expression of the cd2 activation epitope t11-3 (cd2r) on t cells in rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, and lyme disease: phenotypic and functional analysis.cd2r is an activation-associated epitope unmasked by a conformational change of the cd2 cell-surface glycoprotein. in spite of elaborate studies on the role of cd2 and cd2r in adhesion and stimulation of t cells in vitro, no instances of cd2r expression in vivo were known to date. we report high levels of cd2r observed on blood and synovial fluid t cells in rheumatoid arthritis and on peripheral blood t cells in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, ...19911715605
[aspecific eye disorders in lyme disease].lyme disease shows a large variety of clinical signs and symptoms. ocular disease may occur in the disseminated stage of the disease. ocular signs are often not specific of lyme disease. in the presence of unexplained ocular disease it may be wise to consider lyme disease as a possible diagnosis. diagnosis and therapy in two lyme disease patients with ocular disease are discussed.19911922471
lyme borreliosis.lyme borreliosis is a complex infectious process that primarily involves the skin, heart, joints, and nervous systems. the infectious agent is the spirochete b burgdorferi, which is transmitted by the ixodes genus of ticks. the clinical presentations of lyme disease are protean because of the overlap of stages and varied organ system involvement. furthermore, as previously mentioned, approximately one-third of lyme patients are unable to recall a tick bite. lyme borreliosis should be suspected i ...19911918895
lyme disease: how common in south carolina? 19911943032
non-lyme disease.four syndromes of non-lyme disease are described on the basis of the history and serologic test result. recognition of non-lyme disease enables the physician to avoid unnecessary treatment and to keep considering the possibility of alternative diagnoses.19911943031
1990 south carolina physician survey of tick, spider and fire ant morbidity.a population of 2,366 primary care physicians in south carolina was surveyed by mail to estimate the number of cases of insect morbidity treated in 1990. a response rate of 42.3 percent was obtained. cases reported totaled 414 for rocky mountain spotted fever, 334 for lyme disease, 143 black widow and 478 brown recluse spider bites and 4,975 fire ant stings. these are counts of cases from a mail survey, not from a research-based study. five deaths were also reported; two for rocky mountain spott ...19911943030
lyme disease. 19911938069
lyme disease in rio de janeiro, brazil.five patients living in rio de janeiro, brazil, were found to have lyme disease. these are among the first known cases in south america.19911938055
from the centers for disease control. lyme disease surveillance--united states, 1989-1990. 20162061968
bilateral follicular conjunctivitis as a manifestation of lyme disease. 19911882933
[polyneuropathy as the initial manifestation of lyme disease]. 19911658498
aap issues policy on treatment of lyme disease in children. 19912058535
pitfalls in the evaluation of lyme disease. 19911908995
urticarial lesions and lyme disease. 19911880245
lyme disease update. 20071854408
lyme disease. 19911769773
lower incidence of peripheral catheter complications by the use of elastomeric hydrogel catheters in home intravenous therapy patients.a prospective study was conducted to compare the performance of a nonconventional short peripheral catheter made of elastomeric hydrogel material with that of the conventional short peripheral catheters used to administer intravenous therapy to patients before this study was undertaken. the catheters were inserted in home care patients, primarily diagnosed with lyme disease, for the delivery of i.v. antibiotic therapy. the study results showed that the institutional 48-to-72-hour removal policy ...20151748908
[peripheral neuropathy and rhizomelic pseudo-polyarthritis: lyme disease]. 20161661913
consensus conference on lyme disease. 19912054769
lyme disease. 19912049589
lyme disease. difficulties in diagnosis and is a multisystem illness caused by the spirochete b. burgdorferi. as with other spirochetal diseases, lb evolves in stages. some manifestations are the result of persistent infection, whereas other symptoms are a consequence of immunologic changes secondary to the infection. most disease manifestations are not specific to this illness. in addition, in endemic areas, almost 100% of the tick vector, the ixodes species, are infected and the incidence rate of lb is as high as 1%. because of these ...19912047137
complete heart block as the sole presentation of lyme disease. 19912043036
the heart as a target organ of immune injury.over the last 10 years, our knowledge of immunologically mediated processes involving the myocardium appears to have made quantum leaps. new and important disease entities such as aids have appeared and the cardiologist now becomes an important member of the "aids team." our understanding of "older diseases" such as sarcoidosis, lyme disease, systemic lupus and other connective tissue syndromes has significantly increased. the concept of high-dose steroid therapy for these processes may, in fact ...19911914512
