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three further cases of lyme disease. 19873103771
from new to old england: the progress of lyme disease. 19873103755
a case of lyme disease in a 9-year-old black male. 19873827964
[lyme disease--a new nosologic unit]. 19873824941
lyme disease in france. 19873591099
[pain syndromes in tick-borne neuroborreliosis. clinical aspects and differential diagnosis.].tick-borne borreliosis (borrelia burgdorferi) is a common and complex disorder affecting the skin, the joints and the nervous system. it progresses through different clinical stages. the clinical spectrum of neuroborreliosis has expanded since the introduction and widespread application of specific serological tests. we have investigated 41 patients with bannwarth's meningopolyneuritis (mpn) as the classical form of neuroborreliosis, in a prospective (26 patients) and a retrospective (15 patient ...198718415556
lyme disease. a review. 19883068778
lyme disease: a historical perspective. 19883068078
lyme disease in missouri. 19883265759
[heart involvement in lyme disease]. 19883212945
[lyme disease evolving over 12 years]. 19883212258
lyme disease: ocular manifestations.we present three cases of lyme disease, complicated by ocular manifestations. these included optic nerve abnormalities and corneal opacities.19883207308
treatment of erythema chronicum migrans of lyme disease.between june 1981 and july 1987 the efficacy of antibiotic treatment of 215 patients with erythema chronicum migrans of lyme disease was evaluated in terms of the necessity for retreatment and the prevention of the late manifestations of lyme disease. the principal antibiotics utilized to treat 161 patients through 1986 were varying doses of tetracycline, or penicillin alone or in combination with probenecid. two of 80 patients with a minor form of the illness and 17 of 81 patients with a major ...19883190102
nervous system abnormalities in lyme disease. 19883190096
[lesions of the joints in lyme disease]. 19883062804
[lyme disease]. 19882977898
clinical pathologic correlations of lyme disease by stage.lyme disease is capable of producing a wide variety of clinical pathologic conditions and lesions having in common histologic features of collagen-vascular disease. the plasma cell is an omnipotent inflammatory responder in most tissues involved by lyme disease, ranging from relatively acute to lesions that have gone on for years. vascular thickening also seems to be prominent, and in the dermis is accompanied by scleroderma-like collagen expansion. the disease in some ways resembles the respons ...19882847622
lyme disease--the great imitator. 19883267980
antibodies to myelin basic protein in lyme disease. 19882457637
[meningoradiculoencephalitis in lyme disease. a case with major regressive mental disorders]. 19882966957
bilateral diffuse choroiditis and exudative retinal detachments with evidence of lyme disease. 19883282440
british columbia. lyme disease in horses. 198817423037
[crossed reactions in lyme disease. value of the western blot]. 19882965350
[from tick bite to lyme disease: evolution of a clinical concept]. 19883287542
[lyme disease: its principal neurological and rheumatological aspects]. 19883259708
lyme disease--connecticut. 19883233680
[lyme disease with multiple joint involvement and a major inflammatory syndrome]. 19882966360
leads from the mmwr. lyme disease--connecticut. 19883276944
[lyme disease in pregnancy]. 19883370692
multiple sclerosis is a chronic central nervous system infection by a spirochetal agent.multiple sclerosis (ms) is a chronic central nervous system (cns) infection similar to lyme disease or neurosyphilis in its latency period, pathogenesis, symptoms, histopathology and chronic cns involvement. it does not have as yet a fully identified spirochetal etiological agent. much research and clinical support for this hypothesis was published before 1954 and is based on silver staining of neural lesions, animal isolation of the etiologic agent and the characteristic symptoms and pathogenes ...19883357458
pattern of lyme arthritis in europe: report of 14 cases.fourteen cases of lyme arthritis are reported. the most frequent picture was that of oligoarthritis appearing in that part of the leg where the cutaneous or neurological complications, or both, of lyme disease had developed before the arthritis. in most cases recovery followed a single 10 day course of intravenous (iv) penicillin therapy. arthritis was the presenting feature of lyme disease in three cases.19883355251
possible pitfalls of an indirect immunofluorescence assay as the sole serological test in the diagnosis of lyme disease. 19883132389
