[lyme disease]. 19947964084
lyme disease: the american divide. 19947912312
lyme disease in belgium.a sero-epidemiological clinical and risk-group study was performed in belgian military men with a home-made elisa kit, with the n34 bb strain kindly provided by prof. ackermann cologne. in the sero-epidemiological group the seroprevalence (age 18-28 years) was 3.2% in the clinical group the results were correlating to the serological and clinical data. in the risk group 44% were igg positive. in conclusion the exposure of a standard belgian young male population is low. (overall igg seropositivi ...20047893991
lyme disease in children.lyme disease is becoming prevalent throughout the nation. this article will describe the etiology of lyme disease, discuss ways of preventing the disease, and present methods for diagnosing and treating the disease.20077885757
evaluation of a passive hemagglutination assay as screening test and of a recombinant immunoblot as confirmatory test for serological diagnosis of lyme order to evaluate a commercially available passive hemagglutination assay (pha) as a screening test for the diagnosis of lyme disease, 173 sera were tested by pha and the results compared with those obtained by an indirect immunofluorescence assay (ifa) and a conventional immunoblot using whole cell antigen (ib). identical results were found by pha and ifa in 80% of all cases. the sensitivity of the pha was comparable to that of the ib (96%). however, confirmation of positive pha results was ...19947805685
lyme disease in a kidney transplant recipient. 19948009611
lyme disease and hippocrates. 19948079493
acute respiratory failure in patients treated for babesiosis.babesiosis is a tick-borne protozoal disease with infrequent clinical complications. we report three cases of noncardiogenic pulmonary edema in patients from nantucket island, ma, with a history of lyme disease and review the clinical presentation of babesiosis and its treatment. respiratory complications in our patients, as well as in the four previously reported cases in the literature, occurred a few days after initiation of medical therapy. we hypothesize that the pathophysiology of the pulm ...19948004331
a report of lyme disease in victoria. 19947980226
transient worsening of optic neuropathy as a sequela of the jarisch-herxheimer reaction in the treatment of lyme disease.a 58-year-old woman developed neurologic and neuroophthalmologic manifestations of lyme disease, including a radiculomyelitis, cranial neuritis and mild right optic neuropathy. upon treatment with intravenous ceftriaxone a jarisch-herxheimer reaction occurred with encephalopathy, mild fever, worsening radiculomyelitis, and deterioration of her visual acuity. intravenous methylprednisolone was given, and the visual acuity recovered over 72 hours. this case suggests that transient worsening of opt ...19947951931
[dementia in lyme disease]. 19947937612
treatment of long-standing lyme disease with ceftriaxone. 19947909891
[critical approach to antibiotic therapy in lyme disease]. 20158560838
maryland physicians' survey on lyme a survey of 252 physicians practicing in maryland, 170 responders diagnosed 142 cases of lyme disease (lb) during 1990 and 1991. about 80% of the cases were diagnosed by primary care physicians. the most common clinical finding, erythema migrans (em), was reported in half the cases and arthritis was reported in a quarter. only 22.2% had a history of a tick bite; serological tests were ordered in a third of the cases. em was treated with oral antibiotics for 10-21 days. most physicians treated ...19948052097
lyme disease. 19948036192
[still's disease in the adult].the adult still's disease (asd) is an uncommon inflammatory systemic disorder which affects the young adult. it is characterized by high spiking fever, vanishing rash, oligopolyarthritis, neutrophilic leucocytosis, negative titers for rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibodies. polyserositis, sore throat, uveitis are sometimes present and in one third of the cases it is possible to find hepato-splenomegaly with lymph node enlargement. g. still first described the disease in child, in 1897, and ...19948023009
identification of lyme disease.the identification of lyme disease is an important, rewarding process. in early disease, the presence of em, the geographic location of the patient, and the time of year are critical in assessing the likelihood of lyme disease. beyond this, it is important to have a high index of suspicion in early lyme disease, because the rash may be atypical or absent, the early flu-like features can be nonspecific, and at this stage seroreactivity to b. burgdorferi may be lacking. treatment is always with an ...19948016416
atrial myxoma mimicking lyme disease. 19948135464
ceftriaxone for pediatric patients with lyme disease. 19948204175
the association of thrombocytopaenia and lyme disease.the association of asymptomatic thrombocytopaenia in six patients with acute lyme disease is described. recovery from thrombocytopaenia occurred shortly following antibiotic therapy. patients residing in endemic areas for lyme disease who present with flu-like symptoms and laboratory findings of thrombocytopaenia should prompt suspicion of acute lyme disease. appropriate clinical studies should be undertaken to confirm the diagnosis.19948183774
