a report on michigan's new lyme disease reporting requirement. 19902359368
how can i avoid lyme disease? what to say to the patient who magic bullet for eliminating or medical breakthrough for preventing lyme disease can be seen on the horizon. this fast-growing pandemic, second only to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in public interest and concern, will probably continue to increase in range and incidence for the foreseeable future. ticks are notoriously difficult to thwart, but intelligent application of control measures may be effective. more important, commonsense safety measures offer personal protection to the degree ...19902336417
lyme disease acquired in southeast africa. 19902334195
the enlarging clinical spectrum of lyme disease: lyme cerebral vasculitis, a new disease entity.the case of a patient with cerebral vasculitis with a right thalamic infarct associated with cerebral spinal fluid lyme disease is presented. this entity has not been described in the united states, and only one similar case in the world literature could be found. the patient presented with a progressive headache and subsequent development of grand mal seizure activity. lyme disease has been associated with cranial nerve palsies, peripheral and cranial radiculopathies, aseptic meningitis, enceph ...19902331105
[heart involvement in lyme borreliosis. case report].lyme disease is a systemic illness with skin, neurologic, joint, and cardiac involvement. absence of typical skin lesion--erythema chronicum migrans--during the first period of disease may cause the diagnosis difficult. syncope due to complete atrioventricular block was the first symptom of disease in our patient, but no tick bite anamnestic data were available. quick changes on ekg tracing during cardiac pacing were present. echocardiography revealed left ventricular dysfunction. specific immun ...19902249293
lyme disease. recognizing its many manifestations.lyme borreliosis is a relatively new disease, so much remains to be learned about it. in this article, typical manifestations at each stage are reviewed. however, as the authors emphasize, diagnosis is still a challenge because a given patient may have from a few to all of the features discussed, stages often overlap, and characteristics come and go and may mimic other illnesses.19902186395
biopsy-confirmed cns lyme disease: mr appearance at 1.5 t. 19902112311
lyme disease of the cns: mr imaging findings in 14 cases.the mr images of 14 patients with clinical diagnoses of lyme disease, cns complaints, and positive lyme titers were reviewed. mr examinations were abnormal in 43%. areas of abnormal signal were identified within the cerebral white matter as well as within the brainstem.19902112310
should we try malariotherapy for lyme disease? 19902325716
ear, nose and throat manifestations of lyme disease.the manifestations of lyme disease as they may present to the ent surgeon are discussed. the most important ent symptom is facial palsy. particularly when combined with other cranial palsies, systemic illness or signs of meningeal irritation, the diagnosis must be considered. three case reports are used to illustrate the presentation and diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease. the characteristics of the disease are reviewed and the limitations of serological testing outlined. the literature has ...19902370450
bell's palsy and lyme disease. 19902360945
the season for lyme disease: should ohio physicians be concerned? 19902325988
lyme disease. 19902115360
lyme disease: an important consideration in the differential diagnosis of tmd. 20042074574
[lyme disease (borreliosis): the epidemiological importance of animal vectors and reservoirs]. 20051983276
clinical judgment in lyme disease. 19902108178
[natural foci of lyme borreliosis].the submitted paper provides evidence that tick-borne borreliosis described as lyme disease, is a disease with natural focality. its properties, despite the widespread occurrence, classify it in this group. the authors give a characteristic of the disease, of hitherto known vectors, the main reservoir animals in america and europe. attention is drawn to the importance of deer and the effect of their increasing numbers on the spread of ticks and the disease. the great adaptability of the causal a ...19902142627
lyme disease--united states, 1987 and 1988. 19902317879
lyme disease: first indigenous case in quebec. 19902317878
[lyme disease in the province of sevilla]. 19902329860
lyme disease. 19902340013
[telephone consultation on lyme disease]. 19902304596
fatal lyme carditis and endodermal heterotopia of the atrioventricular node.a fatal case of lyme carditis occurring in a suffolk farmworker is reported. post-mortem examination of the heart showed pericarditis, focal myocarditis and prominent endocardial and interstitial fibrosis. the additional finding of endodermal heterotopia ('mesothelioma') of the atrioventricular node raises the possibility that this could also be related to lyme infection and account for the relatively frequent occurrence of atrioventricular block in this condition. lyme disease should always be ...19902349186
the prevalence of lyme disease in an endemic region. 19902306301
lyme carditis. severe conduction disorder.lyme disease in most cases occurs in the states of connecticut, wisconsin, oregon, california, missouri and parts of the northeastern coast. showing the exception to the rule, the authors discuss a case in which a patient acquired the disease on the eastern shore of virginia.19902304446
lyme polyradiculoneuropathy presenting as increasing abdominal girth.we describe a patient with documented lyme disease whose major complaint was increasing abdominal distention. electrophysiologic studies demonstrated denervation of the lower thoracic paraspinal muscles and the rectus abdominis. expanding abdominal girth can be an unusual manifestation of the polyradiculoneuropathy associated with lyme disease.19902137205
