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rapid host switching in generalist campylobacter strains erodes the signal for tracing human infections.campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli are the biggest causes of bacterial gastroenteritis in the developed world, with human infections typically arising from zoonotic transmission associated with infected meat. because campylobacter is not thought to survive well outside the gut, host-associated populations are genetically isolated to varying degrees. therefore, the likely origin of most strains can be determined by host-associated variation in the genome. this is instructive for characte ...201526305157
rapid host switching in generalist campylobacter strains erodes the signal for tracing human infections.campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli are the biggest causes of bacterial gastroenteritis in the developed world, with human infections typically arising from zoonotic transmission associated with infected meat. because campylobacter is not thought to survive well outside the gut, host-associated populations are genetically isolated to varying degrees. therefore, the likely origin of most strains can be determined by host-associated variation in the genome. this is instructive for characte ...201526305157
mass spectrometry-based phyloproteomics (mspp): a novel microbial typing method.maldi-tof-ms of microorganisms, which identifies microbes based on masses of high abundant low molecular weight proteins, is rapidly advancing to become another standard method in clinical routine laboratory diagnostics. allelic isoforms of these proteins result in varying masses of detectable biomarker ions. these variations give rise to a novel typing method for microorganisms named mass spectrometry-based phyloproteomics (mspp). the base of mspp is an amino acid sequence list of allelic isofo ...201526303099
virulence characteristics of hcp (+) campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolates from retail chicken.recently the type vi secretion system (t6ss), which can play a significant role in bacterial survival and pathogenesis, was reported in campylobacter spp., having the hcp gene as a key component.201526207145
population genetics and antimicrobial susceptibility of canine campylobacter isolates collected before and after a raw feeding recent years, increasing numbers of consumers have become interested in feeding raw food for their pet dogs as opposed to commercial dry food, in the belief of health advantages. however, raw meat and internal organs, possibly contaminated by pathogens such as campylobacter spp., may pose a risk of transmission of zoonoses to the pet owners. campylobacter jejuni is the leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans but c. upsaliensis has also been associated with human disease. in this ...201526172151
a single nucleotide change in muty increases the emergence of antibiotic-resistant campylobacter jejuni mutants.mutator strains play an important role in the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. campylobacter jejuni is a leading cause of foodborne illnesses worldwide and is increasingly resistant to clinically important antibiotics. the objective of this study was to identify the genetic basis that contributes to a mutator phenotype in campylobacter and determine the role of this phenotype in the development of antibiotic resistance.201526169557
the contribution of co-reference resolution to supervised relation detection between bacteria and biotopes entities.the acquisition of knowledge about relations between bacteria and their locations (habitats and geographical locations) in short texts about bacteria, as defined in the bionlp-st 2013 bacteria biotope task, depends on the detection of co-reference links between mentions of entities of each of these three types. to our knowledge, no participant in this task has investigated this aspect of the situation. the present work specifically addresses issues raised by this situation: (i) how to detect the ...201526201352
filamentation of campylobacter in broth cultures.the transition from rod to filamentous cell morphology has been identified as a response to stressful conditions in many bacterial species and has been ascribed to confer certain survival advantages. filamentation of campylobacter jejuni was demonstrated to occur spontaneously on entry in to stationary phase distinguishing it from many other bacteria where a reduction in size is more common. the aim of this study was to investigate the cues that give rise to filamentation of c. jejuni and c. col ...201526175723
la35 poultry fecal marker persistence is correlated with that of indicators and pathogens in environmental waters.disposal of fecally contaminated poultry litter by land application can deliver pathogens and fecal indicator bacteria (fib) into receiving waters via runoff. while water quality is regulated by fib enumeration, fib testing provides inadequate information about contamination source and health risk. this microbial source tracking (mst) study compared the persistence of the brevibacterium sp. strain la35 16s rrna gene (marker) for poultry litter with that of pathogens and fib under outdoor, enviro ...201525934617
beyond campylobacter jejuni: understanding campylobacter coli infections in a systemic model of disease. 201526083465
comprehensive mapping of o-glycosylation in flagellin from campylobacter jejuni 11168: a multienzyme differential ion mobility mass spectrometry approach.glycosylation of flagellin is essential for the virulence of campylobacter jejuni, a leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis. here, we demonstrate comprehensive mapping of the o-glycosylation of flagellin from campylobacter jejuni 11168 by use of a bottom-up proteomics approach that incorporates differential ion mobility spectrometry (also known as high field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry or faims) together with proteolysis with proteinase k. proteinase k provides complementar ...201525884275
narrow-spectrum inhibitors of campylobacter jejuni flagellar expression and growth.campylobacter jejuni is a major cause of food-borne illness due to its ability to reside within the gastrointestinal tracts of chickens. multiple studies have identified the flagella of c. jejuni as a major determinant of chicken colonization. an inhibitor screen of approximately 147,000 small molecules was performed to identify compounds that are able to inhibit flagellar expression in a reporter strain of c. jejuni. several compounds that modestly inhibited motility of wild-type c. jejuni in s ...201525870073
diversity of the epsilonproteobacteria dsb (disulfide bond) systems.the bacterial proteins of the dsb family-important components of the post-translational protein modification system-catalyze the formation of disulfide bridges, a process that is crucial for protein structure stabilization and activity. dsb systems play an essential role in the assembly of many virulence factors. recent rapid advances in global analysis of bacteria have thrown light on the enormous diversity among bacterial dsb systems. while the escherichia coli disulfide bond-forming system is ...201526106374
