california arbovirus (la crosse) infections. iii. epidemiology of california encephalitis in minnesota.mosquitoes (eggs, larvae, and adults), small woodland animals, and residents of an area where california encephalitis is endemic were studied to elucidate the host-vector cycle of la crosse virus. elementary schoolchildren from surrounding communities and gray squirrels from another area were tested to compare the prevelence of serum antibodies to la crosse virus in areas where the disease is endemic with the prevalence of these antibodies in areas where the disease is not endemic. from 1971 to ...19763613
viremia and antibody response to la crosse virus in sentinel gray squirrels (sciuris carolinensis) and chipmunks tamias striatus).six isolates of la crosse (lac) virus were obtained from sentinel gray squirrels (sciuris carolinensis) and four from sentinel chipmunks (tamias striatus) in an endemic area. viremia titers were measured by plaquing on vero cells. antibody responses of the animals were measured by a microneutralization test employing four california group viruses: lac, snowshoe hare (ssh), trivittatus, and jamestown canyon. in both species lac antibody titers peaked at approximately 21 days and were still detect ...1977889022
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