lyme disease. 19911877201
lyme disease: the bite of spring becomes the (diagnostic) menace of summer. 19911874652
the epidemiology of lyme disease in kentucky, 1985-1990.lyme disease has become the most common vector-borne disease in the united states. to assess the extent of the disease in kentucky, all case reports were reviewed for 1985-1990. a total of 51 cases met the current case definition. epidemiologic features were similar to those reported nationally. although the recognized tick vectors for lyme disease have still not been identified in kentucky, physicians should educate their patients on the risk of lyme disease and measures to prevent tick bites. ...19911856584
thyrotoxicosis resembles lyme disease. 19912014961
[the nervous system involvement in lyme disease]. 19911879245
the many faces and phases of borreliosis. i. lyme disease. 19911869661
lyme disease: the picture in iowa.lyme disease in iowa increased sharply in 1989 and 1990, creating concern in iowans who spend considerable time out-of-doors. the authors review the history of lyme disease and its symptoms and present an update on the status of lyme disease and its tick vector in iowa.19911869426
[lyme disease in la rioja]. 19912051825
[lyme disease: apropos of a case]. 19912069284
cases from the aerospace medicine residents' teaching file. case #42. an aviator with concentration deficit, lyme disease organic diagnostic evaluation, and a somatoform aviator with concentration deficit, lyme disease organic diagnostic evaluation, and a somatoform disorder. the clinical presentation, evaluation and diagnosis of an aviator being evaluated for vague cognitive deficits of episodic and long duration with a history of rigid ideation concerning lyme disease. the patient was diagnosed as having an atypical somatoform disorder. the aeromedical disposition of this patient is also presented.19912031643
irreversible complete heart block in lyme disease. 19912012098
[preventive use of antibiotics for internal medicine diseases].prevention of infection by the interniste is less explored than perioperative prophylaxis. basically, prophylaxis in internal medicine may be considered in the following situations: in case of chronic recurrent infections, in case of persisting infections, after contact with a dangerous microorganism, after contact with a potentially infectious vector, during bacteremia or in case of an anatomical defect. for some of these situations (malaria, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever) clear guidelines exis ...19911858063
consensus conference on lyme disease. 19912054852
lyme disease article questioned. 19912058166
lyme disease.the rapid rate of increase in reported cases of lyme disease exceeds that of any zoonotic disease, and the annual occurrence of cases is greater than the sum of all other tick-borne illnesses in the united states. this, in addition to the geographic spread of cases to most of the united states, has greatly heightened investigative interests in all aspects of lyme disease and its control.19912051010
[indicators of articular cartilage degeneration in synovial fluid].detection of proteoglycans in biological fluids is a perspective method for the evaluation of the degree of catabolic processes in articular cartilage. the demand of accuracy and specificity of detection of substructures of the degradation products of the cartilaginous matrix, with the perspective of routine large scale examinations, restricts available possible methods practically only to the use of immunochemical methods. in the present investigation in the inhibitory elisa test polyclonal ant ...19912031318
lyme disease now reportable in oklahoma, letter reminds mds. 19912030464
lyme disease: a review with emphasis on the pregnant woman. 19912014072
lyme disease: clinical features, classification, and epidemiology in the upper midwest.lyme disease can be classified using the terminology of syphilis. in this series of 95 cases from the upper midwest, early cases, defined as an illness of less than 2 months, were more likely to have lived in or recently visited a highly endemic area. unlike late cases, early cases presented entirely in the nonwinter months (p less than .001). early disease was further subdivided into primary and secondary disease. ninety percent of primary and 43% of secondary cases had erythema migrans, while ...19912005778
treatment of lyme disease. 20042005549
application of the microcapsule agglutination test to serologic studies of an early stage of lyme disease in japan. 19911995749
lyme disease in south america? 19911995748
peripheral ulcerative keratitis related to lyme disease. 19911992749
lyme disease. first reported case in sicily.recently many cases of lyme disease have been described in italy. the patients come prevalently from friuli venezia giulia and the eastern ligurian coast. isolated cases have been diagnosed in other parts of northern italy and in the central regions. we describe the first sicilian case, concluding that lyme borreliosis may well be widely distributed in our country.19912013515
