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association of batai virus infection and encephalitis in harbor seals, germany, 2016.we isolated batai virus from the brain of a euthanized, 26-year-old, captive harbor seal with meningoencephalomyelitis in germany. we provide evidence that this orthobunyavirus can naturally infect the central nervous system of a mammal. the full-genome sequence showed differences from a previously reported virus isolate from a mosquito in germany.201830124416
serological and molecular investigation of batai virus infections in ruminants from the state of saxony-anhalt, germany, 2018.arthropod-borne batai virus (batv) is an orthobunyavirus widely distributed throughout european livestock and has, in the past, been linked to febrile diseases in humans. in germany, batv was found in mosquitoes and in one captive harbor seal, and antibodies were recently detected in various ruminant species. we have, therefore, conducted a follow-up study in ruminants from saxony-anhalt, the most affected region in eastern germany. a total of 325 blood samples from apparently healthy sheep, goa ...202133652882
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