orbital myositis with lyme disease.we examined, treated, and followed up for nine years a 5-year-old girl with active lyme disease and orbital myositis. clinically, the patient demonstrated typical symptoms for each of the major stages of lyme disease, including fever, erythema chronicum migrans, aseptic meningitis, bell's palsy, and arthritis. she subsequently developed clinical and computed tomographic evidence of orbital myositis. although orbital myositis is generally considered to be an idiopathic inflammation, our findings ...19902297027
[telephone consultation about lyme disease]. 19902296315
lyme disease--1988. 19902386663
[recent aspects of the treatment of lyme disease]. 20042353049
lyme disease. 19902316437
iritis and papillitis as a primary presentation of lyme disease.a 9-year-old boy had iridocyclitis and papillitis. laboratory evaluation revealed a positive lyme titer. institution of therapy with intravenous ceftriaxone resulted in regression of the ocular inflammation. ophthalmologists should consider lyme disease in the differential diagnosis of iridocyclitis in conjunction with papillitis.19902310116
cns lyme disease. 19902296374
lyme disease misdiagnosed as a temporomandibular joint disorder.craniomandibular disorders cause many pleomorphic and seemingly unrelated clinical manifestations that mimic other more serious medical problems and thus can present physicians and dentists with a challenge that invites misdiagnosis and improper treatment planning. conversely, misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment planning are facilitated when serious medical problems manifest a range of signs and symptoms that are clinically similar to temporomandibular joint muscle dysfunction. at times, the ...19902295991
hla and lyme disease. 19902259886
[lyme disease, a new etiology of prolonged fever]. 19902256598
meningovascular form of neuroborreliosis: similarities between neuropathological findings in a case of lyme disease and those occurring in tertiary neurosyphilis.recent observations have delineated the neurological manifestations of lyme disease, but, to our knowledge, no detailed neuropathological study from autopsy cases has been reported. in this report we describe the neuropathological findings in a case of lyme neuroborreliosis. the chronic meningitis, the occlusive meningovascular and secondary parenchymal changes that we found are similar to those occurring in the meningovascular form of neurosyphilis. thus, we suggest that the case described here ...19902251916
[lyme disease and the forms of its manifestation in bulgaria].two cases of serologically proved cardiac form of lyme's disease are presented (for the first time in bulgaria). an a-v block iii degree was found in the first patient and an a-v block i degree in the second patient. the diagnosis is supported by epidemiologic data--endemic region, other patients with lyme's disease, insects bite, season, etc.19902238623
cerebral atrophy in lyme disease. 19902215913
[benign cutaneous lymphocytoma revealing lyme disease]. 19902163518
[optic neuropathy and lyme disease].lyme disease should be included in the differential diagnosis of acquired optic nerve disorders. protean clinical manifestations of lyme disease, diagnostic clues and treatment are reviewed.19902093403
[a case of the ophthalmological manifestation of systemic tick-borne borreliosis (lyme disease) in the acute period of the disease]. 19902092274
quality of lyme disease tests. 20162685385
lyme disease surveillance in new york state. 19892594266
lyme disease misdiagnosed as tmj syndrome. a case report.due to the high incidence of lyme disease, the ease with which it can be misdiagnosed, and its potential for causing irreversible neurologic or cardiac complications and fatalities if left untreated, all patients living in known epidemic areas who manifest intractable facial pain, or what appears to be a case of temporomandibular joint syndrome that does not respond to therapy should be tested for lyme borelliosis. it should be remembered however, that not all patients with active lyme disease p ...19892812630
lyme disease: musculoskeletal manifestations.a previously unrecognized musculoskeletal syndrome led to the recognition of this "new" infectious disease. several distinct patterns of musculoskeletal involvement can be seen throughout the course of untreated lyme disease. diffuse, nonspecific muscle achiness and stiffness can be seen early to be followed by characteristically brief, recurrent episodes of limp and transient arthritis that help to differentiate ld from other arthropathies. chronic oligoarticular arthritis is seen in a few. lym ...19892685923
[lyme disease in children]. 19892589773
[neurological manifestations of lyme disease]. 19892562305
lyme borreliosis in europe. neurologic europe the tick-transmitted neurologic disorders mpn-gbb or bannwarth's syndrome and aca-associated neuropathy have been identified as clinical entities long before their causative agent was discovered. when lyme disease and its neurologic manifestations were recognized in the united states, differences in the clinical pattern between north american and european cases with lyme borreliosis were described in the initial reports. in the same way with the availability of serodiagnostic tests as ...19892555850