persisting complaints attributed to chronic lyme disease: possible mechanisms and implications for management.a better understanding of the natural history of lyme disease and of possible causes for persisting symptoms other than active infection is needed to optimize management of patients with persistent symptoms. review of patients seen at a lyme disease referral center and of the immunologic and clinical literature on lyme disease suggests most symptoms that persist after therapy can be explained by one or more of seven proposed pathogenetic mechanisms, only one of which includes active ongoing infe ...19948166157
tick-borne infections. what starts as a tiny bite may have a serious outcome.tick-borne illnesses are being reported increasingly often. unlike lyme disease, which tends to be indolent, rocky mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis can kill and so must be recognized and treated promptly. these diseases require clinical diagnosis, because laboratory confirmation with antibody tests takes too long. tetracycline hydrochloride, doxycycline (doryx, vibramycin), or chloramphenicol (chloromycetin) treatment is effective. other diseases (eg, babesiosis, tularemia) are encountere ...19948153039
[lyme disease: a multisystemic condition].while lyme's disease is clinically well known since 1920, its complete ascertainment and its etiological agent, as well as the details of its transmission mechanisms and multisystemic clinical manifestations (mainly dermatological, cardiac, neurological and articular) have been only recently known. in spain, the number of papers published on this affection has increased lately, although its understanding is still not as generalized as it should be. this review focuses mainly on our country's exp ...19948043743
persisting symptoms of lyme disease--possible explanations and implications for treatment. 19948035381
[guillain-barré syndrome associated with lyme disease]. 19948022727
lyme disease. 199420894900
isolated fascicular abducens nerve palsy and lyme disease.a patient with lyme disease developed an isolated sixth nerve palsy at the end of a 1 month course of oral antibiotics. magnetic resonance imaging disclosed high-signal abnormality at the left pontomedullary junction, implicating involvement of the distal sixth nerve fascicle. although facial numbness ensued during a subsequent course of intravenous antibiotics, corticosteroid therapy was associated with prompt improvement of neurologic signs, suggesting an immunologic mechanism for the central ...19948032474
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and myofascial pain major pathophysiologic or therapeutic findings have appeared over the past year regarding fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and myofascial pain syndrome, three poorly understood, controversial, and overlapping syndromes. the frequent prevalence of these disorders in association with lyme disease and other medical and psychiatric illness was emphasized. new studies demonstrated the potential role for central nervous system activation in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.19948024971
confirmation of the conspecificity of two american vectors of the agent of lyme disease: reply. 199415275414
confirmation of the conspecificity of two american vectors of the agent of lyme disease. 199415275409
[heart disorders in lyme disease].the paper presents literature data on clinical manifestations, instrumental diagnosis and pathohistological changes in lyme carditis. three cases were analyzed. the emphasis is placed on the necessity of differential diagnosis with lyme disease in all the cases of unclear myocarditis and cardiac arrhythmia, especially in the territories endemic for tick-borne diseases.19948196324
lyme disease battle leaving people to suffer. 19948127309
lyme disease and babesiosis. 19948123223
[etiotropic therapy of tick-borne borreliosis (lyme disease)]. 19947990386
[keratitis in lyme disease].the authors report the case of a 15-year-old female suffering from bilateral keratitis revealing lyme's disease, 6 years after a tick bite. the corneas disclosed multiple hazy infiltrates adjacent to the limbus and in the midperiphery, from the superficial layers to pre-descemet's membrane. the other systems involved were the joints, the skin (an atypical erythema chronicum migrans), and perhaps the peripheral nerves. the diagnosis was confirmed by indirect immunofluorescence assays in the serum ...19947989659
[lyme disease in sfax].primary borreliosis is exceptional in north africa. from 1988 to 1992, we observed 23 cases (10 females, 13 males; age 20-67 years) of erythema chronicum migrans in our unit. the lesions began during the months of april to october with a peak in july and august. there was always an unique characteristic lesion with a central mark left by the bite in 20 cases. serological studies were not performed. several antibiotics were given. primary borreliosis of the erythema chronicum migrans type are see ...19947979034
