lyme disease redux: the legacy of sven hellerstrom. 19938424277
the ocular manifestations of lyme disease.lyme disease (with its ocular manifestations) is a worldwide disorder that is rapidly increasing in frequency. it is a treatable, multisystemic disease that presents in three stages of severity. it can present with unusual forms of conjunctivitis, keratitis, cranial nerve palsies, optic nerve disease, uveitis, vitritis, and other forms of posterior segment inflammatory disease. a patient with any of these ocular manifestations should be questioned for exposure to an area endemic for lyme disease ...19938349429
lyme disease. 19938337773
[therapy of lyme disease].lyme borreliosis is manifested as a multisystemic disease, depending on the clinical picture and severity of the illness in acute, subacute and chronic form. the disease evolves in three stages. a choice of therapy, route of administration and duration of treatment depend on the stage of the disease. the treatment of lyme disease requires the use of antibiotics. the current antimicrobial therapy is successfully performed with the following antibiotics from icn galenika assortment. natural penici ...19938262421
[clinico-laboratory diagnosis of lyme borreliosis--personal experience].between may 1992 and february (second half) 1993 two hundred patients with the history of tick bite have been examined at the institute for infectious and tropical diseases "dr kosta todorović". of the above 200 persons, 103 of them have had clinical/epidemiological evidence of lyme disease (i.e. erythema migrans). in order to establish the degree of seroconversion in this stage of lyme disease, blood of each patient has been tested by pha and ifa methods. blood from each patient has been drawn ...19938262419
[modern therapy of lyme disease].the treatment of lyme disease is placed in the centre of more than one medical discipline. so far the efficacy of antibiotic therapy application showed various results. the results of the treatment of two groups of the patients with lyme disease were presented in the paper. the first group of twenty two patients was treated three weeks by the regime i, and the second group of nine patients was treated eight weeks by the regime ii. during 3-year follow up 50% of the patients from the first group ...19938262418
[the role of echocardiography in the evaluation of cardiac damage in lyme disease].lyme disease is an infectious, multisystem disease involving the skin, heart, joints, and nervous system. with its ability to assess cardiac anatomy, chamber sizes and myocardial and valvular function, echocardiography is a powerful noninvasive tool to investigate possible cardiac involvement in this disorder. we studied by echocardiography 15 patients, (6 women and 9 men, mean age 28.5 years, range 17 to 42) with clinical and electrocardiographic changes compatible with acute myocarditis or myo ...19938262416
[lyme carditis--case report].a patient with lyme-disease manifested by circulatory disorders of complete av block and ventricle disorder of rhythm was presented. besides cardiologic symptoms during the period of illness, transitory skin and neurologic symptoms appeared. the patient has not been treated by antibiotic therapy and after a year no late symptoms of illness appeared.19938262415
[rhombencephalitis as a manifestation of neuroborreliosis].rhombencephalitis is a rare neurological manifestation of stage ii of lyme disease. we presented two cases with no recollection of tick bite nor erythema migrans and with cranial nerve nuclei, pyramidal tract and cerebellar tracts involvement of sudden onset, inflammatory syndrome in cerebrospinal liquor, positive oligoclonal bands and elevated igg index. a spontaneous remission occurred in both cases, but antibiotic was given intravenously for prevention of relapses and disease progression.19938262414
[clinical manifestations of lyme disease in pediatric neurology].the most important characteristics of lyme disease in childhood age are presented. difficulties in diagnostics and the most important possibilities in differential diagnosis are stressed. it is believed that some cases of lyme disease remain unrecognized as the result of poor knowledge about the disease--a not unexpected fact considering that lyme disease is described only in the newest editions of pediatric neurology.19938262412
[the clinical picture of lyme disease in neurology].neuroborreliosis of central and peripheral nervous system was found in 24 patients with typical and atypical clinical syndromes. information about tick bite was obtained in only 1/3 of our patients. specific antibodies were found in 3/4 by flourescent antibody test, oligoclonal bands in 1/2, and signs of inflammation in cerebrospinal fluid in 1/3 of patients. the majority had favourable reaction to antibiotic therapy. it is necessary to investigate every case of suspected neuroborreliosis becaus ...19938262408
