lyme disease. 19873109587
tick-borne lymphocytic meningoradiculitis in ireland: bannwarth's syndrome/lyme disease. 19873597040
[lyme disease of a neurological form. apropos of 2 new cases of meningoradiculitis]. 19872956669
[chronic erythema migrans as initial symptom of lyme disease]. 19873574543
focal encephalitis in a young woman 6 years after the onset of lyme disease: tertiary lyme disease?a 19-year-old woman had severe focal inflammatory encephalitis. six years previously, she had had classic untreated lyme disease characterized by erythema chronicum migrans, bilateral facial palsies, and lymphocytic meningitis. during her recent encephalitic illness, lyme disease serologic tests were positive by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and western blot (immunoblot technique) testing. we hypothesize that the patient's focal inflammatory encephali ...19873561045
severe encephalopathy associated with lyme disease. 19872882097
lyme disease in europe and north america. 19872882096
[data on the prevalence of lyme disease in the ussr]. 20093600514
[lyme disease]. 19873579490
eye findings in lyme disease. 19873568649
three further cases of lyme disease. 19873103771
from new to old england: the progress of lyme disease. 19873103755
a case of lyme disease in a 9-year-old black male. 19873827964
[lyme disease--a new nosologic unit]. 19873824941
lyme disease in france. 19873591099
lyme disease in italy.we present the first cases of lyme disease found in italy. the diagnosis was based on clinical and laboratory data. the antigen used for indirect immunofluorescence (i.i.f.) was kindly supplied to us by prof. r. ackermann (köln). reciprocal titer was 64 in five patients, 128 in six, 256 in three and 512 in one. the patients came either from the eastern ligurian coast or the trieste karst: these are consequently the first two italian areas where lyme disease has been recognized up to the present.19873591098
electrophysiologic findings in meningopolyneuritis of garin-bujadoux-bannwarth.previous reports on neuropathy in lyme disease and related disorders suggest predominant demyelination in most of the few cases investigated. we analysed retrospectively electrophysiologic data in 29 patients with mpn-gbb. in peripheral nerve involvement slowed ncv and/or prolonged dl was the prominent finding, concordant with primary demyelination. distribution of pathology resembles mononeuritis. facial nerve palsy was common and often bilateral.19873591082
cerebrospinal fluid findings in neurological manifestations of lyme disease.the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) findings in 21 patients with different manifestations of lyme disease are presented. 15 patients exhibited csf changes including a lymphoplasmocytic pleocytosis and a csf protein profile indicating a barrier leakage combined with an intrathecal immunoglobulin synthesis. six patients-mainly suffering from cranial neuritis-had a normal csf.19873591080
treatment of lyme disease.we compared phenoxymethyl penicillin, erythromycin, and tetracycline, in each instance 250 mg four times a day for 10 days, for the treatment of early lyme disease (stage 1). none of 39 patients given tetracycline developed major late complications compared with 3 of 40 penicillin-treated patients and 4 of 29 given erythromycin (p = 0.07). however, with all three antibiotic agents, nearly half of patients had minor late symptoms. for neurologic abnormalities (stage 2), 12 patients were treated w ...19873109144
[2 severe neurologic forms of lyme disease]. 20162949299
[isolated meningoencephalitis in lyme disease]. 19873579101
[a case of lyme disease in genoa]. 20123557550
[tick-borne erythematous spirochetosis (tick-borne annular erythema. bannwarth syndrome, lyme disease)]. 19873554857
lyme disease: a review. 19873468679
[pericardial manifestations of lyme disease].among cardiac manifestations of lyme disease, pericardic involvement, as the main symptom, seems to be exceptional. we report two cases of pericarditis with typical clinical features. in both cases, pericarditis was the only clinical sign of the disease. diagnosis was based on significant high serological antibodies levels with no evidence of any other etiological factor. penicillin was administered and lead in one case to negativation of the serology. as cardiac involvement can occur without an ...19873450205
[cases of borreliosis (lyme disease) in western pomerania]. 19873432570
acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans with antecedent lyme disease in a california. case report. 19863577485
historical perspective of lyme disease. 19863554843
complete heart block due to lyme disease. 19863773971
[fatal meningoradiculoneuritis in lyme disease]. 19862949237
[lyme disease. apropos of a case in children].a case of lyme disease with purely neurological manifestations is reported in an 11 year-old girl. positive blood and cerebrospinal fluid serology allowed for diagnosis. treatment with penicillin led to favourable outcome. atypical manifestations and treatment of lyme disease are reviewed.19863813800
