledge, no participant in this task has investigated this aspect of the situation. the present work specifically addresses issues raised by this situation: (i) how to detect the ...201526201352
virulence characteristics of hcp (+) campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolates from retail chicken.recently the type vi secretion system (t6ss), which can play a significant role in bacterial survival and pathogenesis, was reported in campylobacter spp., having the hcp gene as a key component.201526207145
adherence reduction of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli strains to hep-2 cells by mannan oligosaccharides and a high-molecular-weight component of cranberry extract.campylobacter infections are a leading cause of human bacterial gastroenteritis in the united states and are a major cause of diarrheal disease throughout the world. colonization and subsequent infection and invasion of campylobacter require that the bacteria adhere to the surface of host cells. agents that inhibit adherence could be used prophylactically to reduce campylobacter carriage and infection. mannan oligosaccharides (mos) have been used as a feed supplement in livestock animals to impr ...201526219363
a new variant of cytolethal distending toxin in a clinical isolate of campylobacter hyointestinalis.increasing numbers of campylobacter hyointestinalis have been isolated from humans and animals with gastroenteritis, although the virulence mechanism of this species remains largely unknown. here, we show that c. hyointestinalis isolated from a patient with diarrhoea in thailand produced a novel variant of cytolethal distending toxin (cdt). sequencing of a 13 965 bp genomic region of c. hyointestinalis carrying the genes coding for ch-cdt revealed three orfs of 798, 804 and 537 bp, which code fo ...201526220191
high prevalence and genetic diversity of campylobacter jejuni in wild crows and pigeons.the occurrence, seasonal variation and genetic diversity of campylobacter spp. in pigeons and crows over a 1-year period were evaluated. campylobacter spp. were isolated from 166 (34.6 %) out of 480 wild bird faecal samples. the occurrence of campylobacter spp. in faecal samples was higher among crows (39.2 %) than pigeons (30.0 %), (p < 0.05). campylobacter jejuni was the most common species detected among wild bird faecal samples (98.2 %). meanwhile, campylobacter coli prevalence in wild bird ...201526228635
a transferable plasticity region in campylobacter coli allows isolates of an otherwise non-glycolytic food-borne pathogen to catabolize glucose.thermophilic campylobacter species colonize the intestine of agricultural and domestic animals commensally but cause severe gastroenteritis in humans. in contrast to other enteropathogenic bacteria, campylobacter has been considered to be non-glycolytic, a metabolic property originally used for their taxonomic classification. contrary to this dogma, we demonstrate that several campylobacter coli strains are able to utilize glucose as a growth substrate. isotopologue profiling experiments with (1 ...201526259566
are campylobacters now capable of carbo-loading?campylobacters are a leading cause of gastrointestinal morbidity worldwide and the majority of human infections are triggered by eating foods contaminated with campylobacter jejuni or campylobacter coli. campylobacters are equally notorious for their ability to mimic human glycoconjugate structures and for their capacity to synthesize both n- and o-linked glycoproteins. these species were once considered to be asaccharolytic, but it was recently shown that several strains possess a pathway for f ...201526259768
constitutive and inducible expression of the rrna methylase gene erm(b) in campylobacter.macrolides are the antimicrobials of choice for treating human campylobacteriosis. the recent emergence of erm(b) in campylobacter bacteria threatens the utility of this class of antibiotics. here we report the constitutive and inducible expression of erm(b) in campylobacter isolates derived from diarrheal patients and food-producing animals. constitutive expression of erm(b) was associated with insertion and deletion in the regulatory region of the gene, providing the first documentation of the ...201526259800
mass spectrometry-based phyloproteomics (mspp): a novel microbial typing method.maldi-tof-ms of microorganisms, which identifies microbes based on masses of high abundant low molecular weight proteins, is rapidly advancing to become another standard method in clinical routine laboratory diagnostics. allelic isoforms of these proteins result in varying masses of detectable biomarker ions. these variations give rise to a novel typing method for microorganisms named mass spectrometry-based phyloproteomics (mspp). the base of mspp is an amino acid sequence list of allelic isofo ...201526303099
rapid host switching in generalist campylobacter strains erodes the signal for tracing human infections.campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli are the biggest causes of bacterial gastroenteritis in the developed world, with human infections typically arising from zoonotic transmission associated with infected meat. because campylobacter is not thought to survive well outside the gut, host-associated populations are genetically isolated to varying degrees. therefore, the likely origin of most strains can be determined by host-associated variation in the genome. this is instructive for characte ...201526305157
rapid host switching in generalist campylobacter strains erodes the signal for tracing human infections.campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli are the biggest causes of bacterial gastroenteritis in the developed world, with human infections typically arising from zoonotic transmission associated with infected meat. because campylobacter is not thought to survive well outside the gut, host-associated populations are genetically isolated to varying degrees. therefore, the likely origin of most strains can be determined by host-associated variation in the genome. this is instructive for characte ...201526305157