heat shock-enhanced conjugation efficiency in standard campylobacter jejuni strains.campylobacter jejuni, the leading bacterial cause of human gastroenteritis in the united states, displays significant strain diversity due to horizontal gene transfer. conjugation is an important horizontal gene transfer mechanism contributing to the evolution of bacterial pathogenesis and antimicrobial resistance. it has been observed that heat shock could increase transformation efficiency in some bacteria. in this study, the effect of heat shock on c. jejuni conjugation efficiency and the und ...201525911489
virulence genes and cytokine profile in systemic murine campylobacter coli infection.campylobacter coli are one of the most common bacteria in bacterial gastroenteritis and acute enterocolitis in humans. however, relatively little is known regarding the mechanisms of pathogenesis and host response to c. coli infections. to investigate the influence of genetic changes, we first used pcr to demonstrate the presence of the known virulence genes cadf, virb11, cdtb, cdtc and ceue in the clinical isolate c. coli 26536, which was isolated from the liver of infected balb/c mice. sequenc ...201526039573
the epidemiology and aetiology of diarrhoeal disease in infancy in southern vietnam: a birth cohort study.previous studies indicate a high burden of diarrhoeal disease in vietnamese children, however longitudinal community-based data on burden and aetiology are limited. the findings from a large, prospective cohort study of diarrhoeal disease in infants in southern vietnam are presented herein.201525813553
genetic characterization of campylobacter jejuni and c. coli isolated from broilers using flaa pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism method in shiraz, southern iran.thermophilic campylobacters, particularly campylobacter jejuni and c. coli are the main agents of human campylobacteriosis. campylobacter contaminated chicken products is the most important source of foodborne gastroenteritis. evaluation of genetic diversity among campylobacter population is critical for understanding the epidemiology of this bacterium and developing effective control strategies against campylobacter infections and other related disorders.201526060566
a prospective multi-center observational study of children hospitalized with diarrhea in ho chi minh city, vietnam.we performed a prospective multicenter study to address the lack of data on the etiology, clinical and demographic features of hospitalized pediatric diarrhea in ho chi minh city (hcmc), vietnam. over 2,000 (1,419 symptomatic and 609 non-diarrheal control) children were enrolled in three hospitals over a 1-year period in 2009-2010. aiming to detect a panel of pathogens, we identified a known diarrheal pathogen in stool samples from 1,067/1,419 (75.2%) children with diarrhea and from 81/609 (13.3 ...201525802437
detection of multi-drug resistant escherichia coli in the urban waterways of milwaukee, wi.urban waterways represent a natural reservoir of antibiotic resistance which may provide a source of transferable genetic elements to human commensal bacteria and pathogens. the objective of this study was to evaluate antibiotic resistance of escherichia coli isolated from the urban waterways of milwaukee, wi compared to those from milwaukee sewage and a clinical setting in milwaukee. antibiotics covering 10 different families were utilized to determine the phenotypic antibiotic resistance for a ...201525972844
towards fluorescence in vivo hybridization (fivh) detection of h. pylori in gastric mucosa using advanced lna recent years, there have been several attempts to improve the diagnosis of infection caused by helicobacter pylori. fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) is a commonly used technique to detect h. pylori infection but it requires biopsies from the stomach. thus, the development of an in vivo fish-based method (fivh) that directly detects and allows the visualization of the bacterium within the human body would significantly reduce the time of analysis, allowing the diagnosis to be performe ...201525915865
epidemiology of norovirus infections among diarrhea outpatients in a diarrhea surveillance system in shanghai, china: a cross-sectional study.norovirus is an important cause of gastroenteritis both in children and adults. in china, few studies have been conducted on adult populations. this study aimed to determine the contribution of norovirus to gastroenteritis, characterize the features of norovirus infections, compare them with other pathogens, and test the effectiveness of the surveillance system.201525884557
impact of oxidative stress defense on bacterial survival and morphological change in campylobacter jejuni under aerobic conditions.campylobacter jejuni, a microaerophilic foodborne pathogen, inescapably faces high oxygen tension during its transmission to humans. thus, the ability of c. jejuni to survive under oxygen-rich conditions may significantly impact c. jejuni viability in food and food safety as well. in this study, we investigated the impact of oxidative stress resistance on the survival of c. jejuni under aerobic conditions by examining three mutants defective in key antioxidant genes, including ahpc, kata, and so ...201525914692
multiplex polymerase chain reaction tests for detection of pathogens associated with gastroenteritis.a wide range of enteric pathogens can cause infectious gastroenteritis. conventional diagnostic algorithms are time-consuming and often lack sensitivity and specificity. advances in molecular technology have provided new clinical diagnostic tools. multiplex polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based testing has been used in gastroenterology diagnostics in recent years. this article presents a review of recent laboratory-developed multiplex pcr tests and current commercial multiplex gastrointestinal p ...201526004652
first case report of campylobacter volucris bacteremia in an immunocompromised patient.we report a case of campylobacter volucris bacteremia in an immunocompromised patient with polycythemia vera and alcoholic liver cirrhosis. to our knowledge, this is the first case report in which this organism has been isolated from a human clinical specimen.201525832303
agriculture and food animals as a source of antimicrobial-resistant of the major breakthroughs in the history of medicine is undoubtedly the discovery of antibiotics. their use in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine has resulted in healthier and more productive farm animals, ensuring the welfare and health of both animals and humans. unfortunately, from the first use of penicillin, the resistance countdown started to tick. nowadays, the infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria are increasing, and resistance to antibiotics is probably the major ...201525878509
coiled coil rich proteins (ccrp) influence molecular pathogenicity of helicobacter pylori.pathogenicity of the human pathogen helicobacter pylori relies on its capacity to adapt to a hostile environment and to escape the host response. although there have been great advances in our understanding of the bacterial cytoskeleton, major gaps remain in our knowledge of its contribution to virulence. in this study we have explored the influence of coiled coil rich proteins (ccrp) cytoskeletal elements on pathogenicity factors of h. pylori. deletion of any of the ccrp resulted in a strongly ...201525822999
