[lyme disease in the child]. 19892665685
lyme disease: a review and an outlook for indiana. 19892656848
[lyme disease. recurrence of the skin lesion after treatment]. 19892716391
[meningo-radiculitis in lyme disease resistant to penicillin g]. 19892523059
eosinophilic lymphadenitis in lyme disease. 19892710589
lyme disease. 19892661449
lyme carditis: an important cause of reversible heart block.lyme disease is a tick-borne spirochetal infection, characterized by erythema chronicum migrans and an acute systemic illness. the disease is endemic in many parts of the north-eastern united states. without treatment, late rheumatic, neurologic, and cardiac complications frequently occur. we report four serologically confirmed cases of lyme carditis in previously healthy young men (mean age, 45 years) from endemic areas. each presented with severe symptomatic atrioventricular block, three with ...19892644885
[a review of lyme disease]. 20112623210
lyme disease. 198918750537
[facial palsy in lyme disease].this paper reports twenty four cases of facial palsy in lyme disease for the first time in the forest region. most cases had history of tick bite. two strains of spirochete were isolated from the blood of 7 patients with facial palsy. these spirochetes were immunologically closely related to b. burgdorferi. eighteen serum samples of facial palsy were tested by indirect fluorescence assay, using b. burgdorferi b-31 as antigen. in serum, igg antibody titers of 1:64 to 1:2048 were found in 50% of t ...19892805978
autoreactive t cells in rheumatic disease (1). analysis of growth frequencies and autoreactivity of t cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and lyme disease.a limiting dilution system was established in order to estimate frequencies of interleukin-2 (il-2)-responsive, autoreactive and alloreactive t cells in samples of peripheral blood (pbl) and synovial fluid lymphocytes (sfl), from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra) and lyme disease, as well as from healthy donors and a patient with osteoarthrosis. the frequencies of il-2-dependent t-cell colony formation were significantly higher in patients with ra and lyme disease (median: 1/287) as compar ...19892787645
[cardiac manifestations of lyme disease. apropos of a case].a new case of heart involvement in lyme's disease is reported. its originality lies in its strictly isolated nature, therefore revealing the disease; in its typical picture of myocardopericarditis combining, in various stages, infra-hissian conduction disorders, bouts of left ventricular insufficiency, pseudoischemic repolarisation disorders and finally a moderate pericardial shift; in the demonstration, during two successive heart explorations by nmr (nuclear magnetic resonance), of a diffuse m ...19892650610
lyme disease, 1988: immunologic manifestations and possible immunopathogenetic mechanisms. 19892648575
lyme disease. 19892522487
the expanding ophthalmologic spectrum of lyme disease. 19892912121
lyme disease: a case report. 19892926030
is lyme disease a health threat for your students? 19892926029
the continuing saga of lyme disease. 19892909192
lyme myocarditis diagnosed by indium-111-antimyosin antibody scintigraphy.we report a new case of lyme disease with cardiac manifestations, which has been possible to follow during the long period of 12 years. we have detected the usual ecg abnormalities, and concentric hypertrophic myocardiopathy, by echocardiography. the acute myocarditis was demonstrated by 111in-antimyosin scintigraphy, which showed global myocardial uptake of the tracer, constituting the first report, to our knowledge, of lyme myocarditis diagnosed by this method.19892767084
neurological manifestations of lyme disease and treatments.lyme disease is a multi-systemic infection due to b. burgdorferi, with neurological manifestations observed in its second and third stages. except for the suggestive triad meningitis--radiculoneuritis--facial palsies, the diagnosis is often difficult because of the pleiomorphism of neurological manifestations. these can be localized or diffuse, with central involvement, meningitis or peripheral manifestations. past history, cerebrospinal fluid (csf) examination, immuno-assays for specific antibo ...19892686767
a connecticut housewife in francis bacon's court: polly murray and lyme disease. 19892682690
[lyme disease]. 19892658717
lyme disease in children and adolescents. 19892650970
lyme disease. a review. 19883068778
lyme disease: acute focal meningoencephalitis in a child. 19883054790
paralysis of recurrent laryngeal nerve in lyme disease. 19882903968
treatment of lyme disease. 19883233968
lyme disease: a historical perspective. 19883068078
lyme disease in missouri. 19883265759
[heart involvement in lyme disease]. 19883212945
[lyme disease evolving over 12 years]. 19883212258
lyme disease: ocular manifestations.we present three cases of lyme disease, complicated by ocular manifestations. these included optic nerve abnormalities and corneal opacities.19883207308
lyme disease: a world-wide borreliosis. 20173067922
lyme disease--the great imitator. 19883267980
antibodies to myelin basic protein in lyme disease. 19882457637
lyme disease in canada. 19883395939
[characteristics of the clinical diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne borreliosis (lyme disease)]. 19883195095
[lyme disease]. 19883070497
lyme disease. 19883405519
treatment of lyme disease. 19883380058
[some recent results and developments in dermatovenerology].our own results in dermatology are highlighted, such as the oral "hairy" leukoplakia associated with aids, treatment with acyclovir for herpetic infections, laser therapy for angiomas, lyme disease, x-ray therapy in kaposi's sarcomas, photosensitivity reactions by treatment with thiazid diuretics and follicular mucinosis associated with t-cell lymphomas (mycosis fungoides).19883210865
