mosquito transmission of wild turkey malaria, plasmodium hermani.culex nigripalpus experimentally transmitted plasmodium hermani, a plasmodium of wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) in florida. the mosquitoes were infected by feeding upon blood induced parasitemias in domestic turkey poults. the resulting sporozoites, transmitted by either mosquito bites or injection, produced malaria infections in domestic poults.197717017
culex nigripalpus: a natural vector of wild turkey malaria (plasmodium hermani) in florida.durking 1977 and 1978, more than 21,000 female mosquitoes of 15 species were live-trapped in south florida where high numbers of wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) are known to harbor malarial infections. by inoculation of mosquito extracts into uninfected domestic poults, the presence of sporozoites of plasmodium hermani was demonstrated in culex nigrapalpus. this mosquito, previously shown to be a competent experimental vector, is believed to be the primary natural vector of wild turkey malari ...19807411745
epizootiology of plasmodium hermani in florida: chronicity of experimental infections in domestic turkeys and northern bobwhites.a pen-reared northern bobwhite and a domestic turkey were infected with a strain of plasmodium hermani obtained originally from a wild turkey in southern florida. blood films from these 2 birds were positive microscopically for 188 and 370 days postinfection (pi), respectively. culicine mosquitoes (culex nigripalpus and c. salinarius) were blood fed on the bobwhite and the turkey at different times during the infection and used to transmit the malaria to other bobwhites and turkeys up to days 29 ...200415165079
experimental transmission by mosquitoes of plasmodium hermani between domestic turkeys and pen-reared bobwhites.plasmodium hermani was experimentally transmitted from domestic turkey poults (meleagris gallopavo) to pen-reared bobwhites (colinus virginianus) and then from these bobwhites back to domestic turkey poults. transmission was achieved by culex nigripalpus both by bites of the mosquito and by intraperitoneal injection of sporozoites. all of the 23 bobwhites and the 13 turkeys exposed to sporozoites became infected. these results indicate that the bobwhite might be a reservoir host for this malaria ...19827131193
avian pox in florida wild turkeys: culex nigripalpus and wyeomyia vanduzeei as experimental vectors. 19816121920
susceptibility of culex nigripalpus to several isolates of plasmodium hermani from wild turkeys in florida. 19853880243
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