molecular-based approaches to characterize coastal microbial community and their potential relation to the trophic state of red sea.molecular-based approaches were used to characterize the coastal microbiota and to elucidate the trophic state of red sea. nutrient content and enterococci numbers were monitored, and used to correlate with the abundance of microbial markers. microbial source tracking revealed the presence of >1 human-associated bacteroides spp. at some of the near-shore sampling sites and at a heavily frequented beach. water samples collected from the beaches had occasional exceedances in enterococci numbers, h ...201525758166
clear distinction between burkholderia mallei and burkholderia pseudomallei using fluorescent motb primers.a frame-shift mutation in the flagellum motor gene motb coding for the chemotaxis motb protein of burkholderia mallei has been utilized to design a conventional duplex pcr assay with fluorescent labelled primers.201525887130
multicenter evaluation of the bd max enteric bacterial panel pcr assay for rapid detection of salmonella spp., shigella spp., campylobacter spp. (c. jejuni and c. coli), and shiga toxin 1 and 2 genes.diarrhea due to enteric bacterial pathogens causes significant morbidity and mortality in the united states and worldwide. however, bacterial pathogens may be infrequently identified. currently, culture and enzyme immunoassays (eias) are the primary methods used by clinical laboratories to detect enteric bacterial pathogens. we conducted a multicenter evaluation of the bd max enteric bacterial panel (ebp) pcr assay in comparison to culture for the detection of salmonella spp., shigella spp., cam ...201525740779
detection of thermophilic campylobacter sp. in raw chicken sausages by methods iso 10272: 2006 in curitiba - parana state - brazil.the aim of this study was the detection of campylobacter sp. in raw chicken sausages using the methods iso 10272-1 and iso 10272-2. the overall prevalence of campylobacter sp. in the samples tested was 16.67%, representing a serious risk to the health of consumers, particularly if measures guaranteeing proper cooking of foods and prevention of cross-contamination are not adopted. furthermore, the majority of campylobacteriosis cases in humans are caused by consumption or improper handling of con ...201525763066
detection of thermophilic campylobacter sp. in raw chicken sausages by methods iso 10272: 2006 in curitiba - parana state - brazil.the aim of this study was the detection of campylobacter sp. in raw chicken sausages using the methods iso 10272-1 and iso 10272-2. the overall prevalence of campylobacter sp. in the samples tested was 16.67%, representing a serious risk to the health of consumers, particularly if measures guaranteeing proper cooking of foods and prevention of cross-contamination are not adopted. furthermore, the majority of campylobacteriosis cases in humans are caused by consumption or improper handling of con ...201525763066
genome comparison provides molecular insights into the phylogeny of the reassigned new genus lysinibacillus.lysinibacillus sphaericus (formerly named bacillus sphaericus) is incapable of polysaccharide utilization and some isolates produce active insecticidal proteins against mosquito larvae. its taxonomic status was changed to the genus lysinibacillus in 2007 with some other organisms previously regarded as members of bacillus. however, this classification is mainly based on physiology and phenotype and there is limited genomic information to support it.201525888315
environmental monitoring of waterborne campylobacter: evaluation of the australian standard and a hybrid extraction-free mpn-pcr method.campylobacter is the leading agent of diarrheal disease worldwide. this study evaluates a novel culture-pcr hybrid (mpn-pcr) assay for the rapid enumeration of campylobacter spp. from estuarine and wastewater systems. to first evaluate the current, culture-based, australian standard, an inter-laboratory study was conducted on 69 subsampled water samples. the proposed most-probable number (mpn)-pcr method was then evaluated, by analysing 147 estuarine samples collected over a 2 year period. data ...201525709604
structural and functional implications of the interaction between macrolide antibiotics and bile acids.macrolide antibiotics, such as azithromycin and erythromycin, are in widespread use for the treatment of bacterial infections. macrolides are taken up and excreted mainly by bile. additionally, they have been implicated in biliary system diseases and to modify the excretion of other drugs through bile. despite mounting evidence for the interplay between macrolide antibiotics and bile acids, the molecular details of this interaction remain unknown. herein, we show by nmr measurements that macroli ...201525655041
comparison of eleven methods for genomic dna extraction suitable for large-scale whole-genome genotyping and long-term dna banking using blood samples.over the recent years, next generation sequencing and microarray technologies have revolutionized scientific research with their applications to high-throughput analysis of biological systems. isolation of high quantities of pure, intact, double stranded, highly concentrated, not contaminated genomic dna is prerequisite for successful and reliable large scale genotyping analysis. high quantities of pure dna are also required for the creation of dna-banks. in the present study, eleven different d ...201525635817
microbial contamination of drinking water and human health from community water systems.a relatively short list of reference viral, bacterial and protozoan pathogens appears adequate to assess microbial risks and inform a system-based management of drinking waters. nonetheless, there are data gaps, e.g. human enteric viruses resulting in endemic infection levels if poorly performing disinfection and/or distribution systems are used, and the risks from fungi. where disinfection is the only treatment and/or filtration is poor, cryptosporidiosis is the most likely enteric disease to b ...201525821716
a community-based gastroenteritis outbreak after typhoon haiyan, leyte, philippines, 2013.three weeks after typhoon haiyan, an increasing number of acute gastroenteritis cases were reported in kananga, leyte, an area where evacuated residents had returned home two days after the disaster. an outbreak investigation was conducted to identify the source and risk factors associated with the increase of gastroenteritis.201525960917
prevalence of campylobacter species in milk and milk products, their virulence gene profile and anti-bio gram.during the last decades, number of food poisoning cases due to campylobacter occurred, immensely. after poultry, raw milk acts as a second main source of campylobacter. therefore, the present study was undertaken to detect the prevalence of campylobacters in milk and milk products and to know the antibiotic sensitivity and virulence gene profile of campylobacter spp. in anand city, gujarat, india.201527046986