[identification of zoonotic bacterial pathogens by the maldi tof ms method].to verify whether the maldi tof ms method can be used for rapid identification of selected zoonotic bacterial pathogens isolated from various types of materials in the real conditions of routine laboratory work.201526312374
development of a novel chromogenic medium for improved campylobacter detection from poultry samples.the presence of expanded-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing escherichia coli is a common problem in the isolation of campylobacter from poultry samples using conventional cefoperazone-based selective media. a novel chromogenic medium (cm-ht), based on modified charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar (mccda), has been developed as a solution for improved campylobacter detection from poultry samples. although the basic components of cm-ht are the same as mccda, cm-ht uses both granular charcoal ...201526319731
antibiotic susceptibility of clinical isolates of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in ontario, canada during 2011-2013.a total of 219 clinical isolates of campylobacter spp. including 180 campylobacter jejuni and 39 campylobacter coli were assessed for in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility. resistance among c. coli was higher for ciprofloxacin (41% versus 30.80%), erythromycin (12.80% versus 3.90%) and lower for tetracycline (53.80% versus 64.60%) compared to c. jejuni.201526320936
differential distribution of type ii crispr-cas systems in agricultural and nonagricultural campylobacter coli and campylobacter jejuni isolates correlates with lack of shared environments.crispr (clustered regularly interspaced palindromic repeats)-cas (crispr-associated) systems are sequence-specific adaptive defenses against phages and plasmids which are widespread in prokaryotes. here we have studied whether phylogenetic relatedness or sharing of environmental niches affects the distribution and dissemination of type ii crispr-cas systems, first in 132 bacterial genomes from 15 phylogenetic classes, ranging from proteobacteria to actinobacteria. there was clustering of distinc ...201526338188
campylobacter coli infection causing second trimester intrauterine growth restriction (iugr): a case report and review of the literature.campylobacter is a gram-negative, microaerophilic, curved rod and a normal resident of the gastrointestinal flora and may be the cause of disease in animals. transmission to humans occurs by ingestion of contaminated food or by direct contact with infected animals. in the past few decades, an increasing number of reports have implicated the presence of this organism in human abortions as well. an infectious mechanism due to primary placental inflammatory damage followed by secondary damage to th ...201526340229
a metagenomic investigation of the duodenal microbiota reveals links with obesity.few studies have tested the small intestine microbiota in humans, where most nutrient digestion and absorption occur. here, our objective was to examine the duodenal microbiota between obese and normal volunteers using metagenomic techniques.201526356733
antimicrobial susceptibilities of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli recovered from organic turkey farms in germany.the popularity of food produced from animals kept under an organic regimen has increased in recent years. in germany, turkey meat consumption has increased. despite several studies assessing the susceptibility of campylobacters to various antibiotics in poultry, no sufficient data exists regarding the antimicrobial resistance of campylobacters in organic-reared turkeys. this study provides information about antibiotic resistance in campylobacter isolated from turkeys reared on organic farms in g ...201526371330
differentiation of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli using multiplex-pcr and high resolution melt curve analysis.campylobacter spp. are important causes of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans in developed countries. among campylobacter spp. campylobacter jejuni (c. jejuni) and c. coli are the most common causes of human infection. in this study, a multiplex pcr (mpcr) and high resolution melt (hrm) curve analysis were optimized for simultaneous detection and differentiation of c. jejuni and c. coli isolates. a segment of the hippuricase gene (hipo) of c. jejuni and putative aspartokinase (asp) gene of c. c ...201526394042
core genome multilocus sequence typing scheme for high- resolution typing of enterococcus faecium.enterococcus faecium, a common inhabitant of the human gut, has emerged in the last 2 decades as an important multidrug-resistant nosocomial pathogen. since the start of the 21st century, multilocus sequence typing (mlst) has been used to study the molecular epidemiology of e. faecium. however, due to the use of a small number of genes, the resolution of mlst is limited. whole-genome sequencing (wgs) now allows for high-resolution tracing of outbreaks, but current wgs-based approaches lack stand ...201526400782
risk of escherichia coli o157:h7, non-o157 shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli, and campylobacter spp. in food animals and their products in qatar.escherichia coli o157:h7, non-o157 e. coli, and campylobacter spp. are among the top-ranked pathogens that threaten the safety of food supply systems around the world. the associated risks and predisposing factors were investigated in a dynamic animal population using a repeat-cross-sectional study design. animal and environmental samples were collected from dairy and camel farms, chicken processing plants, and abattoirs and analyzed for the presence of these pathogens using a combination of bac ...201526408129