[lyme disease in otoneurology practice]. 19883168036
[lyme disease manifested by polyradiculoneuritis without hypercytosis of the cerebrospinal fluid]. 19882969555
lyme disease in canada. 19883250561
lyme disease: epidemiological characteristics in maryland, 1984-1986. 19883405041
tick-borne diseases.tick-borne diseases have their peak incidence in the spring and summer. the different infections caused by tick vectors have certain geographic locations and unique clinical presentations. the most common tick-transmitted infection is lyme disease. early diagnosis of tick-borne disease is essential so that effective and, in some cases, lifesaving antibiotic therapy can be instituted. preventive measures are simple.19883289344
treatment of late lyme borreliosis--randomised comparison of ceftriaxone and penicillin.23 patients with clinically active late lyme disease were randomly assigned to intravenous treatment with either penicillin or ceftriaxone. of the 10 treated with penicillin, 5 were judged treatment failures; of the 13 who received ceftriaxone, only 1 did not respond. an additional 31 patients were subsequently treated with ceftriaxone 4 g/day (n = 17) or 2 g/day (n = 14); success rates in both groups were comparable to those in the cohort randomised to ceftriaxone. patients unresponsive to ceft ...19882897008
mild lyme disease. 19882896854
[meningoradiculoencephalitis in lyme disease. a case with major regressive mental disorders]. 19882966957
bilateral diffuse choroiditis and exudative retinal detachments with evidence of lyme disease. 19883282440
british columbia. lyme disease in horses. 198817423037
[crossed reactions in lyme disease. value of the western blot]. 19882965350
[from tick bite to lyme disease: evolution of a clinical concept]. 19883287542
[lyme disease: its principal neurological and rheumatological aspects]. 19883259708
lyme disease--connecticut. 19883233680
[lyme disease with multiple joint involvement and a major inflammatory syndrome]. 19882966360
leads from the mmwr. lyme disease--connecticut. 19883276944
[lyme disease in pregnancy]. 19883370692
multiple sclerosis is a chronic central nervous system infection by a spirochetal agent.multiple sclerosis (ms) is a chronic central nervous system (cns) infection similar to lyme disease or neurosyphilis in its latency period, pathogenesis, symptoms, histopathology and chronic cns involvement. it does not have as yet a fully identified spirochetal etiological agent. much research and clinical support for this hypothesis was published before 1954 and is based on silver staining of neural lesions, animal isolation of the etiologic agent and the characteristic symptoms and pathogenes ...19883357458
pattern of lyme arthritis in europe: report of 14 cases.fourteen cases of lyme arthritis are reported. the most frequent picture was that of oligoarthritis appearing in that part of the leg where the cutaneous or neurological complications, or both, of lyme disease had developed before the arthritis. in most cases recovery followed a single 10 day course of intravenous (iv) penicillin therapy. arthritis was the presenting feature of lyme disease in three cases.19883355251
possible pitfalls of an indirect immunofluorescence assay as the sole serological test in the diagnosis of lyme disease. 19883132389
bilateral keratitis as a manifestation of lyme 11-year-old girl developed bilateral keratitis, which we believe was a manifestation of lyme disease. she had had several attacks of lyme arthritis and was twice treated with parenteral penicillin. the keratitis developed five years after the initial episode of lyme arthritis at a time when there were no other manifestations of lyme disease. it cleared completely in both eyes after topical corticosteroid therapy.19883337196
lyme disease--connecticut. 19883122001
lyme disease treatment needs further preventive measures. 19883347018
[rheumatologic manifestations of lyme disease].the characteristics of 15 patients with lyme disease have been retrospectively reviewed; 12 patients had lymphocytic meningitis with mono or polyradiculitis including facial neuritis; 5 patients had mono or oligo-arthritis; 4 patients had inflammatory enthesopathy-like complaints which were the only expression of the disease in 2 of them. all the patients received antibiotic treatment. a dramatic clinical improvement was noted in all patients within four days. a rapid response to treatment seems ...19883266722
[lyme disease and hla-dr antigens: relation between hla-dr2 and hla-dr4]. 19883258452
analogous cases of lyme disease. 19883234981
otoneurological symptomatology in lyme disease. 19883213733
treatment of erythema chronicum migrans of lyme disease.between june 1981 and july 1987 the efficacy of antibiotic treatment of 215 patients with erythema chronicum migrans of lyme disease was evaluated in terms of the necessity for retreatment and the prevention of the late manifestations of lyme disease. the principal antibiotics utilized to treat 161 patients through 1986 were varying doses of tetracycline, or penicillin alone or in combination with probenecid. two of 80 patients with a minor form of the illness and 17 of 81 patients with a major ...19883190102
nervous system abnormalities in lyme disease. 19883190096
[lesions of the joints in lyme disease]. 19883062804
[lyme disease]. 19882977898
clinical pathologic correlations of lyme disease by stage.lyme disease is capable of producing a wide variety of clinical pathologic conditions and lesions having in common histologic features of collagen-vascular disease. the plasma cell is an omnipotent inflammatory responder in most tissues involved by lyme disease, ranging from relatively acute to lesions that have gone on for years. vascular thickening also seems to be prominent, and in the dermis is accompanied by scleroderma-like collagen expansion. the disease in some ways resembles the respons ...19882847622