lyme carditis. electrophysiologic and histopathologic further define the nature of lyme carditis, electrophysiologic study and endomyocardial biopsy were performed in a patient with lyme disease, whose principal cardiac manifestation was high-degree atrioventricular block. intracardiac recording demonstrated supra-hisian block and complete absence of an escape mechanism. gallium 67 scanning demonstrated myocardial uptake, and right ventricular endomyocardial biopsy revealed active lymphocytic myocarditis. a structure compatible with a spirocheta ...19863776998
childhood lyme arthritis: experience in an endemic area.we report 25 children with oligoarticular arthritis associated with lyme disease. there were 16 boys (male/female ratio 1.8:1); ages ranged from 2 to 15 years. thirteen (52%) children had no history of erythema chronicum migrans or other rash. thirteen had temperatures as high as 41 degrees c for up to 2 months before the onset of arthritis. twelve recalled definite tick bites. ten (40%) children, of whom seven had no history of rash, were hospitalized for presumed septic arthritis. another four ...19863772655
[report of a case of lyme disease]. 20093573973
[subacute tick-borne spirochetosis. lyme disease]. 19863798428
lyme disease on the nsw central coast. 19863762468
[recurrent chronic erythema following treatment of lyme disease]. 19862947121
lyme-disease meningitis treated with tetracycline. 19863752778
[lyme disease]. 19863110978
spirochaetes, lyme disease, and multiple sclerosis. 19862876151
lyme disease simulating septic arthritis. 19863735647
cardiac involvement in lyme disease: manifestations and management.cardiac involvement in lyme disease may manifest as atrioventricular block, myopericarditis, and left ventricular dysfunction. diagnosis depends on recognition of the systemic nature of lyme disease, including cardiac involvement, and its natural history. serologic tests that are both sensitive and specific may aid in diagnosis. although current recommendations for the treatment of lyme disease with carditis include antibiotics and salicylates or corticosteroids, these types of therapy have not ...19863747616
chronic arthritis of the knee in lyme disease. review of the literature and report of two cases treated by synovectomy.the arthritis that may be a part of lyme disease, a spirochetal infection transmitted by ticks, has not been widely reported in the orthopaedic literature. established chronic arthritis in patients who have lyme disease most commonly affects the knee and may cause erosive joint disease. antibiotics given early in the course of the disease can prevent chronic arthritis. when the arthritis is established, penicillin administered intravenously is curative in as many as 55 per cent of patients, but ...19863745243
diagnosis and management of lyme disease. 19863534771
[lyme disease]. 19863743437
polyneuritis cranialis in lyme disease. 19863746335
the usefulness of immunodiagnostic tests in the diagnosis of a case of lyme disease. 19863528244
lyme disease in a hampshire child. 19863089417
[lyme disease]. 20123759132
lyme disease: its neurologic manifestations and its presentation in wisconsin. 19863751101
lyme disease: an infectious disease which results from the bite of a certain species of tick. 19863751100
lyme disease on the nsw south coast. 19863724608
[acute atrioventricular block: lyme disease or coxsackie virus infection?]. 19862942903
[erythema migrans disease (lyme disease, erythema migrans borreliosis)]. 19863785032
lyme disease in kentucky. 19863701195
lyme disease mimicking secondary syphilis. 19863950103
lyme disease: epidemiologic characteristics of an outbreak in westchester county, ny.epidemiological and clinical characteristics of 210 cases of lyme disease in westchester county, new york, reported during 1982 and 1983 are described. most cases occurred during summer months in individuals under age 40 (male: female ratio 1:2 to 1). symptoms included skin rash (75 per cent), joint pain or swelling (50 per cent), bell's palsy (11 per cent), and aseptic meningitis (3 per cent). with greater public and medical awareness of this tick-borne disease, lyme disease is being recognized ...19863940454
[burgdorfer's borreliosis or lyme disease. the first luxembourg cases]. 19863802363
bannwarth's syndrome and lyme disease in finland.three patients with lymphocytic meningoradiculitis were admitted in 1983-84 to the department of neurology, university central hospital of helsinki. two patients had classical bannwarth's meningoradiculitis with facial diplegia, and a third patient showed a migrating arthralgia and cardiac involvement compatible with a diagnosis of lyme disease. cerebrospinal fluid (csf) showed initially in all patients a lymphocytic pleocytosis and increased protein with signs of intrathecal igg synthesis.19863775270
lyme disease: epidemiology, etiology, clinical spectrum, diagnosis, and treatment. 19863331275
[is lyme disease also in czechoslovakia?]. 19854084956
pseudotumor cerebri and lyme disease: a new association. 19854067752
[acute auriculo-ventricular block associated with lyme disease. a case confirmed by serology]. 19852933731
[between the early stage of lyme disease and afzelius' erythema chronicum migrans lies the atlantic]. 19854081432
