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immune responses to borrelia burgdorferi in patients with reactive reactive arthritis (rea), including reiter's syndrome, a close relationship between chronic enteric and genitourinary infections and the clinical features of enthesitis has been described. in contrast, in lyme arthritis, a distinct clinical entity, chronic infection with the tick-transmitted spirochete borrelia burgdorferi has been associated with the disease. in a prospective study, 51 patients with rea were tested for evidence of chlamydial and spirochetal infection. the presence of chlamyd ...19892476133
demonstration of antigen-specific t cells and histopathological alterations in mice experimentally inoculated with borrelia burgdorferi.antigen-specific t-cell responses and histopathological changes were studied in mice experimentally inoculated with borrelia burgdorferi b31. inbred mice with different h-2 haplotypes and/or different genetic backgrounds were inoculated with b. burgdorferi organisms and tested for antigen-specific t-cell responses in vivo (delayed-type hypersensitivity [dth]) and in vitro (t-cell proliferation). comparable dth responses were found after inoculation with either inactivated (in the presence of adj ...19892462540
bilateral keratitis in lyme disease.lyme disease, caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi, has ophthalmic manifestations. the authors describe two cases of lyme keratitis characterized by multiple focal, nebular opacities at varying levels of the stroma which may progress to edema, neovascularization, and scarring. close observation, in addition to systemic antibiotic therapy, may be sufficient if the visual axis is not involved, and the patient is asymptomatic.19892477779
molecular mimicry and lyme borreliosis: a shared antigenic determinant between borrelia burgdorferi and human tissue.the pathogenesis of chronic manifestations in lyme borreliosis, a disease induced by borrelia burgdorferi, is at present unresolved. by testing monoclonal antibodies directed against various borrelia antigens, we found an antigenic determinant shared by the 41 kda flagella protein and human tissue, especially prominent on myelinated fibers of human peripheral nerve, on nerve cells and axons of the central nervous system, as well as on certain epithelial cells (including joint synovia) and on hea ...19892481425
structural features of borrelia burgdorferi--the lyme disease spirochete: silver staining for nucleic acids.borrelia burgdorferi--the lyme disease spirochete--was grown in modified kelly medium and characterized by transmission and by scanning electron microscopy. using silver staining procedures which preferentially bind to nuclear components of eukaryotic cells, signal could be detected by backscattered electron imaging throughout the length of the prokaryotic spirochete. interestingly, however, the highest levels of backscattered signal were observed in naturally elaborated membrane blebs that were ...19892482525
[lymphocytic meningoradiculitis (bannwarth's syndrome). neurologic involvement of lyme disease].we describe a patient with lyme's disease who showed neurologic symptoms of meningoradiculitis (bannwarth's syndrome) and had no previous history of exposure to tick bite or chronic erythema migrans. he had longterm fever and bilateral facial paralysis. antibody titres for borrelia burgdorferi in serum and cerebrospinal fluid (csf) were increased. the csf changes showed an intrathecal production of immunoglobulins (presence of plasmatic cells and immunoblasts; igg-csf: igg-serum ratio much highe ...19892490177
[prevalence of antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi among the population of seville].in order to determine the prevalence of antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi in the area of sevilla, we have studied 300 healthy subjects of different age and sex groups by means of iif. of the 300 studied sera, only 4% had antibodies at titers greater than or equal to 1:16, a fact that shows the low prevalence of antibodies against this microorganism in the area. such titers were mainly found among subjects over 40 years (p less than 0.001).19892490479
prevalence of antibody indicating lyme disease in farmers in wigtownshire. 19892510849
clinical and microbiologic findings in six patients with erythema migrans of lyme disease.the clinical course of six patients with erythema migrans of lyme disease was viewed in the context of antibiotic susceptibility studies of their own borrelia burgdorferi isolates. an initial poor response by two patients to antibiotic therapy suggested the possibility of b. burgdorferi resistance to these agents. minimum bactericidal concentration determinations of eight antimicrobial agents against these isolates did not support this suggestion.19892511231
comparison of western blot and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for diagnosis of lyme borreliosis.the usefulness of western blot in the serological diagnosis of lyme borreliosis was evaluated compared with an elisa using a whole cell sonicate antigen. fifty-three of 68 (78%) patients with neuroborreliosis had positive igm and/or igg immunoblots and 40 of 68 (59%) had positive igm and/or igg elisa titers in serum. eight of 44 (18%) controls with meningitis/encephalitis of non-borrelia etiology had positive igm and/or igg immunoblots and 4 of 44 (9%) had positive igm and/or igg elisa titers in ...19892512131
prevalence of antibody indicating lyme disease in farmers in wigtownshire. 19892513072
[life-threatening encephalomyelitis in the 2d stage of borrelia burgdorferi infection]. 19892586693