lyme disease: a rare cause of arthritis? 19873153609
[results of the detection of lyme disease in the central bohemian region. preliminary report]. 19872961474
[inflammatory polyenthesopathy, an unusual manifestation of lyme disease]. 19872962148
lyme disease: cause of a treatable peripheral neuropathy.peripheral nerve dysfunction was demonstrated in 36% of patients with late lyme disease. of 36 patients evaluated, 14 had prominent limb paresthesias. thirteen of these had neurophysiologic evidence of peripheral neuropathy; neurologic examinations were normal in most. repeat testing following treatment documented rapid improvement in 11 of 12. we conclude that this neuropathy, which is quite different from the infrequent peripheral nerve syndromes previously described in this illness, is common ...19873670609
lyme disease misdiagnosed as a brown recluse spider bite. 19873662296
the clinical evolution of lyme determine the clinical evolution of lyme arthritis, 55 patients who did not receive antibiotic therapy for erythema chronicum migrans were followed longitudinally for a mean duration of 6 years. of the 55 patients, 11 (20%) had no subsequent manifestations of lyme disease. from 1 day to 8 weeks after disease onset, 10 of the patients (18%) began to have brief episodes of joint, periarticular, or musculoskeletal pain for as long as 6 years, but they never developed objective joint abnormalitie ...19873662285
stillbirth following maternal lyme disease. 19873480464
[lyme disease disclosed by urticaria]. 19872959929
lyme disease. 198718750334
[acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans and lyme disease]. 19873316103
lyme disease and hla-dr antigens. 19873120351
granulomatous hepatitis associated with lyme disease. 19872887904
seed ticks.seed ticks, the first-stage larvae of hard ticks, are not always recognized. they are tiny (0.6 mm) and have six legs, rather than the eight legs found on nymphal and adult ticks. seed ticks may transmit rocky mountain spotted fever, tularemia, babesiosis and lyme disease. pediculocides are effective in removing the larvae.19873630877
musculoskeletal manifestations of lyme disease in children.lyme disease, caused by a tick-transmitted spirochete, has significant musculoskeletal manifestations in children as well as in adults. a series of 23 children with lyme disease is examined. acute arthritis was present in five cases, with the knee being involved in three of these cases. twelve cases (52%) presented with arthralgias, and 10 cases (43%) presented with myalgias. neurological manifestations were present in 39% of the cases. five cases have demonstrated recurrent polyarthralgias. lym ...20043624462
lyme disease presenting as recurrent acute meningitis. 19873115452
intrathecal igm synthesis in patients with lyme disease. 19873662458
lyme disease: an increasing health risk for school-age children.lyme disease, a bacterial infection with noticeable short-term and serious long-term consequences, is the most common tick-borne disease. first described in 1977, lyme disease poses a significant health threat to school-age children exposed to the tick vector primarily in three specific regions of the united states. this article describes lyme disease and its clinical signs and symptoms, and discusses the school nurse's role in identification, management, and prevention of this new health risk.19873650594
lyme disease as cause of childhood arthritis. 19873631012
skin and nail changes in the arthritic foot.the arthritic process is unlikely to be confined to the foot; similarly the cutaneous lesions associated with the arthritic foot are often widespread. careful examination of the skin and nails, particularly the finger nails, may be helpful in the differential diagnosis when the patient presents with a painful foot joint. conversely, certain cutaneous lesions may alert the physician to the possibility of joint disorders presenting at some later date. in this chapter, it is not possible to mention ...19873331326
cutaneous manifestations of neurologic infections in children.neurologic infections in children are frequently accompanied by cutaneous findings that may direct the physician toward the correct diagnosis. in some instances, the appearance of an eruption (such as erythema chronicum migrans and lyme disease) is specific or a rapid bedside diagnostic test (tzanck preparation for herpes simplex) is extremely helpful in sorting out the differential diagnosis of a child's illness. in this article, cutaneous clues to some of the more important childhood infection ...19873306337
[lyme disease: an infection with localization in various organs]. 19872821410
serologically substantiated case of lyme disease and potential tick vectors in alabama. 19873661896
[lyme disease: a recently known multiple systemic disease]. 19873322709
lyme meningoencephalitis: report of a severe, penicillin-resistant case.although lyme disease frequently attacks the central nervous system, this involvement is rarely severe, and high-dose intravenous penicillin usually is adequate treatment. the patient we describe developed severe lyme meningoencephalitis despite receiving a full course of penicillin, and his condition continued to deteriorate after reinstitution of this treatment. intravenous chloramphenicol was used successfully and resulted in a substantial improvement.19873649235
lyme carditis: high-grade heart block in lyme disease. 19873600577
ceftriaxone as effective therapy in refractory lyme disease. 19873572042
[lyme disease. unfavorable course after treatment with amoxicillin]. 19872955311
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