clarithromycin in treatment of early lyme disease: a pilot study.forty-one patients with erythema migrans were enrolled in an open-labelled pilot study of oral clarithromycin, 500 mg twice daily for 21 days, for the treatment of early lyme disease. immediately posttherapy, pretreatment signs and symptoms resolved among 91% of the 33 evaluable patients. at 6 months, all 28 of the evaluable patients were well. clarithromycin shows promise as an effective agent for the treatment of early lyme disease and warrants further study.19968834900
[antiphospholipid antibodies in patients with neurologic diseases].in a series of patients with neuroinfection, lyme disease, guillain barré syndrome, demyelinization, partial or generalized, epilepsy, we have investigated antiphospholipid antibodies of igg and igm subtypes, together with anticoagulant factors, member of thrombocytes, sedimentation rate of erythrocytes. coagulant factor disorder in primary acute inflammatory processes (attack of demyelinization, neuroinfection, acute viral respiratory infection) and primary thrombocyte disorder (focal epilepsie ...19969235618
[chronic neuroborreliosis in lyme disease].acute and chronic syndromes of lyme neuroborreliosis are recognized. acute syndromes are clinically pronounced and comprise meningitis, neuritis of the cranial nerve, radiculoneuritis. chronic syndromes are less evident. these are moderate encephalopathy and radiculoneuropathy. the diagnosis of the chronic syndrome is based on the presence of early classic signs of bl. csf must be tested for routine procedure and in pair with serum in the test for selective accumulation of antibodies to bb in th ...19969082597
[borreliosis--lyme disease--a growing clinical problem].clinical and epidemiological analysis of lyme disease cases treated at the infectious diseases clinic of the medical university of gdaƄsk and the district hospital of infectious diseases in the years 1993-1995 was done. the results were compared to data presented in the literature. the material consisted of 184 patients, 169 in i stage of the disease and 15 in the ii stage. out of 15 in the ii stage, 2 patients presented with lymphocytoma benigna cutis, 7 with arthritis and 6 with neuroboreliosi ...19968999457
lyme disease: considerations for dentistry.although lyme disease has spread rapidly and it is difficult to diagnose, a review of the dental literature does not reveal many references to this illness. dental practitioners must be aware of the systemic effects of this often multiorgan disorder. its clinical manifestations may include facial and dental pain, facial nerve palsy, headache, temporomandibular joint pain, and masticatory muscle pain. the effects precipitated when performing dental procedures on a patient with lyme disease must a ...19968995919
[immunologic reaction in patients with arthritis in the course of borreliosis with lyme disease].cell mediated as well as humoral immune response was evaluated in 14 lyme arthritis patients. significant decrease of t cells percentage was observed in comparison to normal values. it was related particularly to cd4+ subset and resulted in significant decrease of cd4+/cd8+ ratio. statistically significant increase of b cells percentage was accompanied by elevated concentrations of immunoglobulin m, complement components c3 and c4. immunoglobulins a and g, as well as circulating immune complexes ...19968927735
recording occupational lyme disease in new jersey. 19968927298
cluster of lyme disease cases at a summer camp in kent county, maryland. 20168903195
oral treatment of late lyme borreliosis with a combination of roxithromycin and co-trimoxazole--a pilot study on 18 this pilot trial, 18 patients participated in an investigation in which the combined therapy of co-trimoxazole and roxithromycin in late lyme borreliosis was tested. the study has been performed as a result of earlier case reports in "the lancet" where this combination has been used successfully in order to thwart late lyme disease. the authors show that 76% of the patients recovered completely. in 2 patients, symptoms could be resolved with i.v. penicillin and 2 did not respond to any antibi ...19968798283
our experience with lyme arthritis.since 1975, when first described, lyme disease becomes more and more interesting and complicated medical problem. one of the "classical features" of the disease is arthritis. based upon our own experience we described and discuss the diagnosis, treatment and outcome of three patients with lyme arthritis.19968673808
idiopathic eosinophilic synovitis. case report and review of the literature.eosinophilia of synovial fluid is an uncommon condition. the majority of the reported cases are associated to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, parasitic disease, hypereosinophilic syndrome, lyme disease, and allergic processes as well as hemarthrosis and arthrography. presently there are only four cases of eosinophilic synovitis with unknown cause. we are reporting a patient with oligoarthritis of the knees, massive eosinophilia, and charcot-leyden crystals in synovial fluid without associ ...19968668965