[epidemiologic characteristics and serologic findings in erythema migrans].our three-year research covered 417 patients with erythema migrans, of both sexes and all age groups. among them 87.3% had a history of tick bite. average attachment of tick to a patients skin was two days. diameter of erythematous lesions was 1-50 cm (with an average of 15.1 cm). magnitude of the lesion does not correlate with the further development of the lyme disease. ifa test detected antibodies against borreliae burgdorferi in 27.0% of our patients.19938262406
[lyme disease in dermatology practice].the authors studied a group of 77 patients with erythema migrans. they were treated at the city institute for skin and venereal disease in belgrade, over a five-year period (1988-1992). a tick bite at the site where erythema migrans later appeared was recalled by 44 (57.1%) of the patients. the interval between tick bite and erythema migrans varied from 1 to 45 days. the indirect if test was seropositive in 11.6% of the erythema migrans patients. in the present study the authors emphasize the im ...19938262404
[clinical characteristics of patients with lyme disease treated at the institute for infective and tropical diseases 1988-1992].in the institute for infectious and tropical diseases in belgrade in the period 1988-1992, 680 patients with lyme borreliosis have been examined. in most cases illness was recognised in the first stage as erythema migrans. in seven patients second and third stage of lyme borreliosis was cured in hospital.19938262398
[investigational methods in lyme disease].after the first clinical case of lyme disease had been recorded in belgrade in 1987 a multi-level research of the disease was undertaken in our country. the research was organized on the team basis and was systematized. ever since the beginning epidemiological method has been applied. professional approach was provided by guidelines, while methods and research stages have been provided and further developed during seminars and symposiums dealing with lyme disease. research team was comprised of ...19938262396
lyme disease. 19938261770
[diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease in children. a letter from the canadian society of pediatrics]. 19938165122
[monoarthritis of the knee disclosing lyme disease]. 19938141517
[a probable case of lyme disease contracted in mozambique].this report deals with the first probably autochthonous case of lyme disease occurred in mozambique. the authors review the epidemiology of lyme disease in tropical africa.19938124102
[the peripheral neuromotor apparatus of patients with tick-borne neuroborreliosis (lyme disease)].electroneuromyography and electromyography were performed in 48 and 102 patients, respectively, with lyme disease-induced algic and amyotrophic syndromes. electromyographic and clinical findings in the regions of the tick suction correlated. multiple lesions of the nervous system may be considered as meningoencephalomyeloradiculoneuropathy as well as subclinical multiple mononeuropathy. pronounced changes in the nerve potential against minimal shifts in peripheral nervous conduction reflect infe ...19938122451
[cefuroximaxetil: effective and cost effective, from respiratory tract infections to lyme disease. proceedings from the 18th international congress of chemotherapy. stockholm, 27 june-2 july 1993]. 19937905849
[the 2nd scientific meeting "lyme disease and our experience" held 20-21 may 1993 at the serbian academy of arts and sciences]. 19937903265
other infections of the choroid and retina. toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, lyme disease, syphilis, tuberculosis, and ocular toxocariasis.the major clinical infectious syndromes involving the retina and choroid are discussed. means for successful diagnosis and treatment are presented, as well as the major complications. this work emphasizes the need to identify the infectious nature of these syndromes in order to avoid the all-too-common pitfall of just treating all cases of uveitis with steroids alone.19921460269
autoantibodies against cyclophilin in systemic lupus erythematosus and lyme disease.autoantibodies against cyclophilin, a cyclosporin a binding protein, were detected in sera of 29 of 46 (63%) patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and 14 of 40 (35%) lyme disease patients. the antibodies are directed against the denatured form of both the major and minor isoform of cyclophilin and can be demonstrated in western blots. some first-degree relatives of lupus patients also express these antibodies. they are specific for cyclophilin and are not the consequence of hypergammaglobul ...19921458678
fever of unknown origin: review of 86 patients treated in community hospitals.this study describes the clinical features of fever of unknown origin (fuo) in 86 patients in a community setting from 1984 to 1990. infectious diseases remain the most common category of illnesses causing fuo; in this study, infectious diseases including recently described diseases--such as aids (three cases) and lyme disease (one case)--caused fuo in 28 patients. although percutaneous computed tomography-guided procedures were useful for obtaining diagnostic specimens (15 cases), a noninvasive ...19921457669
