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lyme disease and migrating birds in the saint croix river valley.during a study of migrating land birds in 1987, we examined over 9,200 individual birds representing 99 species from the saint croix river valley, a lyme disease-endemic area of east central minnesota and northwestern wisconsin. we found that 250 deer tick (ixodes dammini) larvae and nymphs infested 58 birds from 15 migrant species; 56 ticks (22.4%) were positive for the lyme disease spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. five ground-foraging migrant bird species favoring mesic habitats, veery (cathar ...19892782872
[lyme borreliosis and its significance for the ent physician].lyme disease is a tick-borne multisystemic borrelia infection to which the following diseases belong: erythema migrans, lymphadenosis benigna cutis, lymphocytic meningoradiculitis (bannwarth's syndrome), lyme-arthritis and acrodermitis chronica atrophicans. the infection rate of ticks with borrelia burgdorferi in germany amounts to 13.6% compared to the infection with the european spring summer meningoencephalitis virus with 1.1%. recent investigations show that lipopolysaccharides and interleuk ...19892784972
[incidence and clinical spectrum of borrelia burgdorferi infection in spain. study group for lyme disease in spain]. 19892786124
comparing the relative potential of rodents as reservoirs of the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi).the authors compared the contribution of white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus), chipmunks (tamias striatus), and meadow voles (microtus pennsylvanicus) to infection of vector ticks with the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgddorferi. at one massachusetts location where lyme disease is endemic, all three species of rodents were found to be infected. prevalence of infection, however, varied from 90% for mice, and 75% for chipmunks to just 5.5% for meadow voles. infectivity of these hosts for ...19892787105
isolation of interleukin 1 from joint fluids of patients with lyme investigate the role of interleukin 1 (il-1) in lyme arthritis we assayed synovial fluids (sf) for the presence of il-1 activity. crude sf from patients with lyme disease showed il-1-like activity. chromatography of joint fluids revealed activity at 15-20,000 daltons. two populations of cells were grown, which produced significant il-1 activity when stimulated with the lyme disease spirochete or its lipopolysaccharide. il-1 activity from sf or stimulated cells was neutralized with an antihuma ...19892789287
lyme disease vector, ixodes dammini, identified in manitoba. 19892791076
meningoencephalomyeloradiculoneuritis in one case of borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme disease).we describe a patient having serologically confirmed borrelia burgdorferi infection manifesting meningoencephalomyeloradiculoneuritis. the clinical and mri features suggested a multifocal vascular nervous system involvement. emg-eng showed abnormalities consistent with axonal degeneration initially involving the more proximal segments of the lower limb nerves.19892793421
testing for borrelia burgdorferi. 19892793554
rheumatoid arthritis subsequent to borrelia burgdorferi infection in two dogs.two dogs with clinical signs of polyarthritis developed rheumatoid arthritis subsequent to borrelia burgdorferi infection. in both dogs, the diagnosis of b burgdorferi infection was based on clinical signs of disease and high serum b burgdorferi titer. after antibiotic administration, both dogs had decreased b burgdorferi titer, but clinical response was temporary or was lacking. the dogs subsequently were rheumatoid factor-positive (antinuclear antibody- and anti-globulin-negative) and responde ...19892793577
concurrent positive serology for ehrlichiosis and lyme disease. 19892794568
lyme disease: tick vectors, distribution, and reservoir hosts. 19892794809
myositis during borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme disease).during the second stage of an illness caused by borrelia burgdorferi, a young woman developed a myopathic syndrome characterised by severe muscular pains, incapacitating weakness of the proximal limb and the neck, as well as the bulbar muscles and elevated serum ck levels. muscle biopsy revealed a non-inflammatory necrotising myopathy. b. burgdorferi infection was confirmed by a considerable rise of specific igg antibodies. a course of high dose steroids alleviated the myalgias, but paresis bega ...19892795056
