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[simultaneous infection with borrelia burgdorferi--fsme virus]. 19921614078
[lyme disease in switzerland: ocular involvement].lyme disease is a multisystem disorder caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi, which is transmitted by a tick (ixodes ricinus). lyme disease is divided into three stages (infection, dissemination and immunological reactions). ocular manifestations are rare except for conjunctivitis and facial nerve palsy. switzerland is an endemic zone for lyme disease; the presence of an atypical pars planitis should prompt a search for lyme disease.19921614153
[meningitis in 154 children of a pediatric clinic in germany: clinical and epidemiologic aspects].in a retrospective study, the histories of the non-neonates treated for primary meningitis in the pediatric department of mainz university hospital between 1986 and 1989 were analyzed with regard to etiological, diagnostic, clinical and epidemiological criteria. in the period studied there were 37 cases of infectious meningitis (11 neisseria meningitidis (29.7%), 7 h. influenzae (18.9%), 3 s. pneumoniae (8.1%), 16 other (43.2%)), and 117 cases of acute aseptic meningitis syndrome (12 mumps virus ...19921614183
an update on lyme disease in pennsylvania. 19921614712
serodiagnosis of leptospirosis in pigs using an axial filament enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.the axial filament (af) from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola was isolated by cesium chloride density gradient centrifugation of 2% sarcosyl treated whole cells. isolation of af was confirmed by electron microscopic examination, by protein-a immunogold labelling, sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page), and immunoblotting. analysis by sds-page of the purified preparation showed relatively weak bands of molecular size 41 kda and 21 kda, and strong bands of 35 ...19921615635
[incidence of borrelia burgdorferi infection in isolated facial paralysis. a prospective study].between the causes of facial paralysis, similar to bell's palsy, recently are included those due to some families of spirochaeta (borrelia burgdorferi) transmitted through tick-bite. these bacteria, besides de facial palsy, may produce several degrees of lymphocytic meningitis and subsequently the paralysis of the face, sometimes clumsy or recurrent. the treatment being the antibiotic drugs, never the corticoids. in the paper are explained prospectively the incidence of this disease in the aa's ...19921616069
failure of borrelia burgdorferi to survive in the skin of patients with antibiotic-treated lyme disease.borrelia burgdorferi has been cultivated from clinically normal skin (previous erythema migrans sites) after antibiotic therapy for lyme disease.19921619074
memory impairment and depression in patients with lyme encephalopathy: comparison with fibromyalgia and nonpsychotically depressed patients.lyme encephalopathy, primarily manifested by disturbances in memory, mood, and sleep, is a common late neurologic manifestation of lyme disease. we compared 20 patients with lyme encephalopathy with 11 fibromyalgia patients and 11 nonpsychotically depressed patients using the california verbal learning test, wechsler memory scale, rey-osterrieth complex figure test, minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (mmpi), and beck depression inventory. compared with patients with fibromyalgia or depr ...19921620329
borrelia burgdorferi and other related spirochetes bind to galactocerebroside.spirochetes are agents of neurologic disease that may utilize specific neural cell surface molecules for adhesion. borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease, bound to galactocerebroside (galcer) in numbers that were two- to threefold greater than to ceramide and glucocerebroside, and four- to fivefold greater than to sphingosine, psychosine, sulfatide, cholesterol, and three membrane phospholipids. the adherence was greater to galcer and ceramide with a higher content of alpha-hy ...19921620344
how to diagnose and treat lyme disease in children. infectious diseases and immunization committee, canadian paediatric society. 19921623463
selection of a borrelia burgdorferi antigenic variant by cultivation in the presence of increasing amounts of homologous immune serum.this investigation was undertaken to select antigenic variants of a borrelia burgdorferi strain in vitro. the original strain bits was cultivated in bsk medium supplemented with increasing concentrations of homologous hyperimmune serum raised in rabbits. after a few serial passages starting from a subinhibitory serum dilution of 1:800 in bsk up to 1:200, a variant named bitsv was obtained; it grew abundantly like the control culture in the presence of hyperimmune serum. analysis of the antigenic ...19921624108
antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in rodents in the eastern and southern united states.serologic studies were conducted to determine whether white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus) and cotton mice (peromyscus gossypinus) contained serum antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of lyme borreliosis. enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays detected antibodies to this spirochete in 35.7 and 27.3% of 56 p. leucopus and 535 p. gossypinus serum samples, respectively, collected in connecticut, north carolina, south carolina, georgia, florida, alabama, and mississippi. antibody t ...19921624561
detection of borreliacidal antibodies in hamsters by using flow cytometry.flow cytometry can be used to detect antibody that kills borrelia burgdorferi. borreliacidal activity was detected within 3 h of incubating b. burgdorferi with immune serum and complement. right-angle light scatter and propidium iodide fluorescence were the cytometric parameters which correlated best with in vitro killing of b. burgdorferi. flow cytometry is a rapid method for determining the presence of borreliacidal activity and may lead to a better serodiagnostic test for the detection of lym ...19921624563