geographic correlation of schizophrenia to ticks and tick-borne encephalitis.schizophrenia prevalence in the united states is highest in urbanized northeastern, northwestern, and great lakes states. the viral theory of schizophrenia attributes this distribution to enhanced susceptibility to viral infections in crowded, urban areas. such infections during fetal or perinatal development are hypothesized to result in the eventual onset of schizophrenia. this study attempts to identify which viral infections have a similar geographical distribution to schizophrenia. examinat ...19947701281
magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of acute lyme carditis.lyme disease is a multisystem disease, which can involve the heart causing myopericarditis. we describe 1 patient with serological and histological evidence of lyme borreliosis and demonstration of pathologic myocardial signal enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging.19947697677
the overdiagnosis of lyme disease. 19938192761
the overdiagnosis of lyme disease. 19938133580
the overdiagnosis of lyme disease. 19938133579
the overdiagnosis of lyme disease. 19938133578
more information on preventing lyme disease. 19938265984
more information on preventing lyme disease. 19938265983
atraumatic spontaneous hemarthrosis associated with lyme arthritis. a case report.a 20-year-old male athlete had lyme arthritis and an associated atraumatic spontaneous hemarthrosis of the knee. lyme arthritis is a common and well-documented manifestation of lyme disease, but an association with an atraumatic hemarthrosis to date has not been reported. clinical diagnosis was confirmed by serologic testing. treatment consisted of ceftriaxone, 1-g intravenous for 14 days.19938242943
lyme disease: current problems in diagnosis, therapy, and prevention. 19938134883
treatment of asymptomatic, retrospectively diagnosed, lyme disease: comment on the report by christian. 19938240446
"chronic lyme disease" as the incorrect diagnosis in patients with evaluate a large number of patients referred with persistent symptoms thought to represent chronic lyme disease.19938240427
diagnosis of lyme disease should be made on clinical grounds. 19938376824
lyme disease acquired in europe and presenting in conus.lyme disease is recognized in many parts of the world, including large areas of north america, europe, asia and australia. diagnosis and treatment of the disease is essential to avoid the debilitating and potentially life-threatening long-term effects of the infection; however, many physicians may not be aware of the international scope of the disease. this is particularly important for military physicians whose patients may visit or live in endemic areas and whose activities may bring them in c ...19938264931
lyme disease--1993. 19938004219
unexpected cardiac abnormalities in lyme disease. 19938401111
appropriateness of parenteral antibiotic treatment for patients with presumed lyme disease. a joint statement of the american college of rheumatology and the council of the infectious diseases society of america. 19938357119
empiric parenteral antibiotic treatment of patients with fibromyalgia and fatigue and a positive serologic result for lyme disease. a cost-effectiveness examine the cost-effectiveness of empirical, parenteral antibiotic treatment of patients with chronic fatigue and myalgia and a positive serologic result for lyme disease who lack classic manifestations.19938357117
lyme disease 1991-1992. 19938217581
lyme disease. 19938414063
the progressive paralytic disorders associated with lyme disease.the clinical disorders of b. burgdorferi infection continue to be elucidated. the neurologic disorders, especially those that produce progressive paralytic syndromes, have been reasonably well described. they frequently occur in conjunction with syndromes affecting other body systems. the appropriate use of antibiotics is usually effective in eradicating the infection. however, some individuals may have residual deficits as a result of the infectious process, even after the bacterial infection i ...19938272602
lyme disease: the evolution of erythema chronicum migrans into acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans.erythema chronicum migrans and acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans are both recognized to be lesions associated with lyme disease, although they are thought to be distinct entities. in this paper, the clear evolution of erythema chronicum migrans into acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans is demonstrated.19938243101
[lyme disease in mexico city]. 20048235887
acute lyme disease in an american tourist returning from germany. 19938218711
[lyme disease in central italy. description of a case of a 3-year-old girl].the authors describe a case of lyme disease in a 3 year old child who lives in the center of italy, in the rome area. in this report it has been underlined the presence of lyme disease also in central italy and the importance of early diagnosis and therapy in order to prevent severe complications.20068159591