meningoradiculitis and encephalomyelitis due to borrelia burgdorferi: a follow-up study of 72 patients over 27 1987, follow-up studies were conducted on 72 patients who had had meningoradiculitis and encephalomyelitis (8 patients) due to borrelia burgdorferi 5-27 years previously. these patients had not been treated with antibiotics, either during the acute disease or during the interval prior to follow-up studies. the patients had exhibited the typical symptoms of bannwarth's syndrome during the acute phase. at the follow-up studies, 33 patients showed no, and 23 only mild, clinical residual symptoms ...19892795099
[borrelia burgdorferi infection with bilateral optic neuritis and intracerebral demyelinization lesions].in september, 1987, the authors saw a 25-year-old female patient with retinal perivasculitis, cystoid macular edema and papilledema in her right eye. the left eye was normal. visual acuity was 0.2 (od), 1.2 (os). after conventional infections had been ruled out systemic methylprednisolone therapy was instituted, but the patient's condition deteriorated. in may 1988 she presented with papilledema and a "neuroretinitis"-like finding in her left eye; in her right eye advanced optic nerve atrophy; v ...19892796241
[acute borrelia burgdorferi encephalitis (lyme disease) in an algerian child].a case of acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis is described in an algerian child with renal insufficiency that had been diagnosed at the terminal stage. convulsions, hemiplegia and consciousness disorders pointed to a necrotizing viral or bacterial form of encephalitis, but the definitive diagnosis was based on the detection of igm and igg specific serum antibodies raised against borrelia burgdorferi.19892798000
[lyme disease in belgium: presence of the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi in ixodes ricinus ticks recovered from the meuse river region]. 19892799146
enzootic transmission of the agent of lyme disease in determine whether cottontail rabbits (sylvilagus floridanus) maintain an enzootic cycle of transmission of the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi), we examined the prevalence of infection in ticks and rabbits in a location in which rabbits were abundant. of 72 unfed nymphal ixodes dentatus swept from vegetation, 32% were infected by this spirochete, as determined by darkfield microscopy and indirect immunofluorescence using monoclonal antibody h5332. infected ticks were reared from ...19892802026
antibody response in white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus) experimentally infected with the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi).white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus), the primary reservoir for borrelia burgdorferi in the northern midwest and northeastern united states, were experimentally inoculated with an infectious strain or a noninfectious strain of the lyme disease spirochete and examined for their specific antibody response with the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and western blot (immunoblot) analysis. immunoglobulin m (igm) anti-b. burgdorferi antibodies were detected in mice 1 to 2 days after inoculation wit ...19892807530
biochemical and immunological characterization of the surface proteins of borrelia burgdorferi.the immunodominant proteins and glycoproteins of borrelia burgdorferi were analyzed by one-dimensional (1d) and 2d gel electrophoresis. more than 100 polypeptide species could be detected on silver-stained 2d gels. separation of sonic extracts of the organism by differential centrifugation (100,000 x g) revealed several of the major proteins to reside predominantly within the pellet fraction. the antigenicity of the individual polypeptides was determined by western (immuno-) blot analysis with s ...19892807540
the risk of borrelia burgdorferi infection is not increased in pet owners. 19892810640
dermatologic manifestations of lyme disease.erythema migrams (em), the distinctive cutaneous lesion of lyme disease, has a variable clinical appearance, but at some point presents as a centrifugally expanding, usually erythematous, annular patch. of 237 patients with this condition, 201 (85%) were examined initially from may through september. thirty-four (14%) remembered having been bitten by a deer tick. the median interval from the bite to the appearance of em was 9 days (range, 1-36 days). forty-one (17%) of the patients had multiple ...19892814169
clinical pathologic correlations of lyme disease.the multisystem effects caused by borrelia burgdorferi in lyme disease are multiple, varied, and unpredictable. in some patients, the full extent of the infection consists of a stage i acute systemic viral-like illness. stage ii primarily involves the cardiovascular system (myocarditis) and/or the central nervous system (cns) (meningoencephalitis, polyradiculitis). more inflammatory cells are found in the heart and nervous system structures during this intermediate stage than are found in any ti ...19892814170