environmentally driven epizootics.environmental conditions can be the driving force behind an epizootic. environmental changes may favor growth of a particular species, which results in increased contact rates and spread of a disease. we examine this particular phenomenon in si and sis models and use it to explain the possible disease outbreaks in nature. either infected individuals recover from the disease (sis model) or suffer disease fatalities (si model). epizootic models for a single population are examined where contact ra ...19968589538
acute meningitis with a negative gram's stain: clinical and management outcomes in 171 characterize the diagnostic spectrum and physician management decisions of patients presenting to an emergency department with an acute, community-acquired illness, cerebrospinal fluid (csf) white blood cell count > 5/mm3, and a negative gram's stain for bacteria.19968579091
when pharmaceutical manufacturers' employees present grand rounds, what do residents remember?to evaluate the educational effect on residents of a grand rounds given by a pharmaceutical company employee.19968540971
sleep quality in lyme disease.complaints of chronic fatigue as well as sleep disturbances are prevalent in lyme disease. we compared polysomnographic measures of sleep in patients with documented lyme disease with those of a group of age-matched normal control subjects. eleven patients meeting centers for disease control criteria for late lyme disease with serologic confirmation by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and western blot without a history of other medical or psychiatric illness and 10 age-matched control subjects ...19958746401
[cranial polyneuritis as initial manifestation of lyme disease]. 19958679813
lyme disease presenting as isolated acute urinary retention caused by transverse myelitis: an electrophysiological and urodynamical study.several neurological manifestations of lyme disease, both central and peripheral, have been described. reported here is a case of acute transverse myelitis related to a lyme neuroborreliosis that presented with isolated acute urinary retention and no lower-extremity impairment. this case, documented by urodynamic and electrophysiological investigations, partially resolved after 6 weeks of intravenous ceftriaxone, affording the removal of the indwelling catheter. alpha blocker therapy was needed ...19958540796
pseudo-lyme disease. 19958528435
lyme disease research. 19957491478
lyme disease study. 19957502024
an epidemiologic study of lyme disease in southern sweden.lyme disease is the most common vector-borne infection in some temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. however, for most areas of endemic disease reliable epidemiologic data are sparse.19957566023
[internuclear ophthalmoplegia as the initial manifestation of lyme disease]. 19958523951
lyme disease 1994. 19958534595
diagnosis of lyme disease. 19957474186
current concepts on the transmission of bacteria and parasites by blood components.several bacterial and parasite transfusion-transmitted diseases have been described in the medical literature. this review deals with the main bacterial (syphilis, lyme disease, gram positive and gram negative agents), parasite (chagas disease, malaria, leishmaniasis, toxoplasmosis and babesiosis) and rickettsial diseases that are carried by blood products. preventional aspects (e.g. storage, screening tests, use of leukocyte-depleted components), diagnosis, geographical distribution and the inc ...20058731290
case-control study of risk factors for incident lyme disease in identify risk factors for incident lyme disease in california during the period june 1, 1991 to december 31, 1992, the authors compared the activities of 101 cases of physician-diagnosed erythema migrans ascertained via both active and passive surveillance with those of 107 controls matched on sex, age, and neighborhood. questions asked by telephone pertained to location of home, presence of wildlife around the house, hours of outdoor work and outdoor leisure activities, pet ownership, precau ...19957572986
lyme disease. 19957480051
a vaccine against lyme disease? 19957677306
childhood neuroborreliosis: clinicoradiological correlation.we report the cranial ct and mri findings in three children with lyme disease (neuroborreliosis). the neuroimaging findings in children have been rarely reported. we found cranial mri far superior to cranial ct. ring-enhancing lesions have been described in acute disseminating encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis but not in neuroborreliosis. although other infectious and inflammatory diseases cannot be excluded, lyme disease should be included in the differential diagnosis and put forward as ...19958570060
complaints attributed to chronic lyme disease: depression or fibromyalgia? 19957573105
misdiagnosis of erythema migrans.erythema migrans is a clinical diagnosis that carries possible long-term repercussions. despite widespread awareness of the clinical presentation of erythema migrans, incorrect diagnosis occurs.19957573098