diagnosis of lyme disease in children. 19921625075
first isolation of borrelia burgdorferi in southern california.the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi johnson, schmid, hyde, steigerwalt & brenner, was isolated from the blood of a dusky-footed wood rat, neotoma fuscipes baird, in the san bernardino mountains of southern california. antigenic, protein, and molecular analyses demonstrated that the isolate varied slightly from most isolates of b. burgdorferi from northern california and was clearly distinct from other species of borrelia that are endemic to the state. this is the first reported iso ...19921625299
inability of ixodes cookei and amblyomma americanum nymphs (acari: ixodidae) to transmit borrelia burgdorferi.the vector competency of ixodes cookei packard and amblyomma americanum (l.) for borrelia burgdorferi was studied using syrian hamsters. ixodes dammini spielman, clifford, piesman & corwin were used as controls. darkfield and immunofluorescent examinations of midgut diverticula revealed b. burgdorferi spirochetes in 32 of 36 (88.9%) i. dammini larvae, 5 of 36 (13.9%) i. cookei larvae, and 7 of 36 (19.4%) a. americanum larvae within 48 h after feeding on infected syrian hamsters. b. burgdorferi w ...19921625302
effectiveness of an aerial application of carbaryl in controlling ixodes dammini (acari: ixodidae) adults in a high-use recreational area in new jersey.lyme disease risk reduction through the control of the principal tick vector, ixodes dammini spielman, clifford, piesman & corwin, has become a major issue facing public health agencies in many endemic states. where large tracts of land are involved, established methods of i. dammini control are impractical. an aerial application of carbaryl directed against fall populations of i. dammini adults resulted in 93.8% control after 96 h. control persisted through the following spring. the usefulness ...19921625304
lyme disease in maryland: 1987-1990.we describe the epidemiology of lyme disease in maryland for 1987 to 1990 when the number of cases reported grew from 23 to 448 and the number of cases meeting the cdc case definition grew from 23 to 238, as well as discuss the implications of increased reporting and diagnosis of lyme disease.19921625531
serological survey for lyme disease in domestic dogs and white-tailed deer from oklahoma.sera from 223 randomly selected dogs and 489 white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) were tested for antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi using an indirect kinetic elisa. dog samples were obtained in 1989 whereas deer samples were obtained between 1975 and 1990. ten known negatives and two known positives from each group were run on each plate as controls. samples showing mean mod values above the mean of negatives + 3 sd were considered positive. twenty-six dog (11.7%) and 22 deer (4.5%) sampl ...19921626867
epizootiology of lyme disease and methods of cultivating borrelia burgdorferi.lyme disease is prevalent over vast areas of land in the northern hemisphere. the etiologic agent is a spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, that is transmitted by ixodes ticks. at least five species of anthropophilic ticks are competent vectors, and the causative agent or closely related species have been detected in 20 wild or domestic mammals and eight birds. the ability to isolate and culture b. burgdorferi from humans, ticks, and wildlife has significantly contributed to our understanding of th ...19921626892
detection of borrelia burgdorferi in human blood and urine using the polymerase chain reaction.we investigated the use of the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) to detect borrelia burgdorferi strain b-31 in human blood and urine experimentally inoculated with 5 and 1 borreliae/cm3, respectively, and to biotinylate a dna probe specific for b. burgdorferi in the dot blot and southern blot assays. when the blood and urine samples were subjected to pcr, a 370-bp amplified product was consistently visible on agarose gel electrophoresis after 30 and 45 cycles, respectively. the total human genomic ...19921627262
lyme disease in ireland.the data pertaining to irish specimens sent to the lyme disease laboratory at charing cross hospital since 1986 is presented and discussed. in the period up to june 1990, 484 specimens were tested, 14% of these were positive by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay or indirect immunofluorescent assay. only 13 of these were confirmed as positive by immunoblotting.19921628946
detection of borrelia burgdorferi dna in urine samples and cerebrospinal fluid samples from patients with early and late lyme neuroborreliosis by polymerase chain reaction.a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) was developed for use in the identification of a 248-bp fragment of the borrelia burgdorferi flagellin gene in urine and cerebrospinal fluid (csf) from patients with lyme neuroborreliosis. the specificities of the pcr products were confirmed by dna-dna hybridization with an internal probe. the assay had a detection limit of 10 in vitro-cultivated b. burgdorferi. the pcr assay seemed to be species wide as well as species specific, since dna from all 21 b. burgdor ...19921629318
lyme disease knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors--connecticut, 1992.lyme disease (ld), caused by infection with the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi, is the most commonly reported tick-borne illness in the united states (1). because no vaccine is available and effective measures to control tick populations are experimental, education is the most important approach to preventing ld. ld was identified in connecticut in 1975 (2); in 1991, connecticut had the highest rate of ld in the united states (36 per 100,000 population), and cases were reported in residents fro ...19921630426