[erythema migrans disease. 3 case examples with neurologic complications].the erythema-migrans-disease is closely related to lyme-disease as described in the usa, and represents a tickborne spirochetosis with highest incidence during summer and autumn. besides nonspecific general symptoms in its earlier stages, it is characterized by a distinctive erythema migrans; later, additional neurological, cardiac and/or arthritic symptoms may develope. its typical neurologic complication, the lymphocytic meningoradiculitis garin-bujadoux-bannwarth, was observed in three childr ...19854069115
[therapy of erythema migrans disease (lyme disease)]. 19853928314
[diagnosis of erythema migrans disease (lyme disease)]. 19852411491
gallium-positive lyme disease the course of a work-up for fever of unknown origin associated with intermittent arrhythmias, a gallium scan was performed which revealed diffuse myocardial uptake. the diagnosis of lyme disease myocarditis subsequently was confirmed by serologic titers. one month following recovery from the acute illness, the abnormal myocardial uptake completely resolved.19854064440
serologic testing for lyme disease. 19854026091
leads from the mmwr. update: lyme disease and cases occurring during pregnancy. 19854009904
lyme disease in italy: first reported case. 19854026422
lyme disease: a case report from south carolina. 19853861912
erythema chronicum migrans and lyme disease.lyme disease is an inflammatory disorder with a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations that involve the skin, joints, heart, and nervous system (1-4). initially described in 1977 and named after the rural town in connecticut where the first cases were detected in 1975, lyme disease has now been recognized in at least 24 states (5-7), canada (8), australia (9), france (10), switzerland (11), and germany (12), and in individuals who travel to or spend time in areas known to be endemic for this d ...19854011504
clinical utility of assays for circulating immune complexes.there are now many assays for the quantification of circulating immune complexes, each with distinct specificity and sensitivity. in a wide variety of rheumatic, infectious, neoplastic, and metabolic conditions, levels of circulating immune complexes may be elevated. in select situations, determination of circulating immune complex levels may help clinicians in the management of their patients. in lupus erythematosus, circulating immune complex levels, in conjunction with other immune parameters ...19853903373
atypical lyme disease or forme fruste. 19853849656
update: lyme disease and cases occurring during pregnancy--united states. 19853925314
lyme disease--a new rheumatologic disorder. 19854022553
[lyme disease: a new zoonosis transmitted by ticks]. 19853896516
lyme disease. the tick bite, the rash, and the sequelae.lyme disease may present as a characteristic skin eruption, an acute arthritis, or less commonly, an acute neurologic or cardiac illness. a carefully taken history, including a travel history, provides the key to diagnosis. laboratory tests other than spirochetal antibody studies are nonspecific. prompt antibiotic treatment is important not only for reducing the intensity and duration of the skin eruption but for preventing major sequelae.19853983029
[lyme disease]. 19853843405
diagnosing early lyme disease.the diagnostic value of clinical, culture, and serologic findings was studied prospectively in 41 patients with early lyme disease. fifteen patients had erythema chronicum migrans alone, and 26 had clinical evidence of disseminated infection, most commonly affecting the brain or meninges, other skin sites, lymph nodes, or joints. of 40 blood cultures, only one, from a patient with disseminated infection, yielded spirochetes. one of 10 patients tested with localized infection had an elevated igm ...19853970049
[2 cases of lyme disease contracted in france].two new cases of lyme disease are reported. both were contracted in western france. in the first case, a tick bite was followed by a typical erythema chronicum migrans and then a subacute arthritis. high levels of specific antibodies were demonstrated. in the second case, only erythema chronicum migrans developed and serology remained negative. at least, 16 typical cases of lyme disease have now been reported in france from several geographical areas.19854075472
lyme disease. a cause of bilateral facial paralysis.recently we had the opportunity of treating a boy from the northeastern region of the united states in whom bilateral facial palsies developed. after obtaining a detailed history and performing a thorough physical examination, the findings suggested lyme disease. we herein discuss our evaluation and treatment of this child as well as review the otolaryngologic manifestations of this rare disease.19853966898
lyme arthritis: radiologic findings.lyme disease is a newly recognized, multi-system disorder that may be associated with chronic arthritis. of 25 patients with severe arthritic manifestations the most frequent radiographic finding was knee joint effusion. intra-articular edema was often accompanied by a continuum of soft-tissue changes involving the infrapatellar fat pad, periarticular soft tissues, and the entheses, which were sometimes thickened, calcified, or ossified. later in the illness, the joints of some patients showed t ...19853964949