neurological complications of lyme borreliosis.lyme disease, like syphilis, a spirochetal infection, can appear with exacerbations and remissions in different stages. the clinical picture is marked by dermatological, neurological, rheumatic and cardiological complications. pns complications appear in the second and third stage. tick bite meningoradiculoneuritis neuritis (garin-bujadoux-bannwarth-syndrome), characterized by painful asymmetrical sensory and motor dysfunctions and inflamed csf, is a typical manifestation of the second stage. mo ...19921345745
epidemiology of lyme disease in olmsted county, mn, 1975-1990.lyme disease has been reported in minnesota since 1980. until now, it has not been regarded as endemic in olmsted county. we reviewed the medical records of all 68 cases of lyme disease diagnosed in residents of olmsted county for 1980-1990. only 17 of the 68 cases met centers for disease control surveillance criteria for definite lyme disease (13 men, 4 women). of these 17 cases, 3 were likely acquired in olmsted county. the age and sex adjusted incidence rate was 2.3/100,000 (95% ci 1.1-3.4). ...19921491394
features of an autoimmune process in mid-dermal elastolysis.mid-dermal elastolysis is a rare disorder that is manifested clinically by wrinkling and histologically by the selective absence of elastic fibers in the mid dermis. we describe a young woman who developed abnormal wrinkling after augmentation mammoplasty with silicone implants. histologic examination confirmed the diagnosis of mid-dermal elastolysis. in addition, a positive antinuclear antibody titer and a false-positive lyme titer were subsequently detected. in a previously reported case a pat ...19921469138
hepatitis associated with lyme disease. 20161462798
an investigation of a workplace cluster of bell's palsy.we undertook a study to confirm the existence of an apparent cluster of bell's palsy in an industrial plant ("w4"), and to test etiologic hypotheses regarding chemical exposures, immune suppression, and infectious etiologies. cases were enumerated by questionnaire. employees with a history of bell's palsy ("cases") were invited to participate in a study that included medical history, t cell studies, viral and lyme disease serologies, and blink reflex studies. thirty-three unaffected volunteers f ...19921432295
national survey of state epidemiologists to determine the status of lyme disease 1990, the council of state and territorial epidemiologists and the centers for disease control made lyme disease (ld) nationally notifiable and developed a national case definition. state epidemiologists were surveyed about their state ld surveillance system. responses were received from all states and the district of columbia. as of november 1991, ld was notifiable in 45 states. a total of 44 of these 45 states use the 1990 national case definition for case confirmation. twenty-five state he ...20161333618
treatment of lyme disease. 19921406447
rheumatology--lyme disease. 19921468248
the epidemiology of lyme borreliosis in italy.erythema migrans was described in italy only in 1971 although italian dermatologists were familiar with it a long time before. in 1983, the first case of lyme borreliosis with multisystem involvement was identified. the endemic areas in italy are the ligurian coast, the province of friuli venezia giulia, and the region surrounding the town of bologna. in liguria, the incidence of lyme disease is about 17/100,000 inhabitants per year. serosurveys of the general population and of sentinel animals ...19921435355
lyme arthritis as the incorrect diagnosis in pediatric and adolescent areas endemic for lyme disease there is increasing concern and anxiety about possible chronic and untreatable manifestations of the disease. the authors have diagnosed fibromyalgia in many patients with chronic musculoskeletal complaints in whom chronic lyme arthritis had previously been diagnosed as the cause of their joint pains. fibromyalgia is a common disorder, causing arthralgia (not true arthritis), fatigue, and debility. the repeated and/or long-term antibiotic therapy prescribed for ...19921408503
lyme disease: asking the right questions. 19921411496
progressive hemifacial atrophy associated with lyme disease.a case is described of progressive hemifacial atrophy occurring in a child with lyme disease. borrelial infection may have been an etiologic factor in the progressive hemifacial atrophy, which was ultimately treated with an siea free-flap transfer.19921513894
not everything that glitters is lyme disease. 19921524093
lyme disease revisited. 19921520077
neurologic lyme disease. 19921455107
reported cases of lyme disease in kansas. 19921447863
field ecology of lyme disease in kansas. 19921447862