bilateral keratitis as a manifestation of lyme 11-year-old girl developed bilateral keratitis, which we believe was a manifestation of lyme disease. she had had several attacks of lyme arthritis and was twice treated with parenteral penicillin. the keratitis developed five years after the initial episode of lyme arthritis at a time when there were no other manifestations of lyme disease. it cleared completely in both eyes after topical corticosteroid therapy.19883337196
lyme disease--connecticut. 19883122001
lyme disease treatment needs further preventive measures. 19883347018
[rheumatologic manifestations of lyme disease].the characteristics of 15 patients with lyme disease have been retrospectively reviewed; 12 patients had lymphocytic meningitis with mono or polyradiculitis including facial neuritis; 5 patients had mono or oligo-arthritis; 4 patients had inflammatory enthesopathy-like complaints which were the only expression of the disease in 2 of them. all the patients received antibiotic treatment. a dramatic clinical improvement was noted in all patients within four days. a rapid response to treatment seems ...19883266722
[lyme disease and hla-dr antigens: relation between hla-dr2 and hla-dr4]. 19883258452
analogous cases of lyme disease. 19883234981
otoneurological symptomatology in lyme disease. 19883213733
lyme disease: acute focal meningoencephalitis in a child. 19883054790
lyme disease in canada. 19883395939
[characteristics of the clinical diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne borreliosis (lyme disease)]. 19883195095
[lyme disease]. 19883070497
lyme disease. 19883405519
treatment of lyme disease. 19883380058
[some recent results and developments in dermatovenerology].our own results in dermatology are highlighted, such as the oral "hairy" leukoplakia associated with aids, treatment with acyclovir for herpetic infections, laser therapy for angiomas, lyme disease, x-ray therapy in kaposi's sarcomas, photosensitivity reactions by treatment with thiazid diuretics and follicular mucinosis associated with t-cell lymphomas (mycosis fungoides).19883210865
[lyme disease in otoneurology practice]. 19883168036
[lyme disease manifested by polyradiculoneuritis without hypercytosis of the cerebrospinal fluid]. 19882969555
lyme disease in canada. 19883250561
lyme disease: epidemiological characteristics in maryland, 1984-1986. 19883405041
tick-borne diseases.tick-borne diseases have their peak incidence in the spring and summer. the different infections caused by tick vectors have certain geographic locations and unique clinical presentations. the most common tick-transmitted infection is lyme disease. early diagnosis of tick-borne disease is essential so that effective and, in some cases, lifesaving antibiotic therapy can be instituted. preventive measures are simple.19883289344
treatment of late lyme borreliosis--randomised comparison of ceftriaxone and penicillin.23 patients with clinically active late lyme disease were randomly assigned to intravenous treatment with either penicillin or ceftriaxone. of the 10 treated with penicillin, 5 were judged treatment failures; of the 13 who received ceftriaxone, only 1 did not respond. an additional 31 patients were subsequently treated with ceftriaxone 4 g/day (n = 17) or 2 g/day (n = 14); success rates in both groups were comparable to those in the cohort randomised to ceftriaxone. patients unresponsive to ceft ...19882897008
mild lyme disease. 19882896854
paralysis of recurrent laryngeal nerve in lyme disease. 19882903968
treatment of lyme disease. 19883233968
laboratory aspects of lyme borreliosis.lyme borreliosis (lyme disease), a common tick-borne disorder of people and domestic animals in north america and europe, is caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. following the discovery and initial propagation of this agent in 1981 came revelations that other tick-associated infectious disorders are but different forms of lyme borreliosis. a challenge for the clinician and microbiology laboratory is confirmation that a skin rash, a chronic meningitis, an episode of myocarditis, or an a ...19883069200
[identification and initial results of the study of lyme disease in northwestern ussr]. 19882966893
[serodiagnosis of lyme borreliosis].there are various serodiagnostic tests available for the detection of antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi. an indirect hemagglutination assay, which can detect both igm and igg antibodies, was developed for antibody screening. regarding the confirmation and differentiation of igm and igg, we use the indirect immunofluorescence assay (most specific when performed with sera previously absorbed with treponema phagedenis) as well as the elisa test. the detection of significantly elevated antibod ...19883043955