laboratory diagnosis of bacterial gastroenteritis.bacterial gastroenteritis is a disease that is pervasive in both the developing and developed worlds. while for the most part bacterial gastroenteritis is self-limiting, identification of an etiological agent by bacterial stool culture is required for the management of patients with severe or prolonged diarrhea, symptoms consistent with invasive disease, or a history that may predict a complicated course of disease. importantly, characterization of bacterial enteropathogens from stool cultures i ...201525567220
detection of mycobacteria, mycobacterium avium subspecies, and mycobacterium tuberculosis complex by a novel tetraplex real-time pcr assay.mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, mycobacterium avium, and many other nontuberculous mycobacteria are worldwide distributed microorganisms of major medical and veterinary importance. considering the growing epidemiologic significance of wildlife-livestock-human interrelation, developing rapid detection tools of high specificity and sensitivity is vital to assess their presence and accelerate the process of diagnosing mycobacteriosis. here we describe the development and evaluation of a novel t ...201525588660
the polar and lateral flagella from plesiomonas shigelloides are glycosylated with legionaminic acid.plesiomonas shigelloides is the unique member of the enterobacteriaceae family able to produce polar flagella when grow in liquid medium and lateral flagella when grown in solid or semisolid media. in this study on p. shigelloides 302-73 strain, we found two different gene clusters, one exclusively for the lateral flagella biosynthesis and the other one containing the biosynthetic polar flagella genes with additional putative glycosylation genes. p. shigelloides is the first enterobacteriaceae w ...201526167161
bacterial flagella: twist and stick, or dodge across the kingdoms.the flagellum organelle is an intricate multiprotein assembly best known for its rotational propulsion of bacteria. however, recent studies have expanded our knowledge of other functions in pathogenic contexts, particularly adherence and immune modulation, e.g., for salmonella enterica, campylobacter jejuni, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and escherichia coli. flagella-mediated adherence is important in host colonisation for several plant and animal pathogens, but the specific interactions that promote ...201525590430
differential distribution of type ii crispr-cas systems in agricultural and nonagricultural campylobacter coli and campylobacter jejuni isolates correlates with lack of shared environments.crispr (clustered regularly interspaced palindromic repeats)-cas (crispr-associated) systems are sequence-specific adaptive defenses against phages and plasmids which are widespread in prokaryotes. here we have studied whether phylogenetic relatedness or sharing of environmental niches affects the distribution and dissemination of type ii crispr-cas systems, first in 132 bacterial genomes from 15 phylogenetic classes, ranging from proteobacteria to actinobacteria. there was clustering of distinc ...201526338188
the challenge of efflux-mediated antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacteria.the global emergence of multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria is a growing threat to antibiotic therapy. the chromosomally encoded drug efflux mechanisms that are ubiquitous in these bacteria greatly contribute to antibiotic resistance and present a major challenge for antibiotic development. multidrug pumps, particularly those represented by the clinically relevant acrab-tolc and mex pumps of the resistance-nodulation-division (rnd) superfamily, not only mediate intrinsic and acquired mult ...201525788514
[detection of biofilm formation by selected pathogens relevant to the food industry].detection of biofilm formation by microbial pathogens relevant to the food industry and comparison of biofilm formation under different conditions of culture.201526448305
prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacterjejuni and campylobacter coli from adult hospitalized patients with diarrhea in thailand.infection with campylobacter jejuni and c. coli are recognized as the major cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans.201526749592
eucast recommendations for antimicrobial susceptibility testing applied to the three main campylobacter species isolated in humans.antimicrobial susceptibility testing of campylobacter isolates is of great importance for treatment options especially in systemic diseases. the european committee for antimicrobial susceptibility testing (eucast) recently proposed epidemiological cut-offs (ecoffs) for a limited number of antimicrobial compounds and for campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli only. in the present study, the eucast method was used after minor modifications to define antimicrobial susceptibility patterns for, ...201526519770
efficacy of a typing scheme for campylobacter based on the combination of true and questionable crispr.this study evaluates an improved scheme for campylobacter genotyping based on the combination of true and questionable crispr (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) elements. a total of 180 campylobacter strains (campylobacter jejuni n=93 and campylobacter coli n=87), isolated from neck skin and caecal content of broilers, poultry meat and sewage water were analysed. another 97 c. jejuni dna samples from cases of human campylobacteriosis were assessed. sixty-three genotypes ...201526518609
campylobacter in poultry: ecology and potential interventions.avian hosts constitute a natural reservoir for thermophilic campylobacter species, primarily campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli, and poultry flocks are frequently colonized in the intestinal tract with high numbers of the organisms. prevalence rates in poultry, especially in slaughter-age broiler flocks, could reach as high as 100% on some farms. despite the extensive colonization, campylobacter is essentially a commensal in birds, although limited evidence has implicated the organism a ...201526473668
campylobacter species in animal, food, and environmental sources, and relevant testing programs in canada.campylobacter species, particularly thermophilic campylobacters, have emerged as a leading cause of human foodborne gastroenteritis worldwide, with campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter coli, and campylobacter lari responsible for the majority of human infections. although most cases of campylobacteriosis are self-limiting, campylobacteriosis represents a significant public health burden. human illness caused by infection with campylobacters has been reported across canada since the early 1970s. m ...201526422448
risk of escherichia coli o157:h7, non-o157 shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli, and campylobacter spp. in food animals and their products in qatar.escherichia coli o157:h7, non-o157 e. coli, and campylobacter spp. are among the top-ranked pathogens that threaten the safety of food supply systems around the world. the associated risks and predisposing factors were investigated in a dynamic animal population using a repeat-cross-sectional study design. animal and environmental samples were collected from dairy and camel farms, chicken processing plants, and abattoirs and analyzed for the presence of these pathogens using a combination of bac ...201526408129