campylobacter species in animal, food, and environmental sources, and relevant testing programs in canada.campylobacter species, particularly thermophilic campylobacters, have emerged as a leading cause of human foodborne gastroenteritis worldwide, with campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter coli, and campylobacter lari responsible for the majority of human infections. although most cases of campylobacteriosis are self-limiting, campylobacteriosis represents a significant public health burden. human illness caused by infection with campylobacters has been reported across canada since the early 1970s. m ...201526422448
helicobacter pylori adaptation in vivo in response to a high-salt diet.helicobacter pylori exhibits a high level of intraspecies genetic diversity. in this study, we investigated whether the diversification of h. pylori is influenced by the composition of the diet. specifically, we investigated the effect of a high-salt diet (a known risk factor for gastric adenocarcinoma) on h. pylori diversification within a host. we analyzed h. pylori strains isolated from mongolian gerbils fed either a high-salt diet or a regular diet for 4 months by proteomic and whole-genome ...201526438795
pancreatic amylase is an environmental signal for regulation of biofilm formation and host interaction in campylobacter jejuni.campylobacter jejuni is a commensal bacterium in the intestines of animals and birds and a major cause of food-borne gastroenteritis in humans worldwide. here we show that exposure to pancreatic amylase leads to secretion of an α-dextran by c. jejuni and that a secreted protease, cj0511, is required. exposure of c. jejuni to pancreatic amylase promotes biofilm formation in vitro, increases interaction with human epithelial cell lines, increases virulence in the galleria mellonella infection mode ...201526438798
[detection of biofilm formation by selected pathogens relevant to the food industry].detection of biofilm formation by microbial pathogens relevant to the food industry and comparison of biofilm formation under different conditions of culture.201526448305
campylobacter in poultry: ecology and potential interventions.avian hosts constitute a natural reservoir for thermophilic campylobacter species, primarily campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli, and poultry flocks are frequently colonized in the intestinal tract with high numbers of the organisms. prevalence rates in poultry, especially in slaughter-age broiler flocks, could reach as high as 100% on some farms. despite the extensive colonization, campylobacter is essentially a commensal in birds, although limited evidence has implicated the organism a ...201526473668
transmission of the pabi family of restriction dna glycosylase genes: mobility and long-term inheritance.r.pabi is an exceptional restriction enzyme that functions as a dna glycosylase. the enzyme excises an unmethylated base from its recognition sequence to generate apurinic/apyrimidinic (ap) sites, and also displays ap lyase activity, cleaving the dna backbone at the ap site to generate the 3'-phospho alpha, beta-unsaturated aldehyde end in addition to the 5'-phosphate end. the resulting ends are difficult to religate with dna ligase. the enzyme was originally isolated in pyrococcus, a hypertherm ...201526481899
substitute sweeteners: diverse bacterial oligosaccharyltransferases with unique n-glycosylation site preferences.the central enzyme in the campylobacter jejuni asparagine-linked glycosylation pathway is the oligosaccharyltransferase (ost), pglb, which transfers preassembled glycans to specific asparagine residues in target proteins. while c. jejuni pglb (cjpglb) can transfer many diverse glycan structures, the acceptor sites that it recognizes are restricted predominantly to those having a negatively charged residue in the -2 position relative to the asparagine. here, we investigated the acceptor-site pref ...201526482295
milk modulates campylobacter invasion into caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells.raw milk is a recognized source of campylobacter outbreaks, but pasteurization is an effective way to eliminate the causative agent of campylobacteriosis. whereas breastfeeding is protective against infectious diseases, consumption of formula milk is thought to be not. however, in relation to campylobacter, such data is currently unavailable. although both pasteurized and formula milk are pathogen free and prepared in a quality controlled manner, the effect they have on the virulence of campylob ...201526495128
chromosomal integration vectors allowing flexible expression of foreign genes in campylobacter jejuni.campylobacter jejuni is a major cause of human gastroenteritis yet there is limited knowledge of how disease is caused. molecular genetic approaches are vital for research into the virulence mechanisms of this important pathogen. vectors that allow expression of genes in c. jejuni via recombination onto the chromosome are particularly useful for genetic complementation of insertional knockout mutants and more generally for expression of genes in particular c. jejuni host backgrounds.201526497958
efficacy of a typing scheme for campylobacter based on the combination of true and questionable crispr.this study evaluates an improved scheme for campylobacter genotyping based on the combination of true and questionable crispr (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) elements. a total of 180 campylobacter strains (campylobacter jejuni n=93 and campylobacter coli n=87), isolated from neck skin and caecal content of broilers, poultry meat and sewage water were analysed. another 97 c. jejuni dna samples from cases of human campylobacteriosis were assessed. sixty-three genotypes ...201526518609