evidence for spirochetal origin of sudeck's atrophy (algodystrophy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy).four female patients with sudeck's atrophy (sa) were evaluated at our department. sera of all patients were investigated for antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi. in all patients elevated igg antibody titers and in one patient also elevated igm titer were found. in one patient structures identical with b. burgdorferi could be detected on histological sections from the skin of the affected limb. our data and those of other authors suggest that a spirochetal infection can be regarded as an impo ...19892476974
[two cases of facial diplegia with elevated serum antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi].lyme disease, a tick-borne infection with spirochete named borrelia burgdorferi, is a complex multi-organ disorder involving neurological complication. recently, the existence of lyme disease was also recognized in middle japan. we described here two cases of facial diplegia with elevated serum antibodies to b. burgdorferi. case 1 was a 48 year-old man, who developed facial diplegia on april 29, 1987, and referred to our hospital on may 1. neurological examination showed facial diplegia in addit ...19892598542
[meningoencephalomyelitis caused by borrelia burgdorferi: a case without epidemiologic history or chronic migratory erythema].a patient is reported with meningoencephalomyelitis with polyradiculitis caused by borrelia burgdorferi infection. neurological features developed without previously known tick bite nor the characteristic skin lesion, chronic migratory erythema (cme). the vector of the disease (the tick ixodes ricinus) exists in spain, but only one case of meningopolyradiculitis with cme has been reported in asturias. our case stresses that b. burgdorferi infection should be suspected in cases of meningoencephal ...19892601480
[new advances in rheumatology].(1) molecular pharmacology which is a starting to reach the market place, what is expected to be the next big step in the biotechnology revolution: the creation of complex compounds that are custom-designed to meet human needs. the new technology known as protein engineering promises to take us one step further by modifying natural proteins or by creating new ones especially by using somatic gene transfer and germ gene transfer and its influence on progeny. by doing this we hope to control some ...19892491405
autoimmunity in lyme disease: molecular cloning of antigens recognized by antibodies in the cerebrospinal inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (cns), oligoclonal bands of immunoglobulin with restricted heterogeneity can often be observed in cerebrospinal fluid (csf) samples. these antibodies can be directed against the disease inducing pathogen or might be autoreactive and involved in the process of brain inflammation and demyelination. we used a molecular biology approach to characterize these antibody responses in patients with lyme disease. this disorder is caused by infections w ...19892491615
[investigation of lyme disease in northeast of china].in 1987-1988, we conducted investigation of lyme disease in northeast of china. the disease was widespread in the forest areas of heilonjiang and jilin provinces where ixodes persulcatus population thrives. the disease occurred at daqing tree farm where 628 people were inquired and examined among them, 37 cases including 23 cases of ecm, 6 cases of neurological abnormalities, 7 cases of arthritis and 1 case of acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans were confirmed being lyme disease. the sera of pat ...19892611866
lyme disease vector, ixodes dammini, (the northern deer tick) identified in prince edward island. 19892611921
survival of borrelia burgdorferi in antibiotically treated patients with lyme borreliosis.the persistence of borrelia burgdorferi in patients treated with antibiotics is described. the diagnosis of lyme disease is based on clinical symptoms, epidemiology and specific igg and igm antibody titers to b. burgdorferi in serum. antibiotic therapy may abrogate the antibody response to the infection as shown in our patients. b. burgdorferi may persist as shown by positive culture in mkp-medium; patients may have subclinical or clinical disease without diagnostic antibody titers to b. burgdor ...19892613324
a serological survey of ehrlichia canis, ehrlichia equi, rickettsia rickettsii, and borrelia burgdorferi in dogs in oklahoma.serum samples from 259 dogs were tested for antibodies to ehrlichia canis, ehrlichia equi, rickettsia rickettsii, and borrelia burgdorferi using the indirect fluorescent antibody test. the sera were obtained from submissions to the oklahoma animal disease diagnostic laboratory during a 14-month period from june 1986 through july 1987. the rate for positive antibody titers to e. canis was 53%, to e. equi was 33%, to r. rickettsii was 38%, and to b. burgdorferi was 18%. higher percentages of sera ...19892518693
[lyme disease in khabarovsk territory].the natural foci of lyme's disease with the main vector ix. persulcatus tick have been detected in khabarovsk territory. five b. burgdorferi strains were isolated from the adult unfed ticks of this species, featuring 20% infection rate in the suburbs of khabarovsk. a wide spread of the infection in this territory is demonstrated. the authors describe the typical pattern of early stages of serologically documented disease.19892615716
predominance of borrelia burgdorferi specific b cells in cerebrospinal fluid in neuroborreliosis.a nitrocellulose immunospot assay that allows the counting of cells secreting igg, iga, or igm antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi was used to compare b cell response to b burgdorferi at the cellular level in cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and blood from patients with neuroborreliosis with that in patients with aseptic meningoencephalitis (am) or non-inflammatory neurological diseases. 13 of the 14 patients with untreated neuroborreliosis had csf cells secreting igg antibodies to b burgdorferi (mean 1 ...19892567872