antimicrobial susceptibilities of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli recovered from organic turkey farms in germany.the popularity of food produced from animals kept under an organic regimen has increased in recent years. in germany, turkey meat consumption has increased. despite several studies assessing the susceptibility of campylobacters to various antibiotics in poultry, no sufficient data exists regarding the antimicrobial resistance of campylobacters in organic-reared turkeys. this study provides information about antibiotic resistance in campylobacter isolated from turkeys reared on organic farms in g ...201526371330
campylobacter coli infection causing second trimester intrauterine growth restriction (iugr): a case report and review of the literature.campylobacter is a gram-negative, microaerophilic, curved rod and a normal resident of the gastrointestinal flora and may be the cause of disease in animals. transmission to humans occurs by ingestion of contaminated food or by direct contact with infected animals. in the past few decades, an increasing number of reports have implicated the presence of this organism in human abortions as well. an infectious mechanism due to primary placental inflammatory damage followed by secondary damage to th ...201526340229
antibiotic susceptibility of clinical isolates of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in ontario, canada during 2011-2013.a total of 219 clinical isolates of campylobacter spp. including 180 campylobacter jejuni and 39 campylobacter coli were assessed for in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility. resistance among c. coli was higher for ciprofloxacin (41% versus 30.80%), erythromycin (12.80% versus 3.90%) and lower for tetracycline (53.80% versus 64.60%) compared to c. jejuni.201526320936
development of a novel chromogenic medium for improved campylobacter detection from poultry samples.the presence of expanded-spectrum β-lactamase (esbl)-producing escherichia coli is a common problem in the isolation of campylobacter from poultry samples using conventional cefoperazone-based selective media. a novel chromogenic medium (cm-ht), based on modified charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar (mccda), has been developed as a solution for improved campylobacter detection from poultry samples. although the basic components of cm-ht are the same as mccda, cm-ht uses both granular charcoal ...201526319731
are campylobacters now capable of carbo-loading?campylobacters are a leading cause of gastrointestinal morbidity worldwide and the majority of human infections are triggered by eating foods contaminated with campylobacter jejuni or campylobacter coli. campylobacters are equally notorious for their ability to mimic human glycoconjugate structures and for their capacity to synthesize both n- and o-linked glycoproteins. these species were once considered to be asaccharolytic, but it was recently shown that several strains possess a pathway for f ...201526259768
a transferable plasticity region in campylobacter coli allows isolates of an otherwise non-glycolytic food-borne pathogen to catabolize glucose.thermophilic campylobacter species colonize the intestine of agricultural and domestic animals commensally but cause severe gastroenteritis in humans. in contrast to other enteropathogenic bacteria, campylobacter has been considered to be non-glycolytic, a metabolic property originally used for their taxonomic classification. contrary to this dogma, we demonstrate that several campylobacter coli strains are able to utilize glucose as a growth substrate. isotopologue profiling experiments with (1 ...201526259566
high prevalence and genetic diversity of campylobacter jejuni in wild crows and pigeons.the occurrence, seasonal variation and genetic diversity of campylobacter spp. in pigeons and crows over a 1-year period were evaluated. campylobacter spp. were isolated from 166 (34.6 %) out of 480 wild bird faecal samples. the occurrence of campylobacter spp. in faecal samples was higher among crows (39.2 %) than pigeons (30.0 %), (p < 0.05). campylobacter jejuni was the most common species detected among wild bird faecal samples (98.2 %). meanwhile, campylobacter coli prevalence in wild bird ...201526228635
a new variant of cytolethal distending toxin in a clinical isolate of campylobacter hyointestinalis.increasing numbers of campylobacter hyointestinalis have been isolated from humans and animals with gastroenteritis, although the virulence mechanism of this species remains largely unknown. here, we show that c. hyointestinalis isolated from a patient with diarrhoea in thailand produced a novel variant of cytolethal distending toxin (cdt). sequencing of a 13 965 bp genomic region of c. hyointestinalis carrying the genes coding for ch-cdt revealed three orfs of 798, 804 and 537 bp, which code fo ...201526220191
adherence reduction of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli strains to hep-2 cells by mannan oligosaccharides and a high-molecular-weight component of cranberry extract.campylobacter infections are a leading cause of human bacterial gastroenteritis in the united states and are a major cause of diarrheal disease throughout the world. colonization and subsequent infection and invasion of campylobacter require that the bacteria adhere to the surface of host cells. agents that inhibit adherence could be used prophylactically to reduce campylobacter carriage and infection. mannan oligosaccharides (mos) have been used as a feed supplement in livestock animals to impr ...201526219363
microarray on digital versatile disc for identification and genotyping of salmonella and campylobacter in meat products.highly portable, cost-effective, and rapid-response devices are required for the subtyping of the most frequent food-borne bacteria; thereby the sample rejection strategies and hygienization techniques along the food chain can be tailor-designed. here, a novel biosensor is presented for the generic detection of salmonella and campylobacter and the discrimination between their most prevalent serovars (salmonella enteritidis, salmonella typhimurium) and species (campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter ...201526198111
rapid detection of campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter coli, and campylobacter lari in fresh chicken meat and by-products in bangkok, thailand, using modified multiplex pcr.a multiplex pcr assay for simultaneous detection and differentiation of campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter coli, and campylobacter lari was developed and validated to assess the occurrence of these bacteria in fresh chicken meat and by-products in bangkok, thailand, by using a new combination of four previously published pcr primers for c. jejuni, c. coli, c. lari, and a universal 16s rdna gene as an internal control. the specificity was determined by using 13 strains of other bacteria. with pu ...201526197289