eucast recommendations for antimicrobial susceptibility testing applied to the three main campylobacter species isolated in humans.antimicrobial susceptibility testing of campylobacter isolates is of great importance for treatment options especially in systemic diseases. the european committee for antimicrobial susceptibility testing (eucast) recently proposed epidemiological cut-offs (ecoffs) for a limited number of antimicrobial compounds and for campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli only. in the present study, the eucast method was used after minor modifications to define antimicrobial susceptibility patterns for, ...201526519770
etiology of childhood infectious diarrhea in a developed region of china: compared to childhood diarrhea in a developing region and adult diarrhea in a developed china, great differences in economy, social characteristics and hygiene exist between developing and developed regions. a comparative study of infectious diarrhea between two regions was needed. three groups of diarrheal patients were collected: children ≤5 year-olds from beijing (developed region) and henan province (developing region), and adults over 18 year-olds from beijing. a questionnaire was used to survey and feces samples were examined for 16 enteropathogens. we enrolled 1422 childr ...201526528820
genotyping of campylobacter coli strains isolated in brazil suggests possible contamination amongst environmental, human, animal and food sources.campylobacter coli and campylobacter jejuni are two of the most common causative agents of food-borne gastroenteritis in numerous countries worldwide. in brazil, campylobacteriosis is under diagnosed and under-reported, and few studies have molecularly characterized campylobacter spp. in this country. the current study genotyped 63 c. coli strains isolated from humans (n512), animals (n521), food (n510) and the environment (n520) between 1995 and 2011 in brazil. the strains were genotyped using ...201626531157
[antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance mutations in campylobacter jejuni and c. coli isolates from human and meat sources].recently, there has been a marked increase in the number of reports of fluoroquinolone-resistant campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli. the aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance and its genetic determinants in campylobacter species isolated from meat and human subjects in fukuoka prefecture, japan. between 2011 and 2013, 55 and 64 isolates were collected from meat (chicken meat and beef liver) and humans, respectively, in this prefecture. antimicrobia ...201526552121
abstracts. 201526553501
abstracts. 201526553501
species shift and multidrug resistance of campylobacter from chicken and swine, china, 2008-14.the objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacter isolated from broiler chickens and swine during 2008-14.201626568567
multiplex detection of nine food-borne pathogens by mpcr and capillary electrophoresis after using a universal pre-enrichment medium.routine microbiological quality analyses in food samples require, in some cases, an initial incubation in pre-enrichment medium. this is necessary in order to ensure that small amounts of pathogenic strains are going to be detected. in this work, a universal pre-enrichment medium has been developed for the simultaneous growth of bacillus cereus, campylobacter jejuni, clostridium perfringens, cronobacter sakazakii, escherichia coli, enterobacteriaceae family (38 species, 27 genera), listeria mono ...201526579100
effect of antimicrobial use in agricultural animals on drug-resistant foodborne campylobacteriosis in humans: a systematic literature review.controversy continues concerning antimicrobial use in food animals and its relationship to drug-resistant infections in humans. we systematically reviewed published literature for evidence of a relationship between antimicrobial use in agricultural animals and drug-resistant foodborne campylobacteriosis in humans. based on publications from the united states (u.s.), canada and denmark from 2010 to july 2014, 195 articles were retained for abstract review, 50 met study criteria for full article r ...201626580432
comprehensive analysis of flagellin glycosylation in campylobacter jejuni nctc 11168 reveals incorporation of legionaminic acid and its importance for host colonization.campylobacter jejuni is the leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis. it relies on several virulence factors for host colonization, including glycosylated flagella. c. jejuni nctc 11168 modifies its flagellins with pseudaminic acid derivatives. it is also presumed to modify these proteins with legionaminic acid, although no glycopeptide evidence was available at the onset of this study. the enzyme encoded by cj1319 can be used to make legionaminic acid in vitro, but the pathway for legionamini ...201626582606
isolation and molecular identification of potentially pathogenic escherichia coli and campylobacter jejuni in feral pigeons from an urban area in the city of lima, peru.feral pigeons (columbia livia) live in close contact with humans and other animals. they can transmit potentially pathogenic and zoonotic agents. the objective of this study was to isolate and detect strains of diarrheagenic escherichia coli and campylobacter jejuni of urban feral pigeons from an area of lima, peru. fresh dropping samples from urban parks were collected for microbiological isolation of e. coli strains in selective agar, and campylobacter by filtration method. molecular identific ...201526603225
description of an erm(b)-carrying campylobacter coli isolate in europe. 201626604242