prevalence of lyme disease infection in oklahoma.even though lyme disease probably existed in oklahoma prior to 1975 when the disease was first reported in connecticut and even though ecological conditions favor a high prevalence, an unexpectedly low rate was evidenced in both a serological survey and the number of cases reported to the oklahoma state department of health. lyme disease does not appear to pose a significant public health threat in oklahoma at the present time; however, the the presence of all the necessary factors for transmiss ...19921404480
lyme disease in israel. 19921401296
lyme disease during pregnancy. acog committee opinion: committee on obstetrics: maternal and fetal medicine. number 99--november 1991. 19921358705
the origin of plagues: old and new.viruses and bacteria emerge in new and old forms to cause disease epidemics. some microorganisms recur when changing life-styles (including increased international travel) offer new opportunities; others arise from new genetic variations. these various epidemics connect the future with the past, offering lessons for guarding the health of generations to come--lessons learned from diseases such as tuberculosis, toxic shock syndrome, lyme disease, streptococcal infection, influenza, and acquired i ...19921509258
erythema migrans in lyme disease: a correction. 19921640613
comparison of cefuroxime axetil and doxycycline in the treatment of early lyme compare the efficacy of cefuroxime axetil and doxycycline in the treatment of patients with lyme disease associated with erythema migrans.19921637021
epidemiology, clinical features, and diagnosis of lyme disease.lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the united states. epidemiologic research has contributed to a better understanding of the factors involved in the geographic spread and increased incidence of the disease. clinical features of lyme disease, including skin, joint, cardiac, and neurologic involvement, are discussed here, along with recent studies that better characterize these clinical manifestations and more clearly define their immunopathogenesis. the diagnosis of lyme dis ...19921503876
how to diagnose and treat lyme disease in children. infectious diseases and immunization committee, canadian paediatric society. 19921623463
diagnosis of lyme disease in children. 19921625075
memory impairment and depression in patients with lyme encephalopathy: comparison with fibromyalgia and nonpsychotically depressed patients.lyme encephalopathy, primarily manifested by disturbances in memory, mood, and sleep, is a common late neurologic manifestation of lyme disease. we compared 20 patients with lyme encephalopathy with 11 fibromyalgia patients and 11 nonpsychotically depressed patients using the california verbal learning test, wechsler memory scale, rey-osterrieth complex figure test, minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (mmpi), and beck depression inventory. compared with patients with fibromyalgia or depr ...19921620329
lyme disease--a pediatric perspective. 19921527779
clinical manifestations and antibiotic treatment of lyme the incidence of lyme disease increases in connecticut and world-wide, considerable attention has been given to its prompt diagnosis and treatment. creating further interest in this infection is the awareness that inappropriate therapy may result in significant disabling sequelae many years later. in this review, we focus mainly on current treatment options, but stress that the recommendations may change appreciably, as more information appears on the efficacy of new antibiotics.19921424603
lyme disease in michigan. an update. 19921406352
[clinical manifestations of lyme disease]. 20111344869
[lyme disease with exclusively neurologic manifestations]. 19921507904
furor at lyme disease conference. 19921604309
lyme disease in ireland.the data pertaining to irish specimens sent to the lyme disease laboratory at charing cross hospital since 1986 is presented and discussed. in the period up to june 1990, 484 specimens were tested, 14% of these were positive by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay or indirect immunofluorescent assay. only 13 of these were confirmed as positive by immunoblotting.19921628946
an update on lyme disease in pennsylvania. 19921614712
lyme disease? 19921596214
lyme disease. 199227237181
is it lyme disease? how to interpret results of laboratory testing.although laboratory testing is likely to have a greater role in diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of lyme disease in the future, at present physicians must rely on a combination of history taking, clinical manifestations, and laboratory results. unwarranted antibiotic therapy is to be avoided. asymptomatic persons with positive serologic results who live in an endemic area present a challenge, and borderline serologic results in patients with manifestations of late lyme disease are also trou ...19921589367