real-time pcr detection of campylobacter spp.: a comparison to classic culturing and enrichment.the major disadvantage of the current gold standard for detection of the food pathogen campylobacter, i.e. culturing, is the lengthy procedure. in this study we assessed the use of real-time pcr for detection of campylobacter. to this end, 926 poultry samples, taken from transport containers and broiler caeca in the netherlands in 2007, were subjected to three different real-time pcr detection methods: one targeting the campylobacter jejuni hipo gene, one targeting the campylobacter coli glya ge ...201526187833
restoring the selectivity of modified charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar for the isolation of campylobacter species using tazobactam, a β-lactamase inhibitor.extended spectrum β-lactamase (esbl) producing escherichia coli have emerged as a contaminant on modified charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar (mccda) when attempting to selectively isolate campylobacter spp. from poultry. e. coli are particularly problematic given their ability to grow under microaerophilic conditions and have been shown to outcompete campylobacter species making campylobacter detection or enumeration difficult. this paper recommends a novel method for restoring the selectiv ...201526119190
the evolution of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli.the global significance of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli as gastrointestinal human pathogens has motivated numerous studies to characterize their population biology and evolution. these bacteria are a common component of the intestinal microbiota of numerous bird and mammal species and cause disease in humans, typically via consumption of contaminated meat products, especially poultry meat. sequence-based molecular typing methods, such as multilocus sequence typing (mlst) and whole ...201526101080
comparative analysis of antimicrobial resistance and genetic diversity of campylobacter from broilers slaughtered in the current study, the relationship of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli strains isolated at slaughter was investigated using comparative analysis of antimicrobial resistance (amr), virulence gene (vg) and pfge profiling. a total of 254 campylobacter isolates from poultry caeca and corresponding carcasses, including 139 c. jejuni and 115 c. coli strains were tested. the most prevalent resistance profiles observed in c. jejuni were ciprofloxacin, nalidixic acid and tetracycline (46 o ...201526092707
microbiological survey of birds of prey pellets.a microbiological survey of 73 pellets collected from different birds of prey species housed at the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center of napoli (southern italy) was performed. pellets were analyzed by culture and biochemical methods as well as by serotyping and polymerase chain reaction. we isolated a wide range of bacteria some of them also pathogens for humans (i.e. salmonella enterica serotype typhimurium, campylobacter coli, escherichia coli o serogroups). this study highlights the p ...201526026881
prevalence of campylobacter spp. in retail chicken, turkey, pork, and beef meat in poland between 2009 and 2013.the purpose of the present study was to determine the prevalence of thermophilic campylobacter in poultry, pork, and beef meat at the retail level and to identify the main categories of meat representing the most significant reservoirs of campylobacter. a monitoring study was conducted throughout poland from 2009 to 2013. a total of 1,700 fresh meat samples were collected from supermarkets, large retail outlets, and smaller stores. thermophilic campylobacter species were detected in 690 (49.3%) ...201525951401
development of transient phage resistance in campylobacter coli against the group ii phage cp84.recently, there is a growing interest in the use of bacteriophages for pre- and post-harvest applications to reduce foodborne pathogens (including campylobacter) along the food chain. quantitative campylobacter reductions of up to three log10 units have been achieved by phage application. however, possible phage resistance might limit this approach. in campylobacter (c.) jejuni, phage resistance mechanisms have been described in detail but data on these mechanisms in c. coli are still missing. t ...201525876274
a five-year study on prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacter from poultry carcasses in poland.during 2009-2013 a total of 2114 swab samples collected from broiler carcasses in all 16 voivodeships (administrative districts) of poland were examined for the presence of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli. the antimicrobial resistance of the isolates to ciprofloxacin, tetracycline and erythromycin using the mic method was also tested. it was found that 1151 (54.4%) carcasses were contaminated with campylobacter, with 50% of c. jejuni and c. coli species isolated from positive samples ...201525846926
effect of exposure to stress conditions on propidium monoazide (pma)-qpcr based campylobacter enumeration in broiler carcass rinses.campylobacter quantification by qpcr is unable to distinguish viable vs. dead cells in contrast to the culture-based iso 10272-2 reference method. propidium monoazide (pma) has been used to overcome this disadvantage. a campylobacter pma-qpcr enumeration method was evaluated for its consistency and compared to the culture-based enumeration for both artificially and natural contaminated broiler carcass rinses. the pma effect was further evaluated on stressed cells. five conditions, commonly encou ...201525791007
higher resistance of campylobacter coli compared to campylobacter jejuni at chicken order to compare the prevalence of campylobacter coli and campylobacter jejuni during the processing of broilers at slaughterhouse a total of 848 samples were analyzed during 2012 in southern spain. four hundred and seventy six samples were collected from cloaca, carcass surfaces and quartered carcasses. moreover, 372 environmental swabs from equipment and scalding water were collected. minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) to ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, streptomycin, tetracycline and genta ...201525770597
characteristics of metroxylon sagu resistant starch type iii as prebiotic substance.resistant starch type iii (rs3 ) was produced from sago (metroxylon sagu) and evaluated for its characteristics as a prebiotic. two rs3 samples designated sago rs and hcl-sago rs contained 35.71% and 68.30% rs, respectively, were subjected to hydrolyses by gastric juice and digestive enzymes and to absorption. both sago rs and hcl-sago rs were resistant to 180 min hydrolysis by gastric acidity at ph 1 to 4 with less than 0.85% hydrolyzed. both samples were also resistant toward hydrolysis by gas ...201525739421
identification of campylobacter species isolates with phenotypic methods and polymerase chain reaction.campylobacter jejuni (c. jejuni) and campylobacter coli (c. coli) are the most common bacterial causes of enterocolitis in humans. however, identification of the species level is not always possible using standard biochemical tests.201525731001