what about the rash that signals lyme disease? 19938362194
lyme disease associated with hemophagocytic syndrome. 19938219657
[lyme disease in internal medicine].the authors present a review on the aetiology, clinical aspects, diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease. they describe three patients who were treated in their department for lyme disease. although this disease has been followed up in bohemia and slovakia only for nine years, it is probable that it is more frequent than diagnosed. lyme disease is a disease which affects different organs. therefore it is important that specialists in internal medicine should more frequently consider the possible ...19938212629
could you recognize lyme disease? 19938008861
reactivity of neuroborreliosis patients (lyme disease) to cardiolipin and gangliosides.a subset of patients (50%) with neuroborreliosis (lyme disease) showed igg reactivity to cardiolipin in solid phase elisa. in addition, a subset of patients with neuroborreliosis (29%) and syphilis (59%) had igm reactivity to gangliosides with a gal(beta 1-3) galnac terminal sequence (gm1, gd1b, and asialo gm1). anti-ganglioside igm antibodies were significantly more frequent in these two groups of patients compared to patients with cutaneous and articular lyme disease, primary antiphospholipid ...19938410057
erythema migrans. rash as key to early diagnosis of lyme disease.the presence of erythema migrans offers physicians the best opportunity for diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease. serologic testing has poor sensitivity in patients with early disease. therefore, aggressive antibiotic treatment initiated solely on the basis of clinical findings is appropriate. a number of recently studied regimens have shown success against the infection.19938321768
[clinical characteristics of lyme disease].clinical characteristics of lyme disease were analysed in 22 patients. erythema migrans was found in 20 (91%), arthralgia in 18 (81%), neuralgia in 8 (36%), encephalitis in 3 (13%), carditis in 2 (9%) and arthritis in 2 (9%) patients. the positive antibody titer was found in 14 (63%) patients. favourable effects of antibiotic therapy was achieved in all patients. erythema migrans has been manifested up to 12 days after tick sting and arthralgia, arthritis, neuralgia, hepatitis and chronic dermat ...20158273306
from the centers for disease control and prevention. physician reporting of lyme disease--connecticut, 1991-1992. 19938492391
from the centers for disease control and prevention. lyme disease--united states, 1991-1992. 19938492390
facial palsy in lyme disease. 19938479507
physician reporting of lyme disease--connecticut, 1991-1992.although disease reporting by physicians is an essential component of public health surveillance, the extent of physician participation in reporting specific diseases is not routinely assessed. as part of an evaluation of lyme disease (ld) surveillance, the connecticut department of health services (cdhs) conducted a study to determine the number and specialty of connecticut physicians who reported ld cases in 1991 and/or 1992. this report summarizes the results of this study.19938483441
lyme disease--united states, 1991-1992.surveillance for lyme disease (ld) was initiated by cdc in 1982 (1), and in 1990, the council of state and territorial epidemiologists (cste) approved a resolution making ld nationally reportable. during 1982-1991, states reported 40,195 cases of ld. in 1992, ld accounted for more than 90% of all reported vectorborne illnesses in the united states (cdc, unpublished, 1993). this report summarizes surveillance for ld in the united states during 1991-1992.19938483440
effectiveness of early lyme disease treatment. 19938388627
lyme disease in chile. 19938336300
current understanding of lyme is now the most common vector-borne disease in the united states. but because of misdiagnosis, the spread of this disease may also be more apparent than real. lack of standardized serologic tests and varying clinical presentations do create confusion. nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish lyme disease from look-alike disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.19938463365
the overdiagnosis of lyme analyze the diagnoses, serological test results, and treatment results of the patients evaluated in a lyme disease clinic, both prior to referral and from current evaluation.19938459513
treatment of lyme disease. 19938515702
long-term outcome of lyme disease in children given early treatment.sixty-three patients treated with appropriate antimicrobial therapy between 1985 and 1990 for physician-documented erythema migrans were identified. a telephone interview program 1 to 6 years after the initial episode of lyme disease revealed that none of the patients had evidence of carditis, arthritis, or neurologic complications attributable to lyme disease. a new episode of erythema migrans was reported in 7 (11%) of the patients 1 to 4 years after the initial episode.19938463906