diagnosis of lyme disease. 19892568526
acute neuroborreliosis in a patient previously infected with borrelia burgdorferi. 19892569580
antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in guillain-barré syndrome. 19892570981
borrelia burgdorferi infection and guillain-barré syndrome. 19892571897
borrelia burgdorferi infection in uk workers at risk of tick bites. 19892564599
lyme disease: prevalence and clinical importance of borrelia burgdorferi specific igg in forestry workers.41 forestry workers, who had a high occupational risk of tick-bites, were screened for antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi by elisa and western blotting techniques, and questioned about possible symptoms of lyme disease. antibodies were detected in 10 of the 40 men who had been bitten by ticks. definite symptoms of lyme disease, in the form of erythema migrans, were reported by only 2 workers and none had a history of neurological illness.19892563850
infected ticks feeding on persons in areas endemic for lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever. 19892507649
prevalence of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in forestry workers and blood donors from the same region in switzerland.sera from 259 forestry workers and 100 blood donors in the canton of solothurn, switzerland, were tested for igg antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in two eias using as antigen either sonic extract of whole organisms or purified flagella. applying a 95% specific cut-off value based on results in the sera of 100 blood donors, 86 (33%) and 91 (35%) of the forestry workers respectively showed an elevated specific igg level in the two eias. none of the 259 forestry workers had clinical signs of acti ...19892513202
another swedish family with complete properdin deficiency: association with fulminant meningococcal disease in one male family member.inherited deficiency of the complement component properdin is described in a swedish family without any previous history of meningococcal infections. the properdin-deficient index patient died from a fulminant infection caused by neisseria meningitidis serogroup y. family investigation revealed properdin deficiency in the patient's half-brother and in the maternal grandfather. the half-brother had a history of pneumococcal pneumonia and meningitis probably caused by borrelia burgdorferi. opsonic ...19892502833
comparative antimicrobial activity of the new macrolides against borrelia burgdorferi.the in vitro and in vivo activity of the new macrolides azithromycin, clarithromycin and roxythromycin was compared with that of erythromycin against borrelia burgdorferi. in in vitro tests using ten clinical isolates all macrolides were highly active against borrelia burgdorferi (mic90 0.015-0.06 micrograms/ml). azithromycin was more potent than the other macrolides in experimental animal infection, eradicating the organism in all animals tested at a dosage of 8 mg/kg.19892550233
potential for exposure to tick bites in recreational parks in a lyme disease endemic area.eight recreational parks located in a lyme disease endemic area of southern new york state were surveyed for the presence of ticks during the summer of 1985 by drag sampling. ixodes dammini, the primary vector of lyme disease in the northeast, was found in all but one park and accounted for 580 (91.8 per cent) of the 632 ticks collected. of these, 18 per cent were larvae, 80 per cent were nymphs, and 2 per cent were adults. an i. dammini encounter distance, defined as the mean number of meters t ...19892909174
spirochetes in the spleen of a patient with chronic lyme disease.a 54-year-old man had intermittent evening fever, arthralgia, transient erythematous macular eruption on the skin, and splenomegaly of two year's duration. immunofluorescence tests for borrelia burgdorferi serum antibodies had positive results, but g-penicillin treatment was ineffective. splenectomy with lymph node biopsy was performed to rule out lymphoproliferative disorders. borrelia-like spirochetes were identified histologically in the spleen; this finding was consistent with persistence of ...19892910019
[lyme borreliosis and its significance for the ent physician].lyme disease is a tick-borne multisystemic borrelia infection to which the following diseases belong: erythema migrans, lymphadenosis benigna cutis, lymphocytic meningoradiculitis (bannwarth's syndrome), lyme-arthritis and acrodermitis chronica atrophicans. the infection rate of ticks with borrelia burgdorferi in germany amounts to 13.6% compared to the infection with the european spring summer meningoencephalitis virus with 1.1%. recent investigations show that lipopolysaccharides and interleuk ...19892784972
rheumatoid arthritis subsequent to borrelia burgdorferi infection in two dogs.two dogs with clinical signs of polyarthritis developed rheumatoid arthritis subsequent to borrelia burgdorferi infection. in both dogs, the diagnosis of b burgdorferi infection was based on clinical signs of disease and high serum b burgdorferi titer. after antibiotic administration, both dogs had decreased b burgdorferi titer, but clinical response was temporary or was lacking. the dogs subsequently were rheumatoid factor-positive (antinuclear antibody- and anti-globulin-negative) and responde ...19892793577
antigenically variable borrelia burgdorferi isolated from cottontail rabbits and ixodes dentatus in rural and urban areas.spirochetes were isolated from 71 subadult ixodes dentatus removed from cottontail rabbits captured in millbrook, n.y., and in new york, n.y. spirochetes were also cultured from kidney tissues of six rabbits. while all isolates reacted with monoclonal antibody h9724, which identifies the spirochetes as borreliae, more than half did not bind with antibody h5332 and even fewer reacted with h3ts, both of which were produced to outer surface protein a of borrelia burgdorferi. sodium dodecyl sulfate- ...19892913024