potential for exposure to tick bites in recreational parks in a lyme disease endemic area.eight recreational parks located in a lyme disease endemic area of southern new york state were surveyed for the presence of ticks during the summer of 1985 by drag sampling. ixodes dammini, the primary vector of lyme disease in the northeast, was found in all but one park and accounted for 580 (91.8 per cent) of the 632 ticks collected. of these, 18 per cent were larvae, 80 per cent were nymphs, and 2 per cent were adults. an i. dammini encounter distance, defined as the mean number of meters t ...19892909174
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for lyme disease: reactivity of subunits of borrelia burgdorferi.we prepared fractions of borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease, from cultured spirochetes and used them as antigen in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for igg antibody. polystyrene plates coated with an extract containing major proteins with apparent molecular masses of 34, 39, 59, and 68 kilodaltons had comparable sensitivity but greater specificity than plates coated with whole cells. of the 33 serum specimens from individuals with lyme disease that reacted with ...19892909642
spirochetes in the spleen of a patient with chronic lyme disease.a 54-year-old man had intermittent evening fever, arthralgia, transient erythematous macular eruption on the skin, and splenomegaly of two year's duration. immunofluorescence tests for borrelia burgdorferi serum antibodies had positive results, but g-penicillin treatment was ineffective. splenectomy with lymph node biopsy was performed to rule out lymphoproliferative disorders. borrelia-like spirochetes were identified histologically in the spleen; this finding was consistent with persistence of ...19892910019
rapid emergence of a focal epidemic of lyme disease in coastal massachusetts.we describe a focal epidemic of lyme disease, which spread from a nature preserve and affected an adjacent community of permanent residents in coastal massachusetts. the attack rate from 1980 through 1987 was 35 percent among 190 residents living within 5 km of the nature preserve and was greatest (66 percent) among those living closest to the preserve. the risk of infection bore little relation to sex or age. late lyme disease, which clustered near the preserve, occurred mainly in residents inf ...19892911294
increased risk of lyme disease for cat owners. 19892911299
lack of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 19892911315
antigenically variable borrelia burgdorferi isolated from cottontail rabbits and ixodes dentatus in rural and urban areas.spirochetes were isolated from 71 subadult ixodes dentatus removed from cottontail rabbits captured in millbrook, n.y., and in new york, n.y. spirochetes were also cultured from kidney tissues of six rabbits. while all isolates reacted with monoclonal antibody h9724, which identifies the spirochetes as borreliae, more than half did not bind with antibody h5332 and even fewer reacted with h3ts, both of which were produced to outer surface protein a of borrelia burgdorferi. sodium dodecyl sulfate- ...19892913024
detection of antigens in urine of mice and humans infected with borrelia burgdorferi, etiologic agent of lyme disease.lyme disease is a seasonal tick-borne malady which has worldwide distribution. early and accurate diagnosis of lyme disease is essential for successful antibiotic therapy. symptoms are too vague to make an early diagnosis based on conventional criteria. we report the detection of antigens of borrelia burgdorferi, causative agent of lyme disease, in the urine of infected mice and humans. this technique may eventually provide a rapid diagnostic test for the early and accurate detection of this ill ...19892913036
borrelia burgdorferi and localized scleroderma. 19892913967
adult ixodes dammini on rabbits: development of acute inflammation in the skin and immune responses to salivary gland, midgut, and spirochetal components.rabbits exposed to female ixodes dammini (both uninfected and infected with borrelia burgdorferi) or injected with b. burgdorferi showed an acute inflammatory response in the skin. granulocytes and monocyte-histiocytes were the predominant infiltrating cells. spirochetes were detected in the tick feeding cavities in the deep dermis. the inflammatory process was accompanied by polyclonal antibody responses to tick salivary gland components. western blots showed that immune rabbit serum reacted wi ...19892915155