the pathogenesis of lyme disease.lyme disease affects several major organ systems and leads to chronic illness. the pathogenesis of this disease appears to be centered around the long-term persistence of the organisms in tissues. in lyme disease, isolations of b. burgdorferi are rare. it is thought that few organisms actually invade the host and that host mediators amplify the inflammatory response. immune and nonimmune phagocytosis leading to bacterial killing occurs in lyme disease. this organism shows preference for cell sur ...19892555848
nervous system manifestations of lyme disease.neurologic involvement is commonplace in lyme borreliosis. neuropathies can be acute or chronic, focal or disseminated, but are predominantly axonal. cns infection can also be acute or indolent, focal or disseminated; meningitis, encephalitis, and cranial nerve palsies occur. a mild encephalopathy is also common, but only occasionally due to cns infection.19892555847
from the centers for disease control. lyme disease--canada. 19892795797
lyme disease awareness.greater awareness by clinicians and identification of risk groups is needed to ensure treatment of lyme disease.198927223543
lyme disease facial palsy. 19892508957
lyme disease--canada. 19892506419
lyme disease--united states, 1987 and 1988. 19892506418
scintigraphic evaluation of lyme disease: gallium-67 imaging of lyme myositis.a patient suffering from lyme disease had cardiac conduction abnormalities, symptoms of arthritis, and myalgia. a ga-67 image showed evidence of endomyocarditis, but intense skeletal muscle uptake pointed to lyme myositis. reference is made to two other case reports of lyme myositis.19892805522
clinical aspects of lyme disease. 19892794810
lyme disease--the great imitator. 19892794806
triple-phase bone image abnormalities in lyme arthritis.arthritis is a frequent manifestation of lyme disease. limited triple-phase tc-99m mdp bone imaging of the wrists and hands with delayed whole-body images was performed in a patient with lyme arthritis. this demonstrated abnormal joint uptake in the wrists and hands in all three phases, with increased activity seen in other affected joints on delayed whole-body images. these findings are nonspecific and have been previously described in a variety of rheumatologic conditions, but not in lyme dise ...19892509122
lyme disease facial palsy: differentiation from bell's palsy. 19892508822
lyme disease and other spirochetal diseases. proceedings of a symposium. washington, d.c., 29 february-1 march 1988. 20062814168
lyme disease in rhode island. 19892587914
lyme disease.within the last decade, lyme borreliosis has emerged as a complex new infection whose distribution is worldwide. the disorder is caused by a recently recognized spirochete, b. burgdorferi, transmitted by ticks of the i. ricinus complex. certain species of mice are critical in the life cycle of the spirochete, and deer appear to be crucial to the tick. although the disorder's basic outlines are similar everywhere, there are regional variations in the causative spirochete, animal hosts, and clinic ...19892668764
[limb and joint pain in lyme disease. an important differential neurologic diagnosis].on the basis of 4 cases, attention is drawn to the problem of early detection of lyme disease. the occurrence of joint pain with fluctuating spread and unresponsive to the usual antiinflammatory therapy should prompt the physician to consider lyme disease, which can be confirmed or excluded only by lumbar puncture. the csf shows a cell count of between 300/3 and 2,000/3 cells (90% lymphocytes) and usually moderately elevated protein. a demonstration of elevated antibody titers confirms the diagn ...19892767602
unusual neurological manifestations of lyme disease: a case report.we describe a case of lyme disease with a prolonged relapsing-remitting course, in which peripheral facial palsy, optic neuritis and myopathy were associated. after high-dose penicillin therapy the patient completely recovered.19892793420
lyme disease in northern california. 19892773475
lyme disease. 19892701557
[lyme disease in chile]. 19892519461
lyme disease in canada--1989 update. 19892752449
lyme and other tick-borne diseases acquired in south carolina in 1988: a survey of 1,331 physicians.2,346 primary care physicians were surveyed by mail to estimate the number of cases of tick-borne fever diagnosed by them during 1988. the results of the 57% response reveal 344 cases of rocky mountain spotted fever, 90 cases of lyme disease and 33 other tick-borne disease cases acquired in south carolina. the implications for a greater level of clinical awareness and a search for endemic vectors and animal hosts are emphasized.19892788233
transient complete av block in lyme disease. electrophysiologic observations.the findings in a patient with complete av block and intra-atrial conduction disturbances due to lyme disease are presented. the electrocardiographic follow-up and serial ep findings suggest that complete av block in lyme disease may signify a more extensive affection of the av conduction system (with eventually attendant intra-atrial conduction disturbances) than described in earlier reports. an almost complete resolution of the considerable damage to the conduction system occurred within two w ...19892736985
seronegative lyme disease and transitory atrioventricular block. 19892735630
lyme disease: an annotated bibliography. national institute of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases. 19892667893
the expanding ophthalmologic spectrum of lyme disease. 19892729420
lyme disease in a young brief: an 11 1/2-year-old girl had a seven-month history of bilateral knee pain and swelling; her x-rays and bone scan were normal. she had been treated unsuccessfully with rest and physical therapy before being referred to a sports medicine clinic. laboratory studies demonstrated a positive titer for lyme disease. she was treated with tetracycline and had an uneventful recovery.198927447326
lyme disease and antibiotic prophylaxis. 19892758829