antimicrobial resistance and genotypic diversity of campylobacter isolated from pigs, dairy, and beef cattle in tanzania.foodborne campylobacter infections pose a serious threat to public health worldwide. however, the occurrence and characteristics of campylobacter in food animals and products remain largely unknown in tanzania. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence, antibiotic resistance, and genetic profiles (sequence types, sts) of campylobacter isolated from feces of pigs and dairy and beef cattle in tanzania. overall, 259 (~30%) of 864 samples were positive for campylobacter spp, which ...201526617582
molecular characterization, antimicrobial resistance and caco-2 cell invasion potential of campylobacter jejuni/coli from young children with diarrhea.campylobacter is a major cause of bacterial gastroenteritis worldwide. young children represent a particular age group affected by campylobacter infection because of their limited diets and weak immune systems.201626627197
important role of a putative lytic transglycosylase cj0843c in β-lactam resistance in campylobacter jejuni.beta-lactam antibiotics are an important class of antibiotics for treating bacterial infections. despite prevalent β-lactam resistance in campylobacter jejuni, the leading bacterial cause of human diarrhea in developed countries, molecular mechanism of β-lactam resistance in c. jejuni is still largely unknown. in this study, c. jejuni 81-176 was used for random transposon mutagenesis. screening of a 2,800-mutant library identified 22 mutants with increased susceptibility to ampicillin. of these ...201526635760
identification of the main quinolone resistance determinant in campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli by mama-deg pcr.among zoonotic diseases, campylobacteriosis stands out as the major bacterial infection producing human gastroenteritis. antimicrobial therapy, only recommended in critical cases, is challenged by resistance mechanisms that should be unambiguously detected for achievement of effective treatments. quinolone (ciprofloxacin) resistance of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli, the 2 main campylobacter detected in humans, is conferred by the mutation gyra c-257-t, which can be genotyped by sev ...201626658311
weakly deleterious mutations and low rates of recombination limit the impact of natural selection on bacterial bacteria are usually thought to have large effective population sizes, and so tiny selective differences can drive their evolution. however, because recombination is infrequent, "background selection" against slightly deleterious alleles should reduce the effective population size (ne) by orders of magnitude. for example, for a well-mixed population with 10(12) individuals and a typical level of homologous recombination (r/m = 3, i.e., nucleotide changes due to recombination [r] occu ...201526670382
salmonella and campylobacter: antimicrobial resistance and bacteriophage control in poultry.salmonella and campylobacter are major causes of foodborne related illness and are traditionally associated with consuming undercooked poultry and/or consuming products that have been cross contaminated with raw poultry. many of the isolated salmonella and campylobacter that can cause disease have displayed antimicrobial resistance phenotypes. although poultry producers have reduced on-the-farm overuse of antimicrobials, antimicrobial resistant salmonella and campylobacter strains still persist. ...201626678136
campylobacteriosis: the role of poultry meat.the incidence of human infections caused by campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli, the main bacterial agents of gastrointestinal disease, has been increasing worldwide. here, we review the role of poultry as a source and reservoir for campylobacter. contamination and subsequent colonization of broiler flocks at the farm level often lead to transmission of campylobacter along the poultry production chain and contamination of poultry meat at retail. yet campylobacter prevalence in poultry, a ...201626686808
smrt sequencing of the campylobacter coli bfr-ca-9557 genome sequence reveals unique methylation motifs.campylobacter species are the most prevalent bacterial pathogen causing acute enteritis worldwide. in contrast to campylobacter jejuni, about 5 % of campylobacter coli strains exhibit susceptibility to restriction endonuclease digestion by dpni cutting specifically 5'-g(m)atc-3' motifs. this indicates significant differences in dna methylation between both microbial species. the goal of the study was to analyze the methylome of a c. coli strain susceptible to dpni digestion, to identify its meth ...201526689587
a flagellar glycan-specific protein encoded by campylobacter phages inhibits host cell growth.we previously characterized a carbohydrate binding protein, gp047, derived from lytic campylobacter phage nctc 12673, as a promising diagnostic tool for the identification of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli. we also demonstrated that this protein binds specifically to acetamidino-modified pseudaminic acid residues on host flagella, but the role of this protein in the phage lifecycle remains unknown. here, we report that gp047 is capable of inhibiting c. jejuni growth both on solid an ...201526694450
survival in water of campylobacter jejuni strains isolated from the slaughterhouse.campylobacter jejuni cause gastroenteritis in humans. the main transmission vector is the consumption or handling of contaminated chicken meat, since chicken can be colonized asymptomatically by c. jejuni. however, water has been implicated as the transmission vector in a few outbreaks. one possibility is the contamination of water effluent by c. jejuni originating from chicken farm. the ability of c. jejuni to be transmitted by water would be closely associated to its ability to survive in wate ...201526702388
prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacterjejuni and campylobacter coli from adult hospitalized patients with diarrhea in thailand.infection with campylobacter jejuni and c. coli are recognized as the major cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans.201526749592