an outbreak of ehrlichiosis in members of an army reserve unit exposed to outbreak of unexplained illness occurred in members of an army reserve unit after field training in an area of new jersey endemic for lyme disease. nine (12%) of the 74 who attended the exercise had serological evidence of ehrlichia infection, defined as a single rise in titer of antibody to ehrlichia canis greater than or equal to 1:160 four weeks after training. two reservists with early serum samples had documented seroconversion, defined by a four-fold or greater increase in titer of anti ...19892915168
[borrelia burgdorferi infection with bilateral optic neuritis and intracerebral demyelinization lesions].in september, 1987, the authors saw a 25-year-old female patient with retinal perivasculitis, cystoid macular edema and papilledema in her right eye. the left eye was normal. visual acuity was 0.2 (od), 1.2 (os). after conventional infections had been ruled out systemic methylprednisolone therapy was instituted, but the patient's condition deteriorated. in may 1988 she presented with papilledema and a "neuroretinitis"-like finding in her left eye; in her right eye advanced optic nerve atrophy; v ...19892796241
enzootic transmission of the agent of lyme disease in determine whether cottontail rabbits (sylvilagus floridanus) maintain an enzootic cycle of transmission of the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi), we examined the prevalence of infection in ticks and rabbits in a location in which rabbits were abundant. of 72 unfed nymphal ixodes dentatus swept from vegetation, 32% were infected by this spirochete, as determined by darkfield microscopy and indirect immunofluorescence using monoclonal antibody h5332. infected ticks were reared from ...19892802026
antibody response in white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus) experimentally infected with the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi).white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus), the primary reservoir for borrelia burgdorferi in the northern midwest and northeastern united states, were experimentally inoculated with an infectious strain or a noninfectious strain of the lyme disease spirochete and examined for their specific antibody response with the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and western blot (immunoblot) analysis. immunoglobulin m (igm) anti-b. burgdorferi antibodies were detected in mice 1 to 2 days after inoculation wit ...19892807530
meningoradiculitis and encephalomyelitis due to borrelia burgdorferi: a follow-up study of 72 patients over 27 1987, follow-up studies were conducted on 72 patients who had had meningoradiculitis and encephalomyelitis (8 patients) due to borrelia burgdorferi 5-27 years previously. these patients had not been treated with antibiotics, either during the acute disease or during the interval prior to follow-up studies. the patients had exhibited the typical symptoms of bannwarth's syndrome during the acute phase. at the follow-up studies, 33 patients showed no, and 23 only mild, clinical residual symptoms ...19892795099
distribution of the lyme disease agent in wildlife reservoirs in ontario. 19892752451
third-generation cephalosporins. a plea to save them for specific infections.third-generation cephalosporins are indicated for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, resistant salmonellosis, and infections in the febrile leukopenic host. the practicing physician must weigh the expanding role of these agents against their limitations. some potential problems include bleeding (confined to the use of moxalactam [moxam] or cefoperazone [cefobid]), a reaction like that to disulfiram (antabuse) when combined with alcohol (also confined to the use of moxalactam or cefopera ...19892648353
antibodies to the borrelia burgdorferi flagellum in patients with scleroderma, granuloma annulare and porphyria cutanea is generally accepted that cutaneous lyme borreliosis comprises erythema chronicum migrans, lymphadenosis benigna cutis, and acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans. in recent years the tick-borne spirochete borrelia burgdorferi has been associated with a number of other cutaneous disorders. we therefore investigated sera from 175 patients with localized scleroderma (morphea) (n = 64), systemic sclerosis (n = 74), granuloma annulare (n = 16) and porphyria cutanea tarda (n = 21) with the new, high ...19892564227
clonal polymorphisms of outer membrane protein ospb of borrelia burgdorferi.the outer membrane protein ospb of borrelia burgdorferi, the lyme borreliosis agent, differs in relative molecular weight (mr) among strains. to determine whether antigenic variation occurs in b. burgdorferi, a cell population of the human isolate hb19 was cloned first by being diluted in broth and then by being plated on agar medium. several clones were obtained and characterized by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, in situ protease treatment, and western (immunoblot), southern, and northern ...19892668185
characterization of borrelia burgdorferi isolates by restriction endonuclease analysis and dna hybridization.genomes of several borrelia burgdorferi isolates from north america and europe were characterized by restriction endonuclease analysis and dna hybridization using labeled b. burgdorferi whole-cell dna (strain atcc 35210). several different restriction and homology patterns were observed among these isolates, indicating genotypic heterogeneity within this genus and species. it was concluded from this study that restriction endonuclease analysis of b. burgdorferi whole-cell dna may be a reliable a ...19892566622
taking a second hard look at borrelia burgdorferi. 19892777700