practicing in lyme disease territory. 19892758828
legal implications of uncertainty in lyme disease. 19892758826
sharing the task of lyme disease. public education. 19892758825
lyme disease and pregnancy. 19892758822
a prospective study of tick bites in an endemic area for lyme disease. 19892758821
national surveillance of lyme disease, 1987 and 1988, 6876 lyme disease cases from 43 states were reported to the centers for disease control. the 4507 cases reported in 1988 was nearly double the case number reported in 1987, and ninefold the number reported in 1982, when a systematic system of national surveillance was established. the average annual incidence of reported lyme disease in the united states in 1987-1988 was 1.4/100,000. new york led the nation in reported cases in 1988 with 57% of the cases reported nationally. ei ...19892758820
lyme disease. 19892758818
ticks, lyme disease, and spotted fever. 19892739954
late cutaneous lyme disease: acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans. 19892729343
catching the bug: how scientists found the cause of lyme disease and why we're not out of the woods yet. 19892667891
lyme disease prevention: personal protection and prospects for tick control. 19892667889
treatment of lyme disease.lyme disease, a tick-transmitted spirochetal infection, can be divided into three stages that can overlap or occur alone. the goals of antibiotic therapy in stage one are to shorten the duration of early disease and to prevent the development of later stages of the illness. this can usually be accomplished with oral antibiotic therapy. later stages of the illness are frequently more difficult to treat, requiring prolonged oral or intravenous antibiotic therapy.19892667887
clinical manifestations of lyme disease in the united states. 19892667885
selected tickborne infections. a review of lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, and babesiosis. 19892662061
[clinical manifestations of lyme disease].lyme disease can be divided into three phases; (1) a primary phase where the inconstant erythema migrans predominates; (2) a secondary phase, sometimes revealing the disease, with isolated or associated cutaneous and cardiac signs and articular or neurological manifestations responding to antibiotics, and (3) a tertiary phase with cutaneous, articular and above all neurological signs which are chronic and sometimes severe. a better knowledge of this infection has enabled some rheumatological or ...19892740781
lyme disease: diagnosis by observation. 19892743543
epidemiological and clinical features of 1,149 persons with lyme disease identified by laboratory-based surveillance in connecticut.laboratory-based surveillance of lyme disease in connecticut during 1984 and 1985 identified 3,098 persons with suspected lyme disease; 1,149 were defined as cases. lyme disease incidence in connecticut towns ranged from none to 1,407 cases per 100,000 population in 1985. a comparison of 1985 data with data from 1977 epidemiologic studies indicated that incidence increased by 129 percent to 453 percent in towns previously known to be endemic for lyme disease and that lyme disease had spread nort ...20132683415
lyme disease. a review and case report with pedal symptoms. 19892664128
pediatric rehabilitation. 5. joint and connective tissue diseases.this self-directed learning module presents pertinent information about rehabilitation management of specific joint and connective tissue diseases affecting children. this section highlights juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, lyme disease, rheumatic fever, hemophilia, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other forms of arthritis. it is a section of the chapter of pediatric rehabilitation for the self-directed medical knowledge program study guide for practitioners and tra ...19892655558
be ready for lyme disease in your own backyard. 19892928693
joint pain in children. when is it serious?diagnosis of the cause of joint pain in children depends on the physician's ability to distinguish benign from more serious joint conditions. benign conditions include trauma, overuse syndromes, hypermobility syndrome, chondromalacia patellae, benign recurrent limb pains, and psychogenic rheumatism. conditions that require further evaluation and ongoing therapy include lyme disease, rheumatic fever, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, neoplastic disease, various orthopedic conditions, infection, sero ...19892928285
erythema chronicum migrans as the presenting manifestation of juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia.we describe the case of a 3-year-old boy who presented with typical clinical features of lyme disease, including erythema chronicum migrans and arthritis. over subsequent months, however, the clinical picture evolved into juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia. to our knowledge, the combination of lyme disease and juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia has not been described. dermatologic and other relevant clinical findings are presented, and the cause and effect relationship between these two rare ...19892731438
surveillance for lyme disease in estimate the frequency of occurrence of lyme disease in alabama, in september 1988 the department of public health requested physicians and laboratories to begin voluntary reporting of cases of lyme disease. thirteen cases, 5 confirmed, 1 probable, 4 presumptive and 3 possible, were reported for the years 1986-1988. counties in which tick exposure likely occurred included calhoun, cleburne, mobile, monroe, shelby, talladega and tallapoosa. lyme disease occurs in alabama but appears to be unco ...19892729028
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