detection of eastern equine encephalitis virus antibodies in moose (alces americana), maine, 2010.moose sera were collected from harvested animals during the 2010 hunting season in maine. of the 145 serum samples screened by plaque reduction neutralization test (prnt), 16 (11%) had antibodies to eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev). positive samples were collected from aroostook county (n=13), somerset county (n=2), and piscataquis county (n=1) in northern and central maine. preliminary mosquito surveillance revealed the presence of enzootic and bridge vectors mosquitoes, including culis ...201424359417
eastern equine encephalitis in moose (alces americanus) in northeastern vermont.during fall 2010, 21 moose (alces americanus) sera collected in northeastern vermont were screened for eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev) antibodies using plaque reduction neutralization tests. six (29%) were antibody positive. this is the first evidence of eeev activity in vermont, and the second report of eeev antibodies in moose.201223060520
short report: eastern equine encephalitis virus seroprevalence in maine cervids, 2012-2017.eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev) first emerged in maine in the early 2000s and resulted in an epizootic outbreak in 2009. since 2009, serum samples from cervids throughout maine have been collected and assessed for the presence of neutralizing antibodies to eeev to assess eeev activity throughout the state. we tested 1,119 odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer) and 982 alces americanus (moose) serum samples collected at tagging stations during the hunting seasons from 2012 to 2017 th ...202033146118
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