lyme disease concurrent with human immunodeficiency virus infection. 19892773968
ocular manifestations of lyme disease.the incidence of lyme disease has been increasing at alarming rates in recent years. being the most commonly reported tickborne bacterial disease in the united states, it now outnumbers rocky mountain spotted fever by a ratio of almost 2:1. it is a multisystem illness and can manifest itself with dermatologic, neurologic, cardiac and rheumatologic involvement. the ocular complications of lyme disease can present as one of the more ominous signs during the course of the illness. the detection of ...19892723324
lyme disease: a review for primary health care providers.late spring and summer are the times when tick exposure is the greatest. lyme disease, a spirochete infection, usually follows a bite from an ixodes (hard bodied) tick; the symptoms of infection frequently occur between the months of may and august. classically, lyme disease begins with a characteristic skin lesion (erythema chronicum migrans) along with flu- or meningitis-like symptoms. if not recognized or if left untreated, lyme disease may progress with neurologic, cardiac and arthritic mani ...19892648207
antibodies to borrelia sp. in wild foxes and coyotes from wisconsin and minnesota.serum samples from 93 red foxes (vulpes vulpes) and nine gray foxes (urocyon cinereoargenteus) trapped in wisconsin and 23 coyotes (canis latrans) trapped in wisconsin and minnesota were tested for antibodies to borrelia sp. with an indirect fluorescent antibody test which used borrelia burgdorferi as the whole-cell antigen. seven red foxes (8%) and two coyotes (9%) had antibody titers greater than or equal to 1:64. all the positive samples were from areas known to be endemic for human lyme dise ...19892644451
lyme disease. the hidden pandemic.physicians will recognize lyme disease faster if they maintain a high index of suspicion in a young patient with arthritis accompanied by negative rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibody in combination with cardiac conduction problems or lymphocytic meningitis. the lyme spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi) has notable sensitivity to tetracycline, penicillin, and erythromycin; therefore, proper and complete treatment of the disease, once it is identified, can be easily achieved. finkel observed t ...19892648375
[isolation of borrelia burgdorferi in the cerebrospinal fluid in a patient treated with penicillin]. 19892524738
[eye manifestations in borreliosis--bilateral panuveitis with exudative retinal detachment].lyme disease, a tick-borne infection with the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi, can lead to various different organ manifestations. severe ocular effects however, have until now been rare. the case of a 20-year-old woman is reported, who developed systemic illness (headache, nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea) and severe bilateral panuveitis with exudative retinal detachment about 2-3 weeks after several insect bites. the case history, clinical course, and serological examinations suggest an infec ...19892625295
efficacy of the urinary bladder for isolation of borrelia burgdorferi from naturally infected, wild peromyscus leucopus.the efficacy of culturing urinary bladder tissue for borrelia burgdorferi from naturally infected, wild peromyscus leucopus mice was determined. the urinary bladder cultures were as efficient as spleen, kidney, and blood tissue cultures. the rapid b. burgdorferi isolation (mean, 6 days) from mouse urinary bladders should aid in defining new lyme disease foci.19892656749
[neurologic manifestations of lyme borreliosis].the authors report on recent concept of lyme borreliosis. the disease is caused by borrelia burgdorferi transmitted by tick bite. as with other spirochetal illnesses, lyme borreliosis occurs in stages. the dermatological, rheumatological, cardiological and especially neurological aspects in the course of disease are described and the principles of immunodiagnosis and treatment are explained.19892657824
prevalence of erythema migrans borreliosis in blood donors.european erythema migrans borreliosis and north american lyme disease are closely related to syphilis. this implicates a potential risk of infection for blood recipients. eighty-six of 3,157 blood donors tested showed igg-antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi. from among 47 persons of this group who could be examined, clinical signs of diseased skin, joints or nervous system, not diagnosed before, were found or could be suspected in 13 cases. since intrauterine transmission of borrelia infecti ...19892625363
the prevalence of lyme disease in a nonendemic area. a comparative serologic study in a south florida eye clinic population.serologic tests for lyme borreliosis and for syphilis were performed on 75 patients seen in a 1-week period at the bascom palmer eye institute in miami. the incident of syphilis was 8% and of lyme borreliosis 3% in this study in a nonendemic area. the most common cause for a high titer serologic response for lyme borreliosis in this group was a prior treponema pallidum infection. the importance of getting vdrl, fta-abs, lyme ifa, and lyme elisa tests in all suspected cases was emphasized.19892529271
[lyme disease, erythema migrans disease, borreliosis (review)].an increasing rate of infections with borrelia burgdorferi seems to endanger humans and domestic animals. this may be due to increase of the main vectors ixodids, of their infection with borrelia, of exposure of humans in nature, of climate influences, changes of the virulence or resistance et cet. enforcement of research in this spirochaete and information of the public are recommended for diminishing the risk of this disease.19892662959