from the centers for disease control and prevention. recommendations for test performance and interpretation from the second national conference on serologic diagnosis of lyme disease. 19957674514
activists decry physician disinterest in lyme disease during vancouver conference.although it was well advertised, few canadian physicians attended a recent conference on lyme disease in vancouver. the apparent lack of interest upsets the president of the lyme borreliosis society, who says many patients have been misdiagnosed, mistreated or untreated and "are now chronically disabled." interestingly, the disease seems to be much more common in the us than canada. in new york state, for instance, more than 26,000 cases have been diagnosed, but in nearby ontario the total is on ...19957664235
[transmissible and natural infections in siberia and the far east].the common and specific features in the time course and structure of morbidity as regards tick-borne rickettsiasis, tick-borne encephalitis, and lyme disease in siberia and far east are discussed. the differentiation of nosological areas of tick-borne rickettsiasis and encephalitis is demonstrated and 9 variants of ratios of epidemiological zones of different hazard of infection established. the subject of comparative epidemiology of focal infections is formulated. general conceptual approaches ...20169273148
recommendations for test performance and interpretation from the second national conference on serologic diagnosis of lyme disease. 19957623762
lyme disease in unwary physicians: a curbside cluster. 19957616631
symmetrical cervical muscle uptake of ga-67 in lyme disease. 19957586879
from the centers for disease control and prevention. lyme disease--united states, 1994. 19957595990
pitfalls in the diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease in define pitfalls of diagnosis and treatment of lyme disease in children.19957791260
[a case of lyme disease detected in romania]. 20138640011
tetracyclines.tetracyclines are relatively safe drugs with a broad antimicrobial spectrum. doxycycline remains the preferred tetracycline agent for most indications. doxycycline has a long half-life, which makes convenient twice-a-day dosing possible. it is well absorbed orally even in the presence of food, has excellent tissue penetration, and does not require a dose adjustment in renal insufficiency. doxycycline is a useful agent for the treatment of atypical pneumonias, sexually transmitted diseases, trave ...19957791423
third-generation cephalosporins.third-generation cephalosporins are broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents useful in a variety of clinical situations. no one cephalosporin is appropriate for all infectious disease problems. cefotaxime and ceftizoxime have the best gram-positive coverage of the third-generation agents. ceftazidime and cefoperazone are the only third-generation drugs that provide antipseudomonal coverage. ceftriaxone's long half-life allows for once-daily dosing, making ceftriaxone an excellent drug for outpatient ...19957791418
rocky mountain spotted fever, tick paralysis, lyme disease, and ehrlichiosis. 19957643927
learning about lyme disease. 19957630550
acute myopericarditis resulting from lyme disease. 19957611110
environmental risk factors for lyme disease identified with geographic information systems.a geographic information system was used to identify and locate residential environmental risk factors for lyme disease.19957604918
qeeg and evoked potentials in central nervous system lyme disease.quantitative eeg, flash visual evoked potentials, auditory evoked potentials to common and rare tones, and median nerve somatosensory evoked potentials were obtained from 12 patients with active cns lyme disease and from 11 patients previously treated for active cns lyme disease. abnormal qeeg and/or eps were found in 75% of the active lyme disease patients and in 54% of the post cns lyme disease patients. three different types of neurophysiological abnormality were observed in these patients in ...19957554300
long term clinical outcomes of lyme disease. 19957755238
long term clinical outcomes of lyme disease. 19957755237
long-term clinical outcomes of lyme disease. 19957755236
lyme disease: debilitating, yet preventable. 19957567043
lyme disease: an emerging infection with home healthcare implications.the 11,424 cases of lyme disease reported in 1994 represented a nearly 40% increase from the previous year. the dramatic increase of lyme disease in the united states points to the need for home healthcare nurses to review their knowledge of the clinical manifestations, treatment, and prevention measures for this emerging infection.20057790220