ability to ixodes scapularis, dermacentor variabilis, and amblyomma americanum (acari: ixodidae) to acquire, maintain, and transmit lyme disease spirochetes (borrelia burgdorferi). 19883193425
ixodes dammini: occurrence and prevalence of infection with borrelia spp. in minnesota.the distribution of ixodes dammini in minnesota was studied by collecting adult ticks from hunting dogs during the grouse seasons in september and october of 1985 and 1986. the tick was most frequently found in the east-central part of the state. borrelia spp. were observed by immunofluorescence in 10% of the ticks. the locations where ticks were found coincide with the primary endemic areas for lyme disease in the state.19883193571
[intermittent fever attacks. lyme disease without erythema chronicum migrans]. 19883069790
clinical and serologic evaluations of induced borrelia burgdorferi infection in beagles were used to evaluate clinical signs and serologic response after inoculation with, or exposure to, borrelia burgdorferi. an indirect immunofluorescent assay (ifa) and 2 elisa were used to monitor the serologic response to b burgdorferi. feeding infected ticks on 4 dogs (group 1) failed to cause seroconversion, and sc inoculation with 500 organisms caused minimal seroconversion in 2 of 4 dogs (group 2). at 56 days, approximately 3.01 x 10(8) b burgdorferi organisms were injected iv ...19883041881
[lyme disease. clinical, biological and developmental aspects. 29 cases in the orléans region].the description of lyme's disease (ld) in 3 stages (like syphilis), has now become classical. 29 cases of ld, between june 1981 and november 1986, have been recorded at the hospital in orleans. the first twelve patients that were clinically diagnosed before the serology was introduced in france, have been recalled in order to search for possible late forms and assay their antibody level of anti-borrelia burgdorferi. the preponderance of neurological forms (22 cases) and the scarcity of periphera ...19883055243
modulation of natural killer cell activity by borrelia burgdorferi. 19883056196
the geographic distribution of lyme disease in the united 1982, national surveillance for lyme disease was established by the centers for disease control to monitor trends and determine endemic geographic areas. initially, the endemic areas corresponded to the known distribution of ixodes dammini, a five-state area of the northeastern seaboard (new york, new jersey, connecticut, rhode island, and massachusetts) and wisconsin and minnesota. increasing numbers of cases have been reported outside these areas, however, 86% of the provisional 5731 cases ...19883190099
occupational risk of lyme disease in endemic areas of new york state.although lyme disease (ld) is the most common tick-borne disease in the united states, little is known about the frequency of and risk factors for infection with borrelia burgdorferi in occupational groups. in 1986, we recruited primarily outdoor workers from six employee groups in southeastern new york where ld is endemic. of 414 participants who completed questionnaires and had blood samples tested for antibodies against b. burgdorferi by elisa and western immunoblot, 27 (6.5%) were seropositi ...19883190100
clinical manifestations and epidemiological characteristics of lyme disease in hailin county, heilongjiang province, china.clinical manifestations and epidemiological characteristics of lyme disease in hailin county, heilongjiang province, china have been reported. the clinical picture of erythema chronicum migrans (ecm) is variable. ecm in the form of annular erythematous patch is uncommon. it is an extensive and indurated lesion. in some instances, a vesicle or necrosis appears in the center of the lesion. secondary erythema may present in some patients. the neurologic abnormalities consist of meningitis, facial p ...19883190101
serologic diagnosis of lyme disease.indirect fluorescent antibody tests and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays are being used as laboratory aids for the diagnosis of lyme disease and related disorders. depending on the needs, polyvalent or class-specific reagents can be used to detect total immunoglobulins (ig) or igm and igg antibodies. the sensitivities of these assays are relatively low when serum samples are obtained from patients within 3 weeks after onset of erythema migrans and are tested by either the ifa method or elisa. ...19883056197