reversible horner's syndrome and lyme disease.neurologic manifestations of lyme disease are common, often debilitating, and potentially treatable. we document a case of borrelia infection of the nervous system manifesting as a reversible horner's syndrome. the search for lyme disease should be part of the evaluation of an isolated central or preganglionic horner's syndrome or any unexplained pupillary abnormality.19892531158
lyme disease: of ticks and titers. 19892644410
hearing impairment in patients with antibody production against borrelia burgdorferi antigen.this study aimed to evaluate the extent to which hearing disorders may be a result of tick-borne borrelia burgdorferi infection. 98 patients with different patterns of hearing dysfunction were studied. the patients had a history of sudden hearing loss, disorders similar to menière's disease, or hearing loss in combination with acute facial palsy or with vertigo. serum antibodies against the b burgdorferi antigen were determined during the acute and convalescent periods. 17 patients (17%) showed ...19892563002
ocular disease in caribbean patients with serologic evidence of lyme borreliosis.four patients from caribbean and central american countries with ocular disease and serologic evidence of lyme borreliosis are discussed. to our knowledge this is the first report of lyme disease from this geographic area. two patients exhibited ocular inflammatory disease, and two patients developed optic neuropathy. a brief discussion of lyme borreliosis, its serologic diagnosis, and its treatment is presented.19892526160
panuveitis with positive serological tests for syphilis and lyme disease.the treponema pallidum hemagglutination test and the fluorescent treponemal antigen absorption test are commonly considered highly specific serologic tests for syphilis. we describe a patient with panuveitis and a positive serologic result for syphilis; however, in the absence of clinical findings, additional tests for lyme disease (borreliosis) were positive as well, although by western blot test the diagnosis was tentative. the clinical appearance of the panuveitis was similar to that of syphi ...19892526161
lyme neuroborreliosis: central nervous system manifestations.we evaluated 85 patients with serologic evidence of borrelia burgdorferi infection. manifestations included encephalopathy (41), neuropathy (27), meningitis (2), multiple sclerosis (ms) (6), and psychiatric disorders (3). we performed lumbar punctures in 53, brain mri in 33, and evoked potentials (eps) in 33. only patients with an ms-like illness had abnormal eps, elevated igg index, and oligoclonal bands in the cerebrospinal fluid. twelve of 18 patients with encephalopathy, meningitis, or focal ...19892542840
[infantile sclero-atrophic lichen and infection caused by borrelia burgdorferi].the authors describe a study of 8 girls suffering from genital and perianal lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. following the most recent reports in literature, antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi have been looked for, and the patients have been treated with propicillin. the results are discussed.19892630434
restriction endonuclease analysis of four borrelia burgdorferi strains.a restriction endonuclease analysis was performed on four strains of borrelia burgdorferi: one isolated from man (sf), one from ixodes dammini (b31) and two from i. ricinus (bits in italy and b45 in germany). digestion by taq i and hae iii gave the best resolution of the dna fragments. three different restriction patterns were obtained: bits and b45 showed only one band difference. these results correlate with the reactivity of the four strains with monoclonal antibodies.19892560664
lyme disease agent in egypt? 19892617612
[lymphadenosis benigna cutis of the mammary areola: lyme borreliosis?].this lesion began two months after a tick bite on the left breast, occurring during a trip in karst (highland behind the city of trieste). this area represents an ecological shell for ixodes ricinus, hard tick often infested with borrelia burgdorferi, the aetiological agent of lyme disease. some days after tick-bite, the patient developed a typical ecm of the left breast; this lesion resolved in two months. shortly after, an erythematous, infiltrated nodule appeared on the left areola; ist size ...19892620924
a prospective study of tick bites in an endemic area for lyme disease. 19892642519
frequencies of borrelia burgdorferi-reactive t lymphocytes in lyme arthritis.using a limiting dilution system, frequencies of borrelia burgdorferi-reactive t cells were determined in the blood and synovial fluid of four patients with chronic lyme arthritis (la), one patient with acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (aca), two patients with other inflammatory joint diseases, and two healthy individuals. b. burgdorferi-reactive precursor t cells ranged from 1/750 to 1/8220 in case of la and aca patients and from 1/820 to 1/31 400 in case of controls. in vivo activated b. bu ...19892609067
[lyme borreliosis with erythema chronicum migrans and garin-bujadoux-bannwarth meningopolyneuritis].a case report is given on a borrelia burgdorferi infection regarded to be typical because of its clinical course and the diagnosis lately made. the meningopolyneuritis was treated by use of corticosteroids before the serologic detection of lyme disease. 21 months after infection our patient died of a colon carcinoma. histological preparation of the brain showed a slight encephalitis we consider as third-stage lyme borreliosis. we conclude that antibacterial therapy is necessary in the management ...19892609703