epidemiology and prevalence of seropositivity against borrelia burgdorferi antigen in la rioja, spain.the aim of this study was to acquire a better knowledge of the epidemiology of lyme disease. a seroepidemiologic study was made by evaluating the different levels of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in a five hundred serum representative sample of a population from the province of la rioja, spain. samples were randomly selected and stratified to take into account sex, age, rural or urban residence, and geographical area. all subjects included in the study were asked to fill out a questionnaire ...19921631381
the nih-3 immunodeficient mouse is a model for lyme borreliosis myositis and carditis.experimental infection of immunodeficient nih-3 (n:nih-bg-nu-xid) mice with borrelia burgdorferi was found to result in multisystem histopathologic lesions. in addition to t-cell deficiency due to the nude mutation, these mice have an x-linked defect affecting the b-cell maturation and the beige mutation resulting in the absence of nk cells. nih-3 mice were susceptible to progressive infection with b. burgdorferi resulting in pancarditis, synovitis, and skeletal interstitial myositis whereas con ...19921632468
lyme disease acquired outside of japan. 19921633372
fibroblasts protect the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, from ceftriaxone in vitro.the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, can be recovered long after initial infection, even from antibiotic-treated patients, indicating that it resists eradication by host defense mechanisms and antibiotics. since b. burgdorferi first infects skin, the possible protective effect of skin fibroblasts from an antibiotic commonly used to treat lyme disease, ceftriaxone, was examined. human foreskin fibroblasts protected b. burgdorferi from the lethal action of a 2-day exposure to ceftria ...19921634816
the vector of the lyme disease spirochete. 19921635568
clustering of host-seeking nymphal deer ticks (ixodes dammini) infected by lyme disease spirochetes (borrelia burgdorferi).in areas where the agent of lyme disease is intensely enzootic, the mouse reservoirs may be universally infected. because a large proportion of the vector tick population appears to feed upon these hosts, the prevalence of infection in the vectors should approach 100%. however, infection in host-seeking nymphal ticks in nature rarely exceeds 40%. to help reconcile this apparent paradox, we examined whether estimates of prevalence might differ if we did not assume that infected ticks are randomly ...19921636884
comparison of cefuroxime axetil and doxycycline in the treatment of early lyme compare the efficacy of cefuroxime axetil and doxycycline in the treatment of patients with lyme disease associated with erythema migrans.19921637021
lyme disease associated with describe the clinical and laboratory findings as well as results of treatment in patients with lyme disease associated with fibromyalgia.19921637022
multifocal choroiditis with evidence of lyme disease.a 32-year-old man had multifocal choroiditis without vitreous involvement. the diagnosis of lyme disease was suggested by serial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays of his serum and a cerebrospinal fluid specimen. the ocular findings resembled those seen in patients with acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (apmppe). the active lesions resolved after administration of a two-week course of intravenous ceftriaxone. this case suggests that some cases of apmppe actually may be ly ...19921637125
a comparison of methods for sampling the deer tick, ixodes dammini, in a lyme disease endemic area.the purpose of this study was to compare the trapping and examining of mice, drag sampling, and co2-baited traps for their ability to detect the presence and abundance of immature deer ticks, ixodes dammini, in a lyme disease endemic area in southern new york state. eight study sites were sampled 14 times between 28 may and 31 august by setting 49 live-traps, four co2-baited traps, and drag sampling 500 m2. a total of 1540 nymphs and 3079 larvae was collected during the study. drag sampling coll ...19921638929
evidence for b-lymphocyte mitogen activity in borrelia burgdorferi-infected mice.borrelia burgdorferi produces a mitogen for murine b lymphocytes which can be measured in vitro by polyclonal stimulation of proliferation and immunoglobulin production (r. schoenfeld, b. araneo, y. ma, l. yang, and j. j. weis, infect. immun. 60:455-464, 1992). sonicated b. burgdorferi cells also stimulated il-6 production by splenocyte cultures. we have used the murine model for lyme disease described by barthold et al. (s. w. barthold, d. s. beck, g. m. hansen, g. a. terwilliger, and k. d. moo ...19921639470
selection of an escape variant of borrelia burgdorferi by use of bactericidal monoclonal antibodies to ospb.two immunoglobulin g (igg) monoclonal antibodies (mabs) to outer surface protein b (cb2 and cb6), affinity purified from mouse ascitic fluid, exhibited concentration-dependent inhibitory and bactericidal properties against borrelia burgdorferi after a 24-h incubation period in spirochete medium. fab fragments derived from these mabs showed the same effects, indicating that they were not caused by agglutination of the organisms by the intact mabs. the inhibition of spirochete growth in cultures c ...19921639477
hemolytic activity of borrelia burgdorferi.zones of beta-hemolysis occurred around colonies of borrelia burgdorferi grown on barbour-stoenner-kelly medium containing agarose and horse blood. blood plates were inoculated with either the infective strain sh-2-82 or noninfective strain b-31 in an overlay and incubated in a candle jar. both strains of b. burgdorferi displayed beta-hemolysis after 1 to 2 weeks of incubation. the hemolytic activity diffused out from the borrelial colonies, eventually resulting in lysis of the entire blood plat ...19921639493