an outbreak of ehrlichiosis in members of an army reserve unit exposed to outbreak of unexplained illness occurred in members of an army reserve unit after field training in an area of new jersey endemic for lyme disease. nine (12%) of the 74 who attended the exercise had serological evidence of ehrlichia infection, defined as a single rise in titer of antibody to ehrlichia canis greater than or equal to 1:160 four weeks after training. two reservists with early serum samples had documented seroconversion, defined by a four-fold or greater increase in titer of anti ...19892915168
incompetence of catbirds as reservoirs for the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi).we compared the relative infectivity to vector ticks of gray catbirds (dumetella carolinensis) and white-footed mice (peromyscus leucopus) for the lyme disease spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi). of 28 catbirds captured in a site enzootic for this agent, 18 were infested by immature ixodes dammini, the tick vector. by comparison, each of 32 mice sampled concurrently from the same site was infested, and by about 10 times as many ticks as were found infesting the 3 most commonly netted bird species ...19892918445
[intestinal spirochetes].we report a case of intestinal spirochaetosis. the bacteria were seen by light microscopy and reacted in an indirect immunofluorescence test on the biopsy material with serum with high levels of igg antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi. the patient's own serum had no detectable antibody activity against the bacteria. no inflammatory response was observed. aspects of these findings are discussed.19892919380
infants born to mothers with antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi at delivery.a serological survey over a 1-year period of 1416 mothers at delivery and their 1434 offspring for the presence of anti-borrelia burgdorferi antibodies revealed a prevalence of 0.85%. clinically active lyme disease during pregnancy was found in 1 of these 12 women with elevated titres and the child was born with a ventricular septal defect. of six affected children, two had hyperbilirubinaemia, one muscular hypotonia, one was underweight for gestational age, one was macrocephalic, and one had su ...19892920747
meningitis due to borrelia burgdorferi in the initial stage of lyme disease.borrelia burgdorferi (b.b.) was isolated from cerebrospinal fluid from two children with aseptic meningitis. serology for b.b. was initially negative or borderline and became positive during the subsequent course. children with aseptic meningitis of unknown origin should be re-evaluated within 1 month to detect possible increasing antibody titres to b.b. aseptic meningitis may be a stage 1 manifestation of lyme disease.19892920748
interaction of lyme disease spirochetes with cultured eucaryotic cells.the association of the lyme disease spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, with cultured human endothelial cells was investigated. attachment was time and temperature dependent, with optimal adherence occurring after 4 h of incubation at 37 degrees c. pretreatment of borreliae with heat, immune human serum, or monoclonal antibodies directed against outer surface protein b (ospb) reduced the attachment of organisms to host cell monolayers. these results suggest that the adherence of b. burgdorferi may ...19892925254
borrelia burgdorferi attachment to mammalian cells. 19892926175
prevalence of borrelia burgdorferi in ixodes ricinus ticks in berlin (west).in 1986, 1711 nymphal and adult ixodes ricinus orginating from berlin (west) forests were examined individually or in pools of up to 10 ticks for the presence of borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme borreliosis. detection of borreliae was carried out by means of a culture method using modified barbour-stoenner-kelly-medium (bsk ii). tick populations from 14 out of 15 locations contained positive specimens. the calculated minimal infection rate of pooled ticks was 2.5% in nymphs (n = ...19892929194
lyme disease. 198918750537
[facial palsy in lyme disease].this paper reports twenty four cases of facial palsy in lyme disease for the first time in the forest region. most cases had history of tick bite. two strains of spirochete were isolated from the blood of 7 patients with facial palsy. these spirochetes were immunologically closely related to b. burgdorferi. eighteen serum samples of facial palsy were tested by indirect fluorescence assay, using b. burgdorferi b-31 as antigen. in serum, igg antibody titers of 1:64 to 1:2048 were found in 50% of t ...19892805978