could borrelia burgdorferi be a causal agent of sarcoidosis?sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disorder of unknown etiology, most commonly affecting young adults presenting most frequently with bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy, pulmonary infiltrations, skin or eye lesions (1). borrelia burgdorferi, the causal agent of lyme disease, could also be responsible for sarcoidosis. domestic animals may play a major role in transmitting the disease to humans. the modes of transmission to such animals and possible contact transmission to humans are still ob ...19892615685
penetration of doxycycline into cerebrospinal fluid in patients treated for suspected lyme neuroborreliosis.twelve patients were treated orally with 100 mg of doxycycline twice a day (b.i.d.) and 10 patients were treated with 200 mg b.i.d. for suspected tick-borne neuroborreliosis (lyme borreliosis). at 5 to 8 days after the start of therapy, the mean concentrations in serum were 4.7 micrograms/ml for the doxycycline dose of 100 mg b.i.d. and 7.5 micrograms/ml for 200 mg b.i.d., 2 to 3 h after the last drug administration. the corresponding levels for cerebrospinal fluid were 0.6 and 1.1 micrograms/ml ...19892782858
lyme disease and migrating birds in the saint croix river valley.during a study of migrating land birds in 1987, we examined over 9,200 individual birds representing 99 species from the saint croix river valley, a lyme disease-endemic area of east central minnesota and northwestern wisconsin. we found that 250 deer tick (ixodes dammini) larvae and nymphs infested 58 birds from 15 migrant species; 56 ticks (22.4%) were positive for the lyme disease spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. five ground-foraging migrant bird species favoring mesic habitats, veery (cathar ...19892782872
myositis caused by borrelia burgdorferi: report of four cases.myositis was proven histopathologically in 4 patients (age range 36-66 years) who suffered from early or late stages of borrelia burgdorferi infection. muscle weakness was present in 3 patients, 1 complaining of additional myalgias. one man came to medical attention because of skin discoloration and swelling of one leg. deep biopsy from skin, fascia and muscle revealed acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans, panniculitis, fasciitis, and myositis, respectively. creatine kinase was slightly elevated ...19892746290
testing for borrelia burgdorferi. 19892793554
increased risk of lyme disease for cat owners. 19892911299
lack of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 19892911315
central nervous system manifestations of lyme disease.we studied six patients with central nervous system manifestations of lyme disease. weeks to years after the initial infection, behavioral changes, ataxia, and/or weakness in bulbar or peripheral muscles developed. four of the six patients had a lymphocytic pleocytosis in the cerebrospinal fluid, and two of them had magnetic resonance imaging scans suggestive of demyelination. in a patient with a subacute encephalitis, a brain biopsy specimen showed microgliosis without an inflammatory infiltrat ...19892742551
detection of antigens in urine of mice and humans infected with borrelia burgdorferi, etiologic agent of lyme disease.lyme disease is a seasonal tick-borne malady which has worldwide distribution. early and accurate diagnosis of lyme disease is essential for successful antibiotic therapy. symptoms are too vague to make an early diagnosis based on conventional criteria. we report the detection of antigens of borrelia burgdorferi, causative agent of lyme disease, in the urine of infected mice and humans. this technique may eventually provide a rapid diagnostic test for the early and accurate detection of this ill ...19892913036
treatment of clothing with a permethrin spray for personal protection against the western black-legged tick, ixodes pacificus (acari: ixodidae).the synthetic pyrethroid, permethrin, when applied to clothing with a pressurized spray at an application rate estimated previously to be 4 micrograms a.i./cm2, was found to be 100% effective for personal protection against all three parasitic stages of the western black-legged tick, ixodes pacificus cooley and kohls. this tick has been implicated as the primary vector of the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi) to humans in the far-western united states. periods of exposure to permeth ...19892743839
adult ixodes dammini on rabbits: development of acute inflammation in the skin and immune responses to salivary gland, midgut, and spirochetal components.rabbits exposed to female ixodes dammini (both uninfected and infected with borrelia burgdorferi) or injected with b. burgdorferi showed an acute inflammatory response in the skin. granulocytes and monocyte-histiocytes were the predominant infiltrating cells. spirochetes were detected in the tick feeding cavities in the deep dermis. the inflammatory process was accompanied by polyclonal antibody responses to tick salivary gland components. western blots showed that immune rabbit serum reacted wi ...19892915155
rapid emergence of a focal epidemic of lyme disease in coastal massachusetts.we describe a focal epidemic of lyme disease, which spread from a nature preserve and affected an adjacent community of permanent residents in coastal massachusetts. the attack rate from 1980 through 1987 was 35 percent among 190 residents living within 5 km of the nature preserve and was greatest (66 percent) among those living closest to the preserve. the risk of infection bore little relation to sex or age. late lyme disease, which clustered near the preserve, occurred mainly in residents inf ...19892911294
myositis during borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme disease).during the second stage of an illness caused by borrelia burgdorferi, a young woman developed a myopathic syndrome characterised by severe muscular pains, incapacitating weakness of the proximal limb and the neck, as well as the bulbar muscles and elevated serum ck levels. muscle biopsy revealed a non-inflammatory necrotising myopathy. b. burgdorferi infection was confirmed by a considerable rise of specific igg antibodies. a course of high dose steroids alleviated the myalgias, but paresis bega ...19892795056