clinical manifestations of erythema chronicum migrans afzelius in 161 patients. a comparison with lyme disease.clinical symptoms were studied in 161 consecutive patients with erythema chronicum migrans afzelius and in a follow-up study signs of late manifestations were investigated. general symptoms such as headache, fever, myalgia and/or arthralgia were found in about half of the patients with a disease duration of less than or equal to 3 weeks. three patients had coexisting lymphadenosis benigna cutis. two untreated patients developed meningitis/meningoradiculitis and one untreated patient arthritis. t ...19852578705
[lyme disease with av-block in a woman after walking in the woods]. 19846521574
antineural antibodies in guillain-barré syndrome and lymphocytic meningoradiculitis (bannwarth's syndrome).antineural antibodies occur in guillain-barré syndrome (gbs), but have not been studied in lymphocytic meningoradiculitis (bannwarth's syndrome), which has clinical features in common with gbs. employing a sensitive complement-fixation assay with homogenates of nerve root and brain as antigens, we recorded positive serum reactions to either tissue in 14 of 18 samples from patients with gbs during the first three weeks of the disease. five of nine samples were positive during the fourth to eighth ...19846333863
failure to detect endotoxin in sera from patients with lyme disease. 19846491371
incidence and cumulative frequency of endemic lyme disease in a community.we conducted an epidemiological study of the cumulative frequency and incidence of lyme disease in a summer community on fire island, new york, an area endemic for the disease. fifteen (7.5%) of 200 persons studied in the community in 1982 reported a history of lyme disease. an indirect immunofluorescent antibody assay showed that seventeen (9.7%) of 176 persons had serological evidence of exposure to the lyme spirochete, including six of the 15 persons with a history of lyme disease. seven (0.7 ...19846386994
cellular immune findings in lyme disease. correlation with serum igm and disease activity.cellular immune findings were studied in 48 patients with various stages of lyme disease. at each stage, some patients, particularly those with neuritis or carditis, had elevated serum igm levels and lymphopenia. during early disease, mononuclear cells tended to respond normally to phytohemagglutinin, and spontaneous suppressor cell activity was greater than normal. later, during active neuritis, carditis, or arthritis, the trend was toward heightened phytohemagglutinin responsiveness and less s ...19846237576
a case of lyme disease with cardiac involvement in the netherlands. 198427709480
a case of lyme disease with cardiac involvement in the netherlands. 20046511091
[chronic migratory erythema: lyme disease?]. 20126510959
update on article on lyme disease. 19846490408
a focus of lyme disease in monmouth county, new endemic focus of lyme disease is present in colt's neck, howell, freehold, and wall townships in monmouth county, new jersey. cases of lyme disease have occurred in this area from 1978 to 1982. fifty-seven of the 117 persons (49%) who acquired their infection in new jersey from 1978 to 1982 live or work in these four townships, whose population of 82,491 is only 1.1% of the population of the entire state. thirty persons who contracted lyme disease were exposed to ticks at the naval weapons st ...19846475916
update on lyme disease. 19846237095
[lyme disease in sweden. a patient with arthralgia associated with chronic erythema migrans]. 19846471976
variation in a major surface protein of lyme disease spirochetes.two monoclonal antibodies (h6831 and h5ts) differed in their indirect immunofluorescence reactivity when tested against 14 strains of lyme disease spirochetes. strains were bound by both antibodies, by h6831 or h5ts alone, or by neither. western blot and immunoprecipitation studies revealed that the determinants of both antibodies were associated with abundant proteins with apparent subunit molecular weights of ca. 34,000 (34k-range proteins). the following results indicated that the 34k-range p ...19846735474
european erythema migrans disease and related disorders.european erythema migrans disease, lymphocytoma, and acrodermatitis chronica are a group of disorders associated with the bite of ixodid ticks. these disorders are now thought to be due to a single, or closely related, ixodid tick spirochetes. european erythema migrans disease closely resembles lyme disease. serological evaluation may help to separate spirochetal lymphocytoma from other pseudolymphomas of nonspirochetal origin and from lymphoma. acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans, so far observ ...20176549090
bannwarth's syndrome (lymphocytic meningoradiculitis) in sweden.lymphocytic meningoradiculitis of bannwarth is often associated with a tick bite and erythema chronicum migrans, and therefore may be a european counterpart of lyme disease in north america. of nine patients with lymphocytic meningoradiculitis studied at the neurologic clinic in lund, sweden, six were found to have elevated antibody titers to the lyme spirochete. these studies support the conclusion that the two diseases are related and may be overlapping sectors of a larger clinical spectrum ca ...20136516452
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