ticks parasitizing humans in a lyme disease endemic area of southern new york state.a total of 126 tick specimens were submitted by tick bite victims to the westchester county department of health, white plains, new york, and to the new york medical college, medical entomology laboratory, armonk, new york, during 1985. these included 96 (76.2%) ixodes dammini, 26 (20.6%) dermacentor variabilis, and two (1.6%) amblyomma americanum. i. dammini parasitism was reported during all months of the year except december and february and involved all life stages. only d. variabilis adults ...19883189288
[case report of lyme disease showing large erythematous lesion in the abdomen]. 19883138324
intensity and duration of borrelia burgdorferi and babesia microti infectivity in rodent hosts. 19883170076
ticks and biting insects infected with the etiologic agent of lyme disease, borrelia burgdorferi.members of 18 species of ticks, mosquitoes, horse flies, and deer flies were collected in southeastern connecticut and tested by indirect fluorescent-antibody staining methods for borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease. an infection rate of 36.2% (116 tested), recorded for immature ixodes dammini, exceeded positivity values for all other arthropod species. prevalence of infection for hematophagous insects ranged from 2.9% of 105 hybomitra lasiophthalma to 14.3% of seven hybomi ...19883170711
lyme borreliosis in the soviet union: a cooperative us-ussr report.we identified 90 patients with tick-borne erythema migrans in the union of soviet socialist republics (ussr) in areas from the western baltic republics to the maritime territory on the pacific ocean. symptoms associated with the erythema included fever, malaise and fatigue, headache, myalgias, arthralgias, or regional lymphadenopathy. within two weeks to four months, 58 (64%) of the patients developed neurological abnormalities, particularly radicular pain, cranial neuritis, or lymphocytic menin ...19883171226
cultivation of borrelia burgdorferi from joint fluid three months after treatment of facial palsy due to lyme borreliosis. 19883171237
characterization of a circular plasmid from borrelia burgdorferi, etiologic agent of lyme disease.borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease, was recently shown to contain plasmid dna. two plasmid species have been described in strain ct1, a wisconsin tick isolate: a 9.2-kilobase entity; and a larger, 70-kilobase entity. characterization of the 9.2-kilobase entity by using dnase i and restriction endonucleases demonstrated that the plasmid is supercoiled and exists as a stable dimer in this strain. the role played by the plasmid in b. burgdorferi is unknown.19883183006
new borrelia burgdorferi antigenic variant isolated from ixodes dammini from upstate new york.a previously undescribed borrelia burgdorferi antigenic variant was isolated from each of four ixodes dammini larvae removed from white-footed mice, peromyscus leucopus, captured in millbrook, n.y. this site is in the northern range of the known distribution of the tick in the northeastern united states. the molecular weights of approximately 32,500 and 35,500 for outer surface a and outer surface b proteins, respectively, were distinctly higher than those for previously characterized isolates f ...19883183008
mammalian and avian reservoirs for borrelia burgdorferi. 19883056198
[cutaneous b cell lymphoma in chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection. report of 2 cases and a review of the literature].low-grade malignant b-cell lymphomas of the skin can be distinguished from lymphadenosis benigna cutis (bäfverstedt) by immunohistological methods developed in the last few years. its coexistence with borrelia burgdorferi infection can be shown by clinical and serological findings. in the chronic stage of this infection, lymphocytic cell infiltrations consistent with histological and immunohistological findings of malignant b-cell lymphoma can be found. predominantly at the extremities, multiple ...19883072322
[multiple neurologic manifestations of borrelia burgdorferi infection].the neurological spectrum of borrelia burgdorferi infections is still enlarging. we review epidemiological, pathological and serological data of lyme disease. the course of the disease is divided in three stages: stage 1 during the first month is characterised by erythema chronicum migrans and associated manifestations; stage 2 includes not only the classical european meningoradiculitis but also less specific neurological symptoms: isolated lymphocytic meningitis with an acute or even relapsing ...19883070690
[identification of borrelia isolated in the ussr from ixodes persulcatus schulze ticks].the data on the identification of 7 spirochetal isolates from ixodes persulcatus ticks collected in leningrad province and the khabarovsk territory are presented. these isolates, studied with the use of monoclonal antibodies, have been shown to belong to borrelia burgdorferi.19883072807