[intestinal spirochetes].we report a case of intestinal spirochaetosis. the bacteria were seen by light microscopy and reacted in an indirect immunofluorescence test on the biopsy material with serum with high levels of igg antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi. the patient's own serum had no detectable antibody activity against the bacteria. no inflammatory response was observed. aspects of these findings are discussed.19892919380
infants born to mothers with antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi at delivery.a serological survey over a 1-year period of 1416 mothers at delivery and their 1434 offspring for the presence of anti-borrelia burgdorferi antibodies revealed a prevalence of 0.85%. clinically active lyme disease during pregnancy was found in 1 of these 12 women with elevated titres and the child was born with a ventricular septal defect. of six affected children, two had hyperbilirubinaemia, one muscular hypotonia, one was underweight for gestational age, one was macrocephalic, and one had su ...19892920747
meningitis due to borrelia burgdorferi in the initial stage of lyme disease.borrelia burgdorferi (b.b.) was isolated from cerebrospinal fluid from two children with aseptic meningitis. serology for b.b. was initially negative or borderline and became positive during the subsequent course. children with aseptic meningitis of unknown origin should be re-evaluated within 1 month to detect possible increasing antibody titres to b.b. aseptic meningitis may be a stage 1 manifestation of lyme disease.19892920748
lyme disease in manitoba. 19892752450
borrelia burgdorferi attachment to mammalian cells. 19892926175
prevalence of borrelia burgdorferi in ixodes ricinus ticks in berlin (west).in 1986, 1711 nymphal and adult ixodes ricinus orginating from berlin (west) forests were examined individually or in pools of up to 10 ticks for the presence of borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme borreliosis. detection of borreliae was carried out by means of a culture method using modified barbour-stoenner-kelly-medium (bsk ii). tick populations from 14 out of 15 locations contained positive specimens. the calculated minimal infection rate of pooled ticks was 2.5% in nymphs (n = ...19892929194
lyme disease: tick vectors, distribution, and reservoir hosts. 19892794809
incompetence of catbirds as reservoirs for the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi).we compared the relative infectivity to vector ticks of gray catbirds (dumetella carolinensis) and white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus) for the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi). of 28 catbirds captured in a site enzootic for this agent, 18 were infested by immature ixodes dammini, the tick vector. by comparison, each of 32 mice sampled concurrently from the same site was infested, and by about 10 times as many ticks as were found infesting the 3 most commonly netted bird species ...19892918445
interaction of lyme disease spirochetes with cultured eucaryotic cells.the association of the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, with cultured human endothelial cells was investigated. attachment was time and temperature dependent, with optimal adherence occurring after 4 h of incubation at 37 degrees c. pretreatment of borreliae with heat, immune human serum, or monoclonal antibodies directed against outer surface protein b (ospb) reduced the attachment of organisms to host cell monolayers. these results suggest that the adherence of b. burgdorferi may ...19892925254
[lyme disease in belgium: presence of the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi in ixodes ricinus ticks recovered from the meuse river region]. 19892799146
biochemical and immunological characterization of the surface proteins of borrelia burgdorferi.the immunodominant proteins and glycoproteins of borrelia burgdorferi were analyzed by one-dimensional (1d) and 2d gel electrophoresis. more than 100 polypeptide species could be detected on silver-stained 2d gels. separation of sonic extracts of the organism by differential centrifugation (100,000 x g) revealed several of the major proteins to reside predominantly within the pellet fraction. the antigenicity of the individual polypeptides was determined by western (immuno-) blot analysis with s ...19892807540
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for lyme disease: reactivity of subunits of borrelia burgdorferi.we prepared fractions of borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease, from cultured spirochetes and used them as antigen in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for igg antibody. polystyrene plates coated with an extract containing major proteins with apparent molecular masses of 34, 39, 59, and 68 kilodaltons had comparable sensitivity but greater specificity than plates coated with whole cells. of the 33 serum specimens from individuals with lyme disease that reacted with ...19892909642
a specific and sensitive assay for the lyme disease spirochete borrelia burgdorferi using the polymerase chain reaction.a highly specific and sensitive assay for borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of lyme disease, was developed using the polymerase chain reaction (pcr). the target dna sequence was of chromosomal origin and conserved, by hybridization analyses, among all strains of b. burgdorferi tested but was not present in the most closely related member of the genus, b. hermsii. the pcr assay developed from this sequence reacted with 17 of 18 strains of b. burgdorferi but not with any other borrelia spe ...19892584750
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