host and viral traits predict zoonotic spillover from mammals.the majority of human emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, with viruses that originate in wild mammals of particular concern (for example, hiv, ebola and sars). understanding patterns of viral diversity in wildlife and determinants of successful cross-species transmission, or spillover, are therefore key goals for pandemic surveillance programs. however, few analytical tools exist to identify which host species are likely to harbour the next human virus, or which viruses can cross species ...201728636590
determination of the diversity of astroviruses in feces from cats in florida.astroviruses are small, nonenveloped rna viruses that have been linked to numerous diseases in a variety of species, including enteric disease in humans and cheetahs. species mamastrovirus 2, previously known as feline astrovirus, has been isolated from the feces of domestic cats and cheetahs. a total of 122 cat fecal samples from alachua county, fl animal services and the veterinary community outreach program at the university of florida were analyzed, and 35 contained astroviral rna that was a ...201729202674
characterization of an outbreak of astroviral diarrhea in a group of cheetahs (acinonyx jubatus).a mamastrovirus was identified in an outbreak of diarrhea in cheetahs (acinonyx jubatus). five young adult and two adult cheetahs presented with lethargy, anorexia, watery diarrhea and regurgitation over an 11-day period. fecal samples were submitted for electron microscopy and culture. electron microscopy results revealed particles morphologically consistent with an astrovirus, and no other viral pathogens or significant bacterial pathogens were identified. the astrovirus was confirmed and sequ ...200919171442
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