[a new type of spirochete infection: lyme disease]. 19883071626
synovial fluid eosinophilia in lyme disease.we describe three 14-year-old boys who developed synovial fluid eosinophilia associated with lyme disease. one patient, with arthritis that began in 1975, had the first documented case of lyme disease in new jersey. lyme disease should be considered when eosinophilia is noted on analysis of synovial fluid from patients with undiagnosed arthritis.19883056421
clinical and neuroimmunological findings in chronic borrelia burgdorferi radiculomyelitis (lyme disease). 19883058745
serodiagnosis of early lyme disease: analysis of igm and igg antibody responses by using an antibody-capture enzyme immunoassay.we used an antibody-capture enzyme immunoassay (eia) to evaluate the early antibody responses to borrelia burgdorferi in paired sera from 30 patients with erythema chronicum migrans. during acute disease, 20 (67%) patients had elevated specific igm responses, and by convalescence (one to four weeks after treatment), 28 (93%) patients had increased igm or igg responses. in acute specimens, elevated igm responses correlated with disseminated infection; however, by convalescence, most patients with ...19883049839
seronegative lyme disease. dissociation of specific t- and b-lymphocyte responses to borrelia burgdorferi.the diagnosis of lyme disease often depends on the measurement of serum antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete that causes this disorder. although prompt treatment with antibiotics may abrogate the antibody response to the infection, symptoms persist in some patients. we studied 17 patients who had presented with acute lyme disease and received prompt treatment with oral antibiotics, but in whom chronic lyme disease subsequently developed. although these patients had clinically activ ...19883054554
borrelia burgdorferi infection: a neurologist's perspective. 19882847620
[comparative evaluation of 2 methods for demonstrating borrelia in ticks--the vectors of lyme disease]. 19882978047
[lyme disease--a new infection from natural foci]. 19882965619
immunochemical characterization of and isolation of the gene for a borrelia burgdorferi immunodominant 60-kilodalton antigen common to a wide range of crossed immunoelectrophoresis and western blotting (immunoblotting), it was shown that borrelia burgdorferi expresses the 60-kilodalton common antigen (ca) that is cross-reactive with an equivalent antigen in a wide range of remotely related bacteria. b. burgdorferi ca is strongly immunogenic. a b. burgdorferi genomic library was constructed by using a plasmid cloning system. escherichia coli recombinants were screened for expression of immunodominant b. burgdorferi antigens. one of the recom ...19882840400
a murine igm monoclonal antibody binds an antigenic determinant in outer surface protein a, an immunodominant basic protein of the lyme disease spirochete.a hybridoma cell line formed by the fusion of the p3x63-ag8.653 myeloma cell line with splenocytes from balb/c mice immunized with borrelia burgdorferi produced an igm monoclonal antibody (mab-11g1) with kappa-light chains which detected an antigenic determinant in a major spirochetal protein of m.w. approximately 31,000, also known as outer surface protein a (osp-a). apparent saturation was reached in approximately 35 min with 34 ng of mab-11g1 binding to 5 x 10(7) spirochetes giving an estimat ...19882447170
biological activity of borrelia burgdorferi antigens.osp-a (approximately 31 kda) and flagellins (approximately 41 kda) are prominent antigens of borrelia burgdorferi. both osp-a and flagellins are immunogenic in patients and in experimentally infected mice and hamsters, but the kinetics of antibody formation to each vary considerably between the species. the role of eluted osp-a and flagellins in the cellular immune response, chemotaxigenesis, and cytoadherence was measured. eluted osp-a and flagellins stimulated the proliferation of normal and i ...19882461134
[primary lymphoma of the nervous system following radiculoneuritis caused by borrelia burgdorferi: study of a case].a 50-year-old man had a primary lymphoma of the central nervous system one year after a tick bite and a radiculoneuritis secondary to borrelia burgdorferi infection. determination of antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi revealed increasing igm and igg titers, and the autopsy showed a primary b-cell immunoblastic lymphoma of the brain without evidence of extraneural lymphoproliferative disorder. lymphoma of the brain is a rare type of central nervous system cancer, and sporadic cases appear wi ...19882451279