zoonotic public health hazards in backyard chickens.backyard poultry has become increasingly popular in industrialized countries. in addition to keeping chickens for eggs and meat, owners often treat the birds as pets. however, several pathogenic enteric bacteria have the potential for zoonotic transmission from poultry to humans but very little is known about the occurrence of zoonotic pathogens in backyard flocks. the occurrence and the antimicrobial resistance of salmonella enterica, campylobacter spp., listeria monocytogenes and enteropathoge ...201626752227
quantitative microbial risk assessment for campylobacter spp. on ham in korea.the objective of this study was to evaluate the risk of illness from campylobacter spp. on ham. to identify the hazards of campylobacter spp. on ham, the general characteristics and microbial criteria for campylobacter spp., and campylobacteriosis outbreaks were investigated. in the exposure assessment, the prevalence of campylobacter spp. on ham was evaluated, and the probabilistic distributions for the temperature of ham surfaces in retail markets and home refrigerators were prepared. in addit ...201526761897
characterization of antimicrobial susceptibility and its association with virulence genes related to adherence, invasion, and cytotoxicity in campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolates from animals, meat, and humans.the aim of this research was to statistically analyze the association between antimicrobial susceptibility/resistance to erythromycine, gentamicin, ciprofloxacin, and tetracycline and 11 virulence genes associated with adherence, invasion, and cytotoxicity in 528 isolates of campylobacter coli and campylobacter jejuni obtained from retail meat and fecal samples from food-producing animals and human patients. a high percentage of campylobacter strains were resistant to antimicrobials, specificall ...201626779841
isolation, identification and antibiotic resistance of campylobacter strains isolated from domestic and free-living pigeons.1. the aim of this study was to evaluate the occurrence of campylobacter spp. in domestic and free-living pigeons and to evaluate the antibiotic resistance profiles. 2. the material consisted of cloacal swabs obtained from 108 homing pigeons and fresh faeces from 72 wild birds from lublin and its vicinity. the identification of strains isolated on differential/selective media for campylobacter spp. was carried out by maldi-tof and pcr. the susceptibility to antibiotics was evaluated by minimum i ...201626841300
campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in wild birds on danish livestock farms.reducing the occurrence of campylobacteriosis is a food safety issue of high priority, as in recent years it has been the most commonly reported zoonosis in the eu. livestock farms are of particular interest, since cattle, swine and poultry are common reservoirs of campylobacter spp. the farm environment provides attractive foraging and breeding habitats for some bird species reported to carry thermophilic campylobacter spp. we investigated the campylobacter spp. carriage rates in 52 wild bird s ...201626842400
campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in wild birds on danish livestock farms.reducing the occurrence of campylobacteriosis is a food safety issue of high priority, as in recent years it has been the most commonly reported zoonosis in the eu. livestock farms are of particular interest, since cattle, swine and poultry are common reservoirs of campylobacter spp. the farm environment provides attractive foraging and breeding habitats for some bird species reported to carry thermophilic campylobacter spp. we investigated the campylobacter spp. carriage rates in 52 wild bird s ...201626842400
evaluation of luminex xtag gastrointestinal pathogen panel assay for detection of multiple diarrheal pathogens in fecal samples in vietnam.diarrheal disease is a complex syndrome that remains a leading cause of global childhood morbidity and mortality. the diagnosis of enteric pathogens in a timely and precise manner is important for making treatment decisions and informing public health policy, but accurate diagnosis is a major challenge in industrializing countries. multiplex molecular diagnostic techniques may represent a significant improvement over classical approaches. we evaluated the luminex xtag gastrointestinal pathogen p ...201626865681
comparative detection and quantification of arcobacter butzleri in stools from diarrheic and nondiarrheic people in southwestern alberta, canada.arcobacter butzleri has been linked to enteric disease in humans, but its pathogenicity and epidemiology remain poorly understood. the lack of suitable detection methods is a major limitation. using comparative genome analysis, we developed pcr primers for direct detection and quantification ofa. butzleri dna in microbiologically complex matrices. these primers, along with existing molecular and culture-based methods, were used to detecta. butzleri and enteric pathogens in stools of diarrheic an ...201626865686
a biotin biosynthesis gene restricted to most bacteria the last step in synthesis of the pimelate moiety of biotin is cleavage of the ester bond of pimeloyl-acyl carrier protein (acp) methyl ester. the paradigm cleavage enzyme is escherichia coli bioh which together with the bioc methyltransferase allows synthesis of the pimelate moiety by a modified fatty acid biosynthetic pathway. analyses of the extant bacterial genomes showed that bioh is absent from many bioc-containing bacteria and is replaced by other genes. helicobacter pylo ...201626868423