survival after cryogenic freezing of campylobacter species in ground turkey patties treated with polyphosphates.the use of polyphosphate-based marinades in the processing of poultry has been previously shown to increase the survival of campylobacter species present in the exudates derived from these products. this study investigates the effects that some of the same polyphosphates have on the survival of campylobacter species within a ground turkey product subjected to cryogenic freezing. ground turkey patties with two different polyphosphate formulations added in two different concentrations were artific ...201525710161
[antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance mutations in campylobacter jejuni and c. coli isolates from human and meat sources].recently, there has been a marked increase in the number of reports of fluoroquinolone-resistant campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli. the aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance and its genetic determinants in campylobacter species isolated from meat and human subjects in fukuoka prefecture, japan. between 2011 and 2013, 55 and 64 isolates were collected from meat (chicken meat and beef liver) and humans, respectively, in this prefecture. antimicrobia ...201526552121
a receptor-binding protein of campylobacter jejuni bacteriophage nctc 12673 recognizes flagellin glycosylated with acetamidino-modified pseudaminic acid.bacteriophage receptor-binding proteins (rbps) confer host specificity. we previously identified a putative rbp (gp047) from the campylobacter lytic phage nctc 12673 and demonstrated that gp047 has a broader host range than its parent phage. while nctc 12673 recognizes the capsular polysaccharide (cps) of a limited number of campylobacter jejuni isolates, gp047 binds to a majority of c. jejuni and related campylobacter coli strains. in this study, we demonstrate that gp047 also binds to acapsula ...201525354466
specific pathogen-free pig herds also free from campylobacter?as specific pathogen-free (spf) pig herds are designed and managed to prevent specific pig diseases, it might be feasible to expand the list of micro-organisms also including zoonotic pathogens such as campylobacter coli as this agent has its origin in pigs. in a previous survey, 15 of 16 of spf herds were found free from human pathogenic yersinia enterocolitica. accordingly, three nucleus and seven multiplying herds were surveyed for campylobacter to investigate whether the norwegian spf pig py ...201524798507
[identification of zoonotic bacterial pathogens by the maldi tof ms method].to verify whether the maldi tof ms method can be used for rapid identification of selected zoonotic bacterial pathogens isolated from various types of materials in the real conditions of routine laboratory work.201526312374
novel gentamicin resistance genes in campylobacter isolated from humans and retail meats in the understand the molecular epidemiology of gentamicin-resistant campylobacter and investigate aminoglycoside resistance mechanisms.201525645207
rapid identification and classification of campylobacter spp. using laser optical scattering technology.campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli are the two important species responsible for most of the campylobacter infections in humans. reliable isolation and detection of campylobacter spp. from food samples are challenging due to the interferences from complex food substances and the fastidious growth requirements of this organism. in this study, a novel biosensor-based detection called bardot (bacterial rapid detection using optical scattering technology) was developed for high-throughput s ...201525583335
genotypes and antibiotic resistance of bovine campylobacter and their contribution to human campylobacteriosis.campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli are the most important bacterial causes of human gastroenteritis. chicken has been recognized as a major source for human infection, whereas cattle might also contribute to a lesser extent. however, there is a paucity of information available regarding campylobacter in swiss cattle and their role for human campylobacteriosis. to gain more information on genotypes and antibiotic resistance of bovine c. jejuni and c. coli and on their contribution to hum ...201525511436
antimicrobial activity of gallic acid against thermophilic campylobacter is strain specific and associated with a loss of calcium ions.gallic acid has been suggested as a potential antimicrobial for the control of campylobacter but its effectiveness is poorly studied. the minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) and minimum bactericidal concentration (mbc) of gallic acid against campylobacter jejuni (n = 8) and campylobacter coli (n = 4) strains was determined. gallic acid inhibited the growth of five c. jejuni strains and three c. coli strains (mic: 15.63-250 μg ml(-1)). gallic acid was only bactericidal to two c. coli strains ( ...201525475290
comparison of anti-campylobacter activity of free thymol and thymol-β-d-glucopyranoside in absence or presence of β-glycoside-hydrolysing gut bacteria.thymol is a natural product that exhibits antimicrobial activity in vitro but in vivo results indicate that absorption within the proximal alimentary tract precludes its delivery to the distal gut. presently, the anti-campylobacter activity of thymol was compared against that of thymol-β-d-glucopyranoside, the latter being resistant to absorption. when treated with 1 mm thymol, campylobacter coli and jejuni were reduced during pure or co-culture with a β-glycoside-hydrolysing parabacteroides dis ...201525465999
prevalence, virulence, and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in white stork ciconia ciconia in poland.the aim of this study was to investigate the role of white stork ciconia ciconia as a potential reservoir of campylobacter spp. antimicrobial resistance and the presence of putative virulence genes of the isolates were also examined. a total of 398 white stork chicks sampled in western poland in habitats with high density of breeding were examined. rectal swabs were collected during breeding season 2009-2012 from storks developing in a relatively pure environment (odra meadows), in polluted area ...201525456607
characterization of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli genotypes in poultry flocks by restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis.we describe a simple, rapid, and discriminatory methodology that allows the routine molecular characterization of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolates. the proposed approach is built on one of the earliest and simplest molecular typing methods ever, consisting on the analysis of the fragments of different lengths generated by digestion of homologous dna sequences with specific restriction endonucleases, a process known as restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis. ...201525399105