borrelia burgdorferi in the central nervous system. 19921640607
borrelia burgdorferi in the central nervous system. 19921640608
borrelia burgdorferi in the central nervous system. 19921640609
erythema migrans in lyme disease: a correction. 19921640613
performance of 45 laboratories participating in a proficiency testing program for lyme disease serology.we show that significant interlaboratory and intralaboratory variations exist in lyme disease proficiency testing.19921640618
molecular characterization of borrelia burgdorferi isolated from ixodes ricinus in northern sweden.ixodes ricinus ticks, harbouring borrelia burgdorferi, were found in an area in northern sweden, not thought to be endemic for lyme borreliosis. this investigation took place at norrbyskär, an island situated in the bothnian gulf, 63 degrees 33'n/19 degrees 52'e. one of 42 nymphal and 8/43 adult i. ricinus ticks collected carried spirochetes as seen by phase contrast microscopy. pure bacterial cultures were obtained from 2 of the ticks. western blot analysis using species-specific monoclonal ant ...19921641595
molecular cloning and characterization of dna from human intestinal spirochetes.hindiii cleaved human intestinal spirochete genomic dna was cloned into the plasmid vector pbluescript. the inserts from three of these clones (prb.c33, prb.c47 and prb.f11) successfully hybridized with dna from the nine human intestinal spirochetes used in this study. the fourth insert (from clone prb.a8) failed to hybridize with dna from two of these isolates (hrm4 and hrm9), and, all four of the inserts hybridized with the m1 strain of swine intestinal spirochete treponema innocens. hybridiza ...19921644136
linear- and circular-plasmid copy numbers in borrelia burgdorferi.borrelia burgdorferi, the lyme disease agent, and other members of the spirochetal genus borrelia have double-stranded linear plasmids in addition to supercoiled circular plasmids. the copy number relative to the chromosome was determined for 49- and 16-kb linear plasmids and a 27-kb circular plasmid of the type strain, b31, of b. burgdorferi. all three plasmids were present in low copy number, about one per chromosome equivalent, as determined by relative hybridizations of replicon-specific dna ...19921644750
vasculitic mononeuritis multiplex in patient with lyme disease.lyme borreliosis is an infectious disease caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. neurological complications are frequently reported but the pathogenesis remains largely unknown. we report on a patient with positive borrelia antibodies at elisa and immunoblotting and with histological and immunofluorescence study of peripheral nerve biopsy consistent with vasculitic neuropathy.19911649149
phenotypic and genotypic analysis of borrelia burgdorferi isolates from various sources.a total of 17 b. burgdorferi isolates from various sources were characterized by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of whole-cell proteins, restriction enzyme analysis, southern hybridization with probes complementary to unique regions of evolutionarily conserved genes (16s rrna and fla), and direct sequencing of in vitro polymerase chain reaction-amplified fragments of the 16s rrna gene. three groups were distinguished on the basis of phenotypic and genotypic traits, the ...19911649797
effect of a beta-lactamase inhibitor, tazobactam, on growth and penicillin-binding proteins of borrelia burgdorferi.the effects of tazobactam, a relatively new beta-lactamase inhibitor, were investigated on growth and penicillin-binding proteins (pbps) of borrellia burgdorferi. a previous communication from our group demonstrated several proteins capable of binding labelled penicillin in this organism. of these proteins, 94-kda and 57-kda pbps possessed the highest affinity for penicillin and were assumed to be essential proteins involved in cell-wall synthesis. in these experiments, tazobactam was used in co ...19911657694
[polyneuropathy as the initial manifestation of lyme disease]. 19911658498
north american lyme neuroborreliosis.clinical, neurophysiologic and laboratory findings obtained in american patients with nervous system lyme borreliosis were compared to published observations in european neuroborreliosis patients. in both populations, borrelia burgdorferi infection is commonly associated with neurologic abnormalities. european reports have emphasized dramatic clinical phenomena, such as painful radiculitis (garin-bujadoux-bannwarth syndrome) and chronic progressive spastic paraparesis. north american patients se ...19911658921
[peripheral neuropathy and rhizomelic pseudo-polyarthritis: lyme disease]. 20161661913
the activity of azithromycin in animal models of infection.high and prolonged tissue levels accompanied by low serum concentrations are a feature of azithromycin, an azalide antibiotic. it has a broad spectrum of activity against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms and several intracellular pathogens. a number of animal models of localised infection have been developed which demonstrate that the efficacy of azithromycin correlates with its extravascular pharmacokinetics and not with blood levels. in many instances, because of high tissue bioa ...19911662625
lyme disease surveillance. 19911669881
is sarcoidosis a borreliosis?recently some authors have suggested that sarcoidosis may be a borreliosis. thus in the period april to june 1991 we studied serum samples of 12 sarcoid patients (pts) by elisa in order to identify antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi (bb). none had positive results. we conclude that great caution is to be used in advancing the hypothesis of an etiologic role of bb in sarcoidosis.19911669979