genetic diversity of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolates from conventional broiler flocks and the impacts of sampling strategy and laboratory method.the genetic diversity of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coliisolates from commercial broiler farms was examined by multilocus sequence typing (mlst), with an assessment of the impact of the sample type and laboratory method on the genotypes of campylobacter isolated. a total of 645c. jejuniand 106c. coli isolates were obtained from 32 flocks and 17 farms, with 47 sequence types (sts) identified. the campylobacter jejuniisolates obtained by different sampling approaches and laboratory met ...201626873321
what makes a bacterial species pathogenic?:comparative genomic analysis of the genus leptospira.leptospirosis, caused by spirochetes of the genus leptospira, is a globally widespread, neglected and emerging zoonotic disease. while whole genome analysis of individual pathogenic, intermediately pathogenic and saprophytic leptospira species has been reported, comprehensive cross-species genomic comparison of all known species of infectious and non-infectious leptospira, with the goal of identifying genes related to pathogenesis and mammalian host adaptation, remains a key gap in the field. in ...201626890609
a rapid and simple real-time pcr assay for detecting foodborne pathogenic bacteria in human feces.a rapid, simple method for detecting foodborne pathogenic bacteria in human feces is greatly needed. here, we examined the efficacy of a method that employs a combination of a commercial pcr master mix, which is insensitive to pcr inhibitors, and a dna extraction method which used sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (sdbs), and tween 20 to counteract the inhibitory effects of sdbs on the pcr assay. this method could detect the target genes (stx1 and stx2 of enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli, inva ...201626902211
isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of campylobacter species among diarrheic children at jimma, ethiopia.introduction. campylobacter is one of the leading bacterial causes of food-borne disease. the prevalence of campylobacter species resistant to antimicrobial agents is increasing. this study is intended to determine prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of campylobacter species among under-five children with diarrhea. methodology. a cross-sectional study was conducted among 227 under-five children with diarrhea from july to october 2012 at jimma town. isolation and identification o ...201426904735
revisiting the roles of culture and culture-independent detection tests for campylobacter.culture-independent detection tests (cidts) for campylobacter have become an area of intense controversy and confusion among laboratorians in the field of clinical microbiology. to date, the true analytical and clinical performance of stool antigen cidts versus truly optimized culture conditions is unknown. in this issue of the journal of clinical microbiology, fitzgerald and colleagues (c. fitzgerald et al., j clin microbiol 54:1209-1215, 2016, report com ...201626912756
ebola or not? evaluating the ill traveler from ebola-affected countries in west africa.background.  the 2014-2015 ebola epidemic in west africa had global impact beyond the primarily affected countries of guinea, liberia, and sierra leone. other countries, including the united states, encountered numerous patients who arrived from highly affected countries with fever or other signs or symptoms consistent with ebola virus disease (evd). methods.  we describe our experience evaluating 25 travelers who met the us centers for disease control and prevention case definition for a person ...201626925428
immune responses to mycobacterial heat shock protein 70 accompany self-reactivity to human bip in rheumatoid arthritis.rheumatoid arthritis (ra) is an autoimmune disease, and a member of human heat shock protein (hsp) 70 protein family, binding immunoglobulin protein (bip), has been identified as an important autoantigen for t and b cells. we herein focused on mycobacterial (myc) hsps and immune responses to mychsps in ra patients. serum titers of antibodies against mychsp70 were significantly elevated in ra patients and correlated with serum anti-bip antibody titers. a mychsp70-derived hla-dr4 major epitope was ...201626927756
application of alternative nucleic acid extraction protocols to progastro sscs assay for detection of bacterial enteric an alternative to automated extraction, fecal specimens were processed by investigational lysis/heating (i.e., manual) and by chromatography/centrifugation (i.e., column) methods. progastro ssc and shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli (i.e., stec) indeterminate rates for 101 specimens were 1.0% to 3.0% for automated, 11.9% for manual, and 24.8% to 37.6% for column methods. following freeze-thaw of 247 specimens, indeterminate rates were 1.6% to 2.4% for manual and 0.8 to 5.3% for column met ...201626935731
the effects of 405-nm visible light on the survival of campylobacter on chicken skin and stainless steel.campylobacter spp. are foodborne pathogens responsible for a significant portion of human cases of bacterial-mediated gastrointestinal disease. a primary method for the introduction of campylobacter into the food supply is through poultry products. reducing the number of campylobacter on poultry products may reduce the incidence of human disease. research has been conducted on the use of light to inactivate campylobacter on poultry products and processing environments. more recently, the use of ...201626938455
multicenter evaluation of clinical diagnostic methods for detection and isolation of campylobacter spp. from stool.the use of culture-independent diagnostic tests (cidts), such as stool antigen tests, as standalone tests for the detection of campylobacter in stool is increasing. we conducted a prospective, multicenter study to evaluate the performance of stool antigen cidts compared to culture and pcr for campylobacter detection. between july and october 2010, we tested 2,767 stool specimens from patients with gastrointestinal illness with the following methods: four types of campylobacter selective media, f ...201626962088