lyme disease. 19911997796
joint manifestations of lyme disease in spain. 19911991226
lyme disease surveillance in california. 19911848737
identification of the lyme disease vector in canada. 19911986832
lyme disease in canada. 19911986831
[lyme disease and salicylate allergy]. 19912063038
lyme disease: the social construction of a new disease and its social consequences.american medical researchers who investigated lyme disease in the 1970s conceived of the disorder as a categorically new entity. other interpretations emphasizing the continuities between lyme disease and its epidemiological antecedents, nevertheless, were possible. clinicians, patients, and advocacy groups continue to contest the character, significance, and appropriate treatment of lyme disease. highly publicized discussions among the interested parties reflect american society's ongoing conce ...19912034186
indigenous cases of lyme disease diagnosed in north carolina.between january 1984 and december 1989, 102 indigenous cases of lyme disease were reported in north carolina. lyme disease was reported in each of the three major geographic regions of the state: mountain, piedmont, and coastal plain. one or more diagnoses were made in 42 of 100 counties. patients ranged in age from 5 months to 78 years (median, 27 years); 58 patients (57%) reported a history of tick exposure within 1 month of the onset of symptoms. erythema migrans was reported by 93 patients ( ...19911986423
clinical definitions and differential diagnosis of lyme arthritis.joint symptoms associated with b. burgdorferi infection range from arthralgias, to brief attacks of arthritis, to chronic erosive synovitis. from 2 weeks to 2 years after the onset of disease, commonly following migratory arthralgias, about 60% of untreated patients with lyme disease in the united states develop brief attacks of oligoarticular arthritis, primarily in large joints, especially the knee. episodes of arthritis often become longer during the second or third years of illness, lasting ...19911947812
methods for control of tick vectors of lyme borreliosis.during the ivth international conference on lyme borreliosis in stockholm, 1990, a workshop on control of lyme disease vectors briefly reviewed: basic ecological principles for tick control; biocontrol of ticks; chemical control, including the use of repellents and use of permethrin-treated rodent nest material; tick control by habitat modification; and reduction of tick host availability. it was concluded that, although much research work remains, lyme borreliosis is to a large extent a prevent ...19911947806
mri of the facial nerve during paralysis.gadolinium-enhanced mri was used to evaluate 10 patients with bell's palsy and one patient with facial paralysis secondary to lyme disease. nine of the eleven patients showed increased signal intensity of their facial nerve with gadolinium-enhanced mri. in all nine patients, the facial nerve was involved at the labyrinthine, geniculate ganglion and proximal tympanic portions of the facial nerve, while two of the nine patients also had involvement of the mastoid segment of the facial nerve. patie ...19911900629
[coxitis in lyme disease]. 19902277886
[a case from practice (198). lyme disease]. 19902093222
[lyme disease in la rioja]. 19902090903
lyme disease: epidemiology, diagnosis, and management. 19902276404
serologic findings in lyme disease. 19902240740
lyme disease in new jersey outdoor workers: a statewide survey of seroprevalence and tick evaluate the spread of lyme disease in new jersey, we conducted a statewide cross-sectional study of lyme disease seroprevalence in a high-risk occupational group of outdoor employees. of the 689 employees who participated in the study, 39 (5.7 percent) were positive for antibody to b. burgdorferi, the causative agent of lyme disease. seroprevalence varied markedly by county; unexpectedly high seroprevalence rates were found in several northern counties (sussex, hudson, and hunterdon). furthe ...19902400034
arthralgia: a diagnostic strategy.for arthritis or arthralgia there is no simple system for diagnostic analysis, but whether it is polyarthritis or monoarthritis, acute or chronic in onset, some general rules apply. common causes include osteoarthritis (primary and secondary) and viral infection. drugs should be considered, including those inducing gout. it is still imperative not to miss rheumatic fever, sepsis and tuberculosis in assessment. we may encounter more cases of lyme disease presenting as arthritis.19902248564
[rheumatological manifestations of lyme disease in switzerland]. 19902244097
bone scan abnormalities in a child with lyme disease. 19902225679
lyme disease presenting with bilateral facial nerve palsy.facial palsy bilateral, or recurrent, suggests a myriad of diagnostic possibilities. an 11-year-old boy is described whose diagnosis remained elusive for several months. clinical evolution and subsequent laboratory studies confirmed that he had lyme disease. literature review suggests that this disorder is ubiquitous in its manifestations. the diagnosis should be remembered in unexplained neurologic disorders, particularly in cranial and peripheral neuropathies.19902403282