comparison of four different serological methods for detection of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in erythema migrans.three different enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisa) and western blot were compared in regard to the detection of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in sera from 100 patients with erythema migrans and from 100 controls. for igg detection, a commercial indirect elisa kit with flagellum antigen (flagellum elisa) was significantly more sensitive than the routinely-used indirect elisa with sonicated whole-cell antigen (sonicate elisa) (p = 0.008). the difference in positivity in the igm test w ...19911675520
borrelia burgdorferi in urban parks. 19911676804
isolation of lyme disease spirochetes from an ixodid tick in hokkaido, japan. 19911678577
lyme borreliosis.borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease, was the topic of an international conference in stockholm which assembled 500 scientists from all over the world. about 300 oral and poster presentations revealed many new details on the complex life history of this bacterium, its molecular characteristics, the clinical consequences of human and animal infections, new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic regimens.19911679024
evaluation of the fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorption (fta-abs) test specificity.serum samples from 43 patients with positive test for syphilis only in the fta-abs test, were evaluated. three had primary or treated syphilis. twenty-one (49%) had clinical and/or serological signs of lyme borreliosis as assessed by whole-cell sonicate borrelia burgdorferi elisa and western blot techniques. seven (16%) had genital herpes simplex infection and the remaining 12 patients, miscellaneous disorders. in control sera from 30 patients with lyme borreliosis an isolated positive fta-abs r ...19911681646
an immunological study of lyme disease.84 patients in the second or third stages of serologically diagnosed lyme disease suffering from different forms of central as well as peripheral nervous system involvement were tested for the participation of autoimmune mechanisms. cell hypersensitivity to the encephalitogenic basic protein and to antigens from peripheral myelin was evaluated on an opton cytopherometer according to the effect of the macrophage slowing factor--liberated during short-term incubation of sensibilized lymphocytes by ...19901700949
acute reversible diffuse conduction system disease due to lyme disease.during the acute phase of lyme disease, a 56-year-old man without previous heart disease developed complete heart block with alternating left and right bundle branch block pattern qrs complexes. electrophysiological study performed in the acute phase revealed marked hv prolongation, although the level of heart block was at the atrioventricular node. the heart block was mildly symptomatic and resolved (as did the bundle branch block) with antibiotic therapy. lyme disease may cause reversible his- ...19901701888
immunoreactive epitopes on an expressed recombinant flagellar protein of borrelia burgdorferi.a recombinant borrelia burgdorferi flagellin protein expressed in escherichia coli is bound by a murine monoclonal antiflagellin antibody (h9724) and by antibodies in the sera of patients with lyme disease. immunoreactive epitopes on the flagellar protein were identified by immunoblot analysis of antibody binding to expressed truncated flagellar proteins. the epitope recognized by the murine monoclonal antibody is within the central heterologous region of the flagellar protein (amino acids 90 to ...19911702766
analysis of the borrelia burgdorferi geho fla gene and antigenic characterization of its gene product.the fla gene of borrelia burgdorferi geho was analyzed and expressed in escherichia coli. the structural gene encodes a flagellar protein of 336 amino acids. comparative sequence analysis of the amino acid sequence revealed a high degree of sequence conservation with flagellins from both phylogenetically related and unrelated bacteria. the antigenic properties of the b. burgdorferi fla protein were studied by synthesizing overlapping octapeptides, which were screened by using a battery of differ ...19911704884
cells secreting antibodies to myelin basic protein in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with lyme autoimmune response to myelin basic protein (mbp) has been proposed to participate in the development of the chronic neurologic manifestations that may accompany borrelia burgdorferi-induced lyme disease. using an immunospot assay, we counted cells secreting antibodies to mbp. anti-mbp igg antibody-secreting cells were detected in csf from eight of 13 consecutive patients with lyme neuroborreliosis irrespective of stage of disease. the numbers were between 1/370 and 1/5,000 csf cells (mean, 1 ...19911707148
t cell and antibody reactivity with the borrelia burgdorferi 60-kda heat shock protein in lyme arthritis.the reactivity of cloned t cells and serum antibodies, obtained from patients with chronic lyme arthritis, with expressed recombinant b. burgdorferi 60-kda heat shock protein homologue (hsp60) was analyzed. the expressed recombinant borrelia burgdorferi hsp60 was bound by antibodies in the sera of patients with lyme arthritis, but not by control sera. a t cell clone (cr253), isolated from one of four patients examined, exhibited an hla-dr2 restricted proliferative response to the expressed recom ...19911709664
specific immunofluorescence staining of treponema pallidum in smears and date, tissue sections prepared from formalin-fixed tissues have not been successfully stained with treponema pallidum subspecies-specific antibody in a direct fluorescent-antibody assay. while current methods stain t. pallidum, they do not distinguish t. pallidum from other spirochetes such as borrelia burgdorferi (e. f. hunter, p. w. greer, b. l. swisher, a. r. simons, c. e. farshy, j. a. crawford, and k. r. sulzer, arch. pathol. lab. med. 108:878-880, 1984). because trypsin pretreatment of ...19911709944