lyme disease in maryland: 1987-1990.we describe the epidemiology of lyme disease in maryland for 1987 to 1990 when the number of cases reported grew from 23 to 448 and the number of cases meeting the cdc case definition grew from 23 to 238, as well as discuss the implications of increased reporting and diagnosis of lyme disease.19921625531
chronic lyme disease arthritis: review of the literature and report of a case of wrist arthritis.a case of lyme arthritis with advanced degenerative changes localized to the midcarpal joint was treated with a limited wrist arthrodesis with relief of pain and improved function. chronic lyme arthritis occurs as the third stage of lyme disease. serologic testing and a history of a characteristic rash may be helpful in the diagnosis. radiographic and histopathologic findings are nonspecific, with both degenerative and inflammatory characteristics. intravenous antibiotics provide an effective tr ...19921613242
ultrasonography for the diagnosis of lyme disease in cases of acute facial paralysis.ultrasonography of the parotid gland was introduced in 1989 as part of the diagnostic protocol of every patient treated in our clinics with acute facial paralysis. ten of 50 patients so tested were found to have unilateral nonpalpable enlarged lymph nodes in the caudal portion of the parotid gland around the stylomastoid foramen. all 10 patients were eventually diagnosed as having lyme disease. it is suggested that in patients with acute facial paralysis, ultrasonography is an inexpensive tool t ...19921573949
lyme disease and radiologic findings in lyme arthritis.lyme disease typically begins in the spring or summer months, with a pathognomonic skin lesion and associated flulike or meningitislike symptoms. if the patient is not treated during this early stage, cardiac, neurologic, or musculoskeletal manifestations may occur weeks to months later. although the clinical picture of lyme disease is extremely variable, the diagnosis can be made in most cases by recognizing the typical patterns of organ involvement and associated immunologic abnormalities.19921566669
how to detect lyme disease.if patients lack the characteristic sign of lyme disease-a red rash with a pale center-diagnosing the disease can be challenging. a thorough workup and history should alert physicians when patients' flulike symptoms are the result of this tick-borne infection.199227424646
lyme disease acquired outside of japan. 19921633372
false positive reactions occurring with the captia syphilis-g eia, in sera from patients with lyme disease. 19921582661
foot and ankle pain resulting from rheumatic conditions.pain in the foot and ankle is most frequently secondary to static and degenerative changes, eg, corns, hammer toes, bunions, anterior metatarsalgia, and heel pain. a second common group consists of rheumatologic disorders that encompass immune and hereditary factors. this group includes rheumatoid arthritis, the often underdiagnosed seronegative spondyloarthropathies, and, less commonly, crystalline deposit disorders and diffuse connective tissue diseases. both the physician and the public need ...19921581152
diagnosing lyme disease. 19921543317
[comment on the contribution by c. garbe: borreliosis of the skin--progress of knowledge since the discovery of lyme disease]. 19921577606
[oligosymptomatic lyme disease. diagnosis in primary care]. 19921576196
prospective evaluation of heart block complicating early lyme disease.lyme disease is a recognized cause of heart block/carditis. the incidence of heart block complicating early lyme disease has not been prospectively evaluated. in this study, 61 patients with early lyme disease documented by the rash of erythema migrans were prospectively evaluated for carditis. fifty five of 61 patients had a repeat examination 3 to 4 weeks after initiation of antibiotic therapy. only one of 61 patients (1.6%) presented with heart block, which resolved with antibiotics. none of ...19921372717
difficulties with lyme serology.lyme disease is a multisystem infection characterized by dermatologic, neurologic, and arthritic findings. like syphilis, lyme borreliosis may imitate several other infectious and non-infectious diseases. diagnosis is dependent on a reliable history (if available), clinical findings, and blood serology findings. a major problem has been seronegativity in persons possessing the disease (false negatives). at present, seronegativity in persons strongly suspected of having lyme disease does not nece ...19921583267
minocycline in lyme disease. 19921552067
[lyme disease in spain]. 19921552758
the neuropsychiatric manifestations of lyme borreliosis.lyme borreliosis (lyme disease), a tick-borne spirochetal illness, has multisystemic involvement and is rapidly increasing in certain areas of the united states. although its neurologic manifestations are becoming increasingly well recognized, its psychiatric presentations are not well known. the first section of this paper will provide an overview of lyme borreliosis and a review of the relevant neuropsychiatric literature. the second section will provide clinical descriptions of some common ne ...19921438607
