serologic evidence of arboviral infections in white-tailed deer from central wisconsin.a survey conducted during 1979-1980 on white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) in central wisconsin revealed serological evidence of infection by selected arboviruses. among sera from 41 deer, antibody was detected for jamestown canyon virus (56%) and bunyamwera group virus (80%), demonstrating their continuing endemic activity. antibody for la crosse virus, not found previously in sera from deer in central wisconsin, also was detected (5%) in this study.19892716117
seroconversion rates to jamestown canyon virus among six populations of white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) in indiana.the annual seroconversion of fawns, yearlings, and adult white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) to jamestown canyon virus (california group) was followed at six indiana sites from 1981 through 1984. in all, sera from 1,642 deer (515 fawns, 618 yearlings, and 509 adults) were tested for neutralizing antibody to three california serogroup viruses: jamestown canyon, la crosse, and trivittatus. virtually all deer with specific neutralizing antibody showed evidence of a prior infection with james ...19873820426
jamestown canyon virus (california serogroup) is the etiologic agent of widespread infection in michigan a sample population of 780 michigan residents tested for neutralizing antibodies to california serogroup viruses, 216 (27.7%) had specific neutralizing antibody to jamestown canyon virus. an additional eight (1.0%) had specific neutralizing to trivittatus virus; none had specific neutralizing antibody to la crosse virus. significantly more male residents than female residents of the lower peninsula had antibody to jamestown canyon virus. the frequency of neutralizing antibody titers fits the ...19863953951
la crosse viremias in white-tailed deer and chipmunks exposed by injection or mosquito further understand the role of wild mammals in the maintenance of la crosse virus (lacv) in nature, we investigated the effects of inoculation method and virus source on the duration and amplitude of lacv viremia in vertebrate hosts. earlier work suggested that deer are not sufficiently susceptible to lacv to play an important role in its maintenance. we re-evaluated the susceptibility of deer since subsequent studies showed that they constitute 65% of aedes triseriatus blood meals, and thus ...19968615443
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