[callithrix jacchus infection with junin virus. new experimental model in argentinian hemorrhagic fever]. 1978216877
argentine hemorrhagic fever: a primate model.experimental junin virus infection of a new world primate, callithrix jacchus, was evaluated. the virus produced anorexia, loss of weight, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, and hemorrhagic and neurological symptoms and terminated in death. virus was recovered from urine, blood samples and all tissues taken at autopsy. these preliminary observations show that several aspects of the experimental disease in c. jacchus are quite similar to severe natural argentine hemorrhagic fever of man.1979227811
long-term protection against argentine hemorrhagic fever in tacaribe virus infected marmosets: virologic and histopathologic findings.tacaribe virus may represent a better alternative than attenuated strains of junin virus (jv) for immunization against argentine hemorrhagic fever (ahf) because of possible risk of persistent infection of disease associated with live, attenuated strains. callithrix jacchus marmosets, which suffer 100% mortality if inoculated with the pathogenic xj strain of jv, were used to evaluate possible tacaribe virus persistence, subclinical, or long-term disease and the duration of protection against chal ...19882832541
attenuated junin virus infection in callithrix jacchus.twenty marmosets, male callithrix jacchus, were used during this study. fifteen of the marmosets were inoculated with 5,000 tcid50 of the attenuated xjc13 strain of junin virus by intramuscular route and five were left as uninoculated controls. animals were observed for a 420-day period. in order to carry out virologic, hematologic, serologic, and histologic studies the animals were bled and/or killed at different days post infection(pi). results obtained showed that the attenuated strain produc ...19852981980
therapeutic effect of the antiviral agent ribavirin in junín virus infection of order to assess the effect of the antiviral ribavirin on the course of junín virus infection in callithrix jacchus, seven inoculated monkeys were treated with 15 mg of the drug, twice a day, starting 6 days after infection when all animals were viremic. the three untreated controls showed typical signs of junín virus infection at 14 days pi and their mean time of death was 18 days. in contrast, no signs of illness were detected in ribavirin-treated animals until 24 days pi, when marmosets sho ...19863023541
protection of junín virus-infected marmosets by passive administration of immune serum: association with late neurologic signs.argentine hemorrhagic fever (junín virus) is a human viral disease for which immune therapy proves effective, though a late neurologic syndrome is occasionally associated with the treatment. we attempted to determine in the infected marmoset callithrix jacchus whether immune therapy leads to protection and/or cns damage. fifteen c jacchus were inoculated with 10(3) tissue culture infectious dose 50% (tcid50) of the xj strain of junín virus. on day 6 post infection (pi), 12 primates were treated ...19873025358
junin virus infection of calithrix jacchus: haematological findings.haematological changes produced by experimental junin virus infection of a platyrrhine monkey, callithrix jacchus were studied. normocytic and normochromic anaemia appeared after 7 days post infection (p. i.), and increased steadily until day 21 p. i. reticulocytes and circulating erythroblasts were elevated during the anaemia, reached a peak on day 7 p. i., and disappeared later. platelets and leukocytes showed a significant decrease from days 14 and 18 p. i., respectively. these alterations co ...19826127935
nasal and intrathalamic inoculations of primates with tacaribe virus: protection against argentine hemorrhagic fever and absence of neurovirulence.callithrix jacchus marmosets were inoculated by different routes with two stocks of tacaribe virus, one from suckling mouse brain and another from human diploid mrc5 cells. all 12 primates inoculated by nasal route developed neutralizing serum antibodies without any clinical signs. all 6 primates receiving the mouse brain-tacaribe virus were protected against lethal challenge with pathogenic xj strain of junin virus, while protection was also conferred in 4 out of 6 primates receiving the diploi ...19846148851
alteration of blood coagulation and complement system in neotropical primates infected with junin virus.the neotropical primate callithrix jacchus infected with junin virus presented an acute disease with hematological and neurological manifestations and died 17 to 24 days after infection. this picture is similar to that of human argentine hemorrhagic fever (ahf). blood coagulation and complement studies were performed in ten c jacchus animals inoculated with 10(3) tcid50 of junin virus, the prototype pathogenic xj strain. four monkeys were used as normal controls. infected monkeys and normal cont ...19836197506
[infection of new world primates by junin virus. ii callithrix jacchus]. 19806253762
cross-protection in nonhuman primates against argentine hemorrhagic fever.the susceptibility of the marmoset callithrix jacchus to tacaribe virus infection was investigated to perform cross-protection studies between junin and tacaribe viruses. five marmosets inoculated with tacaribe virus failed to show any signs of disease, any alterations in erythrocyte, leukocyte, reticulocyte, and platelet counts or any changes in hematocrit or hemoglobin values. no tacaribe virus could be recovered from blood at any time postinfection. anti-tacaribe neutralizing antibodies appea ...19826276301
junin virus infection of callithrix jacchus: pathologic features.infection of callithrix jacchus, a new world primate, with the prototype strain of junin virus produced a severe disease. the animals developed multifocal hemorrhages and characteristic microscopic lesions such as meningoencephalitis, interstitial pneumonia, lymphocytic depletion of lymphatic tissue, hepatocytic necrosis, and a variable decrease in bone marrow cellularity. high virus concentrations correlated with lesions, and with the presence of viral antigenic determinants as revealed by immu ...19836301303
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