lyme disease: insights into the use of antimicrobials for prevention and treatment in the context of experience with other spirochetal infections.unanswered questions in the management of patients with lyme disease or those who have had ixodes tick bites include: is antimicrobial therapy effective in preventing lyme disease during the incubation period of the infection? which oral agents are most effective in treatment? are macrolides efficacious? for how long a time should antimicrobial therapy be given? potentially useful insights into these questions can be gained by examining experience with other spirochetal infections. using this in ...19957616973
anxiety and persistence of lyme disease.lyme disease has become a major concern in endemic areas, in large measure because of fears that it does not respond to current antibiotic regimens. this anxiety has led to the use of untested drugs and longer courses of therapy than have been demonstrated to be necessary, with attendant increase in cost and toxicity. concern about the lack of response to such therapy has convinced many patients that they have a permanent disease, with profound effects on their lives and those of their families. ...19957726196
lyme disease in children.lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease among children in the united states; the incidence of lyme disease is higher among children than among adults. extensive publicity in the lay press about the effects of lyme disease has led to widespread anxiety about this illness that is out of proportion to the actual frequency of severe consequences, especially among children. the problem is exacerbated by the difficulty of documenting the diagnosis (or more often of ruling out the diagnosi ...19957726195
early disseminated lyme disease: cardiac manifestations.the cardiac features of lyme disease usually occur within weeks to months of the infecting tick bite; the result may be disruption of the conduction system, leading to heart block and muscle dysfunction, causing a mild myopericarditis. lyme carditis is usually mild, although permanent heart block and a few fatalities claimed to be due to lyme carditis have been reported, the latter usually with poor documentation. in general, lyme carditis is treatable and curable with antibiotic regimens in cur ...19957726189
cerebellitis associated with lyme disease. 19957723536
[benign cutaneous lymphocytoma of the breast areola and erythema chronicum migrans: a pathognomonic association of lyme disease].clinical manifestations of lyme disease are mainly cutaneous, neurologic, cardiac and/or located joints. some dermatologic manifestations are more specific.19957780543
appropriateness of serologic tests and parenteral antibiotic therapy for patients with presumed lyme disease. 19957606906
comparison of cefuroxime axetil and doxycycline in treatment of patients with early lyme disease associated with erythema migrans.a randomized, multicenter, investigator-blinded clinical trial was undertaken in order to compare the efficacies of cefuroxime axetil and doxycycline in the treatment of patients with lyme disease associated with erythema migrans. a total of 232 patients with physician-documented erythema migrans were treated orally for 20 days with either cefuroxime axetil, 500 mg twice daily (119 patients), or doxycycline, 100 mg three times daily (113 patients), and clinical evaluations were conducted during ...19957793869
automated diagnosis and characterization of lyme disease using neural network analysis. 19957783088
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and myofascial pain syndrome.two important studies in which nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy was used convincingly demonstrated that muscle is not the primary pathologic factor in fibromyalgia. there were further studies reporting that fibromyalgia-chronic fatigue syndrome may follow well treated lyme disease or mimic lyme disease. the longest therapeutic trial to date in fibromyalgia demonstrated an initial modest effect of tricyclic medications, but at 6 months that efficacy was no longer evident. investigation in ...19957766493
headache characteristics in hospitalized patients with lyme disease.we reviewed 49 patients consecutively hospitalized for neurologic lyme disease to determine the frequency and characteristics of recent onset headaches in this group. all patients had positive serum lyme elisas and other neurologic illness excluded. recent-onset headache occurred in 26 of 49 patients (53%). patients with headaches more commonly had central nervous system involvement (54% vs 19%, p < .05) and flu-like illness (58% vs 19%, p < .0005). eight of 26 (31%) met criteria for meningitis ...19957721571
animal models and lyme disease. 199511866732
lyme disease: primum non nocere. 19957844380
biliary complications in the treatment of unsubstantiated lyme disease.treatment of unsubstantiated lyme disease has led to serious complications in some cases. two case-control studies, based on information in clinical records of patients discharged with a diagnosis of lyme disease during 1990-1992, were conducted at a central new jersey hospital. twenty-five patients with biliary disease were identified, and 52 controls were selected from 1352 patients with suspected lyme disease. only 3% of 71 evaluatable subjects met the study criteria for disseminated lyme dis ...19957844372