autoreactive t cells in rheumatic disease (1). analysis of growth frequencies and autoreactivity of t cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and lyme disease.a limiting dilution system was established in order to estimate frequencies of interleukin-2 (il-2)-responsive, autoreactive and alloreactive t cells in samples of peripheral blood (pbl) and synovial fluid lymphocytes (sfl), from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra) and lyme disease, as well as from healthy donors and a patient with osteoarthrosis. the frequencies of il-2-dependent t-cell colony formation were significantly higher in patients with ra and lyme disease (median: 1/287) as compar ...19892787645
[cardiac manifestations of lyme disease. apropos of a case].a new case of heart involvement in lyme's disease is reported. its originality lies in its strictly isolated nature, therefore revealing the disease; in its typical picture of myocardopericarditis combining, in various stages, infra-hissian conduction disorders, bouts of left ventricular insufficiency, pseudoischemic repolarisation disorders and finally a moderate pericardial shift; in the demonstration, during two successive heart explorations by nmr (nuclear magnetic resonance), of a diffuse m ...19892650610
lyme disease, 1988: immunologic manifestations and possible immunopathogenetic mechanisms. 19892648575
lyme disease. 19892522487
the expanding ophthalmologic spectrum of lyme disease. 19892912121
lyme disease: a case report. 19892926030
is lyme disease a health threat for your students? 19892926029
the continuing saga of lyme disease. 19892909192
lyme myocarditis diagnosed by indium-111-antimyosin antibody scintigraphy.we report a new case of lyme disease with cardiac manifestations, which has been possible to follow during the long period of 12 years. we have detected the usual ecg abnormalities, and concentric hypertrophic myocardiopathy, by echocardiography. the acute myocarditis was demonstrated by 111in-antimyosin scintigraphy, which showed global myocardial uptake of the tracer, constituting the first report, to our knowledge, of lyme myocarditis diagnosed by this method.19892767084
neurological manifestations of lyme disease and treatments.lyme disease is a multi-systemic infection due to b. burgdorferi, with neurological manifestations observed in its second and third stages. except for the suggestive triad meningitis--radiculoneuritis--facial palsies, the diagnosis is often difficult because of the pleiomorphism of neurological manifestations. these can be localized or diffuse, with central involvement, meningitis or peripheral manifestations. past history, cerebrospinal fluid (csf) examination, immuno-assays for specific antibo ...19892686767
a connecticut housewife in francis bacon's court: polly murray and lyme disease. 19892682690
[lyme disease]. 19892658717
lyme disease in children and adolescents. 19892650970
lyme disease. a review and case report with pedal symptoms. 19892664128
pediatric rehabilitation. 5. joint and connective tissue diseases.this self-directed learning module presents pertinent information about rehabilitation management of specific joint and connective tissue diseases affecting children. this section highlights juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, lyme disease, rheumatic fever, hemophilia, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other forms of arthritis. it is a section of the chapter of pediatric rehabilitation for the self-directed medical knowledge program study guide for practitioners and tra ...19892655558
be ready for lyme disease in your own backyard. 19892928693
joint pain in children. when is it serious?diagnosis of the cause of joint pain in children depends on the physician's ability to distinguish benign from more serious joint conditions. benign conditions include trauma, overuse syndromes, hypermobility syndrome, chondromalacia patellae, benign recurrent limb pains, and psychogenic rheumatism. conditions that require further evaluation and ongoing therapy include lyme disease, rheumatic fever, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, neoplastic disease, various orthopedic conditions, infection, sero ...19892928285
erythema chronicum migrans as the presenting manifestation of juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia.we describe the case of a 3-year-old boy who presented with typical clinical features of lyme disease, including erythema chronicum migrans and arthritis. over subsequent months, however, the clinical picture evolved into juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia. to our knowledge, the combination of lyme disease and juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia has not been described. dermatologic and other relevant clinical findings are presented, and the cause and effect relationship between these two rare ...19892731438