[lyme disease]. 20111410932
[african lyme disease]. 19911837372
[lyme disease: epidemiology, clinical manifestations and biological diagnosis]. 19911808778
lyme disease and infected ticks are spreading throughout new york state. 19911798631
effects of rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibodies and plasma reagin on the serologic assay for lyme disease.rheumatoid factor (rf), antinuclear antibodies (ana) and the presence of other spirochetal infections have been reported to be the source of false positive serologic tests of lyme disease. to evaluate this, we studied their effect upon the lyme assay in use in our clinical laboratory. of 64 rapid plasma reagin (rpr) test positive sera, 2 had positive lyme antibody tests, not statistically different than controls. of 43 rf positive sera, 2 had positive lyme tests, no different than controls, and ...19911795317
autoimmunity associated with infection: leprosy, acute rheumatic fever and lyme disease.this review examines the links between autoimmunity and three common infectious diseases. these disorders are associated with a variety of clinical and serological autoimmune phenomena. in addition they might conceivably trigger autoimmune diseases themselves. mechanisms that may be responsible for these links, including molecular mimicry, are explored.19911793538
antibiotic prophylaxis of lyme disease following recognized tick bite. bacterial zoonoses branch, division of vector-borne infectious diseases national center for infectious diseases, centers for disease control. 19911790707
electrocardiographic findings in children with lyme disease.the incidence of cardiac involvement in lyme disease (ld) has been estimated to be 4 to 10% in adults, with conduction and rhythm disturbances noted most frequently. to assess the frequency of electrocardiographic abnormalities in children with ld, we prospectively performed 12-lead electrocardiograms in 32 randomly selected children presenting with ld between may and september 1989. no patient had symptoms of cardiac involvement. using defined diagnostic criteria, combining symptoms, signs, ser ...19911788119
neurologic presentations in lyme disease. 19911939418
lyme disease in south carolina. 19911766246
second-generation tetracyclines, a dermatologic overview: clinical uses and pharmacology.tetracycline and its derivatives are frequently used in the treatment of acne, soft tissue bacterial infections, lyme disease (borreliosis), chlamydial-infections, and respiratory tract infections. several pharmacologic and microbiological properties of these antibiotics make them particularly suitable for such uses. first-generation tetracyclines have long been in use; however, the second-generation tetracyclines minocycline, doxycycline hyclate, and doxycycline monohydrate have also become wid ...19911764965
lyme disease in paediatrics. 19911755656
diagnosing lyme disease. 19911883132
lyme disease in israel. 19911791231
lyme disease and skeletal tuberculosis. 19911791116
the descriptive epidemiology of lyme disease in oklahoma.lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that primarily occurs in the united states in three endemic areas: the northeast, upper midwest, and pacific coastal regions. although oklahoma is considered a non-endemic area of lyme disease, other tick-borne infections such as rocky mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and tularemia occur at endemic levels. in order to determine the extent of lyme disease in oklahoma, the oklahoma state department of health collected information on all possible cases of l ...19911744781
lyme disease surveillance. 19911669881
lyme disease. tracking an epidemic. 19911870256
intra-hisian 2:1 atrioventricular block secondary to lyme disease.we describe a case of lyme carditis with intra-hisian 2:1 atrioventricular (av) block documented by electrophysiological study. to our knowledge, only two cases of av block at the level of the his bundle has been described in the literature. sinus rhythm was restored after 4 days of i.v. ceftriaxone.19911936006
branch retinal artery occlusion associated with lyme disease. 19911929948
health departments in the u.s. 1920-1988: statements of mission with special reference to the role of c.-e.a. winslow.the mission of local health departments in the u.s. is traced from the 1920s to the present through examination of official promulgations of the american public health association and other organizations. as the communicable diseases came under general control, this mission was conceived more broadly. nevertheless, in effect their public health role was diminished due to the rapid ascendancy of private and not-for-profit medical care, which consistently sought to keep public health out of potent ...20101814060
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