evidence for (lipo) oligosaccharides in borrelia burgdorferi and their serological specificity.sds-page and western immunoblot profiles have been determined for different strains of borrelia burgdorferi. major proteins of 60 kda, 41 kda corresponding to flagellin, 34-36 kda and 30-31 kda corresponding to ospb and ospa respectively, and 18-20 kda corresponding to 'pc' fractions were detected. a "rough" lipopolysaccharide which we called lipooligosaccharide (los) of 8-11 kda appeared to be present, being detected by specific silver staining, as in crude borrelia lysates as in proteinase k d ...19911711876
infective acute transverse myelopathy. report of two cases.two children with acute transverse myelopathy following adenovirus and borrelia burgdorferi infections are presented. the diagnosis stems from the clinical presentation, the determination of specific antibodies in serum and the favorable response to penicillin treatment in the case of neuroborreliosis. both children made a good recovery. the cerebrospinal fluid examination showed a highly increased myelin basic protein concentration, indicating demyelination.19911713310
adsorption with a soluble e. coli antigen fraction improves the specificity of elisa tests for lyme disease.we reported that preadsorption of patient serum with heat killed e. coli increased the specificity of elisa for antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi. that procedure required extra specimen handling and a preincubation. we report the use of a soluble e. coli antigen fraction that is included in serum diluent, eliminating additional steps. sera from 220 individuals were tested for antibodies to b. burgdorferi. twenty sera were obtained from patients with lyme disease and 200 sera were from a populat ...19911713972
expression of the cd2 activation epitope t11-3 (cd2r) on t cells in rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, and lyme disease: phenotypic and functional analysis.cd2r is an activation-associated epitope unmasked by a conformational change of the cd2 cell-surface glycoprotein. in spite of elaborate studies on the role of cd2 and cd2r in adhesion and stimulation of t cells in vitro, no instances of cd2r expression in vivo were known to date. we report high levels of cd2r observed on blood and synovial fluid t cells in rheumatoid arthritis and on peripheral blood t cells in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, ...19911715605
morphology of borrelia burgdorferi: structural patterns of cultured borreliae in relation to staining methods.the microscopic recognition of borrelia burgdorferi in biologic fluids and tissues is difficult and challenging because of low numbers of organisms occurring as single isolated spirochetes, the apparent lack of colony formation in tissues, and differing lengths and structural morphologies. to identify the most common morphologic forms, we studied numerous cultures by a variety of microscopic techniques. culture suspensions of b. burgdorferi were stained by several different histochemical procedu ...19911716264
molecular mapping of osp-a mediated immunity against borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of lyme is paradoxical that although antibodies to the outer surface protein (osp) a of borrelia burgdorferi protect mice against infection and that immunization of uninfected mice with osp-a is protective, antibodies to osp-a induced early in natural infection of mice are not curative. a region recognized by a neutralizing mab is also recognized by sera from chronically infected or immunized mice but is not bound by sera from mice infected for 15 days. infection in mice, despite the presence of earl ...19911716290
identification of an immunoreactive non-proteinaleous component in borrelia burgdorferi.investigations of immunoblots using borrelia burgdorferi antigen demonstrated that a band, migrating faster than the bromophenol blue front in sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis, reacted strongly with sera containing anti-borrelia burgdorferi antibodies preferentially of the igg class. extraction of this antigenic component and chemical analyses showed that the substance was composed mainly of fatty acids and carbohydrates. typical structures of classical lipooolysaccharides such as 3-de ...19911722277
comparative ability of various detergents to extract proteins of borrelia burgdorferi and borrelia hermsii.borrelia burgdorferi and borrelia hermsii were treated with the following detergents: sodium dodecyl sulphate (sds), n-lauryl sarcosine (sarkosyl) and triton x-100, and the soluble and insoluble fractions obtained after each detergent treatment were examined by sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. sarkosyl as well as sds solubilized all borrelia proteins, whereas triton x-100 treatment selectively solubilized the majority of other borrelial proteins, leaving two proteins o ...19911723136
[retrospective study of a borreliosis infected blood donor].lyme disease is caused by a spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, and represents a potential transfusion hazard. some borrelia burgdorferi-infected blood donors may not be disqualified by standard donor selection procedures, thus possibly transmitting the disease. in a follow-up of 14 recipients of blood products donated by such a donor, no clinical signs or serologic evidence of a transfusion-transmitted borreliosis could be demonstrated.19911725647
immunological characterization of a low molecular mass polypeptidic antigen of borrelia burgdorferi.the presence of a low molecular mass polypeptidic antigen in borrelia burgdorferi was described. the protein was exposed at the bacterial surface since it was clearly identified by mab 3h4 using the immunofluorescence test performed with living bacteria. this antigen was cleaved by proteinase k treatment, whereas it was resistant to the action of chymotrypsin, trypsin and thermolysin. western blotting analysis of the immunological reactivity of this antigenic structure performed using monoclonal ...19911725956
