temporal analysis of feeding patterns of culex erraticus in central blood meals in seven mosquito species previously shown to be infected with eastern equine encephalitis virus at a site in the tuskegee national forest in southcentral alabama were investigated. of 1374 blood meals derived from 88 different host species collected over 6 years from these seven mosquito species, 1099 were derived from culex erraticus. analysis of the temporal pattern of cx. erraticus meals using a runs test revealed that the patterns of feeding upon avian and mammalian hosts f ...201121395423
field investigations of winter transmission of eastern equine encephalitis virus in florida.studies investigating winter transmission of eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev) were conducted in hillsborough county, florida. the virus was detected in culiseta melanura and anopheles quadrimaculatus in february 2012 and 2013, respectively. during the winter months, herons were the most important avian hosts for all mosquito species encountered. in collections carried out in the summer of 2011, blood meals taken from herons were still common, but less frequently encountered than in winte ...201425070997
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