rocky mountain spotted fever versus lyme disease. 19957839177
doxycycline versus tetracycline therapy for lyme disease associated with erythema migrans.doxycycline is widely used to treat lyme disease associated with erythema migrans. whether it is comparable to tetracycline is unknown.19957829706
adjusting moran's i for population density.i derive two new statistics, ipop and ipop*, that adjust moran's i to study clustering of disease cases in areas (for example, counties) with different, known population densities. a simulation of lyme disease in georgia suggests that these new statistics can be more powerful than those currently in use. this is because they consider both spatial pattern and non-binomial variance in rates as evidence supporting disease clusters.19957701154
lyme disease and pregnancy.lyme disease is the most commonly transmitted vector-borne disease in the united states, with many regions of the country at risk. like other spirochete-borne infections, lyme disease progresses in stages, making diagnosis in the early stages of the illness and prompt treatment important for cure. an early diagnosis is made difficult by the less-than-ideal serologic tests and the varied clinical presentations of the disease. although lyme disease has been reported in pregnancy, the transmission ...199518476053
[unusual case of bilateral optic neuritis in lyme neuroborreliosis].the most common manifestations of lyme disease are neurologic and rheumatologic, but ophthalmologic lesions can also occur and may even be dominant. the authors describe a case of bilateral optic neuropathy associated with lyme borreliosis that quickly led to near-total blindness. in addition to a loss in visual acuity and field bilateral papillary edema was documented by angiofluorography. a spectacular improvement was obtained under combined antimicrobial therapy using doxycycline and corticos ...199510906986
[resistance of the hemato-encephalic barrier in tick-borne neural infection (lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis)].the dynamic state of hematoencephalic barrier (heb) was estimated in russian tick-borne encephalitic (rtbe) and in meningeal syndrome (lyme's disease, ld). the enzyme immunoassays of neurospecific proteins in blood serum such as alpha 1-bg and enolase (nse) were performed in the course of disease. the break of heb at blood-brain direction was proved in patients with rtbe and ld for the proteins mentioned above. the blood serum nse levels as well as their dynamics confirmed the functional alterat ...19958788974
[current status of lyme disease in spain: clinical and epidemiological aspects]. 19957878269
delirium and lyme disease. 20047871138
the sixth international conference on lyme borreliosis: progress on the development of lyme disease vaccines. 19-22 june 1994, bologna, italy. 19957762271
lyme disease. 19957747659
[rupture of popliteal cyst with belated disclosure of lyme disease]. 19957653934
immunology of reactive arthritides.reactive arthritis (rea) and lyme arthritis together comprise a pair of chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints. although differing in detail, these relatively rare diseases are related in their immunopathology to the much commoner rheumatoid arthritis (ra), for which they serve as both model and control. the trigger for rheumatoid arthritis is unknown, but for these rarer diseases triggering occurs by certain well-defined bacterial infections. arthritis is an uncommon outcome of these infec ...19957612222
rapidly progressive frontal-type dementia associated with lyme disease.the authors report a case of fatal neuropsychiatric lyme disease (ld) that was expressed clinically by progressive frontal lobe dementia and pathologically by severe subcortical degeneration. antibiotic treatment resulted in transient improvement, but the patient relapsed after the antibiotics were discontinued. ld must be considered even in cases with purely psychiatric presentation, and prolonged antibiotic therapy may be necessary.19957580195
[value of serodiagnosis of lyme disease in the evaluation of uveitis].this study was designed to assess results of lyme serology among all the specific tests routinely performed for exploring uveitis.19957560796
skin signs of systemic disease. when the problem is more than skin-deep.the cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases are diverse. in some cases, they are the first signs of an underlying disorder, such as cowden's disease, dermatomyositis, and lyme disease. sister mary joseph's nodule (metastatic involvement of the umbilicus) is an ominous sign of internal malignant disease. drug-induced skin necrosis may result from therapy with coumarin (coumadin, panwarfin, sofarin) or heparin.19947991480