demonstration of a b-lymphocyte mitogen produced by the lyme disease pathogen, borrelia burgdorferi.lyme disease refers to the multisymptomatic illness in humans which results from infection with the tick-borne spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. the white-footed mouse is the major reservoir for b. burgdorferi and, upon infection, certain inbred mice develop symptoms similar to those reported in human disease. sonicated preparations of washed spirochetes were found to have potent mitogenic activity when cultured with lymphocytes from naive c57bl/6, c3h/hej, or balb/c mice. the activity of the b. ...19921730476
roles of ospa, ospb, and flagellin in protective immunity to lyme borreliosis in laboratory mice.vaccination with recombinant outer surface protein a (ospa) has been shown to protect mice from infection with borrelia burgdorferi, the lyme disease agent. to determine whether antibodies to b. burgdorferi proteins other than ospa are involved in protective immunity, antibodies to ospa were removed from protective anti-b. burgdorferi serum; the residual serum was still protective. absorption of ospa and ospb antibodies from anti-b. burgdorferi serum eliminated the protective effect. therefore, ...19921730500
morphology and dynamics of protruding spirochete periplasmic flagella.we recently characterized the three-dimensional shape of treponema phagedenis periplasmic flagella (pfs). in the course of these studies, we observed protrusions on swimming cells that resembled pfs. here we present a detailed characterization of the shape, structure, and motion of these protrusions. although protrusion formation occurred primarily in wild-type cells during the stationary phase, a large fraction of exponential-phase cells of cell cylinder helicity mutants (greater than 90% of mu ...19921732217
polymerase chain reaction primers and probes derived from flagellin gene sequences for specific detection of the agents of lyme disease and north american relapsing cloning and sequencing the flagellin gene of borrelia hermsii and comparing this sequence with that of the corresponding gene from b. burgdorferi, i identified a central region within the two genes which showed a reduced level of sequence similarity. oligonucleotide sequences selected from this region produced species-specific amplimers when used in polymerase chain reaction experiments. thus, primers derived from the b. burgdorferi sequence amplified a 276-bp fragment from 22 strains of b. b ...19921734073
pcr detection of borrelia burgdorferi dna in cerebrospinal fluid of lyme neuroborreliosis patients.we used the polymerase chain reaction (pcr), a method useful in the detection of borrelia burgdorferi in vitro, to evaluate csf in patients thought to have neuroborreliosis. nested pairs of oligonucleotide primers were designed to recognize the c-terminal region of b burgdorferi ospa. csf samples were obtained from (1) patients with immunologic evidence of systemic b burgdorferi infection and clinical manifestations suggestive of cns dysfunction, (2) seronegative patients with clinical disorders ...19921734321
nervous about ticks--assessing lyme disease risk in san diego county. 19921734618
failure of multitarget detection of borrelia burgdorferi-associated dna sequences in synovial fluids of patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: a cautionary note. 19921734914
loss of lyme disease spirochetes from ixodes ricinus ticks feeding on european determine whether blackbirds (turdus merula), the most abundant and most abundantly tick-infested ecotonal bird of central europe, may contribute to the transmission of the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi), we compared the infectivity to ticks of naturally as well as experimentally infected blackbirds and rodents. european blackbirds experience intense exposure to ixodes ricinus ticks and to the pathogens that they transmit. in nature, subadult i. ricinus ticks found feeding on ...19921740177
invasion of the central nervous system by borrelia burgdorferi in acute disseminated determine central nervous system (cns) involvement in acutely disseminated borrelia burgdorferi infection by measurement of borrelia-specific dna using the polymerase chain-reaction (pcr) assay and to compare the results of this with standard serological tests.19921740859
localization of outer surface proteins a and b in both the outer membrane and intracellular compartments of borrelia burgdorferi.borrelia burgdorferi b31 with and without outer membranes contained nearly identical amounts of outer surface proteins a and b. the majority of each immunogen also was localized intracellularly by immunocryoultramicrotomy. these results are inconsistent with the widely held belief that outer surface proteins a and b are exclusively outer membrane proteins.19911744059
the descriptive epidemiology of lyme disease in oklahoma.lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that primarily occurs in the united states in three endemic areas: the northeast, upper midwest, and pacific coastal regions. although oklahoma is considered a non-endemic area of lyme disease, other tick-borne infections such as rocky mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and tularemia occur at endemic levels. in order to determine the extent of lyme disease in oklahoma, the oklahoma state department of health collected information on all possible cases of l ...19911744781
experimental inoculation of sheep with borrelia burgdorferi. 19911746105