free-living waterfowl as a source of zoonotic bacteria in a dense wild bird population area in northeastern spain.salmonella spp. and campylobacter spp. are zoonotic bacteria that represent an economic and public health concern worldwide. due to the difficulty to collect samples from free-living waterfowl, little is known on their importance as a reservoir of zoonotic agents. thus, a study was conducted to determine the prevalence, genotypic diversity and antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella and campylobacter from waterfowl in ebro delta (northeastern spain), a geographical area with a dense wild bird ...201524112278
multilocus sequence typing of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli from humans and chickens in north-eastern italy.this paper reports the multilocus sequence typing (mlst) of 57 c. jejuni and c. coli isolates from humans and chickens in italy and the identification of 17 new sequence types (sts). a high genetic diversity was detected among c. jejuni/c. coli and human/chicken isolates, with a predominance of clonal complexes cc21 and cc828. although human sts were not the same as those found in chickens, 3 ccs overlapped between human and chicken isolates. genotyping of campylobacter strains by mlst should be ...201425387294
prevalence of salmonella and campylobacter on broiler chickens from farm to slaughter and efficiency of methods to remove visible fecal contamination.a study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of salmonella and campylobacter from farm to slaughter. the efficiency of trimming and water spray (490 to 588 kpa pressure) on the removal of visible fecal contamination from broiler carcasses before chilling was also investigated. drag swabs were used to sample litter from the farm houses. samples of ceca and carcasses without and with visible fecal contamination before and after trimming or spray washing of fecal contamination were taken dur ...201425364917
[spontaneous bacteremia due to campylobacter coli in a cirrhotic patient]. 201424280064
[enumeration and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacter species from retail chicken carcasses].to determine campylobacter contamination level and antimicrobial resistance patterns from chicken carcasses in supermarkets and farmer's markets of 9 districts in beijing.201425573127
seasonality and antibiotic resistance of campylobacter in turkish chicken meat.this study investigated the seasonal prevalence and the antimicrobial susceptibility of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in 264 samples of chicken meat. the samples encompassed wings (n=88), breasts (n=79) and thighs (n=97) and were purchased from different butcheries and markets in elazig province, in eastern turkey, between december 2009 and november 2010. the meat samples were tested for campylobacter presence and the collected isolates were identified as campylobacter jejuni and c ...201425546065
a molecular survey of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli virulence and diversity.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of virulence-associated genes and enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus pcr (eric-pcr) analysis of campylobacter spp. isolated from children with diarrhea in iran.201424842142
genotypes and antibiotic resistance of canine campylobacter jejuni isolates.campylobacter jejuni is the most important cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans. it is a commensal in many wild and domestic animals, including dogs. whereas genotypes of human and chicken c. jejuni isolates have been described in some detail, only little information on canine c. jejuni genotypes is available. to gain more information on genotypes of canine c. jejuni and their zoonotic potential, isolates from routine diagnostics of diarrheic dogs as well as isolates of a prevalence stud ...201424210812
prevalence of three campylobacter species, c. jejuni, c. coli, and c. lari, using multilocus sequence typing in wild birds of the mid-atlantic region, usa.campylobacter jejuni is responsible for the majority of bacterial foodborne gastroenteritis in the us, usually due to the consumption of undercooked poultry. research on which avian species transmit the bacterium is limited, especially in the us. we sampled wild birds in three families-anatidae, scolopacidae, and laridae-in eastern north america to determine the prevalence and specific strains of campylobacter. the overall prevalence of campylobacter spp. was 9.2% for all wild birds sampled (n = ...201424171567
loads and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacter spp. on fresh chicken meat in nueva ecija, philippines.this study was performed to determine the prevalence and to semiquantify campylobacter spp. on chicken meat samples at 4 selected local wet markets in nueva ecija, philippines, and to determine the antimicrobial resistance patterns of the campylobacter isolates. out of 120 chicken meat samples, 57 (47.5%) were campylobacter spp. positive. the majority of isolated campylobacter strains were identified as campylobacter coli (54.4%) and 45.6% as campylobacter jejuni. most of these positive samples ...201424795322
marinade with thyme and orange oils reduces salmonella enteritidis and campylobacter coli on inoculated broiler breast fillets and whole wings.essential oils have been reported to possess antimicrobial properties and therefore have potential usage as natural antimicrobials in food. in a previous study, thyme orange essential oil combination (toc) used at the 0.5% level as a dip application on chicken cut-up parts had a significant antibacterial effect against salmonella and campylobacter. a study was designed to evaluate the effect of salt-phosphate marinade solution containing 0.5% toc to 1) reduce salmonella enteritidis and campyloba ...201424795320
outbreak of campylobacteriosis associated with a long-distance obstacle adventure race--nevada, october 2012.on october 12, 2012, the nellis air force base public health flight (nellis public health), near las vegas, nevada, was notified by the mike o'callaghan federal medical center (mofmc) emergency department (ed) of three active-duty military patients who went to the ed during october 10-12 with fever, vomiting, and hemorrhagic diarrhea. initial interviews by clinical staff members indicated that all three patients had participated october 6-7 in a long-distance obstacle adventure race on a cattle ...201424785983
molecular epidemiology and antimicrobial susceptibility of campylobacter coli clinical isolates.campylobacter spp. is a major cause of acute bacterial diarrhea in humans worldwide, and c. coli is responsible for 10% of the cases.201424768104
prevalence of zoonotic campylobacter spp. in rectal swabs from dogs in slovakia: special reference to c. jejuni and c. coli.this work focused on the isolation of thermophilic campylobacter spp. in samples obtained from dog droppings. there were 135 samples collected and examined from both clinically healthy and diseased dogs from households, clinics, rehabilitation centres and dog shelters in eastern slovakia. the isolation of the campylobacter spp. was achieved by the use of combined selective cultivation methods, followed by confirmation and species identification of the isolates using the pcr method.the overall pr ...201424693660
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