surveillance for lyme disease in estimate the frequency of occurrence of lyme disease in alabama, in september 1988 the department of public health requested physicians and laboratories to begin voluntary reporting of cases of lyme disease. thirteen cases, 5 confirmed, 1 probable, 4 presumptive and 3 possible, were reported for the years 1986-1988. counties in which tick exposure likely occurred included calhoun, cleburne, mobile, monroe, shelby, talladega and tallapoosa. lyme disease occurs in alabama but appears to be unco ...19892729028
[lyme disease in the child]. 19892665685
lyme disease: a review and an outlook for indiana. 19892656848
[lyme disease. recurrence of the skin lesion after treatment]. 19892716391
[meningo-radiculitis in lyme disease resistant to penicillin g]. 19892523059
eosinophilic lymphadenitis in lyme disease. 19892710589
lyme disease. 19892661449
lyme carditis: an important cause of reversible heart block.lyme disease is a tick-borne spirochetal infection, characterized by erythema chronicum migrans and an acute systemic illness. the disease is endemic in many parts of the north-eastern united states. without treatment, late rheumatic, neurologic, and cardiac complications frequently occur. we report four serologically confirmed cases of lyme carditis in previously healthy young men (mean age, 45 years) from endemic areas. each presented with severe symptomatic atrioventricular block, three with ...19892644885
lyme disease surveillance in new york state. 19892594266
lyme disease misdiagnosed as tmj syndrome. a case report.due to the high incidence of lyme disease, the ease with which it can be misdiagnosed, and its potential for causing irreversible neurologic or cardiac complications and fatalities if left untreated, all patients living in known epidemic areas who manifest intractable facial pain, or what appears to be a case of temporomandibular joint syndrome that does not respond to therapy should be tested for lyme borelliosis. it should be remembered however, that not all patients with active lyme disease p ...19892812630
lyme disease: musculoskeletal manifestations.a previously unrecognized musculoskeletal syndrome led to the recognition of this "new" infectious disease. several distinct patterns of musculoskeletal involvement can be seen throughout the course of untreated lyme disease. diffuse, nonspecific muscle achiness and stiffness can be seen early to be followed by characteristically brief, recurrent episodes of limp and transient arthritis that help to differentiate ld from other arthropathies. chronic oligoarticular arthritis is seen in a few. lym ...19892685923
[lyme disease in children]. 19892589773
[neurological manifestations of lyme disease]. 19892562305
lyme borreliosis in europe. neurologic europe the tick-transmitted neurologic disorders mpn-gbb or bannwarth's syndrome and aca-associated neuropathy have been identified as clinical entities long before their causative agent was discovered. when lyme disease and its neurologic manifestations were recognized in the united states, differences in the clinical pattern between north american and european cases with lyme borreliosis were described in the initial reports. in the same way with the availability of serodiagnostic tests as ...19892555850
the pathogenesis of lyme disease.lyme disease affects several major organ systems and leads to chronic illness. the pathogenesis of this disease appears to be centered around the long-term persistence of the organisms in tissues. in lyme disease, isolations of b. burgdorferi are rare. it is thought that few organisms actually invade the host and that host mediators amplify the inflammatory response. immune and nonimmune phagocytosis leading to bacterial killing occurs in lyme disease. this organism shows preference for cell sur ...19892555848
nervous system manifestations of lyme disease.neurologic involvement is commonplace in lyme borreliosis. neuropathies can be acute or chronic, focal or disseminated, but are predominantly axonal. cns infection can also be acute or indolent, focal or disseminated; meningitis, encephalitis, and cranial nerve palsies occur. a mild encephalopathy is also common, but only occasionally due to cns infection.19892555847
from the centers for disease control. lyme disease--canada. 19892795797
lyme disease awareness.greater awareness by clinicians and identification of risk groups is needed to ensure treatment of lyme disease.198927223543
lyme disease facial palsy. 19892508957