liver function test abnormalities in early lyme disease.lyme disease is a widespread, tick-borne, spirochetal infection with multiple organ system involvement hepatic dysfunction has not been emphasized in the literature. we report clinical findings and laboratory abnormalities in 73 patients with the pathognomonic erythema migrans rash early in the course of the illness.19938130920
lyme disease. a canadian perspective.lyme disease is an expanding community health issue in the united states. this has led to greater public awareness in canada, although the disease remains rare here. we review the biology of ticks and show how feeding patterns are relevant to disease transmission. diagnosing lyme disease is sometimes problematic, but treatment can be effective, particularly in the early stages. preventive measures are aimed at avoiding tick contact and early tick removal.19938489644
variable cutaneous manifestations of lyme disease.lyme disease is a complex, multisystem illness that primarily affects the skin, nervous system, heart, and joints. physicians must learn to recognize the various possible presentations of the pathognomonic skin lesion to diagnosis this disease in the absence of reliable laboratory methods.19938446297
from the centers for disease control and prevention. ceftriaxone-associated biliary complications of treatment of suspected disseminated lyme disease--new jersey, 1990-1992. 19938429594
lyme disease in military personnel.the tick responsible for lyme disease is common in areas inhabited by deer. this should theoretically put military personnel at increased risk. a history of tick bite is uncommon and the characteristic skin rash often absent. two examples of servicemen with neurological lyme disease without cutaneous manifestations are discussed, and six other cases referred to the raf institute of pathology and tropical medicine since 1987 briefly reviewed. five of the cases contracted the disease in germany an ...19938445589
cases of lyme disease reported in a military community.lyme disease, a growing public health problem in the united states, is also an increasing threat in europe. cases identified in a military community in west germany are presented and problems of diagnosis and treatment discussed.19938441494
lyme disease: testing and treatment. who should be tested and treated for lyme disease and how?ld can mimic a number of other disease, and vice versa. it is imperative that clinicians understand ld and be able to use serologic diagnostic techniques appropriately. ld is not a diagnosis that can be made on the basis of serologic testing. by this is meant that vague symptoms plus a positive serologic test do not assure that the patient has ld. on the other hand, a patient with ecm or other manifestations of ld may still be seronegative. in addition, therapy for ld must be tailored to the cli ...19938356262
ceftriaxone-associated biliary complications of treatment of suspected disseminated lyme disease--new jersey, 1990-1992.lyme disease (ld) is endemic in monmouth and ocean counties, new jersey (1). in june 1992, cdc and the new jersey department of health (njdoh) conducted a telephone survey in both counties of 65 schoolchildren who required home instruction because of suspected ld to determine the public health impact of the disease. most children had received prolonged and repeated courses of oral antimicrobials and/or home intravenous infusion of antimicrobials; 79% had been hospitalized for treatment of suspec ...19938419791
how to diagnose and treat lyme disease in children. 19938489576
how to diagnose and treat lyme disease in children. 19938420648
prevention of lyme disease after tick bites. 19938416431
prevention of lyme disease after tick bites. 19938416430
prevention of lyme disease after tick bites. 19938416429
prevention of lyme disease after tick bites. 19938416428
prevention of lyme disease after tick bites. 19938416427
prevention of lyme disease after tick bites. 19938416426
prevention of lyme disease after tick bites. 19938416425
enhanced levels of leukotriene b(4) in synovial fluid in lyme disease.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the potential role of ltb(4) and cysteinyl leukotrienes in lyme disease (ld). therefore, a total number of 34 patients divided into four groups was studied. the patients were classified as having lyme arthritis (n = 7) or lyme meningitis (n = 10), and as control groups patients with a noninflammatory arthropathy (nia) (n = 7) and healthy subjects (n = 10). ltb(4) as well as ltc(4) secretion from stimulated polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmnl) from all gro ...199318475526
[message from lyme].the background to the discovery of lyme disease teaches a salutary lesson. the symptoms and signs of this disease had been observed by doctors for a century, particularly in the scandinavian countries, without anybody being able to draw the right conclusions. the first patients were identified in the usa by their relatives or by themselves. recognition of their plight by the medical profession was chiefly due to the patients' tenacity. we must remember to pay attention to what patients tell us; ...19938497409
lyme disease. 20048489827
minocycline in lyme disease. 19938425959
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