ocular manifestations of systemic infection.increased research and awareness of various systemic infections places a greater emphasis on the ophthalmologist's knowledge of ocular manifestations of these diseases. new advances in the diagnosis and treatment, as well as studies of the pathogenesis and histological features of different infectious processes are continually being reported. recent publications focusing on ophthalmic findings of infectious diseases are reviewed. this article discusses new reports on herpes simplex, herpes zoste ...199410150833
diagnostic problems in "clinically definite" multiple sclerosis patients with normal csf and multiple mri abnormalities.among patients who underwent cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and magnetic resonance imaging (mri) examination during a 5-year period, we found 18 patients at the multiple sclerosis center of the university of rome and clinically definite multiple sclerosis, mri white matter abnormalities, normal csf examination, a disease duration of at least 1 year and an upper age of < 45 years at onset these patients were examined again with a variety of tests screening for different diseases mimicking multiple scl ...199424283480
lyme disease: a review for the otolaryngologist.lyme disease is an important consideration in the differential diagnosis of patients seen by the otolaryngologist. facial paralysis is the most common sign. the otolaryngologist may also see patients with temporal mandibular joint pain, cervical lymphadenopathy, facial pain, headache, tinnitis, vertigo, decreased hearing, otalgia and sore throat. the incidence is increasing and known to be endemic to certain areas of the united states and abroad. this paper reviews the various ways lyme disease ...19947828475
antibiotic therapy for lyme disease in maryland.the recommended treatment of lyme disease is evolving and important questions remain unanswered, such as (a) are inexpensive oral regimens effective in curing acute illness and preventing arthritic, neurologic, and cardiac manifestations or are much more costly, and potentially toxic, intravenous antibiotics required? (b) are relatively short 2- to 3-week courses of antibiotics sufficient or are prolonged regimens of a month, or more, better? this study reviews antibiotic therapy prescribed by m ...20167800782
from the centers for disease control and prevention. lyme disease--united states, 1993. 19947933336
the long-term clinical outcomes of lyme disease. a population-based retrospective cohort ascertain the prevalence of and risk factors for long-term sequelae from acute lyme disease.19948085687
[recurrent paralysis disclosing lyme disease]. 19947984545
[pathology of pregnancy and the fetus in lyme disease]. 20097715559
intermediate uveitis: what is the natural course of the disease and its relationship with other systemic diseases?this study examined the natural course of intermediate uveitis, to find a possible correlation with systemic diseases and to identify the ocular complications. patients were classified according to follow-up time in three groups: a (1-5 years) 12 pts, b (6-10 years) 10 pts, c (11-15 years or more) 6 pts for a total of 28 patients (52 eyes). we studied the recurrences, the complications of the disease and the overall prognosis. eight patients were found to be suffering from systemic diseases: sar ...20047711475
[prevention of lyme disease]. 20158560863
[sonographic demonstration of pseudo-cholelithiasis after ceftriaxone].the term biliary pseudolithiasis was coined by schaad (1988) to describe the appearance of gallbladder sludge following treatment with ceftriaxone. after cessation of the drug the condition resolves, hence the term "pseudolithiasis." the third generation cephalosporin, cefatriaxone, is a very potent, broad spectrum antibiotic indicated in meningitis, osteomyelitis, pyelonephritis, lyme disease and many other severe infectious diseases. up to 46% of those receiving this antibiotic develop gallbla ...19947995584
reversible heart block in lyme disease. 20137917824
lyme disease--united states, 1982, cdc initiated surveillance for lyme disease (ld), and in 1990, the council of state and territorial epidemiologists adopted a resolution making ld a nationally notifiable disease. this report summarizes surveillance data for ld in the united states during 1993.19948047052
a quick look at lyme disease. 19948084561
cognitive effects of lyme disease in measure possible cognitive sequelae of lyme disease (ld) within a pediatric population.19948036071
health-care reform and lyme disease. 19947932832
minocycline pneumonitis and eosinophilia. a report on eight patients.we identified eight patients (six women and two men) who had pulmonary infiltrates during treatment with minocycline hydrochloride between 1989 and 1992 in french referral centers for drug-induced pulmonary diseases. clinical files, chest roentgenograms, computed tomographic scans, pulmonary function, and bronchoalveolar lavage data were reviewed. minocycline treatment was given for acne (n = 4), genital infection (n = 3), and lyme disease (n = 1). the duration of treatment averaged 13 +/- 5 day ...19948031212
test for lyme disease in a prepaid health plan. 19948022037
diagnosing lyme disease. 19948027208
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