lyme disease--canada. 19892506419
lyme disease--united states, 1987 and 1988. 19892506418
scintigraphic evaluation of lyme disease: gallium-67 imaging of lyme myositis.a patient suffering from lyme disease had cardiac conduction abnormalities, symptoms of arthritis, and myalgia. a ga-67 image showed evidence of endomyocarditis, but intense skeletal muscle uptake pointed to lyme myositis. reference is made to two other case reports of lyme myositis.19892805522
clinical aspects of lyme disease. 19892794810
lyme disease--the great imitator. 19892794806
triple-phase bone image abnormalities in lyme arthritis.arthritis is a frequent manifestation of lyme disease. limited triple-phase tc-99m mdp bone imaging of the wrists and hands with delayed whole-body images was performed in a patient with lyme arthritis. this demonstrated abnormal joint uptake in the wrists and hands in all three phases, with increased activity seen in other affected joints on delayed whole-body images. these findings are nonspecific and have been previously described in a variety of rheumatologic conditions, but not in lyme dise ...19892509122
lyme disease facial palsy: differentiation from bell's palsy. 19892508822
lyme disease in rhode island. 19892587914
lyme disease.within the last decade, lyme borreliosis has emerged as a complex new infection whose distribution is worldwide. the disorder is caused by a recently recognized spirochete, b. burgdorferi, transmitted by ticks of the i. ricinus complex. certain species of mice are critical in the life cycle of the spirochete, and deer appear to be crucial to the tick. although the disorder's basic outlines are similar everywhere, there are regional variations in the causative spirochete, animal hosts, and clinic ...19892668764
[limb and joint pain in lyme disease. an important differential neurologic diagnosis].on the basis of 4 cases, attention is drawn to the problem of early detection of lyme disease. the occurrence of joint pain with fluctuating spread and unresponsive to the usual antiinflammatory therapy should prompt the physician to consider lyme disease, which can be confirmed or excluded only by lumbar puncture. the csf shows a cell count of between 300/3 and 2,000/3 cells (90% lymphocytes) and usually moderately elevated protein. a demonstration of elevated antibody titers confirms the diagn ...19892767602
unusual neurological manifestations of lyme disease: a case report.we describe a case of lyme disease with a prolonged relapsing-remitting course, in which peripheral facial palsy, optic neuritis and myopathy were associated. after high-dose penicillin therapy the patient completely recovered.19892793420
lyme disease in northern california. 19892773475
lyme disease. 19892701557
[lyme disease in chile]. 19892519461
lyme disease in canada--1989 update. 19892752449
lyme and other tick-borne diseases acquired in south carolina in 1988: a survey of 1,331 physicians.2,346 primary care physicians were surveyed by mail to estimate the number of cases of tick-borne fever diagnosed by them during 1988. the results of the 57% response reveal 344 cases of rocky mountain spotted fever, 90 cases of lyme disease and 33 other tick-borne disease cases acquired in south carolina. the implications for a greater level of clinical awareness and a search for endemic vectors and animal hosts are emphasized.19892788233
transient complete av block in lyme disease. electrophysiologic observations.the findings in a patient with complete av block and intra-atrial conduction disturbances due to lyme disease are presented. the electrocardiographic follow-up and serial ep findings suggest that complete av block in lyme disease may signify a more extensive affection of the av conduction system (with eventually attendant intra-atrial conduction disturbances) than described in earlier reports. an almost complete resolution of the considerable damage to the conduction system occurred within two w ...19892736985
seronegative lyme disease and transitory atrioventricular block. 19892735630
lyme disease: an annotated bibliography. national institute of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases. 19892667893
the expanding ophthalmologic spectrum of lyme disease. 19892729420
lyme disease in a young brief: an 11 1/2-year-old girl had a seven-month history of bilateral knee pain and swelling; her x-rays and bone scan were normal. she had been treated unsuccessfully with rest and physical therapy before being referred to a sports medicine clinic. laboratory studies demonstrated a positive titer for lyme disease. she was treated with tetracycline and had an uneventful recovery.198927447326
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