lower incidence of peripheral catheter complications by the use of elastomeric hydrogel catheters in home intravenous therapy patients.a prospective study was conducted to compare the performance of a nonconventional short peripheral catheter made of elastomeric hydrogel material with that of the conventional short peripheral catheters used to administer intravenous therapy to patients before this study was undertaken. the catheters were inserted in home care patients, primarily diagnosed with lyme disease, for the delivery of i.v. antibiotic therapy. the study results showed that the institutional 48-to-72-hour removal policy ...20151748908
[prevalence of lyme borreliosis in the netherlands].in the autumn of 1989 a seroepidemiological study was carried out among 440 owners of hunting dogs and 1052 blood donors from different regions in the netherlands. to detect igg antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was performed. the prevalence of antibodies to b. burgdorferi in owners of hunting dogs was 15%, which was significantly higher than in blood donors (9%). in both groups the prevalence of seropositivity increased with age. there was no difference bet ...19911749435
myositis in mice inoculated with borrelia burgdorferi.the authors describe the appearance of myositis in immunocompetent and immunodeficient mice after subcutaneous inoculation with borrelia burgdorferi by histology and immunohistology. experimental infection of mice 1) causes inflammation of striated but not smooth muscles, 2) affects the entire musculoskeletal system, and 3) is characterized by perivascular and interfacicular infiltration of mononuclear leukocytes in the striated muscle leading to necrosis as well as disruption of muscle fibers. ...19911750502
lyme borreliosis in dutch forestry workers.serum samples from 127 dutch forestry workers and 127 matched controls were tested for antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi in an indirect immunofluorescence assay (ifa). those of the forestry workers were also tested by western blotting. the forestry workers were examined clinically for evidence of lyme borreliosis without the examiner or the workers knowing the results of the laboratory tests. seroprevalence of b. burgdorferi antibodies among forestry workers (25/127) was significantly high ...19911753136
lyme disease in paediatrics. 19911755656
babesia microti, human babesiosis, and borrelia burgdorferi in connecticut.babesia microti was isolated from a white-footed mouse (peromyscus leucopus) that was captured in southeastern connecticut in 1988, when the first human case of babesiosis acquired in connecticut was recognized. to date, 13 cases of babesiosis have been reported in connecticut, the largest number of human cases reported on the mainland united states. two of nine patients quiried remembered a prior tick bite. since babesia parasites are known to be vectored only by ticks, we surmise that 12 of th ...19911757548
rickettsiae and borrelia burgdorferi in ixodid ticks.nymphs and adults of hard-bodied ticks were collected in connecticut and tested by direct and indirect immunofluorescence staining methods for rickettsiae and borrelia burgdorferi. of the 609 ixodes dammini ticks examined, 59 (9.7%) harbored rickettsialike microorganisms in hemocytes (blood cells). these bacteria reacted with fluorescein-conjugated antiserum to ehrlichia canis, the etiologic agent of with fluorescein-conjugated antiserum to ehrlichia canis, the etiologic agent of canine ehrlichi ...19911757551
antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in deer and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was developed to detect serum antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of lyme borreliosis, in deer (odocoileus virginianus) and raccoons (procyon lotor). blood samples were collected from these mammals in connecticut, maryland, north carolina, georgia and florida. seropositivity for deer was highest in connecticut (56% of 353 sera) and maryland (51% of 35 sera). raccoons in connecticut, maryland, north carolina, and florida also had an ...19911758022
diagnostic dilemma for the 1990s: lyme disease versus rheumatic fever.a 15-year-old boy developed an annular erythematous skin rash, fever, knee pain, syncope, and was found to be in complete heart block requiring temporary transvenous pacing. his recovery was complete following therapy with high dose steroids, aspirin, and iv ceftriaxone followed by oral penicillin. serologic tests documented diagnostic levels of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi as well as to group a streptococcal dnase b. diagnoses of both lyme disease and rheumatic fever are based on clinical ...19911759468
pseudospirochetes in animal blood being cultured for borrelia burgdorferi. 19911760469
antigenic properties of borrelia burgdorferi isolated from ixodes ovatus and ixodes persulcatus in hokkaido, japan.spirochete strains hp3 and ho14, isolated from ixodes persulcatus and i. ovatus in hokkaido in 1989, were the first isolates of borrelia burgdorferi, the etiological agent of lyme disease, to be recognized in japan. antigenic properties of the japanese strains were compared with those of the strains isolated in the united states (b31 and 297) and europe (irs, p/gau, p/bi, 2/b45, and 3/b56) by western blotting (immunoblotting), by using monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against strains b31 and p/bi. t ...19911761676
isolation and characterization of borrelia burgdorferi from illinois ixodes dammini.ixodes dammini ticks from two northwestern illinois sites were found to be infected with borrelia burgdorferi at rates of 19 and 32%. b. burgdorferi isolates, one from each site, had protein and antigenic patterns similar to those of the b-31 strain. an indirect immunofluorescence method proved to be more sensitive than dark-field microscopy in detection of these spirochetes. a modified bsk medium containing rifampin was found to be more efficient for spirochete isolation than unsupplemented bsk ...19911761698
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