isolation and characterization of borrelia burgdorferi-specific and autoreactive t-cell lines from the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with lyme meningoradiculomyelitis. 19882462820
antigenic variability of borrelia burgdorferi.borrelia burgdorferi strains (six isolates from north america and 28 isolates from europe) were analyzed by physicochemical and immunological methods. by sds-page, all borrelia burgdorferi strains tested had two major proteins with constant molecular weights of 60 and 41 kda and one, two, or three variable low molecular weight proteins (ospa = 30-32 kda, ospb = 34-36 kda, pc = 21-22 kda). all combinations--except ospb alone or ospb/pc--were observed. borrelia burgdorferi strains were different f ...19882461135
first isolation of borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of lyme borreliosis, from ixodes ricinus (acari: ixodidae) in berlin (west).in 1984, two human cases of tick-borne lyme borreliosis with considerable neurologic involvement were reported in berlin (west). the diagnosis of lyme borreliosis was serologically confirmed. the ticks which had transmitted the borrelia were from berlin (west). in the autumn of 1985, 156 ticks were collected in forests of berlin (west) for the cultural detection of spirochetes by using bsk ii medium. three strains of spirochetes were isolated (from a pooled sample of two nymphs, and samples of o ...19883213319
infections following tickbites. tick-borne encephalitis and lyme borreliosis--a prospective epidemiological study from tyrol.we present here a prospective study on infections following tickbites in military recruits in the province of tyrol (austria). 84 recruits experienced tickbites and underwent clinical and serological examination twice at four-week intervals for signs of tick borne encephalitis (tbe)-virus or borrelia burgdorferi infections. 56 and 50 recruits could be evaluated for tbe-virus and borrelia infection, respectively. whereas no recruit was found with clinical or laboratory evidence of tbe-virus infec ...19883215687
lyme disease meningopolyneuritis simulating malignant lymphoma.lyme disease is a multisystem disorder resulting from infection by the tick-borne spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi. fever, chills, malaise and headaches; a characteristic rash; and subsequent polyarthritis typically herald the onset of this condition. neurologic involvement may occur with skin and joint manifestations or present alone as meningitis, cranial neuritis, and radiculopathy known as bannwarth's syndrome. we report the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) cytomorphologic and immunocytochemical fe ...19883222255
borrelia burgdorferi antibodies in patients with relapsing/remitting form and chronic progressive form of multiple sclerosis.sera of 106 multiple sclerosis patients and 103 closely matched controls were examined for borrelia burgdorferi antibodies. the prevalence rate in multiple sclerosis patients was 14.2%, in controls 25.2%. overall prevalence was 20.1%. mean igg antibody level was insignificantly higher in controls than in multiple sclerosis patients. patients with a chronic progressive course of multiple sclerosis had an insignificantly higher mean borrelia antibody level, when compared with those suffering from ...19883225603
complete heart block in a dog seropositive for borrelia burgdorferi. similarity to human lyme carditis.lyme disease has been recognized in humans since 1975 when it was associated with an outbreak of oligoarthritis in children in lyme, connecticut. erythema chronicum migrans (ecm) is a clinical marker for the human disease, which usually appears within 3 to 32 days after an infected tick bite. lyme disease is caused by spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, which is vectored by the hard ticks ixodes dammini or ixodes pacificus in the united states. in humans, lyme disease has been found to cause a var ...19883225808
[thrombocytopenic purpura caused by borrelia burgdorferi?].in november 1983 a woman born in 1902 was found to have thrombocytopenic purpura with a platelet count of 14,000/microliter. examination of the sternal marrow resulted in a suspected diagnosis of werlhof's disease. platelet counts dropped at times to below 7,000/microliter during immunosuppressive treatment with corticosteroids and azathioprine of three months' duration. when this treatment was discontinued spontaneous remission occurred until july 1984. acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans was d ...19883133191
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