fate of viable but non-culturable listeria monocytogenes in pig manure microcosms.the fate of two strains of listeria monocytogenes and their ability to become viable but non-culturable (vbnc) was investigated in microcosms containing piggery effluents (two raw manures and two biologically treated manures) stored for 2 months at 8 and 20°c. levels of l. monocytogenes were estimated using the culture method, qpcr, and propidium monoazide treatment combined with qpcr (qpcrpma). the chemical composition and the microbial community structure of the manures were also analyzed. the s ...201626973623
influence of commercial laying hen housing systems on the incidence and identification of salmonella and campylobacter.the housing of laying hens is important for social, industrial, and regulatory aspects. many studies have compared hen housing systems on the research farm, but few have fully examined commercial housing systems and management strategies. the current study compared hens housed in commercial cage-free aviary, conventional cage, and enriched colony cage systems. environmental and eggshell pool samples were collected from selected cages/segments of the housing systems throughout the production cycl ...201626976901
oral phage therapy of acute bacterial diarrhea with two coliphage preparations: a randomized trial in children from bangladesh.antibiotic resistance is rising in important bacterial pathogens. phage therapy (pt), the use of bacterial viruses infecting the pathogen in a species-specific way, is a potential alternative.201626981577
whole-genome sequence of multidrug-resistant campylobacter coli strain col b1-266, isolated from the colombian poultry chain.campylobacter coli is considered one of the main causes of food-borne illness worldwide. we report here the whole-genome sequence of multidrug-resistant campylobacter coli strain col b1-266, isolated from the colombian poultry chain. the genome sequences encode genes for a variety of antimicrobial resistance genes, including aminoglycosides, β-lactams, lincosamides, fluoroquinolones, and tetracyclines.201626988047
whole-genome sequences of two campylobacter coli isolates from the antimicrobial resistance monitoring program in colombia.campylobacter coli, along with campylobacter jejuni, is a major agent of gastroenteritis and acute enterocolitis in humans. we report the whole-genome sequences of two multidrug-resistance c. coli strains, isolated from the colombian poultry chain. the isolates contain a variety of antimicrobial resistance genes for aminoglycosides, lincosamides, fluoroquinolones, and tetracycline.201626988048
discriminative power of campylobacter phenotypic and genotypic typing methods.the aim of this study was to compare different typing methods, individually and combined, for use in the monitoring of campylobacter in food. campylobacter jejuni (n=94) and campylobacter coli (n=52) isolated from different broiler meat carcasses were characterized using multilocus sequence typing (mlst), flagellin gene a restriction fragment length polymorphism typing (flaa-rflp), antimicrobial resistance profiling (amrp), the presence/absence of 5 putative virulence genes; and, exclusively for ...201626996762
molecular subtyping and erythromycin resistance of campylobacter in investigate the erythromycin resistance patterns and mechanism for campylobacter isolates in china.201626999516
accuracy of commercial kits and published primer pairs for the detection of periodontopathogens.despite the input of microbiome research, a group of 20 bacteria continues to be the focus of periodontal diagnostics and therapy. the aim of this study was to compare three commercial kits and laboratory-developed primer pairs for effectiveness in detecting such periodontopathogens.201627020914
subtyping of salmonella enterica subspecies i using single-nucleotide polymorphisms in adenylate cyclase.methods to rapidly identify serotypes of salmonella enterica subspecies i are of vital importance for protecting the safety of food. to supplement the serotyping method dkgb-linked intergenic sequence ribotyping (isr), single-nucleotide polymorphisms were characterized within adenylate cyclase (cyaa). the national center for biotechnology information (ncbi) database had 378 cyaa sequences from s. enterica subspecies i, which included 42 unique dna sequences and 19 different amino acid sequences. ...201627035032
hyperendemic campylobacter jejuni in guinea pigs (cavia porcellus) raised for food in a semi-rural community of quito, ecuador.domestic animals and animal products are the source of pathogenic campylobacter jejuni and c. coli in industrialized countries, yet little is known about the transmission of these bacteria in developing countries. guinea pigs (cavia porcellus) are commonly raised for food in the andean region of south america, however, limited research has characterized this rodent as a reservoir of zoonotic enteric pathogens. in this study, we examined the prevalence of campylobacter spp. in 203 fecal samples f ...201627043446
prevalence of campylobacter species in milk and milk products, their virulence gene profile and anti-bio gram.during the last decades, number of food poisoning cases due to campylobacter occurred, immensely. after poultry, raw milk acts as a second main source of campylobacter. therefore, the present study was undertaken to detect the prevalence of campylobacters in milk and milk products and to know the antibiotic sensitivity and virulence gene profile of campylobacter spp. in anand city, gujarat, india.201527046986
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