lyme disease in chronic renal failure: capd therapy. 19902396860
lyme disease presenting as hepatitis and jaundice in a child. 19902235178
lyme disease. 19902217960
lyme neuroborreliosis. peripheral nervous system ever increasing number of apparently unrelated peripheral nervous system (pns) disorders has been associated with lyme borreliosis. to ascertain their relative frequency and significance, we studied prospectively 74 consecutive patients with late lyme disease, with and without pns symptoms: 53% had intermittent limb paraesthesiae, 25% the carpal tunnel syndrome, 8% painful radiculopathy, and 3% bell's palsy; 39% had disseminated neurophysiological abnormalities. to assess the interrelationshi ...19902168778
lyme disease: a seasonal hazard.cutaneous markers are usually the first signs of lyme disease, a multisystem infection that affected about 7,000 people last year. this article reviews its clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment.19902144434
lyme disease in manitoba? 19902208345
lyme disease in canada. 19902208343
orbital myositis with lyme disease. 19902368834
lyme disease. 19902398790
lyme disease in new jersey.lyme disease is a spirochetal infection endemic throughout new jersey. case reports from 1984 through 1986 suggest different high-risk groups and different disease severity than had been observed in earlier cases in the state. both sexes now appear equally at risk, while younger age groups, particularly children less than ten years old, appear to be at increased risk. mild disease is usual, although classic rheumatologic and neurologic complications can occur. informal surveys suggest lyme disea ...19902385371
psychological impact of media coverage of lyme disease. 19902385370
lyme disease: prevention and control. 19902385369
neurological manifestations of lyme disease. 19902200982
lyme disease during pregnancy. 19902200981
clinical manifestations of lyme disease. 19902200980
lyme disease: facts & essential assessments.this review will encompass a description, pathogenesis, nursing assessments, lab studies, and interventions related to lyme disease. contemporary research will be utilized to provide additional detail for the interested reader.20052198044
the clinical challenge of lyme disease.lyme disease is a systemic infection with protean clinical manifestations. in the past decade the disease has evolved from a medical curiosity to the most common vector-borne disease in the united states. the diverse clinical manifestations together with the lack of standardized serologic tests pose a significant diagnostic challenge for the practicing physician. the epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and recommended therapy of lyme borreliosis are reviewed.20132197025
[lyme disease]. 20152131499
[lyme disease. national foundation of health]. 20042131498
lyme disease transmitted by a biting fly. 19902342543
neuro-ophthalmologic manifestations of lyme disease.lyme disease is a tick-borne spirochetal infection characterized by skin rash, neurologic, cardiac, and arthritic findings. the authors report six patients with lyme disease who had neuro-ophthalmologic manifestations. one patient had meningitis with papilledema, two had optic neuritis, and one had neuroretinitis. three patients had sixth nerve paresis, two of whom cleared quickly, whereas multiple cranial nerve palsies and subsequent optic neuropathy developed in another. early recognition of n ...19902374674
urticarial vasculitis and lyme disease. 19902370339
lyme disease may underlie bell's palsy. 19902356037
the summer scourge of lyme disease. 19902346183
lyme disease and uveitis. 19902344119
lyme disease presenting as urinary retention.we report a case of lyme disease that presented with urinary retention. the individual then experienced lower extremity paralysis. paralysis and urinary retention resolved with intravenous ceftriaxone antibiotic. to our knowledge this is the first report of a urological manifestation as the initial clinical presentation of lyme disease. recognition of clinical symptoms and urological complications of lyme disease also are discussed.19902342186
ocular lyme disease: case report and review of the literature.lyme disease is an emerging new spirochaetal disease in which ocular complications may arise. we have seen a 45-year-old woman who developed unilateral endophthalmitis leading to blindness during the course of this disease. ocular tissue showed the characteristic spirochete. a literature review shows that the commonest ocular manifestation of lyme disease is a mild conjunctivitis, but other symptoms may include periorbital oedema, oculomotor palsies, uveitis, papilloedema, papillitis, interstiti ...19902198927
lyme disease. 19902198926
lyme disease. 199027433826
lyme disease. 199027433822
lyme disease in alabama. 19902375275
pediatric management problems (lyme disease). 20132359659
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